How To Discover Your Soul Purpose

Searching for your soul purpose in life may seem elusive and a daunting task. If you are feeling like something hasn’t clicked yet, ask yourself the questions below.

This morning on Facebook, I ran across this very apt quote:

“Stop trying hard, and start doing easy.” ~ Paul Piotrowski

(Thanks Paul! I loved this!)

Does discovering your soul’s purpose for this lifetime seem harder than it needs to be? Are you trying hard to do things or learn things that really do not resonate, because you think you have to? What if your true life’s purpose wasn’t work at all, or at least not to you? What one person finds hard to do can be another person’s core strength.

Many times I get the impression that we think what we are put on this Earth to carry out in this lifetime will be hard, unpleasant, or just no fun. After all, that is what many of us were taught since childhood.

In reality however, our soul’s purpose for this incarnation is usually something that comes so incredibly easy for us that we may totally overlook or dismiss it because it is just a part of who we are day-to-day.

How to Discover Your Soul Purpose

Get out a piece of paper and write down 3-5 answers for the following:

  • What are things that others have told you that you do well?
  • What have you been complimented on?
  • What do you consider your greatest gifts and talents?
  • What do you naturally excel at?
  • What are some things you have really enjoyed doing, even if it has been years ago?
  • If money were not an issue, what would you actually do on a day-to-day basis?

When finished take a look at what you wrote. Is there a recurring theme in what you do well?

Perhaps you are quite organized or love talking to people. For example, your life purpose may involve a lot of direct communication with others, where you have daily contact via phone or in person. It could be that you have an innate ability to analyze a situation or a want to heal others. Perhaps people compliment you on your cooking or you are a great listener.

No Wrong Answers

The thing is, there are really no wrong answers. Are you making it harder than necessary on yourself because you might be afraid of making the wrong choice?

There is no one out there that is saying that once you choose a particular path, you have to do that path with no deviations for the rest of your life. Our days here on Earth are supposed to have variety. The things that you find easy to do are a signal of your core traits and gifts.

Use them as a starting point to hone in on what really brings you the most joy. Your life is about experimenting and experiencing those traits in many ways. Start with your answers from the questions and begin to build and expand on them until you get a short list of 2-3 good possibilities and then start exploring.

Work with Me

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12 thoughts on “How To Discover Your Soul Purpose”

  1. hi laura, i have often wondered about my soul purpose, and i think i get it now. thanks for the insight on this. love and light.
    ~cathy barrow

  2. What can you do if you find you were born with a love of history, drama, the sciences, ancient religions, paranormal intrigue, mystery and love of literature and writing?
    You can become me…
    I have found my divine purpose by combining all these things I love and now work with a psychic medium to solve cold case murders and then write novels about my journeys! Laura is right… just know who you are and the cosmos will lead the way!

    • Hi ta,

      Thank you so much for sharing. It might take some time to get all the pieces in order, but once you do, watch out!

  3. Hi Laura,

    I do believe I get it at this point, but who knows – I may be surprised one day. The expression of what comes most naturally and joyously to us is at least a big piece of the puzzle.

    • Hi Julie,

      Yes, our most natural offerings are a big piece of the puzzle. After that it is just trying out new possibilties and seeing if and where they fit in. I think the core pieces remain fairly constant though.

  4. Hi Laura,

    Wow, this is very much where I’ve been lately, as I continue to tweak what it is that I do with my time. I like your checklist, too!

    I practice Matrix Energetics and Richard, the founder, often would say that the less we do, the more powerful our sessions are. That we are doors, not do-ers. Your thoughts about easy vs. hard remind me of that. Here’s to us being able to stay in that space (or at least find our way back periodically ;-)).

    Thanks for a great post.

    • Hi Patti!

      You are welcome. So you’ve taken Matrix Energetics? I have read a bit about it and it is just fascinating to me. I looked and it seems there are no seminars offered close to me. Perhaps later this summer there will be something offered nearby. How did you get involved with it?

      A great thought…that we are doors, not do-ers. I like that!


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