Spiritual Meaning of 222 | Angel Number 222 | Waking Up At 2:22 a.m.

spiritual meaning of 222 - angel number 222

Find out the spiritual meaning of 222 and 2222 and what angel numbers mean for your life. If you see these repeating numbers, your angels are trying to communicate with you. Read what they want you to know.

I also see other repeating numbers like 46, 147, 000, 1010, 111, 11:11, 12:12, 333, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999 etc. each multiple times per day. Here is another post I wrote about the bigger picture surrounding repeating numbers.

My Experiences With Seeing 222

This past week driving to work I saw 222 twice and 2222 once during a 13 minute drive. Going to lunch that same day I saw 222 again on my car clock. In fact, I have seen the repeating number 222 almost daily for the past six years.

Does this sound like something you have experienced? Very possibly so, if you are here reading this post. Some of you even wake up at 2:22 a.m. and wonder what it means. Others see 222 on receipts, signs, and license plates and wonder what those three twos mean.

I decided to use automatic writing to communicate with my spirit guides and angels and see what they had to say about these numbers. The questions in bold are what I asked in regards to my own questions and I also asked questions I expect others would like to know the answers to, followed by answers given from my guides.

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The Spiritual Meaning Of 222 and 2222

The general spiritual meaning of 222 is letting you know that there is a shifting of the grid and your thoughts. Follow those thoughts, for they are in your best interest for completing your life’s purpose.

What specifically does the angel number 222 mean?

Your thoughts align with the truth. This is verification from the angels that those thoughts are correct.

For example, if you have thought about quitting your job and are daydreaming about what you would really prefer to do instead, you will receive 222 as confirmation of the ideas you have align with your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

It is confirmation that your recent thoughts are on the right path and that you should take the next step.

What is the spiritual meaning of 2222?

It signals a time of change on your path. It means a new beginning, a breath of fresh air. If you are seeing repeating numbers, consider yourself fortunate to have realized that you do.

Let the numbers be your physical connection that the angels do indeed have messages for you if you are willing to listen and pay attention.

Why have I only started seeing these numbers?

In the past, you were so enamored with the physical plane, you consciously closed out that part of you and considered yourself separate from others.

Realize dear one, that we are all one and to let yourself get wrapped up in the physical and material here on earth will only separate you more from the divine and from truth. We are all one.

222 Synchronicity

Listen to your heart, it will guide you on the path of truth. The more often you follow your heart’s desires, the happier you will be as will the people of Earth as well. There are no extra people in this world. Everyone has a purpose and a calling.

As angels, we can only help you if you ask for our assistance. We cannot violate free will. We are however waiting for the opportunity to connect with you. Please do not be afraid of the angels. We want you to have abundance. We want to help you reach your desires and dreams. Ask for our assistance and we will be there to guide you.

More on the Spiritual Meaning of 222…

222 is the symbol of new beginnings, the next step up the ladder.  Just as nature cleanses the air and earth with rain, 222 symbolizes fresh air breathed into your day-to-day routine.

A renewed sense of vigor and lust for new opportunities. Take the daydreams and wishes that make your heart smile and start taking action toward making them a reality.

I will be writing more about other repeating numbers in the near future. Be sure to subscribe to my blog feed in the upper right corner of the screen to keep informed when I have posted new articles.

What about you? Do you see repeating numbers? I know I am not the only one. What is your interpretation of the numbers or why you keep seeing 222? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. All my life I have seen the #222, to me it means everything is gonna be alright. A few yrs.ago I was going to take my test to ride motorcycle,my son had past his & I would be humiliated if I didn’t pass mine. I was soooo nervous,as I was walking out the door the phone rang,I looked on the caller ID & the # read 222-222-2222,I answered the phone,but no one replied back. A calm came over me,I smiled & as I walked out the door I said, “thank you so much my Angels”. So needless to say I passed with flying colors at the ripe old age of 56. (only got 2 questions wrong out of 65)

  2. A few years later…I’m just now coming across your post but perfect timing!
    I’ve just moved to a new state and uprooted everything, started a new relationship and new position within the company I work for. I have seen 222 multiple times a day since I’ve lived here in the past month. This morning I saw it again and outloud said “ok I’ll look it up!!!” Because I knew something was trying to get my attention and I’ve been so busy with life that I’ve not looked in to it.
    So happy that I did…after reading your article and the meaning behind the numbers, I started crying without even meaning to…it was such a weight off of my shoulders and a confirmation I’m right where I need to be.
    When I moved here, I started a journal where every single night I write something I’m thankful for and my affirmations. Good to know it’s working!! 🙂
    Thank you so much for this, such a blessing to come across!!

  3. Hi,
    I have been seeing sequential numbers on digital devices or seeing matching clock hands being right on each other pointing to one number for like 3 years now. It started with 11:11 then 12:12 and then 2:22 3:33 4:44 5:55 12:34. There was one time I was driving and got really tired so I pulled over to take a rest and when I was about to shit off the car I noticed the odometer was on 71111 kms so i just laughed.

    It happens to me a lot that all of a sudden I just wake up in the morning and I look at the clock on my wall and both minute and hour hands are right on each other like there is only one hand. It also happens when I’m driving and just for a second I turn my head to left or right and I see a big clock on a church or something with matching hands.

    Right now while I’m typing is 2:50 AM and I was sleeping and suddenly something came to my mind so I got on my computer to check, so when I opened my laptop the screened froze for like 5 second where I was left off and the funny thing is the time was 12:34 and I was amazed like always looking at it and when the screen refreshed guess what? The time was 2:22 so then I started laughing again with little mystery tears, so I searched it again on google and here I am.

    I researched this topic a lot! and the best answer I got was from a channel which was saying it means you are synchronized, you are simply confirming it for your self that yesss it’s working it true, you are synched, you are ready, now move in the direction you prefer to your best ability, but yet I’m still hesitating and waist time by not doing what I really think I should be doing.

    1. I totally get this hesitation thing… That is when I ask myself “what are you afraid of “??!! ?

  4. Recently I was awarded at work 2 more condominium properties to manage and co manage and this adds up to 222 units
    So no interpretation here but loved reading the biblical version and others Thank you it is uplifting.

  5. What i know about 22 & 222 and 2222 is it means destiny. The more 2’s the message contains, the less you can do about it.

    1. Actually, the more 2’s the message contains the stronger the message is AND you can always do something about your situation. Saying there is less or nothing you can do about something is dis-empowering. Everything is a matter of choice and consequence.

  6. First of all… My lucky number is 22 and has been for years and years and not to be morbid, but when my brother died, who wasn’t living life very well, in fact merely existing, my family and I were on our way up the elevator to his viewing room and I thought to myself… I wonder if my brother is in room 222?? Guess what!?? He was! And so, from that day forward “222” became a symbol to “live life”!!!! I miss my brother, but here and there he appears as an angel in my 222’s! ??

  7. I started seeing 222 when it had to do with me making a decision to bring my daughter at 16 on tour to sing in Italy prior to that it was 1111 and when I took the steps one day to go to the voice coach 4 hours away with my mom (her grandmother) in the car and getting gas before leaving the gps, miles to destination and the route was 222 to the coaches house and his phone number ended in 222 and the church on the map had route 222 directly in front of the door. So we went to church (it was the 5th oldest church in the US and is a pilgrimage church connected to the Basilica in Rome) and I took a picture of my daughter in that church and she had multiple orbs all around her but not next to my other daughter.

    The person in the pew in the background had no face in the photo which was scary. My daughter sang in a piazza in front of the same named church in Italy on the feast of Saint Mary (there was a sun shower for a very short time and everyone ran into the church). It was as if we were all brought into the church and blessed that day. After the tour, coming home to the US. The photos had orbs all around my daughter and one was huge right on the center of her stomach covering her entire stomach. I couldn’t get a photo to use for social media because there were always orbs.

    The person who called her to come on tour also had an orb around him in 2 photos (I do know his famous brother had passed and actually my daughter was singing his songs for the show). My mom just passed away this past March 20th and the numbers on the emergency room wall entering was 22. I froze and couldn’t enter right away and realized something is going on here. Two months ago I was invited to go on an all girls trip with my sister and her friends who has never asked me to go anywhere ever, it’s for her 50th birthday, she said as long as your not weird. The flight #’s are 1221 and the return 1222. Should I not go?

    Many many physical things have gone on (the dryer turning on with flashing numbers, I’d press off and in a second it would turn on again and flash numbers and make a beeping rhythm sound, it happened when my daughter got angry and another time when she said she saw a dark shadow go towards the dryer and it turned on, the light in my other daughters closet turned on, tv turns on, flickering lights at home and when me and my 2 daughters stood in a macys the overhead lights kept flickering until we left that spot the flickering stopped) and I blessed the house with holy water in every knock and it all stopped. So should I say I’m sick and not go on this trip and just lose the money for the flight.

    When she said don’t be a weirdo after she invited me to go and seeing the flight numbers, I don’t want to go, she may have invited me so that the girls which include my future sister in law don’t think badly of her for not inviting me. She even said your husband probably doesn’t want you to go right, to find a way out, so she doesn’t look bad, it would have been my husband’s fault if I didn’t go. We are opposites, she’s materialistic and gets fancy and I wear Life is Good t-shirts with clogs. HELP!! I’m scared of taking these flights because I feel these numbers are a warning sign. But they are taking these flights and I’m considered weird. UGH! Who do you talk to about this stuff?

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for writing in and sharing your experiences. Generally orbs are a sign that angels or spirits are around you and in most cases considered a good thing. For your situation, I think it would help you out to pull apart and separate a few things going on, particularly with travel. If you just have a gut feeling you should not go on this trip then honor that. Only you can answer that. But try to look at all these things and see if they are separate instances or if they are interconnected. I think your friend might have a sense about you that you can “see things” and why you received the “weird” comment. Follow your gut.

  8. I have seen the number 22 or 222 or 2222 for over 20 years now. My cell phone number contains 2220, my home number contains 22, the last date I went on had a license place D22, I took my dog for a bath last night and realized my customer number on my “get 10th bath free card” was 2222. I gave the dog a bath, picked out a couple treats and my total was $22.20. I could go on with situations that have happened throughout the years. What does this mean that this number appears so many times in my life?


  9. I’ve been through a lot of trials in my life and I’ve come to realize that a lot of what you said is very can fit in my life at this moment i am a clairvoyants but I was hesitant to my believes after moving into my home after debating between this home with the address of 1222 on another home of 2222 I was in between both homes and I won the home by the realtor of 1222 after moving and I thought it was very coincidental of my home having is very identical numbers and what these numbers possibly meant after looking it up I read you were your thoughts. my daughter who’s also has my gift of of clairvoyance has proved it to me she told me that there were angels who are giving me a blessing not once but twice after moving into this home and I used to see angels as a child and not anything current I do I am very in touch with my spirituality and I have seen many miracles happen been through trials and testing and tribulations this is definitely I don’t know how you found out this information but what you’ve written in your blog about this number but it does have a lot of relevance in my life at this moment and it just help me put the pieces to the puzzle I do have a lot of plans and goals and they do involve protecting the earth and freshen early environment and help bettering our lives and following the words of Jesus Christ as I am an active member of my church as well so thank you so much

  10. Lately I’ve been seeing repeating numbers: 333,222,555 and my birth day and Month (actually have seen that a number of times since my birthday). I am leaning towards coincidence but who knows.I have been trying to develop spiritually though

  11. I have been seeing the number 123, but for the longest time I would see the number 222. For years it was 222 now it is 123. The other strange number is 911. I see this all the time, I think of the attacks on our country this date was 911 but I don’t think this is why I keep seeing this number. Maybe 911 is telling me it is important to pay attention to 123 now, sort of like it is a count down to something. I also have a run in with a shadow person. Waking up and this figure was standing over my wife, no eyes and no major features. Just a shadow of a man. I watched as it moved to the left of the bed and I did not take my eyes off of it, I looked at the shades behind it and there was no shadow, I know looking for a shadow of a shadow person.LOL but I had to look it was just very strange. It moved in front of the tv and that is when it disappeared. I am not sure if someone or something is trying to warn me of something that is about to happen but I can feel something is about to have.

  12. Wow I just saw 222 when I went to shut off my computer. The time was 2:22am. Right before that I was thinking of getting some information about how to become a new age/metaphysical store owner.

  13. This article gave me the chills, literally. Within the last year I have begin to notice repetitive numbers appearing everywhere almost every day. First it was my birthdate for a while, then it was 444, that’s when it began to really get my attention because I kept seeing 444 every where, it started to creep me out, so I began to research 444 and found out that the Angels are with me. Lately I have been seeing 222 everywhere.

    As I sat on the bed sobbing, because of my overwhelming life and my desire to truly change, I looked up and noticed the number 222. I said to myself, let me see what this number is about because I have been seeing it a lot lately, and that’s how I stumbled across this site. As soon as I opened the web page it said 222 New Beginnings…I just broke out into tears, because less than 2 feet away a little post card of inspiration on my wall said, “New Beginnings” I had recently put the card there because it meant so much to me.

    It’s crazy, because everything I was crying about, in regards to becoming a better me, was related to the number 222. The number just popped out of no where, I wasn’t looking for it, It got my attention and just so happen it was ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I needed to hear at that moment, to let me know that God and the Angels are with me…It Literally gave me the chills and all I could do was cry tears of joy… #believe

  14. I am 30 years old.I spent most of my life leading a life of nothing.Not caring about anything.then as I touched 26, i realized I was no one had nothing. I didnt wanted to die that way. I started working on things really really hard to be someone that I am now. But after every step I would encounter a setback or a failure thats when I started seeing this repetitive number 222,111,333,888..very very frequently. thats when I started googling and realised may be there is something we all dont know.
    Then after struggling for years and kind of giving up hope. I cried all alone in the room and asked my angels if this is the end for me.Please show me sign, give me something so that I can continue to work towards my goals.

    Evening something told me that I should get a picture of a god and keep it in my room.
    I am a hindu.I brought a picture of lord shiva didnt realise it until i reached home…on the back of the picture it was written ITEM no222.
    then i got my answer that i am very close and shouldnt give up..guess what after 10 days..22nd of february which is22/2 my life changed. the dream job that i had been chasing for 3 years..i finally got it. so i m a living proof that angels does exist. you only have to do the right thing with a right mind and heart and everythingwould work out…sorry for such bad narration…even I cant believe as to what happened in my life.god bless u all!

  15. I first realized that I was seeing repeating numbers when my husband was sick and dying in the hospital. I rented a room across from the hospital to be close to him. One night I awoke abruptly and the clock read 3:33. I panicked, threw on clothes and raced back to the hospital. When I came racing through the doors to his ward the nurses jumped up and asked me what was wrong. I replied that I did not know but felt I needed to be there at once. We all ran to my husband’s room and he was fine. Months later he died at 3:33 in the morning. For while I would see 333 and still do periodically but mostly I see 222 (a lot) and 555. Not a day goes by that I don’t see repeating numbers in some combinations…usually 11:11, 12:12, 12:22, 333, 444, or 555. There never seems to be a rhyme or reason to it. Of them all 222 is the one I see the most. Sometimes I can see it over and over again in various ways within a short period of time.

    Although my husband died 8 years ago and I thought I was moving forward, I know in reality I probably have not done so. Great to be given the message to do so but guess I am not doing the right thing. I try to communicate with my spirit guides, guardian angels, etc., but it doesn’t seem to work. I used to feel my spirit guide with me until the last couple of years.

  16. I have been seeing repeating numbers since 2000. It started with 1111 only for probably a couple of years and would happen constantly. Then 1141 started to show up too and would see it all the time too, mostly at night, on my clock. I would never, ever actively look for any of them just be there when I happened to look. Then probably around 2009 ALL of the repeating numbers started showing up 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777… and of course my old favorite 1111. Saw them everywhere, again without actively trying to see them ever!

    Other examples include I was matched with my boyfriend on an online dating service on 11/11/2009 (2009 adds up to 11) –weird! I don’t know if this means we are meant to be together forever but it feels like it. But it does feel like our relationship has a deep and vital meaning, that I guess the future will decide.

    Until recently, I was finding it increasing frustrating because I didn’t know what to do with all of it. I felt that I was not somehow getting the message and I was blowing it. But perhaps it is starting to come together for me as I am being to see a new life direction taking shape in my career and personally–the tug of the need for change, and the numbers seem to be telling me this as well.

    I hope that this is true, because like no other time in my life. There have been many negative experiences happening in my life which seem to be signaling CHANGE EVERYTHING! So this is what I will do!

    Wish me Luck!

  17. Last night i have a dreamed two girls (May 25,2016), and this day May 26 i have unexpected visitors. My first visitors are my brother and his friend, and after an hour my 2nd visitors are my old friends Jojo and Onet. (synchronicity)

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article! very helpful to me.

    (Sorry to my poor English, BTW I am a Filipino.)


  18. how come when I was loosing faith and started to think that god was just a lie and a fairy tale after 20 years of believing, I started to see the number 222, 555, 444, 333, 111 everywhere literally I once saw a number combination of three in a row 6 times in a day from looking over at my computers time when I was about to present something, and my uncle messaged me about bad spirits at 2:22 after we were just recently randomly talking about ghost encounters. I said I was a little creeped out and my uncle said when you wake up during the night you will hear a bang but it will almost be like it you didn’t really hear it, like it did not happen. Just to scare me, Later that night I randomly woke up at 1:11 I saw the time when I went down stairs for a water. I am telling you I don’t know what it is. If its from angels, they are telling me that what I am thinking is right. Then they are telling me to not believe. Then if its demons makes perfect sense because they are trying to make me not believe, but then a part of me doesn’t want to believe it because I don’t even know if god is real I either need to regain faith somehow, or just lose all faith and if god is real I will go to hell and if he’s not then I will be dead… who knows maybe I will be in another life. Anyways this little essay was just a cry out for advice.

  19. Hi Laura,

    I’ve been seeing angel numbers so much that I’m in the middle of writing a blog series about them – so it’s wonderful to meet you and hear from someone experiencing the same thing. There’s more and more of us and it’s wonderful. I see them all but 222 and 1222 appears a lot and they often lead me to wonderful things. You can see a few examples on my Instagram page @jennyorelle. ( :

    Blessings and Love,

    Jenny. <3

  20. When i was with my flame twin and love of my life Ryan he started to love 222…then sadly when we separate …i started to see 222 everywhere consistently like for the past 6 yrs…even on my clock and it kept following me around…i pray everytime i see it…i pray my love and soulmate ry when i see those numbers…i always felt this deep connection with ry and 222..he feels those numbers deeply too…its this our soul connection with eachother with 2:22…we both feel and our souls are connected…we feel eachother even when we are apart…this is the first time i find out 222 means changed…cause my life changed dramatically …

    Thank you

  21. i was offered a opportunity of a lifetime to drive 28 hours to a new beginning in my life and i am set to go two days from now even though i dont have enough funds to get there i am sure that the angels will provide for me to see i arrive at my destination. Been seeing 222 alot the past few months and 333 and i do believe in angels and loved ones are watching over us and keeping us safe. I know now that this is fate and my destiny to take this trip for a new life.
    karen p
    nova scotia canada

  22. I lost my 5 year old son to cancer on 10-16-99. He is constantly on my mind and I know with me always. I started seeing repeating numbers every night on my clock. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but it happens everyday. Usually at night but sometimes during the day. The constant numbers are usually 222, but can also be 333, 444, 555. I’m very confused as to what they mean. Any feed back would be appreciated!


  23. I’ve been seeing 222 and 22 everywhere the past few weeks. But before that I was seeing 66 a lot. I looked it up and it meant that’s it’s a sign that I was drifting away from God and needed to get back on the path. So I did and prayed about it. That was going on the past few years and now I’m seeing the 2’s. My thoughts and mindset have been changing for the good lately. Then I started noticing 222 and 22. I think it’s a sign that I’m on the right track and to keep heading that way

  24. My birthday is 8/5/85! I’ve been seeing the number 222, 333, & 444. My wife sees 1234, and 429 constantly. We are excited to find this information. Thanks so much. Looking forward to reading your books.

  25. My story of repeating numbers started in 2011 during my last year in collage. Our hostel was across a busy road and most of the time wanted to cross this road to attend classes, i noticed i often looked at my watch, it was always 10:22am!!! I felt so weird and associated this with protection. Something was perhaps communicating to me, telling me i needed to be careful when crossing the road. It happened that sometimes i didn’t check out time before crossing or i could go to collage earlier.

    This continued after collage but moved to 22:22. more often when i checked time before sleeping it was exactly 22:22. That’s when i used to sleep early. I nowadays sleep late but still occasionally i see this time 22:22 on my watch.

    I always considered this my lucky number until 19th July 2013. The day before, my mum and i had gone to visit my dad who was admitted in hospital and promised to comeback the following day. I called him at 22:22 to confirm my visit the next day and we had long discussion on phone. He died at 10:22 the following day before i reached him. This was so weird!

    I stopped trusting this Number after the death of my father and whenever i see it i felt like crying until recently. Even though i still have many people i trust and love so much including my mother and siblings, i still felt i needed someone i could call and talk to for hours on phone, someone i could joke with and tell anything and give update on how am progressing like i did to my father. So i married and felt like the gap was closed.

    But still i felt there was another gap, I needed a daughter and a few months in marriage my wife was expectant. Although we never did ultrasound to determine the sex of the baby, we were convince by strong intuition she was a girl and even gave her a female name. Strangely Taliyah was born at the second hour of the day (2am), the second day of the week (Tuesday), The second of day of the month (2nd Just like her mother) and the second month of the year (February). She is 2222. What is just this number in my life!!!!!!!!

  26. I had a job that forced their employees to be fraudulent and dishonest for a paycheck. I now actively work to help others break free of exploitation. I am happy everyday.

  27. I see recurring numbers everyday and sometime in a row like 18.18 , 19.19 , 20.20 . 21,21 . At the least I’ll see 3 recurring. It’s very strange and not really sure what it means.

  28. My sister & I always see 222. Why are sisters seeing the same number ? Does that connect us even more ?

    She has the gift of being a medium . She sees the number more often than I do.

  29. Hello I’ve been seeing 11:11 1212 555 333 alot lately …I believe in God ,and Jesus and was wondering why and what there trying to tell me

  30. I have been seeing 222 for well over a year====on clocks houses addresses and then it came to me my mother died at 2:22 I was with her and only 14.She said if there was any way she could contact us she would, its been 50 yrs. don’t you think that is a little long?

  31. The number 222 has important meaning in the Quran Gematria.
    One example 222 present the wraps of the days and night:

    He wraps the night (يكور الليل)
    and wraps the day ( ويكور النهار )

    Now let see the magic in wrapping the numbers:

    925-703=222 !!!

    “He created the heavens and earth in truth. He wraps the night over the day and wraps the day over the night and has subjected the sun and the moon, each running [its course] for a specified term. Unquestionably, He is the Exalted in Might, the Perpetual Forgiver.39:5”

  32. My arrival at 222 was from a scientific approach combined with a passion for peace and justice.
    We are all better off if each of us have dignified access within civil society to a minimum of 2 gallons of fresh water a day, 2000 nutritional calories in 200 ft.³ of secure living space. Project 222, A Human Rights Campaign

  33. I been seeing those numbers for 3 years, started with 11:11, my feeling about this number is about awakening. After I been seeing 5:55 for awhile and I moved to another country. Now I am not passing a day without seeing numbers, today I won 22$ at the lottery and it is the 22 today. I had my transfer of money for buying my travel trailer at 12:22, opened my computer at 4:44 exactly and started again to see 5:55. It is like this every day. I went to a food contribution and they give you a number and on my birthday, I had the number 58, I was 58 years old on that day and it was on 80 numbers, the week after they give me at random again the number 58 so something surely wonderful is going to happen this year for me.

  34. I recently broke up with my boyfriend. I’ve been feeling confused about whether I should reach out and mend things, or if I should cut the loss and move on. I asked the angels to send me a clear sign of what to do right before I went to bed last night. I woke up to a nightmare, and right then I thought to myself “I thought you were going to send me a sign, not give me nightmares!”, then I checked the clock to see what time it was and 2:22am showed up very clearly.

    I have no doubt that this was the sign I asked for, however, I’m still having a hard time determining if it means that I should mend things or move on… Any opinions?

  35. I also see a certain pattern sequence of numbers everywhere, everyday I feel cursed and jynxed nearly everyday of my life for about 30-40 years now and all this time 666 is part of my daily.

    I try not to be paranoid about it and convince myself it’s normal but I’ve asked a ton of people and it doesn’t seem it is. A lot of times it’s my total at the check stand or it’s how much change I get back. And these are all different stores with different items being purchased

    But it’s an abundance of 666 in my life. Should I be considering it’s more than just numbers? I very much believe in God and I’m certain there truely is a devil…so is this a big deal.

    Maybe why every minute of it everyday, no matter what I do there’s something always trying to make me fail or quit or give up. Whatever it is I’m doing, big or small, there’s always an crappy circumstance that complicates things ten fold that should have been no problem. Do you think this is a curse?

  36. The number 22 – 2 – 222 always comes up. For example

    P.O box address 222
    High school basketball jersey number 22, older brother, myself, nephew,
    High school football and baseball number 22, son
    College basketball jersey number – 22, older brother, myself, nephew
    College football number 22 – son
    Death of daughter-in law’s daughter from a previous marriage – Dec 22
    Granddaughter birthday June 22, 2002
    Death of sons grandfather – June 22
    Mother-in-law won a BMW at a casino choosing a key number, 22
    Recently booked cruise – 2/22/2020 (Only date available)

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