Accepting Your Gifts as a Healer

Are you having trouble fully accepting your gifts as a healer? Find out how to integrate who you are at soul level with who you are currently. Awhile back I wrote this post, Are You a Spiritual Healer? In it I wrote about identifying your unique gifts. This article expands more into being able to fully accept those gifts.

What are the Traits of a Healer?

Do you resonate with some or all of these traits?

  • When you get together with friends or family, do you find yourself attempting to determine their mood when you first walk in the room? I used to do this quite frequently with my parents when we would sit down for dinner. I was trying to ascertain whether or not dinner was going to be pleasant. As I later came to find out this is referred to as energetic pinging and is a very useful method to quickly scan or read another persons energy body.
  • Do you find yourself gravitating toward websites and blogs that discuss developing psychic abilities, energy healing, and items of a spiritual nature? And by this I mean is the percentage of articles you read about this type of subject matter over 50% of your total reading?
  • How many decks of tarot, Angel, or Oracle cards do you have? How many more are you wanting to purchase?
  • Have you experimented with pendulum dowsing, candles, or other methods of retrieving information from spirit?
  • Have you taken classes in Reiki or similar types of energetic healing?
  • Do children and animals gravitate toward you?
  • Are you highly sensitive to the energy around you? Your energy may cause light bulbs to burn out frequently or cause street lights to flicker.
  • Are you extra-sensitive to watching violent movies or scenes on television? Has this sensitivity increased in the past five years or so?
  • Can you read people’s emotions and energy easily and know exactly what kind of mood they are in? When you mention what you have noticed to someone else, have others not been able to see it and look at you strangely?
  • Do changes in the weather change your mood drastically? Can you sense energetic changes in the Earth such as earthquakes or hurricanes?
  • Do you avoid shopping malls or other large groups of people because you come home feeling completely drained?
  • Do you feel quite shy in a large crowd of people, even when you are normally quite outgoing?
  • Do you feel like an emotional sponge for friends and family? Are you the “go to” person for sorting out another’s problems?
  • Do you avoid arguments or emotionally charged situations? Are you a peacekeeper?
  • Do some people take an instant dislike to you? It because they are rejecting your healing energy.
  • Have you had other paranormal experiences in your life?
  • Are certain drugs ineffective on you or do you have an odd or opposite reaction to them?

Allowing Yourself to Accept the Gifts

All of the traits above are signs of being an empathic healer. Some of them may be so strong that you can experience physical symptoms from them such as migraines or aches and pains. If you answered yes to most of these traits there is a PRETTY GOOD CHANCE you are indeed a healer.

Just sit and think quietly for a moment. Ask yourself, “Am I a Healer”? If the answer that floats back to you is a comforting yes and a knowing at soul level, then the next step is to consciously accept it and begin to let it shine to the world.


This is the point where most of us want to start running for the hills. Accepting it is one thing, but knowing what to do with the knowledge can be quite another. You mean to tell me that this is what I am supposed to be doing with my life?!!! If you just got a sense of total unease, sweaty palms and a feeling of nauseousness, I completely understand. Just take it one step at a time. You don’t have to do a 180 degree turn from your current life immediately. Just start taking steps in that direction.

Accepting Your Gifts as a Healer

Also, some of you may not consider yourselves healers because of the traditional medical views. We think of healers traditionally as doctors or nurses. There are many types of healing and many of them are just starting to be recognized as valid in traditional medicine, such as Reiki, Matrix Energetics and yoga.

Once you have fully acknowledged your healing gifts you can begin to make sense of what is happening to you and how you can best bring your gifts to the world.

Developing Your Intuitive Gifts

Taking an intuitive development course can go a long way in accepting your gifts as a healer and integrating them into everyday life. One of the courses I took to start developing and making sense of these of these abilities was Soul Realignment™ with Andrrea Hess.

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51 thoughts on “Accepting Your Gifts as a Healer”

  1. I have known for a while that I can heal. My great-grandfather could heal, he had the ability to stop bleeding, he was well known(as I have been told) for his ability. I’m not sure what to do with it! No one knows, I am afraid of what people will think and say. Would love to be able to do some thing good with it. Not sure why I’m so upset by it. Makes me very emotional. Any advice that you have would be much appreciated !

    • Hi T,
      Thank you for your comment. Think about what you would do if you weren’t afraid of what people will think and say. That is where your power lies.

  2. I think I am a healer…but for now it is really frustrating for me…all the feelings I get they seem to be stronger for past years and just overwhelming…I would love to use it, help people but I think I am to weak and don’t know how to control it or direct it in the right way. I am still trying to work it out and trying to work on myself at the same time. It’s nice that I popped in in here.

  3. Wow..just wow!!! Everything you said is ME. And I suffer from over 80 allergies including gluten, soy, chemicals, ect..ect..
    I wish I had a group near me to talk to.
    I’m also an ex massage therapist. ..this is so odd and wonderful

  4. I have to comment… I was reading through this (my sister occasionally calls on a healer and i decided to do a little research on it)- and all of this is completely new to me (or at least the research part- I’ve been fascinated in stories I have heard for years but never thought to just look it up!)….. But the more I read, the more I related, and the more uneasy I felt….

    Up until I read the 11:11 thing and i almost choked and quickly exited out of your site. I must say…i have commented to my husband before about it, but he didn’t seem to understand what i meant. Anyway, I got up the nerve to read through the rest and i would say I am over half at Least.

    The only problem is, my family has brought me to doctors and have given me speeches throughout my life on why i need to try fit in & why don’t I try harder and it has been a real struggle for me to relate to others on a “real human” level.

    Often I am more serious than others and can’t loosen up & be “myself”. So… I am now a therapist (occupational therapy 😁 so perfect, our goal is to see the holistic person!) But in my personal life i am often bitter & unforgiving. I feel as though I do not fit in and have a very difficult time making friends.

    I have talked extensively with my husband about social skills/ etc but I sense other people and how they think and unfortunately pick up a lot of the negative thinking. I am not sure where to go from here but I still am unsure that I am a healer, but maybe a bruised one?

    Very introverted, I did tend to attract guys who need love- before I was married, and constantly try to bridge differences in people and have always wondered why we can’t all just “get along”. This leads to anxiety also. It doesn’t show on the outside and so was probably very confusing to my family as I grew up.

    Lately though as I start to feel more & more out of place I am beginning to become more distant and bitter. I do know this about myself & occasionally wallow in it but I do want out & I do want to help others and would be absolutely fascinated if I truly was a healer.

    My grandpa was “special” in ways – I didn’t know him super well so not sure on.details- my grandmother was very natural oriented- my dad can feel things through reflexology, my mom is that person who ppl gravitate towards but she is very OUTgoing and was probably most on my back about “fitting in”.

    My aunt is very into energy &such but I have not talked much with her. I would never tell my immediate family for fear of them seeing me as psychiatrically I’ll or something 😄

    I am afraid to say I am a healer & then have someone say no you aren’t ☺ so I feel safe enough here to just have someone give me a nudge in one direction or another! Thanks 😉

  5. Hi there everyone I would like to share my story with use as I am a healer and hope to motivate through relative experience what gave me a sign. Every time I walked past a certain street light it started flickering. Just about a month ago I have raised awareness thanks to this sign the rest has fell in place rapidly fast. I charge my energy through the sun light and release it to as many people as I can I love sharing so here’s my story:

    I grew up in poverty in the streets were all I knew was how to fight steal sell drugs to survive I was involved in gangs and always getting in trouble I grew up without a father as he past away before we could meet I had to teach myself how to be a man being immature.

    I got involved in a aggravated robbery due to hardship we got court and charged I got sentence to prison as a punishment in this place it is nearly impossible to find positive energy’s as every one is angry sad and trapped no nature or family around its a really dark place as I had time to think.

    I was blaming everyone and everything for what happens to me I thought to myself when I get out of this place I want to work for someone anyone or anything for income as I got released i tried finding a job but I could feel a sort of energy that I was being judged for my convictions employers looks at me discussed like as if I was an alien I was never given a chance to prove myself which I also blamed everyone and everything I believed nothing will ever work out feeling sorry for myself only way I could get away from these thoughts was threw drugs and music.

    Just recently I taught myself to accept that there was no one to blame accept that it was lesson this lesson was making me appreciate freedom through being caged and to realize how much little things mean until they are gone. A lesson learned. I accepted this projection as a blessing and I then listen to my intuition. I shouldn’t have to work for anyone.

    I also accepted this was another lesson about myself I was here to do something bigger this made me optimistic which is a strong gift. So think about lessons in life, accept and move into new, and let go of old. I found I healed my self be strong and great full for Evey blessing big all small much love and light any questions just ASK*.

  6. I recently had my first visit with a medium, and she picked up on my being an empath and then told me that I’m a healer. So, I’ve been online trying to read up on it. I work in the healthcare field, so I guess my spirit guides are leading me down this path, anyway. But I’d still like to be more knowledgeable. My patients tell my boss all of the time how “calming” I am, though it’s not something that I think I do on purpose. My medium told me that I have a lot of past things that I suppress and carry around with me that I need to let go of before I can fully take on my complete psychic abilities. I never knew things like this could be so complicated lol

  7. hi
    the numbers 222,333444 amuse me at first, they are always associated with time. they have become more intense this past year..if angels are associated
    with the numbers I tend to doubt it//////////however a few days ago I awoke
    in the night and checked the time it read 222….. I thought about them for
    awhile and rechecked the time ….it was 1:09 am… maybe there.s
    something to dwell on……………


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