Rediscovering Your Intuition

, Rediscovering your intuition is a path to a fuller life. Erase years of programming and reconnect to your divine gifts.

Having trouble accessing your intuition or feel like you don’t have any intuition at all?

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown your own inner voice. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

You intuition can become so buried in the day to day business of life and what others think, it is easy to think you never had any intuition in the first place or were too scared to pursue your intuitive abilities. Some of you have even been told developing your intuition can be dangerous.

Do you wonder if you have any intuition at all? Do you feel as though you’ve lost your intuition, or never had any in the first place? I used to feel that way for many years. I love the quote above, and wish I had been able to refer to that when I was younger.

Remember When…

Remember back when you were a small child and the ways of the world were unknown to you yet? Back then you saw the world in black and white, good and bad, and there weren’t any shades of gray?

As a young child you used your intuition to protect yourself from scary strangers, dangerous situations, and to figure out who was a good friend.

Along the years, out intuition gets shut down by a variety of things. Many religions talk quite negatively about intuitive abilities. Other times, it may be your friends and family. When you are young and still developing your mind and body, it can be quite easy for your intuition to be shut down. You may have been unsure of yourself, and didn’t understand what was happening or why. There may have been little to no support.

In my household growing up, people with psychic abilities were hardly ever discussed. It just wasn’t a part of our lives, nor was it expected to be. I remember having a conversation at dinner one night about a psychic, Shirley MacLaine, that had made the news. Honestly, I don’t even remember what the news  piece was about, it would have been in the early 80’s, but at our dinner table it was completely scoffed at, made fun of and dismissed in quick order.  I jumped on the bandwagon and began making fun of it as well, following in my family’s footsteps.

It was basically “go along to get along”, especially when it came to my Dad. Life just didn’t work that way in our house. Just keep working hard, there’s no room for intuition. What is THAT, anyway?

The Lightbulb Goes On

It was quite interesting, some 30 or so years later to be having a similar discussion at my place of work. Some years back, long before this website was created, I loudly made a comment about not believing in psychic abilities to some co-workers. It just finally clicked, that what I said was the same thing as what I had said about 30 years earlier to my family around the dinner table.

I really took some time to question myself about what I had said. Did I truly believe that or was I just parroting what others had said? I came to the conclusion it was the latter. Hmm…what you speak loudest about…may actually have some bearing.

Ready for More

I then started thinking about some of the unexplainable experiences I have had throughout the years that I had just blown off as coincidence or not even mentioned them to others.

After that point I proceeded to learn as much as I could about anything related to psychic abilities, spirituality, and intuition. It was like something inside of me pushing me (perhaps my Spirit Guides!) to learn as much as I could to catch up on all of the years I had ignored my abilities and pushed them away.

What developing my intuitive abilities has done for me has given me a sense of finally finding myself, of being comfortable with myself and discovering my life’s purpose (or at least has gotten me a lot closer to it).

Receiving Intuitive Guidance and Rediscovering Your Intuition

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What about you? Are you someone who has buried your intuitive abilities and is in the process of rediscovering them? I would love to hear your thoughts and stories below.

4 thoughts on “Rediscovering Your Intuition”

    • Hi Angela,

      Yes, it really is like connecting to an old friend. It is where I am supposed to be right now.

  1. This has really helped me as I have decided to go back to school and earn my degree in theology and go into ministry work for the LORD. I knew this was my calling and I had kind of put it off until now!! The angels communicated with me and told me to go for it and everything else in my life will fall into place. I remember when I was like 4 years old I preached on a tape recorder fpr like an hour everyone just thought it was so cute bur it was a premonition then, Now I have a joy and peace that I can’t describe or even knew existed. I encourage everyone to follow your intuition have no fears and embrace your true life purpose and don’t look back. I love you Laura for all you do let you continue to be blessed as you help others like me reach there destiny and highest potential:)


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