Feeling Left Behind When It Comes To Finding Your Life Purpose?

Are you feeling left behind when it comes to finding your life purpose?

So many of you that are struggling and searching to find your life purpose feel as though time is running out.  It is a feeling that if you don’t finally find exactly what “it” is, you are going to get left behind in life. It can make you feel anxious and stressed out.

It is the energy of not valuing your soul level gifts and the thinking that you are not good enough as you are. That is what leads us to compare ourselves with others. The energy of comparing what we have vs. what another has leads to a downward spiral and ends up in jealousy.

This can show up in so many areas of our lives. Perhaps you are young and you start seeing all of your friends getting engaged and planning weddings. Another area is career. People and classmates are finally getting those jobs they wanted after college, and you haven’t had an offer yet.

Many times the feeling of being left behind is because you have not clearly defined what it is that you want. We get wrapped up in the lives of our friends that all seem to be having children and think that we should as well. In some cases that may be exactly what you want, but in other cases it may really be that you have not thought specifically about what you would really like to do. It could be that instead of having a child exactly right now, you would be better suited to taking that job as a traveling photographer. Everyone’s path is different.

So, how do you finally free yourself from that feeling?

Releasing The Anxiety Of Feeling Left Behind

  • Realize that life is not a race with another person. You are on your own unique path that no one else will ever travel. You are here to shine in your own unique way at the exact right time for you.
  • Another way to release those feelings is to start taking action on those subtle hints the Universe drops your way. Action is an awesome cure for many negative feelings.
  • A third way is to begin defining what it is you truly want. What are you truly passionate about and how do you envision your ideal life?

Are you consistently creating the reality you want for yourself?

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10 thoughts on “Feeling Left Behind When It Comes To Finding Your Life Purpose?”

  1. Hi Laura,

    You make some good points – many people lately have mentioned feeling off kilter, in a waiting phase, or like they’ve been left behind. I wonder if that has to do with the shifts going on and coming up. A lot of confusion over “whether to let go of” loves and also over being let go from careers and jobs. It sure is best if we can follow those hints 🙂

    • Hi Julie,
      Some days I wonder if I am ever going to stop feeling off-kilter! Yes, I have been asked a lot of questions lately by clients regarding letting go of people and careers.

  2. Lately I’ve had a lot of restless energy, I try to relax but its very hard, but it is only lately that this has been happening. Then it will disappear, then return. It’s like you know something is about to happen, you don’t know what, how, when or where, just something. When it disappears I think must have happened and it will show itself, but it just restarts again. I don’t know if this is what your saying or if this is something else. It can be uplifting at times and exhausting at times. Thing is when there is no restless feeling I am fine.
    Also I noticed that I can start the day and go through it with a positivity, but by late day or into the night something happens and I am asking what the heck just happened.

    • Also want to add that the same energy isn’t just me but also around me (in the air?), I tried to check if it were coming from some around me and didn’t pick anything up like they were clear. Could I pick it up from someone who isn’t near me? Thank you.

      • Hi Susan,

        Yes, I have felt that energy too, sometimes stronger than others. It seems like we are just waiting. For what I am not sure. I don’t know about picking it up from someone else, it just seems to be in the air for me. Just go with the flow.

        • Thanks. Yep thats what I’ve been doing, but sometimes it feels like it doesn’t build up, it’s just there and its thick and heavy. The only reason I mention picking it up is cause a couple times it showed up, I was having a good day then like hitting a wall. The rest of the time its like Gee its backkk lol. Then it can disappear, and return like a revolving door.

  3. Hi Laura,

    I signed up on your website in hopes to discover new/or different information about the numbers I see (11:11, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55). Looking at your printed name and your picture, have we met? I thought maybe if you have had visited SAcramento, CA? but you seem very familiar to me, I just can’t place where. No this is not a joke or game, I am a real person!

  4. I have been feeling extremely restless and out of sorts…..like I am waiting for something, but don’t quite know what it is. I am curious and scared at the same time. I am trying not to get mentally wrapped up in the unknown, but not knowing is making my mind dream up some interesting scenarios. I just want to have peace of mind!


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