Tips for Developing your Intuition

Developing your intuition does not have to be hard or take a lifetime. By learning some concepts and tips, you can incorporate intuitive development into your daily life.

Our intuitive abilities get stronger and more reliable when we use them on a daily basis. Here are tips for developing and aligning with your intuition. You can read more about why we don’t trust our intuition here.

Developing Your Intuition

So, how do you build those intuitive muscles? Letting go of the fear of change is a big one in being able to hear your intuition. Taking the time to understand what is going on at a subconscious level can be valuable in understanding why you are having trouble hearing your intuition.

We can do such a good job of ignoring the whispers of our soul because we have set ourselves up for a certain lifestyle. In order to get past that and transcend the fears and habits, become open and aware of what does not serve you any longer.

Connect To Your Intuitive Senses

Here is one way to gain consistency connecting to your intuitive senses.

Start writing down on paper every action you do for a full day. During the evening evaluate those actions and place them into two columns on a separate sheet of paper. Label the two columns with these titles; Necessary and Habit and then separate your actions in the column where it best fits. You may find many things placed within the necessary category do not serve you any longer and habits needing to fall by the wayside.

Start letting go of one or two of the commitments on your necessary list. What are the one or two things that, if given up, would bring you the most immediate relief? Take a moment and breathe in the new-found confidence and freedom that comes from honoring your intuitive nudges.

Now, allow your intuition to flow and use that new found time to take action on an idea. If your inner sense is telling you to buy extra batteries for a flashlight, then do that. If your inner sense is telling you to read a book and chill out for the night, then take the time to honor that sense.

By taking small consistent steps and honoring your intuitive impulses, you gain greater confidence recognizing and following your intuitive hunches for the bigger things that come up.

When I started opening up to trusting my intuitive abilities, I found it difficult at first to distinguish between what was a true intuitive impulse and what were just normal thoughts. Once I applied consistent techniques, I was able to see the difference between the two and gained trust in the information received.

Tips for Recognizing and Developing Your Intuition

  • Notice those subtle repeating thoughts coming through when you are thinking about something else. Pay attention to those random, stray thoughts that float in and do not seem to have any connection to what you are thinking.
  • You may get a physical impulse like a ringing in your ear or a tingling feeling in your back. Pay close attention to any subtle physical impulses you receive and also which area of the body they originate.
  • Intuitive information comes to us in short and sweet sentences, and well-formed thoughts that are subtle in nature. Understand true intuitive information is matter of fact, succinct, to the point, and actionable.

How about you? How are you developing your intuition? How do you recognize your intuitive abilities? Leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Tips for Developing your Intuition”

  1. You are so right. It’s funny how the information can come in differently, depending upon the situation. Sometimes it’s a tingle, which to me means “angels”, sometimes it’s a great idea that pops in fully formed, other times it’s like a reminder thought that just keeps coming up until we DO it. Over time I think I’m coming to realize that these are impulses from different team members, and if I pay closer attention, I will be able to truly distinguish one from another.

    • Hi Julie,

      Yes, each Spiritual Guide gets our attention in a different way. I get a warm tingly feeling right between my shoulder blades from my primary Spirit Guide. It is quite comforting.

  2. Lovely article. Okay going off your tips…

    Like song lyric/s or a poem (could be one or more) or one specific line. a word or phrase your mom (or someone close) said to you one time, a name that keeps popping up out of nowhere, typing it suddenly (when you were typing something else) or out of someones (yours or others) mouth for no reason?

    suddenly you do something it stops. I don’t hear ringing more like low tone of meeep/teeep (instead of course of beep lol), I also see sometimes white sparkle lights or multi colored (like you would see in a crystal held up to sunlight) out the side of my vision, sometimes in front or all around.

    Sometimes for me it is short, or sometimes its like a long conversation but look at the clock and it was actually short, like the perception of time I don’t know sort of slowed way down then back to normal.

    The problem is it could and has taken me days to figure it out like little clues to add up, sometimes I just know right away. Or if you are doing something and any of that happens and you get it, and it keeps happening just not as frequent/urgently, is that sort of like well you got it but not all of it?
    What do you do if it speeds up on you, sort of like bam, bam, bam (each one something different) had that happen once to me? so much more I could ask on this.. And examples but you probably don’t need to hear/read it lol.
    Thanks, Peace, Light, & Love.

  3. I appreciate your articles. Thanks so very much.
    What if we do have a subtle feeling somewhere in our body– does that mean something too…like a tingling in your ribcage area versus something else?


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