Archangel Michael – Let Him Help You Heal

Archangel Michael is known as a healing angel. Learn how to connect with this archangel and how he can help you in your daily life. Michael can also assist with spiritual protection, removing fears, and negative thinking. You might also want to read this post on Archangel Raphael.

One of the best known and most powerful angels is Archangel Michael. He is available to anyone that calls upon his services. You do not need to be of a certain religion or faith, as his healing is there for all that ask.

Whether or not you believe in God or the Divine, the angels can hear you and are waiting to help you once you ask. He wants you to call him. There is no worry about waiting for his services, as an archangel can be multiple places at once across the globe. You can ask for his assistance as often as needed.

Spiritual Healing

There may be times of dramatic change in your life that seem tough to endure. Perhaps a breakup or death of a loved one seems impossible to get past. If you need strength and courage to get through some of the less pleasant times in your life, call upon him and you will feel an almost immediate sense of relief. He can also help heal friends and loved ones if you request on their behalf. You can also ask for guidance to help you find meaning or purpose to you life in general or specifics of a career.

Remove Fears and Negative Thinking

Archangel Michael can be called upon to help remove fears and negative thinking and it will usually happen in a matter of minutes. There is a powerful and calming presence with Michael that has that will envelope you with love and comfort. The sword he carries can slice through negative thoughts and worries and fill the gaps with a warm white light.

How to Call Archangel Michael

To call upon Archangel Michael, lightly close your eyes and then breathe deeply through your nose for a count of four, hold for a count of four, and exhale slowly through your mouth for a count of eight. Repeat this three times.

In your mind or out loud call “Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael. Please help me in my time of need. Please come to my side at this time.” (You may change these words to whatever you feel comfortable with.)

You will know he is with you by sparks of bright blue or purple showing up in your mind’s eye a minute or two after you have called upon him (at least that has been my experience). Others just feel a sense of warmth, or a slight pressure on the top of their head. Trust that he is with you.

Hold your thought, emotion or question in your mind. Then listen… quietly for the answer. The answer may come in the form of a fleeting thought, a warm sensation almost as if someone were giving you a hug, or a slight pressure on the top of your head.

If at first you don’t think you have made a connection, go ahead and try calling upon Michael’s services again. You cannot ask too often. Quieting your mind will allow his answers to come through to you.

I would love it if you would share your experiences with Archangel Michael below by leaving a comment!

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38 thoughts on “Archangel Michael – Let Him Help You Heal”

  1. Archangel Michael has come through for me countless times. He is my personal angel, and the strength and courage his presence brings have very likely saved my life. Thanks for posting this, and I hope others experience being helped and protected by Archangel Michael as well. 🙂

    • Hi Miranoriel,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Nice to meet you. Yes, I find it amazing how quickly situations dissolve when calling upon Archangel Michael for assistance.

  2. i have always had a strong convicted belief in energies that can protect or and destroy ……………

    It was at work by back was ready to brake, I was about to quit, couldn’t handle the pain .. but desperately needed the job .. I was flaking really fast I knew I was going down all my body and energy was battered metally too…. …I called out to the Archangel Micheal not knowing hardly anything about him … just asked for help I desperately need help .. then out of the blue I found my self bursting with energy, the pain in my back had literally DISSAPEARED! … my whole physical and mental state had transformed by the time I had finished asking him for help …….I can tell you of a second instance also just last week when my leg went I was unable to move, so my job was at risk still …………. last four days I rested my leg, yesterday I was unable to carry home a bag of shopping woke up this morning and was unable to walk to my work ………….. I knew for all the pain I was in that no way in hell I was gona make it thru the day it was just absolutley impossible ……….. but guess what ………I begged Archangel Michael to help me ………..I mean i knew I would not make it because I could not physcally barely walk to work so how the hell was I gona stand the sheer heavey work load of the day …. well I got my answer as the day went on ……….. all the pain I had the last four days SUDDENLY IN A SPACE OF A FEW MINS DISSAPEARED!! ………..all the pain that caused me to take 3 days off the previous week suddenly dissapeared within mins of me having to do very hard physical work …………I can tell you that calling Archangel Michael TWICE when I desperately had nobody or nothing else that could have helped, I mean I had pain killers the lot but on the days I called for help I did not have any pain killers only one pain killer worked for me and that was HIM! …..I thank him in the evening and when I call him my whole body gets covered in pimples and then I feel my body almost aloft and a very complete presence of a very very real and powerful energy of which that same energy reminds me of a time in my teens that I desperately asked for God to let me in while I was holding a rosary and I will never forget how my body was also held in a very similar fashion but that time with electryfying energy that literally lifted me off the floor for a couplr of seconds and let go of me ……. the room was bright bright light ……… o more than 5 seconds ………………..I say to anyone out there reading this that if you open your heart up to Archangel Michael you will NOT BE ABANDONED I WOULD LAY ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY ON IT!!

    • Hi Charles,

      Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences! Archangel Michael has been there for me as well and has made a marked difference in my life.

  3. Dear Laura,

    I have just subscribed. You have rightly written that if one do not have any problem, he / she might not be reading this page!!

    I don’t know whether I should ask few questions and I would get the answers..some major are here:

    1. I wish to sell my flat at my native city, can i ask for michael’s help

    2. We are stuck up in one partnership issue that arose after a death of our partner.. can i get michael’s help to get out of this issue..

    3. one of our best friends is not returning big amount.. can michael help in this matter..

    Awaiting your reply and guidance..

    Thanks for your help,


    • Hi Vikram,

      You can request Archangel Michael’s assistance for any matter you have, at any time. But only you can take action. Listen to your inner thoughts and feelings. Ask him to assist in clearing the path and focus on your intended outcome.

  4. I tried asking for his and the other Archangels assistance, I meditated, I quieted my mind, to the point of blank if you will I called to them, asked for them, waited patiently and quietly and quiet is all it stayed.

    I waited incase there was a feeling, touch of the should, back, arm, brow, etc. Nothing, no colors. I called out to them for about an hour and nothing. I know I didn’t blank them out or block them. I was open. I get this alot

    Then there was another time way past that, I didn’t call I just asked a question out loud to myself if you will, and felt a touch type poke to my middle back, I thought someone was behind me, didn’t see anyone, went back to thinking and touch poke, (its not quite a poke just like a “hey”) I asked who was there, and I got nothing.

    Last night I was sitting quietly and I heard a car alarm going off, horns honking periodically, I figured this was a sign, to my thoughts noted the time and looked it up, I asked for further confirmation and nothing, I asked for further assistance and nothing, the only thing that happened is my heart rate sped up a bite, then slowed down, but thats it. Nothing else, not even after that. I thought that was my confirmation, so I asked another question, regarding that and nothing happened, this started at 10 pm, and I waited until 3 am (by waiting meditate, move around, meditate, move around, tv, radio, etc) and nothing.

    And then there are times I swear I am holding a full conversation in my head with someone for someone reason I named them Sam (samuel if a guy is a round, samantha if a women is around) otherwise if they don’t give me funny stares, or I am alone I just call the voice sam.

    Disclaimer: I am perfectly sane, for as sane as one can be, meaning I don’t hear voices due to mental illness.

    Some clues as to what is going on here with all this. I thought I was doing it wrong, but then I am reading and there really is no wrong way to ask for help.

    My other question is, if you call upon the guides/guardian angels of another to plead your case, if you have a question for them regarding another person, can they give you the answer, or is it a privacy issue, or give you around about type of answer.
    I asked to speak with they G&G angels of a friend of mine, and I pleaded my case in helping him and I, and I felt a light hopeful feeling, like letting me know they were there, listening, then when I went to ask them a question, it was gone.

    I didn’t know if there was a whole angel/human privacy act or something, or if they can give out general info, such as he is fine, but no further details….

    I have so many questions it’s like I am bursting sometimes. I tried asking them but more times then not all I get is silence. *sigh*.

    Those songs that play parts here and there in my head over and over again, when I think about something, or I walk by a radio and there is the song, turn on radio in car there is song. I am trying to piece together the lyrics of what phrase lyrics are repeating, it’s not easy cause I don’t understand it and when I ask for help, it’s all quiet, no feeling, etc.

    I sometimes hear a crows Caw caw, see a bird (hawks among others canadian geese, regular), butterflies, flies lol, and think it means something.
    My cat slapped me for saying something that she didn’t agree with. I ask a question to myself (outloud) and she will sit there for a few moments and then meow, and then its the yes/no hand game with questions. Well I mentioned giving up (trying/praying/asking for help on a relationship) and she slapped my leg, shook her head no and meowed at me, then kind of humphed and walked over and layed down and acted like she was listening, came back over and 20 questions again lol, thing is when she and I do this I get my hopes up but what she has told me doesn’t seem to happen, so I don’t know if there is a delay, or what with the universe or what I call the animal kingdom.

    To say I need help/answers to all this stuff is an understatment.

  5. Just wanted to say that I tried automatic writing and Archangel Michael answered. I then looked up his name and found that it is common for him to come through this way. I am astounded. I always believed in Angels but this is amazing and more than a coincidence. Thanks.

  6. I’ve always read that Archangel Michael is known as “The Warrior” angel. And Archangel Raphael is known as “The Healer”.

  7. I recently discovered Archangel Michael. It was during my first meditation session. I found myself walking a path with forest on either side. There was a tunnel of light that I had walked into at the end of the path. I asked if I could enter past the wooden gate that was there and then entered into a small cozy room with 2 chairs and a small round table. Michael appeared with wings and very bright. he gave me a mug of what I thought might have been tea but when I drank it. It was thick like creamer and warm. I was told to stand up and he put a white soft furry coat lined with silk. I was then back on the path in the forest. when I came across my spirit animal. A beautiful whitish-gray with one green eye and one blue. it came up and rubbed against my hip (he was a big wolf). his coat was as soft as mine. it was an amazing experience.

  8. I called upon Archangel Michael, as my older brother was being threatening and I was scared. I called upon him and after seeing blue and purple light in my minds eye i said in my mind, “Michael, I’m scared. My brother is being threatening. I feel threatened.” Just then, I felt like someone was comforting me and i felt at ease. I went downstairs and after listening to a minute or so of that behaviour, something urged me to go outside. So thats what I did. I sat on the grass, and i felt someone sit next to me and wrap their arm around me. So i lay my head down on a shoulder, i could feel it but nothing was there. As i have a fear of butterflies, two came flying and i got up and ran while laughing, as if someone was trying to cheer me up. I felt like crying out of sadness but something told me that there was no need to. My brother said not to tell my councillor about what he was saying, but i decided that i still was going to tell what had happened, despite his empty threats. I feel like crying just remembering this experience, as I always doubted that Michael would help me.

  9. I was at work last month, I had just pulled into the parking lot and parked my car and turned off the engine and I really needed to just sit quietly for a minute or two because I had been going nonstop all day and then I had to go to work. A few things were making me stressed out and it can be scary sometimes because I am not in control of everything around me. I called out to Michael three times as I whispered to him and then I literally heard a spiritual message telepathically to me and it was his energy and voice and he said…”Don’t be afraid.” It was a warm calming voice, an angels voice and it made me feel good because he heard me. I’m sure he always hears me too.

  10. In December 2010, three years ago, I was overdosing on drugs while driving on the freeway. There were two voices in my head. One said: “Pull over and rest,” but the other said, “Keep going.” By some miracle, I decided to keep going, because I knew that I was dying. I was not so acutely aware of it that I threw in the towel – but I knew I had a fighting chance, so I kept going. I made it home just in time for me to collapse onto the couch where my dad and uncle called 911. If I had not had gotten to the hospital at the time I did, I would have died – it was maybe a matter of seconds. After that, I took an interest in the color cobalt blue. This was not a color I really knew about before. After doing some research yesterday and today, I realize that this is the color of Archangel Michael’s aura, and the voice in my head to tell me to keep going was very tough, masculine, and straight to the point. The other voice was Satan’s. His voice was very… casually seductive, indifferent with a hint of sarcasm, because to “rest” would mean to die, as he was nudging me casually to my death… so glad Jesus and the powers of angels were there for me, literally, at the hour of my death!

  11. Archangel Michael came to my rescue and helped me from being swindled by an unscrupulous motor mechanic. I had made an appointment for a service on my vehicle. When I arrived, the mechanic could not find my name on his books. He agreed to do a partial service on the car and rebooked me to a later date. My gut feelings were strong. They were telling me to just leave, go home and make another appointment elsewhere. This mechanic then tells me that he had not taken a crucial spanner from my vehicle (from a previous service) which is needed to remove the tyres. However, I could tell he was lying. I now faced the added difficulty of driving to the dealership to secure this spanner.

    I was in despair and felt tired and alone. I had a bad week and everything appeared to be going down the gurgler. Close to tears, I asked for help and for some reason Archangel Michael came to mind. I knew then that there was a reason that the mechanic couldn’t place my booking – I was not meant to have any dealings with this particular mechanic.

    I went home and did just as my gut feelings indicated though I am sure they were instructions from Archangel Michael. It was matter-of-fact and quiet, not insistent.

    True enough, I found a gentle, ethical mechanic who even offers to pick up and drop off his customers. I am grateful to Archangel Michael for this turn of events. Everything is for a reason and this is my testimony to the validity of angels and their presence in our lives.

  12. I followed your directions and tried asking Archangel Michael for help this evening. I did get a flicker of color and I did feel warm, it was quite fleeting but I did feel something.
    My question is I came across this amulet in Amazon that states it gives protection from Archangel Michael. below I have attached the link. Is there any truth to this?
    Thank you for your response.

    Sigil of the Archangel Michael Magical Amulet Black Onyx Magic Gemstone Circle Spiritual Powers Pendant Necklace by Best Amulets (Jewelry)

    • Hi Linda,
      Okay, I had to go and look up that pendant as I was confused by your statement that it gives protection from Archangel Michael. I see the pendant is there to help you invoke the energies of AA Michael. It really is up to you if you wish to purchase something like this. You do not ever need to purchase anything to invoke any Archangels – so just know that. You can just call them in through your thoughts. If you resonate to the piece and you really love it, by all means purchase it. But know you certainly don’t have to. Think of this as something similar to crystals and gemstones. Helpful in many cases, but not 100% necessary. So again, follow your gut and your feelings on this one and don’t just buy something because you think you have to. It sounds like you have had some success asking AA Michael for help. Just keep doing that more frequently and get comfortable with it.

  13. I first curiously read about the Archangels back in 2001, and I found that it is true, they are here to help us. Then something happened back in 2011 that changed things for awhile, and the only Archangel I could go to was Michael. I talked to him, bared my soul to him, opened up to him, told him everything that I possibly could, and through the past 3 plus years, I have found that this very powerful Angel is with me always. He either always has been, or has become my guide. I talk to him every day, as if he is an old friend. I have come to realize that any time O have ever had unanswered questions about any thing, if I speak to Michael about it, within days I find my answer. Or…I should say I am lead to an answer, as within days I always am given an answer, be in through a tv show, a book, anything. He also gives me signs he is with me.. just a few days ago after I asked for his help, he gave me a feather, and last month when I was frightened and asked for a sign that he was still there with me, within minutes I was shown the name “Michael”. I also always feel extremely warm when he is around. Kind of like hot flashes. I am proud and honored to have built such a strong bond with this wonderful Archangel. They are all extremely good, wonderful spirits. Michael has saved me from harm several times as well. I trust him implicitly.

  14. Hi Laura! I am grateful to have stumbled onto your blog!

    I have a question on whether AA Michael appeared to me in my mind’s eye. This happened after I had purchased a miniature statue of him in my room as a reminder of his help.

    I remember seeing him as an opaque physical figure without wings smiling at me lovingly. He also looked exactly like the statue in my room.
    If you would be able to help, that would be great!

  15. Hi Laura, I consider myself to be an intuitive person or like some might say spiritual 🙂
    I know of course about angels and archangels but I’ve never been into studying them seriously. Here’s the thing about 3 weeks ago I started seeing images or direct references to Archangel Michael pretty much everywhere! From my studies (herbology, natural medecine) to internet, Facebook, articles not related to angels at all….what does it mean?? I asked my pendulum if he had a message it says yes but can’t figure out what it is. I get this weird deep feeling he’d want me to do something but I don’t know what! I told myself countless times that it’s just a “coincidence” and I just happened to be noticing him but there he is again! My brother senses things, energy and yesterday he told me that something is going on but couldn’t tell what. If you have a minute could you or anyone tell me if they experienced anything like this before? I searched the net but usually people ask him for help not the other way around…anything at all would be appreciated! I humbly thank you 🙂

  16. I was laying in bed, and I had been thinking a lot about angels that day, now that I think of it. I thought I was an atheist, but many strange things have been happening. As I laid in bed suddenly my whole room was illuminated in crystal clear blue light, over my bed. I freaked out and ran out of my room and I have been looking things up ever since. Do you think this was archangel Michael?

    • Hi Nicole,

      Years ago I identified with being an atheist too. There have just been too many things that occurred for me to believe that any longer; particularly the birth of my son at 29-1/2 weeks. There are points in our lives that unexpected help comes to us through channels we may not have previously recognized. So, what you experienced could indeed have been Archangel Michael. He is usually represented by a blue light, either in specs or in full illumination. I would encourage you to welcome it even though you might initially have been frightened by it. You might be at a point in your life in which you are asked to think bigger than you have ever thought before. No worries, it is all good and a part of the process of us being incarnated here on Earth.

  17. In 2009 I was having a very down day at work….after going to the book store to read I came across Doreen Virtues Archangel Michael book.

    In It it mentioned that you only need to call for his help and he will be there, I thought to myself that it was all a fairytale, this with a catholic background too.

    Anyway after I left the book store I thought to myself what harm can it do to ask, so I asked ‘ archangel michael …please help me’..

    And left it at that..that afternoon after I finished work and was walking facing the beautiful sun this huge feeling of love and peace came over me, unlike anything I had ever experienced in earth, It felt like earth love multiplied by 1000. Felt like eveything was going to be ok. The most incredible feeling of love and peace ive ever had and it lasted 3 days.

    Thankyou Michael for that amazing experence that I will never forget.

    Thats a true story.


  18. Hi Laura
    My experience happened this past Friday morning. I awoke in the morning with the name ‘archangel Michael’ screaming in my head. I cannot remember dreaming and I haven’t consulted with angels for a very long time so this happened out of the blue. I am unsure if the Angel is trying to tell me something or what is going on.

  19. I asked for guidance to please help me see the way to becoming a more loving being and be able to fall in love with myself. Lately I had been feeling discontent and felt like there was almost no purpose for me to keep working as hard and that it would be very hard for me to find a loving partner but after today’s experience I know I am not alone. So, I was seating in front of my desk and all of the sudden I felt the warm pressure in my head twice. After that I stopped working and I knew I needed to grab a pen and paper. So, i did and started writing the thoughts that came to my mind without even noticing if what I was writing made sense. But after I got to the end of the page, I felt as if I had just woken up from some type of trance and then read what I had written down. After that, I felt a sense of pure infinite happiness and what I read from that paper has completely help me heal.

  20. Hi my name is Amanda and I said the invocation for archangel Micheal and I got a purple flashes in my mind and feel warm all over. I know now that he’s with me and I’ve been listening to music and the song was “this must be like living in paradise” came on the 80’s music station. Well this is what I got so far I’ll see what happens from now on.

  21. thank you so much as my autistic child and I are facing people using familiar spirits and wizards on us always and I have an Ethiopian woman and her white boyfriend possibly using familiar spirits and wizards upon us all the time at all hours of day and night and are stalking us I just ask for Michael and it seems like he has heard me I feel like evil has left us alone for the time being

  22. I just had faith in positive vibes and positive energy, but tonight before the lovely experience I had with Archangel Michael I answered on the question do you trust in Angels, with I don’t know. I do know now. Thank u Archangel Michael.
    We first totally randomly opened a meditation for calling your Guardian Angel, he answered to me that his name is Michael and the next youtube video on autoplay was – Archangel Michael, He came like a VERY STRONG presence, and a very bright light, brightened the room, I felt him through me, but my friend felt him too, we saw the light, saw the candles moving, I could feel him very strongly, it was amazing, he positioned my face in his way I felt it and I felt him in my throat, It was a very bright light I think that he wanted to say something, I will do my best to communicate with him, I am so happy that I have Archangel Michael for my Guardian Angel!

  23. Hi

    I am really in a big trouble. I want my love the way he was. He loves me but he is not with me. We both want to get married but some how we are not able to get married because of my parents. Please help me. I am not able to live without my love.

  24. I enjoy reading about archangel micheal. I will try some of the techniques to reach aND feel micheal.I want to know how it feels to have him so close to me, can’t wait for this experience. Thank you

  25. i love archangel Michael one i had a dream that i seen a bright white light and i heard sinning and i seen 5 angels and on each side of the light i seen 2 gold walls

  26. Thank you for sharing a beautiful act to bring peace and protection into the believers and seekers of such awesome Creation – St Michael Archangel.



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