Is your Intuition Sending you Mixed Messages?

Is your intuition sending you mixed messages? Do you feel as though you receive mixed intuitive messages and unsure of which one to follow? Find out how to follow the signs.

“When I try to contact my Spirit Guides and follow my intuition, I seem to be receiving mixed messages. How do I know what insight to listen to?”

This is a question I have received from multiple readers of my blog, so I thought I would address it in the form of a blog post. I have also written a few related articles here and here about this subject previously.

This is something I think we have all struggled with from time to time. I know I have in the past. We set an intention for something new to come into our lives, and wait for some sign to come to us letting us know we are on the right path.

Just tell me what to do next! Sometimes you think you don’t receive anything and other times it can seem like you are receiving intuitive information that conflicts with one another. It can be enough to get you downright confused. Unfortunately not a lot of action takes place from a point of confusion.

What you need to understand is that confusion is serving you in some manner. The land of confusion keeps us safe from dealing with perceived obstacles. Confusion can be your ego, procrastination, or fear getting in the way and it serves as a convenient means of self-sabotage.

Mixed Messages?

So, here are four ways we sabotage ourselves from hearing our intuition:

  • Deservingness – We can feel as though we are not worthy of too many good things coming into our life and end up engaging in self-sabotage. We in effect push further away what it is we truly desire.
  • Denial of our True Life Purpose – We get invested in what we have created so far in our life and when that does not match our actual life purpose, we can sometimes go into a mode of denial. Perhaps you have a bunch of degrees and now they will not be as useful as they once were. You may have put a large amount of energy into working your way up the corporate ladder only to find yourself feeling empty and unfulfilled. What happens when we go into denial about what we are truly meant to do is that we feel passionless and numb. We feel stuck. That is because at soul level, we need to be aligned with our purpose. When we deny that too long, we can sink into feelings of depression.
  • Indecision – This is the feeling that the grass is always greener. One decision may appear to cut off the other option completely. We want both and we do not want to be forced to choose because that means losing out on the other option. But by not choosing, we only keep running around in circles of indecision. We instead choose indecision and that keeps us thinking we cannot hear our intuition.
  • Fear of Being Wrong or Screwing it up again – Another way we think we receive mixed messages from Spirit is having our ego get in the way. There is nothing wrong with our ego by itself. It is there to keep us safe. But when we look back on events that we deemed as failures our ego steps in and tells us that we should dump that new idea and not pursue something. You need to realize that this is just your ego trying to keep you from being hurt or disappointed. When we end up listening to that, we can easily think we are receiving mixed messages from our intuition. The key is to realize the difference between your intuitive thoughts and your ego.

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