Archangel Michael – Let Him Help You Heal

Archangel Michael is known as a healing angel. Learn how to connect with this archangel and how he can help you in your daily life. Michael can also assist with spiritual protection, removing fears, and negative thinking. You might also want to read this post on Archangel Raphael.

One of the best known and most powerful angels is Archangel Michael. He is available to anyone that calls upon his services. You do not need to be of a certain religion or faith, as his healing is there for all that ask.

Whether or not you believe in God or the Divine, the angels can hear you and are waiting to help you once you ask. He wants you to call him. There is no worry about waiting for his services, as an archangel can be multiple places at once across the globe. You can ask for his assistance as often as needed.

Spiritual Healing

There may be times of dramatic change in your life that seem tough to endure. Perhaps a breakup or death of a loved one seems impossible to get past. If you need strength and courage to get through some of the less pleasant times in your life, call upon him and you will feel an almost immediate sense of relief. He can also help heal friends and loved ones if you request on their behalf. You can also ask for guidance to help you find meaning or purpose to you life in general or specifics of a career.

Remove Fears and Negative Thinking

Archangel Michael can be called upon to help remove fears and negative thinking and it will usually happen in a matter of minutes. There is a powerful and calming presence with Michael that has that will envelope you with love and comfort. The sword he carries can slice through negative thoughts and worries and fill the gaps with a warm white light.

How to Call Archangel Michael

To call upon Archangel Michael, lightly close your eyes and then breathe deeply through your nose for a count of four, hold for a count of four, and exhale slowly through your mouth for a count of eight. Repeat this three times.

In your mind or out loud call “Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael. Please help me in my time of need. Please come to my side at this time.” (You may change these words to whatever you feel comfortable with.)

You will know he is with you by sparks of bright blue or purple showing up in your mind’s eye a minute or two after you have called upon him (at least that has been my experience). Others just feel a sense of warmth, or a slight pressure on the top of their head. Trust that he is with you.

Hold your thought, emotion or question in your mind. Then listen… quietly for the answer. The answer may come in the form of a fleeting thought, a warm sensation almost as if someone were giving you a hug, or a slight pressure on the top of your head.

If at first you don’t think you have made a connection, go ahead and try calling upon Michael’s services again. You cannot ask too often. Quieting your mind will allow his answers to come through to you.

I would love it if you would share your experiences with Archangel Michael below by leaving a comment!

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  1. thank you so much as my autistic child and I are facing people using familiar spirits and wizards on us always and I have an Ethiopian woman and her white boyfriend possibly using familiar spirits and wizards upon us all the time at all hours of day and night and are stalking us I just ask for Michael and it seems like he has heard me I feel like evil has left us alone for the time being

  2. I just had faith in positive vibes and positive energy, but tonight before the lovely experience I had with Archangel Michael I answered on the question do you trust in Angels, with I don’t know. I do know now. Thank u Archangel Michael.
    We first totally randomly opened a meditation for calling your Guardian Angel, he answered to me that his name is Michael and the next youtube video on autoplay was – Archangel Michael, He came like a VERY STRONG presence, and a very bright light, brightened the room, I felt him through me, but my friend felt him too, we saw the light, saw the candles moving, I could feel him very strongly, it was amazing, he positioned my face in his way I felt it and I felt him in my throat, It was a very bright light I think that he wanted to say something, I will do my best to communicate with him, I am so happy that I have Archangel Michael for my Guardian Angel!

  3. Hi

    I am really in a big trouble. I want my love the way he was. He loves me but he is not with me. We both want to get married but some how we are not able to get married because of my parents. Please help me. I am not able to live without my love.

  4. I enjoy reading about archangel micheal. I will try some of the techniques to reach aND feel micheal.I want to know how it feels to have him so close to me, can’t wait for this experience. Thank you

  5. i love archangel Michael one i had a dream that i seen a bright white light and i heard sinning and i seen 5 angels and on each side of the light i seen 2 gold walls

  6. Thank you for sharing a beautiful act to bring peace and protection into the believers and seekers of such awesome Creation – St Michael Archangel.



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