Overcoming Jealousy – Reclaiming Your Power

Jealousy is a mind game we play to keep ourselves from taking congruent action. Find out how overcoming jealousy is key to reclaiming your power.

The fine art of jealousy is a game we play with our minds to keep ourselves from taking an action of some sort that seems uncomfortable. It is something that we use to keep ourselves stuck.

It can rear its ugly head high some days, but it really is just another opportunity to assist you in reclaiming your true power. Situations, news, and events show up in our lives and it can seem that someone else has it so much better.

It can be an interesting exercise to be jealous of others, because then we can bask in the negative feelings or pain for awhile and we don’t actually have to do anything or take any action to actually move ourselves forward. We instead move side to side or even backwards. If we choose, we can play this game for a long time. The other alternative is to start taking action toward what we really want.

The Core Energies of Jealousy

So, how does jealousy manifest? When we have fear about our abilities or are unsure of ourselves in a certain area of life, the seed is planted. We may see someone that we once perceived as an equal or cohort get that big promotion or raise and now it seems like the playing field isn’t level anymore.

It is much easier to look outward at someone else and perhaps throw a few stones or ruffle an eyebrow rather than take a look inside at what you have failed to accomplish or pursue to the degree that you would like.

Fear, anger, resentment, lack, and want are just a few words that come to mind that describe the energy going on behind the scenes. It is the feeling that we are not perfect or good enough in what we have already accomplished. There is also a bit of shame thrown in for good measure, as we feel guilty for having those feelings toward another.

It affects everyone at some point or another. The nifty thing about jealousy is that it doesn’t really matter if the subject is perceived or real. You really don’t know another person’s full situation, so your ego fills in the gaps. So rather than get all wrapped up in it, use it as a learning tool instead.

Can Jealousy Serve Us in a Positive Way?

I do think that jealousy can serve us in a positive manner. The Universe is showing you something that you want for yourself but haven’t pursued due to fear of some sort. All the Universe is doing is gently reminding you that it is something you really want. By showing you someone else that has what we want, it causes us to take another look at what we once told ourselves about why we couldn’t have it.

So, how can you turn something that is usually perceived as a negative experience into a positive one? It all starts with you taking a good look inside yourself.

Overcoming Jealousy and Reclaiming Your Power

Here are 3 steps to reclaiming your power from the energies of jealousy:

1.  Take a look inside yourself and look for the core of what is behind the feeling. Then look at where in your life that the feeling fits.

2.  Find the pattern behind the feeling. Are there only a few things that set you off? Find out what types of events or news make you feel jealous of another.

3.  Use the feelings you have as fuel and finally decide to change something in your life. Take a stand, make a plan, and take action.

So, is there a fine art to overcoming jealousy? Just as you deeply study a painting and notice the fine subtleties and the story that is within the painting, do the same with your feelings and reclaim your power. What is the story behind the feelings?

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7 thoughts on “Overcoming Jealousy – Reclaiming Your Power”

  1. My wife and I are complete opposites when it comes to jealousy which makes for an interesting marriage. She is very jealous and I am the exact opposite.

    • Hi Todd,

      Yes, I imagine that does make for an interesting marriage. It sounds like you bring balance to each other when it is needed.

  2. How timely! Great article. This exact subject was bugging me this week and now it makes perfect sense. Someone was truly annoying me and I could not for the life of me figure out why. It reminded me of something that happened long ago – same feelings, different situation. I was trying to figure out what the message was in that coming around again, and now I know.

    • Hi Julie,

      Isn’t it amazing just how far back some of our thoughts and feelings can reach? I am glad you were able to pinpoint the source.

  3. I like to think that I’m “above” jealousy, but I my ego LOVES to bring it back up—knocking me down back to Earth. I really like your take on this subject. The biggest reason why I find your argument enlightening is that jealousy is a very natural human response. For now on, when I feel jealous of something, I’m just going to tell myself “message received, I really want that”.

    Great job Laura!

    • Hi AJ,

      It is nice to meet you! Yes, I think we all like to figure we are above all that, but it is still surprising what pops up every so often and what the real story is behind the scenes. I’m glad you liked the post.

  4. Love the blog entry. I do admit that there is some jealousy that can rear up but for me its little things that add up. Not so much one thing (so and so has what I want), just the watching, maybe its more envy then Jealousy I don’t know. – I know that I have always been the type of person in a personal relationship, who isn’t jealous I came to realize my reasoning for it was based on trust, if I trust that person why do I need to be jealous? This came when the last relationship I had this guys friend was trying to see if I would get jealous so he would bring up this girl who was interested in the guy I was seeing.
    Fineally he got frustrated with me and asked if I was jealous and I said why, If true it would be her I didn’t trust, where as him I do trust, and I trust him to tell me the truth if he is interested, and I would hope the feeling is mutual. But I wouldn’t hold it against him if it were not.

    Hope your having a good day Laura. Again great post idea, and it gives food for thought. I mean in a way there is Jealous and then JEALOUS (we need italics lol) there is at least in my opinion the healthy kind, the inbetween border, and the unhealthy kind. It is so freaking hot here right now lol I read the posting twice and I can not recall if you addressed anything like this, if not maybe in the future sometime a revisit.


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