Are You A Healer?

Are you a spiritual healer that has yet to identify your unique gifts to the world? Have you been reluctant to embrace your energetic healing gifts? If you are reading this, you are more than likely a healer.

Many of us are a bit reluctant to come out of the closet, though and need to learn to heal ourselves first before becoming useful as a healer for others.

You may wish to read my prior post about taking time for healing yourself.

Is Everyone a Healer?

What makes someone a healer? To a certain degree, everyone is born with the capacity to heal others. A spiritual healer is someone who has a better ability than most to sense emotions in others and make sense of what their needs are at a particular point in time.

People come to you for help because you have that heightened healing ability. You are able to help others connect with what they have forgotten. It is almost like you have an energetic mark on your forehead that others can see, but you cannot. It is what draws people to you to tell you of their problems seemingly out of the blue.

Everyone brings their own set of gifts to the world and shares what they can. Everyone has some healing ability, but there are those of us who have strong enough gifts to actively use it in our own lives and use those gifts to help others.

It really doesn’t matter which healing modality you choose to pursue, whether its Reiki, intuitive readings, massage, or any of the other types of energetic healing techniques.

Why are you afraid to step out into your own divine goodness? Do not be afraid to use your gifts. You have them for a reason and please consider them a blessing. They are part of what makes your soul sing and should be recognized as such.

Traits Of A Spiritual Healer

Do you recognize yourself with any or all of these traits? Do you have any to add? Leave a comment below.

  • Highly sensitive to energy around them. Your energy may cause light bulbs to burn out frequently or cause street lights to flicker.
  • Highly empathic and easily able to sense the emotions of others.
  • May consider themselves an Indigo Child or Adult.
  • People may take an instant dislike to you, as they are rejecting your healing energy.
  • Can you walk into a room and immediately sense the mood?
  • Certain drugs may be ineffective or have an odd reaction.
  • Do children and animals gravitate toward you?
  • Do you feel like you pick up everyone else’s emotions and have difficulty discerning them from your own?

Healing Yourself First

Many people who are natural healers have had their own sets of harsher than normal challenges in their life and need to take the time and effort to heal themselves first before they can begin to successfully help others heal in a positive way.

If you have had more than your “fair share” of upsets in your life, healing your thoughts and emotions first is a good place to start. Remember…”physician heal thyself”.

Make healing yourself a priority first. Eat a clean diet, clean up or at least diminish unhealthy habits and keep your life in balance.

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39 thoughts on “Are You A Healer?”

  1. Hello,

    I just read this. I don’t have the type of energy that causes light bulbs to blow out or anything (although, I have a thing or two with my cell phone that I find highly curious). However, I do meet some, if not most, of the criteria. Mostly, people, for some reason which I can’t explain, take on a certain dislike for me instantly. I am as friendly and as cordial to strangers but they seem either intimidated or scared by me like I’m going to do something to them or don’t like the way I speak to them which isn’t any different than how I speak to anyone else. I don’t get it. I’ve also noticed that most people don’t seem to take to my style of friendship well. Again, I don’t know why.

    I have a general sense of the emotions of others. People used to accuse me of projecting, later on finding out that I was right about how they felt. It was interesting. And yes, I do consider myself to be highly empathic and can generally sense the feeling in a room when I walk in. I remember at work, I used to sense when there was trouble in the air when I walked into a place. It was horrible.

    Animals gravitate to me more than children. I like dogs and cats but lately, I’ve been seeing squirrels and possums walking and playing on around me. They even look directly at me sometimes and for a prolonged period of time! The other night, I was having a cigarette outside and there was a possum lurking about and it looked at me with it’s glowing eyes and I got a bit of a chill but thought that it meant no harm. It went about its way looking back at me once more. Also, I think one of the squirrels left an avocado for me in the patio. It was partially eaten, though. He wanted to share it with me and that was very sweet of him. 🙂

    I don’t take drugs, but I have found that Vicodin has absolutely no effect on me whatsoever. It is a completely useless and ineffective medication. Other than that, I’ve never been a drug person.

    Thank you so much for sharing this information! It’s nice to have some insight as to why things happen. 🙂

  2. I would love to share my healing abilities with the world. However, I have a hard time with people who don’t “believe” in energy healing. Some of my closest friends are people I can’t share my amazing Reiki healing experiences with and it makes me sad. I am used to being alone in some things but I feel totally isolated when I can’t express my spirituality with certain people. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells.

    • hey i know how you feel it takes alot within yourself to even start a conversation with most people about who you are truely. Makes you feel like an outsider
      thank god for the internet and finding other similar people eh?
      i surround myself with working with animals and nature at least they are so open and willing to know you for your pure heart

    • There will always be people who cannot be convinced that reiki and healing work, the main thing is to not let that get to you. I have found since working with reiki a whole new circle of friends has opened up who are interested, or actually do it themselves.

  3. Greetings,
    After reading your entry, I had to take a deep breath and let out in a sigh of releif. To feel a comradory with others who feel the same is like a gift lof finding family lost.
    Have recently received a Reiki level 2 training and before three weeks had passed I ended up with bronchitis so bad took trip to emergency room. (talk about riding onself of toxins). After recovering, have felt the Reiki energy ten fold, dreams and visions returning, and pet cats will constantly put paws on my hands ,(they never did this before).
    To be told by others, they feel calmer just by talking to me is very humbling. I thank Our Father for this wonder gift of sharing His healing energy with other.
    Blessings to all.

  4. I don’t know if I am a healer, but I can get a sense of when someone is hurt, or in pain. Sometimes this is when I am awake and sometimes when I am asleep. *Long*

    I also can I guess sense the location but for my own verification I with their permission run my hand down that area (ex back muscles tight) and my hand isn’t touching their back it is actually an inch or so from touching. When I hit the “warmest” spot on them (as some spots can be light to deep warm) then I will touch that spot and 9 times out of ten I am right, the 1 being that I was off by a few inches one way or the other.

    I have also had experiences where with the guy I (whatever) seeing I had a feeling something wasn’t right, I couldn’t shake it, I tried calling, I tried texting him, nothing. I went to his house I touched the door knob and I got this feeling of an electrical shock but when I touched it again nothing happened (like it was this is what happened moment) and all the feelings were like yep.

    Later I was able to verify that at the exact time I got the feeling, dingdong got zapped on his butt, because he was doing some wiring and shut all the breakers off but the one main, so he still had power going to the outlet he was working on, and got zapped, he wasn’t knocked out, just tingly and a little duh lol.

    Another time same guy was at work all of a sudden I let out a string of cuss words that brought some relatives running lol. My toes felt like a sledge had hit them, felt like there was swelling a little. Turned out, my guy friend who puts up Garage doors (reg and industrial) was moving one and his boss on the other side dropped his end on accident and it caused his to slip to hitting his foot.

    I have had others with him (ie snow mobile accidents, etc even feelings sometimes if their strong), I have feelt like my chest was breaking into and would sense it was my father, who has a heart problem, I would ask him how he is feeling and he would say fine only to find out later he was lying and he was having pain, both of us eased when his nitro took effect. Same with my brother going to the ER due to his COPD I would feel out of breath and like my chest was just so sore. Then my sister in law would call and say what happened.

    My guy friend said at first he didn’t call or get back to me, cause both times I freaked him out a bit, I didn’t say what I was feeling, just asked him if he was alright, that I just had a bad feeling something was wrong. He would get these messages about five-ten minutes after it happened.

    I just said hmm must just be a connection we have lol he accepted that. My family on the other hand knows the difference. Thinks its cool, course they will see their doctors first (my instances) then they will ask me to check something out without giving me what the doc said and 99.8% of the time I am right, the other 2% is actually wrong and right, it’s hard to explain.

    Course my guy friend one day said he had a migrain starting and his over the counter meds hadn’t kicked in yet. I felt bad for him so I reached up and just lightly (cause I’ve had them) touched his shoulder on the side of the pain (that I didn’t know about) and felt a burning down my arm then a cooling up my arm and out my hand, then I removed it, and he looked at me odd and said he was feeling alot better, I just looked innocent (you know horns holding halo lol) and said maybe it’s the meds? Nope, cause he took them about 3 minutes before I arrived, I said maybe I just touched the right nerve and it helped. He left it at that lol.

    Maybe thats why were in the whatever catagory lol. I have always been like this. even being able to tell doctors whats wrong with me. They confirmed it lol.

    As to pets and kids. Both gravitate toward me. When I was five my neighbor had this one Dobermen who was meaner then all get out. One days she was at our house and looked out the window there was the dog and there was me right beside it. She tried to gently lead me away but I was having none of it, I apparently was in my little mind training this dog. I told it to sit and it wouldn’t so I lightly smacked its butt and it sat. Her and my mother were amazed they thought I was his lunch for sure, I felt fine around him. So much so that when they tried to come near he growled I told him to stop he did (thing is I didn’t say it outloud) So since he got out of his pen, they had no way of catching him, so closely following they had me take him home (next door) and put him in. He tongue hanging out did so with no problems like it was a fun romp. LOL.
    As to kids, 70% of the time if my friends have a crying baby that just won’t stop, and their at their wits end, tired and beaten down. Begging them, trying to bribe or trick them to stop only to start crying. usually I will ask if I can hold the baby for a bit, they love that (not cause they knew/know) cause they get a break. And within a minute the baby stops crying and falls to sleep, had it back and as long as my hand is on the child they are fine I remove it and they have none of it.
    Now if I put baby in crib and let go they continue to sleep peacefully for both child and parent. A couple times I just sensed that their being nerved up and tense and such was causing the baby to feel the same. And one time I was holding one and it was sniffling, and I got a tooth pain, I asked if they had a frozen ring they did and orgel, we put the orgel on first and then used the ring, and baby was happy, baby was teething, they though baby was too young, teeth don’t care. LOL.

    I don’t know What I am considered other then a great helper but I am just glad I could. Like I said had this since I can remember though I think it might have been intesified when I got hit by electrical currents lighting two times, outlet one time, the problem is it bounced literly off me and left a light red mark (I went to the er doctors were like okay, right, nothing wrong) like a small sun burn.

    I feel totally wierd sharing all that LMAO.

    • how old are you? Have you thought of making a career of energy healing? you seem like a powerful healer. I think you could help a lot of people.

  5. Well, based on that list I certainly would be considered a healer, but I never have thought of myself as one. Probably because I think of a healer in relation to medical (yuck!) or having to relate to the body, whereas I am comfortable in the realm of the mind. Food for thought, for sure 🙂

  6. Who me? I am 37, but no not making a career out of it, I do it only to help, no gain really If someone needs my help I give it freely and with love, prayer and support, but the knowledge that they are feeling better is all I need to smile.

  7. This article paints a somewhat ‘rosy’ view, of the integration of spiritual healing here in the UK!. While I cannot claim a specific knowledge of the number of cases where spiritual healing is used in an NHS setting, I think it is still very obvious, that the present medical paradigm, in western countries especially, is one characterized by a materialist viewpoint of human health – in the context of a scientific materialist set of beliefs and assumptions.

  8. You have helped answer another question I had – why strangers talk to me! People I don’t know always talk to me. I notice it alot in grocery stores and the bank teller. The cashier could ring up 3 people before me and not say a word but hello or thank you – I get up there and they are holding conversations with me and smiling like I knew them forever. So weird. Thank you for the “aha” moment! You made me smile!

  9. hi, I will just copy paste my story from a web site I recently joined so that the story will be told similarly … please …. please confirm to me if I am a healer or not … thanks and god bless

    Some people over the net argue regarding the White Light Experience as if really experienced or visualized.

    There is a big difference between a WHITE LIGHT VISUALIZATION and an AUTHENTIC WHITE LIGHT EXPERIENCE.

    The real AUTHENTIC WHITE LIGHT EXPERIENCE can be described simply as how the MATRIX II Reloaded has showed it when Keannu Reeves was about to talk to the architect

    I would understand all of you, if you will not believe me. I can’t even believe it myself.

    The AUTHENTIC WHITE LIGHT EXPERIENCE, happened just lately to me. It was when my baby girl got so sick and at that time she was at a province and I was very far far away from her

    Though I am one way or another inclined with metaphysics, but never I knew anything about psychic healing. But out of desperation, I have to learn it as fast as I could that night

    So using the internet, I gather information, though incomplete, I have no choice but to use it because my intent is pure and good, and it’s my baby i’m talking about so I have to do it

    So as I was going to the steps of a psychic healing, first, was relaxation, breathing and then the second one was asking permission to God or to whomever you believe depending on your religion, in a span of ten to twenty seconds of my session as I was asking for permission to be used as a channel of healing. Then it happened. The white light I am talking above. Suddenly happened, ALL WHITE no details no whatever, I would just describe it like when Keannu was about to meet the architect in the Matrix Part II

    I don’t know what happened (because even the psychic healing information I’ve researched that time did not even mentioned anything about it

    It was an uncharted territory, but I felt no FEAR, only happiness, amazement and astonishment. Pure happiness

    The next thing I knew when I woke up that morning, I KNEW I WAS NOT DREAMING, in fact I was not even able to psychic heal my baby daughter, because I knew something happened I am not aware of.

    And then I went back on the net that morning to finish the research, and it came to me that what I experienced was something of a PSYCHIC TRANCE – wherein a psychic can talk to god, or even angles, do astral body or perhaps get his healing power. Something like that

    After knowing that, I am definitely sure that I am not dreaming.

    So I perceived it as a message, it was a message after all since it happened when I was asking directly a permission from God to be a healing channel

    Upon further clarification, experts say that what I experience was something I need to experience that night, it may happen or may not happen again, because what we experience vary, and experiences like that happen because that is what we need to be experience that time

    So with all confidence and knowledge, the next night, I AM NOW ABOUT TO COMPLETE MY PSYCHIC DISTANT HEALING FOR MY BABY DAUGHTER. And yes I did not experience it again so I was able to complete the steps of the healing. BUT THE NEXT MORNING. My DAUGHTER HAS BEEN HEALED first thing in the morning.

    And I tested night after night, psychic healing distant persons and results were quite amazing. People suddenly felt forgiving, and happy. Peaceful but most of all, forgiving. And when I ask the, all they can say is that. THEY DON’T KNOW HOW or WHAT THEY FEEL or HOW IT HAPPENED. The only thing they knew was it’s like a THORN was taken out of their heart (this response was very common from my subjects)

    So you are right when we say that we should be very careful when we say white light experience, because believe me, others perceived my experience like that of JOHN TRAVOLTA’s phenomenon movie. But it wasn’t

    It was like that of the matrix. And I forgot to state that after the night I experience that MATRIX WHITE LIGHT style. I was full of energy the next day. As in very very very happy and very very very full of energy

    Above all, that’s how I view things and that’s how I can explain it.

    If there’s anything I can’t explain further. All I can say is I really don’t know.

  10. Hi, I am not sure about so much…
    I have always felt a strong spirtual connection growing up. When I was five, I always saw a black panther in the night. Just watching me… My parents could not see it. But my older sister also saw it once. I didn’t even know it was a panther. I thought it was a huge cat. Which scared me. I also am part Native American(very little), but I would see 3 Indian men at night time- just standing around me when I would sleep. Not doing anything. Just standing… Protecting me, I guess.
    I have always felt energies of people and been the go-to person for advice and help. It’s extremely hard for me to make “real” friends I suppose. I can’t connect to people my age…. very rarely anyways. Usually, I befriend the wounded souls you could say. I am drawn to them, but I find myself so emotionally drained with their friendship because I am only giving. I was going to get into social work- but the emotional stress was too much too handle, I still wanted to help people in some ways, so I became an esthetitcian. My first client I performed a facial on was from a battered woman clinic(she still had bruises)…. During the facial, we both started bawling our eyes out from the intensity of my intention to really heal and make this woman feel real and whole again. It was by far the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. I tell people the story, and no one understands why it was so emotional for me. But to be honest, I felt this womans soul healing… it was all in my intention. I don’t know. The feeling I get when I perform a facial is so rewarding and light. I wish I could explain it better, but I just love the connection I get. I only wish to find other people who honestly get who I am inside and out. It’s hard because my boyfriend is WONDERFUL- but he doesn’t believe in anything spirtual at all. Logic rules him- so I feel very lost and almost crazy like am I just overly sensitive? It’s hard for me to be in cars and crowds, I get extremely anxious and nervous. I’ll try to have a casual drink- and no matter how much I drink- I physically feel sober…I don’t know why that is. There’s so much more, but i’ve written a lot- Sorry. Please, anyone- let me know if you can help me with these emotions…

    • Hi Whitney!
      I know that it’s been a while since this was posted, but I hope and pray this reaches you. First let me start by saying that you are not crazy…just uninformed :*) I believe that God placed each one of us here for a divine purpose. That everything collectively works together for our good…the good, the bad and the ugly in life. Ive always been sensitive to my surroundings (nature and the people around me) Ive always been that shoulder to cry on for everybody!! Never had a friend that didnt have a number of Ive always been able to discern a good hearted soul from an evil one. Spirits are proned to gravitate toward me the good and the bad. I went into a bar one. night..and this man came up to me from outta the blue and said “what are u doing here? You know you dont belong here..” and I was freaked out, but I knew he was right..I was trespassing. When I place my hands on people they always say I have healers hands. People are immediately comfortable around me..strangers say they dont know why they can just easiely fall asleep in my home…but they always feel peace. I was working in a goodwill store and this Perfect stranger comes up to me and tells me she’s dying of cancer..and instead of me laying my hands on her immediately and praying for her healing..I just told her how sorry I was to hear it, but my heart broke for her! People stare at me all the time..some will even double take, and theyll say you have such a glow!! I guess Ill end this for now I hope to hear back from you soon!!

  11. I have to say this is THE best website I have found in MONTHS of extensive researching! Everything you described fits me to a “T” its is truly an amazing thing. I am currently working with a Reiki Master to develop my abilities to their full potential. She has been amazing and supportive throughout our whole journey together. We re currently working on an ability in which I had just passed off as that “something else” and I have to say I was floored to find out that not only was I Intuitive and Empathic but I was and am currently able to Channel. I commend you on this amazing site and what your doing to help educate people. Makes our lives SO much better and we are able to go on “normally” after being taught that we are NOT alone and nothing is wrong with us. <3 & Light to you!! ~Heidi~

  12. I have been called a healer by many people, and I guess I feel I am. I have never been tested for it though . The odd thing is , people don’t instantly dislike me. I have people gravitate toward me, and they act like they have know me for years. Animals also gravitate toward me. sometimes to the point of smothering me. I feel bad for feeling that way. If you could help me, I would appreciate it . Where can you be tested, to see if I have developed these gifts?

    • Hi Jeanine,
      You don’t need any outside tests. You just need to get busy taking action and living your life purpose. It is about your own acceptance of your life purpose and using that to help others. That is your test. Are you willing to step up and live your life purpose?

  13. All those are mine. I can sometimes guess what people are going to say and I always know how people feel and what their needs are. Lights and all that flicker constantly. I don’t think my gift has to do with spirits. I can sense someone around me… but I don’t know if that is my sister or my spiritual guide or both… I don’t know. I feel like it has grown since I have become a mother. It scares me though. I don’t know if I have irrational thoughts and sometimes I question the intuitive ability when it comes to my own life… like is this going to happen. I think my anxiety gets the best of me when I try feel my life. Right now I am happy. I am whole heartily satisfied with life. I mean life is stressful, but life is meant to be lived… it may be hard and difficult… but that is life at time. I feel that in the end the struggles just makes your life that much more beautiful. Like I have a man in my l life, finally, that loves me for exactly who I am and I don’t have to worry about him getting up and leaving. Like my father or step fathers have… or any man in my life really. I guess that is where the anxiety comes in. I want us to grow old together. I don’t want him to go any where. You know what I mean? I wish I knew what was real and what wasn’t. I wish I knew how to focus my gift… I wish I KNEW!! Maybe I wouldn’t have such anxiety. I wish I could find someone to help me. I can’t afford the classes or the hourly rate of most people… I can barely afford diapers right now. I feel like my life would less stressful if I knew what was going on sometimes in my head and heart.

  14. I feel as if my husband is a strong healer. I have looked up many things that go hand in hand with the things he tells me but he says he can’t fully believe. He has a condition called hyperhydrosis. This makes his hands sweat. Not all the time but sometimes they are dripping. Only 4% of the population has this. The funny thing is my best friend from childhood had the same condition. It is genetic and will most likely be past to our kids as well.
    My husband can feel the ball of energy and contract and expand it between his hands. He even sees the color. I was so astonished when he told me this. His reply was that he thought everyone could feel this. He also has astal projected him self before. Again he thought everyone could do this. He tells me he knows how I am going to feel for th day before I even awake. He does not brag about any of this. He thinks its all normal.
    Ghosts also approach him at night sometimes. His mother and sister also have had experiences. He never mentioned any of it until we had an encounter together. That scared the crap out of me but he was so calm.we were in bed and both heard a voice next to my husband head. It murmured something while we were watching tv.i though it was some outside noise and tried to ignore it.than a sec later the sound got closer to my husband and I and loudly murmured the same thing. We were the only 2 people in the house. We both heard the same thing.
    After all this is still cannot convince him that he has a stronger energy then most people and he should learn to control it. It’s hard for him to believe because befor we met he was raised in a small town where most people were farmers. They don’t really talk about that stuff in small towns.

  15. Hi I have read a lot about what a spiritual healer is like, and so far I seem like one. I’ve always wanted to help people, even if it’s just making a stranger smile. Unfortunately life happened and I’m really scarred now. I don’t know how to heal myself or where to start and I was raised Christian Baptist so I’m really lost and confused and..stuck. I didn’t realize there were others like me thanks. Hopefully I can overcome my hurt.

  16. Animals and kids gravitate to me and people like me but bad people don’t. I can sense the room. I don’t like people or to be touched. I have influence over people but don’t use it for negative. I believe in karma and sometimes have a sense of things. I also feel the pain of earth from time to time sound crazy if your real are there others? I think i am an Empath if that makes sense.

  17. These traits can’t describe me better!

    Throughout my childhood and until now, I have been the “psychiatrist” of everyone I see, even strangers. People would approach me and in a few minutes will start telling me their problems and aski for advice. By the age of 8, I have known all of my friend’s family and personal issues, and have given them the advice they needed and helped calm them down.

    Animals, kids, elderly people, and even insects gravitate towards me as if I had a magnet that attracts them.

    I dream about a lot of incidents before they happen, and can tell if someone I know is in trouble even if they’re far away..

    I can’t count the number if times where I caused a light bulb to burn out or a light to flicker, I can even cause my devices to freeze if I didn’t pull away one of my fingers if I felt my energy go high.

    I have charged my phone and Ipod a several times by using my iown hands as a transmitter of energy from a device to another (no I’m not lying).

    I can sense people’s energies and analyze their personalities even from just seeing their pictures or hearing their voices.

    As a kid, I have always felt that I have experienced life before and remembered being an adult and having babies, I even remembered being dead.

    Through my childhood, my mother has always asked me to touch her back and feet as she told me that I can feel where the pain is and she always felt better after I touch it. I did actually see tiny sparks around the area that I could pull them out of her body and throw them away in the air.

    The bas thing is, after I listen to people’s problem and give them advice, or after healing using my hand, I feel drained and exhausted and this can take up to a week. In addition, extreme meditiation and focusing in my prayers can give me a tremendous amount kf energy where I could stay up for a day or two.

    I have never had any training session, nor did I meet any healers or masters that can help me develop these traits. I will appreciate an advice on how to go further with this energy thing.

  18. This is all spot on as time goes by I get stronger, usually when I have a lot of energy flowing thru me or I am so mad I can make lights flicker but last night my energy was strong enough to blow a lightbulb I am very open to this side of me.

  19. I am so happy I found your site at such a time of full emotion I can not begin to even describe.

    No matter where I go people always do gravity towards me I don’t care where I am or what I am doing and start talking to me.

    People always feel so comfortable around me and tell me it’s like they have known me their whole life and we just met.

    Lots of people have told me they feel I am an Angel sent to them.

    Lots of people have told me they see light or an aura around me.

    I have touched people that are in pain and they have told me mysteriously I made the pain go away.

    All kinds of animals domesticated and wild seem drawn to me.

    The wild animals kinda started me when I was younger. Especially deer and birds.

    Also… ok this may sound really weird or crazy, but even bugs. Yes bugs. Catapillers, butterflies, ants, spiders, bees & flies I can understand, but the rest???

    I have pictures of bugs in my closed sealed vehicle and bugs are on it everywhere are…. inside. I don’t know how.

    Children and babies are drawn to me with big smiles. If they are crying or upset somehow my presence comforts them.

    If I am down or seem the slightest upset even with the biggest smile. People… well… they get very angry or enraged or very depressed even suicidal 🙁

    Also if I am very emotional lights flicker, blow out, or actually explode. Which no matter how old or new electric was I always blew it off as faultyor aged wiring, old bulbs, cheap bulbs etc.

    When getting into a new relationship my love is… well fierce and usually can’t kiss the person, because I shock them… Yes I have had to give high fives before kissing to try to get rid of some of the shock.

  20. Pretty much all the things apply …
    Apart from the energy thing with Electric though my car head light pop a lot on all cars I’ve had and my phone plays up I get static a lot.
    Something I noticed about 3 yrs ago … Animals in the zoo or in pens always make a bee line for me… I’ve had Zebra’s noses pressed up against glass to get to me … Animals from pigs goats donkeys follow me along pens … Sea life centre fish swim to the glass seals especially … Even reptiles groom snakes to lizards press the glass and Alligators and crocs unnervingly move closer and all appear to stare at me it’s become embarrassing …. Cats go all silly and dogs get over happy yet people until they talk to me seem like they don’t like me … I feel and take on other people’s emotions …???

  21. This evening the kitchen light I turned on, which usually has no problems, started flickering, no matter how many times I cut it on or off it would keep flickering, until finely it stopped.

    I want to say its Guardian spirit trying to contact me.

    I’ve been studying and working on becoming a Light Worker and staying positive for the last 10 months. Communicating with the Universe and goddess Divine and my Higher Self.

    Months ago I did have a child randomly walk away from her mother and towards me, while we crossed paths.

    I have been joyful even during my darkest of days. I hope to become a healer not for just myself, but others as well.

    But when I do, what then?

  22. I have had healing hands since I was very young. My hands are always cold unless I am comforting someone and then they heat up all on their own. I was taught the laying of hands due to religiousness through out our family. However I myself fall under so many different religions because I associate with different aspects of them all. I just want to help people help themselves and if it is just by comforting them by listening or praying for them then so be it. I have a question though, what does it mean when you look at the computer and both the time and date are exactly the same? I looked at it a few minutes ago and it was exactly 3:28pm and it is 3/28/17. I am in the middle of some major life choices and I was seeking guidance on what I am facing if you could help me decipher what this means I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you 🙂

  23. Hi, pretty strange things have happened to me of late. Firstly, there is an owl and that’s comes outside my kitchen window pretty often and the owl hoots, I think the owl is warning me of some sort, the lights flicker around me constantly and bad people tend to dislike me and they go out of their way to harm me and my loved ones. Sometimes I dream very clear, I pray a lot and God keeps his promises to me but I have met some horrible people of late and I always seem to be in a spiritual battle of some sort. I fell asleep once after a particularly trying day and my spirit appeared to be lifting slightly out of my body, and there were vibrations in my body. I am accepting, prayerful and confused at the same time.

  24. Every single listed item!! And even more. Most irritating is not being able to have/keep light!!! Another 5 bulbs went out just yesterday and today.

  25. Thanks for your wonderful insights. I match the healing list completely. I really cannot heal anyone else, because of your next insight. “natural healers have had their own sets of harsher than normal challenges in their life and need to take the time and effort to heal themselves…” I am at this junction on my life journey. I believe your next suggestion is where to start “healing your thoughts and emotions”. Great inspiring advice and article. Peace and Blessing to you from God!!


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