Spirited Woman Directory – Celebrating the Every Woman Visionary

The Spirited Woman Directory is an amazing collection of women from around the world who are inspiring and changing the world, one step at a time.

In case you have not heard about it, there has been a 12-day Share Fest going on over at Facebook. It started on 12/01/2011 and has steadily built steam to today 12/12/2011.

Each day women from everywhere have shared inspiring videos, paintings, photos, and resources. It has been one of the most inspiring and energetic events that I have ever participated in. I urge you to jump over and check it out, if you haven’t already.

I haven’t been able to let everyone in on the best part of the Share Fest, until now. There is a free gift for everyone!

It is the 2012 Spirited Woman Directory. The directory is a magazine-style digital directory, full of inspirational stories, resources, and more.

I am so excited to be a part of this invitation-only directory and to be able to share it with all of you! This is the inaugural issue for 2012. The directory is 173 pages that include Spirited Women from 6 countries and 25 states.

What is The Spirited Woman?

TheSpiritedWoman.com is a leading (and growing!) global women’s empowerment community founded in 2001 by Nancy Mills. Nancy is known internationally as the Creator of the Spirited Woman Approach to Life. Mission: women inspiring women and changing the world, one Spirited Woman step at a time.

What’s in the Spirited Woman Directory?

Everything from health & wellness resources, to entrepreneurial teams, to Radio & TV shows that benefit women.

There are listings for healers, astrology, psychics, life coaching, diet & nutrition, lifestyle management, and so much more.

The Directory is filled with over 50 inspiring stories and over 70 listings in 15 categories. It’s also filled with useful tips and information designed to enhance the life of every woman visionary.

It’s complete with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile links, so you can contact and network with anyone listed in the directory.

The directory even has its’ own theme song Reach written by singer/songwriter Stacy Robin. I promise that you will want to get up and dance. It is so motivational! On the Facebook video page, you can see the video that accompanies this music.

Enjoy the Directory!!!

The directory is 173 pages that include Spirited Women from 6 countries and 25 states.

I am so excited to be a part of this invitation-only Spirited Woman Directory! I am listed on page 66, if you want to check out my listing.

There is nothing to sign up for and no one will ask you for your email address. Also, please feel to share the directory with friends and family. This is meant to be passed on and shared!

Inspiring Interviews and Articles

Read more about some of the Spirited Women featured in the directory. There are radio interviews and blog posts from many of the women profiled in the directory.



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  1. Laura, you did a fantastic write-up. Thank you for being part of the Directory. I admire you greatly. Nancy Mills, founder, The Spirited Woman

    • Hi Nancy,

      You are welcome! I loved being a part of it and met so many new and wonderful people along the way. Thank you so much for putting this all together. I hope you have had a chance to get some rest after Monday.


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