Chakras – Energy Centers Of The Body

What are chakras? Find out the role they play in your mental and physical well being. Learn ways to balance your chakra energy centers through color, food, and healing gemstones.

Chakras Are The Energy Centers Of The Body

Chakras are the energy centers of the soul. Read more about each of the seven energy centers in your body along with using Reiki, healing gemstones, and crystals to balance these energy centers.

Are your chakras overactive or underactive? If they are overactive, they will appear enlarged in comparison to the rest with an intuitive visual energy scan. Overactive chakras can mean too much of a good thing.

An underactive chakra can indicate pieces of your core personality are blocked and not being allowed to shine through.

Read more about each of the chakras below. Each of the pages listed below have tips to balance these energy centers.

Balancing Your Chakras

Are your chakras out of balance? Can your chakra system actually hold clues to your purposeful work? Here are seven clues. Are Your Chakras Out Of Balance?

The Truth About Your Chakras

This can cause you to feel as though you haven’t made much REAL progress toward your goals. Find out the truth about chakras and energy healing.

First Chakra

The root chakra, or base energy center is located at the bottom of the spine and is known for grounding and physicality. Learn how to balance and connect with your first chakra. This represents the first of the main seven chakras in order from the spinal base to top of the head. Read more about the first chakra.

Second Chakra

The Sacral Chakra energy center governs the life areas of creativity, reproduction, and daily relationships. Learn to heal and balance your second chakra by the use of meditation, crystals, and forgiveness. The Sanskrit name for this energy center is Swadhisthana. Read more about the second chakra.

Third Chakra

The third energy center, also known as the solar plexus chakra governs acceptance of your place in the chain of life. It deals with issues such as self-esteem, rejection, and criticism. Read the full article on the third chakra.

Fourth Chakra

Your heart center is where you give and receive love. It governs relationships and emotions. When balanced, it represents your love of self and love of others in equal proportion. Read more about the fourth chakra.

Fifth Chakra

This center of energy is all about communication. Not feeling like your voice is heard? By balancing this energy center, you can learn to express your gifts at an appropriate level, be heard, and get others to value your opinions. Read more about the fifth chakra.

Sixth Chakra

The truth of who you are at soul level resides in the third eye chakra. Scrambled, confused senses indicate blocks to your truth of who you are at soul level. Find out more about the sixth chakra.

Seventh Chakra

Your crown chakra is the center of thoughts, logical thinking, new ideas and inspirations. Think of it as your connection to source. (Article coming soon.)

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