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spiritual meaning of 555 - angel number 555

Find out the spiritual meaning of 555 and what it means for your life. If you see these repeating numbers, your angels are trying to communicate with you. Read what they want you to know. I have written before about other repeating numbers like 46, 147000, 1010, 111, 11:11, 12:12, 222, 333, 444, 666, 777, 888, and 999 in case you are seeing those numbers as well.

Seeing 555 Everywhere

Do you keep seeing 555 everywhere? Do you see 5:55 on a digital clock and wonder what it means?

Seeing any repeating number is a sign that there is a current issue in your life and the numbers are a sign to get you to pay attention. It is a persons subconscious trying to make them aware of something consciously.

Is Seeing 555 “Bad”?

Please do not think that seeing a particular number is “bad” or “good”. The Universe sends you different messages at different times, each having a separate vibrational frequency. It does not mean you are any more evolved or conscious than another. These numbers are triggers, more than anything, to help you remember your life purpose and connection to Source.

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The Energy and Meaning of Angel Number 555

The energy of 555 sweeps and flows like the tides of the universe. It is the ever constant change that prepares us for the next new thing. You are seeing the repeating number 555 as a way to remember what you were put on this earth to do and that many of you are healers of one type or another. You are needed to usher in the new wave of energies. Seeing 555 is point of remembrance of this change.

When you are vibrationally aligned with this change, you will see 555. There is nothing bad or good about seeing this number, it is really a small help to you to assist you in remembering your purpose, as all numbers are. It is correct that all numbers carry their own vibrational energies. As a result, once you learn about the most notable ones, you will begin to see others.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of 555?

Do not be upset by seeing any of these repeating numbers. When you see numbers like this it is important to remember to keep your thoughts positive and not let yourself get frightened by them.

Feel the fear and have the courage to step into the power of change. You may wonder what types of changes, such as global, local or personal. I don’t think you can really distinguish between the types of changes. It is all the same, just packaged a bit differently.

Working With Angel Number 555

When you begin seeing the angel number 555 it carries with it the energy of change. I know you may interpret change as a bad thing, but change is neither good or bad, it is just change.

You are vibrationally capable of sensing and feeling and noticing the change. Your angels offer this number to you as a vehicle to recognize important signs in your life.

It is an additional piece of assistance to help in your communications with your guides and angels. Just by being aware of the spiritual meaning of 555, you are embracing change.

Please know that your guides and angels are there for you, helping you. Most of all the more aware you are of your angels, the greater amount of communication they can have with you.

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108 thoughts on “Spiritual Meaning of 555 | Intuitive Journal: Angel Number 555

  1. Hi Laura,
    Like that perspective. If you are aligned to a specific sequence of numbers then you will see it. I like your interpretation of 555 and how you encourage readers to embrace change.

  2. I see 555 everyday as my house number 555. there is always some kind of change going on as I have a family of four children and my husband in the house with me. I welcome all the changes that happen life is never dull

  3. Thank you for this explanation of 555. I started seeing 111, got unexplained texts from 111,then 11:11 and now 555.
    I have been pushing for change of residence, so I have been advised to stop pushing and let it unfold. I remain positive, thank you!!

    1. Same with me! I’m graduating next month and have been worried about what to do next as far as moving. I have been seeing 222 111 and 555 a lot. I see 222 on the clock mostly. I see 111 on the clock and other places such as the mileage on my car. Today, I logged on to my student account and saw that the University accidentally charged me 1555 for summer rent.

  4. Last week I was at the Doctor and looked at my phone and it was 4:44. Then the next was 5:55. Strange I thought. Then tonight I was helping my daughter with her math homework and I wrote out a multiplication problem for her and the answer was 444.

    Before realizing that answer I wrote out another problem and the answer was 555. I thought “I am playing this in the lottery” so I did, but I first checked to see when these numbers came out last. The one last came out on my mom’s birthday and the other came out on my wedding anniversary. Interesting.

    1. Hi mandi,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Its nice to meet you. Yes, very interesting indeed. Pay attention to when you see them and also your thoughts and questions that you were thinking just before you saw the numbers, particularly if you see them more frequently. I do believe there is a message for you.

      1. May father passed away the beginning of this month. Since his passing the numbers 777 keep popping up. What does that mean?

  5. Hi Laura
    I love when I found your website, I ‘m from Ecuador, so just, excuse my enplish, but it’s not my first language…. And actualli I like when the people tell thats not so bad…. ,!!!

    I was seeing repeating number paterns from many years ago, and tried to find answers from the hearth… And…. There you go…. Was 2:22am and I just waked up in the midle of the night to see the clock…. Like lots of time, just wake up at night open my eyes and the clock have a repeat number combination…. Today, just that hapened, toke my ipad and google it “i see repeat number in the clock” and your website had display like a first option…. Thanks angels to give the chance to keep in touch wiht you….. Thanks thanks thanks….

    I’m a futures trader and portfolio manager in EC, trading US markets, Do you think, the angels some times could try to help me in my financial dessicions? Or just their voices have the mission to guide your interior live and espiritual side???

    All the best to you, and all the universe’s pacefull energy envolved you….. Thanks Arch Angels for 222 and meet Laura…


      1. How does one get in touch with their inner self and/or their angels/guides? Also is it dangerous to try & enter a state to visit the akashic Records? I would love to know more about myself aka past lifes or which psych abilities i may natural am able to see unfold, but don’t know how or where to begin this process

  6. I always feel thrilled at how the guides love to speak me through numbers at present.

    I had been worrying about a personal situation very much for the last few days and I kept seeing 777 everywhere I went, always in the most unexpected places in the most unexpected of ways each time.

    Each time it happened I was never looking for it, it just appeared. Now, I decided to tackle my personal situation by healing it using positive affirmations and, interestingly enough, as soon as I found the phrase that felt like hitting the spot for me, several minutes later I started seeing 555 all the time!

    I’d like to think that the guides told me to calm my fears regarding my situation with 777 and that as soon as I found a way to resolve it my guides wished to tell me change was on the way. =)

    I feel grateful for all the guidance that follows me around, whether it be angels or guides.
    I just thought it would be interesting for others to share my recent experience with these numbers.
    Many blessings, and congratulations Laura for your insightful website xxxxxxx

  7. well ive started seeing 555 mot of my life as in my name first, middle, and last. 555. when i was little and i had to run my 40’s for football my time was 5:55. and everyday in the afternoon i got for a walk and come back to look at the clock and everytime it is 5:55

  8. I have been discovering a good amount of repeating numbers on my clock lately. The first time I actually paid attention, 11:11 was the usual number I would notice. As the days went by I would see 2:22, 3:33, 10:10, and others. The ones I see each day depend on my thoughts and feelings. I love the communication! Today I saw 4:44 and 5:55. Laura, your interpretations of the repeating numbers are so relevant to what I am experiencing in my own life. Thank you and thanks angels!

  9. Hi again,
    My 7 yr old daughter is pointing out numbers to me now!!! I cant but take notice LOL. Again, I woke at 5.55 and I see 11.11 often. I now have my meditation group all watching for number sequences now!. I asked my guides for guidance and I saw 111 in my head, I asked my hubby for the laptop as I wanted to find out what it meant, he looked at me strangely and said, your joking, youve been getting blank texts from 111 for about 10 days and I cant figure out how to stop them!!!! My guides seem to be very persistent and Im thankful for their patience LOL.
    Kind Regards, Caz from Ireland

    1. Hi Mike,
      Welcome to Intuitive Journal! It is nice to meet you.
      I talk about it in my free report that I offer as a bonus gift if you wish to sign up for my newsletter. I do not have a separate article posted about it at this point.

    2. Mike, the 9’s represent a time of completion in your life..something or some phase is completing. this is one interpretation..

  10. Numbers keep popping up. I wrote down the time each time I woke up last night. 1:23, 2:22, 3:36, 4:42, 5:55, 6:56, 7:33
    Last week my supposed twin flame and I had a string of 7’s in each of our worlds. Today I feel very disoriented, can’t ground, feel like someone is covering the mouth of the messenger. Hugely emotional (not normal, ever) humans even my kids grate on my nerves and they are just happy and laughing almost adults.

    I am analytical/mathematical sense a pattern in last nights numbers but can’t find it.
    Know there is a message, I am on the brink of a new chapter.

  11. Hi, I have been seeing the numbers 222, 444, 555…I have been waking by the numbers 444 and 555. I just started seeing these numbers 1 yr ago. What is going on, It scares me..

    1. It scares me as well i want to know if the change in my life is good or bad i dont need nothing else bad happening in my life

    1. When i Saw 666 it was done years ago and i was in a very bad situación in economy and faith…. Then my life changed to good

  12. Strange,
    I have lots of decision-making this season. I might have an opportunity to move to another country, something that has been on my mind for several months. Also, today, I had been thinking of what could be the lottery winning numbers. I closed my eyes and asked for some help with the numbers (with all the other stuff on my mind too). I sat in front of the computer, moved my right hand over the key pad, sure that I hit different numbers each time. I felt silly and gave up, opened my eyes, and on the computer screen search engine was the number “555”. I thought, “No way!” But there it was.

  13. it first started out with a dream of winning 4,444 dollars at casino then i woke up and it was 4.44 always seeing that number or time

  14. Wow!! Something lead me to this site because I’ve been seeing 555 for the past 2 1/2 years 2 to 3 times a day. Thx for to insight.

  15. I remember as a young boy I would wake suddenly at night as if I was having a bad dream or in a panic. Every time this would happen I would look at my clock and see 11:11. As I grew older I began noticing other #’s like 3:33, 4:44 and 5:55. Never understanding what this all ment until a couple years ago. While meditation I felt a strong desire to open my eyes and to my surprise a white silouett stood by my door. I was so frightened thinking it was a ghost. I have come to realize that we all have spiritual angels amoung us. Helping us with thought and guiding us for our true purpose. Thank you for this site. You amoung many others are now becoming awakened and aware. I look forward to our next visit. Much love brothers and sisters.

    1. Hi,

      I would like to share something and would hope for comments and remark from everyone.
      I am going through a little of a transitional period in my my life. I been trying to make things happen and it has not happened yet. I am a little depress about it. Last night I went to a church by myself to pray and think things through. I came and went into my room and notice the clock says 11:11. I am at work today and once I look up, the clock says 11:11. And insight would be helpful! thanks

      1. hebrews 11:11 11 And by faith!!! even Sarah, who was past childbearing age, was enabled to bear children because she[b] considered him faithful who had made the promise.<———promise (faith 🙂 just have faith

    2. Several years ago I started seeing 11:11 all the time. That was the beginning of my spiritual awakening.

  16. I see 555 at my job. I work in a deli and if I go over a half a pound, it is almost always .555 and I knew it was sending me a sign.

  17. Ok! About a week now, I look at the clock and the time is consistently multi numbers )1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, exc). What does this mean???? Am I doomed? Please !!!!

  18. I was born on 5 May(5) 5am, in 1979.

    Also 5 December is important date in my life.
    In the night on 5 December 2012, something I cant explain make me go out for a walk, something not usual for me.
    It was not to cold, just to keep the snow frozen to the ground. There was quiet an peaceful beside my shoes sound true the night. While watching my steps while walking on in the park, I had a lightening in front of my eyes. I seen a bright light while watching the ground and raised my head to see what was that. The next thing was a thunder so loud. There where no other thunders or lightening’s in that night…
    Many other inexplicable things are happen on 5 December,. Also previews to my birth, exactly 5 months before by birth, was 5 December…
    I lost my mother at a young age, but I am still able to remenber some of her stories over Angerl, but any mother do so with her childrens, I guess.

    My life is a long storry what have not been writen

    I did not knew I am an Angel. 🙂


  19. I saw the number 12:12 as I was going to bed last night and the ENTIRE night I dreamed that I was in jail.This evening I got in my truck and the time was5:55.I signed up to your letter because I have had the number 444 come up and it has begun to appear in the Lives of my children and Grandchildren.I saw an Angel many years ago when I was a very sick child as well.

  20. I’ve seen 555 for years, everywhere. I awoke in the middle of the night and said 555 in Spanish…I don’t speak Spanish! BUT, I said, sinco, sinco, sinco…..don’t even think thats the right spelling! What do you suppose this means?

  21. Hi I get scared when this happens but it’s not the first time. I’m a 22 year old man that has struggled with my faith for much of my life. I just woke up from this dream 17 minutes ago. In my dream I’m preforming an ritual to rid of evil spirits in my sisters body it is very intense and dark. I wake up at 5:55am scared out of my mind unable to move just pray the Lord’s Prayer. I saw the number and felt like I was pushed to search it up for a meaning. Until i read this thought it was just a number please if anyone can help me figure whats going on or how to stop seeing the devil in my dreams it would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  22. I see duplicate numbers all of the time, they go from 11-99 some times they are triplicates…they started last year in the summer. I kind of understand the message but am still not totally sure of my lifes purpose. I know it has to be something intuitive, I feel really out of whack lately, especially after my birthday. Something has been telling me that a major change is coming in my life. I know I am supposed to be doing something else! I just don’t know what it is!?

  23. Hi Laura,

    I am new here. I have been seeing number patterns for a few years now. Each time it precipitated a change, sometimes a major change. Lately I have been seeing the 5 number pattern. Last night my printer which I keep in sleep mode went on spontaneously. It was after 11pm but I have not set the time yet on this printer. When it came on suddenly the time was 551. It stayed on until 555 and at 556 it spontaneously turned off. I felt chills throughout my body. What does this portend?


  24. I have been seeing soo many variations of numbers. It is hard to decipher with every thought. I am going through so many changes in my life.. lack of employment. Separtation from my boyfriend, everytime I think about us and wether we will be together or not again… the signs get crazy! I just see so many signals. However I cannot decifer not. Just this morning I saw a 333, 666 followed by an 1818 yesterday I saw a 1616. I wish I knew exactly what my guides are telling me. I know I am not alone.

  25. I also keep seeing repetitive numbers… today was 555, it happens totally spontaneously. Sometimes its other numbers…. when I look at clock especially… it will always be repetive numbers usually not all the time but enough lately to kinda freak me out… this has been happening for mabey about 2 years now…. and yes I am going through changea dn transition in my life and seeking Gods plan…. I hope this is a good sign that I am aligning with Gods plan and purpose… Thanks for listening. Peace, Jacob

  26. Hi. My name is Alexis, I am 13 years old. A couple of years ago, in 7th grade (I am going into 9th) I started seeing a repetitive number pattern. The numbers are 9:11. I used to see it every day, at least once on the clock (usually in the evening.) Sometimes I saw it twice a day (a.m. & p.m.) or even three times a day (printed on things.) It started around the beginning of September 2011. I was rather worried, having the numbers 9-11 resemble the tragedy of September 11, 2001. My dad was and currently is in the Army National Guard, so I was a bit worried that something bad might happen to him on September 11, 2011. Thankfully, nothing bad happened. The following year he was deployed for one year, but nothing bad happened. I don’t see this number pattern quite as much anymore, but it still worries me. Is this number pattern bad? Please, if you know anything about my situation, let me know. Thank you.

  27. Good Day

    As this is a blog about repeating numbers, i wonder what your thoughts would be about a dream i had last night.
    I dreamt of five pine trees in the wood, on these trees in its wood there were five pictures, one on each tree. Each picture on the trees there is five people, the first i looked at and the people looked human but alien, they wore like space suits. The last picture had normal people on them 1 man, then a woman whos face looked wierd, then three other men. The first man lookedto the left the woman at me and the other men ooked to the right.
    I know trees represent opportunities for growth or change, each picture represent the past choices that was not made or made, or it is choices that has to be made in order to change. So your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

  28. I’ve been seeing 111-222-444-555 ever since my 15 yr old son died of suicide.. And even caught amazing stuff on digital cam.. Laura would love to share this stuff with u

  29. I’ve been seeing number sequences for about 2 yrs now, and have been really stressed from them recently, even though the Angels mean well. So today on my way to watch a movie with my ex-girlfriend I see 555 on a license plate in front of me. We watch the movie and when we get back to her house the miles on my speedometer say 9555 exactly infront of her house! I just don’t know what it means can someone brain storm for me please?

  30. Several years ago I started seeing 11:11. It was the beginning of a spiritual awakening/cleansing. Since then my psychic abilities have increased tremendously. This morning my cat was determined to wake me up. It was 5:55. I stumbled on this website when I Googled the meaning of 5s. Thanks for a great website

  31. Hi
    Thankyou for the feedback on 555.
    I have seen 11:11 and many other number-combos since 2011,and eventually found out what the meaning/cause was all about…
    At certain stages no new number-sequences were noticed,but recently 5:55 started presenting itself to me.
    Whilst it is sometimes difficult to replay thoughts prior to,or after seeing the number…..i was sitting on our patio with my wife yesterday,and sensed /felt this vibration,as a feeling of change taking place…almost the same as a seasonal change.
    My wife looked at me in a strange way,when i told her that i sense the feeling of change….

    Thankyou for you valuable work.
    Pierre (Knysna, South Africa)

  32. Dearest Laura,

    I think my life is ruined after seeing 555 constantly for days.

    It has to do with my sister who treated me bad again & I had had it with her. What I say & what she hears are 2 different things.

    I feel horrible.


  33. I have been seeing duplicate numbers for some time now. I’m constantly searching for a meaning to it all.

  34. As I arrived for my audition today (my first in over 30 years), I noticed my trip-ometer read: 555. I knew it was significant but I didn’t know what it meant. After having read this article I am pleased to know it’s meaning. I am very excited to begin this new chapter of my life! Thank you for posting this info Laura.

  35. 5, 5:55,or 5555, have all recently become constants this week, first appearing in an extremely vivid and significant dream that came to me after an intensive group meditation to usher in the full moon opened my channels up further.

    its interesting to note also that 5.555 multiplied by 2 equal 11.11 — I feel most people which have synchronicity surrounding 11.11 will also soon be noticing similar instances with 5555!

  36. I’ve been trying to find the perfect city to plant roots, settle down and get a career going. I see 555 and 111 everytime I think about moving to New York. What does this mean?

  37. @ Billie, I would go for it. As the article says above, 555 is changes and 111 is a spiritual awakening. This doesnt guarantee anything, as we play a huge part in our lives. God just opens doors and shows us the opportunities. Its up to us to act on them.

    I had my spiritual awakening when I started seeing 11:11. I was in a relationship and kept thinking about another man I had always been attracted to and all the missed opportunities I had with him. My spirit guides told me I needed to make a choice so I left. This man is my soul twin.

    We have still not been together, my fault. I was very insecure and messed up the opportunities I had (again) but I am happier than I was before. Im sure God will bring us together again when the time is right.

    You have to learn to listen to your spirit guides, that still small voice. Its hard to trust, but they taught me a lot. If you need to, sit in a quiet place and calm your mind. Ask God and then listen for an answer. Sometimes the messages get garbled. One way that I find that is easier, is to think in pictures. I picture myself doing something, then I get a simple yes or no. Or I ask what do I do and a picture flashes in my 3rd eye. The more you do it the easier it becomes. You have to learn to trust. That is the hardest part.

  38. Hi, today was the first time I’ve seen 555. I usually see 111, 1111, 222, 333. Can you recommend a good book on Angel numbers. The things I have read online seem to be very general and I would prefer to have reference to something that describes in depth the things I need to know. Most of my family is deceased and I know I have a large number of spiritual guides and support. I hear them ‘fussing’ at me to relax and function but am extremely stressed! Any words of wisdom you can offer me?

  39. I have always known that my spiritual life is very important. I have been seeing exact numbers on my digital clock for years. However, I just thought it was nice and weird how I caught time. Lately, I have been seeing exact numbers a lot and have been puzzled about it. I have seen 555 several times in the past few weeks and now I have grown confused. It is amazing how I am catching exact time and the same numbers at that. A few days ago, I saw 555 again and I started feeling very strange so I decided to explore the possibilities of it’s meaning. I was in tears reading your web page. I have been seeing exact time with all the numbers and boy was I in for a surprise reading what you have stated about it. I am no longer confused but now I know what I need to do in order to get my life on track. Thank you for your support and information.

  40. I would like to truly THANK YOU FOR SHARING! This will mean a lot to my friends and family because there seems to be a huge number of our friends and families that we have lost recently. I keep getting told of stories about numbers that keep coming up and though i believed i have a bit of information on the reason why, i know now i will have more meaningful and comforting words to share. AGAIN THANK YOU.

  41. Hi there thank you for your info. I find I often see repeated numbers during times I’m struggling with personal anger towards my twin flame. Alot of inner changes have taken place with my way of dealing with people in my life. Its helped alot with me and my twin flames relationship. Today something triggered me to want to lash out at my twin like I used to do which only caused us to seperate. Today I ended up seeing 2:22 around the time I was having angry thoughts… And then 5:55 but I’m not sure what I’m being told.

    1. Im thinking I’m being told to continue with the positive changes and not go back to my old ways or ill hit another brick wall

  42. I definitely see the number 555 all the time… It pops up on my cell phone, I see it on license plates, online, and it is always associated with bad news or something negative. I am freaking out right now just reading about it and seeing it all over the previous messages. I wish I could associate it with a positive event but that is never the case! I believe in God and I know I have at least 3 angels who have been communicating with me most of my life. They have sent me messages through automatic writing and now through repeating numbers. I would like a better understanding and I would like to stop viewing it with fear and trepidation! Please help…it is an ongoing circumstance. Thank you. Bjayne

    1. I have the same problem with this number . My post is the same . It’s a bad bad bad number with bad horrible changes never any good.I know it’s supposed to mean change but not viewed bad or good but it’s always bad in my life And never met anyone that has a nice postive change happen. It scares me too. It’s always turning my life upside down . Instead of Angels giving us the warning of 555 I wish they would step in and make only good happen and bypass the bad.

  43. I absolutley hate the number 555 . It scares me to death. I started seeing this alot in 2013 and it was the worst year . I lost my job and couldn’t find work for months and when I did find work it didn’t last .I lost my home , My children and I had no where to go. My relationship with my other half went horribly bad and ended . I had to use all the money I worked So hard for over the years and saved just to live and my bank account went dry. So many bad things happened one after another every time I saw it. No good comes from this number at all. I never met anyone who has a positive change when seeing this number , it’s always been bad , very bad changes. I’m seeing this 555 once again in my life all the time the last vs weeks and I’m so scared it’s all going to happen again. I’m getting a not so great vibe at work from My boss and believe me I do my job there . I’m up for my lease in my apartment but it’s based on yearly income and I think I’m out of the allowed range but can’t afford anything else. I’m barely making it now. I am scared it’s all going to repeat again all the signs feel like it’s there maybe I’m parinoid because of the horrible changes last time. This is not a good number for me. I don’t want another change . I’m barely starting to recover from 2013 and not quite there yet and 555 is rearing its ugly head again everywhere I look I see that dreaded number. Why can’t it mean positive change for once. I have been trying to think positive thoughts when I see it but it’s hard after so many bad things happened before . I’m petrified of this number. I absolutely hate it. I wish an angel could give me reassurance that it will be a good change this time for the better and I won’t struggle like before

    1. It’s all a matter of perspective. Even though these changes are/were unwanted and uncomfortable, sometimes they are necessary to make room for new things to come into your life. It may take some time for the new, good things to appear so be patient. In the mean time try focusing on the solution instead of the problem. That always helps me when things like this occur.

    2. I saw your post and I am afraid that 5:55 mean something bad have things been since you posted this. Did more bad things happen?

    3. I too dislike 555. I recently lost my job am unemployed now. Lost my relationship and have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder as well im struggling spiritually and mentally i keep seeing 555 this number definitely holds a very negative connotation

    4. Yes I have had dreams of 5 55 and 555.I saw a coin with the number 5 right in the middle of a large coin.Many years before I had a dream of a man whom I knew when I was a child and he usually scared the life out of me came into my dream carrying a shoe bag with the number 55 written on it and funnily enough this was my number at school. then about a year ago and again in a dream I saw the number 555. I think it means change and not necessary for the better or desirable.

  44. For many years I have seen 555, then it changes to 111, and now 444 with occasional 333. My whole life since birth is always changing and challenging, sometimes can be very overwhelming. I am still seeking the purpose of my life. Due to lack of resources and the circumstances I am in I can’t stop work to walk this walk. But I will when the time is right. My blessing to you and everyone in the universe

  45. Thanks for sharing!! I have been seeing 5555 and 555 a lot lately! I have been waiting to meet my soulmate! Is it mean that change is gonna enter in my life!?

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  46. Hi my name is Chicki I see 222 333 444 555 666 1111 oh I see a lot I can go on but I don’t understand why I’m seeing them and 666 I avoid because that’s the mark of the beast it says that in the bible i also try to avoid 616 a lot of crazyness has happen in t6 month on my journey and I don’t understand any of it I want to know is there an understanding with these numbers? Have anybody that sees them what happen are they living today? I have so many questions to ask is this a spiritual awaking I’m going through I just want to know thanks for sharing your stories have a blessing day…?

  47. Hi Laura,
    My experience with 555 has transformed my life to find a way to manifest the purpose I have in this life. Since participating in the opening of the 11:11 Gateway on Jan 11, 1992 I have increasingly experienced that vibe and expanded versions like 1111 so in 2003 after I met a retired psychic who told me about the opening of an interdimensional portal only 5 miles or so from my home I was ready for some big changes!

    However, it was not until 2004 that I met the second of three witnesses to that event that I learned this portal had opened at 5pm on May 5, 2000. My immediate response was: Oh, so it has a 555 time code. Where did that come from?

    Only then did I begin to understand the significance of my beloved dog, Diesel, disappearing 42 days into a vortex area connected to the local vortex in which the portal manifested. He disappeared from 9/28-11/9/2000. (Note last date keeping 11 whole adds up to 22.)

    Diesel passed away on July 1, 2010- exactly 444 years after date given for death of Nostradamus. My Diesel is an angel who helped me
    manifest my CAT MISSION FOR PEACE which was spiritually seeded in my mind on May 5, 1991- exactly 9 years before this portal opened.

    Today, of course, is the 16th anniversary of this extraordinary event
    manifested to help transmute the negative energy of this planet (NOT FROM THE EARTH!). I have been seeing 22 and variations of 2222 lately
    as I feel inspired to take one giant step upward and forward for PEACE.

    Thank you for encouraging people to pay attention to these angel messages. Best regards Patrick (aka Katman)

  48. Hello Laura,

    I have been seeing triple digits (mostly at night on my digital clock) for over 25 years now. I will wake up in the night for no apparent reason and see one of the sets of the triple 111, 11:11, 222, 333, 444 (not so often) and 555 most every night. I have even set my clock ahead or behind the real time, but I still wake up right on the triple numbers. It used to surprise me, but not anymore as it has become so commonplace for me. I have always been a spiritual person seeking truth and I do intuitively feel that these repeating numbers are signs of support/love reminders from my Guides and Angels. I have studied numerology briefly and find it very accurate for me. It is heart warming to know that there are so many others who also believe/know that the repeated triple number phenomenon IS significant and not a fluke.

  49. I always saw a number 444..its been few days when i’ve been looking at my cellphone and the time is 4:44 either daytime or night. I knew there is something with this number.

  50. I have been seeing triple numbers for weeks now. One day it was 999, 4 times in a 20 minute drive to work. What does it mean? On other days I will write them down. Some days I will see between, 20–30 different sets of triple numbers. In a 1–2 hour drive. Something is trying to tell me something… What is it?

  51. Thank you for providing this information.

    I was not aware about angel numbers before.

    But I was curious why do I always see time 5.55.

    Before 6 years it happened and I moved out of my city for job.

    Last year once again I got to see 5:55. And got some important change in life.

    Now once again I am seeing 5:55 Since last 2 weeks.

    I just wonder whats this time ☺

  52. Okay so first time talking about this so for quite some time now i started seeing numbers the first number i started seeing was 222 and then i had a dream about Jesus on night and i woke up at 5:55am and started seeing the number 333 i see these number everywhere i go work going shopping at gas stations on a receipts i just need answers and im not underatanding any of it the one that scared me the most is the 555 number because i didnt start seening that number til after that dream

    1. Hi, these numbers are only good. It’s prophetic, and a way God can show His love to you. I know that 222 means intimacy and unity with Jesus. That’s very good!

  53. keep seeing 111, 101, 1111, and 555 even saw 111 on a license plate parked right next to me. I have been hoping for a move to a better home or apartment i think the signs are good but must be patient

  54. I have been seeing 555 alot this week. I have woken up and looked at the clock 3 times this week and it read 5:55. I have been contemplating a move for awhile now so maybe this is confirmation that a big move, new job, etc. are coming. One of the times that I saw 5:55 was when I received a message alert on my cellphone. This message was in fact related to me moving and possible locations I might be interested in!

  55. Please help! I only see 555 when I’m on dates. Why is it that I only see this number in the presence of a man?

  56. 55:55 showed up on a Teal Swan video today, I was watching a video that discussed the years 2016 to 2020, focusing on change, and to not be resistant or afraid of change, so amazing.

  57. Yes I have been seeing the number 555 lately sometimes two times hey my name is Harold Knight from Columbia South Carolina

  58. Hii came on here searching for answers . I keep seeing these numbers all the time 555/666 , (ex phone #, TV , credit score) I seem to be a able to sense things in ppl an if its negative I stay away until the energy is positive . I have been known to dream about stuff I didn’t know was real .ive seen a ghost couple months ago an I was scared my girl literally held me . I know it might sound different than most of y’all story , but believe me . the universe is speaking an those of us that can lend a hand in healing it am all for it .

  59. When I woke this morning, the clock read 5:55 . I’ve been getting into numerology within the past year and it helped me better handle the ‘ Twin Flame ‘ situation I believe I am in ( I suspect we met last year ).

  60. I have been seeing tripled and sometimes quad drupled numbers for months now. I see them on the clock, license plates and even receipts. I made a change in my life in March of this year and ever since then I see them everywhere. I pray to God and the arch angels everyday. I give praise and thanks to them everyday and am extremely grateful to have these messages from them. I’m just not sure what there tellling me sometimes. I get a lot of new beginning messages and go with the flow.

  61. Hi Laura,

    I have been seeing repetitive numbers for the past few months EVERYWHERE! I am a Blogger and I also have Fibromyalgia and AT times SEVERE Anxiety ( THINK MASSIVE PANIC ATTACKS ). I most often see 222 11:11 444 AND 555
    I have been wondering what this is trying to tell me and how to get more in tune with it?

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for your comment. You might often see repeating numbers when you are thinking about what some type of change in your life – It could be something you really want to do or wish you could do. Think about what you have been daydreaming about doing or starting – even if logically you don’t feel you are ready. That can help you get more in tune.

  62. For the last 4-5 months i keep seeing 4:44 and 5:55. I see others as well but these two are daily. I wake up and see it in the morning, and again in the evening. I’m very much into physical fitness and I’ve been getting approached on a daily basis to become a personal trainer. I’ve been offered free schooling and certification. I get stopped multiple times during my workouts for advice and tips. I’ve been resisting getting certified as a personal trainer because I personally feel like I’m not a good motivator for others and I don’t want to let people down. I’m good for myself because I’m very strong willed…not so much for others though. Could seeing these numbers be telling me I just need to do it? Seeing these numbers daily and twice is just something I can’t write off anymore.

    1. Hi Amy, for your situation I do think it is pointing you to pursue getting certified as a personal trainer, especially being offered free education around it. Sometimes it is not about the actual work of the personal training, but about how we can rise in other areas such as showing kindness and compassion to the people you train while still keeping them motivated. So, it is possible upping your “people skills” is more the underlying concern – just food for thought. When we advance in one area – such as additional education for personal training in your case, we usually have to work on other areas too. I say this as my husband is into physical fitness as well and he worries that he would become short tempered or push people too hard if he were to help someone else. He feels it is okay to push himself but doesn’t know how it would come across to others. You already are a good motivator for others – or else you wouldn’t have received the offers for free schooling. Go for it!!!

  63. Yes i also think there is a meaning behind these senquence of numbers.I also had dreams which i knew had special meaning for quite some time b4 i started to see these number sequence

  64. 555. Seeing it a lot again lately. 2/26/18 on my phone. 2/26/18 apparently coffee pot got interrupted at that time so it was flashing when I got up. Then 2/27/18 again on my phone. Makes sense because changes are happening all around me and with me. My youngest daughter was born at that time. Many, many changes came after her birth.

  65. I am the right angle, the corner, where Source is vertical download to me then horizontal output from as directed. I have to be in the right place at the right time. It is exciting, but I cannot explain it to others and they get really really impatient and frustrated with me when it is really about them. Thank you for the encouragement here.

  66. The last time I’ve seen this number, my father died. This number scares me coz Im seeing it again. Please pray for me that I am not going to loose another dear one so soon. It was just 2yrs ago since father died. Aside from that my marriage is tormented. Just recently my husband was asking for a divorce and would like to take our 2 children. I am not ready for all of these to happen at once. I wish hopeful numbers would appear before my eyes instead of 555.

  67. Hi Laura, I only started to see this number 555 last night at 555 p.m. while watching tv, and again this morning, while trying to sleep. I have been wanting to manifest an organic healing farm and vineyard now for a few years, and have been working very diligently on this project to make it happen and cleaning up the house and yard to get it ready to sell, for time to transition to new property. But need the Lord to provide finances to be able to buy the property, etc. to get started. I also keep seeing the repeating numbers of, 1111, 111, 222, 333, 444. I also used to hear mens voices in my sleep calling me by name, but when I finally got up the nerve to answer it, it was gone! Because I’ve always been married and thought it was my husband calling me at the time. Can you please help with this? Who is trying to contact me? And why?

  68. I just wanted to say. I see Angel numbers daily. Example: 111 222 333 444 555 777 888 000 808 818 909 919 717 707 1212…. etc. I really would like to tap into my Spiritual growth . Find out what I’m suppose to be doing with my life. I know the Holy Spirit is speaking to me letting me know I need to be more attentive. But it feels amazing when I see the numbers . I feel the Spirit..

  69. i see 111 222 444 555 every day for a while now on tv or wen i check wat time is on my phone every da y im trying to understand wat this means

  70. I see all numbers all the time. 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, I have seen 5353, others, that were unusually to me. I am very spiritual and intuitive. Although sometimes I question myself when something seems too good to be true. I am getting better now. Since I am seeing manifesting come true.

  71. I have been seeing these numbers alot. It started when we were on a family road trip and almost got into a really bad car accident. immidetly after we avoided the accident we saw a billboard with 444-4444,then we had to exit 444.. It grabbed my attention. That was a few months ago.Now I always see 11:11, 222, 333 & 555…..I was really excited to find this page..
    How does one get in touch with their inner self and/or their angels/guides? Also is it dangerous to try & enter a state to visit the akashic Records? I would love to know more about myself aka past lifes or which psych abilities i may natural am able to see unfold, but don’t know how or where to begin this process.

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