How The Proverb “Better Safe Than Sorry” Keeps You From Your Dreams

Is the proverb better safe than sorry running an unconscious program in your mind? Find out if playing it safe is helping you or hurting you.

This is the next post in a series, which digs deeper into meanings of proverbs. Sometimes you can find useful grains of truth within proverbs and other times their meanings show you where you are settling for less than you are capable of having.

What The Proverb Better Safe Than Sorry Really Means:

Our constant search for safety reigns as our number one need. Once we have our basic needs met like food, clothing, and water that need for safety is basically satisfied. At the level of thought and emotion though, any thought or action we consider that will help us grow in any way threatens our feeling of safety.

Our ego sees it black and white; you are either safe or you are doing something that threatens that safety – and then you are going to be sorry.

Here’s the Truth:

When you take a new action toward a goal or a dream, you cannot know for sure how everything is going to turn out. You can’t see the end result and you might be only able to see the next step. This makes the ego very uncomfortable and will want to revert back to the base need for safety. Therefore, we are “better safe than sorry”.

What happens is we end up comforting ourselves by finding a bunch of reasons why we couldn’t move forward. For example, you might have received an invitation to attend a conference that would require flying. Even though you are excited for a bit about attending, logic rears its head and says you are too busy right now.

Perhaps you have a fear of flying or don’t want to inconvenience your spouse to take off of work to get the children to school while you are gone so you skip the conference.

The thing is if you followed your intuition you might see how attending that conference could help grow your business.

How “Better Safe Than Sorry” Affects Your Intuition:

When your ego steps in it puts thoughts in your head that you should go in the complete opposite direction than you were originally headed. It shows up as talking yourself out of that coaching program you just signed up for. If this is the case read this article, “What Stops People from Acting on Intuition.”

Do you feel like you need to take just one more class or certification before you step into professional intuitive work? Do you tell yourself you are a recluse and don’t enjoy talking to people? Thus never actually offering your service to others?

So, where are you playing it safe and talking yourself out of something that would really help you? What is the benefit of playing it safe? Would you really be sorry if you took that risk or would you instead have the time of your life?

Forgiveness, Healing, and Moving Forward

Being able to acknowledge our fears is the first step to healing. Look deeper into the reasoning behind playing it safe, and notice the outdated patterns ready for releasing.

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