What Stops People From Acting On Intuition?

Even though intuitive guidance is always there for you, it can be difficult to hear. Find out what stops people from acting on intuition.

Sometimes even though we recognize our intuitive guidance it can still be difficult following through with all the necessary actions needed to achieve our goals. The smallest things can trip you up, like being realistic, letting logic rule the day, and the old favorites of fear, confusion, and uncertainty.

So, why do we allow this to happen? At an ego level, you want safety and security. You want to know that the actions you take will produce the results you want. You also want to stay safe. Any time you get an intuitive nudge, the first thing your ego does is double check if that piece of action is a safe thing to do. Since anything new is unproven and untested, your ego will do its best to deter you from taking action. Here are 5 ways it shows up:

What Stops People From Acting On Intuition?


There are many ways fear steps in and keeps you from taking action. Sometimes it is the fear of the unknown. Sometimes it is a fear of what others might think if we step outside of how others perceive us. The innate fear of being ousted from your tribe can sometimes stop us in our tracks. There is also the fear of being wrong or not feeling good enough. You can end up playing so many mind games with yourself that you end up putting everything on the back burner and convince yourself those nudges were not your intuition talking.


Sometimes once you have gotten past some of the fears you feel ready to take action. But now what? You have 37 different ideas…which one should you do first? You can stay playing in this arena of confusion for a long time. The point is all 37 of your ideas are equally valid and important. You have to pick one of them to move forward. Any one will do. But you have to pick one instead of attempting to work on all 37 ideas at once. Pick one and complete it. Then move on to the next one. By trying to work on all of your ideas at once, none of them will ever be ready to bring to the world.


You want a guarantee. You know at one level there are no guarantees is life. At another level, you still might secretly hope one exists. Where is my guarantee from the Universe that everything will work out the way I want (or need) it to? Our ego always wants to know what is going to happen in the end if we take a certain action. We want to know we are taking the exact right next step. You might worry things are going to be worse instead of better so our ego keeps us safe and tells us there is danger ahead if we take a certain action with an unknown outcome.

Stepping Outside of your Comfort Zone

We love our comfort zones, don’t we? You know how I know when I am clinging to my comfort zone? When I start bargaining with myself about how much something is going to have to change in my life. Does your internal dialogue involve a back and forth with your Spirit Guides about just how much you are willing to change in order to get what you want? If so, realize you will get no where fast. What you want at a soul level may not look anything like your daily life right now. I wrote about what I went through recently with my 7-Day Facebook fast.

Thinking You Have to do X,Y, and Z Before Acting on Intuition

You do not need more energy work to start acting on intuition. Doing more meditation, healing, or clearing work will not get you closer to taking action on your intuitive hints and nudges. You are whole and complete and perfect just as you are today. You just need to decide, commit, and work on something long enough so that someone else can see the results of your new creation. There are probably more steps than you think to get to your goal, so the time to get started is now!

So, what would you create if you were not confused? What would you do first? What one new action are you going to complete today to get you toward your goal?

Now, go have fun and create!

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2 thoughts on “What Stops People From Acting On Intuition?”

  1. Hi Laura, great article. It hit on a few things I have been wondering. Like the confusion, for example last night I was drawn to go outside (it was chilly but it was a beautiful moon that helped pull me out), as I sat out there from about 10 to almost midnight, I began questioning my intuition, what was so important that I had to go out there? Stay out there? Then it was like I would walk so far one way and be stopped, then so far the other way and be stopped like an invisible wall was there.

    At first I thought due to the space limit it was like a box and so I thought maybe it’s telling me I am boxed in, but that thought didn’t feel right no fear or ego based like “way off that mark girl” and I would ask questions in my head or out loud, and I would faintly hear “wait” or “patients”. So I waited and I was patient and I listened to nature and I talked a little then I would sit or walk a bit. Then at about midnight I was like I am sorry but it is cold out, I am tired, and I don’t know why I needed to be out here, and since I am not getting any answers I was going in, and I did. Got all warmed up and went to bed and woke up still confused about what that was all about. — The only thing I can glean from it is that it was like a test of sorts as to whether or not I would trust what I was being told.

    Don’t get me wrong I have followed it in the past, and sometimes it was right, wrong and totally off the rails/mark. More times then not it was the last ones rather then the first for me. Others will ask me and my gut says this or that and it works great. Me it’s gotten me into messes. Then it wonders why I hesitate listening to it. — I don’t bargin with the heavenly team, I have learned also never to challenge God (God 2, Me 0 LOL) but I do ask specific questions where the options are probably limited to a couple.. Not that “help me” and get of (though I have been there at times) 30 of them. – I hear the songs that my gut says pay attention to, and I do (even replaying them), I see the number 56 my gut says again pay attention to, I do. I even research it, break it down six ways to Sunday and come up with.. HUH? more times then not.

    I know it’s important for me to know, but I am not seeing the connections or the meaning/reason for it. I even went over what I was thinking about at the time such and such feeling, or thing showed up, and when my memory can remember it doesn’t add up, now I would say that was the Ego, but it doesn’t feel like that, it’s like a puzzle you get and you put it together and discover one or a couple pieces are missing.

    Then my confusion comes in as to how in the world it links up and I feel like all this stuff, the music, the number, other things that have happened are linked up somehow, and meditation goes so far, asking goes so far, even talking to others about it only so far (and some people I pick makes me wonder what I was thinking on that) and it’s like frustration. Like asking your intuition and God/Angels for a little more of a hint, I am logical I don’t deny that I have what I call Logic emotion, kind that 50/50 of believing in what you can’t see but know, and yet knowing when to keep it real so you don’t lose your ever loving mind LOL. — This has helped me some, I think while my Ego can misbehave for the most part it is pretty healthy. So what do you do then when confusion is brought on my something other then the ego, that I haven’t tried?

    Again great posting I really loved it. Peace, Light, Love and Many Blessing’s!! <3

    • I hit submit I seen “Is your Intuition Sending you Mixed Messages?” read that and it helped a little more but still not as much.


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