Are You A Healer?

Are you a spiritual healer that has yet to identify your unique gifts to the world? Have you been reluctant to embrace your energetic healing gifts? If you are reading this, you are more than likely a healer.

Many of us are a bit reluctant to come out of the closet, though and need to learn to heal ourselves first before becoming useful as a healer for others.

You may wish to read my prior post about taking time for healing yourself.

Is Everyone a Healer?

What makes someone a healer? To a certain degree, everyone is born with the capacity to heal others. A spiritual healer is someone who has a better ability than most to sense emotions in others and make sense of what their needs are at a particular point in time.

People come to you for help because you have that heightened healing ability. You are able to help others connect with what they have forgotten. It is almost like you have an energetic mark on your forehead that others can see, but you cannot. It is what draws people to you to tell you of their problems seemingly out of the blue.

Everyone brings their own set of gifts to the world and shares what they can. Everyone has some healing ability, but there are those of us who have strong enough gifts to actively use it in our own lives and use those gifts to help others.

It really doesn’t matter which healing modality you choose to pursue, whether its Reiki, intuitive readings, massage, or any of the other types of energetic healing techniques.

Why are you afraid to step out into your own divine goodness? Do not be afraid to use your gifts. You have them for a reason and please consider them a blessing. They are part of what makes your soul sing and should be recognized as such.

Traits Of A Spiritual Healer

Do you recognize yourself with any or all of these traits? Do you have any to add? Leave a comment below.

  • Highly sensitive to energy around them. Your energy may cause light bulbs to burn out frequently or cause street lights to flicker.
  • Highly empathic and easily able to sense the emotions of others.
  • May consider themselves an Indigo Child or Adult.
  • People may take an instant dislike to you, as they are rejecting your healing energy.
  • Can you walk into a room and immediately sense the mood?
  • Certain drugs may be ineffective or have an odd reaction.
  • Do children and animals gravitate toward you?
  • Do you feel like you pick up everyone else’s emotions and have difficulty discerning them from your own?

Healing Yourself First

Many people who are natural healers have had their own sets of harsher than normal challenges in their life and need to take the time and effort to heal themselves first before they can begin to successfully help others heal in a positive way.

If you have had more than your “fair share” of upsets in your life, healing your thoughts and emotions first is a good place to start. Remember…”physician heal thyself”.

Make healing yourself a priority first. Eat a clean diet, clean up or at least diminish unhealthy habits and keep your life in balance.

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39 thoughts on “Are You A Healer?”

  1. This is all spot on as time goes by I get stronger, usually when I have a lot of energy flowing thru me or I am so mad I can make lights flicker but last night my energy was strong enough to blow a lightbulb I am very open to this side of me.

  2. I am so happy I found your site at such a time of full emotion I can not begin to even describe.

    No matter where I go people always do gravity towards me I don’t care where I am or what I am doing and start talking to me.

    People always feel so comfortable around me and tell me it’s like they have known me their whole life and we just met.

    Lots of people have told me they feel I am an Angel sent to them.

    Lots of people have told me they see light or an aura around me.

    I have touched people that are in pain and they have told me mysteriously I made the pain go away.

    All kinds of animals domesticated and wild seem drawn to me.

    The wild animals kinda started me when I was younger. Especially deer and birds.

    Also… ok this may sound really weird or crazy, but even bugs. Yes bugs. Catapillers, butterflies, ants, spiders, bees & flies I can understand, but the rest???

    I have pictures of bugs in my closed sealed vehicle and bugs are on it everywhere are…. inside. I don’t know how.

    Children and babies are drawn to me with big smiles. If they are crying or upset somehow my presence comforts them.

    If I am down or seem the slightest upset even with the biggest smile. People… well… they get very angry or enraged or very depressed even suicidal 🙁

    Also if I am very emotional lights flicker, blow out, or actually explode. Which no matter how old or new electric was I always blew it off as faultyor aged wiring, old bulbs, cheap bulbs etc.

    When getting into a new relationship my love is… well fierce and usually can’t kiss the person, because I shock them… Yes I have had to give high fives before kissing to try to get rid of some of the shock.

  3. Pretty much all the things apply …
    Apart from the energy thing with Electric though my car head light pop a lot on all cars I’ve had and my phone plays up I get static a lot.
    Something I noticed about 3 yrs ago … Animals in the zoo or in pens always make a bee line for me… I’ve had Zebra’s noses pressed up against glass to get to me … Animals from pigs goats donkeys follow me along pens … Sea life centre fish swim to the glass seals especially … Even reptiles groom snakes to lizards press the glass and Alligators and crocs unnervingly move closer and all appear to stare at me it’s become embarrassing …. Cats go all silly and dogs get over happy yet people until they talk to me seem like they don’t like me … I feel and take on other people’s emotions …???

  4. This evening the kitchen light I turned on, which usually has no problems, started flickering, no matter how many times I cut it on or off it would keep flickering, until finely it stopped.

    I want to say its Guardian spirit trying to contact me.

    I’ve been studying and working on becoming a Light Worker and staying positive for the last 10 months. Communicating with the Universe and goddess Divine and my Higher Self.

    Months ago I did have a child randomly walk away from her mother and towards me, while we crossed paths.

    I have been joyful even during my darkest of days. I hope to become a healer not for just myself, but others as well.

    But when I do, what then?

  5. I have had healing hands since I was very young. My hands are always cold unless I am comforting someone and then they heat up all on their own. I was taught the laying of hands due to religiousness through out our family. However I myself fall under so many different religions because I associate with different aspects of them all. I just want to help people help themselves and if it is just by comforting them by listening or praying for them then so be it. I have a question though, what does it mean when you look at the computer and both the time and date are exactly the same? I looked at it a few minutes ago and it was exactly 3:28pm and it is 3/28/17. I am in the middle of some major life choices and I was seeking guidance on what I am facing if you could help me decipher what this means I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you 🙂

  6. Hi, pretty strange things have happened to me of late. Firstly, there is an owl and that’s comes outside my kitchen window pretty often and the owl hoots, I think the owl is warning me of some sort, the lights flicker around me constantly and bad people tend to dislike me and they go out of their way to harm me and my loved ones. Sometimes I dream very clear, I pray a lot and God keeps his promises to me but I have met some horrible people of late and I always seem to be in a spiritual battle of some sort. I fell asleep once after a particularly trying day and my spirit appeared to be lifting slightly out of my body, and there were vibrations in my body. I am accepting, prayerful and confused at the same time.

  7. Every single listed item!! And even more. Most irritating is not being able to have/keep light!!! Another 5 bulbs went out just yesterday and today.

  8. Thanks for your wonderful insights. I match the healing list completely. I really cannot heal anyone else, because of your next insight. “natural healers have had their own sets of harsher than normal challenges in their life and need to take the time and effort to heal themselves…” I am at this junction on my life journey. I believe your next suggestion is where to start “healing your thoughts and emotions”. Great inspiring advice and article. Peace and Blessing to you from God!!


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