Understanding Your Soul Purpose

Does living and understanding your soul purpose need to be difficult? Sometimes we make it much harder than it needs to be.

Do you find yourself asking “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” If you feel that you have been wandering aimlessly for some time and feel stuck in someone else’s life, it is time to find your own purpose. To finally have a clear vision of what it is that you were meant to express in this lifetime can be liberating.

Do you continue to get up and go to work each day and then one day get the sinking thought of “What on Earth happened to me? How did my life end up like this? This isn’t anything that I envisioned for myself.”

You may be finding that things that once brought you a great amount of joy, like a bigger house or a great car don’t seem to fill the void anymore. It leaves you with an empty feeling of “Is this all there is to life? There must be something more out there”.

If you are anything like I was, you have been doing some heavy duty soul searching and realize that something isn’t just quite right, but the answer may seem elusive to you. It is like the answer is just right around the corner, and once in a while you think you have caught a glimpse of it.

What changed everything for me was when I finally accepted that what I thought were my weaknesses were really my strengths.

Understanding Your Soul Purpose

At soul level, we all want to find that deeper meaning and have that aha moment on what it is we are really here to bring to the table. We want to make a difference and leave a mark on this Earth and know we have helped others in some way.

Finally knowing and accepting your soul’s purpose can create a BIG ENERGETIC SHIFT.

Here are 3 common challenges that you may face in understanding your life purpose:

  • Aligning with who you really are at soul level. When we say we have no idea of what our soul’s purpose is, that really is not true. We all have some idea and in a lot of cases it is a lot closer than we realize. It is just that we can’t really consciously see it.
  • Energetic blocks and misalignments – Many times along the way we make choices and decisions that we think are good for us at the time or they are made due to circumstance, but are not in line with our true life purpose. Those misaligned decisions leave an energetic stamp and end up becoming blocks to us being able to fully step into our soul’s purpose.
  • Not understanding your natural abilities and talents– Sometimes our best talents and abilities can remain buried for years because of fear and doubt. Sometimes it takes an objective look to be able to uncover them and bring them to the surface.

What about you? What challenges are you having? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I believe I identify with three of the blocks you’ve mentioned, Laura. And in the process of trying to uncover my life’s purpose I believe I’m now in a place where conflicting voices are confusing me. There are days where I suddenly find so much of positive energy that it shorts me out – because the following few days after I feel like I’m back at square one. What scares me the most are the energy blocks – how does one remove these or work towards unravelling them?

    • Hi Megha,

      There is of course self work and healing, but I work with clearing a lot of those energetic blocks within my Akashic Record readings. You also have to begin taking new actions – which usually equates to something that you won’t allow yourself to do. That is how the clearing work helps. It clears things at an energetic level and allows you to move forward and take new actions.

  2. Major challenges! I was not put on this Earth for what I am doing now – I have no doubt about that. Circumstances changed the direction of my path and I am now so way off I have no idea how to get back on. Everything is so hard and so difficult. I am so far away from where I want to be it feels impossible to get there. I feel a complete failure and wonder why I was given this huge challenge. I feel I’m being punished; although I know the Angels are around me all the time. I see repeating numbers continuely; mainly 444 and 555 lately. It does reassure me but I’m praying for an end to this misery. I wonder if this very challenging life is my life purpose?

  3. Hi Laura,
    I believe there is energetic Blocks in me and its main obstacles to my souls evolution.Laura,its unbelieveable but its true ,my parents betrayed me since my childhood and from past 27 years I was under effect of malevolent spell cast over me by my parents which I recognised by the help of my guardian angel,Archangel Michael.My current situation is worst but I feel secure with the angelic presence around me.From past two months I feel like I am new to this world and I connect with my spirit Guide almost on regular basis.Its relaxing as they were guiding me constantly and above all Thanks to you for uploading Images of Angels on Facebook as it really means a lot to me.I feel connected to them.
    Thanking You.
    Note: For security reason,name is Changed.

  4. Hi Laura,
    I have been stuck for years. Once a top professional singer – now I can’t even get a job, due to certain life pathways & getting older, which doesn’t bother me, but in my industry your obsolete over 40 -unless your a big star. Consequentely, my income has all but dried up, & I have ended up doing work that just isn’t me! I wanted to give something back and for some years taught singing. All of which drained my energy; now I have NO energy left to sing, and have unfortunately lost most of my interest. I go with something only to see in retrospect that I was getting involved with the wrong people, and that it would lead to nothing in the end. The only problem was is that, they were the ONLY people around. I don’t know how to get out of this negative circle. I feel like selling all my possessions and going somewhere else totally different..but I have no idea where!

    • That’s how I feel – I feel so burdened by finding rent, bills etc. I just feel like buying a Camper van and going off into the Sunset!

  5. I feel like I’ve been running on auto pilot for years. Just going through the motions of life. I’m sure there is something more out there that I need to be doing but when I sit down and think about it.. I go blank… Many days I say to myself..”what am I doing…there is more to life than this” I feel disconnected sometimes. Almost like I don’t belong here on this Earth.

  6. Thank you for addressing this topic Laura. My experience is similar to Megha’s in that I consider myself positive for the most part, it’s this one area of life that can depress me, especially searching for so long. It is the sole reason my life is not “functioning” properly. I never wanted children or the picket fence life, the only thing I really ever wanted was to inspire people. Problem is, I like so many subject matters and then making bad decisions in my personal life along the way have affected me and made matters feel more confusing then they ever have in my life. I always felt I was strong and could count on myself. It’s not until this lack of agenda or purpose that suddenly I find myself at a loss to explain why I cannot figure out what I want. It seems like it should be so simple. How can you not know what you like? How can you not know what you are good at? I just haven’t had a lot of success conditioning with any one thing, so it becomes that much more challenging. This article for me was complete synchronicity. My soul is screaming, screaming for an answer. This has gone on too long and I’m afraid that if I don’t figure this out soon, it will literally kill me. I’m really trying to find where to put myself and where I can contribute to this life. Without it, what do I have?

  7. Hi

    I am a finance professional since years , but lately my interest in the subject and the job has just died down. I hav the presence of angels around me , which is comforting – I c repeated numbers all d time. Parallely I hav started learning pranic healing to clearly energy and meditate daily.

    I am not doing justice to my job , as I feel deep inside this is not what I was meant for – but unable to undated what I shd do and what my life purpose is . I would like to do somthg which gives me happiness and peace , but that job opportunity is yet to arrive.

    Am hoping that the angels and the supreme masters bless me with this clarity soon …..Else I will keep dragging myself everyday and move 5 steps backward due to the heaviness and negative thoughts,

    Pls help if u can in speedening this process for me.

  8. I have absolutely no idea, sometimes I have so many ideas it just confuses me, I see numbers, and number sequence s all the time??
    All I know is I’m at peace being in the woods and with my dog. I had visions of Eagle s and dogs all black dogs 1st vision was a black wolf??

  9. ​Laura -“How did my life end up like this”- , I have been through this. ​That thought leds me to introspect my thoughts and actions.
    During th​is​ process of introspection, found that Law of attraction of Universe is very powerful.What I wish in my life was not aligned with my true internal thoughts,that’s why I was getting opposite. Our thoughts vibrates energy,so once I did took care of my thoughts,internal fears,attachments ​ and ​have a definite goal for my soul​, ​everything started to get right.
    That’s when I realize law of attraction doesn’t give ​”​what we wish​”​but gives ​”​what we are​ “.​
    We are made from energy generated through our thoughts.That day onwards, taking care of thoughts becomes important to me.
    ​Thanks for the reminder of Energetic blocks and misalignments​.


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