Signs From Your Spirit Guides

Learn how to hear signs from your spirit guides. Signs come in a number of forms including the written word, a voice from within, or physical signs that conveniently appear.

This is the third in a series of articles I am writing on spirit guides. I highly encourage you to read the first article: Spirit Guides – Who’s on Your Team? and also the second article: How Spirit Guides Help Us Through Life.

Signs From Your Spirit Guides

There are many ways your spirit guides communicate with you. They do so by coming to you in your dreams, during meditation and also in other forms that may be more subtle, such as the spoken or written word, or physical signs.

The Spoken Word

I have had this happen more than a few times…you are thinking deeply about a certain subject and you are out in a group of people. You “pick up” another person’s conversation and even though their topic may not be completely related, the words that came out of their mouth were exactly what you needed to hear. That is a sign your guides are making an attempt to give you guidance and answers to your questions. They will utilize others in an attempt to help you.

I have also found the opposite to be true. Have you ever had instances where you were explaining something to a group and the words that came out didn’t feel like they were your own? It is likely at that point you were the one being of assistance to someone else around you, giving them the message that they needed to hear at that exact time.

The Written Word

Another way you receive signs from your Spirit Guides is through the written word. Ask a question and then pick up a book and flip to a random page. Without looking, put your finger on a specific sentence. Chances are it was just what you needed to hear or read at that time.

Voices and Thoughts

Thoughts – Do you find yourself thinking about something out of the blue? Guides will sometimes repeat the same word, picture, or message over and over until it clicks in our conscious thoughts.

If you have ever felt the presence of a gentle nudge, a flash of inspiration or something helping you find just the right words, those are also signs your guides are communicating with  you and assisting you.

Signs can come to you in a number of ways. Perhaps you hear a certain song, something flashes on the TV screen at just the right time, a co-worker says something to another that seems like it was meant just for you? It was. 🙂

Physical Signs From Your Spirit Guides

Physical signs are probably some of the easiest to recognize. Did you happen to see that license plate or billboard that had the answer that made you smile? You guides are pretty great about putting you in front of just the right words that you need to see.

Spirit Guide Meditation

Want to know who your personal spirit guides are and what they are here to help you with in this lifetime? Check out my Spirit Guide Meditation Kit.

How do you recognize signs from your spirit guides? Have a great synchronicity to share? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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28 thoughts on “Signs From Your Spirit Guides”

  1. I was walking at the waters edge on the beach in Encinitas, Ca 4/19/14 when I noticed a small 4″ x 2″ stone with writing on it. I picked it up and it said, IMPATIENT. Well, that is one of my internal struggles that I grapple with. What a trip!

  2. A good way i find to meet,is by booking an appointment if you like,lol. Seriously if you say out loud or even in your head that you would like to take a walk with ure guide for a chat or visualisations at such a time on such a day, i think you may find it enlightening. I did this & something amazing happened,hard to explain with words,but i felt time had stopped in a moment and a brightness & warmth was around me, it stopped me in my tracks i can tell you that, i felt as though i had touched on another level, it wouldn’t have mattered if anyone else was around coz i was definately captured in that blessed moment & i will never forget that feeling! Roll Eyes Love & Light to you ALL.

  3. Please answer this Laura. Some people say that spirit guides are demons..? I don’t want to belive that, but the night that i read about them being demons, i saw flashes just at the right time at the tv when someone used the word “demon” TWO times and two other times “the third eye”.
    I really don’t want to belive this. I want connection and communication with them. I once heard a man say “Hey” to me when i was going to sleep, it was that moment between awake and sleeping. But this other time, the latest time, I heard like not a normal voice, it was “sloppy” and crispy, that’s the closet i can describe it. It was a man again and it said “Give me your hand”. And right after that my dog started barking.
    Please tell me this demon talk aint true?
    Do you also know what the man said “give me your hand” was it my spiritual guide?
    Greetings T.

    • Hi Thea,

      I don’t necessarily believe that spirit guides are demons – that just doesn’t make sense according to my experience. But there are different vibrational types of entities. You may be unknowingly connecting with a lower vibrational entity from time to time.

      What I would recommend is before sleep you set an intention similar to this:

      “I now set the intention to connect to my spirit guide team. For those that appear I ask the following question: Do you follow Divine Love, Light, and Truth?” Ask that question three times. You should receive a yes answer three times. If you do not, then set the intention that any unwanted visitors leave your personal space and that they be replaced by your true spirit guide team. Then re-ask that question three times.

      Also, pay attention to how you feel when you have had such a communication. Do you feel hopeful and excited or confused or scared? Your real spirit guide team would never ask you to do anything that would be harmful to yourself or others. They are there to show you a bigger version of yourself – they can show you what you are truly capable of accomplishing. Start asking them questions – lots of them and listen to what type of answers you receive.

      Any fears you have can also taint your experience. Why would you fear your spirit guides? Where does that thinking come from? Does that fear really serve you? They are on your side and attempting to help you see the bigger picture. You have to discern who you were connecting to in order to know if it was a spirit guide or another type of entity. Remember, you have the ultimate power. Do not give your power away to outside authorities! Follow your gut – not to be confused with gobblety gook from what you may have read or heard elsewhere. What do you KNOW deep inside?

      I hope that helps a bit.

  4. I had a dream spirit told me I get marry in january to my ex-boyfriend. I dont want him he with a different woman now. What that means?

  5. Hi there I have a contact with the spirit world they come every night to me they are there but say nothing on Friday night they came and showed me a big map it seemed to come out of the celling spiring down I caught it in my hand and when I did it opened out to be a small map I couldn’t read it but the spirit put it on the ceiling the whole celling but with no road names I asked to get the name it just had a black spot that moved and stopped at a small culdee-sac where there were 3 houses one at ether side and one at the top I asked again for the spirit to tell me where this was and there was three boards that folded open and there was this weird face that started to move its mouth I asked it to speak up but nothing it just moved its lips there was another figure that came I asked it the same but nothing I folded the board and went back to the map I eventually said to the spirit if you cant tell me where I will have to switch off and I did but there was white long objects that kept going round the room at great speed Andy please help


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