Spiritual Meaning of 333 | Angel Number 333

Do you see the repeating angel number 333? Find out the symbolism and spiritual meaning of 333 and what this means to you and your life. I have written before about other repeating numbers like 46, 147000, 111, 1010, 11:11,  12:12, 222, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999 if you see those numbers as well.

Seeing any repeating number is a sign that there is a current issue in your life and the numbers are a sign to get you to pay attention. It is a persons subconscious trying to make them aware of something consciously.

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of 333?

It means that is a sign that the angels signify their agreement to your thoughts. It means truth and is a sign of the trinity. Mind, body, and spirit. Three becoming one. Angels love, protect, and surround you and the union is complete. Angels are in your midst.

Think of 333 as an equilateral triangle, with each side and points being equal. It is the numerical representation of truth. Not just in right and wrong, but as Truth.

As each number has its own energetic vibration, you have an attachment to the energy in which this number vibrates. The number has been embedded into your subconscious, most likely before you incarnated in this lifetime and is there to help you see what Truth really is.

The spiritual meaning of 333 is a union of mind, body, and spirit. It signifies truth and that we are all one. All things are equal. If any one of the sides of the triangle is lopsided, you will not be able to come to your true potential as a human being. Envision yourself in the middle of that triangle. Taking care of the mind is as important as taking care of the body and also the spirit.

Seeing 333 is a notice to you that you need to work more on balancing the whole. That you are concentrating too much on only one side of the triangle. What is truth? Truth is being whole, equaling one, balance, harmony.

What should someone do if they see Angel Number 333 repeatedly?

It is time to realize that one does affect the other. Your thoughts affect your cellular body. Your spirit affects your physical body and also your logical side. When you are too concentrated in thinking negative thoughts, those impressions leave a mark on your cellular body and damages the spirit as well.

We are all one, all humans on this earth are one. Once fear and ego are set aside, realize that we are cut from the same cloth. It is a union, to become whole, as one.

Waking Up at 3:33 am

If you are waking up at 3:33 am frequently, your guides and angels are sending a gentle reminder to regain control over all 3 areas of your being.

Only you have that ability, your angels cannot do it for you. You may of course ask for their assistance anytime you wish, but you must see that it is up to you to make the decision to bring the pieces together to form an equal whole.

It also means that your angels are with you and is a sign of confirmation from the angels. It is aligned with divine truth, light, and love.

What is the spiritual meaning of 333 in practical terms?

Ask your body what it needs? Nourishing food, exercise, or rest?

Ask you mind what it needs? Healing or forgiveness?

Ask you spirit what it needs? Are you giving your power away?

Begin making changes that bring things into balance. It is an opportunity for you to connect with your angels and that your mind, body, and spirit are in agreement with your Soul’s evolution. When numbers begin to repeat themselves, it is a sign to reconnect with your soul, that you are on purpose in life and be mindful of new opportunities that cross your path.

What is your take on the spiritual meaning of 333? Leave a comment below.

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180 thoughts on “Spiritual Meaning of 333 | Angel Number 333”

  1. Hello,

    For the past three years I’ve been surrounded by 333. Many times I will wake up and the clock will read 3:33am. Sometimes this will happen 3 times a week. Wake up automatically to see the clock read 3:33 am. Now if I’m driving my car, same thing happens except it’s 3:33pm.

    Years ago the number was 222. And again, I would wake up out of a deep sleep look at my alarm clock, time and time again it would read 2:22am or 2:22pm during the day and not just my car clock, any clock.

    Today the 333’s are slowing down but in return everynight part of my dreams will contain numbers or vivid colors. Night before last the number was 203. Last night’s dream pertained to colors; yellow, green, red, clear, and black. The colors involved rain coats with boots and I was telling a friend they had more options then just combining yellow and black, black representing rubber boots…..don’t be laughing…

    Appreciate your insite.


    • On Feb. 02 2002 my wife and I moved with our two daughters and our two pets into a second story two bedroom the number on the building was 2022 our apartment number was #222 we paid $444.00 per month and paid a month in advance which made our biweekly rent amount $222.00 every two weeks so the number 222 played a big part at that time and has been with us for the last 43 years.

    • When my father died April 14th 2010 the clock stopped @ 3:33. Have been seeing theses numbers
      Since. More frequently now. What does this mean?

    • Wow it’s impressive,
      My name is Peter Aruei , I am from South sudan.
      I also had vision that is the same with your situation..
      I was woke up by the truth, he call himself the truth, it was a just alight..
      I was asked why he woke me up at that time then told me check Time it’s was 3:33am..
      He told me to read John 3.3 and job 3.3 to confirm..

  2. I have never written anything to a forum before, but I feel very compelled to do so as I have been having strange things happen around me that have grasped my attention.

    I have noticed waking up a 3:33 many times, especially recently, but I began putting numbers together and my street number is 2112. Now to pull it apart, 2112, if you ad the 2+1 you get 3. If you add the 1+2, you get three, If you add the 21+12 you get 33. Not to read to much into that, but it was still rather interesting to me.

    I also see smiley faces in things around me all the time. For instance, a water mark from a glass on the table may look like a happy face, or a scuff in the floor may look like one, I even found a smiley face clothes pin when digging a hole in my back yard to plant a small tree.

    I have seen them my whole life, and I have wondered if it were a spirit guide, or someone protecting me. I am very spiritual and do believe in the significance of things that may be a sign, and I would love any insight that one might have. Please only serious responses, nothing silly please =)

    • Hi Lindsey,

      Sorry it took a bit to respond, I have been on vacation over the holidays. It is nice to meet you.

      I love that you are seeing smiley faces everywhere! I would definitely take that as a sign that your guides are communicating with you. I would try to take note of your thoughts immediately before seeing the smiley faces and see if you can put together any common thread with your thinking. Your guides may be trying to give you a signal that a particular thought or course of action is worth pursuing and is within your highest path and purpose.

    • Ive noticed the 3’s in my life for about 3 years now…id wake up from a dead sleep sit up and look at the clock..3:33 am… it started happening in the afternoon, then paying for my things at the store and having the total be 3.33 or my change back 3.33…then i started noticing all kinds of things like you had mentioned, adding numbers or numbers coming up that are divisible by 3….Well i really got interested in this and realized it was as far back as my son being born..July 3rd 2003 at 3:39 in the afternoon, our birthdays are also 3 days apart, Mine is July 6th (divisible by 3) there is ALOT more to do with that day but I wont go into it that far..well my daughter is born and her birthday date is a 13…mine and my kids birthdays are related to 3 in one way or another!! I have lots more i cud get into but i think ive said enough…

      • It must be the dawning of Aquarius, My 333 experienced began in Coeur d’alene, Idaho around 2009-present. My first encounter was in my home, my bedroom clock, driving in my car the clock was 333, receipst, newspaper ads, tv commerical, etc; It was eerie but enthralling, my cousin gave me a scripture from jeremiah 3:33, So I started keeping a journal of recipts, ads, so on. Now I’m back in hometown Los Angeles, when me and my son returned I drving from the valley in 2011, the gas price was 3.33 (wow). It has escalated to other numbers 222,444,555, but of course 333. I’m not afraid or as startled but aware of my spirit being a muse, which promotes higher energy from the Creator!

    • Hi Lindsay and Laura, I also see many faces – of many kinds – from happy to in pain – I see them in everything from trees to the tiles in my shower – I thought I may have been just making thes images subcontiously but maybe it has a meaning? I’ve had some other stuff happen in my life that people would think I’m a nut job if I tried to explain – like spirits fighting over my soul – until I was vocal about it – it never stopped – mediation – the very first time I mediated with crystals i felt and could smell things that were just about to happen, I don’t see numbers however one of my best friends always sees the number 333 an that’s how I came to view your site 🙂

  3. Dear Laura,
    I found you through my friend Jeff. Ironically my own experience with repeating numbers started off with someone we both went out with (not at the same time!). This person lived on 55th Street and, during our few weeks together, put me through hell. Although we only went out a short time, the scar lasted for quite some time.

    However, no matter where I went I would see 55 – addresses, license plates, would be in sequences of numbers, come up in conversation, etc. Some time later, I started a new job and my cubicle number was 556. I felt that it was some progress anyway. A few months later, a friend passed away and his memorial service was at Judson Church whose street number is, as you may know, 55. There I met my current partner whom I’ve been with for nearly four years. I should add that the boyfriend’s apartment number is 5V. Which amuses me. I read somewhere that 5’s are the sign of change so 55 must be turbo change? Any illumination would be appreciated. 🙂

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. Yes, seeing 55 and 555 do signal change and that we should embrace the change. Rather like a changing of the guard. Out with the old, in with the new. I will be writing a separate blog post on 555 fairly soon.

  4. Wow, I love what I’ve read on this site thus far. My name is Amber, I’m on unemployment which will run out very soon. I’ve been contemplating starting my own buisness and have started placing adds just today. Its been on my mind all day. I’ve been interested in number meanings for last year or so. It has helped me alot. I’m using the mic I glance and time remaining 222 it did catch my eye. I go sit on the couch glance at my cable box and its 2:22PM.

    SO i say ok ok ok, and in researching the meaning I go. Now I def try to make sure whats been on my mind which is the career thing. Is what my angels are talking about and don’t ya know glance at time agin and its 3:33pm which I think it’s conformation to the 222. Tell me what you think. Thanks so much.

  5. Years ago when my grandfather was dying I saw “333” over and over. He died in room 333 at the hospital. This alarmed my father, as his office number was 333. On the way back from the funeral I passed a building on the highway with 333 glowing in large red numbers. There were many other occurences of this number popping up at the time. My father and I were pretty disturbed by the obviousness of the number repeating…it was always very overt and hardly just something we noticed because of how the human brain makes sense of patterns. I still don’t know what to make of it.

  6. Since i was a little girl I use to say 333 to help make things better, example… if i was sent to the corner i’d say it in hopes to get out soon or to bring me good luck and such. 333 has always been my number and it has became more important to me now and i see it all the time. I have a co worker who’s badge number is 333, he is a spiritual soul for me to connect to. I also see my birthdate 1024 alot too.

  7. After an incident which I’ll describe below, I googled “What does 333 mean” and the first two sites were yours and Doreen Virtues. My dad died on April 13 but wasn’t discovered until April 18th. He lived 20 minutes from me, but we had a complicated relationship due to his drinking and gruffness.

    Despite that, and even though we weren’t surprised by his death, we were all shocked! Our nickname for him was, “Energizer Bunny” because he would have many drunken falls, bruises, broken ribs, strokes, heart issues, but he kept going and going…pretty indestructable! He was not religious or at all spiritual that we know of…never wanted to talk about anything deep or painful, (like our little brother’s death in a fire in our home). He was “tough” in many ways.

    Anyways, on Easter…a few days before his memorial service, we all met to have lunch with our mom, his ex-wife, at her nursing home. It was an emotional Easter meal we all shared, and when my husband, boys and I got to the car for our 2 hour drive home, strangely the driver seat was all the way forward and my husband could not get it to go back. There was no way we could drive the car home like that, and after trying for a few moments, he said that the mechanism to move it was burned out. I kept asking how could it have moved all the way up, and finally said outloud, “Dad, if you’re there we need your help…we have to get home!”

    At that moment, the seat worked and was able to move again, and my 14 year old son exclaimed, “I just got a smiley face text from mom’s phone, mom, did you text me?(my phone was in my purse strapped on my body!!). The time on the car clock was 3:33, and the text was sent and received at 3:33 as well.

    We all couldn’t believe it, especially my very skeptical Agnostic husband and sons! There is an explanation for the text…if you press the menu button on my phone 8 times, it will send the last text I sent to the first person on my contact list…my 14 year old son. But, the keypad has to be unlocked, it would have had to bump against my body 8 times, and the coincidence of the timing…Then, today, I balanced our business checkbook and the total was $3333.33!!

    What does it all mean? I have felt my dad coming into my life since he died…he reassures me that he is healed and whole now, and he’s sorry for all the pain. I have had other experiences when loved ones have died, especially over the past 15+ years of my life, (I’m 53), but none with numbers that I’ve noticed. Is there a place to share after-death experiences?

    • Hi Sherry,

      I am sorry to hear of the passing of your dad. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, you definitely have had a run of seeing 333! What a wonderful sign that your Dad is letting you know he is well on the other side. I think I shall write a blog post about after-death experiences and seeing repeating numbers.

      • Thanks for the reply! I can’t wait for the blog post. At that time, can we share what we’ve experienced after the death of a loved one and will you help us sort it out? I have had experiences that are so interesting/amazing…ever since my friend who “awakened” my spirituality died. His was the first death where I can re-call “happenings” both during his passing, and after. Since then, it happens every time. I had heard friends talk of such rhings, but was sure they were coincidence ar made up. Now that they happen to me, and my family, I know that they are as real as anything else I experience!

  8. I was curious as to how this number translates into a message. It wasn’t until I noticed I was different that I started opening my eyes up around me. I noticed how and what I could do for the first time. Along with this, I was represented with a page off what these reaccuring numbers actually meant. Although, I felt that the “333” interpretation of what I had, was incorrect. It kept telling me I was awaiting to make a decision, whether it be good or bad, which of, makes me a bit paranoid. Reading this though, brings a more understanding to it. I’m always thinking about something, and during these times it’s ALWAYS the time or on a Maths equation. I feel extremely relaxed or guided when I keep seeing “111”, “222” or “555”. Unfortunately I lost my sheet with all the information of how and what these numbers mean. This helps me understand that extra bit, thank you 🙂

  9. Hi,
    For the past year or so i have seen the number 333 everywhere. road signs, alarm clock, my phone, as percentages, on commercials, peoples numbers, game clock on a football game or basketball game, and etc. i started seeing this number 2 or 3 years after my dad passed away. i wonder why i always seem to see 333 everytime i happen to look at some sort of clock and etc. what does it all exactly mean??

  10. hi..im very confused about the numbers 333 me and my husband which are currently seprated started seeing the numbers together ..we never knew what they meant and now i have been seeing them alot lately ..me and my husband have been apart 3 years and last week i went to pick up a male friend of mine in another state ..i was very confused on what to do..and at 3:33 pm on the way there my husband emails and says he loves me usually im always thinking of him wheni see 333 or he contacts me at that time ..all the way down to pick up this friend i seen 333 on signs ,rd signs,bill boards everything..and my husband was on my mind the whole time ..im trying to figure out rether to stay with him and get back together or is the 333 meant this time for me to move on with my friend..can you help me please???? my mind is so boggled..it hurts..and i just cant relax til i figure out what this 333 means to me and my husband and what its trying to tell me to do..thank you theresa

    • Was faced with a situation similar as yours with seeing the numbers and making a decision and not knowing what way I was being guided. Positive thoughts about my relationship and forgiving and going forward with my partner was met with 333 , negative thoughts about her was met with 666. I pleaded for guidance and received it .

    • Hello I felt compelled to read your message for I am clairvoyant and I got married years ago on the day you typed this, so this comment stood out and by you seeing this 333 is a sign to listen to your inner voice and guides around you and self reflect, your angel guides were pointing you and your husband to pay attention to your inner soul messages. Are you loving yourself? What are you missing from your life. Synchronicity is key

  11. I have been experiencing the 333 or 33 riff since as a child and for some time as i got older. I now know that it is also called the riff it occurrence is the universal goemetric shapes as well.The triangle of 3 being as one is all of a transformation of the 333 in to the 13.And12 being a number that is adding its self to the 3 which is 15 add togeter is 6 which is dark and 7 is light.We are living within a grid of many reallities of the 333 which can equall a portal in to consciouness and many understanding of power of the source within our own creations.As i have read some of others information on the angels and other enitiies being a playing part of this grid or matirx.As for the riff its like a show of dark engeries playing its part of balance.But now its out balance is going to be effected soon by the return of the alignment of the light of chirst or blue energies.I MY SELF,is relating a thought in to the reallity as we know.

  12. OK so for the first time ever I woke at 3:33 am on Sept 6/11 – I’m 49 – not sure if it means anything but I woke saying the words “We’re in trouble” I was agitated… and my clock was set about 20 minutes ahead of the actual time…

    Mean anything?

  13. hello i’m shrugg,
    i seen the number 333 a lot every since i was young. and i’ve been thinkin that all my life i have almost been killed so many times. When i pray something listens to me and that is what my mother says about my prays as well.. i feel like i’m going to be something important. yet this feeling kinda scares me. like its going to be something bad, oh and nice ideas on the number thing. i always feel a chill feeling every time i see the number 333. peace

  14. I’m glad to see that there are others out there that see 333. I have been seeing this number since 1996, when I was about 30 yrs old (I’m now 43) at first it was the waking up every night at 3:33AM when I finally noticed this was frequent, I noticed it on receipts, on addresses of places I visited, on car plates, pretty soon i was aware that everyday I saw the number. It soon became a joke in my family. I laughed about it, but over the years thought, this has to mean something, but what? Was this something good or bad?

    I read about angels to holy trinity, etc.. I am very spiritual, so that would make sense, but why do I continue to see it? Then I got into this 2012 and when someone told me when you add the numbers 12/21/12 it represents 333. I freaked out.

    Could this be some kind of sign from our divine creator? My boyfriend sees 11:11 all the time and he believes its an internal alarm clock in our DNA that our spiritual guides are awakening our souls to remind us we will soon be leaving this plane onto the next level of consciousness / the 5th dimension. hmm all very interesting.

    • So do I!! I dont know exactly what it means, I read that 333 also means yes to my questions ( one I’ve been asking) and 555 and 5555but Im not sure or dont understand what that last number mean, any clue?

  15. HI, thank you for your great article. I have been seeing 333 in school and when I come home to see the time as 3:33 pm everyday for a month now. Your article is right because I have been having many negative thoughts lately due to illnesses and deaths around me. I am glad to see that the angels are telling me that I need to think positive.

    • Hi Sam,
      Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you. Yes, situations like that can get to you at times.

      Just start with feeling a little bit better every day. Music helps me a lot, or thinking of a nice vacation spot or something else that gives you good feelings.

      Each time you have a thought like that, immediately switch it over to a more positive thought. It takes a little practice, but has really worked for me. I wish you the best!

      • Hi quick question.my dad died at ten to six five years ago im having a hard time at moment but i keep waking and seeing this time. I feel its him trying to get my attention to letme know hes with me helping me. If u cud reply be great. Thanks sarah

  16. Here goes: We held a very special xmas party for 700 children, a young boy came up to me with his raffle ticket to claim his prize. It wasn’t his turn, he just walked up and pointed at the next gift to be raffled, waited, and I called the number 333 – he pulled the ticket from his pocket and it was the ticket, 1 out 700. SInce then I see 333 everywhere, mostly when I am in need, although my street address is 9 (333) weird I think.

      • I had two cousins/that were brothers that killed themselves….my birthday is 10-26…and one of my cousins birthdays was on 10-27….I see these numbers frequently…. Would love to hear your thoughts.


  17. 333 again. Started with the 1111 business. If it is a positive thing I want to learn and research. If it is a negative thing, I want to run from it. How do you know?

    • Hi Sage,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      I have only had positive experiences with seeing repeating numbers, nothing negative at all. I understand it can be a bit startling when you first start seeing those numbers, but it is all good. There are many other sites out there that can be of help. Also, Doreen Virtue’s website https://www.spiritlibrary.com is a great place to learn more.

  18. Hello. this is my first time writing. But I keep seeing the number 333. I recently passed the bar exam in my state. The week the scores were to come out I happened to look at the gas sign and gas was $3.33. I made a remark to my mom that maybe it was some sort of sign but she shrugged it off. Needless to say I passed the bar. I was licensed Nov. 4.

    Sadly a month later (Dec. 4) my dad passed away very suddenly. The night before my mom and I stayed up late and talked for a long time. We had no clue he would pass away the next day. I happened to glance at the clock while we were talking and it was 3:33am. The next day he passed away 🙁 It has been very rough for me because we were very close. But I keep seeing that number everywhere. I made a conscious effort not to look at the clock at 3:33 one day. But that same day on my way home when I filled up my car the gas was 3.3333. I keep trying to run from this number but I am seeing it everywhere. On license plates, on clocks, I was watching a television show and someone repeated 3333… I guess I am fearful because the night before my dad passed I saw this number and I see it as a sign of bad things to come. Any advice? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    • Hi Jessica,

      It’s great to meet you. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. I am so sorry for the loss of your father. I really think in your case that it is a message that the angels are surrounding you with love and support. It may also be a sign from your father that he wants you to know he is okay and is sending his love to you.

  19. I have also seen 333 just about everywhere for a very long time. It was to the point of freaking me out but not anymore. I also see the faces in certain things. I believe in God and his love. I try being a good person and love honestly. It’s good to see I am not the only one experiencing this.

    • Hi Troy,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. It is great to meet you!

      No, you are definitely not the only one seeing repeating numbers. Just be the best person you can be and that will always be enough.

  20. I came online this morning in search of information regarding seeing the group number 333. It’s showing up recently in the same ways as people on this forum have described. I consider myself to be very spiritual. I read tarot for a living and have done so for nearly 20 years now. I’m a student of quantum physics and am interested in brain wave entrainment, meditation, hypnosis and other methods for helping me move forward on my own path. I love communicating and teaching/sharing what I have learned and continue to learn on this life path. I have recently transitioned in a rather shocking way moving from one life path into another (forced by the death of my partner.)

    It’s been a long hard four year journey but I have been feeling like its time to move on now. I’ve come to terms FINALLY ,after much resistance, with the fact that she is gone and is not coming back, in the human physical sense during this lifetime. , After three years of running.. I finally gave in , embraced life again and began walking down a new path on this journey. I’m beginning to enjoy life again, have a new grand baby on the way, have put my financial life almost in order and am motivated to continue living with joy each day. I’ve let go of many fears and continue to acknowledge and release fears etc. as i go along.. then suddenly I’m seeing 333.. in the clock, waking in the night.. a few times a week for a few weeks now. I don’t know what they want me to know.

    ALSO.. my partner before she died was telling me of seeing the number “333” all over the place. She was not into anything spiritual and used to laugh about how she just didn’t see a need to bother with it. But as the years passed she began to embrace the law of attraction and practice what she was learning. She died of an overdose the day after Christmas. She had been recently diagnosed with M.S., was super active and just went down hill very fast. Her doctor prescribed her too many drugs up to four different pain killers at a time.. Her thinking was not clear. Then she fell and had to have back surgery in the midst of all this other medical. She couldn’t do normal things and felt very humiliated.

    It also was hard for her to swallow due to the muscles M.S. effects. She O.D. (unbeknownst to me at the time), went into seizure and then choked on a piece of grilled cheese she happened to be swallowing when she went into seizure. She died in my arms. I could not save her. I have never forgotten that she was seeing the number 333 before she died. I knew she was depressed and that she was confused due to in my opinion too many drugs. she was a body builder, worked as a courier for Fed Ex, she was a gardener and loved playing tennis.

    Suddenly (it seemed almost over night) everything began getting crazy, symptomatically speaking. I looked up the number sequence early on and remember reading something like “the angels are in agreement and tell you that you should do what you want.. that it is ok.. you are given permission to go forth with your idea even if others don’t appear to agree” … well you can see where that took my mind of course..that they were giving her permission to do what she wanted… leave her body. I read this to her when I came across it, not knowing that it had a thing to do with her death… if it did.

    So you can see how this 333 number is freaking me out a bit at this time. It doesn’t make sense to me as to how it should apply according to what is happening in my life. Am I overlooking something obvious? Any comments are appreciated .

    • Hi Carla,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you!

      I really appreciate you sharing your experiences. I am so sorry for your loss. I believe that for you at this time that 333 is an acknowledgement that you thoughts of moving on and releasing fears are in alignment with the next phase of your life. It may also be a form of acknowledgement from your partner that she agrees it is time for you to walk down a new path. Please realize that it does not mean the end in a literal sense for you, just the end of one phase and beginning of another.

  21. hello laura, i would like to know what does it means when i see the number 11:11on clocks and microwave, could it be a sign or someone trying to get my attention?? please respond!!! thanks..

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you!

      For me, seeing 11:11 is usually a yes answer to something I was recently asking myself. So, if you had asked a question like…”I wonder if now is the right time to start that project.” or something similar, seeing 11:11 is an answer from the universe that yes, now would be a great time to start that project. Pay attention to your thoughts or questions shortly before you saw the repeating number. I hope that helps you out.

  22. Dear Laura,

    My name is Rafael and I live in San Diego, California and I have recently awaken and my Dream is to bring The Angel Global School of Soulology. The Angel Global School of Soulology mission is to educate the world about our true identity of Angel/Light beings that we truly are, and to always act as our Higher Self/God Consciousness to bring peace and love to Mother Earth and its Children. Our goal is to educate the world about the Wheel of Life and to purify our personal, psychic and spiritual development in this age of enlightenment and lightworker consciousness. We would like to assist humanity in this era of enlightenment and spiritual growth to realize our divine light essence, and to educate the world of the journey of our souls by studying the mind, body and spirit through different topics to connect to our Higher Self/God Consciousness. Our goal is for the World to realize one day looking in the mirror and wake up as Chinese, Americans, Indians, British, Mexicans, Scots, Brazilians, Nigerians, Russians, French, South Arabians, Australians, Egyptians, Tibetans, Israelis and everyone on earth and self-realize we are all light beings full of overwhelming light and love and our hearts swell with joy and laughter. We throw our arms around one another, tears of joy and love as everyone reconcile, husband and wife, ex-spouses, estranged siblings, friends, co-workers, black with white with red with yellow, Christians with each other and with Moslems with Buddhists with Hindus with Sikhs; Israelis with Palestinians; with every single group in the world until all is reconciled between every person and every group and see and experience only Love and Light in the world.

    I would love to share with you more about my project, and I would love to get assistance from you and from your network if you like to bring this wonderful mission to the World!!

    Love and Light,


  23. Hi, I have never wrote a form but I figure I give it a shot.
    Well I have been seen 333 since Middle School. I see it all the time sometimes multiple times a day. The more I notice them the more concerned I become. This are some examples: Time on the clock, Music- track 3, 3:33 into the song, My birthday 01-31, brother 05-31, mother 02-13, father 08-13, even my credit card **** **** 0263 333* I mean there are so many scenarios where they appear for a while I would worry but since reading your article and doing some research I guess anything that has to do with angels must be good. I do have a friend that tells me to pay attention on whats happening when I see them but when I do see them is nothing bad or good happening, I could be at work, like I could be at home watching a movie. So I guess my question is, and I doubt there is an answer, what can I do to realize exactly what is the sign or message that the angels are trying to communicate? Have you ever heard of someone that used to see the pattern 333 and now they no longer see them again? Thanks you in advance, your site has been really helpful.

    • Hi… 333 is a sign of support/good. Even when bad things happen, 333 is there to show you that you are not alone and there are spirits supporting you from the other side. Everyone will have bad experiences in life but to know that there are angels there watching over is very comforting. I have been seeing 333 since 1997 and it always comes with positive – even when bad things happen in between. It is guiding, if you open your eyes/mind to 333.

  24. For about three years almost every day I see 333 and 444 on r clocks and even happen to see it in my car just out of the blue I look and there it is 444. My husband doesnt understand he blows it off but I cant its to crazy .

    • Hi Nickole,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you! Sorry I have not replied, I have been on vacation this past week. Seeing repeating numbers is a lot like receiving feedback to your questions. Ask yourself if you have been mulling over a certain question or change in your life, like finding a new job. The repeating numbers are to me an indication that those thoughts are in alignment with your highest path and purpose.

  25. Hi. Im really confused. Not sure whats going on. I met my partner almost 3 yrs ago. Im certain he is my soul mate. We share the same bday. Dec6. Well the digital time 11 11. Is a huge part of his liffe. Happens to him several times a day. Reminds him of his father who passed. He is also very spiritual. Since we met 11 11 happens to me. I just felt lucky. To be the first to say it or text. For 3 to 4 months hes been getting 333. And 444. Hes been asking me what could this mean. I hadnt a clue. After a recent visit with my stepbrother i havent seen in 5 yrs. Who is also very spiritual. I mentioned the 333 and 444 to him and that we had been puzzled about it. My bro said no way im 333. I plan to have 333. 3s tattoed on my body before i die. He has like 12 then. I started putting more thought into it. Since then. And everyday for weeks i get 333. Sumtimes 2x a day sumtimes 6x. Ive gotten the numeric time randomly every hour starting at 111 to 555 in one day. I finally looked up 333 this morning and found u. And im blown awaay. Yes im in a major transition. Idk what to do with myself or life. I have back injury from my pregnancy and. My life hasnt been the same. Today i got 222. And chris got 222 and 333. After i read ur ppage i picked my phone up to text him. It was 10 10. At the same time im texting him that his constant 444 is angels very close. As im writing he text me with a piccture of an angel statue at his a customers house. As he has been doing everyday this week. Big beautiful angel statues lil ones in peoples yards everyday. And at the customers house today they shared 11 11. She was amazed. Aand told him. All 3 of her clocks have never been saame time at the same time. Whats happening. Is it him. Is it me. How do i interpret this. If angels are with me. Why now. Im excited at the thought that angels arre really real. Im scared to miss the mssg. To not get it right. I have no idea whaat to do. I feel i cannot talk about this with anyone for fear they will think ive gone crazy. Thank u. I look forward to feedback from u.

  26. Hello Well since my mother passed away oct 8 2009 i have seen the number 333 everyday sometimes 2 or 3 times. I have read alot into it and since we were extremely close and had that special bond when he was here i see it as a sign that she is trying to tell me something but cannot figure it out, It is almost to the point where i want to go have a reading done or go to a phyciatrist. I see these numbers and my heart starts to race, not sure what to do or think any more .paul

  27. Hi Laura. Looks like our paths cross again. I will be adding your site to my favorites. Thanks for the information you provide here. ♥

  28. I have been noticing 333 so much for years, and lately 1222…when I do I think of my angels…thanks for this info for confirmation

  29. Hi Laura, WoW! The number 3:33 has been a daily thing for me for the past seven years. I’m 47 yrs old and from 2000 – 2010 i have lost most of my family to different causes and have become so depressed that i could not function at work anymore and was forced to quit my job even knowing that i would lose my house after 14 yrs because of it and almost became homeless. I have become more frighten of people all around me because i seem to be able to see clearly in their eyes a look that is cold, evel, unfriendly, basicly ungodly. I get very scared thinking about the future and have become extremly isolated and don’t know what to do with my life because of the phobia i have of being around people in general. Now! About the number 3:33. I literaly see it almost every day and i know it’s not a coincodince because my eyes catch it on clocks that are in motion like during every football game i watch or i’ll be listening to a cd and out of the blue i’ll catch the time readout right as it hit’s 3:33 unintentionaly. I see it at least every other day on the alarm clock, watch, microwave, computer clock. After losing my mom to cancer in 2002 i feel like one half of me has died with her. Her and my father divorced soon after i was born and i never knew my father. She was the closest thing to me in my life. She was the only one i know who could lift my spirits with her smile and love. I believe in God and I can’t help but feel that the number 3:33 is a sign warning me that something terribly bad is going to happen. I keep hearing the talk about the myans prediction of the world ending as we know it on 12/21/12. Hmmm! Each of those double digits add to 333. That combined with the bad feelings i get from people everyday could 333 be a sign from above? Thanks for your time and God bless!

    • Hi Mike,

      It is nice to meet you! I appreciate your comment and am sorry for the loss of your Mom. I just wanted to address the Mayan prediction you mentioned. I suggest you keep your day job, because I do not believe anything physical will happen on that day. It’s too easy of an out. But, I do believe the energies are shifting and have been for the past few years. 2011 was a particularly rough year for me energetically. I really felt the changes coming through. 2012 for me has been a lot lighter and easier. It is just a shift in energies of the planet.

      As far as the bad feelings, just remember that you assign meaning and beliefs to the numbers, just like everyone else. Check your beliefs at the door. You can change them any time you want.

      If you truly want to work on clearing your energy patterns, I would strongly suggest you do some research on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or TFT (Thought Field Therapy – Callahan Technique). They are easy to implement and will provide relief and healing for you. You may also consider looking up Isochronic tones or Binaural beats. It will really help you get out of the prevalent thought processes that are occurring for you at this time. You can also book a reading with me to go further in depth into past life issues and the energies currently affecting you.

  30. Thank you…I have pondered for years of this…I knew I’ve felt uneasy for a reason..now I understand..questioning my self worth…what I’m doing wrong..it all makes sense now…again…god bless you..

  31. Dear Laura,

    Last year 2011, I started seeing multiple numbers, the number 555. At first I thought it was a coincidence but I started seeing it everywhere, clocks, license plates, form numbers, check numbers, etc. It startled me at first until I found your website.
    The fear left me completely because I do believe it was and still is a sign from my angel or spirit guide. The beginning of this year I started seeing all multiple numbers, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777 and 888. It was very distracting and alarming to me. August 1st I lost my husband to pneumonia. I was and still am devastated.
    I’m coping but it’s very difficult. When I received his death certificate I was totally taken back when I read the certificate number. It was 333. Since that day I notice the number everywhere. I feel it is a sign from my husband letting me know all is ok, that he is in heaven. I still see all the other numbers at times.


  32. So I got the same great gift….and I thought I was the only one since I’ve ask everyone around me and no one shared this with me. To me its something more than just numbers repeating.
    It’s a purpose I got to find… What I did notice was that everyone including me see numbers 111, 222, 333, 444. But not many see the rest… I only see up to 444. I think we all have something that relates to one another, we just don’t know each other. I’m from west Texas…born in the early 70’s… Thanks…
    P.s. when I’m driving, birds crash into my windshield. It happens very often…6-7 a year!!! If anyone has any info on this, please let me know!!!

    • Hi Sergio… late answer…33 here for years also…
      it happens to me a lot that animals seem to gravitate towards me… specially birds.. when in the field, its like they come very close to me… stare, or do they thing, but they come very close…i watch them, sometimes i come close too, and they dont go away like they would normally do instantly.. i guess they know im no threat, so they come…
      maybe its something similar with you, only that when driving you cant help to hit them… i dont know, just an idea…

  33. Hi, I would like to share my experience. I have been working at getting in tune with angels as of late in my life and am blown away. I was talking with my mother that has a good friend that is “very in tune” with angels. At an early stage in his life He received a phone call at a pivotal point in life that was the number 000 111 4444. There is more to that but wow. Now at this very moment of the phone call, we were talking about him receiving this call I receive a phone call on the other line from a 333 4444 number. I call it back and it is disconnected. It may seem insignificant to some but I fine it as a true sign of being a blessed message : ) I hope you all are blessed and you are… Strength love and light…

  34. Hey.

    I would like some advice please.

    I have done some research on seeing the numbers “333,” and most of it is good information like “oh angels are here to guide you and let you know that everything is well.” But even though I try to believe this, everytime I look at the clock at 3:33 (I only see these numbers on clocks) I get afraid and feel like somone is near me or watching, its not a good feeling for me.

    I have this clock on my iPad that shows the seconds beside hour/minutes, and I think twice that this has happend where I looked and it said 3:33 and 33 seconds. (which is weird x3 ….) haha.

    Something that I think MIGHT connect or be related to this is my mom and grandma have always told me that there are angels watching over me and the my great aunt Chella (that had passed away a little before I was born) is possibly my gardian angel. My mom said when I was a baby she woke up in the middle of the night once and saw Chello beside my crib HOLDING me very gentily like she was happy to see me.

    As I grew a few years older there were many times when I could have died in freak accidents lol. Once I was pulling on a very big TV cable and my grandma saw me just as it was about to fall right on top of me, and she caught it in mid air and held it up and my mom came to help her put it back on the TV stand. And another time where my grandma and mom were at a store with me I was still very young, as we were coming back to the car to put the grocerys in the trunk my grandma said “Oh let me put Andrew in the cart on the way back to the car.” My mom said “noo I have him we’re almost to the car” and before getting to the car the cart hit a bump and it flipped completely over.

    I know that there were some other stories, I just cannot remember at the moment.

    My grandma is very religous and my mom use to go to church when she was young. But I never go to church and my mom never forced it upon me. And im not very religous at all, I dont know if I even believe in god. But I believe a higher being forsure.

    Im 16, I honestly do not rememer when the first occurance of seem this repeating number had started to happen. I know it was only a couple years ago for sure.

    So is it Chella? I barely know anything about her, and im always reminded by family members that chella is watching out for me and that shes probably my guardian angel. My family is completely normal and more than nice. We arent crazy or anything.

    Do you see any signs or messages within my stories here that I have shared? Please reply I would love to see what you have to say!

  35. All I can say right now is Wow…yesterday I saw 333 and today I saw it again …then when I read what it said tears came to my eyes because it’s so true…i have been seeing those numbers for a while now….but today it made sense….Thank u for the enlightenment…

  36. Hi Laura,

    I was just reading your blog and the meaning of 333 really stood out to me. Because all my life I was surround by threes. First of… if I add my birth date together I get 333 and I when I met my husband I married him by the 3rd year and had my daughter as well. I noticed that 3s are all around me, by 30 I published my first book, by my 33rd birthday I changed my career and went head first into the arts, which is what I love. I have 3 pets, and when I worked in the medical field I had 3 patients, I have 3 kids, 3 loves of my life and my career path I do… writing, photography/digital mixed media art and music as well.

    Can you please tell me what all this means? Some of the 3s didn’t turn out good, but some did. Should I be worried?


  37. I’ve been seeing the number 333 pretty much my entire life. I’ll look at the clock and it’s either 3:33am or 3:33pm. The number seems to be following me throughout my life. The address where my parents lived when i was born was 333 west 11th st. My old high school address was 333 w 17th st. And so on. What does this mean?

  38. Hi Laura,
    So, for a while I have been seeing 444. Recently I have been frequently noticing 333 along with 111 & 222. Anyway, I was reading a book earlier and I heard something small fall in another room and shortly after I smelt a random sweet, flowerly smell.(I have no scented candles, wall plug ins, ect.) It wasn’t long after that I looked down to see what page I was on and it was 333. I also noticed the smell coming from nowhere along with seeing another set of trippled numbers.(mostly 444) I was just wondering if the scent along with the numbers meant anything important.

  39. I keep seeing the number 333 everywhere and this makes sense because I do need more balance and wholeness…How lovely; thank you <3

  40. My son passed away on July 19, while staying in room 303, he was 33 years old, and my phone had 90-09-90 on it with no one dialing. I have been seeing 1111, 333, 444, all repeating numbers for the past 3 or 4 months prior and it has been frightening. then his death. What does it all mean?

  41. Hi!

    First I have to tell You that I found this site when I wrote to Google what is the meaning of 333? I wrote it because I have started to see it this year when I’m 33 years old. I have seen it also when I have watched the time and the minutes have often been 33 and the time has been 3.33 a.m. in the night when I have suddenly woken up.

    It has also been in bills, one internet site that is mine cost 333e and a bit more. One room’s number where I stayed was 233 this year. Once, when I was in a bus this year I was wondering how many kilometres there are still left where I was going and at the same time I watched out from the window and there was a sign that told me there were 33km left!

    3,33 and 333 have started to become my favourite numbers! Now when I read others stories I’m not so worried anymore! It is just funny in my case that I started to see this when I am 33 now. Thanks for the interesting site!

    Yours, Juha

  42. The bill was 333e when I was 32, suddenly remembered. Other number time when I have woken up often 1:24a.m. It has happened very much, for years I have woken up that time very often. But now I don’t pay attention to it so much. Now I wake up at 3.33 very often. The 333 thing has gotten my attention:).

  43. i have been stalked by the number 333 for the past three years! my whole family has in fact. we would all wake up at 3:33.i got in a car accident at 3:33. everything bad that has ever happened to me has something to do with 333. i cant stand it anymore!! what do i do?

  44. Came across this as I have seen 3:33 A.M and P.M for 3 days in a row! This totally makes sense as I have been doing a lot of thinking about the true meaning of everything lately. I am just blown away! It was a sigh of relief reading this, as I know my thoughts are in the right direction now. Thanks!

  45. Dear Laura,

    After recently getting out of a relationship with a friend of 6 years, I have been seeing the number 33 a lot! Whenever I look at the clock it’s either 4:33 or 5:33 it’s just so weird. I’ve even had the same friend that I lost come to me in a dream, saying that I should contribute $300.00 to a bill. I’ve have been praying for answers to what does “33” represents. I know I’m taking my break up with my friend very hard. We’ve been in each other’s lives for over 6 years. Everyday we would talk on the phone for hours. I’ve never been close to anyone like that in my life. I’ve been having dreams of my friend and I being together one day. I’m not sure if those dreams are valid. However, every dream I have about him has come true in the past. The reason why we can’t be together is very complex. I’m in school and will be for another 6 years (I want to be a doctor). He lost his wife years ago and now he is responsible for taking care three of his children. He also has a business to run. Therefore, we decided that right now we should just go our separate ways. So, I just wanted to give you some information about where I am in my life. Is this the reason why I keep seeing “33”? Is God trying to tell me everything will be okay?

  46. 333 is driving me crazy. I wake up and feel wide awake. I go to the kitchen for something to drink and look at the clock and it is 3:33am. During the day, (like today) I was working in the house and decided to go out. I looked at the clock and it was 3:33pm. I’m at the coffee shop and feeling tired. Something told me to pack it up. I looked at the time and it was 8:33pm. This happens one a daily basis. Sometimes more then 3 times a day. I don’t like the feeling it brings. I feel uneasy and scared. I’m not a clock watcher but when I do it’s always 333 or 33 something. I feel so confused and upset every time it happens. I’m not a believer of Angels or a higher power. Sometimes I feel that my father and mother floats around my mind and body. Really dazed & confused.


  47. I was born on Easter Sunday at 3:33am does anyone have any insight on the possible significance of this I really need answers I’m on a quest.Thanks Chris

  48. Back in 1980 or 1982 i lost a half dozen friends in a plane crash via a Bahamas trip. I saw them all as they met at a neighbors house and waved them off. One girl was very special to me, we were very close. After the horrific week of wakes and funerals i had an awakening. A girls voice called my name in my sleep I thought. I open my eyes and the voice called my name again-I believe it was her. I looked at the clock and it was 3:33 am. Days later I was waked up by 3 very loud delayed claps, looked at the clock and it was 3:33 am. This happen two more times. So here I am decades later waking up and looking at the clock-3:33 am. Just happen the other morning. Have no fear when this happens-I know GOD is with me. What does this mean ?

  49. I love your website, its inspiring. you are very gifted. I have been seeing all those numbers, 1111,111, 222,333,444,555,1010,1212 in the bible, my cellphone, clocks. I keep a ordinary calendar and write down every time I see these numbers. I have one I started last year. when I started paying attention to them last year, I knew it was spiritual, so now when I see them, I pray to God. I also have visions and prophetic dreams and I always give God the glory. I visited your site last year…GREAT.

  50. I was born on the 5th month, 7th day of the year ’57. this year I will be 57, so that is: 57, 57, 57 – which is 12,12,12 – which is 3,3,3.
    Any comments on what does this mean to my life this coming year?

  51. Hi, I have many times in the past noticed 3:33am/3:33 pm, but tonight I had just watched Man of Steel (superman) had a endorphin rush at the end of the film, because I had such a positive flux of thought and sense of wellbeing and as the credits rolled I checked my phone and it was 3:33am!, Angels want me to keep up the positive thoughts.

  52. ** MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!! 333* I have been seeing 333 since 1997.. 3:33am wake ups etc… usually in times of uncertainty. I never knew what it really meant until 2003 when I met my husband and found out he lived at exit 333 on the PA Turnpike. As a nod to above, we got married at 3:33pm. In January 2013 my 4 year old son got diagnosed with cancer. I immediately was thrown into emotional and physical hell as we suddenly began to battle this monster in my son. I prayed to God every waking second for the entire week… I contacted every prayer warrior I could find… I was traumatized… in about one week from diagnosis, feeling like I didnt have the energy to keep moving forward, I started waking up at 3:33am… every day… I started seeing 333 on signs, mile markers, gas station prices… EVERYWHERE. I knew then, that was a sign from above that my son would be ok… after tumor removal surgery and 2 rounds of chemo, we started to get my son’s initial tests back and the cancer had reduced by 75%! GO 333 GO!!!! I still saw 333 EVERYWHERE… and I started to spread the word to my large list of Facebook friends about 333… they all started praying and seeing 333 everywhere and letting me know!!!! I am ecstatic to say that after surgery, 6 months of chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant and 6 months of immunotherapy, my son on 5/2/14 was declared IN REMISISON!!! The POWER of holy 333 !!!!

    • I loved your post. I have my own 333 story that isnt related to my son HOWEVER I too had a son at age six who was diagnosed with cancer, malignant brain tumor. I know so much of what you (and he) went through! I wont go through all of our own set of details and story but suffice it to say that he is happy at age 26 about to be married and while he’s on disability (vision impairment and some mobility/balance issues) he’s healthy, happy and productive leading a life that brings me as much joy as it does him! I love your story and thank you for sharing. Your love attitude and refusal to believe anything other than that he IS OK and that you have Angels powerfully backing you is the very thing that I believe saved him (or at least highly contributed to)! I never want to say the doctors didnt help however my situation was 20 years ago now. He had a 20% prognosis and with survival a %70 chance at being low IQ or even retarded. I used visualization, imagination, meditation prayer and taught him to believe in the power of the Angels that worked with him and I together. its a book within itsself and so I will leave it at that. I found joy in your post and wanted to say thank you and express shared sentiment!
      Carla Curlee

      • Thank you Carla !!!! And your post too means the world to me!! I always look for survival stories and take strength from them! I believe every one I find/am told is not a coincidence, that the angels/guides are leading me to them to keep me going.. Let’s stay in touch! We are Team Augustine on Facebook! and you can friend request me too!

  53. I started researching on seeing 333 after last night.

    I was having a terrible nightmare, and I couldn’t bring myself to wake up out of it no matter how hard I was trying. But finally, I woke up after I couldn’t stand to see the descriptive details of the horrifying nightmare. I was wide awake at this point debating on whether I should just get up or not. Then I looked at the clock and I thought great…the electricity went out again last night since I have a digital clock. But then I was confused, usually when the lights go out, the clock flashes at 12:00 but all I was seeing was 33333. That’s when I was startled & I decided I should call my mom and see if shes okay (the nightmare was with her) and she was fine. I look back at the clock about 5 minutes later but it showed the right time, which was 4:56. By this time, I was completely started and a bit scared to be honest. I realized the lights didn’t go out, but it was me who had seen 333 flashing. I’m not sure, but does that still mean something? I’ve been search all morning online for answers and it appears its not a bad thing to see this.

    • Dear Ruby,

      No it’s not a bad thing at all to see number 3. I have been seeing number 3 in different forms over a year now, almost two years. For example I have very often seen the number 33 when I have started to sleep. The time in my mobile phone has been VERY often 33 minutes after hour when I have watched it. Sometimes I have started to sleep when the time has been 3:33a.m.

      The number 3 means that You are loved from above and it means good things. Don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing at all. Your spirituality starts to wake up more and You start to think about angels and things like that. But the most important thing is that it means You’re loved. Nothing else. Don’t be scared because probably You are going to see these numbers a lot in the future too like I have been seeing them. You can write to me about them if you want.

      Sleep well!


  54. Hi im Juli Sosa from Philippines..
    Back when im in grade3. Its usual for a child to take a nap in the afternoon..after a while my mother heard me whispering the word 3 3 3.
    so my mother and our neighbor decided to play in lottery and they won.
    4 years from now..Im so crazy about 333 in my life,i shared it with my close friend but i know they didnt understand me they just laughed at me and says im weird.
    but i cant explain the happiness when i see those numbers anytime and anywhere or in any ways like walking in the streets.,can see the plate no.of the car.pay attention on the time 3:33,i helped my friend to the hospital her room,i roamed my simcard and rode in the plane333,even im taking a bath i can see on the design of the door,cutting a bell pepper. One day my friend sent me a message and here is the verse jeremiah33:3 “CALL UNTO ME AND I WILL ANSWER YOU.”
    Am i just paranoid of this? Thanks.

    • My friends think I’m crazy too and laugh at me also. I smile everytime I see it. I’ve always known it means something. I wonder what we all have in common that do see it. Do u have 3’s in ur birth day or time born or lbs. I believe everything happens for a reason. The other day I ignored a Jehovah’s Witness at my door and then left 10 mins after out my side door and she pulled away from my house and I glanced up as I was sitting in my car when she drove passed and the lisence plate had 333 on it. I wanted to cry. I felt bad. It made me believe it has something to do with god/angels. You’re not alone. I’m glad I’m not either !!

  55. I have been seeing the number 333 for years. On boxes, the time (am and pm) flipping pages in a book right to 333, receipts, anything really. It has always freaked me out and I don’t know what it means.

    • It is nothing to be scared about.. Take it as your guides/angels communicating with you… They might want you to open your eyes wider… so they can guide you to positive things… Once you realize this, you will see what I mean. Stop and think about what you are doing/life situations when you see the #…

  56. For the past month I’ve waken up at 3:33 am on 3 different occasions to learn that my significant other has not been home. I am unsure if this has anything to do with the time 3:33 but it doesn’t seem coincidental either. I’m getting mixed feelings when I look up Google to get some what of an answer. I just want some clarity or is it giving me clarity already on my relationship. Kinda scary

    • Hi Lisa,

      What I find helpful is to think of one or two words that sum up the number 333 for you right now. For me I always think of 333 representing Truth. So, to me it sounds like you need to have a heart to heart with yourself about the situation with your significant other. What are you avoiding looking at with the relationship? What needs to be said? What is the Truth of the situation? Clarity comes from being honest with yourself. Think and write it out for yourself first, and then go to your partner and have a good long discussion. And yes, I do think it is already giving you clarity on your relationship. I wish you the best.

      • I was born in April 9 1966 in a humble house in AMECA Jalil could mexico.
        I have been living in Compton ca. Since I was 8yrs old.
        Since I can remember I been having nightmares waking up at 3:33am believing something is watching over me.
        Before this 2 to 3 Times a year I wake up paralyzed like something is holding me down.
        The more I struggled the stronger the hold.
        All I can do is relaxed and pray.

        But is hard to try and play when something is holding you down.

        That’s just my experience.

  57. hi! For years I been obsessed with the number 3. It pretty much controls my life that I even hide 3s in my signature. I know it sounds crazy but I always wake up at the same time for no reason at 3:33am and I have 3 members of my family my mother, sister and myself. I live on the 3rd house on my block. I was always 3rd place in events and I was always the 3rd person in class in alphabetical order. My last relationship lasted 3years. I don’t know if its a blessing or a curse?

    • Ernie – I posted this for John but it also applies to your post: This happens to me too.. waking up 333am and seeing 333 and 33 all over the place and it has always mean positive/conformation that you are thinking the right thing/moving in the right direction. It happened ALOT when my 4 years old son was diagnosed with cancer – I saw 333 everywhere and waoke up almost every night!! after 1.5 years of fighting and seeing 333 EVERYWHERE, my son is now in remission! they are talking to you.. they hear your worries/concerns and they are trying to tell you to hang in there/you are moving in the right direction & they see it (they = your guides/angels/God (your guides also could be folks on the other side you knew in life). Hoping for POSITIVE things to come (as they are trying to tell you)!!! Keep looking for the 333′s and tune into what it might mean in your life/next steps! Jeremiah 33:3 “Call out to me and I will show you great and mighty things…” 333!!!

  58. Hey! So for the majority of my childhood up to the present, which I am 25 years old, I have seen 333 several times, everyday. Of course I see the typical 333 am and pm on clocks, but it presents itself so much in the strangest places that I knew from a young age it was no coincidence. It was only about a month a go that I began to research its meaning, though I felt protection around me at all times.

    It has been this past year that I can honestly say has been the hardest. I essentially denounced money and material possessions and was homeless for a year. It was in this year that helped me become more knowledgeable and wiser to Truth, God, and the way we are suppose to live and feel. Suffering and pain was a major part of this time that I would never take back. So contrary to me saying it was the most difficult time, it was also the best time. I could and should have been dead so many times, but that protection is around me, the kindness of strangers was a significant phenomenon, and so many doors opened with unreal almost opportunities.

    This was also trailed by tragedy tithe utmost as well. This time truly made me know God exists and that people are all equal. I can be put in a room from people from all walks of life, and hey, we’ll be cool and probably friends when we leave. All the while I saw 333. F somehow knew it meant I was protected.

    Some of the most recent 333 sightings that pop out is picking up my guy friend’s date at address 333, seeing my friends inbox had.333 messages, getting a sticker from my graffiti artist friend with 333 on it, and getting a free pen with the number number 333. Now, I still see this everywhere all day, but I only felt the need to look into it as of late because.I believe my son’s father and boyfriend is possessed by a demon that has yet tr to come out of him from his little brother’s death five years ago. There has been several tragic deaths surrounding us for a long time. I will speak about this on my next post. Long, sad stories. Also I am currently staying with my bc in the house that his brother died in, who his sister accidentally killed. I have been, and so has my bc, dealing with a lot of spirits here lately. Before I wrote this post my grandfather, who has passed, was playing harmonica on the porch. Then there is this demon. To be continued …..please, input welcome!

  59. Last night I was awoken at 333 am. This is not the first time, maybe the third or fourth? I am 23 years old. Been in and out of religion due to my occupation (soldier). Today is a very, very important day for me. My entire life could be decided. Was this 333 sign this morning a good omen or a bad? I read that 333 in Hebrew can be translated to a very bad day. Will follow up with the outcome of my day later today.

    • John – This happens to me too.. waking up 333am and seeing 333 and 33 all over the place and it has always mean positive/conformation that you are thinking the right thing/moving in the right direction. It happened ALOT when my 4 years old son was diagnosed with cancer – I saw 333 everywhere and waoke up almost every night!! after 1.5 years of fighting and seeing 333 EVERYWHERE, my son is now in remission! they are talking to you.. they hear your worries/concerns and they are trying to tell you to hang in there/you are moving in the right direction & they see it (they = your guides/angels/God (your guides also could be folks on the other side you knew in life). I look forward to seeing how your day turned out!!!! Hoping for POSITIVE things to come (as they are trying to tell you)!!! Keep looking for the 333’s and tune into what it might mean in your life/next steps! 🙂

      • You were very much right, yesterday was filled with good news. Things that I had been worried about so much for 7 months. Waking up at that hour, that day turned out to be a good sign. I will pay more attention to my surroundings and if they are trying to show me, I will find it 🙂 Thank you!

  60. By the way, 333 is a very God centric #… and I was shown the bible verse Jeremiah 33:3 when I started seeing them. It is now “my” verse… Jeremiah 33:3 “Call out to me and I will show you great and mighty things…”

  61. Hi!

    I have been seeing the ‘triple’ flashing numbers on the clock whenever I check randomly. I was a bit amused. But today, I saw 3.33 and 4.44 ( my sis and a very dear friend’s log in time) on WhatsApp when I got up to check messages. It seemed like the Angels wanted me to really pay attention. I googled and was led to this website. Amazing! I feel so good. Going through a bit of a rough patch and it is comforting to know that Angels are protecting me. Oh, btw the house I live in is 7777 🙂 Been there for over 2 years now!

  62. Laura,
    2 years ago my father died and I keep seeing the numbers 333 . I was stopped at a light the vehicle ahead of me had license plate 333..parked in the convenience store parking lot the car next to me 333 licence plate and the time 3:33. … All this happened in one day. I have been seeing this combo after my father passed what does it mean?

    • It’s your angels talking to you and saying all is ok! This happens to me too.. waking up 333am and seeing 333 and 33 all over the place and it has always mean positive/conformation that you are thinking the right thing/moving in the right direction. It happened ALOT when my 4 years old son was diagnosed with cancer – I saw 333 everywhere and waoke up almost every night!! after 1.5 years of fighting and seeing 333 EVERYWHERE, my son is now in remission! they are talking to you.. they hear your worries/concerns and they are trying to tell you to hang in there/you are moving in the right direction & they see it (they = your guides/angels/God (your guides also could be folks on the other side you knew in life). Keep looking for the 333’s and tune into what it might mean in your life/next steps!

  63. thingsthatnevermadeintoprint.wordpress.com

    I am undergoing a spiritual transformation in the last stages of the new middle age – sixty – and life has been an absolute maelstrom since this past May. Things are finally calming down. Yay!

    So my new address is 333!
    Just caught my eye and decided to check it out.

  64. Hello,
    With me it started almost a year ago.Just before it started I had a very strange dream,or maybe it wasn’t a dream at all. I had a feeling as some black shadow is choking me and I was loosing my breath and I was so scared and weak but then I called Jesus’s name,I didn’t see Him,I just felt His presence and I woke up with my heart pounding like crazy. Since then I stared seeing double numbers everywhere, most of the times I would see 33 but 333 as well.I am so concerned and would like to find out what does it mean.

    • Daniela – Since you called out Jesus name after that dark spirit was attacking you, then you are seeing 333’s everywhere, it means you are now being protected. Jeremiah 33:3 – Call out to me and I will show you great and mighty things… I would assume you haven’t seen the dark spirit since? God and his angels are watching and protecting you now 🙂 Look for the 33/333’s ! 🙂

  65. I’ve read these post for years. I have seen 333 for the past 7 years. I truly do believe it is my guardian angel helping me through life. My friends and family think I’m crazy. I also see 3313 and I think that’s when something’s wrong and I need to fix it. I wonder what we all have in common with each other. I smile everytime I see 333. So nice to know I’m not alone.

  66. Since my brother passed away in July, I have been waking up very often at 3:33 am. Is there a significance to this? When our Grandfather passed away, I had a dream about him the night before and knew when my brother came to wake me up and tell me that he’d passed that it had happened. When my brother passed away, I didn’t dream about him and I have been mad about that…maybe this is his way of telling me that he’s OK…??

  67. For some month now I started seeing 5.55. It occurred to me more then 5 times within the week. I did much research on it and I got to know that there was going to be a change but did not know how and when. about a month ago the sequence changed. This time I see numbers like 9.22,5.33,3.44 . Always the last numbers are in pairs. It has been so for the past month so I prayed to get the deep meaning of those numbers. I had a dream some days ago and in the dream I was having sex with a woman. Before I released it was a man, a friend that I live with in the same house for the past 2 and a half years. My understanding to it is that , it means we have to pair together to bring the change. that is the message I had yesterday . I have started seeing 333 . Please I would be glad if you can share with me what it means

  68. Greetings,

    For a very long time, I have always thought that the meaning of the repetition of the number 3 had a negative effect if anything. When ever I saw the number I would think it was bad so felt a little nervous. (Thanks scary movies) The number 333 apeared frequently in odd situations. And just so you know a little about me, I do a lot of thinking. Primarily about the big picture of life and things that really have true effect on our lives. I have learned that I have figured many things about life and the universe out on my own. When I google searched these things my “theories” are all pretty darn close to the facts online. I know that we are all connected and are all one, I know that time and space are not exactly real, and that our conscience has much more importance in life than we think. It never really crossed my mind to look it up or anything but when I did I was shocked and extremely relived. One situation was when my father accidentally put dog prescribed flee repellant on my cat and went to bed without noticing. Putting that on a cat will poison the cat and cause it to die within hours. In the middle of the night I randomly woke up at 3:33 AM, got a drink and saw my cat. His eyes were all black he was shaking to death and could barely move. Luckily, my parents brought the cat to the vet just in time to save the cat. They said if we didn’t find him in another hour or so and the cat wouldn’t make it. The other experience was when my grandfather was very sick and did not have much time. My whole family was in the room during this and the doctor said that he could hear us and that’s it. He couldn’t talk or open his eyes. We all said our goodbyes to him while he was awake and when I looked at my phone I saw the time and it was 3:33. And without knowing the true meaning of the number I instantly thought “oh no, this is not good” and got very scared. I didn’t know what to think. about 10 minutes after that he passed away. It was very peaceful. Now that I know the meaning of the number I feel safe and can assure that there are in fact those up above giving guidance to us here.

  69. I have seen the number 333 for many years now. I can’t remember the exact year that it started but I do remember believing that 3/3/03 might be the end of the world. So, it had to have been happening well before then. I see it almost daily and sometimes multiple times per day. It shows up any number of ways. It could be a good day, a bad day, good thoughts, bad thoughts, or in general basic everyday life. I can’t find any consistency other than I see it all the time. Any advice?

  70. I woke up last night and looked at the clock it was 333am. I Wasn’t even aware till I noticed myself stairing at the colck!! I staired at it for half a minute and went back to sleep as fast as i woke up. All i asked is what is this about. Im still clueless. Please any information intuitive if u can thanks.

  71. To whom it may concern:

    Last night I had a terrifying dream and rarely if never have such dreams. I was dreaming of traveling with my wife, we pulled into a hotel parking lot and went to our room. However, it was if the entire place was a dejavu. When we got into the room I took a bath and while washing my face as I normally do, by dipping my head down in front of me into the water, I came up wiping soap and water away from my eyes and looked at the wall in front of the tub, but instead of being tile, it was a mirror. And in the mirror I saw my reflection and someone or something else sitting behind me looking over my shoulder. It looked like a ghost, a spirit, I am not sure what it was. I didn’t feel that it was a malevolent but it scared me so that I woke up screaming with my hands and feet kicking. I was shaken to the core and got up and went to the bathroom. When I got back to bed it was 3:33 am. Needless to say, I didn’t go back to sleep until 7 am. The crazy thing was the next dream I had was me trying to explain my dream to others or strangers at another hotel of some other place. I’ve been disturbed all day by this dream and have tried to figure out what it means. Did I see my spirit? Was the washing away of soapy water have some connotation? Did I see some other spirit or an angle? Am I supposed be seeing my spirit more clearly? I don’t know what to think, any thoughts out there?

    • Dreams help us in many ways in life. This seems to be a dream that is protecting you from a “nightmare” in real life. In your case, since you have had a bad dream there must be something in your life that you have been very worried about. The dream takes your mind completely off of what you usually are always worrying about, and leaves you thinking about that crazy dream you had for the whole day.. And when you see a scary dark figure with no face or anything that usually means a spirit is watching close over you. Nothing to worry about though it’s all about how the brain reacts while in motion and at rest. Just another mystery of this beautiful life!

  72. Does the number 333 mean like… Seeing the numbers? Or can it also mean seeing three things happen? Like one day, I saw three car wreck’s, the next day three cars broken down, the next I ask my mom how many minutes do I put so and so food in the microwave, she said three. It’s getting to the point where I might be going paranoid because everything I do anymore is always happening in three’s. Is this a sign maybe in three years, I’ll be hit by three cars, with only three minutes to live?

  73. I’ve been into synchromysticism for about a decade now, and I’ve never agreed with any of these new age interpretations of what these numbers mean – I can’t claim to know specifically what they’re all about, if anything, but it doesn’t take much awareness to realize that all those books about “angel codes” are full of crap.

    However, the number 333 has a very huge occult significance that I can’t believe more people aren’t aware of: it’s the number of the demon Choronzon which resides in the Abyss between the phenomenal world and the supernal triad on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. I would say more, but it’s far too big a subject to get into…and might even freak a few people out, lol. But infamous magician Aliester Crowley is probably the most quoted author on the subject, for those who wish to look into it.

    The experience of the Abyss also seems to correspond perfectly with the “dark night of the soul” which I’ve had to go through a few times myself…I practice qigong and various forms of meditation, but I’m not an occultist, so I think my introduction to that experience was probably triggered by various psychedelics I had experimented with at the time. I don’t necessarily believe everything that’s been written about either subject, but it’s certainly a curious thing to look into.

  74. I’m feeling so enlightend reading this me and my partner knew most of this through gut instinct as 3, 33 and 333 also a lot of 9’stuff wich is 3 3’s. Absolutely every where my partner is one of 3 brothers he is born 3Rd of the 3rd the other twords both born on the 3rd of different months grew up at number 3 always said 2015 is our year and 15 is like 5 x 3 everything we buy is £3 or the odd pence is 33 or 03 or ending in 3 the time

    every glance is 3.33 or 33 or 3 mind past what ever hour bttery life is alway 33% watching TV and in films for instance there stood out side room number 33 or power of 3 everything is 3 in every aspect we live at number 19 wich is 3 threes again the house we got is apparently gold dust and lucky as it’s through council

    also the temp on my phone alway’s contains a 3 it’s 13° right now we believe in angels very much and think we are angels guiding our self’s know one knows they would think we’re mad I’ve researched 333 before couldn’t find anything this time I do it and this post was at the top I honestly belive we wasn’t allowed to know at the time you have to be ready and takes a while also belive there is a connection to aliens

    my son from previous relationship is currently living with my dad but coming home soon and his biological dad has nothing to do with him by choice yet my current partner held my son at 3 days old way before we knew we would have a relationship he looks like my partner has many of his treats loves him so much he is nearly 3

    I believe he is the third side of our triangle it crops up so many times every day and we knew we was connected and something was coming

    I believe we are low let but surely being educated in a special way because we are ready and need it we believe our little boy was our son in another place another time our bodys have been recycled and we are now all back together far to many coincidences and loads more to do with 3s but I think that bit is enough to give a little insight recently we have been using YouTube for guided meditations and self hypnosis as well and dramatically turned our life’s around

    as before we met both had rocky lifestyles and now very stable living normal life’s except all this we strongly believe in some would say it’s not normal but it’s more normal and makes more sense than anything else I’d really like to hear back out of curiosity also we’ve been suffering with awful vivid nightmares after hypnosis sessions

    I now believe we need to have them to clear subconscious or unconscious concise and part concise negativity out our minds to enable us to then live on positivity.Should we carry on doing self hypnosis sessions despite the night mares? I really hope to hear back fro. You this post has really helped.

    p.s. my partner still struggles and has blips of the changes we’ve made and occasionally slips to the old him on a small scale so the triangle one side isn’t equal I read this to him and I know it will change our life for ever and has been the confirmation we’re not mad and he will stop it and level up properly even though we did know this was enough to know on another level.

    I can not thank you enough xxxx keep up with your work your truly blessed and have a gift I believe we have powers were not clever enough to access as society has dumbed us all down were determined to become connected and learn or be given access I could go on forever I won’t about pyramids Bermuda triangle gyomectrics pythagoris theorem all sorts thank you again. Stay safe I think were very lucky and been chosen x

      • Hi Charlie,

        Okay, I had to back and re-read your comment. Are you asking the question if you should continue the self-hypnosis sessions despite having nightmares? If so, I would not recommend it if has continued this long. You may benefit from more knowledge around this subject. You may want to consult a professional hypnotist or someone that works with past life regression. I hope that answers your question.

  75. Hello Laura!

    I have glanced over and noticed my alram clock reads 3:33 at least 3 times a week for the past couple of weeks. Any ideas what this could mean for me?

  76. I’ve had this stabbing pain in my heart for almost a week now. I’ve had these bad thoughts in my head saying that GOD and Jesus isn’t real and I think it is the devil tormenting me. I’ve been praying and calling out for Jesus to help me but I still have those bad thoughts in my head. I keep pushing back what the devil says to me but it’s like when I fight him back he pushes back twice as hard. I have been scared because I was thinking GOD was angry with me and that I was going to hell. But today I called out to Jesus telling him that I was sorry if I had hurt him and begged him to help me because I felt like I was in torment. Right then I looked at my phone and it said 3:33! I felt so happy because I knew GOD was listening to me!

  77. I have been debating on moving to Texas and when i decided to visit. I started getting 777. My monthly cell cost to pay off phone is 7.77. I decided to call to see what my pay off was. It was 77.70.lol.. I went to the store the next day. Bought 3 items that cost.. Yep 7.77. As I drove. My mileage would say 77 miles or 77mph. 25mls. Equals 2+5=7. I saw nothing but 7s and 2s. Then when I got there it was 11:11 or 1:11 every time I got in my car.. Crazy..

  78. Lately I have noticed the number 1 appearing quite frequently as 1, 10, 111, 1111 and yesterday 3 times I saw this pattern 10101. I should also mention I saw 123 and 789, I’m not sure if I saw 456, if I did I didn’t take note at the time. What do you think this means?

  79. For the last 6 years I’ve been waking up at 3:33 or 3am. Always one or the other. Mostly 3:33 it would last weeks or just random nights. The past 2 years it has only happened a few times. But most recently it has been getting out of control. I don’t notice anything significant with 333 other than freaking out sometimes about waking up at that hour. What does this mean. Ive been reading other people’s comments. 333 hasn’t seemed to be spiritual but a bit scary for me. I don’t like walking up in the dark at night.

  80. It seems that I actually wear 333, it was really begin to freak me out!!! This has been going on for years, but has become ridiculous as of late! Try pouring a cup of coffee and all you see is digital 333’s on all clocks in the Kitchen and while pouring the cup you get a text at 333, then you go to sit down at your computer and guess what another 333. Some days, I get get hammered with so many 333’s that the hair on my arms and back of my neck stand up like static electricity.

    One instance, after a few days of my Mother’s passing my cell rang of course at 333 and the contact that came up was my Mother’s on the phone, which is impossible since it was disconnected–needless to say that flipped me out to begin with and I wasn’t going to answer it, but I did–but what I heard on the other side almost made me crash the car at 75 mph!!! There was background noise which I had only heard once before and that was a few days when my Dad passed–but this time it was accompanied by a single garbled word from the phone “GARY”!!!

    I was so shaken up that I had to pull over to the shoulder due to the fact that I was shaking so bad and took a Valium. I began to think that this was all the 333’s I have been accustomed to seeing were in fact someway associated with the Lord of Darkness and since he can not show me “666” he was getting to me with “333’s”!! But it is getting rather old constantly seeing this–I wish “My Angels” could be a tad more specific on what I am lacking or missing on my Triangle!! Thanks for listening, Gary

    • Hi Gary,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences.

      Without knowing the full story, I would speculate that in the cases of your parents passing that getting the 333 was a sign they were attempting to communicate with you, especially within a few days after their passing. They may have been trying to get a message to you that they were okay on the other side.

      As far as seeing 333 today, think about if what you are thinking about has anything to do with your parents at all. I realize that is rather broad, but I think your next step would be to see any links between your parents (one or both) and what you are thinking about shortly before you see 333.

      What are you thinking about when you are pouring that cup of coffee? Is there any type of change you are considering making or something you wish would occur? Start there.

  81. I saw a picture of a girl and my soul glowed, goosebumps and all, at exactly 3:33. I’ve been seeing her at church and other functions ever since. I even told her about it. For a long time I couldn’t get her out of my head. I know she is a mirror for me to learn about myself as I have learned much. Our birth charts line up and say nothing but love. But I think I make her nervous. And now is not the time for a relationship. Just curious about your input……

  82. I feel very confused and am starting to get genuinely worried. I have NEVER seen 3:33. The odd thing is, I see 3:32 and 3:34 ALL THE TIME. In other times in my life I have seen meaningful number combinations like 11:11 consistently, but I have yet to successfully be granted a 3:33.

    I so desperately want to be recognized by the angels and they are just taunting me with 3:32 and 3:34. What have I done to deserve their ignorance? It makes me feel like a shadow of a thought; not truly existing, rather on the cusp of angelic approval.

    It reminds me of something that happens to me all too often. I eat a lot of salad, and I can never seem to get a full container of salad without it having at least one little rotten piece of spinach in it. I look and look around the salad container to check for little rotten pieces of spinach before I buy it, and even when I don’t see any at the store, I open it up at home and there it is. Just staring up at me like the absence of seeing a 3:33. Why can’t I get lucky just one time and have a perfect container of salad and be rewarded with a 3:33?

    I read comment after comment above about peoples’ significant relationships with the angels by seeing 3:33. Is there anyone else out there who craves experiencing it, yet hasn’t?

  83. I have been seeing 333, 444, etc. all through this year and it was freaking me out a lot. It started after my father passed in April. It affects me less now as I’ve gotten used to it. I even wondered several times if it meant anything or it was strange coincidence. Thanks for your post.

  84. Hi. Thanks for the insight of the number 333. A couple of weeks ago I was noticing 11:11, but just recently I have been seeing 3:33 on the clock a lot.
    I do need to balance myself out, and it is very comforting that angels are here to help through the journey of doing so! I know though like you said, that I need to do the action and only through that will I change. I thank you angels and God for the tap on the shoulder.
    I can’t wait the the next transition.
    Thank you.
    Troy waddington.

  85. I have also seen 333 for many years. It first started at about 18 years old. I lost a friend shortly there after seeing it on a light post. Then when my son was born I would see it constantly on license plates, 3:33 on the clock, signs all over. It was not anything I could look for because if I did I wouldn’t see it. My son was life lighted after his birth (due to negligence of the hospital he endured severe damage to his brain). He was in the NICU for a month and a half and in and out of the hospital for the 10 months I was blessed enough to have him here on earth with me. I was blessed to have my daughter Faith who is now 3 1/2. Her father and I have been split up about six months and he is trying to work things out with me and I am very skeptical as we have separated before. He recently got into an accident and I am of course so happy he is ok. The other day we were sitting in a parking lot just talking and crying and in a matter of 1 hour I saw 3 cars pass by with 333 on the license plate. Is this a sign from God??

  86. Hello,
    I’ve been waking up a 3:33 AM during several days (in the past weeks). At first I didn’t pay much attention, but now it’s concerning me. What are the odds !!!

    I am under lot of stress now (different reasons)…
    This is really something else and I don’t know what is the best way to “face” this and solve it.



  87. It’s my dream number “333”. I will see this reading in my watch every day twice. I love this number. When I sleep during the night time, I don’t know who it happenes I will wake up to see 333 reading. Sometimes I will wake up ear like 3.30 so I used to wait up to 333 and I will kiss my clock and will sleep again. This time is related so much to my life. Something good will happen to me at this time. So it’s so much related to my life and I got a tattoo on my hand as 333.

  88. Hello! I have been wondering the meaning of me seeing constantly 3:33am or 3:33pm. Often as twice a week sometimes 3 or 4 tomes. I would also wake up to see my clock at 3:33am or I would be cooking at all of a sudden will turn to see the clock exactly at 3:33pm. Also if I’m in the car would look at my clock at exactly 3:33pm.

  89. The other night I woke up several times and three different times when I looked at the alarm clock they were all the same numbers. 222 333 444 this happened three different times what doesn’t mean?

  90. I’ve been seeing 11:11 for a few months now. My life is starting to change drastically. A few weeks ago I was at work getting ready to leave and I grabbed my phone off of the desk to look at it before putting it in my purse. It said 3:33 am and my nose started to bleed. At 3:34 am it the bleeding stopped. I’m not sure what to make of this as I’m hoping it’s not something negative or evil. Everything in my life has been moving in the right direction and I’ve never felt more at peace. I do believe I have some psychic abilities that I’m just starting to really tap into but I’m confused as well. The nose bleed was scarty!! Anyone else have that happen?

  91. I am traveling on September 27 2016 and this journey is going to be huge. However I did the numerology on this and it ended up in 999. What does that mean about my journey?

  92. Liz Yadira Lopez washed out of the sewer system 3 months ago and I began to be haunted by 33 and 333. Never read or know anything about numerology. I am a Krishna devotee. It comes to me in every possible way, having fun with me. I have hundreds of videos and photographs uncannyyyyyyy. I wake up ?:33 almost every night, how? Email accounts freeze at 33 messages. I pass routes with 33 in name like 233 or 333 and in it happens at ?:33 while randomly a car slams his brakes on me with 33. now it’s 2 or 3 showing of number showing up synchronized.

    When second victim was murdered 3 days ago it was at its strongest. His court date is October 3, I will be there. 10 days ago after 3 months the family got no help or answers from police and she gave me her watch to use as an intuitive connection. Krishna gave up his body at 33 to repurchase the Karma of humanity, 333 steps in pyramids, Masonic temple 33 on it etc etc etc.

    When her body washed out, I was finishing a 3 month 3am all day silent meditation recommitting myself to a devote ascetic life of vegetarianism/celibacy detachment of the material world and body. I finally told the grieving mother of this phenomenon 10 days ago when she gave me her watch.

    She told me she had 3 daughters, Liz was the 3rd and she called them ‘my 3 Marias’ they are Catholic. Her homes always 33 in address and she always thought of this as her lucky protection number, her daughter also acquired this habit. At 36 she put herself through college to work with troubled youth, she was an angel. Please look her up and Erica Hickson and send them love blessings. 333

  93. Woke up this morning.. sounds like an old blues 😉 and turned on my PC. The clock showed my birthdate, 03:29. I realized I had read something about that and angel numbers and also about number 444 that I wanted to check out. So I went here and after I checked the 444 the clock showed 03:33, so I had to check that out.
    I concluded that the angels are with me and that I’m very close to be the one with all we all aspire too but I need to work more to balance my mind, body and spirit. It’s a gentle nudge, I can feel I am so close to going home!

  94. For the last 6 months I’ve been going through a spiritual awakening I’ve been seeing demons and I’ve been seeing angels I thought I was losing my mind I learn to play keyboard overnight the number 333 occurs all the time in my life. There is also a female in my life that we seem to be Written in the Stars. Hot dog we are kept apart by everything around us but I know that things will be okay in the end I really believe we are living in the end times if you watch and listen you will see the signs

  95. Hi – I’ve been seeing these numbers for almost 2 years now. It seemed like it started when I was having rough times in my life – I was diagnosed with TMJ a little over a year ago I was in an abusive relationship where his actions threatened my life several times – I lost that relationship – I got into a car accident (other driver at fault) – developed a condition which gives me pain in my sternum – I sometimes find it hard to go on my TMJ has gotten severe and caused joint problems and my whole jaw is out of alignment – I also gained about 50 pounds due to the depression of leaving my abusive partner. I am currently on a diet and journey to weight loss. I see these numbers and wonder if it’s a sign to keep pushing on and trying different things to improve my situation. I haven’t had the right medical help for my condition which has been the toughest part.

    • Hi my name is j, i have suffered from depression for over thirty years, i understand what you are going through, i have been on every medication & counciling, i have recently become spiritual and through this website, http://www.jesus-comes.com i found out that depression is oppression from a negative entity, and when a person goes through a very rough period of time, that their self worth and will has been almost destroyed that this is when we are attacked by these forces. I have found a prayer on this website that is building me back up to defend myself from these forces, it is call the binding prayer, also i pray the following psalms,No 6, 11, 15, 23, 27 and 91. On this website everything will be explained to you, just be patient,
      God Bless You on your road to recovery,
      regards jd

  96. My passage is a strong guarantee of strength and endurance push for this

    I first learnt about the spiritual side of numbers about 7 months ago seeing
    11:11 a lot nearly everyday in a week and I stopped seeing these numbers
    I started to become more conscious with spirituality going to the bookshelf picking out a random book and subconsciously picking single words and making them into sentences on how to better myself and if I’m falling or not and so I picked a random book and it happens to be the holy bible…
    for the last 3 days I have been with our father accepting him into my life.
    Now, I had no idea what 333 meant I brought internet. As soon as I brought it
    I said to myself not to get distracted and I saw 3:33 so I searched it up as you do and now I’m speechless
    I Wont go into detail But what ive seen.. okay through music I was gaining strength with the lord I Notice that the music playing starts to shift into a trance music and I believe, okay that there was a demon trying to persuade me with a good life, hearing voices of the people I look up to, “it doesn’t end well”
    and i rejected cant touch me I’m with god -_-…
    Getting back into the “Supernatural holy bible” i saw shadow beings in the corner of my eyes and things shifting along the ceiling and the reflection of my shoes dancing. I Think we get a lot out of other spiritual methods taught in the supernatural world but i think Christianity is the direct door
    A Minister that i spoke to made something click

    Bear in mind that i was tired when this happened I can make myself hallucinate on command its now 404 i have just searched this up without any knowledge of its meaning and this represents loyalty, go ahead search it up
    its now 407 when ever you get the truth in your mind search and you will have your awnser

  97. I have been seeing 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 6:09 daily in my life periodically I see 6:09 more than usual. In my present life now I see all these numbers everyday or when a specific person is in the room. Today I barely decided to look and see my friend has been telling me for awhile that it must be a sign. And I definitely know it was but great readings I should say. Thanks for interpreting what the numbers mean.

  98. I keep on seeing 3:33 in my cellphone whenever I turn it on or even when I check the time and stare at it for a seconds or minute. I am curious what it means that it catches my attention. I feel like something is special with it and I even have a screenshot. My friends are asking me what the meaning of 3:33 in my gallery but I only answered them with “I don’t know”

  99. what can you say about sequential numers: 1234, 345, 789, 876, etc

    and why do you require me to .submit. replies…i would rather .send. an email than submit…

  100. Hi! I’m very interested in numbers at the moment.
    I kept seeing 555, and since I checked the meaning of 555 the other day, I’m now getting a lot of 333, which I take as an encouragement to follow my spiritual path, among other things.
    But there’s a number I’ve been seeing for a few years now, especially on clocks, it’s 19:29 (european clocks ^^).
    Do you think it has a specific meaning? And how do I find out?
    I’ve started learning numerology not long ago so I know that 1+9+2+9=3. Also 19=10 & 29=11, which makes 10:11, which has 3 times the 1. Also when you calculate 1+9+2+9 this way : 1+2=3 and 9×2=18=9 which is 3 times 3! There is clearly something with the 3 here. But is that it?
    Thanks in advance!

  101. I felt strongly that I was chosen for some reason.There are so many unbelievable facts about my life some are kept secret, or unavailable to me. One thing I am sure of is my time of birth, 3:33am.What can that mean for me?

    • Hi Debbie,

      Thank you for sharing! It is nice to meet you! Well, there are so many ways to look at this, but think about the biggest struggle you have had in your life. Often doing your “work” involves that struggle. I am also getting a hit for you that casting your astrology chart would be helpful. You can do it yourself at no cost at Astro.com or I would love to do a reading for you.

  102. Yesterday morning I woke up at 1:11am, went back to sleep and woke up at 3:33am. It was weird to say the least. I can also sometimes see numbers appear and on rare occasions letters on everyday objects when I focus/squint.
    Its pretty scary. I hope I’m not going crazy. 🙁

  103. hello I will try not to write too much but to sum this up 3 or 33 and 333 been popping up when I was pregnate with my son I could fall asleep until 334am or 300am my son was born on the 24 at 11:17 the bus rout home is 3 when you add it aslo the second bus as wellwhen you subtract it.my apt number it in 3 my address equal 3 smh its everywhere I cant help but to calculate everything as im driving or on thr bus its creepy lol not really

  104. I have been seeing 333 a few years now almost every day i feel like somethings going to happen at that time but i don’t know.

  105. Hi 1994, I had a very clear vision of my children! However I didn’t know this at the time!! Today I sometimes feel I went to Heaven for a minute and came back! I remember asking God to send someone that will love me unconditionally! It wasn’t until 1999 that I had my son, and lost his twin sister! When I saw my daughter she was with my guardian angel Haniel, and her face was blurred, I’m so grateful to God he allowed me to see her for only but a moment,! I’m now completing a book about that and natural transitions as I’ve experienced with my parents, it’s a beautiful thing!my birthday is June 21, interesting 2+1=3. Thanks for reading!

  106. Seeing Angel Number 333 or waking up at 3:33 means that you are gifted.

    And your soul mission is to develop your abilities and use them to help others.


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