Angel Stories – Assistance from the Beyond

Over the years I have read many wonderful angel stories. This page is dedicated to those almost unexplainable things in our lives that there is no other way to explain except that there was help from the Divine to get us out of a situation or help us to see a situation more clearly.

Have you ever felt the presence of angels and knew they assisted you in some way?

The White Tunnel

I will start this off with one of my own angel stories. Also, I would love it if you would share yours as well. Just leave a comment below.

About 5 years ago we had an incredible snowstorm that started in mid-afternoon. My work closed down early and I still had to pick up my son at daycare before the 15 mile drive ahead of me. I started off and could barely make the turn onto the street to pick up my son, as I have a smaller low to the ground car and no 4-wheel drive. Somehow I managed to get back on to the main road and headed toward home. I thought the visibility would improve once I got to the highway, but the weather turned worse. This was some of the worst white-out conditions I have ever encountered.

White Out

Here I was driving with my son in the backseat and it was a complete white-out in front of me and 15 miles to get home. Crawling along at 20-30 miles per hour with no visibility made for an extremely tense drive. It was difficult to make out where the side of the road was or where the ditch was. I just kept pointing the car in the direction I thought was correct and hoped I didn’t drive into the ditch or field or hit another car.

I was slowly making progress when the white-out conditions became so bad that I began to feel like the car was floating. It felt as though I was going through this eerie white tunnel, as there was absolutely no visibility anywhere just completely bright white. I could not hear a sound from the storm or from the engine. There was nothing but absolute silence. At one point, I really thought we had an accident, died and our souls were traveling through this white tunnel. I drove in this for about 10-15 minutes.

Asking For Protection

During that time I repeatedly asked for the Angels protection, and specifically Archangel Michael to get me home safely. All I kept thinking about during that drive was seeing my driveway and turning in. I had to make a left turn at one point and then ended up navigating around three other cars that were at various angles in the ditches.

The house and driveway were getting close. Then, I attempted to gauge the driveway entrance, turned in and promptly got stuck in my driveway. It took me a few hours to calm down after that harrowing experience. I know the Angels were on my side that afternoon. Without their assistance, I know I never would have made it home safely.

Share Your Angel Stories

So, if you would like to share one of your angel stories, I invite you to leave a comment below. I love reading the stories of others!

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25 thoughts on “Angel Stories – Assistance from the Beyond”

  1. Well mine wasn’t during a storm but it was in the winter, it was also deceptive.

    It was sunny (it was about 4-5 pm), looked inviting, me and a friend were driving down a main route coming home. Now see this is where the deceptive part is even though the sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day and the roads LOOK clear, that pesky little black ice is still present.

    We were in my little Pontiac (stick shift) traveling along with traffic, then it was like the traffic disappeared creepy but we didn’t mind, my friend commented on how beautiful the snow looked in the fields, I commented how beautiful it looked off the road and we both laughed, but it wasn’t more then an instant we weren’t laughing.

    Black ice, sounds easy to id, thing is its clear and its slippery and dangerous when the sun is out it just looks like normal wet pavement. The car hit a large patch of it, that didn’t just send us skidding but flying as well. We were headed north bound, we skidded over to the left (west) side.

    Then flew through the air over this big ditch my friend and I screamed “heaven help us”, and suddenly we landed on all four tires, not soft, but not hard more like if you lightly hit the breaks a bit to hard, in someones yard.

    Now most times your gonna land the way you were headed. Not us, we flew and the car got turned around in air just like someone turned the direction the car was heading around. We landed facing front end toward the road (east), and where and how we landed looked like it would if you put a car out there for sale.

    Directly after we came to a stop this voice came over the radio, “Thank you for flying the friendly skies” (I kid you not) my friend and I neither harmed she had bumped her head but she is 5’9 in a little pontiac lol. looked around, at each other and just started laughing.

    About that time the sheriff’s car was passing the yard we just landed in through we really didn’t want the drama, so we ducked down in the car, he didn’t even slow or stop, like the car was just there from fall.

    We both got out trekked our way to the house and thinking now were gonna needs some more help. We explained what happened, a father with two kids was cooking dinner waiting for his wife to come home from work. He asked if we were okay, we were then let us use the phone to call my father and brother, to come get us.

    We asked if he wanted the cops called and he said no, no. That it would upset his wife, and if we could hurry and get the car out he would appreciate it, apparently his wife loves their lawn lol. So when my brother and father arrived we had another problem, big ditch.

    They figured well were either gonna get it out by the luck of god or when were done the car will see the junk yard. They hooked a chain on it, and pulled a couple times, not good, then my father looked up in frustration and said “common a little help down here please? thank you.” They tried it again and the car came right out, as if someone put something down to cover the ditch. I didn’t question it that day I was still rattled a bit.

    But we all knew. First there was traffic and just before we skidded it was like it disappeared, the way and how we landed uninjured, the voice on the radio with that saying, the cop (whom the guy didn’t want there), and then fineally the way the car came out, and get this there was traffic before they got there, but NO traffic when they were pulling the car out.

    This road we were on, is highly traveled main road, barely a time if ever that you don’t have traffic. I can tell you one more thing, the next day my brother and I drove back out there, the home was there but it was empty according to the neighbors no one lived there, and the yard didn’t look like a car was even in it.

    I mentioned I heard there was an accident to the neighbor, he said he didn’t hear anything, and he hears everything that goes on, he watches the place for the owner (who rents it out) my brother pointed out the mail box across the road it read R & G. Michaels. I asked him what it stood for he said oh that was Ralph and Gabe. Thinking about it, it makes perfect sense Rapheal, Gabriel and Michael… I sent up a silent thanks to them and the father.

    • Hi Justin,

      Archangel Michael has come to the rescue for me on more than one occasion. I am grateful for his assistance.

  2. Awesome stories! I can’t say I have one so specific as that, but between the ages of two and three I tried very hard to get killed. I choked on chicken bones, tried to drown in a lake, cracked my head open, nearly died in a sledding accident, and so on and so forth. All in one year. If I were a cat, I’d be down to one life by now.

    But every time, something came along to save me at the last minute. So I can only assume that the angels were doing overtime for me that year! 🙂

    • Hi Anna,

      Yes, I have managed to get myself in some precarious situations in my youth and I agree that the only way I got out of some of them was with the help of an Angel. And yes, they were putting in some extra hours!

  3. For 10 years ago i meet a girl i town, we danced, and i following her home. She asked me to come up to her to call a cap. I said no i can walk. Then she asked me to lent a warm thing because i just wear a shirt and i was cold. No again, because i wasnent freesing. Said godnight and go.

    Then i think,,what a idiot i was, and the days and mounth after i thinked often off her, and sometimes drive to her house to see if i would be lucky to see her. But i did not.

    I half year later i had a summer job i Sweden, An one week before i shoud go back to Denmark, i had a dream where i know i was dreaming. Just like i was there.

    In the dream i remember a dream i had in my junger days where i could fly, so i tried it, and i could :-), But something told me that this was a important dream, so i had to land again.

    Then a big house came up in front of me, and i open the door. There was a long hall with doors on bouch side, and in the rooms there was people doing there lifes in every way. I past the rooms, and in the end of the house there was a door opening, and a blond lady with a golden flash around her.

    Then i heard a vouice in my mind, where have you been? Then an answer, from me or her, “just here”.
    We holding hands and go outside.

    The outside was a landscap like fields and there was animals changing all the time.

    Then i heard a voice again, ill see you again soon.

    The dream ended, and i rember everything so clear.

    One week after i was out having some drinks, and i was sitting next to 2 girl drinking a beer. Didnt talk to them, and then i just get out to another bar, and get one beer there, then out again, then i was seeing the 2 girls from before.

    The one of them said come in and dance with me. No i said i will go. No she sais i give a drink. Then ,,okay one drink.

    I turned out she was the girl that i have followed home a half year ago, and we then get a pair, for 3 and a half year. 🙂

    Sorry for my English 🙂

  4. For a phenominal real time, real life, real account of on-going angel assitance in solving a 46 year old set of murders… see this site and check out the blog. It is because of you and two other mediums that I have had the honor to do what I do! Thank you…

    • Hi T.A.,

      Wow, that is awesome that you are using the assistance of your angels to solve cold cases. What an interesting website! Your book needs to be on my reading list.

  5. I do believe that every one of us have a guardian angel that sent by God to protect us in times of our needs, I found that when I am in big trouble driving my motor cycle on the way home. It is about late at night as passing in the main road going home, there’s a big truck who’s ready to hit me face to face, but suddenly the big truck change his direction turning away from me, but I’m still in the middle of the road i was shock at that moment I can’t explain there’s sudden silent in me, because of what happen. I thought I can’t return home a live. But praise God for His protection until now .. still amazed in what happen to me sometimes ago.

    • Hi Elpidio,

      Thank you for sharing your story! To me that sounds like it was not your time and that you have much more work to do here on this Earth. It is amazing how swift an Angelic intervention can be.

      • Idk how you feel about motorcylces. Just be careful please especially in the rain. Please don’t ride in the rain.

  6. My family had a habit of adopting little old ladies who needed help when I was a child. One of them was a woman named Rhea Fisher.

    One night Rhea wasn’t feeling well and we knew she would need to go to the hospital soon. She asked If I could stay with her but I couldn’t even though I wanted to. So I prayed that Heavenly Father would send angels to be with her till we could come back to get her to the hospital the next morning.

    When we came to get her that morning to take her she thanked my mother for letting me stay the night. She said she was in pain and crying and praying and that I came and comforted her even sang to her. So now I know that there is an angel that looks like or can look like me. I asked God to thank her then and I still do thank her for her help when ever I think about it. Thank you again angel that looks like me!!!!!!!!!! ——/—-@
    give my love to my grammy Rhea Fisher.

  7. In 1982 I was in the back seat of a car that was hit head on by an 18-wheeler. The truck had slowed, thankfully, as he was exiting an interstate. The driver softly cursed, I looked up and could only see the front grid of the 18-wheeler in the windshield.

    I was knocked to the floor (no seat belt, sorry to say), the roof caved in. I remember experiencing the most profound sense of peace, and at that moment, I knew I was in heaven. No sound, no feeling, just complete darkness and an incredible sense of peace. Another passenger dragged us out of the car and sat us down in the median.

    It was 3 AM and out of nowhere a poor looking woman appeared; we did not see her walk up. She just appeared and hugged our shoulders and verbally told us that all would be all right. And then she left. But where did she go? It was a flat desolate piece of land we were on and she could not be seen anywhere. Of course, we know what she was. She was an angel.

  8. I’ve also had experiences with Michael. My most vivid memory of him was when I was very sick, and had a fever. I went to sleep. I saw him hoovering over me in my room and he took me out of my body, and it seemed that I was only a pair of eyes then. I didn’t have a body. He was in front of me, we were climbing white stair-like incline.

    I could see something very shiny ahead of him, it was extremely bright. I felt fear, but peace as well. Michael knelt at the bright light. He was wearing a blue warrior type outfit. Over one shoulder he wore a gold banner like thing.

    Anyway, he knelt before the light. It dimmed very slowly. Michael bowed his head as the light was going away. He had a sword with him, and took it by the handle and put the sharp end into the top ‘step’. As the light dimmed, I saw a gold colored gate. It was so very clean looking. It had vertical gold bars and it only opened one certain way.

    I could see that because well it just wasn’t a double doored gate. I saw another angel, but he didn’t have any wings. He stood to the right side of the gate. Looked like he had a music tray thingy, like when you play the piano, the thing that held the sheet music. He had a HUGE book sitting on it. The book sorta glowed.

    It seemed that the more curious I got about trying to see the details clearly, the further away I drifted from the gate. I told Michael that I wanted to stay there because it felt so comforting. He told me in my mind that I had unclean flesh and flesh wasn’t allowed past the gate. Through the small mental conversation we had, I kept drifting further away from the whole place.

    Michael also mentioned that God’s plan for me to gain more understanding and wisdom was not complete yet, and that I had much more to learn (to educate and strengthen my spirit and mind) before I could go back and stay. That’s all I remember. When I woke up I was in my body again, not just roaming the heavens as a pair of eyes.

    Ever since that dream, I’ve seen Michael at my bedside several times. Last I seen him was in 2009, the day my dog passed away. My guess is that he was probably keeping my dog alive long enough for me to say my goodbyes to him. (Dog had 2 bad hernias and his colon has already died… and I was there with my dog when they gave him a shot to not feel any pain, then the fatal needle. I felt him slip away and I could tell my dog left his shell of a body and that he wasn’t there anymore.

    I said to myself “this is just trash now, doodle was not in there anymore”. I had him cremated, and he’s sitting on my desk now. Anyway, angels are totally dedicated to their jobs, and I’m just glad I got to say bye to doodle. I miss doodle like crazy. But I know he’s with God now, not in that painful body anymore.)

    • Hi Alex,

      It is great to meet you! Thank you so much for sharing what you have experienced. You have a great recollection of your dreams.

  9. I had been at the county fair. My mother had passed away about a month ago. I was having a tough time. That night I was awakened by a touch on the arm. After being frightened, I realized it was my Mom saying she was ok. It was the same exact touch I wanted to give her before closing the casket. Then the following morning I saw a white light that faded in and out and had a yellow aura around it. It was very peaceful and calming and made me smile.

  10. I’m 53 now but I remember a incident from when I was very young, maybe 4 or 5. I was in bed, alone in my bedroom and I think I had just been watching a crime program or film where people where killed by guns I remember believing it was real and being told by my parents that it was all pretending. I began to get, for the first time, what death was. It frightened me deeply. My feeling became a panic. It was so profound, so affecting right to my core. My heart was very loud in my ears and I got into a terrible state. Suddenly, for no apparent reason I calmed. I was very immature, and I latterly decided it could not have come from me. I did not see or hear anything. The only explanation I could come up with was that my anxiety was so strong, I was about to die – and it was not my time. A guardian angel? I don’t know, and no other similar experience has ever occurred to me. I would really appreciate hearing from anybody else regarding this experience, and from anyone who has had a similar one.

    • Hi Alan,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you!

      From what you wrote, it does sound like a Guardian Angel stepped in and offered you assistance at that time. It is not something that happens very often. I have experienced it as well, but only two different times. It is a very calming and comforting feeling. You may also have been experiencing something unresolved from a past life that came to the surface at that moment that gave you that anxiety. I really appreciate you sharing your story.

  11. On a clear sunny afternoon I was in my car alone, waiting at an intersection for the light to turn green. I was the first in line at the light. I started to hear a “pattering” sound that became increasingly louder. My light turned green but the sound was so loud in my ear and my inner voice said, something is wrong, brake! I actually said out loud, something is wrong and as I rolled into the intersection, I saw cars stopped and could not see anything out of the ordinary but I hit my brakes. That’s when a car sped through its red light at about 50mph (speed limit was 45 but people always exceed the limit), never slowing down. In hindsight, the sound I was hearing was that of the cars tires approaching the intersection from a distance. Had I not stopped, that red car would have plowed into me on the driver’s side or the car behind me. Needless to say, the cars behind me did not honk when I stopped during our green light. I looked over at the driver of one car that was appropriately stopped at the red light and he shook his head in disbelief. No one saw it coming but everyone saw it happen – the red car that ran the red light. This was the second instance of my hearing noises that saved my life. This second experience made me realize that I am clairaudient/sentient. All of this happened in a matter of seconds and it was one of the few times in my life that I just trusted my intuition or forced to, and did something seemingly strange – stopping at a green light.


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