Accepting Your Gifts as a Healer

Are you having trouble fully accepting your gifts as a healer? Find out how to integrate who you are at soul level with who you are currently. Awhile back I wrote this post, Are You a Spiritual Healer? In it I wrote about identifying your unique gifts. This article expands more into being able to fully accept those gifts.

What are the Traits of a Healer?

Do you resonate with some or all of these traits?

  • When you get together with friends or family, do you find yourself attempting to determine their mood when you first walk in the room? I used to do this quite frequently with my parents when we would sit down for dinner. I was trying to ascertain whether or not dinner was going to be pleasant. As I later came to find out this is referred to as energetic pinging and is a very useful method to quickly scan or read another persons energy body.
  • Do you find yourself gravitating toward websites and blogs that discuss developing psychic abilities, energy healing, and items of a spiritual nature? And by this I mean is the percentage of articles you read about this type of subject matter over 50% of your total reading?
  • Do you see repeating numbers frequently such as 11:11, 222, 444, and the like?
  • How many decks of tarot, Angel, or Oracle cards do you have? How many more are you wanting to purchase?
  • Have you experimented with pendulum dowsing, candles, or other methods of retrieving information from spirit?
  • Have you taken classes in Reiki or similar types of energetic healing?
  • Do children and animals gravitate toward you?
  • Are you highly sensitive to the energy around you? Your energy may cause light bulbs to burn out frequently or cause street lights to flicker.
  • Are you extra-sensitive to watching violent movies or scenes on television? Has this sensitivity increased in the past five years or so?
  • Can you read people’s emotions and energy easily and know exactly what kind of mood they are in? When you mention what you have noticed to someone else, have others not been able to see it and look at you strangely?
  • Do changes in the weather change your mood drastically? Can you sense energetic changes in the Earth such as earthquakes or hurricanes?
  • Do you avoid shopping malls or other large groups of people because you come home feeling completely drained?
  • Do you feel quite shy in a large crowd of people, even when you are normally quite outgoing?
  • Do you feel like an emotional sponge for friends and family? Are you the “go to” person for sorting out another’s problems?
  • Do you avoid arguments or emotionally charged situations? Are you a peacekeeper?
  • Do some people take an instant dislike to you? It because they are rejecting your healing energy.
  • Have you had other paranormal experiences in your life?
  • Are certain drugs ineffective on you or do you have an odd or opposite reaction to them?

Allowing Yourself to Accept the Gifts

All of the traits above are signs of being an empathic healer. Some of them may be so strong that you can experience physical symptoms from them such as migraines or aches and pains. If you answered yes to most of these traits there is a PRETTY GOOD CHANCE you are indeed a healer.

Just sit and think quietly for a moment. Ask yourself, “Am I a Healer”? If the answer that floats back to you is a comforting yes and a knowing at soul level, then the next step is to consciously accept it and begin to let it shine to the world.


This is the point where most of us want to start running for the hills. Accepting it is one thing, but knowing what to do with the knowledge can be quite another. You mean to tell me that this is what I am supposed to be doing with my life?!!! If you just got a sense of total unease, sweaty palms and a feeling of nauseousness, I completely understand. Just take it one step at a time. You don’t have to do a 180 degree turn from your current life immediately. Just start taking steps in that direction.

Accepting Your Gifts as a Healer

Also, some of you may not consider yourselves healers because of the traditional medical views. We think of healers traditionally as doctors or nurses. There are many types of healing and many of them are just starting to be recognized as valid in traditional medicine, such as Reiki, Matrix Energetics and yoga.

Once you have fully acknowledged your healing gifts you can begin to make sense of what is happening to you and how you can best bring your gifts to the world.

Developing Your Intuitive Gifts

Taking an intuitive development course can go a long way in accepting your gifts as a healer and integrating them into everyday life. One of the courses I took to start developing and making sense of these of these abilities was Soul Realignment™ with Andrrea Hess.

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51 thoughts on “Accepting Your Gifts as a Healer”

  1. Hi Laura,

    Yes to the great majority of those. I remember reading your first article and thinking,”I am so NOT a healer – what??” LOL I did associate it with the physical body, doctors and nurses, until you changed my mind.

    “Pinging” – I have never heard of that, although of course I practice it always. I was really surprised to find out that not everyone does this.

    • Hi Julie,

      Yes, I never knew there was an actual term for it (pinging) up until about a year ago when I was doing some advanced Soul Realignment training. I have always done it too. That’s the difference I think, not everyone does do this.

  2. Hi Laura,
    Great article, and very informative. I am in the beginning stage of unfolding my gifts in spiritual healing- very exciting but scary at the same time. I am currently looking into what type of healing system I should pursue, perhaps multiple.
    The other day my hands got so hot that it literally felt like I had a 103 degree fever in them. Much activity going on in my hands and feet! Sincerely,

    • Hi Marianne,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is great to meet you!

      If you haven’t taken a Level I Reiki class, that would be an ideal place to start. Take Level II and III as well after awhile. You may also want to check out Matrix Energetics or Psych-K. If you have that much energy in your hands, I would definitely suggest looking into ways to move energy. It sounds like you are a natural.

      • Thank you so much, Laura, for your advice!

        This all started for me in July of last year when I was able to rid myself of the pain hip I had had for many years, to the point of having considered a hip joint replacement surgery.

        In July I was listening to a meditation when all of a sudden I heard the champagne bottle pop on the top of my head, made me levitate for a second, and scared the heck out of me! A few minutes later, it felt like my whole body was plugged into the mains outlet. An enormous amount of tingling started going down my hands, up my legs and into my chest. The intensity subsided, but I still had the tingling sensations lasting for a whole month!

        At night, I couldn’t get any sleep, for as I closed my eyes, I saw all kinds of images of people, animals and the stars. For 5 whole days I went without any sleep while still working. So I finally had to go to my doctor (whom I had worked with for many years) and told him what had happened, and that I needed something for sleep and my nerves! I was a nervous wreck and scared to pieces that something was wrong with me.

        A few days after this happened, I noticed that my hip pain was gone completely, and has been since July of last year! What a blessing that has been to me! I couldn’t walk very far, getting in and out of chairs was painful, my hip was stiff, I couldn’t go up and down stairs. Now, no problem whatsoever.

        So all of this was the start. My mother has been having remote distance healing sessions, and on the first day she got it, I told her good bye as I went to work, kissed her, and a few minutes later, I was having “sparks” all over me! The next day she had her sessions, I could tell when the session started as I was getting the treatment indirectly! So this has been building up gradually.

        I attended a workshop to discover my divine gifts, and every time we had the meditations, the tingling and warmth sensations came over me, but especially in my hands and legs. My instructor said this indicated, and she felt that healing abilities were emerging with me. Wow! What a learning curve! Very exciting but sort of scary at the same time…

        And then the other day, as I was at work, my hands got so red and hot, they literally felt like I was having a very hot fever in them. So hot that when I placed my left palm over my right hand, at a 3″ distance, I could feel that very same heat in my right hand. Creeped me out, right there in front of patients I was registering.

        This is why I now am looking and searching for answers and methods to learn, so I can develop further these emerging and unfolding abilities.

        Know this post was long. I normally don’t do this (post), but when I saw your article, it resonated with me, and it was as if it was meant for me!

        Thank you for the information!


        • Hi Marianne,

          You are welcome! Thank you so much for sharing your story. That is so inspiring to have healed yourself of hip pain. Wow!

          Oh yes, your healing abilities are definitely emerging. It is time to take it to the next level. Reiki would be a great choice for you to learn how to use the energy in your hands.

          • Laura,

            Thanks for the info. I have a few friends that practice Reiki, so I will consult them.

            What are your thoughts on Quantum Touch, and Matrix Energetics (that you recommended I check out)? Have you heard of Chios?

            Just wondering.

          • Hi Marianne,

            I am not familiar with Chios. I have done a bunch of reading on Matrix Energetics and I would love to take those courses. They are not offered where I live currently, so I will probably wait with it. That just happened to be the one I am currently drawn to at the moment. I am only somewhat familiar with Quantum Touch.

            There is no one course that I would recommend over another at this point. It really is what you intuitively feel drawn to. Check out a few of their websites and see which ones excite you. All of the courses have something to offer and will help you to expand your gifts, even though they may be taught in different manners. Have fun exploring!

          • Hi
            I am having a very hard time with my mother…her journey of choice these days seems to be of fear and negativity…I am so very tired of dealing with her soul sickness…she chooses it and I become the unhealthy focus I am a healer ..this I know..and this cycle with my mother is so very endangering to health ..for me..Help

          • Hi Cynthia!

            I’m no expert but can def relate. My sister was that person for me. I found her very needy and her energy draining and negitive. After our mother died I couldn’t handel it. Our mom was the buffer between us. I had to take a step back and decide to not spend as much time with her for awhile.

            Now we are better. I have delt with allot of my own inner feelings and released allot. I was honest about why I distanced myself and was able to calmly say I didn’t agree with her lifestyle choices ect but had no right to judge her and loved her

            I have done this allot lately tho with various family and friends. I am more sensetive the past few years to people, environments, situations, even the weather. I read somewhere that you have to do what’s best for you and your energy.

            My family relationships have helped me see things in my self that I need to release or accept (enculturation & shadow side stuff). I have learned the best way to deal with others is to first deal with yourself and let the others work out their own stuff (family included).

            I also do a loving pink light protection on myself frequently. Its seems to actually help! I have accepted that all the people and situations happen to me to make me stronger and able to deal with all types of people/situations.

            Also maybe this situation its prompting you to have love and compassion for your mother regardless of how she chooses to be? I’m still learning this lesson myself, to see the divine in everyone…it can be challangeing…HaHa! Good luck on your “Healing” journey!

            Sonja A

  3. Very interesting!!! I can answer yes to most, but not all of the questions. I will tell anyone that we are NOT alone on earth!! I will see a word in a license plate or email or something that is out of the blue and that word will always show up later on (that day or the next), so I feel I have some psychic ability, but not sure about the healer ability.
    Laura, I do have a question. I asked my guides a question re: a sign I was getting yesterday. I saw 2 signs after that. One sign I received, I understood what they were trying to tell me, but the other I don’t. Spirit Guides don’t throw in a new sign about a new matter when you are questioning a current message from them, do they? Thank you for your response, I appreciate it!! I will definitely rethink your questions on this article…

    • Hi Jaci,

      It could be a couple of things. I know for myself I usually have more than a few thoughts or questions running around in my head at a time. It could have been an answer to another question you asked earlier on. Another possibility is that it is a response to the question you currently asked, but something that perhaps you are not acknowledging or letting yourself see, or something that is just appearing on your radar screen as a possible answer.

      • Thank you Laura for your input, I do appreciate it. It makes more sense to me after reading your response. I ENJOY your website and posts, so keep up the wonderful work!

  4. Hi Laura!

    This is my first post to your blog…

    I received this particular newsletter this afternoon and found myself agreeing to 99.9% of the questions you posted. AHHHH!!! I have been going through a VERY rapid spiritual transformation and had no idea that I had spent years doing these very things questioned most of my life! And I thought I was a little strange for doing them, too. So my answer is a HUGE….YES, I’m a healer! And I embrace it! It is an INCREDIBLE feeling and a special thing to pass around so much light & unconditional love into a person’s life. You just never know who you are going to impact…it is ALL worth it in the end.

    Love to you,


    • Hi Sharon,

      It is great to meet you! I absolutely love comments like yours! When the realization hits…WOW! Sometimes this stuff really blows your mind, at least for me it does. It is definitely all worth it in the end.

  5. Boy, you pretty much summed it up Laura! Those characteristics are SO TRUE and made me laugh. I don’t know how many card decks I have and I could buy them all! HA! My favorite is the opposite reactions to medications. I always stumped my doctors with that one! haha :~D

    • Hi Sallie, I just counted…I own 7 tarot card decks. I also have about 3 more on my Amazon wish list. And then there are the healing stones…I lost count a long time ago. I don’t have a bad reaction to medications, but have known people that do and they have many of the same healer traits.

      For myself, one day I started adding up where I was spending all my time online and something like 90 percent of my internet travels were all related to psychic abilities and healing. If that isn’t the writing on the wall!

  6. Laura,

    Your posts are helping me so much, I just have to say thank you! A healer doesn’t seem to be the easiest role in the world, but I certainly identify with the traits you listed and it feels so good to have a better understanding. You mean not everybody scans the energy of a room and the people in it before entering (ha!)?

    • Hi Wendy,
      It is nice to meet you! I am glad my posts have been helpful. No, I guess not everyone does scan the energy of a room. Strange, huh? 🙂

  7. Wow – I couldn’t believe that I said yes to all or your questions. Now I understand and was relieved to know why a few co-workers seemed not to like me. I am so not used to that response. Thank you for providing such a wonderful list.It was so very helpful and enlightening.

    • Hi Jean,

      It is great to meet you! I am glad it was helpful to you. I used to always wonder why certain people did not like me too. Once I understood this stuff more, it all made sense. We tend to go about our lives thinking everyone is radiating the same light energy toward each other and take it rather personally when we run up against someone that doesn’t operate in the same way.

      • You have helped answer another question I had – why strangers talk to me! People I don’t know always talk to me. I notice it a lot in grocery stores and the bank teller. The cashier could ring up 3 people before me and not say a word but hello or thank you – I get up there and they are holding conversations with me and smiling like I knew them forever. So weird. Thank you for the “aha” moment! You made me smile!

  8. Interesting post Laura….I am relatively new to your blog and what first brought me here was the triple number posts. I too can answer yes to nearly all of the above and when the logical side of my brain kicks in it is sometimes difficult to accept. With respect to the bullet point about people disliking/rejecting your energy, why do you think this occurs? Is it a defense mechanism due to being uncomfortable without really knowing why?

    Look forward to future posts….

    • Hi Krista,

      It is nice to meet you and thanks for your question!

      I think that is a good way to explain it – a defense mechanism. Some possibilities could be having unfinished business with that soul in a past life or literally vibrating at a different frequency than the other person. I think I might have to explore that topic further in a future blog post.

  9. Hi Laura,

    I must admit that I see those numbers (11:11, 444, etc.) frequently.

    Last year I did a ride with the bus, and I thought something, and then suddenly I saw 11:11 – it was so funny because it really fit perfectly for what I was thinking, so I started laughing!

    Reading this post, one commenter also had 11:11 as local time, so no, it doesn’t surprise me. 🙂

    • Hi Peter,

      Nice to talk with you!

      It is great when you get immediate feedback to a thought you had. It means you are tuned in to hearing and seeing responses to your thoughts and questions. It starts becoming almost like a game after awhile.

  10. Hi Laura,

    It was 11:11 when I finished reading this post.

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now. Today I decided to go back through some of your older posts and stopped when I came to this one. I can say Yes to most of this list.

    I just got a new deck of Oracle cards two days ago and they are beautiful! They’re Earth Magic Oracle cards by Dr. Steven D. Farmer.

    I enjoy reading your posts as they are always about something that I’m interested in!


    • Hi Heather,

      It is great to meet you! Welcome to Intuitive Journal. I love the 11:11 thing. That always makes me smile and is such cool validation.

      Isn’t it fun when you get a new deck of Oracle cards? It makes me want to order a set I have had my eye on, although I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more for a while.

      I am glad my posts resonate with you. Thank you for the kind words!

  11. Hi Laura,
    I wanted to ask your advice. 10 days ago I went through a meditation with some friends who are all in a group led by a medium locally. At the finish, the medium thought that what I was seeing was perhaps some different energy coming through. Well, 4 days later while at work, I was having some visual disturbances and all of a sudden, while sitting at my desk looking out to the hallway, I could see the inner aura of every person that went by me!

    I thought something was wrong with me… but I realize now what had happened. I was seeing for the first time! Anyway, ever since this happening, I keep having headaches, have difficulty sleeping , keep getting dizzy while putting my head on the pillow. The last couple of days, it has been getting worse Last night I almost had to sleep upright. I saw my doctor yesterday, he thought I was having tension headaches and something going on with my inner ears. But he didn’t think there was anything serious going on with me.

    I consulted an online psychic with a company I have dealt with before, and he said he thought my chakras were leaking energy (I suppose he was referring to the higher chakras) He said to close them whenever there is an intense meditation (I don’t consider the one I had anymore intense than the others), but the trouble is this: I don’t know how to close my chakras like that. I suspect that my crown is somewhat open, but I could be close (just the way I feel when I go to sleep).

    I contacted the medium who held the meditation, and she said that she didn’t think I was leaking energy, but to go and talk with my doctor which I did. I am about to be at my whits end. I can’t get good sleep and it takes me hours to go to sleep due to the dizzy feeling. Last night I kept hearing every heart beat in my head and pressure behind my ear drums. I seem to be fine during the day (except I now thing I have become EMF sensitive- the cell phone gets me dizzy, also with the pendulum, and sometimes while sitting at the computer).

    Laura, have you heard about anything like this before? My medium friend says I do seem to have a lot of the healing energy, which is fine. But I want to feel “normal” again when going to sleep at night. What do I need to do? Any advice! Help! I have already discussed some of these issues with my doctor (I worked with him for quite a few years, so he knows I am normal LOL!) but I don’t have a really close friend who can counsel me on these things of what I am experiencing.

    ANy advice would be appreciated. By the way, I have now completed a Pranic Healing course as a beginning.

    Thank you,Laura! I figured since you are a healer that you would have some insights.


    • Hi Marianne,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you!

      I am sorry to hear of your discomfort. I really think you are in the middle of a spiritual awakening, along with your third eye becoming fully open. The change in sleep patterns and the dizziness are a result of those things. Unfortunately, sometimes the physical symptoms that come along with the awakening may not be the most pleasant.

      The sleeplessness and change in sleep patterns may be more of an emotional by-product of the awakening. It could be that you still have some fears associated with your abilities being available to you. It could also be from an unpleasant experience in a past life. Your subconscious mind may be worried about going to sleep and letting these thoughts get dealt with. You may also be worried about experiencing some vivid dreams.

      You also just may not need as much sleep as before, at least during this time. If you cannot sleep, don’t try to force yourself to sleep. You could try meditating or journaling instead. Also, be aware of your thoughts if you are awake in the middle of the night. If you find yourself thinking about how tired you are going to be the next day, you will be, but not from missing the sleep. You will be tired because you told yourself you would be tired. Your thoughts can manifest rapidly between 3 and 5 am, as your mind is in a very creative state during that time.

      I guess I want to reassure you that things will settle down after some time. How long is different for everyone. It could be a few weeks or a few months. Your cellular structure is changing and it needs to integrate into your physical body. By accepting what is happening as a natural part of the process, that will help the changes integrate. Worrying about falling asleep will end up causing more insomnia.

      As a side note, you may need to eat a few more foods high in potassium to help the dizziness. Also, you may find you need to change other areas of your diet, like eliminating dairy or gluten to help alleviate some of the symptoms. Use meditation to ask your body what it needs right now.

      I wish you the best!

      • Laura,

        I want to thank you for that lengthy reply and the information you gave me! It was so helpful for me to know that it wasn’t just me imagining things, but that these symptoms are in response to what I experienced.

        Just what kind of cellular changes are you talking about? Are you referring to the third eye opening, or are there other changes happening as well that I may not be aware of? Sorry to sound so ignorant on this topic, but no one else in my family has experienced this (what I am going through) so I can’t go and ask them…

        Anyway, I slept like a log last night, my BP that has been all over, was nice and low. Hope it stays that way for a while.

        Thank you for your help!


  12. A long time ago, I was a healer before I knew what that had meant. Proof isn’t a problem to give you to, but what was amazing was the transition of it all. I heard my mother when I was 30 and that opened the door. I had a Reiki attunement and then the world listened. I heard things, seen things and experienced things I can not explain other than to say, I have a calling. I have spoken to the dead. I have felt a presence among me. I can feel the energy around someone and distinctively confirm by something around them. I am a messenger a person to give hope. Through whatever light or communication it may be. I knew and I know that I am a healer.

  13. A long time ago in my teens someone told me I have a healer’s aura and for years I kind of forgot what the person said. But as I live my life I always find I am working in situations where I mentor or help people in distress. People have always come to me with their dysfunctions and problems I used to be kind of like a mother figure to street involved youth, cooking big meals and letting them find somewhere warm and comforting to go to talk. I also have noticed some things on the list, like scanning places for the mood of the room and being pretty accurate. I find after being around alot of people I cherish some alone time to re center myself. Never really meditated so sometimes I feel physical symptoms of stress coming off other people. I always questioned my feelings and bottled them up because people would not believe me if I told them I feel people’s ‘vibes’, but more and more I am drawn to research the topic of healing and healer abilities, because I have already been doing so for so long but did not put two and two together. Thank you for clarifying what I kind of already knew but was afraid to ask.

  14. Hi there, I realized I was a healer a long time ago, although I had been to afraid to do anything with it. I started using it on animals that were hurt and the results were incredible. Sometimes my hands get so hot it resonates through my hole body and I feel as though I will pass out. Is it normal to feel like I’m going crazy sometimes, like when I walk into a room (even with best friends) and feel everyones energy – feelings, if someone is thinking or feeling negative, I get paranoid they feel that towards me, what does this mean?

  15. Hi ,
    All my life I was told by mother how my great grandmother on my fathers side was a healer , I never really understood this , my mother always said she wished she had that ability …….
    Growing up I was very sensitive to spirit around me , and still am , I have dreams that materialize as déjà vu but I know it’s the dream I had the other night or maybe a week earlier .
    I am now 32 and my dreams are more frequent and déjà vu last longer ….. I know what people are feeling and often people say to me ” it’s like you are reading my mind ”
    I don’t use my gift , I’m not sure I have one I just live my life knowing I’m a lil more sensitive .
    But here lately I have noticed I’m a healer , when people are in an emotional distress I gravitate to them , recently my young clients husband passed (31) she called me at work saying ” I know this is really strang to call you ” she explained the situation , he had a cardiac arrest right after she got home from her hair appointment with me he was on life support for 4 days , she called to say they were taking him off of life support that day but because of bad weather ( an unexpected snow storm that morning ) it was delayed , come to find out he passed at the same time she made the call to me , me and another stylist did his hair for the funeral , and after that I had a song put in my head I never knew befor but found it an sent it to her from her husband .
    Help me understand this gift please I have so many more stories !

  16. I can answer yes to mostly all of your questions. I seem to take on the physical pain from others. I get headaches all the time, stomachaches, diarrhea etc. I can even be on the phone with friends or family and they might happen to mention something that is wrong with them. I end up feeling the same thing as they did and after I do my body hurts so bad or I feel so sick for a day or two and then I’ll be ok for a while. Is this normal? Sometimes I feel like I want to die because I can’t handle it but whether I can or not it happens. God must think I’m a pretty strong person to be able to take this stuff on.I draw so much energy that I feel like I have extra static electricity in my body and pretty much everything I touch shocks me. I also get pain in my toes and my fingers for no reason. When I get the headaches Excedrin migraine is the only thing that will touch my headache. I do not like taking pills at all but I have to at the headaches. Any other types of medication whether it’s Tylenol Motrin pain pills anything I have weird sometimes scary dreams like nightmares and the medications don’t do anything for me. Is there any advice that you could give me so I don’t feel so overwhelmed and resentful of this gift sometimes.

  17. I am new to your site. I answered yes to all of your questions. I have done pinging most all of my life but didn’t know what it was. I also have had some instances of healing but not because I wanted to or had any idea what was going to happen. The common thing was my hands becoming unusually hot. I believe in the power of touch but backed off from it, cause touching someone would many times bring instant healing to them but totally drain me. I did not know what was happening nor how to protect myself. So I shied away from it all for years. Now I feel totally unexpicably drawn to learn more about it. I also am drawn to crystals for whatever reason. Perhaps you could give me some clues in this area. I have no idea what one would do with them. Thank you for any help and or guidance you can give me.

  18. Bi i am so glad i have read this as i have been seeing the repeatimg numbers 11:11 222 444 and 555 and also answerd yes to all of your question i also see other sequences and my birth date constantly it has now made sense why i have been seeing them so much thank you would you be able to tell me why im seeing my birthday all the time as well please

    • Hi Kerry!

      I have also started seeing number sequences (starting Jan 1st) it started with 22, the, 1111, 222, 333, 444. 555 ect. I see my birth date (525) and time (741) now as well. Funny you posted on thee 22nd so it caught my attn. I also answered yes to all the questions in the post and have been looking into learning Riki, Chi Kung, Crystal Healing and practicing Yoga reguarally. Maybe Laura has some insight on seeeing bithdate and/or time? Since seeing my bithday/time I also see a few other sequences too. The site Sacred Scribes has allot of info with a FREE number index (it has meanings from every numer from 0-2000. Also Doreen Virtue has a Angel number book. I haven’t bought it yet but I bookmarked her blog post on it (it has some basic number combo meanings). Well hope this helps. For me the biggest comfort is knowing others experience the same or similar things. Good luck in your “Healing” journey.

      Sonja A.

  19. Hello madam,
    I m from India and very recently I joined this intuition journal..
    Madam I really do feel from my childhood that I have something inside me … a power..and I have a strong attachment with numbers specially with 4, and I born 29th of july 1986 at 4:44pm. also, and I got there are so many clues of my intution, madam please I want to know the reality of mine and the purpose of my life!!
    Please tell me also that either reincarnation is real…how far.. as I do also deeply feel about my past life….
    With regards,

    • Hi Arpita,
      It is nice to meet you and thank you for your comment. I see you also wrote to me via my contact form, so I am addressing everything here. For me, reincarnation is a deeper inner knowing that many of the memories I have could not have taken place in this lifetime. Others feel that we are living multiple lifetimes at once. So, just some food for thought so you can make up your own mind.

  20. Hello, thank you for the article. I have always felt I am a Channel for Healing energy, but have always felt an Embarrassment about feeling this, Especially as an adult because in this Society, accreditation is massively important. I do not wish to study any particular Type of healing. Any Time I have Experienced the feeling of passing healing energy to Someone,either mentally or with my Hands, I can feel the energy Transferring and the Other persons energy Change. I see aura sometimes,but always see Like White noise,Tiny dots of gold,White,blue,green,red,every Colour.its not an eye Problem,its not in my Line of Vision,its over or in everything,even there when I close my eyes. And at Times I see peoples aura and the colour is always apt. I would Love to refine The healing hands, any Advice. Thanks you.

  21. I have known for a while that I can heal. My great-grandfather could heal, he had the ability to stop bleeding, he was well known(as I have been told) for his ability. I’m not sure what to do with it! No one knows, I am afraid of what people will think and say. Would love to be able to do some thing good with it. Not sure why I’m so upset by it. Makes me very emotional. Any advice that you have would be much appreciated !

    • Hi T,
      Thank you for your comment. Think about what you would do if you weren’t afraid of what people will think and say. That is where your power lies.

  22. I think I am a healer…but for now it is really frustrating for me…all the feelings I get they seem to be stronger for past years and just overwhelming…I would love to use it, help people but I think I am to weak and don’t know how to control it or direct it in the right way. I am still trying to work it out and trying to work on myself at the same time. It’s nice that I popped in in here.

  23. Wow..just wow!!! Everything you said is ME. And I suffer from over 80 allergies including gluten, soy, chemicals, ect..ect..
    I wish I had a group near me to talk to.
    I’m also an ex massage therapist. ..this is so odd and wonderful

  24. I have to comment… I was reading through this (my sister occasionally calls on a healer and i decided to do a little research on it)- and all of this is completely new to me (or at least the research part- I’ve been fascinated in stories I have heard for years but never thought to just look it up!)….. But the more I read, the more I related, and the more uneasy I felt….

    Up until I read the 11:11 thing and i almost choked and quickly exited out of your site. I must say…i have commented to my husband before about it, but he didn’t seem to understand what i meant. Anyway, I got up the nerve to read through the rest and i would say I am over half at Least.

    The only problem is, my family has brought me to doctors and have given me speeches throughout my life on why i need to try fit in & why don’t I try harder and it has been a real struggle for me to relate to others on a “real human” level.

    Often I am more serious than others and can’t loosen up & be “myself”. So… I am now a therapist (occupational therapy 😁 so perfect, our goal is to see the holistic person!) But in my personal life i am often bitter & unforgiving. I feel as though I do not fit in and have a very difficult time making friends.

    I have talked extensively with my husband about social skills/ etc but I sense other people and how they think and unfortunately pick up a lot of the negative thinking. I am not sure where to go from here but I still am unsure that I am a healer, but maybe a bruised one?

    Very introverted, I did tend to attract guys who need love- before I was married, and constantly try to bridge differences in people and have always wondered why we can’t all just “get along”. This leads to anxiety also. It doesn’t show on the outside and so was probably very confusing to my family as I grew up.

    Lately though as I start to feel more & more out of place I am beginning to become more distant and bitter. I do know this about myself & occasionally wallow in it but I do want out & I do want to help others and would be absolutely fascinated if I truly was a healer.

    My grandpa was “special” in ways – I didn’t know him super well so not sure on.details- my grandmother was very natural oriented- my dad can feel things through reflexology, my mom is that person who ppl gravitate towards but she is very OUTgoing and was probably most on my back about “fitting in”.

    My aunt is very into energy &such but I have not talked much with her. I would never tell my immediate family for fear of them seeing me as psychiatrically I’ll or something 😄

    I am afraid to say I am a healer & then have someone say no you aren’t ☺ so I feel safe enough here to just have someone give me a nudge in one direction or another! Thanks 😉

  25. Hi there everyone I would like to share my story with use as I am a healer and hope to motivate through relative experience what gave me a sign. Every time I walked past a certain street light it started flickering. Just about a month ago I have raised awareness thanks to this sign the rest has fell in place rapidly fast. I charge my energy through the sun light and release it to as many people as I can I love sharing so here’s my story:

    I grew up in poverty in the streets were all I knew was how to fight steal sell drugs to survive I was involved in gangs and always getting in trouble I grew up without a father as he past away before we could meet I had to teach myself how to be a man being immature.

    I got involved in a aggravated robbery due to hardship we got court and charged I got sentence to prison as a punishment in this place it is nearly impossible to find positive energy’s as every one is angry sad and trapped no nature or family around its a really dark place as I had time to think.

    I was blaming everyone and everything for what happens to me I thought to myself when I get out of this place I want to work for someone anyone or anything for income as I got released i tried finding a job but I could feel a sort of energy that I was being judged for my convictions employers looks at me discussed like as if I was an alien I was never given a chance to prove myself which I also blamed everyone and everything I believed nothing will ever work out feeling sorry for myself only way I could get away from these thoughts was threw drugs and music.

    Just recently I taught myself to accept that there was no one to blame accept that it was lesson this lesson was making me appreciate freedom through being caged and to realize how much little things mean until they are gone. A lesson learned. I accepted this projection as a blessing and I then listen to my intuition. I shouldn’t have to work for anyone.

    I also accepted this was another lesson about myself I was here to do something bigger this made me optimistic which is a strong gift. So think about lessons in life, accept and move into new, and let go of old. I found I healed my self be strong and great full for Evey blessing big all small much love and light any questions just ASK*.

  26. I recently had my first visit with a medium, and she picked up on my being an empath and then told me that I’m a healer. So, I’ve been online trying to read up on it. I work in the healthcare field, so I guess my spirit guides are leading me down this path, anyway. But I’d still like to be more knowledgeable. My patients tell my boss all of the time how “calming” I am, though it’s not something that I think I do on purpose. My medium told me that I have a lot of past things that I suppress and carry around with me that I need to let go of before I can fully take on my complete psychic abilities. I never knew things like this could be so complicated lol

  27. hi
    the numbers 222,333444 amuse me at first, they are always associated with time. they have become more intense this past year..if angels are associated
    with the numbers I tend to doubt it//////////however a few days ago I awoke
    in the night and checked the time it read 222….. I thought about them for
    awhile and rechecked the time ….it was 1:09 am… maybe there.s
    something to dwell on……………


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