Proverbs 101 – Busting Through Limiting Beliefs One Proverb At A Time

Do proverbs help you or hinder you? Do these generally accepted truths move your life forward or end up holding you back?

At a conscious level, you already know that your inner guidance is available to you at all times. At a subconscious level though, there may be other thoughts and beliefs at work. These thoughts and beliefs come to us through other people and society in general.

These beliefs can also have been formed in a past lifetime and carried over to this lifetime. These are the thoughts that we consciously reject, but subconsciously still buy into them.

These beliefs can keep us from hearing our inner guidance and keep you from taking action aligned with your soul’s highest path and purpose.

Often, these generally accepted “truths” are expressed as proverbs and keep you from changing careers, starting a side business, or moving to where your soul calls you.

What Is A Proverb?

A proverb is a saying that shares a general truth about our lives, society, or behavior. It can be a phrase with some type of historical significance or a general truth that stood the test of time.
Proverbs are short common sense sayings capturing the essence of a larger complex topic. We have heard proverbs our entire lives, some within the teachings of various religions and others from family and friends. Using a proverb is a way to express commonly accepted beliefs.

Posts on Proverbs

I will continue to add articles to this page as they are written.

“All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait” – Is the proverb “all good things come to those who wait” a virtue or a hindrance? Find out if delaying gratification can help you or hurt you.

“Do Good Things Come To Those Who Wait?” – Society paints a picture that patience is a virtue. Is that true? Do good things come to those who wait patiently and place their trust in Divine Timing?

“As You Make Your Bed So You Must Lie In It” – Have you ever felt you made a poor choice in the past and believe you must now live with the consequences of your actions forever? Find out how to move forward.

“Half A Loaf Is Better Than None” – Are you settling for less than you are capable of achieving? Find out how this shows up in everyday life.

“Better Safe Than Sorry” – Is the proverb “better safe than sorry” running an unconscious program in your mind? Find out if playing it safe is helping you or hurting you.

“You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks” – Do you feel like the “old dog” sometimes? There can be certain points where you might feel like your life is at a standstill. You can feel like there is no more time to change the future and there is no time left to take a new path to a new destination. Find out if you really can change your circumstances.

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