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Learn to develop, recognize and utilize your natural born intuition. Everyone has the ability to access this resource with practice and learning. Also includes articles involving dream interpretation and how it relates to past lives. Karmic dreams can give you an indication of who you were in a past life.

Master Altered States for Problem Solving

Have you ever had one of those moments of profound mental clarity? I’m talking about those moments where… … A creative idea just pops in your head while you’re in the shower? … Or you magically solve a problem you’ve been working on for hours – or even days? … Or when you get that little intuitive gut-feel that guides towards a right decision? I’m willing to […]

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Tapping Into Your Top Intuitive Gift

I just took this quick intuition quiz from my friend Colette Baron-Reid. This quiz gives insight into your top intuitive gifts.  How can this help you in your life? When you develop your intuition, you can feel confident and trust yourself when it comes to answering life’s questions. Even better, at the end of the quiz, Colette […]

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