Find Out If Your Empathy Is Out Of Control

overactive empathy

Do you feel energetically drained because you constantly pick up other people’s emotions? Reclaim your power from overactive empathy and stop absorbing other people’s energies. Find out if your empathy is out of control.

Find Out If Your Empathy Is Out Of Control And How To Heal Overactive Empathy

Are You an Empath? – Did you ever wonder why you are able pick up on other people’s energy easily? You may be an Empath. Sometimes it can be difficult to diagnose whether or not you are an Empath. Everyone is born with the gift of empathy, but I think there are some defining traits that separate normal empathy from overactive empathy.

Is your Empathy in Overdrive? – Discover 5 symptoms of overactive empathy that can cause you to feel completely overwhelmed. If you find yourself nodding yes to three or more, the chances are good that you are suffering from overactive empathy in one way or another.

Are You an Emotional Sponge? – Do you feel as though you are a human sponge for other people’s emotions? Do you tend to absorb the energies of co-workers, family, and friends to the point it can leave you drained for days?

Are Childhood Traumas and Intuitive Abilities Connected? – Is there a connection between childhood traumas and intuitive abilities? Find out how past childhood experiences can impact increased empathic sensitivity.

Are You a Spiritual Healer? – Are you a spiritual healer that has yet to identify your unique gifts to the world? Have you been reluctant to embrace your energetic healing gifts? If you are reading this, you are more than likely a healer.

Accepting Your Gifts as a Healer – Are you having trouble fully accepting your gifts as a healer? Find out how to integrate who you are at soul level with who you are currently.

The Complete Empath Toolkit

Can you look at someone and just ‘know’ what they are going through?

Do you cry easily? Do you find yourself listening with ease to other people’s problems? Have complete strangers easily shared their intimate secrets with you? Have you found yourself drained by other people’s energy?

If so, you might be an empath, and you probably have gone through life being more affected by other people’s energies than you realize.

I have found a great resource for you to help you understand your empathy. It is called The Complete Empath Toolkit.

Learn how to better manage your energy and connect more deeply with your Divine, intuitive, and Spiritual gifts. 

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