Spirit Guides – Who’s On Your Team?

spirit guides - who is on your team

Spirit guides are non-physical beings that have previously incarnated here on Earth. Find out how they can assist you in your day to day life.

Have you ever thought your were all alone in the world? You are not alone at all. Your guides are always with you, whether you recognize them or not, and if you allow them into your life can become a great resource. They may even help you make sense of repeating numbers.

Who’s on Your Spirit Guide Team?

Everyone is born with spirit guides attending to them. You chose a team of guides before you incarnated and brought each one of them on board when it was necessary throughout your life.  Most of your guides are in place by the time your reach early adulthood.

You incarnated with the assistance of several guides, each of whom have lived many lifetimes here on Earth. This time they are not incarnated, but have been asked to use their wisdom to help you along your path. It is just another aspect of incarnation. It is the ability to be able to see how things work from the other side. Spirit guides are not “better than” you or “above” you, they just have much more wisdom and life experience than you currently do.

The Voices of Wisdom and Reason

Your guides are the voice of wisdom and reason. They would never say anything to put you in harm’s way or force you to do anything against your will. Spirit guides will give you matter of fact responses, which are usually short and to the point and can be quite humorous or serious.

They are infinitely patient and will go to any length to bring you ideas to assist you in your questions and struggles. Your personal guides will never give you information that is out of alignment with your highest path and purpose.

Your guides will tend to speak to you in terms of energies. They do not necessarily understand linear time or terms like money and jobs. They see a much larger picture, one that is not affected by limitations such as time or things we see as finite, like how much money we have or how long a job is going to be there for you.

They are much more invested in your whole soul and I believe they sometimes wonder why we here on Earth worry so much about the smaller things. That is why they are around, to help us remember who we are at soul level and our reasons for incarnating in this lifetime, including our life lessons.

Your Inner Circle

You have an inner circle of guides and an outer circle of guides. The inner circle is comprised of your personal guides and who you should turn to for the everyday questions of life. They are in communication with the outer circle, which is made up of angels and Ascended Masters, which help much larger groups of people.

You may communicate directly with the outer circle of guides if you so desire, but they will give you answers that serve much larger groups of people and won’t necessarily be specific to you to your question about your relationship, fore example. That is what your inner circle of guides are here for, to guide you thought the daily life questions.

Your Primary Guide

You are born with one guide, your primary spirit guide. This guide is with you from birth to death and will never leave you. In most cases, this is the guide that will become a spokes-guide for the group and be the one that you communicate with the most.

Your Guide Team

As you get older you “hire” other guides as needed. As a child you don’t need to make a lot of decisions, but as you enter your teenage years and early 20’s most people will hire on additional guides at that point. You hire on more guides as you accept more responsibility in your life and begin to go out into the world on your own.

Your guides are there to help you navigate the life areas you don’t have much experience with yet at that point. Most individuals have on average anywhere from 4-6 guides on their spiritual team. Other types of guides could be for relationships, health issues, finances, family, and more. Each person has a unique group of guides.

Contacting Your Spirit Guides

If you wish to begin developing a stronger connection to your own guides, one way is through automatic writing.  You can also use a guided meditation.

Andrea Hess offers a comprehensive course on learning to access the Akashic records and contacting your spirit guides. Read more about her program here.

Intuitive Readings

Want to know who your personal spirit guides are and what they are here to help you with in this lifetime? Book a reading with me and find out.

This is the first in a series of articles I am writing on spirit guides. I will also be writing more about how to connect and meet with your own guides. Sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already to keep updated.

By Laura Jean Warnke

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  1. That’s an interesting idea that we hire our guides and having two circles of guides. I hadn’t heard this before. I’m glad they are all there with the voice of wisdom and reason. I can think of a few times I should have listened closer.

    1. Hi Val,

      Agreed. There are many times when I should have listened closer to my guides. Thankfully they have infinite patience and just keep trying new ways for me to hear them more clearly.

  2. I have some info to share, with the hope of guiding me to further progressing my gifts and discerning what ones to focus on, use, and strengthen or wising up of. Or a mentor-ship that can help work with or group that can bring its full potential.

    I have had three near death experiences and this last one in end of 08 into 09 was an unforgettable reality of the other side. A vivid visual and biblical in its interpretation, yet mystical as of thing I had to intuitively seek myself yet always confirmed any question.

    Also of who I was and resurrecting desires of my youth as I feel today my interest in children learning from them, animals all things of innocence, I attract and am zealous to protect not fear of death or having to for another.

    I’m drawn to woman as there’s a spiritual understanding that a male would not understand because of pride, envy etc. So I hope you can hear and see what gifts I should, where, how to work these and with who. As I know the power of agreement of combining gifts with others and also it will help me socially as someone that understands these talents.

    You know how lonely it can be when enlightenment affects all around you like a telepathic tsunami, some are attracted, others are intimidated as afraid what to say or just that energy hitting them they don’t understand.

    As it would anyone as me what’s called the awakening. Then to being followed. Also a phenomena I have as power draws my best explanation but mainly continual signs when going outside or in public woman and children always say something as picking up on my energy waves. Anyway we do communicate you should know by what I’ll tell you.

    Thanx again and god bless. Tim

    1. Hi Tim,

      It is nice to meet you! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      I would recommend booking a reading with me. During a reading I find out what your soul level gifts are and how you can use them to your best ability. I can also connect to your spirit guides and pass along any messages they may have for you. I think that would be helpful to you at this point and give you some direction.

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