How Unhealed Issues Keep You From Stepping Into Your Purposeful Work

Have much self-healing do you need before you get started doing your purposeful work? The answer is much less than you think. Find out why so many intuitive and healers stop themselves before they even get started.

This topic is something that comes up with many of my clients during a reading. On one level, you are ready and excited to get started doing intuitive or healing work. On another level you might feel you have too many of your own unhealed issues yet to help to anyone else. Even though people around you may say great things about your abilities, you may find yourself having a difficult time believing them.

This stems from our own self-perception of how much value we offer others. So, what do we end up doing? We sign up for more classes, courses, and certifications. We spend hours doing energy healing work on ourselves; all so we can fulfill our perception of being “good enough” to help someone else. Often, this self-perception gets clouded with guilt, shame, or blame. When our self-talk is negative, it seems easier to stay in the preparation stages and never take the next step.

The Real Truth Behind Healing On The Path To Purpose

All those issues may need clearing at some point. However, the truth is many of the issues needing energy clearing work show up AFTER you have started taking some type of action DOING your purposeful work.

So, often what we think needs healing first is a subset of the root issue. That root issue will fail to appear until you take steps and do something new – like having a booth at a wellness fair or making an offer to a potential client for your services. Do you see how that works? We can spend days, weeks, or years dwelling on healing one particular issue before taking any action at all.

After you get out there and have a new experience you will know what needs healing next. Often, after we take those next steps, the original situation may just take care of itself on its own. Thinking we need to heal a certain block can keep you spinning in circles for many years.

Say you feel ready to open your intuitive healing business, but lack confidence sounding professional within a live conversation and feel tongue-tied. You might think beginning a blog is a safer move instead. You place all your time and energy into building a blog, but never engage with a potential client live on the telephone. You might avoid attending a live networking event or setting up a booth at a wellness fair just to avoid speaking to potential clients and offering your services. This is the energy of preparing to take action instead of taking action.

You might focus on web traffic, Facebook, and Twitter instead of healing the real issue of being tongue-tied. That issue could stem from a past life situation or by something you experienced in childhood. What happens is we start getting wrapped up in the issue or worry of the moment and ignore the deeper issues. By facing those hidden fears just below the surface, you can cut years off the process of healing on the path to purpose.

The Process of Healing

I am all for healing work. This is what I do and have done plenty of healing myself, but you need to take an action first. The process involves healing work, a small action step, and review. You repeat the process all the while taking small action steps along the way.

You know how to eat an elephant right? One bite at a time. The same is true for healing work. Working on issues as they come up is easier when you have taken a specific action. You can then observe the direct correlation of how a specific block applies to your intention.  Real life cause and effect can show you where a shift is ready to happen.

This might seem like a long process and you might want to heal everything all at once, but know what shows up needs healing at the moment. When you just focus on the healing and fail to take action, you end up missing the bigger picture and missing prime opportunities.

Book an Intuitive Reading

If you know you need to take new action but feel invisible blocks cloud your path, book a reading. We will look at your soul level gifts and any energetic misalignments so you can begin healing on the path to purpose.

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