Metaphysical Senses: What is Claircognizance?

Claircognizance (clear knowing) is a metaphysical sense where you know something to be correct but may be unable to back up your statement with fact or how you came into that information.

Claircognizance (clear knowing) is one of the four metaphysical senses, the others being clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing), and clairsentient (clear feeling). It is one of your four metaphysical senses in addition to your five physical senses.

How do You Know What You Know?

Do pieces of information just randomly pop into your head that you know are correct? You are using claircognizance (clear thinking). It can come in the form of predictions or premonitions, a feeling of certainty or correctness. You may have knowledge of certain places, events, situations, or people without having received the information in a traditional manner. It may come across as a sense of foreboding or deja vu.

It is the ability to recognize receiving sudden insights and understanding regarding a question or situation in your life.  Claircognizance also relates to your 7th chakra (crown chakra) and also your solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra).

Claircognizance means clear knowing of something that may have happened in the past, present, or future about another. Many times you will just “know” the answer, but will be unable to back up your statement with fact or how you came into that information.

I believe that many people have this ability, but much of the information can go without validation. Some of the things you may “know” can cause upset, confusion, and stress in others. They may be unreceptive to validating your “knowing” if you fail to have documented proof of what you are sharing.

Examples of Claircognizance

In many cases, this “knowing” may go against everything others tell you about a situation. It can certainly be isolating when you are the only one who is saying different and the general consensus says the total opposite.

Do you finish other people’s sentences because you know the answer even before they finish the thought?

Do you find yourself knowing immediately if someone is lying to you, even though you have nothing concrete to back up your thought?

How to Develop Claircognizance

Try using automatic writing to connect with your guides and receive answers to your questions.

Meditation also helps gain clear knowing because inner guidance comes through when you quiet the mind.

Your Thoughts?

What about you? Do you have any examples or stories of using claircognizance? Please share in the comments section.

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74 thoughts on “Metaphysical Senses: What is Claircognizance?”

  1. Hi There,
    I have read this article and the clairaudiance.. I have known things but have absolutly no way to prove it, yet I have not a moments doubt that its wrong. This happens to me a lot, and I’m very interested in it, and tonight I was browsing a site and a guy who is a pshycic (how ever you spell that) said that he has clairaudiance, and I found this site after I searched it. If someone tries to lie to me, I immediatly know exactly what happened, and by telling them exactly what happened, they will know that I know, but they also know that there is no way that i could know, so they think they can still lie and cover it up. I have no way of explaining how I know it.. however I just do.. some people have fessed up however others still continued to lie, and I know for a fact (without any) that they are. 🙂 lol..

    I have clairaudiance too, I hear voices just before I fall asleep, I mostly hear my parents and have visions of them having that conversation in their bedroom or around the house shortly after I heard the voices. the biggest problem is that as soon as I try to listen to what is being said, it stops right there… why? Who has answers to this? They live in another country so its impossible for me to hear them any other way.

    Similarly I have heard my one ex say something and I called her immediately and said how can you call me that?? I called her without even thinking about it, like I already knew it was fact, yet had no evidence to back it up, she freeked out, her dad was with her at the time, and said she went pale and dropped a pencil which she was holding. This was 15 years ago, can’t remember much details, they asked me how I heard that and I dont have the answer.

    I also called my one friend one night becuase I heard him and his brother have an argument, and he confirmed it, yet didn’t make much of it. But lately I also hear conversations between other random people and it sounds like they are wispering or something and I cannot make out what they say. When i walk in the direction where I hear it, it sounds like they have moved further away or into another room, but a room where? It’s like the room where I would hear them from, does not exist (this is around the house esp). I hear it mostly in white noise or something, like when the air conditioner is running in the house etc.

    I have also always been able to tell you things about people’s upbringing and how their parents were with them as kids, if they were poor, rich, average, etc. If I look at someone it appears as if their face changes.. I see a different look.. weird to explain, like I see a different dimention which makes the lines on your face change, and somehow I just know so much more about you.. I dont like telling people about it, because I dont like to tell certain people about their pasts and remind them about the bad parts I see.. I feel very emotional and sad for those people when i see that. Somehow this also falls under the I know something, but have no idea to explain it part..

    There are many other things I do and experiences I have had, some which still frighten me, however to cut a long story short, I wanted to say thanks for the tip on the song in my head, because I have actually taken the time to read the lyrics and it is exactly what I’m doing at this moment in my life, and I now have confirmation about what I’m doing, or more sort of telling me that I’m on the right track, and I should push through! 🙂

    thanks! very nice article! 🙂

    I enjoyed the part with the songs you mentioned, because as I read that a song came up in my mind and I read the lyrics which I never really read/followed, but it basically says that I’m pushing harder and higher and you’re not going to hold me down anymore.. right now in my life I have re-realised that my future is in my own controll, it is up to me to make my destiny, so if someone is standing in my way, I am and have been and will be pushing and saying what I want, because its in my controll and I’m going to be heard. period. no one is going to hold me back anymore (which is exactly what I have felt for the past 3 years, and sadly accepted it).. the song and finding this site made me aware that I was on the right track with that and the confirmation was the site bringing me together with the song, connecting the missing link.

    I am sure that I will be using this tecnique much more frequently..

    • I don’t know if you have heard of Indigo children, but I would highly recommend you do some research. Here is a youtube link to a brief documentary on the subject:

      I recently became aware that I am an Indigo child and it has been very helpful having this information to help guide me to find my true purpose in life.
      Good luck! x

    • Yep your gifted. Enjoy the ride.. landslide 😉 life is a reflection of your intention and actions.!
      Only you have the answers you need. I would know 😇😉 you sound like me 10 years ago.
      Learn metaphor and believe in yourself your vibration will shift to a higher one. You will know when it’s time to follow the dot to dots and find some like minded gentlemen 🙂 club

  2. I always enjoy articles on intuition. It’s a fascination of mine particularly claircognizance which is how I usually perceive things. I find that meditation adds to the experience though I’ve had no luck with automatic writing. Any personal recommendations? Guess I need more practice. Anyway, great article. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Steven,

      This is pretty much how I do automatic writing: Automatic Writing I have also found it particularly helpful if you time yourself. Set a timer for three minutes after you are “logged in” and make it a race against the clock to type as much as possible. Then try one question with a one minute timed answer.

      I think the responses I receive are clearer when I use the timed method. Another method is to just start writing or typing “my guides say…” over and over again until the responses come to your mind. I wish you the best!

      Thanks for letting me know about the Comment Luv issue. It is fixed now.

  3. I used to be able to lip-sync every word ppl were saying. I might still be able to, but I haven’t tried it lately. It was very amusing during boring classroom lectures, and got me in trouble a few times…But very worth it!

    • I use to do that all the time as a kid, I had forgotten all about it, your
      message just reminded me and took me back 35 years

  4. Since I was very young I have been able to tell when someone was lying, thinking bad thoughts or “scheming” (that’s the best way I can describe it). I could tell when they needed help and specifically what kind of help. I have also been able to look at people and understand them. It’s like I know things about them that gives me insight into them even if I’ve met them for the first time.

    I taught myself to read at four years old. I remember picking up a book, studying it for about twenty minutes, and I just knew how to read. I didn’t falter or hesitate. I read like an experienced reader. I was subjected to a battery of test and examinations from four to ten years old.

    One psychiatrist used to ask me to solve puzzles, read advanced writing and explain them to him, or blindly write about topics to which I had no knowledge or exposure, then call my parents into the room and discuss me like I was an amazing act for his enjoyment. I was in that well known group (starts with an M) when I was only seven and I didn’t like it. I just knew facts, answers, solutions etc. to things and I couldn’t explain it and the constant questioning and doubting of my knowledge was frustrating.

    I was an outcast in a room of nerdy outcasts. It was like they thought I was cheating. I would listen to them deeply discuss topics and I remember thinking ALL the time “they just don’t understand”. This has been the story of my life. People think I’m a genius or the best problem solver they know. I don’t know where this ability originates, or if it is an ability at all, but I do know that it is very real and unexplainable.

    In addition, a voice in my head will alert me to things and if I ignore it, I feel a little jolt in my stomach until I pay attention to it. Just this morning it happened. I was sound asleep and the voice in my head said, “Turn on your alarm”. I knew it was referring to the alarm clock. I ignored it because I knew I set the alarm as I do every night. I ignored it and it said, “No, you set the alarm then hit the button a second time so you turned it off. Turn on the alarm.”. I tried to roll over and ignore it and the fluttery jolt hit me which made my heart race a little and I felt anxious. I gave in and looked at the click. Sure enough the alarm indicator was dark. I had turned it off by accident. It was 4:25 am and I always wake at 6:00 am. If the voice didn’t alert me, I would have overslept.

    This type of thing happens to me multiple times a day, every day. I used to actively ignore it. I would refuse to listen because I felt silly. I’ve been learning to pay closer attention and to not allow myself to ignore the voice. While walking during my lunch break this afternoon, I noticed a tiny tree branch on the ground. It looked exactly like a wishbone. It caught my attention immediately, on a very crowded street, and I remember, in a flash, looking at it intensely in what couldn’t have been longer than a millisecond. I walked past it and the voice told me to pick it up. I hesitated for a second, the flutter came and I picked it up. I felt good about my division to do so. I don’t why I was supposed to pick it up. It is on my desk.

    Maybe I will realize the purpose, or maybe I will never know what happened on that street as a trickle down effect of my choosing to listen to the voice , but time will tell. It isn’t always obvious to me why the voice tells me to do things. Sometimes, I wonder what is going on in my head. Interesting side details. I am what is called a super taster and I have stereo vision. I’m some kind of freak huh?

    • Hi Julia,

      It is so nice to meet you! Thank you for sharing your story. No, you are not a freak. Not at all. You are intuitive and a healer. From what you wrote, I would definitely say claircognizance is a strong trait. Definitely pay attention to those signals. You are tuned in quite well.

    • When I read what you wrote about learning to read by yourself, I said to myself, “Whoa.” I was the exact same at age 3, and my mom has been raving about it ever since. I’m really excited and hopeful to develop claircognizance, so I’m researching like crazy. Thanks for your anecdote!

    • OMG Julia! You just described my life. I was tested at an early age because they just thought my IQ was really high. It’s only been recently that I’ve realized the entire time was just my gifts emerging. I got the nickname Webster, because I always seemed to have the answers lol

      I understand being on the outside of every group, no one was willing to accept the the oddity. Fortunately, I’ve found someone who embraces it completely and has even begun to calling me his “Magic 8 Ball” lol.

      I’m becoming very comfortable with my gifts now and don’t really give a rat’s you-know-what what anyone thinks about it. If I have a message for them, I tell them, regardless of their receptiveness to it. I figure I’m being compelled for a reason and I let them work it out.

      My daughter is now exhibiting similar gifts and I plan on making sure she is comfortable with them from the start instead of going through the social hell we did.

      BTW…the tree branch is a reminder for you to LISTEN and not ignore 😉 (magic 8 ball message)

    • Julia, your experience sounds very similar to mine, although I never had to go through the testing and such. I was so painfully shy as a child that I pretty much couldn’t speak in front of most people most of the time – so I was often dismissed as simple, rather than gifted. But the way you describe “just knowing” about people, that’s very much me too. It’s like seeing into their inner, true self – I know things about them, their history, their motives or experience that make them act as they do. I can often even get a sense from just a photo or the transcript of a conversation. Then there’s that gut feeling, like a wrenching in your belly, when feeling something significant – its almost sometimes like feeling as if the universe just side-slipped a micro bit. Very odd sensation.

      I’d just met my first fellow empath about 2 years ago, and being recognized as I am and talking with someone that understands such things has been an amazing joy. Since then, I’ve been exploring my gifts actively for the first time, trying to discipline them a bit – like activating it intentionally, when needed, instead of completely random. Also seeking my path to use these gifts for good – am very drawn to crystal healing, so for now that is my direction.

      Laura, just a curiosity, but does empathy always fall in the claircognizant category? Not that other gifts may not also be present. Just wondering.

      thanks, all!

      • Hi Vicky,
        Actually in my experience, empathy a lot of times is associated with clairsentience, but empathy can be present no matter which clair is your strongest.

  5. Hi Laura,

    I like claircognizance because it’s the “least messy” of the senses. Mine comes especially when I’m washing dishes or in a hot shower.

    Once during my morning shower, I suddenly received information in a form of knowing that went, “Margie will call in sick this morning.” I answered myself back with the thought that perhaps I should go into the office early to help cover for her absence.

    I arrived to my office and my boss told me that Margie did indeed call in sick. Not a very dramatic example, but one of very many.

    I also find claircognizance interesting because it’s related to the crown/7th chakra. The information is very clear and feels different from the other chakras.

    • Hi Russell,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal, it is nice to meet you!

      That is an excellent claircognizant experience! I also like your description of it being “less messy”. I would agree with that. When you know, you just know.

  6. I have the gift of clear knowing but only when it is bad news deaths and accidents. I would like to develop it more but it is kind of scarey, I would like to know good things as well. You know most people don’t respond well to bad news when it hasn’t happened yet and they really think that I am satanic or witch when things I tell them come to pass… please help

    • Hi Shareene,

      It is nice to meet you! Welcome to Intuitive Journal.

      Yes, I would agree that can be difficult if the only time you get the clear knowing is when it is bad news. But I do encourage you to keep going and develop your gift. Start by journaling down each time you get one of your feelings of knowing, even if it is the smallest thing. I would think that you get those hits more than you think. It is just a matter of recognizing it when it something other than bad news. I wish you the best!

  7. Hi Shareene,

    Actually, receiving the “bad news” is a good sign that at least you’re on the right track. “Bad news” is usually more dramatic and more “dense” on the astral realm. It exists on the lower levels, so to speak. So people just opening to their psychic skills will usually receive this information first. But the more you practice, the more you can “break through” this level and start to receive more neutral information (good and bad are really just judgements/perspectives, anyway).

    Please also know that you are in control of your abilities — don’t let your abilities control you. Make a gentle command (not a demand, not a request) that you receive specific information in regards to whatever subject you need info for, and in a way that’s understandable to you. For example, you might receive information too fast. Tell it to slow down. If you receive information that is clear as mud, say that you have trouble interpreting this information and that you need a more clear, concise message.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    P.S. Can’t speak for the Satanists, but there’s nothing bad about being a witch. It’s just another aspect of me besides being an Eagle Scout, working in a police department, having a black belt, doing CrossFit, and playing the Celtic harp. So, yeah…nothing wrong with stirring a cauldron! ;-D

  8. My whole life, and now I have a “label”. Thank you. Claircognizant, that is exactly what it is what I have experienced my entire life. I just took a HUGE breath being able to label what this is… As a child I simply knew things, which made school extremely frustrating for me as I knew way way more than the rest if the students. They tested my IQ which was much higher than average. I was placed In a “highly educated pupils” class – which I did not like as I knew I wasn’t book smart (it was something else).

    I’ve been helping a friend who recently lost her husband. I saw him and had a good conversation with him months before his death and well I knew he was going to die and although I hadn’t seen or spoken with her (his wife) In maybe 16 years, I knew I’d be speaking with her in regards to his death. Sure enough, 4 months later there I am speaking with her on the phone after 16 years no contact.I I told her of my “knowing” and now that she and I have been talking, looks like I know way more than I thought…

    This is just 1 example. Just recently, I also knew about a friends pregnancy although no one told me. I just knew… I’ve had this my WHOLE life. In 2005 I was labeled bi-polar. I knew at the time that I was NOT bi-polar, but I didn’t know what I was…. I am claircognizant..!!!
    Thank you so very much – blessings
    Deborah Jean

    • Hi Deborah Jean,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you!

      I am glad the post helped you figure out your primary way of receiving intuitive information. Don’t you just love those Aha moments? Now that you do know, it sounds like it is time for you to start developing that skill further. You may consider taking some type of intuitive class. I think you will resonate with it quite a bit. Even if you don’t, knowing this will still help you in day to day communications with others.

  9. For couple of year now I’ve been having a lot of deja vu but i only remember until it has happened, I’ve also been having dreams of my died family, having conversations with them but I sometimes only remember them until the day after, I even had a dream of my died dog coming up to me and licked me?

    I’ve been looking up on a lot of things this could be and iv been thinking about the clair stuff but i talk to myself far to much but now I’m thinking it might be something or someone else? I’m confused.

    • Hi Stacey,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you.

      It definitely sounds like your intuition is opening up and expanding. It also sounds like you have some deceased loved ones that are coming through via your thoughts. I would encourage you to be discerning in who you communicate with on the other side. When you receive a message from the other side, ask who is coming through. Then ask the following: “Am I communicating with a soul that is connected to Divine Love, Light, and Truth?” Ask this three times. If you get a yes each time, it is more than likely one of your deceased loved ones communicating with you. It sounds like you would resonate more with clairaudience from what you wrote.

  10. Yes I have a few examples. The 1st one that I can remember is when I was 16. I remember the day when I was thinking about my father. Back then he has been in and out of my life. One day I sat down on a chair and I got this knowing that the last time I saw him, was going to be the last time for good. I said it out loud to myself, “he’s not coming back”. Turned out TRUE!

    My other one last year in December 2011. At my uncle’s restaurant washing dishes in the kitchen. My uncle said to me that he hasn’t talked or seen his friend in awhile. That his friend hasn’t been to the restaurant in awhile. I agreed with him. I then started to think about his friend. Then I got this HUGE feeling/knowing out of nowhere that his friend was going to come sometime that week. I told my uncle(without me ever talking to his friend prior BTW), “Oh he’s going to come either this Thursday or Friday”.

    Low and behold he came in that Friday night at 8pm lol! His friend was into spiritual material anyways, so it wasn’t scary or weird to him. He was amazed actually. He didn’t know that I had that ability. So he and I got into a 2 or 3 our conversation about this and other spiritual experiences.

    I am feeling that I’m not from this planet earth. I LOVE these abilities though lol! Its amazing to know that I have more than my 5 senses! I love being wireless!

  11. Hi Laura,
    I have experience many a time what apears to be claicognizance and as recently as yesterday. You may want to give me an idea or two…

    I was just going about my housework, and a thought comes into my head “Whatever became of Mrs King?”. Now, Mrs King is an old friend of my Mom’s… OK; I have no daily contact with my family(I live overseas) nor with the King family or anyone named King.
    It was stronger than me; I had to google it. And, I had found that Mrs K had passed on last May. I was dumbfounded…
    I had more or less all my life had these “word flashes”; a name, a word, a phrase that “pops up”. And, I do tend to take heed.
    BTW; I read the clairaudience page and I can also relate to the ringing or buzzing of the left ear which I always brushed off. Coincidence?

    Thank you for any insights you might have.
    Have a nice day!

  12. I too have Claircognizance and Clairsentience. Several times now I have predicted bad news. For the first time yesterday I experienced a new form of Claircognizance. I had a déjà vu, which is normal. But along with the déjà vu I received information I knew to be true only by intuition. Later I found out I was right.

  13. I have done this all my life with numbers, particularly time and “guessing” the exact number of something. For example, if you ask me the current time, I’m dead on 99% to the exact minute without looking at clock. With guessing numbers, my bf started a personal development facebook page to get people over to his personal development blog and he asked me how many ‘likes’ he had and I blurted a number out. He was just logging on to check the progress, and he just turned and stared at me in disbelief. I was dead-on with the number. I also had a voice and I’ve had many voices tell me things about people I am close to that I could’ve never known. I called my boyfriend, “kissy face” one time and he just stared at me again in disbelief. I said, “what? kissy face!” ( and laughed). He said, “My mom and aunt used to call me that as a kid. There’s no way you could have known that. How did you know that?” I told him it popped in my head. Those are just a few examples. This has been recurring my whole life. I assume I’m claircognizant.

  14. Hello,
    With my chemo mush brains I still haven’t figured out exactly what it is that I am. Mind you, until recently I haven’t had any “feelings” or “seen” anyone for a very long time. Probably because a lot of upheavel in my life??

    As a young child, 2 or 3, I held many conversations with my dead great grandmother, saw animals etc. Those incidents were related to me by my grandmother and mother. My grandmother was a medium and able to read “her’ cards and project into the future. I know I inherited those abilities from her.

    But as the years passed through my teens and young adulthood, those abilities grew less and less because of major incidents in my personal life. My trust into people is at face value, and not until they proved themselves otherwise will I think bad thoughts about them.

    I just came out of a very bad relationship which started out perfect, so I thought. Something about this man mesmerized me and I trusted him fully, although there were things happening that should have tipped me off. I believe being in love with him overshadowed the clear feelings I should have had about him. Two years ago, Jan 2011, I went through major physical trauma, double mastectomy and 8 months of chemo treatments. The chemo affected my thinking and feelings in a bad way, and yet I started to “feel” and “see” things about this man which previously I ignored. I always knew that I was his soul mate, literally and figuratively and thought that I union would last.

    He, however, had other thoughts and started straying while I was in CA to help my mother with his health problems. I stayed with her on and off for a year for 2 to 3 months at a time. During my time with my mother, and away from his domineering and controlling habits, I was able to clearly see him and his actions as they were and what they were doing to me on a personal and mental level. I then decided to call it quits with him and informed him as such.

    When I got my cancer diagnosis I happened to be in CA (he lives in Utah) and ended up having the surgery and treatments in CA. We were in constant touch with each other but I could feel that he was slowly changing in everything. It ended up that he then refused to get together with me to talk things out. I sensed and knew that things were going all wrong and 4 weeks ago he finally admitted that he found someone new and hoped to marry her by the end of the year. All along I could feel his Karma had taken a turn for the worst and I informed him that he should reconsider as all the negative things he had done to me and all the women he had been in contact with during my absence were affecting his life adversely.

    I “know” when he thinks about me, or when he gets ready to call me or email me. I’ll wake up from a dead sleep not knowing why, and find out that he at that exact moment had written me an email.
    I am slowly but surely building my own life back up and going back to my own happy, positive, outgoing self again through a lot of soul searching and meditation and praying.
    This man however, has such a strong hold on me mentally that I find it hard to forget completely about him. What am I to do???

    After two weeks of no contact, thank God, he decided to call me again. I ignored all of his 5 attempts but text him that “unless he could carry on a friendly, happy conversation with me, he should just email me”, and, “that my physical and mental health were more important to me then his talks in which he would constantly lambast me and tell me all the bad things I had done to him” , and “that I did not want to hear about any “happy” news”. You see he informed me that I would be the third person to know when he would propose to that new woman. The phone calls stopped after my text to him.
    His negative, black Karma is indeed hanging over his head and I know and feel that anything and everything he will attempt will turn into nothing.
    I am so sorry that this gotten so long, but what is it that I am????
    Peace and love

  15. I’m so intrigued and glad to have found out that the strange “knowing” intuition I get has a name and a community! The main thing I’m wondering about is that, a few months ago, while under the influence (of a few things), I had sweeping intuitions about things very far in the future. For instance, “knowing” that I was going to marry one of my friends (and also “knowing” that he read my diary secretly), or that one of my other friends was going to hate me forever. I have trouble trusting these things because they’re so far ahead, and also some other premonitions I had that night were not true — for instance, that I was going to lose a finger… It’s very confusing to me and I sometimes worry it was all a delusion.

  16. Hi Alex,

    I have found that sometimes my messages are not exactly the message, they require some interpretation or association. Some are black and white. X is X. Some are not. Hopefully your message was metaphorical and not literal. If it was a ring finger, maybe you are worried about a deepening relationship or not having a deeper relationship. If it was your pointer finger, perhaps it means that you need to reflect on negativity or the like that you may direct towards others. We often point at people when we are judging them. I am not saying that you exhibit any of this behavior, I’m just giving examples to help with potential interpretation. Good luck!


    • Thank you so much Julia for your well-worded and considerate reply! That does help me think about my messages in a more productive light. 🙂

  17. I am curious if EVERYONE who has posted about claircognizance thus far have seen spirits. I have had two visual experiences, both when I was young. Two relatives who died before I was born. I have also had VERY strong senses of a presence. Not a creepy, I’m being watched kind of feeling. Just a sense of not being alone. I have visceral reactions, not just a mental awareness. Sometimes, it feels like my dad. I don’t know why, but I just know it is my dad. Sometimes he feels happy. Sometimes he feels angry. Sometimes he feels frustrated. Within a few weeks of these feelings I will usually have very clear and detailed dreams about him. Not reliving the past. The dreams are about us interacting. Very little communication. Just passing feelings. In one dream I looked into his beautiful light blue eyes and felt him telling me he misses me and he is sad. I spoke aloud to him and asked him not to leave me again. He gave me a look that was annoyed, frustrated, sad and knowing. I woke and had a very empty feeling similar to how I felt the day he was buried.

    I wonder if this is part and parcel of this ability, if this is a potential sub-ability, if this really isn’t an ability at all, but instead a psychological manifestation of missing my dad (doesn’t explain the other sitings though)…

    Can anyone relate?

    Thank you,


  18. Hello! So, I have suspected that I may have a mild form of some kind of psychic ability, and after reading some info here I’m wondering if it could be claircognizance. I sometimes have these random thoughts pop into my head, without any clear link to what I am doing in that moment, and then that thought will come to fruition moments later. For example, I am a 31 year-old woman, I have no kids, and there is no logical reason that I should be thinking about the Smurfs as I brush my teeth. However, a few weeks ago, I was brushing my teeth while I had the television on in the other room, and the Smurfs popped into my head. Not 10 seconds later, a character in the sitcom that was on the TV in the other room made a reference to the Smurfs. I know I had not heard them say anything on TV about Smurfs prior to that, because that would have explained why I would think of Smurfs, and I clearly remember thinking, “Why in the world did the thought of Smurfs just pop into my head?” Another example. Less than an hour ago, I ran into Target to grab a few things, and for some odd reason, I suddenly thought, “What would I do if I saw Karen from work here?” Three or four minutes later, while I was busy studying cereal boxes, Karen from work walked up beside me and we chatted for a few minutes before she left for the check-out. I have never run into her before at Target (or anywhere, for that matter), and I had no reason to think that I would run into her for any reason while I was shopping. Things like this don’t happen every day or even every month, but it happens to me frequently enough that I think it’s way more than just lots of little coincidences. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

  19. Haha I guess I have this. I have this very scrambled way of thinking. For example back in school I was not paying attention at all. I randomly burst out an answer and the teacher looked at me shocked and said that she hadn’t even said the question yet. It’s happened many more times. Claircognizance and empathic I guess.

  20. I have always been very intuitive. I cook intuitively, make my food choices according to what my body needs intuitively, and do most of the things in my life intuitively. Recently I got attuned to reiki, level 1 and 2. One evening, while doing reiki on a family member, I noticed a close diseased family member standing and quietly observing. I wasn’t alarmed, nor scared, I felt like he telepathically asked what I was doing, I just answered the same way that it was for the good. Nothing happened, I finished the session and he disappeared. Another case – several times actually is when I received a tiny voice in my head telling me to wear a certain colour top – my very good friend wore the same colour that day – that kept happening for some time – sometimes I had a voice in my head telling me, sometimes I would think, what colour to wear, and I just intuitively chose the same colour my friend would wear that day. I had cases when I turn around in the kitchen and I almost “see'” a person – usually a close person to me. I’m not even mentioning the energies I constantly pick up during the day, even when I am alone at home, focusing on something else, they just interrupt me, and make me think of, or feel in a special strong way, be emotional, cry, be very sad or very happy.. I am aware they are not my emotions. I also know when someone is lying to me and especially I feel their feelings.

  21. Praise God! So clear knowing is the exact title of my gift. Why does it have to be so long to spell. LOL claircognjzance. I thought it was telepathy I was using.
    God has given me the ability to read intimate details of people lives like how many kids and the combination of kids, years married, their relatives occupations, criminal records in detail and so forth. I am glad to connect with others in the psi community who has clear knowing. I have documented over 30 times I was thunderstrucked! as I got it from Carl Jung. I hear that meditation helps clear knowing. Carl Jung calls it the meditatio the act of talking to an inner figure. I am a twin and I have always talked to invisible characters. First it was always Jesus then the others came.

    I do have a question. Automatic writing I keep reading on the internet is the next step to developing clear knowing. Yet I am leary of opening myself up to evil spirits.
    I ran across some scary entities as I was practicing active imagination so I stopped.

    Can anyone give me any advise. I have the Holy Spirit I do not want evil spirits in my life

  22. Hello,
    How do you know the difference between Claircognize and clairsentient. For the longest time i thought it was just the one n now i feel i have both . Sometimes i know n feel clearly so how can switch it off so ik which one im using the most of?

    • Hi Cindy,
      I would not be trying to switch one or the other off. Both are there for you at different times and for different circumstances. Claircognizance is a gut feel or inner knowing and Clairsentience is clear feeling. You can read more about Clairsentience here.

  23. Hi Laura! I was noticing someone up there who told the story of my life. I started reading at age 2 and was asked to test for Mensa recently, but I have been having some trouble. I have claircognizance and believe I am also clairsentient. I just “know” things and read people SO well. I can tell what type of person someone is, their intentions, if they are lying, etc.. immediately upon meeting them (90% of the time) it freaks my boyfriend out because I am so accurate. I had some health problems last year and thought going back to school would help me feel better about myself. I am not sure why but since I have been back in school this year, I have been having an extreme amount of trouble focusing and feel like I am losing touch with my extra senses. I am worried. I am not sure if it the stress or something else. Do you have any thoughts?

  24. This happens to me quite often and when I have been asked how did you know that I could not verbally describe how I could do it. My answer was always “I just knew”.
    With me it always happens in places I have never been before & I can tell you exactly how to get to a random place while there. Which everyone thinks is so strange because I have a horrible sense of direction most of the time, but when I know I just know. I also know who’s calling or texting me without looking at the phone and can tell you exactly what they want or what they are going to say. My friends make me do it for them as a game now! I never even knew this type of esp even existed until I just read this, makes me feel better knowing that others have this ability too!

  25. Hi,

    I like reading your articles. They are very good and informative.

    I dont know if this is claircognizance. I have got information about someone from nowhere for a long time. It has automatically come to me. It seems to just stick to me and not leave. The problem is I dont have anything to back it up (but I am 100% sure the information is correct) and so I am not able do anything about it. I feel stuck. I get other signs on the same lines as the message I am getting via my inner knowing (claircognizance). I just dont understand how to validate this.

    What is the best way to deal with this? How can I validate this?

  26. Hello to all….

    I am truly grateful for your sight…I apologize in advance this is so scattered…i need help and guidance on what my focus needs to be with all i can do to help. I want to continue to learn more now that i know what my part of my talent is labeled. claircognizant (Clear Knowing)….

    Which fits perfect with the closest thing to label what it is I can do ,,,,,, is Trance Medium ship… so please help me figure out what label i need to know about myself so i can learn more and help more people…

    A little About me…..
    i became spiritual about two years ago and have learned more in the past two years then i could have in two life times it seems…

    See i do free tarot card readings for all who is interested … (this brings me true joy to help and truly connect with everyone i sit with) When i sit with someone… i allow them to draw from the tarot deck so i can read them off their energy.. i don’t let them say a word to me… i talk to them… I first pray to my angels and guides to help me receive and give the message softly and clearly to the person, for their highest and best and highest and best for all.. and then i touch the persons hand (i don’t know why but i feel i have to ) and ask their name and then ask my guides how does it feel to be connected with ________’S energy and i connect with them right away… then i start reading the cards… And hit the situation right on the head with the message from the cards…Everyone always understands what i am reading right away.. but the cards is only a start…. then as i continue to speak as the cards fade out… i am feeling any emotion they are feeling at the moment usually crying… so im crying with them like it is me going through this situation and giving them some great explanations and advise and telling them things about them i could never know seems i work on major life lessons with each person i connect with…. I talk to them and let them see the pattern in there life and how to overcome this lesson.

    We will cry about past lessons and hard times it has caused,and then i’m speaking positive, stern, guidance and speaking truth to them not only i feel but they see and feel coming through my emotions Every reading is lengthy.. like 2 hours… i don’t put limits on helping others… that is limited my life purpose.. another thing quit odd that happens as i allow the message to go through me if i grab on to something i hear and hold it back to put it in a better outlook for them to understand… just think about what was said for one sec.. it is ripped from my minds eye and i don’t know what i was talking about… but if the person was paying attention and tells me the last thing that was said.. it’s like validation to spirit that it was important enough to them to know what the last thing was said so spirit then gives it back to me to finish… as they give it… it don’t have to make since to me…. as long as it does to them… it isn’t my job to think over what they say and say it for them to understand.. noooo that is not my job.. that is why it will be whipped from my mind and i wont remember what we were saying.. .any i am sorry i know this is scattered and alot… i just had to get it all out….
    I have connected with every single person… emotionally and physically. it is amazing.. and i’m so grateful…

    Also,,, about me.. i am a sensitive, empathy and indigo… my birthday is July XX,XXXX my astrology planet for cancer and leo just happen to be sun & the moon.. Cancer is Sensitive and Leo is strength… BUT i am so grateful i just recently came to terms in all actually i represent BALANCE….But i never feel balance because my life path number is a 5 which is change… and oh have i lived a challenging life… i cant stand routine, haa just the thought of the movie ground hog day gets my stomach all worked up… i HATE THAT move.. lol i have to be challenged in any situation or i will get in trouble somehow.. i can’t do simple.. period.. … i am very spontaneous..and competitive, i am a go getter, i do my best work under pressure… I am very giving,
    Seriously.. i consider myself to be blessed to have such a generous heart and rough on the outside… you could even guess i had a heart… even after this hard ass life i have asked to live… I have tried to change the sensitive, sweet, loving, generous, person on my inside.. i am because i am constantly getting hurt.. BUT I CAN:T THAT IS HOW I AM WIRED… i CANT CHANGE THE LIGHT IN ME…I’ve always felt less than.. but always act like i am just as good as whoever…

    But with all this on me wow… Can you imagine my scattered life… i am trying to balance … this all about me seems chaotic I know… I live it everyday.. I just want focus… focus on purpose… i am grateful for any help…. of information about me learn more… i know i am so ready… it’s in my face … i feel the presents.. i’m just not sure what all it is that i do and need to learn and focus on for the best of all that is… Cause all that is “I AM”

    Always Smiling,

    Christina Ayon

    “Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up”

  27. Hi, I am new to this website and have just recently started looking for advice about my concerns, whether or not I am empath – ultimately, who I am. I have enjoyed learning about you and reading the information I have read so far on your website; since you seem to be someone with relevant knowledge and experience, I am hoping that you may be able to answer some of my questions. I have been wondering more and more, whether or not I am an empath, whether or not I have any psychic ability, and what kind it is that I have if I have anything.

    I have always been and felt different, and for much of my life have been pretty unusually sensitive compared to other people – and that is at least, what other people like relatives and my parents have long considered me to be. I have often been able to know things about people, if nothing else through being able to get an overall impression about people that is often accurate. I am able to almost always know whether or not someone is lying to me, and on occasion have been able to sense what a person’s medical and/or emotional condition could be. There have been times in the past when I was able to somehow know, without anyone telling me or seeming to have the same experience, whether or not someone was trustworthy/good/bad – at the very least, I was able to get an accurate impression of someone I had only had two conversations with, which seemed to be accurate based on what my experience with the person turned out to be. There was a time when I, for example, immediately felt very uncomfortable around a certain person I met through a close friend of mine at the time. It was not my first time having such an experience, so as I had (mistakenly) done before, I tried to discard my suspicious and negative thoughts about the person as nothing relevant. It turned out that in this case, as in others before it, it was a mistake to take my bad vibes and uncomfortable feelings for granted. It turned out that this person was as untrustworthy, selfish and mean as I thought he was. It was not so different from an earlier encounter with someone who was always unusually difficult for me to get along with that I had also had; the moment I met this other person, I remember feeling a combination of empathy and discomfort toward the person, and even a sensation that I was going to end up having serious conflict with the person at some time in the future – along with a strange sense of nausea. We also ended up being college roommates; there were times when, alone in our dorm room at night, I would feel uncomfortable and almost nauseated because of her. In the end, we ironically ended up having a heated conflict between each other as we were ultimately never able to get along, and she has since been an enemy. Sometimes it seems that I am able to know things of a spiritual nature that no one else has told me – things that I have never read anywhere, and that are almost spoken to me – things that seem, and feel as if they are reasonable, and that make perfect sense to me. If I, for example, think about what I have read in a Bible – at times and more often lately, I may become aware of new knowledge related to what I have read before and thought about – knowledge that is not written anywhere, that seems to add to that earlier material and that makes sense to me.

    I believe that this knowledge, because I am a Christian, is related to God – and many times insights I have, seem to happen at early hours in the morning at around a time I would awaken. Many people, and more and more with time, often turn to me (and my family members are the worst about this) to share their personal and emotional experiences/problems with me – and they tend to want me to show them compassion, and to be able to offer a practical solution to what they share with me.

    More recent experiences (over the past two years) have included sleep paralysis, as well as a strange supernatural experience in one of my family’s houses. At this time, although I was not able to see what was around me – I was able to somehow know (and increasingly sense) about the presence of entities around me, that seemed to be of an evil nature – I was able to almost feel and to know where they were, and when they seemed to be close to me. This occurred over about three days as I recall it, and apparently my insights were correct, because the house where I had this experience had to be blessed not long after this happened. I have also recently experienced sleep paralysis, when after awakening from a deep sleep, I for example knew that there was something evil around me; on one occasion, I sensed and thought I saw a presence beside me bed, which I heard whisper in my ear. Shortly after this, I thought I could see my bed moving, as I thought I could feel something bumping against me where I was laying.

    I do realize that I have shared a large amount of information at one time, and so I hope it isn’t bothersome to you. I am just looking for answers and advice, as this is also something that I haven’t been able to turn to a lot of people about. My mother, who I also believe is an empath, has been one person in my life who has provided me with a lot of understanding and support if no one else has. She has told me that she honestly believes that this is also what I am, and even more strongly than she is. She has told me that she thinks she has seen me show it, i.e. through claiming to have seen me experience an awareness of someone around me. I guess she made this observation of me based on what she has learned and observed about herself. I am just looking for helpful advice; I know that there are many people who turn to you for help and advice as well – and having often been this shoulder to cry on myself, which has often been overwhelming for me – I hope that my questions won’t be overwhelming to you, as again I know I have shared a great deal of information at once. I just appreciate any feedback or assistance you are willing to give.

    All the best,

    Sandee Ellen

    • Hi Sandee Ellen,
      Thank you so much for your comment and sharing your experiences. Claircognizance is a beautiful ability and it is great you can trust your gut feelings. So, even in this day and age, stepping out of the psychic closet isn’t easy. I think you already know the answers to your questions in your heart – but perhaps are waiting for someone to tell you this isn’t the right path? You already know or I don’t think you would have taken the time you did in writing your comment. The question is; are you ready to step on to this path? You always have a choice, but what do you KNOW?

      • Hi again,

        I have been wanting to explore whatever I have for a time now; I would love to use it to help other people somehow, and this is honestly one of the reasons I have decided to pursue becoming a mental health counselor. It has bothered me lately that I actually have had some trouble achieving in that profession..I am also not sure how to go about establishing myself and using whatever ability I have to help other people, though I would love to do it.

        Thank you again very much for all of your help!

  28. The last time I hung out with my friend Leah she dropped me off at home and when she stopped the car I just had a sudden thought pop into my head and I knew it was true. “She’s gonna die in a car wreck.” It kind of scared me how I had just thought of ssomething so random and it fill me with the horrible feeling that I was right. I told her to be careful driving home and to call me when she got home. Everything went okay and she called me. I then thought I was just being silly and paranoid so I pushed it to the back of my mind. Two days later I received a call from one of my co-workers saying that Leah was in a car accident about an hour before and passed away. I was heartbroken, but not surprised. I knew it was going to happen. I had the same feeling about my mom’s dog a few days before he got ran over and killed. Is this all in my head or are there really psychic abilities?

    • Hi Ashley,

      Right now you are using claircognizance for yourself, which is wonderful! You could also use that in a client setting as well. If you receive that strong of a knowing on things, you could use that to help someone else by giving them a strong indication of their next moves. So yes, it is a psychic ability for you. The question you need to answer is whether you want to further step into that or not. Like anything, it is a skill to be honed so you can use it reliably on behalf of someone else.

  29. Hello! its my first time posting comment here. Em a claircognizant person, Em 23 and I’m fro Philippines. I just wanted to share stories about me which is related to my ability. people close to me often address me as stalker girl…which I find it funny, its just that I just knew things about them..

    When I was at college… I’m not aware of what are those things that my classmates do or likes.. specially when it is personal thing…but then during my hospital duty.. that was the first time I ever read my duty mate and she was amazed.. like she really did smile and laugh ..she was shocked when i know her little secret and that is she collects small things like buttons and pins and keeping it in a box and know one knows about that even her mom…

    So, even me I was amazed of myself, for the first time I wasn’t able to believe that I can do such thing. so, I did googled it about psychic ability and there…I just know that this is what they called claircognizance which is common to others, and then lots of people I read, even if I haven’t meet them personally… I just meet them and communicate them through phone but I can still have my readings… and they just say “WHAT THE….ARE YOU EVEN HUMAN?” but one of the worst thing is my friend a far from me didn’t told me that she had a breast cancer…

    I texted her, I even laughed with her over phone.. but then suddenly An image or something popped out of my mind and I said, YOU LIED.. and she was like.. ME? LIED TO YOU? and then I said it to her, i said.. YOU WERE DIAGNOSED OF BREAST CANCER BUT YOU DIDN’T EVEN TOLD ME ABOUT IT… and I just heard her cry.. and She asked how did i even know… and I don’t know how to answer coz even me don’t know the answer….

    So, there are people who are friends of my friends that I first met.. they were impressed… about me knowing who they are, what they are, things about them, like their fave foods, drinks, fave dress, outfits, likes and dislikes… even personal problems, what they often do, their habits..etc! and I am so thankful that i am having this kind of ability…

    Its a forever gift from UP There that i must give importance and i have to take care of…. it became a part of life for almost 2 years, and I also have a visions about future but the image are not clear.. and also I could predict that this afternoon it will rain, this evening it will rain… but I can give some details.. and I also have dreams that really do come true aside form always experiencing deja vu.. I just want to share this dream..

    i was dreaming that there is a coming storm and it is really that a kind of storm that could bend a tree… then I told my friend about it.. and then he next day at school.. here goes dark clouds, wind wooshing, cold air.. and then it really did rain.. then at the news there is really a storm… then my friend text me that my dream did come true… but to be honest… I really don’t know how did I GET THIS ABILITY.. OR how did I ended up reading and predicting without even having a proof.. and you know what?

    Its kinda weird that i am so much amazed of the moon… its like when I saw the moon… its like a have this powerful energy inside me, moon really makes me happy, its like giving me a happy moment, thought or whatever… its like I just so much love of the moon…

      • Does people having a gift of claire often experience deja vu? Or its just a coincidence?

        And I am also what they call pyschic vampire..and I am also an empath…so is that what they call an empathic vampire? Sucking up energy and at the ssame time feeling the emotions?

        Thank ynu so much!!!

  30. Hello Larra;
    I am a 51 year old man who has had experiences with at least a few of the ‘clairs’ my entire life. Apparently my ‘primary’ is claircognizance, and I’m just beginning to learn about my gifts. My first wife always used to defer to me to decide if new people in our lives were ‘good’ or ‘bad’ because I always can tell between the 2 when I’m in the same room with them…..and it has never failed me. Hindsight has always proven me correct, so she absolutely believed in me.

    I have had countless ‘deja vu’ instances, but what arouses my curiosity are my dreams- sometimes I will have the same dreams several times over the years and will not remember them, then suddenly I will be in a situation where I will remember every time I’ve had one of these, and of course it’s right when the dream is about to become reality. At this point I have sometimes been lucky enough to have someone near me so I can “tell them what is going to happen next” and of course it does. I’ve freaked out a few people this way.

    I have also had 2 very realistic dreams which I did remember and just ‘knew’ that they were actual visions of the future, thought about them for decades, then suddenly they happened- just like a movie, I guess. For a long time I have had situations involving clairgustance, I did not know what this was until about 3 days ago. I have always had possibly clairaudience or something related, when someone who is close to me is talking or thinking about me I get a ringing tone in my head, each person’s tone is different. That brings me to this- I know I have found my soulmate, not enough time today to go into the last few months [I will later].

    I have never been so finely tuned to another human being in my life. It is literally scary, I never knew this could happen. And the tone she makes in my head is the sweetest, most beautiful 2-tone ringing I have ever heard, it’s almost like singing. I am having a problem with this, as she is not a believer and she tells me that I am spooking her because she doesn’t understand how I always know her thoughts and feelings at a given moment, even from thousands of miles away when we are not actively communicating [phone, computer etc].

    I am frustrated because I do not know how to deal with this. I have told her over and again that I have always had very strong intuition but that makes her angry. Should I just avoid the subject and not answer her questions? Should I pretend I don’t know what her thoughts and feeling are and just ‘play dumb’? I do not expect you to answer these questions, just putting it out there.

    We had met over 30 years ago but weren’t ready for each other, had lost touch seemingly for good [I didn’t know her last name and she didn’t know how to spell mine] then a few months ago I went on an incredible ‘rollercoaster ride’ which brought us together….[that is what I will expand upon later] So I guess I also experience clairsentience based on this.

    I’ve only had one ‘verbal’ account with clairaudience, when I was a child and nobody was even in the same part of the house as me, I heard a man’s voice say my name right behind my back- it scared me, that’s probably why ‘he’ never did it again. My strongest encounter with ‘this stuff’ was when I was in my late 20’s, at that point I was battling whether I believed in God or not, and my Grandmother had passed away.

    At her funeral I knelt before her and had the most wonderful rush of a feeling, and I simply KNEW that not only was she OK but that there was something wonderful after this life, and that, in whatever form, God is real. I wish I knew of a group of like-people that I could have discussions with about this, sometimes I feel very alone, and don’t dare tell this stuff to most. I thank you for providing this blog for folks like me, and have a great day!

    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences! Please don’t dim your light just because someone else has a different level of understanding. Listen to your gut.

  31. I know it has been quite some time since someone has posted on here but I felt the need to incase someone researching this ability is looking for answers. One of the most amazing examples of this ability happened to me a few years ago. My boyfriend at the time was cheating on me with another girl ( I obviously had no idea or facts to back this up) but I kept getting a gut feeling about this that I just kept pushing aside since I had no real evidence to back up my accusations.

    Well one day at work I had that gut feeling again except this time it was so strong it literally make me sick like the way you feel when you know you need to puke. I kept pushing it aside and it grew stronger until I finally allowed myself to feel what was obviously needing to be felt. I didn’t hear a voice but an inner knowing telling me ” Betsy” I thought to myself what?

    I never knew anyone with this name and the Puke feelings grew stronger so I allowed myself to continue feeling into this gut instinct. I felt ” ask him about Betsy” and even though the him in that feeling didn’t tell me who I instantly knew it was about my boyfriend so I texted him “when were you going to tell me about Betsy” even though I had no idea why I even sent that message and he quickly replied “how do you know?! And how was I supposed to tell you! If you knew what her & I did together you would have dumped me” sure enough those instincts were true and I never pushed those feelings aside anymore I always listen to them because they have not been wrong!!

    • Hi Shelly,

      Thank you so much for sharing! What an awesome validation, although not exactly the most comfortable for you. This is a great example of claircognizance.

  32. Hey there. Yes, I’m claire cognizant. I trace how the journey of human spiritual evolution has transpired through the vehicle of the physical body. I’ve been receiving this info for 12.5 years now…and it’s truly amazing. Unfortunately, the world always wants evidence/proof of how I know what I know. Slowly, but surely, the world is consciously evolving…and when the time is right, people will open to what I have to say.

  33. Had 02 knowing about my brother which came true except happened later in his life & 01 happened twice. 02 knowing about myself. 01 came true; the other won’t know until age 100. No knowing about famous people. Know about things without knowing how or why I know. Haven’t experienced it or know anyone who has. Do not consider myself psychic.

  34. I read this article. I know it is true I know many times in my life I have clear knowing and when I followed it gave me very good results. I accomplished my zoology, got married , reached to President and meet my friend who teach me many things from other culture at vey late age. Grateful for this article. Thank you.

  35. I’m a Reiki practitioner and I’ve found that claircognizance and clairsentience are the two gifts that occur during my sessions. Perfect strangers are amazed at what I know about them after laying hands on. It just wells up and I just know. Very useful tools for energy healers.

  36. Hi Laura,

    Thank u so much for this info. I am from India and I am sure now that I am a claircognizance. I used to receive amazing knowledge from some inner source since childhood and it grew stronger as I am grown.

    I used to receive metaphysical answers to the mystery of different book that I read like Gita and other Vedas the answers that I have not known before. When I see pictures of Hindu god and goddesses it reveals what energy form they actually are and how people have misunderstood them.

    I used to plant a question in mind and think I have send this question out in the universe and than receive an answer from some inner source and once I was think about Krishna and Arjuna the two characters from book Gita about what they actually are and felt it so strong in my chest I felt the voice of the source in middle of my chest saying now u have understood me and I can’t explain what happened.

    After that it was like a vacuum inside me which was pulling in me which was pulling me in and I was receiving such a heavy amount of knowledge in fraction of second about this whole existence almost about everything in one single second. I lost all my senses and was not able to feel my body but was somehow connected to the source which was in my chest and mind.

    I was so scared that I started push ups to feel my body again and lost all the happening. The knowledge rush was gone but the source voice was still there and it made me feel that I have stop something very sacred. This is not the first time that I backed out. Than once day I saw a female figure sitting right next to my head watching me she was full of diamonds saw her and I started crying as if I know her

    I said Maa look what has happening with me pointing at my body indirectly tell her that I am stuck in this whole process of life and death. She looked in right direction as if someone else is calling her to come back I felt someone but not able to see what she was seeing and she disappeared. I opened my eyes again and saw she was gone. Felt a strong peace in the room.

    Well, I am 29 now and getting materialistic now but always have a feeling inside me that this is not what I meant for but doing it to support the family like everybody. I have so many stories that you can write a book on it (joking). Stopped everything thinking I will go crazy because I can’t share all of this with anyone.

    I started reading more teaching from enlightened master and I can understand what are they pointing at with ease and if get stuck I say to myself it’s not the right time yet.

  37. My ability is Claircognizance, as a very small child I had this ability and my parents, aunts and uncles all told me I was too small to know what I knew, so I blocked it, when I moved away from my family to another state it came back a little, and now that I am divorced I am able to be me, and am working on bring back this ability.
    I remember my ex and I were driving home from work and I told him “Renee is in this wreck up here (she was the office manager at his work), her car is totaled” He looked at me like I was crazy and then we drove past her standing in the road and her car was totaled, there had been like a 5 car pile up.
    I am working with a group of people in the town I live in now, we are all psychic/intuitive in some way and we are working on getting better/clearer at our abilities. I am connected to my guides and my angels and am getting clearer and more receptive to what comes to me, I just pay way more attention now. I meditate daily, and do some automatic writing. I’ve learned tracking to help with getting answers to my questions, one of the people in our group is a hypnotist and his voice really helps when I am blocked. I am told that one day I will be able to channel, and that I am a healer, so those are things that I am looking forward to on my spiritual journey.

    • Hi Melissia,

      Thank you for writing in and sharing your journey! It is nice to meet you. I am so glad you are taking action and improving your abilities. You are an inspiration to others, so please keep doing what you are doing. 🙂

    • is it energy draining ? very time when I ‘connect’ i find it to be energy draining and rather unpleasant experience. I do not understand how someone can enjoy it… hmmm

  38. Hi
    I learnt to read by three, drove my mother nuts and i still read anything and everything. I am constantly driving people crazy with being able to answer things and know what their responses are.
    I have also known when people have died, for some it was the exact time of night; despite being on the other side of the country.
    I have at times seen remote country areas with a feeling of someone being buried; months later reports of a missing persons body being found in bushland and the pictures have matched what i saw. They are horrible and have not had a lot of those.
    However news stories of missing people i seem to immediately know if they are dead and why or who. People assume its an overactive imagination so i dont share those thoughts.

    I also pick up people’s emotions and physical feelings, i had morning sickness and cramps for friends when pregnant or unwell.
    It can be very tiring but also useful with being a counselor.

  39. So glad to find this article and other people who know what I’m going through. I was at a pro-football game and “knew” the lady beside me was the grandmother of my favorite player. Sure enough, we got to talking and she told me all about him. About a year ago I suddenly just “knew” a lot of information about my past that I never even thought of before. I couldn’t believe how much it changed my perspective and healed my past. There was no way I could just “know” this 17+ years later. I mean out of nowhere. Wasn’t even thinking about it. Now I just happen to know that a former boyfriend is sterile (can’t have kids). I don’t know why I know this or how. Have not talked to him in 15 years. It’s so weird and I wish I had more control over it so that I could use it at will. Thank you for making a website where people like me can realize that this does in fact happen to many people.

  40. Hello !!!
    After reading this page.. I believe mine is claircognizance.
    I don´t know how but I just know the songs that are about to play on the radio.. I start signing those song for example at 9:00 am and by 10 am I hear them on the radio. That’s like the usual daily thing. But the most intense experiences seem to happen to me when I am going through stressful situations and after going to sleep. One of the most strangest things happened when I was going through a depressive phase. My mom had cancer and I failed one of the most important final exams at Uni. One day I just cried, I was exhausted, and really asked god for help, out loud, I remember clearly asking with all of my heart for something good to happen.. I went to sleep, and when I woke up I felt awesome!! I just felt like “in love” the whole day.. and I knew I was going to win a lottery prize. I just knew that was going to happen the next day and I actually talked about this to everyone, because I felt wondeful and in peace and “magical”. So I went and bought the ticket. And well.. it happened .. the next day I won a lottery prize 🙂 It wasnt about the money.. The amazing thing is that I clearly knew this would happen.
    Ok this is like my coolest story. But like I said, I have experienced this “knowing” many times.. I just wish I could handle it or work with it.

    Comments appeciated!

    Thanks so much 🙂

  41. I’ve always been aware of the fact that I possess clear knowing. I knew answers before teachers would ask, I knew when my mother had injured herself when she was hundreds of miles away. I knew when my mother would die as well as knowing that my sister was dying without anyone having to tell me. I knew immediately when I met people whether they were honest and kind as well as knowing if they were devious and untrustworthy. I knew I was going to be laid off from my job months before it happened. I felt that it was some kind of psychic ability but didn’t know what to call it. It was like someone suddenly whispering something in my ear and me being conscious of it. It often doesn’t make you the most popular person especially with a person that is the sneaky, devious back stabbing people you come across–I think they can see the fact that I know what they’re about in my eyes. I’m trying to look at this gift as just that, a gift and not a curse.

  42. I do not believe in supernatural, spirits, afterlife and all that and YET – I have ‘this thing’ happening to me , the ‘thing of knowing’ and seeing the future. What is this??? Where is it coming from? If I ‘tune in’ i can see future events taking place. All you have to do is to ‘open up’ the space and time. Quite often thing ‘knowledge’ gets downloaded into my head out of the blue. When I try to do it on my own it is a VERY energy draining process. I still do it with my family members in case they need guidance.
    I wish I never had this happening to me because it is unsettling. I also feel the energy of people, houses, offices and areas. Imagine how draining it is. I want to be disconnected from ALL THIS . I want to be free. I do not know how to explain the phenomenon, but something DOES exists. I am a super logical and analytical person, never went to a church, I have degree in engineering, i think with my head. I deny everything paranormal that exists and yet I possess this ability.


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