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Root Chakra Energy System

Easy methods to heal your root chakra and let go of the need to control everything. Find meditations, books, and crystals to heal your first chakra.

The root chakra, or base chakra sits at the bottom of the spine and is known for grounding and physicality. It is the first of the main seven chakras in order from the spinal base to top of the head and shown by the color red in the photo to the left.

I have also written about the 2nd chakra, 3rd chakra, 4th chakra, 5th chakra, and 6th chakra.

Chakras are energy centers within our bodies. Each of the main seven chakras focuses on different areas of our body.

The Muladhara root chakra, or first chakra, governs our physical world, grounding and connections with ourselves and others. It governs feelings of connecting yourself to the earth and being one with your physical surroundings.

Find out about the truth about chakras and energy healing.

Red and the First Chakra Emotions

Red represents the first chakra and fiery hot emotions, thoughts, and feelings. The types of negative emotions ruled by the root chakra include shame, humiliation, embarrassment, belonging, crimes against our body, fear and grounding. It relates to the Earth element.

These emotions can lead to this chakra being underdeveloped, almost as though it is in hiding. In order to balance this chakra, you first need to learn how to connect with it.

Root Chakra Meditation for Healing

First imagine long roots extending from bottom of your spine and going deep into the ground. Imagine these roots traveling deep into the center of the earth, connecting with your core energy. Meditation is quite useful for learning to connect. Here are a few recommendations for meditation CD’s.

Learning to find love within yourself and accepting yourself as you are now can help to balance and align the energies in this chakra. By balancing the root chakra, you will begin to feel more in touch with who you really are as a human being and how you fit into this life. Approval of self has a lot to do with an unbalanced base chakra.

Affirmations To Heal The Root Chakra

The use of affirmations is a technique you can do almost anywhere, such as “I approve of myself” or “I am safe”. Repeat this at least 50 times daily or as needed. It goes to your core being. I have used these particular affirmations and had great success with it as it helps you regain your center.

A barefoot walk in the grass in warmer weather is a wonderful way to heal the root chakra, as the earth under your feet helps to deepen your connection with source.

Root Chakra Incense

Another way to balance and heal the root chakra is burning a woodsy incense made up of sandalwood and cinnamon. These earthy scents balance the energies of our bodies to bring the chakra back into alignment. Here are two of my favorites: Golden Pavilion (Kin-kaku) and Abundance (Full Moon) both by Shoyeido Corporation.

1st Chakra Balancing Crystals

Try wearing a necklace or bracelet made with crystal stones like blood stone, hematite, and red jasper to stimulate the root chakra. Garnet, agate, onyx, ruby, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, and red coral are nice choices as well. Etsy.com is a wonderful place to shop for handmade jewelry using beautiful crystals like the ones mentioned.

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  1. Yaay, I think I’m doing a lot of these things now, so hopefully my root chakra will not be so puny in future!

    Also I’ve been taking cayenne pepper on a regular basis lately, which is giving me a lot more energy. Fiery stuff, but it works! 🙂

    Oh, and I love woodsy scents, and I love Golden Pavilion incense too! I think that one is my favorite, in fact!


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