A Spellbinding Story That Will Inspire You To Thrive

Never In Your Wildest Dreams

Never In Your Wildest Dreams – A Spellbinding Story That Will Inspire You To Thrive Do you enjoy a good book? Like a spellbinding story that really sucks you into its story? If you do, then this free bestselling book by Natalie Ledwell is for you! Natalie is the co-founder of the successful personal growth company Mind … Read more

How The Proverb “Better Safe Than Sorry” Keeps You From Your Dreams

better safe than sorry

Is the proverb better safe than sorry running an unconscious program in your mind? Find out if playing it safe is helping you or hurting you. This is the next post in a series, which digs deeper into meanings of proverbs. Sometimes you can find useful grains of truth within proverbs and other times their … Read more

Spirit Guides – Who’s On Your Team?

spirit guides - who is on your team

Spirit guides are non-physical beings that have previously incarnated here on Earth. Find out how they can assist you in your day to day life. Have you ever thought your were all alone in the world? You are not alone at all. Your guides are always with you, whether you recognize them or not. If … Read more

Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards

Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards

Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards from John Holland are tarot cards with an updated look and feel.  They are suitable for all levels of tarot reading, from beginner to advanced. Read my review of this deck. If you have trouble learning and understanding traditional tarot cards or they just do not resonate, this deck could be what you are … Read more

Separating Intuition from Ego

Separating Intuition From Ego

Is separating intuition from ego difficult? Learn the distinction along with methods for quieting the ego and connecting to your intuition. On a recent blog post I wrote: Common Misconceptions about Using your Intuition, I responded to a comment from a reader who asked about how to separate intuition from ego related things such as … Read more

Are Your Chakras Out Of Balance?

Are Your Chakras Out Of Balance

Are your chakras out of balance? Can your chakra system actually hold clues to your purposeful work? Here are seven clues. As spiritually aware souls on this planet, we work so hard to clear and balance our chakra system. But sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. It can seem difficult to balance … Read more

Intuition Or Ego? 5 Ways To Tell If Your Intuition Is Speaking To You

Intuition or Ego

Is it your intuition or ego talking? Here are five ways to tell the difference between intuition and ego so you can make sense of those messages. One of the questions that comes up frequently during a reading is how to know if those subtle nudges are your intuition or if they are just wishful … Read more