Five Sneaky Ways You Subconsciously Dismiss Intuitive Messages

Have you found it difficult to hear your intuition when it counts? Find out five reasons why you can easily dismiss intuitive messages along with examples.

It is an awesome feeling when your intuition is spot on. When you receive validation of something that came to you as an intuitive nudge and it turns out correct, you feel great.

But what about the rest of the time? Often we strain to have a nugget of intuition fall in front of us and wonder if answers to our questions are going unheard or unanswered. It can make you feel like your intuition sends you mixed messages.

The thing is your intuition is always working. Sometimes our beliefs, patterns, and programs get in the way of hearing that small inner voice. You can fail to hear your intuition in many ways.

What Happens When You Second Guess Your Intuition?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your gut instinct told you something about a situation just wasn’t right, but had a hard time putting your finger on it? You may have let your logic take over and you went ahead and did it anyway, then kicked yourself for failing to trust your gut. Were the warning messages there all along and you chose to ignore them?

Do you second guess yourself and then wish you had just gone with what you were first thinking, even though you have difficulty explaining why?

How many situations can you think of when second guessing yourself, due to someone or something being a strong influence on you, has created a situation that you don’t want? What happens in cases like those is your natural intuition received a manual override with logic-based thinking.

Five Reasons Why You Don’t Hear Your Intuition

Authority Figures And External Influences – While looking up to your elders and receiving inspiration from those that have accomplished what you want is admirable, ask yourself if you put too much trust into what someone else says and thinks? This is classic guruitis, where you decide someone else knows better and you end up discounting your own thoughts or feelings. While this can show up as taking unsolicited advice from well-meaning friends and family and it can also show up while building your online business.

For example, if you are building a website this can happen when you are lacking traffic or sales. At some point you decide you are doing something wrong and the next thing you know you are signing up for someone else’s 3-step proven system to fix everything. The thing is, those systems worked for the person selling the system. For it to work for you, you have to combine your own knowledge together with some of the aspects of the new program. Only relying on outside sources will have you chasing many gurus and spending a lot of money.

The classic question to ask yourself is “Who are you listening to?” But understand the difference between listening and blindly following someone else. When you listen, ask yourself if you can combine what you learn with your own knowledge. When you only follow, you allow someone else to have all the answers and put your own knowledge on the back burner.

Logic and Rationalization – Are you allowing logic and rationalization to overtake your decision-making? Were you taught to look at problems from a strict logical thought process or look only for physical evidence? While logic is necessary, try to notice if you are overriding your intuition with rationalizations of why something won’t work. What if none actually exists and you just need to trust your gut instinct?

Fear – Sometimes when you have an intuitive nudge you may not like the message or what taking action would mean for your relationship. You can feel fearful of what could happen if you followed through, even if it is a positive step.

For example, say you received an intuitive hit to attend an energy healing workshop across the country. If you go, you might need to have a difficult conversation with your spouse involving spending the money or about you wanting to step into energy healing as a new career. Sometimes worrying about how those conversations will end is enough to dismiss the thought of attending. You might also have a fear of flying that keeps you safely on the ground. Think of your intuition as giving you the opportunity to work through this fear and grow beyond it.

Distrust And Childhood Experiences – Were you shut down and told you were wrong often in childhood that you honestly feel you never have the right answer or way to do anything? This invalidation of your gifts can lead you to distrust your inner voice.

For example, when I was about four or five, I remember going grocery shopping with my mom and meeting someone my mom knew in the store. I had a bad feeling about that person and later told my mom about my thoughts and feelings. She dismissed my feelings and invalidated my experience and over time I began to believe my intuitive hits were inaccurate. I know she was well-meaning, but when a trusted adult tells you that what you were experiencing was not the case, you lack other frames of reference to compare. This can lead to making assumptions about your intuitive accuracy.

Being Polite – Being polite is a useful tool to have in your toolbox, but being too polite is also a convenient reason to avoid uncomfortable situations. You can find yourself saying yes to the same old offers because you are too polite to say no. Ask yourself if you are honoring your intuition and saying yes for the right reasons. Are you saying yes because something is new and exciting or are you saying yes because you want to avoid an awkward conversation?

For example, you might say yes to another date when in your heart you know the relationship is over. You might say yes to meeting with your book club even though you no longer find it stimulating. You might say yes to going out with the same people on Friday night, even though you no longer have anything in common.

Are you saying yes to avoid saying no so you can spare someone’s feelings? Being polite is part of what makes up civilized society, but if you are saying yes when your heart is screaming no, you are missing out on new experiences. You can miss opportunities for your soul’s own growth by being too polite.

So, how can you better connect with your intuition?

One way is by developing your intuition. By consciously understanding how you personally receive intuitive guidance, you can get the clarity and alignment you are after and be able to use it on a day to day basis. Click here to access this free webinar training.

How To Hear Your Intuition

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