An Example of Not Using Your Intuition

Here is an employment related example of not using your intuition and the lessons learned from the experience. I wrote a guest post earlier this year about using intuition in a job search. I thought I would share an actual experience of what it is like to not use your intuition.

Intuition in Real Life

Don’t think that if you are intuitive, you have to all of a sudden open up a psychic practice. Intuition may be thought of as that “wu-wu” stuff, but it can have real life practical applications. It can be very useful in day to day interactions with friends, family, and co-workers and is worth developing.

Paying attention to the small, quiet signals that you are given throughout the day is key to accepting your  intuitive abilities. Keeping a journal of your intuitive hits and misses can also help you to grow your trust in your own intuition.

The Long Road of Unemployment

I am writing this from a “been through that” perspective. We have been down the road of unemployment. Someone very close to me had two different prospective jobs lined up at one point and had been through the second and third interviews. He was waiting on a call from either employer.

The one he had really hoped would call did not call on the day they had said they were going to,  but the other one did. He said he would think about the offer and have a final decision in a few days. He kept hoping the other company would call. They did not.

He returned the call of the company who had made the offer and said yes to the position. My heart sank when I heard him say yes. I knew right then it was a wrong move, but the deed was done.

The first day of the job for him was not a good report. Neither were the days and months to follow. He came to find out that the company who had not called had severe flooding damage and could not get into their office building. He ended up leaving the job he accepted after about seven months.

A Lesson Learned

Was it a good lesson? Yes. We both learned to listen to our intuition and not ignore the warning lights and sirens that were going off in both of our heads. Having learned the hard way that a logical override was a poor choice in this circumstance. We have moved on from that period of our lives, but it was a difficult time in both of us.

I have since taken a different perspective on working for an employer and quit my day job a few weeks ago. The road of self-employment may not be rosy all the time, but at least I know I will never fire myself.

15 thoughts on “An Example of Not Using Your Intuition”

  1. “At least I know I will never fire myself.” LOL! Good one. 🙂

    I ignored my intuition about this job that I have right now and I’m paying the price emotionally. Sigh. Live & learn, right?

    • Hi Lindsay,

      Yes, live and learn. Hang in there, you will be out of that job sooner than you think. 🙂

    • Hi Justin,

      Doesn’t it feel great when we can see through the “logic” and listen to our heart and soul? It just makes life so much more fun with fewer obligations.

  2. I do try and go with my instincts but whilst jobs seem interesting initially they always end up boring with hardly anything to do – I just assume this is how I’m meant to be but I do wish something a bit more challenging would be chosen for me.

    • Hi Sue,

      It sounds like you may have a bit of Karma going on. Karma isn’t bad or good, just there to be a teacher. Until you make a different underlying choice, the same scenarios will keep coming up for you to deal with.

      What is the underlying energy behind the choice of job? That may give you some clues on why jobs for you generally run into the same obstacles.

  3. Hi Laura,

    What do you think about using a pendulum to help gain access to our intuition that we might otherwise ignore?

    • Hi Todd,

      Using a dowsing pendulum is one of my favorite methods of gaining access to answers that otherwise get swept under the rug. The key is to ask very specific questions from your pendulum. There is really a high degree of accuracy in pendulum dowsing, if the questions are asked in the right manner. I highly recommend the book by Andrea Hess, Unlock Your Intuition, How to Accurately and Reliably Access Your Most Valuable Resource, which is available from Amazon as a good way to get started.

  4. Thanks for the info Laura. I’ve been having a lot of fun with my pendulum I probably should cleanse the energies first though.

  5. Oooh, I love pendulums too – I have a ridiculously large collection of them, made by the lovely Eva Browning at

    I use them less for dowsing than for crystal and color therapy, because I tend to trust my own intuition over dowsing tools in general. But they are soothing and so useful to occupy restless hands. 🙂


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