Metaphysical Senses: What is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience is a metaphysical sense that relates to recurring physical and emotional feelings. This is known as clear feeling and signifies Divine guidance.

Clairsentience (clear feeling) is one of the four metaphysical senses, the others being clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), and claircognizance (clear knowing). It is one of your four metaphysical senses in addition to your five physical senses.

If you have ever had a physical or emotional feeling wash over you without a discernible connection to your current state of mind, you have just experienced the psychic ability of clairsentience.

Check out this example of clairsentience from one of my prior jobs. I would drive to work and even before I get out of the car, look toward the office door and get a strong feeling my boss is already upset. Sure enough, I could tell before I talked to her or walked in the building that something had gone on with a customer or there had been an upset in her personal life.

By receiving this information before walking inside the office, it allowed me a few extra moments of mental preparation. I was able to put the proper energy shields in place so I could remain focused on the current issues.

Types of Clairsentience

Perhaps you feel sad or anxious all of a sudden without reason, or feel an unexplained sense of foreboding. You may also experience physical symptoms that belong to someone else and came out of nowhere.

Stomach aches, sweaty palms, instant anger, hair standing up on the back of your neck, a tingling sensation, and feeling sick are common symptoms of clairsentience. When this occurs look at changing your travel plans or course of action.

Important questions to ask yourself when you have such a feeling.

Is the feeling my own? If not, whose name comes to mind?

What was I thinking about just before I had the feeling?

Who was I thinking about just before I had the feeling?


Empathy is the ability to tune in, sense, and feel other people’s emotions. You can experience a range of happy or sad emotions but the difference is they are not your own feelings. Being able to feel another person’s pain is a form of compassion. However, if you continue to experience someone else’s emotions, additional clearing techniques like etheric cord cutting are helpful.

Some people report having a distinct sensitivity to touch, which stems from heightened empathy. This is useful if you are work within the healing arts, such as Reiki or massage therapy. Sensitivity to touch becomes useful to discern areas of the body needing attention and healing.

If you keep picking up on the emotions and feelings of someone else, you are experiencing overactive empathy. This quiz can help identify your inner blocks and reveal a new path to success.


Psychometry uses touch to gain information about a situation by holding an object and tuning in to its energetic frequency. Jewelry is often an object of choice, as it has had direct contact with the person. Psychometry can tell personality traits about another using an object held in the hand. You can also pick up on past events and situations through visions and impressions received from holding an artifact.


Sensitivity to smells like fragrances is another way to feel and sense energy. Many people report smelling the favorite flower or perfume of a deceased loved one, even though that scent failed to be present in the home.

What about you? Have you experienced clairsentience or had an unexplainable experience? Do you have any good psychic ability stories to share? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Hello, please personally email me if you get the chance. I do not want others to read my experiences. I just recently found out I am a Clarsentient Psychic.

  2. Hi thank you for this site I have been having this strange uneasy feeling in the middle of my lower ribs for weeks now and usually it’s when I know something isn’t right. I had it once before when I was connected to someone this time it’s my husband but I can’t figure out what it is that isn’t right, any idea how I can tap into it?
    I’ve always been almost led it felt like to the answer I’ve felt the need to pick up something where I’ve found the issue but this time it’s harder. I’ve really only just convinced myself that’s what the feeling is after all these years of knowing I suppose.
    Thank you

  3. I feel things all the time. When I was 9yrs old. I told my father he was going to die. Three days later he died of a massive Heart attack. I am broken right now. I would welcome help.


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