Metaphysical Resources For Your Spiritual Journey

Metaphysical Resources For Your Spiritual Journey

You know you have so much more to offer the world and are passionate about helping others.

You WANT to put your unique imprint on the world.

You crave the freedom to create your life exactly as you wish and do your purposeful work.

So, What Stops You?

Right now, you might feel caught in a cycle of taking one step forward and three steps backward when it comes to stepping into your spiritual work. It can be frustrating when you have already done a lot of self-healing work.

What stops those great ideas from taking shape? What keeps you jumping back and forth from moments of clarity to fuzzy confusion when you try to take new action toward your big goals?

We think things like “It is not the right time.”, “Who am I to do that?”, or “That wasn’t meant for me.” If you have ever had thoughts like that realize those are learned limiting beliefs. We unknowingly buy into those beliefs from a young age.

The Signs Are Everywhere

Messages from Spirit are everywhere. Whether you see repeating number patterns like 11:11, songs played on the radio, or finding dimes and feathers, Spirit sends you signs.

We may acknowledge those signs or we may choose to let our learned beliefs and patterns override them. 

Do you see repeating number patterns and want to know what they mean for your life? Just click on one of the articles below.

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Connect With The Best Version Of YOU

You are perfect, whole, and complete just as you are.

Do you believe that about yourself?

Perhaps sometimes more than others?

The more you accept that about yourself the better able you are to fully connect with your purpose.

Your Next Steps

You may have a difficult time wrapping your mind around exactly what it all will look like in the end, but all you need right now is to KNOW it is possible to manifest the life you want. The Universe gives you exactly what you are capable of bringing in to this world, along with the tools to make it possible.

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With grace and healing,

Laura Jean Warnke

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