Kick Someday Syndrome | Beat Procrastination

someday syndrome

Do you suffer from someday syndrome? Find out how to beat procrastination, stop wasting time and start taking real action to get what you want from life. Some days we can be so good at taking action and other times not as much. We put things off, procrastinate, and find our way to our favorite … Read more

Do You Fear Stepping Into Your Intuitive Abilities?

believe in your dreams

Do you know you have healing and intuitive abilities but fear taking the next step? Find out what keeps you stuck in inaction. You also might be interested in reading my previous articles; Are You a Healer? and Accepting Your Gifts As A Healer. Have You Put Your Plans On Hold? So, what does the … Read more

Transform Obligation And Build Your Spiritual Business

transform obligation

Is your spiritual business losing momentum due to existing obligations? Find out how to transform obligation and build your spiritual business. So, I did a little experiment this summer centered around the theme of obligation. There was a point when I decided to start saying NO to just about everything because I could feel the … Read more

Spirituality And Business: Combine Your Soul Level Gifts

spirituality and business

Does your traditional job allow you to express your spirituality and soul level gifts? Here are a few ideas on how to combine spirituality and business. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in either-or thinking that we end up limiting what is possible. So, can you really have it all? Can you combine ALL … Read more

Planting Seeds Of Success | Spiritual Business

planting seeds of success

Are you planting seeds of success every day when building your spiritual business? Find out how to gain momentum through daily actions. Don’t you just love the adrenaline rush that comes with a great new idea? Whether it is an idea for your business, redecorating, or anything else, when you have one of those intuitive … Read more