Meditation For Beginners

Meditation for beginners explores techniques for quieting the mind, relaxation techniques, and how to meditate. Get in touch with your inner self and learn how to access your intuition for clarity and peace of mind.

Why Meditate?

Feeling stressed out or just can’t concentrate on an important task or project? A guided meditation helps you clear your mind so what is most important comes to the surface.

“But I don’t have time for that, I have a ton of stuff to get done right now.” you might say to yourself. I used to think that way too, until I actually tried it for myself.

Now, I have come to realize that when you take the time to clear your mind up front, I can be more productive. I am clear in what I want to accomplish because I have clarity in my tasks and goals.

Recently, I started meditating and found it to be an absolutely wonderful experience. I always thought meditation was just something that some young new age person did. I had no idea what was involved with meditation and just thought it sounded a little bit off the wall. Well, I was definitely wrong!

Guided Meditation for Beginners

What is surprising is just how good it has made me feel being able to take a 20 to 30 minute break from my routine with a guided meditation and close out everything else that’s going on around me.

Just concentrating on being present allows the thoughts that are most important in my life to pop to the surface, crystal clear. I also get a flood of ideas for new business ideas when I meditate.

Relaxation Techniques

Because you take the time to relax your mind and concentrate on your body, all the things that have gotten pushed to the back of your subconscious actually have a chance to come through. That is one of the beauties of guided meditation that I had no idea existed before.

It is quite a wonderful feeling to be able to just sit back and relax and just be in the moment and block everything else out. I feel refreshed and it seems I have a lot more energy for the rest of the day.

Developing Intuition

Meditating can also help you develop your intuition and that sense of inner knowing. By quieting the mind and your ego, the small quiet signals that may have been buried by the ego and a chattering mind full of daily tasks now have a chance to be heard.

For myself, this has been useful for evaluating those nagging doubts about why you don’t like something or someone, but just can’t put your finger on why. When you give yourself the time to let your subconscious thoughts come to the surface, the light will go on and you will have your answers.

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  1. Meditation for beginners will offer you the most important basic exercises to help you create a meditation practice.

  2. As a beginner I started doing guided meditation before sleep. Do you recommend specific guided meditation audio? Also what do you think of biofeedback devices to help achieve a meditative state?
    Thank you.


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