Half A Loaf Is Better Than None – Are You Settling For Less Than You Want?

Is the proverb “half a loaf is better than none” intertwined in your thoughts? Find out if you are settling for less than you want.

This is a third post in a series, which digs deeper into meanings of proverbs. Sometimes you can find useful grains of truth within proverbs and other times their meanings can show you where you are settling for less than you are capable of having.

Half A Loaf Is Better Than None

Sometimes when we want something so much or by a certain time frame we can feel like we have to take whatever shows up. While that may be okay in some instances, it does pay to look at whether what shows up is a step in the right direction or much less than what you originally asked for.

It also gives you food for thought about whether you are holding fast to your original vision and turning away opportunities that are just a partial fit.

What This Proverb Really Means

This proverb means that you are willing to accept less than you originally wanted with the thinking being that something is better than nothing at all. The undertone of this proverb is that you should be grateful for what shows up, even if it is not exactly what you wanted.

Here’s The Truth

Are you really okay with half of an Oreo cookie? I think not! At a soul level you know you can have this AND that, not only this OR that. Are you giving yourself permission to have the entire loaf or the entire cookie? This is a perfect opportunity to examine the limiting beliefs behind that mode of thinking. You can have everything you want.

This limiting belief also delves deeply into the energy of settling for less than you want or deserve. Are you taking what is offered to you (half of the loaf) or are you actually claiming and pursuing your deepest dreams and desires (the whole loaf)?

Compromise And Settling For Less Than You Want

So, how does this show up in real life? Here are a few examples:

Say you set an intention to get a brand new car. You start looking and pick out the make and model. You start imagining what driving that brand new car will feel like. Then, a friend offers to sell you a car which has many of the features you wanted, but a different color and older than the model you wanted. Do you take the offer because it will save you money or do you wait until you have the funds to buy exactly what you wanted?

In relationships the energy of settling can show up in many different ways. Do you put up with someone standing you up on a lunch date or constantly showing up late? Do you feel you have to stay with someone because you fear being alone?

If a job offer comes your way, is it everything you wanted or are you settling for less vacation and salary? Are you willing to negotiate for a better offer?

How This Affects Your Intuition

This limiting belief can affect your intuition in two ways. When an opportunity shows up do you accept it, fearing nothing else better will show up? You always have a choice whether to accept or decline an opportunity or invitation, send it back to the Universe, and ask for the whole enchilada.

The second way this affects your intuition is through the energy of settling for less than you really wanted in the first place. If you think you can never have all what you want, you can view anything promising your desired result as disingenuous, not worth the money, or too good to be true.

Forgiveness, Healing, and Moving Forward

I invite you to take a quick inventory and notice any life areas where you are settling for less than you originally wanted. Look for areas where guilt, shame, or blame are hiding. All those energies do is keep you from getting what you want. Notice where you can make small incremental changes to get exactly what you want without settling for less.

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