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spiritual meaning of 444 - angel number 444

Do you see the repeating angel number 444? Find out the numerology and spiritual meaning of 444 and how you can use it to help you in day to day life.

I have written before about other repeating angel numbers like 46, 147000,  1010111, 11:11, 12:12, 222, 333, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999 if you see those numbers as well.

The Spiritual Meaning of 444

The spiritual meaning of 444 is one of many repeating numbers designed to get your attention and serve as a wake up call from your spiritual guides.

444 is a very powerful number. It means that your angels are by your side and want the very best for you. They are asking that you pay attention very carefully to the signs that you see around you.

Songs, License Plates, and Earth Angels

This may come in the form of a music song on the radio, an Earth angel saying a specific phrase to you at just the right moment, or seeing certain numbers or words on a license plate or road sign.

The angels will use whatever way you prefer to get your attention. They ask that you just tell them which manner of communication works better for you. It may also be seeing certain animals such as a rabbit or a bird repeatedly, such as a cardinal to acknowledge that you are indeed heard by the angels and they are giving you guidance in your everyday life through your thoughts and daydreams.

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Angel Number 444

444 itself refers to an angelic presence surrounding you and taking comfort in the protection afforded you from the angels. Your angels are always near you, all you have to do is reach out to them with a thought, a thank you, or a wish or a prayer. No message goes unheard. You just may not get the answer in the form you expect. 444 also refers to movement into the 4th dimension.

The Vibrational Frequency of 444

Each number has its own frequency, and as you understand more about the main numbers, your guides and angels will start to show you other repeating number patterns that have more specific meanings to your day-to-day activities and immediate thoughts.

To me personally when I see 444, it feels like the angels have my back and are there, present, protecting you, either from danger or from your own fearful thoughts. It is quite comforting.

I would love to hear your thoughts! If you keep seeing 444 I invite you to leave a comment below.

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580 thoughts on “Spiritual Meaning of 444 | Angel Number 444 | Waking Up at 4:44 am

  1. Is there a specific meaning of 444 when a person is born at 4:44pm? Would it affect the whole lifetime or only the time of the birth?

    1. Hi Julie,

      Thanks for stopping by and very nice to meet you! I am going to go out on a limb here as I don’t know if there is really one right answer. My thoughts say that seeing it may have been more as angelic reassurance for the mother of the person being born. Perhaps a sign from the angels that they were there surrounding and comforting the mother.

      1. Hi, I just saw my older brothers birth certificate and his time of birth is 4:44 am I was kinda shocked lol and my mom never even paid attention to it until I noticed it and pointed it out to her she kinda doesn’t really care lol but I do!! What does it mean? I can imagine that there were many angels when he was born? Or its for him to remember angels will help if he gets lost in this life?? I really don’t know lol but I am intrigued hahaa

    2. I was born 4:44 in the morning in 1987 ever sence then I have seen the numbers 444. anytime someone sees me or I’m gonna see some one those numbers are there and to think I was born with those numbers why?

      1. I have the same number 444…born on the 4..4th of April…4 am in the morning..i am number 4 in the family..and my first initial is D which represent 4…seem mumber 4 resonates in me…anyway what is it all mean

        1. What do you think it means? I like to believe that we all chose to come to earth on our own accord, and decided how we would look, where in the world we would come into, and what kind of experiences we would have, before we came down.
          Perhaps it was a sign created by you, to help you remember, or to help keep you safe or to reassure you?
          What do you feel you are experiencing those numbers for?

        2. On an earthly plane 444 is also a very secure number. I see for for for twice a day. At four four two AM something will wake me up and there it will be.
          It is a very comforting number. That’s why it also represents money other peoples money in fact there are certain signs that go along with this number i.e. astrological signs mostly earth ; Virgo , Capricorn and Taurus. So along with the spiritual which is lovely I think we can also look at this to remind us to please stay grounded our angels are with us but they’re also telling us balance remember your human that means food ,exercise & nature love adena host of

          1. Thank you for this, I am a Virgo and I’ve been seeing 44 and 444 everywhere. I believe that I am being protected by Angels and guided to do some spectacular things.

    3. Hi
      A few years ago I dreamt that my grandfather who passed away over 20 yrs ago, showed me the numbers 444. He showed me these numbers while we were sitting down watching my son play tennis. Since then I see 444 everywhere. My husband left me last year and I wonder if that was some sort of sign from the angels. Can you please help me to get a clearer understanding as it has been on my mind for a long time.
      Stefania Kefallinos

      1. Every person I have ever shared the 44 or 444 repeating number story with, then also see this number repeatedly.. I am still seeing it often today..

    4. Hey there, You’ve done an excellent job. I will certainly digg it and personally
      suggest to my friends. I am confident they’ll be benefited
      from this website.

    5. My immediate thought when I saw your comment was that the child born at this time is promised to always have angels all around him/her.

    6. I repeatedly have seen 4:44 444 on time on microwaves, clocks etc and this has been going on for the past year. I do not know why specifically. I have been through some hard times having gone through a divorce and some difficult times with a son who suffered dearly through that divorce. I inturn worry about him, myself and my other 2 children always. I am a worrier like my mother. I recenlty have developed a health concern which also has me worrying no doubt. On March 20th of this year I had a dream and in that dream the time like a clock 11:11 was prominate and when I awoke I looked at my clock it was 11:11 it sorta freaked me out because of the 444 number coincedences (or so I thought) I had experienced a coule years earlier and now this but since March 20th 11:11 has occured 7 more times so I do believe that there is some sort of angelic presence trying to contact me or guide me. A few years after my divorce I was befriended by a claraviyant you contacted me on a dating site, actually we were both attracted due to our eyes and she said in her message I had “a gift” a sense as she put it an intuitiveness and maybe she is right maybe all this has somethin to do with that I dont know but any insight you might have would love to hear?

      1. I have the exact experience, first 4:44 then came the 11:11 and it’s been going on for awhile now…I only hope this is a good thing

  2. I have had numerous “encounters” as I call them, of close loved ones who have passed in the past 5 years. These encounters come in the form of a brief picture and / or 1 or 2 random words coming “into my thoughts”. Again, these are totally random words that I normally wouldn’t think of at the time it happens and then I do ask relatives if they can help me to understand what the words mean. I am finally beyond worrying what anyone else thinks (such as I am a looney !). I only have a few close friends who understand and was very excited to find your website. My true question is that for the past 3 years I have been noticing 444 in so MANY places and times. I have taken this to a reassurance that I am not alone, and to not be afraid. Through my interior redesign business, I have also have had 5 different women clients come into my world (not through my efforts) with the same first name – just different spellings. One of my friends suggested that the name is the name of my spirit guide. I would appreciate any assistance you can give me to understand these situations.

    1. Hi Lyn,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences! It is 11:11 am as I am starting to write this reply. 🙂 I would definitely agree with your friend about the name coincidence. It is quite possible it is the name of either your primary spirit guide or a special assignment guide that has come into your life recently. I would definitely encourage you to explore this further by connecting to your guides. Ask them what it means and listen for their answer. Here is an article I wrote earlier that can be a starting point for you: You may also want to check out some of the posts on automatic writing here.

    2. Lynn this happens to me as well I often get these one word messages in my head when chatting with people and have seen the number 44 and 444 for years..

    1. Hi ive not been long awake to the spirit world. But feeling more power and more connections. Ive woke up the past couple of mornings at 444. So just looked it up. I have a daughter who passed away at sixten,shed of been twenty seven now. I think 444 means she or another spirit guid is trying to tell me something x

  3. Hi…the 444 and repeating numbers have been happening for about the last 15 years in my life. I started to notice it after my Mom passed. I was going through a really difficult time as not only was I dealing with her passing, but I was going through a divorce. It was happening so often especially waking up out of a solid sleep right at 4:44 am several nights and seeing multiples on other digital clocks. It was so consistent that I started to research it and discovered the meaning as you stated was angelic presence for the 444. It all made sense then especially because of the high anxiety I was experiencing at the time. It seems as if when everything is going smoothly it doesn’t show up as often but once a crisis arrives, they let me know right away they are there for me. I have been on a spiritual path of learning and discovery for quite awhile even before this and daily meditating definitely helps keep the lines of communication open. The reason I am sharing this is I had a 444 experience this morning. I have been going through a rough patch recently where I have felt alone and out of sorts. The other night I asked out loud to my angels “I know you are there, but I really need a 444 sign or something just to give me a little comfort and to reassure me you are close by…I really need you guys to close ranks around me right now so I can get through this…are you guys there?” joke, I really said that out loud. The next day I didn’t notice anything and I kind of forgot about it. Around 11 pm last night a send a text message to a friend of mine (who I have a very strong psychic connection with) asking him some random question. He didn’t respond right away so I just went to bed. When I got up this morning at 6 am I picked up my cell phone and noticed I had a text message back from him….it said one word “Yes” and the time stamp on the text message was 4:44 am. Your angels are always waiting to help you…all you need to do is ask and they love to let you know that they are there. You just need to be open to how they will present themselves. In this case they went through my friend. I think too often people think that there is going to be some monumentous sign…like you will look out your front window and a bush will be on fire…but their communication is very subtle sometimes so you have to pay attention and not brush it off as a coincidence. I loved your article, thanks for writing and sharing it with us.

    1. Hi Sue,

      “I had a text message back from him….it said one word “Yes” and the time stamp on the text message was 4:44 am.”

      Your post sent shivers up my spine! Thank you for sharing your story! Yes, your angels are definitely there for you. You are correct that sometimes we expect a huge entrance from our angels and instead we end up missing the simple hello.

    2. my momma passed away at 4:44pm at that very time of her death the sky got bright and rain fell all once and hours later when they came to take her body and we carried her out of the house my sister covered her face an we said our final good bye’s we looked up an there was not a cloud in the sky but a strait rainbow going right up to haven i think it was her letting us know she made it to heaven and was now walking with the angels, since then friends and family have been getting woken up at 4:44am, i myself get woken up by her at least 2 to 4 times a week.

    3. Dear Sue, I BELIEVE that this has been an indiciation to you to get on the path to your ORIGIN. Consider yourself among the most fortunate since you’re getting reminders to get on the RIGHT path unlike most who believe the physical part of ouselves is truth.

      I’ll be more than happy to assist you in this regard, if you would like since I have found the “WAY” back to the “ORIGIN” which is path for everyone regardless of religions, beliefs, etc.



      1. hi, i see the 444 a lot, almost daily, and i believe it to be a sign of the end of this world and that angels are watching over the chosen ones. 4+4+4=12 and we are now in 2012. I asked God on many occasions to end the misery and suffering that humans have created on this planet. a few months ago i also had a dream wherein a shining being, adorned in gold told me that it is not time yet for the world to end, as there are still a few good people on this planet. my gut tells me that the being is a messenger(angel) from God. in my dream the being communicated with me via telepathy. I was not scared during the dream, more at peace, and no emotion while receiving the message, it felt like feedback. i believe it was a real message.

        I am a person who seeks daily to have communication with God, and have being blessed with deep insight into the human condition, so that people around me thinks i am crazy. my worldly friends have turned their backs on me, because of my insights and the fact that they are not ready for the truth, as the pleasures of the world is of more importance to them. who am i to complain though, as it is stated in the bible that this will occur once you start walking the “right path”.

        Zubair, I am interested in hearing from you regarding “WAY” back to the “ORIGIN”. please email me @ bertramd1 at


        1. Hi Bertram,

          Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is nice to meet you.
          What a great dream you had. It definitely sounds like you received a message that you needed to hear at the time.

      2. I see 444 when I’m nervous. 1111, 111, 222,333,555,666,636,1212, 1010. On a daily basis Im seeing these numbers for about 3 years now. Its un-ignorable and in my face all the time. Its like something compels me to look in the directions of the numbers. I have 1 child, a boy, he’s 5. When I got pregnant I was in college, I was deciding on abortion, then I went to my church that Sunday for some peace and guidance and an old lady randomly came up to me in the service out of every one there took ahold of my hands and she said “God wants me to tell you that something great and big is about to happen in your life and don’t be afraid and don’t try to control it, give him the control and everything will be fine!”

        So I decided to keep my boy, he was then born months later 2 weeks past due on 10/10/10. Im so confused. I know all of these numbers mean something. I need someone to talk to and to help me figure this all out. There’s sooo much more to the story just too much to type in this one sitting. Ppl always have called me an angel. The most random ppl at the most random times for my ways and my appearance, Ive always had a glow and looked very childish.

        Im so empathetic that i suffer most of the time bc I feel everybody elses sorrow and suffer and I have to take it on and help how I can, in my heart of hearts I feel im obligated to its my duty. Im a really kind person and I love hard, but I’m so sad all the time, it feels like I’m being held down, really low and I can’t lift up, bc whoever is holding me down is scared for me to. I really need to tell someone the full story of all of this to get some clarity. Please respond.

        1. Stay strong Kay your good heart constantly seeks to heal it’s just your nature. You feel people’s love, suffering and all kinds of complex emotions without trying. This may seem a burden at times and make you feel weak or even crippled and pathetic. You must remember to practice some form of cleansing “ritual” to realese any negative energy you have taken relived others off. You know yourself that you can feel weak and completely helpless one moment but upon seeing someone in need es

    4. Hi sue,

      I feel for you and would love to hear the rest of your story. I have been seeing some of the same repeating numbers as well. You can talk to me and I will try to help.God has given you a special gift that you will use to help others greatly. Feeling other people’s sorrow is a beautiful thing. You are actually feeling the sorrow of God towards His children. Pray and ask God for peace and joy and know that you are very loved. My email is xxxx.

      (Hi Sarah, Sorry, I edited your email as it may be subjected to unwanted spam by being published on a blog page.) If you wish to connect, just let me know and I can take care of it from my site. – Laura Warnke

  4. Laura – thank you so much for your comments.
    Sue – thank you for sharing your story….my experience was very similar, as my Mom had just passed and I was experiencing angst as the mother of a beautiful teen daughter! It truly puts my mind at ease to be validated that I am on the right path of my spiritual journey!

  5. For the past several years since I had my triplets who are now 7 I have repeatedly seen the number 444 and have always taken it to mean something positive. For a while I thought it meant that I would have a fourth child but now I realize it means I’m on the right track. For example, yesterday I took my three boys for a long bike ride on a local trail. This was the very first time we had done this together, the weather was beautiful and we all had a lot of fun. When we got back I check my bike odometer to see the distance we had travelled and it read 4.444 miles. I was stunned but felt elated to see it. I took it to be a message that I was doing something right.
    Sometimes I can go for weeks without seeing it and then I will see it a lot. Sometimes when I happen to look at the clock at 9:11am which also happens fairly frequently, I take as a sign to be careful that day!
    Just wanted to share my thoughts. It has never occured to me to look into the meaning of this until yesterday when I saw the 4.444 miles. I was finally convinced that this is happening for a reason.
    Have a great day,

    1. Hi Niki,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think your angels went along with you for that bike ride! What a nice confirmation that your angels are traveling with you. Getting out and reconnecting with nature can also help you connect with your angels. I also agree on seeing 9:11, which I see every so often, that it is a sign to be a bit more careful that day.

      1. It’s amazing to me how numbers can mean different things to different people. I came here tonight because I’ve been seeing 4:44 and 44 quite often lately. Laura, I truly love your site! 555’s are what first brought me here years ago.

        I was compelled to move to NYC for an incredible “life bliss” opportunity, back in 2011, and I was reticent. I left everything I knew on simply a gut feeling. But each time I wondered about the decision, I would suddenly see 9:11 or 911, somewhere – and I believed it was my sign that moving to NYC was exactly what I should do.

        I did…and over 2 years later, I’m still here in Manhattan and the happiest I’ve ever been. This will be my home forever. I have a lot of work demands right now, and a lot of stress. I love what I do in the arts. I’m thrilled I left the business world. But it’s still work …and stressful, yet I’m seeing 444 all the time which is so comforting.

        Ever so often, right now, I’m questioning if I’m on the right path in this one major event in my life…and every single time, every time (!), 9:11 or 911 pops up.

        The other night, the moment I finally had confidence I’m on the right path, I microwaved water for tea…and as I was waiting for it to heat, I thought…is this going to be okay? Am I making the right decision? The microwave beeped and the clock reappeared and read “9:11”. But it was actually well past 11pm, and I was in AWE. I still am. It was as if the microwave had reset itself in that moment, and the message I got from that was: you are here in NYC for this purpose, for this event in your life. It is indeed the right decision. Go for it.

        I’m at peace…finally.

        1. Our biological brain (the sixth sense) and its perceptions as the biological mind and thoughts are all the continuum of realities understandable through the computational mechanisms of mathematics.

  6. Hey Laura,

    I had a dream last night about someone I just met. And in the dream, she was looking at a sentence that contained the number “four” in it 3 times. She looked up at me and said “this is my kind of thing!” in a happy sort of way.

    I should probably mention this is someone I met and am considering dating. I can’t figure out if the 444 in the dream is a good or a bad thing. I’ve read conflicting this on the Internet and now I’m not sure! My own intuition, I’m afraid, is too muddled with feelings on this one.


    1. Hi Lindsay! Okay, too funny. I was reading your comment and looked down at the computer clock, and guess what time it was? Yep, 4:44 pm!

      I would take it as a good sign that the relationship is something to pursue and see where it takes you. Perhaps she sees the repeating numbers as well?

  7. I am going through a very rough, sad time in my life. I feel very strange. Everything seems to be changing, shifting and I feel like I have no choice but to go along with the ride. I see 444 every day. Would this be my angels reassuring presence or the 4th dimension? What is your opinion, Laura?

    Love your Blog! Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Lori,

      Thanks for stopping by! My thinking is that your angels want you to know they are beside you during this time in your life. May there be brighter days ahead for you.

  8. Many times during the week I will see the numbers, 825, which is the date of my birth, August 25th. What does this mean?

    1. Hi Donna,

      According to the book Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue, the meaning of the number 825 is this “As you go through changes in your finances and career, your optimism is more important than ever. Keep the faith that all your financial needs will be met, now and in the future.”

      Does this resonate with you?

      The book is available from Amazon.

  9. For the past (maybe) 4 months( I’m really not certain), it has been happening pretty frequently that when I just so happen to look at the clock it will say 222, 333, 444, and sometimes 555, but not any of the other numbers.

    Now I’m wondering should I start writing the sequence in which I see the numbers and how far apart they are or should i just apply the message of the number to the day and whatever I’m dealing with that day, idk, but one thing is sure, I just had a weeping ceremony with myself and I went into the other room and came back and picked up my phone and saw the number 444 on my cell phone.

    Not really sure how to understand that but I’m certain that it means something if someone can help me understand please do so jukebox79 @ Thanks!

    1. Hi Love,

      I do believe in the case of seeing it on your cell phone, it was a matter of the angels wanting to reassure you that they were with you, during a sad time.

      I would concentrate on the thoughts you were having right before you saw the repeating numbers, rather than the timing or order of them. Do keep a journal, it will help make a bit more sense of things for you.

  10. Hi Laura,
    This phenomenon of consecutively noticing 111 to 555 has been occurring since the past 4 months but at a more frequent rate in the past month. I am not the spiritual type but i’ve tried searching for a reason for this having to occur but had no luck. I have had a rough couple of months thats passed but this month has been particularly eventful in my life. Could you please help me to understand the continuous repetition of these numbers?

    1. Hi Adithya,

      To me, seeing the repeating numbers has a slightly different meaning for everyone. I encourage you to pay attention to what you were thinking about right before you saw 111. To me it is a confirmation that my thoughts are correct and aligned with my highest path and purpose. Seeing 555 to me indicates a change ahead. Note, these are only my thoughts on the numbers and you may draw different conclusions depending on your circumstances. You might want to start writing down when you see each of the numbers, especially when you see them repeated three different times or more each within a day. I wish you the best on your journey.

      Thanks for your comment!

  11. Hi- this is very reassuring to see that 444 is a positive sign. I always thought it was negative because I was using this as my number guide:
    which basically stated that 444 is No from spirit; that they are disagreement with your thoughts & intentions. Again, relieved it’s actually a positive sign. Thank you!

    1. Hi Silvia,

      I have read that page before also. It just didn’t resonate with me for that particular number, but it does for the person that wrote that page. It means what you decide it means to you personally, so it can be a different meaning for each person. To me when I see 444 I see it as a positive sign.

  12. Laura,
    I look at the clock every single day at 4:44pm. I am not one who constantly checks the time so I find it sort of significant that I do this every single day. Any thoughts on the matter?

    1. Hi Megan,

      If this is the only number you see, I wonder if your guides are not trying to see how receptive you are to communicating with them in this manner. I wouldn’t be surprised if you begin to see other repeating numbers soon.

  13. thanks. i saw this # when i was in Church asking for Holy Water. they sent me to Catholic church. it was the exact time i walked into the office of a Reverend. I have been seeing quiet a few of these for some time. also 111, 222, 333, 555, 666 (not so much but still every now and then), 777, 888, 999.

  14. I used to see 444 consistently last year around the same time. Then it stopped. Now it’s happening again but I’m seeing it on extension numbers in company policy manuals, odometers (twice), phone numbers on the back of pick-up trucks, phone numbers through t.v. commercial ads, license plate “444 END”, treadmill time or km ran, order number on customer order tickets, ticket numbers for when i stand in line, when i viewed old photos i just HAPPENED to look at the photo # and it just HAPPENED to be photo #44400…and the list goes on.

    When it happened last year, I was going though a long term relationship break up. I didn’t care about my grades dropping in school (which was usually not like me) and I was going through finding out who I really was and what I wanted in my life. Things that I cared about didn’t matter and other things I appreciated more.

    My problem is: I don’t know whether or not 444 is a positive or negative sign. In Chinese culture, the number 4 represents death. I don’t believe in angels, but I am a Christian and I’m Chinese. I’m incredibly superstitious in some aspects of the Chinese culture and I do believe in God. I’m not sure if 444 is a symbol of “angels disagreeing with me/my ideas” or “angels watching over me”

    I’m concerned because I’m going through another round of “finding myself”, possibly ending a relationship, and pursuing my career goals.

    Should I go with my gut or be patient and wait things out? But if the 444 signs means that I need to “pay attention”, does that mean I need to act immediately?

    1. I wonder the same things! Does 444 mean what I am thinking about during that moment is right or does it mean the path I am on is right and dont change it for your new ideas. So confused!

  15. Been having 444 experiences for around 35 years…Always general sightings but here are some specific…

    *when I was 13ish, two nights in a row, I woke up at 4:44 AM. On the second night I heard a weird buzzing outside and was afraid to look (we lived in the country). The next day I went outside and and saw a large patch of grass in a circular shape that had been pushed down. Could have been cows in the next pasture but the fence was shut and locked. We only had a dog and he was sleeping with me.

    * When I was 17, I went to a casino in Reno. I saw 444 on a license plate on the way into the casino, found a slot machine numbered 444, put five quarters in and instantly won $25.00. My step mom could not believe it.

    *When I was 19, my mom and brother went to Reno. Gave her $44 to play on #4 on the roulette wheel. she could not bring herself to bet that much. However, my brother did bet $11 on #11 for me and that hit…$385.00 win. More on the roulette wheel later.

    *In 1985 (newly in the military), I drew up plans for a three dimensional game. more on that later.

    *Just general sightings until 2001 (life was pretty good).

    *In 2001, went to Canada for a work conference. Went to Niagra Falls and found myself in a casino. Went to a roulette wheel thinking this was my chance to bet $44 on #4 (see earlier Reno trip with mom). Had three $1 chips and several $5 chips (did not have $44 exact). Waited for 30 seconds to a minute for the Croupier (spinner guy) to acknowledge me so I could break one of my 5’s for more 1’s. (he was having a conversation with another player). He did not pay me any attention. I did not make my bet. He spun the wheel and the ball landed on 4 black. I walked away with my face to the heavens laughing.

    *2003 found my plans for my game that I drew up in 1985. Decided to build it. It is 4 levels, with 4 columns and 4 rows where 4-in-a-row is a win.

    * Up until 2008, life was well. The most recent happenings tell of my Angels. From Nov 08 to present in a pretty bad emotional state…

    *November 08, diagnosed with stage 4… lymphoma cancer.

    *2009 worst year of my life…dealing with cancer, a new job that i dearly hated (started in Sept 2008), domestic crap with my ex, kids semi grown and out-of-the-house (I was custodial parent their entire lives), possible bankruptcy. All of this hitting me at the same time.

    *driving to my second job a few months ago, having a bad emotional moment, wanted to see “my number” before getting to work (about 3 minutes away), and about 15-20 seconds later, it passed by on a license plate.

    *I have heard that one’s thoughts at the time of seeing that “special” number has some kind of a connection…driving from one job
    to the next, I was thinking about how I would like to give my boss notice (no job offer at the time) and at that instant, i saw 444 on a license plate.

    * Several days later, i was driving home from my second job and wondered if I would see “my number” ..I thought, “no, I don’t
    need to cause God is in control”…at that instant, it passed by on a license plate.

    *In July I was reading an Air Force TESTING regulation (testing has some significance here). About 70 pages in, I read an address to write for a particular issue. The address zip ended in 4449 but the most interesting thing is that in the body of the address was “….AFOMS/TEAL…4449”. My first name is Teal so there was my name in print next to 444 in a TESTING regulation (more on testing in a minute). Back to my game…

    *I received a patent in Jan. 2010. I wrote Hasbro and Mattel. The letter had 444 words in it.* I downloaded the patent (less images) to send with my letter. the download was 444 kb. …

    *Received a job offer in Kuwait for a TEST CONTROL OFFICER with the Army (see the connection here). Cancer is gone and have been in Kuwait since September. I see 444 more here than ever before. Several plates a day, on numbered light posts, phone numbers. Maybe 6-8 times per day literally. It really is incredible.

  16. My birthday is November 1st (11-01) and I am a Reiki Master. I was recently informed by a psychic friend that this year would be “special” for me. When I woke up at 8 this AM, my cell phone, which had been in a room by itself since 5 PM *last night (*2-11-11), showed an incomplete call error message from 5:40 PM the previous night that stated a call could not be completed as dialed. The numbers dialed were 444. Three hours later my husband went out to the garage to clean out his car. He happened to look at the tripometer to see how many miles he’d driven since the beginning of this year and the numbers showing were 444. I just recently applied for a new job, so there may be a change coming, but I’m feeling rather apprehensive and only today learned there may a spiritual connection to the number 444 popping up right now. From what I’ve been reading about 444, I think I should feel protected and happy, but right now I’m not really sure what to think…. Any insight?

  17. Hi, Laura.

    I’m so glad to have found your site. I was actually trying to identify some of the crystals and gemstones that I have and came across Intuitive Journal. I’ve been on the computer for a long time today and it’s time to go to bed but I couldn’t help commenting.

    I am super aware that the number 444 (or 4:44) has been consistently prevalent in my life and has been for as long as I can remember. It is particularly prevalent during times of distress, which makes a lot of sense considering your writing in this post.

    In 2010 I had major sinus surgery, a long and painful recovery from that surgery, chronic back pain (which I’m dealing with again), crazy problems with a certification class that I began taking and had to quit for my own self preservation. My estranged, spiritually addicted father shot and killed himself (I discovered he was schizophrenic less than one month before he died), and my MIL (30 years sober and living the 12 Steps) who was one of my very best friends died unexpectedly at the age of 70 after an emergency appendectomy. I lost another dear friend but she was ready to move forward and had lived a fabulous life of sobriety and love and service.

    And throughout the past 6-7 years, my own mother has been descending into what now is 4th stage alcoholism. It’s been a crazy ride both for my husband and I, to say the least. My husband, BTW, also notices 444/4:44 a lot.

    Anyway, I’m totally interested in the things you are writing about. Although I feel that I do not at this time have access to a lot of my own intuition, something is compelling me yet again to explore like crazy :). In the last several months I’ve been into paranormal shows and books (fiction and non-fiction), psychic people and stories, various healing modalities, empaths and mediums – along with a great desire to talk with someone with these abilities. And I am healing through the things that are beautiful to me and bring me joy – like loving on our 4 wonderful kitties, cleansing and researching the properties of my crystals and gemstones, learning about chakra healing, spending time in the sun and near water, and having regular appointments with my BodyTalk facilitator.

    My husband and I study Buddhism and go to meditation sittings and classes at the Houston Shambhala Center. We are creating a simple sacred space with an altar in our home for meditation.

    So…I would love to connect with my spirit guides in some way. The grief I have been carrying has felt so heavy. I have good friends and my husband is truly amazing – supportive, loving, accepting and encourages my pursuits even though they are not bringing in any money at this point. We both believe in following our hearts.

    I will click on your “Intuitive Readings” link and then I’m headed to bed. Just wanted to connect really. Thank you for your blog. I will be exploring it more in the days to come.

    Namaste, Jennifer

  18. Hello Laura:
    Just by accident saw your website to understand what is the meaning of 444. Lately i see 444 and 44. on the road, clock, letters and ect…
    is 44 has the same meaning as 444?
    If not- what could it be?

  19. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night the last few nights…usually around 4am but the other night I woke up at 4.44am…now I have been going through a difficult period in work recently which has been very stressful and have been finding ways to deal with the stress…and I suppose looking for answers as well…so thought it was very strange to just wake up at that time…I don’t ever recall seeing this combination of numbers before and having an effect on me like it has…and when I looked into what it meant I was not surprised to find out that it meant that the angels were with me…as I have been getting some feelings and signs that the angels are surrounding me…and I have been feeling calm and in good form…



  20. I have been seeing the number 444 for the last year or two, the first couple times I ignored the recurring number. Then it started showing up everywhere, so much so I couldn’t ignore it any longer. at first I thought I was going crazy, subconsciously looking for the number in my daily travels. I decided to start keeping a record when it occurred. This isn’t going away. My little scraps and pieces of paper soon list of dates, times and places when it occurred. I also get this feeling of urgency, that it is important I pay attention, but I just cant put it all together. I have multiplied, divided, googled, and just about every other thing one could do with a number but just cant make sense off it.

    I haven’t really told anyone else whats been happening in fear of what someone would think. I know I’m not crazy. I glad I happened to find this site, had no idea there were others.
    any first thoughts you have would be helpful. There is this spot on the hwy where it has happened 4 or 5 times exactly in the same place, same time of course, going east bound/west bound, odometer at 44,4. my commute is rarely consistent due to the type of work that I do. Service calls take me all over in a days work, maybe 250 miles in a 100 mile radius.

    Thank you

    1. It’s difficult to find educated people on this subject, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  21. Hello, Laura!

    Is it something to be considered the way the number appears to us? I’ve had a dream where I could clearly see this number, on the front wall of a house in the neighborhood where I’ve lived most of my life. And it seemed to be taking form, as if carved on the wall, roughly made and as if lightly ablaze. I must say it scared me, and I ran away in an “auto-pilot” escape. I also would like to know if having running away from it might have any special meaning.

    Thanks for the post.

  22. Hello, First that I have been on this site and found it very interesting. I too have seen trip 4’s for the past approx. 5 years and it began right after my husband passed away. This doesn’t pertain to numerology, but has anyone ever heard what meaning could be behind the same individual that appears blurred in a couple different photographs when others are fine?

  23. I believe there are no coincidences, everything has a purpose just as every person has a purpose and something to offer.

  24. For me personally it’s any bunching of the numbers, certain numbers also individually together normally appeal to me.

    I have lived my whole life off my intuition and following the omens of the day, for it deep down I feel safe and purposeful.

    Bless us all

  25. Hello Laura.
    Last year i had an experience with 444.

    At that time i had a frozen shoulder, from a fall on skiies. So i sleept very bad for a long time. After some mounth, i had 2 nights where i sleept fine, the first, next nigth i woke up because i turned my arm to fast so it feld like it was riped up. I was in a kind of shock because of the way to wake up, with so big pains.

    After some time i get up to go to toilet, but after some steps i past out. I wake up and get up again, and get out again, just fall and hit a table.

    My mind was dizzy, but now i was more careful, and i come back to bed.
    It hurt behind my chest, bad so bad that i think, “is this it?”
    Then i said a pray that its okay if it is time, but i would like to be with my kids and learn them some more.

    The next day, i wrote the experience on my laptop, and when i get to the dead thought my phone called.
    I looked at the numbers 444, no one answers. Just quiet.

    Then i find out what it means, that everything is okay, and angels are with me.
    I then get that very warm feeling of happiness.

    Hope my English is readful.

    Bless you

  26. Hi Laura,

    Your article was very informative! I’m curious what you have to say about the only time I remember this number…My brother updated his myspace status at 4:44 am at which time his status was changed to “Jesus”. He passed away two days later and I’m not sure what his religious standing was at the time. Do you have any thoughts? Thank you

  27. I discovered your site recently & have really enjoyed it, it’s so positive.

    Yesterday birds kept flying in front of my car & I had to slam on my brakes-twice. When I got home there was a young pigeon strugging in the pool, I scooped it out & it was better later so I placed in a tree out of harms way, hours later it was sleeping in the same place. I know birds can send messages but I don’t know if they’re warnings or messages all I know is that I was bombarded by birds things yesterday.

    For years I’ve seen 333, these are the only repeating numbers I see. However, last night I woke up from a deep sleep & looked at the clock & it was 4:44, it was very bright & I have the dimmer on the clock, it’s as if I was supposed to see this. I think these two events have some meaning but I’m not sure what it is; however, I’m paying attention to everything trying not to be fearful.

  28. Hello Laura,

    About 2 1/2 years ago I started working in the deli at wal-mart, and before this time the number 444 never showed up and I never seen it or any other number repeatedly. But after working in the deli for a few months, I would weigh up someones cold meat/cheese, or something from the hot bar…it would either weigh 444lbs or the price would come to $444, another example is we would be shutting the deli down and would weigh out a pan and again the number 444 would pop up.

    I have been going through this for the past 2 years at least now, and more recently it even been at home; on the clock, or setting the timer for something to bake and I’d look at the timer to see how much time was left and once again 444…I’m very confused and would like to know what exactly are the angels trying to get me to pay attention to? Could it be my daddy who has passed telling to play that as a lottery number? if you could please give me some answers, or confirmation…thank you very much.

  29. “Hello”my name is jose and I’ve been seeing the number 222 – 444 at list 3 or 4 times a week sometimes when I see the numbers I just close my eyes and just say “thank you” to what ever is looking after me I use to see 111 1111 555 I mean alot I use to wake up for no reason late night at 333am at one time I thought I was going crazy onto I started reading about others seeing the samething and immediately I felt better knowing that nothing crazy was going on with me, I don’t go to church but I feel more spiritual then people I know that go to church I love to meditate and relax my mind with nice music I just love to spread love to people that are suffering in this world when I pray I pray for the sick and the poor, I love to headout positive energy to the world.

  30. Hello Laura,

    I started seeing 444 on clocks about a couple of months ago.. Then one morning a couple of weeks ago woken up out of a dead sleep and to see the clock at 444 ..I have seen it in the last 2 weeks my deleted email 444..Its comforting to know that we are being taken care of I have been worrying about lack of funds and I’m trying to stop thinking about it because it just keeps persisiting ..not a nice feeling.. so the more I see that the more I’m comforted that all is ok..

  31. Hi, I’ve been waking at 3:33 am for years and just this week it changed to 4:44. Also this week a cardinal that tapped on my window last summer almost every day started a nest under my window. So when I looked up 444 today I was stunned you mention a cardinal. I feel so blessed.

  32. I will wake up at 4.44am a few times a week now. Every night if filled with lucid dreams. I do not think it has anything to do with “angels”- I am not a believer in chrisianity. I cannot stop noticing it.
    I am glad it is happening more and not staying the same or going away. I will read more about 444 when i have time , altho the 4th dimension part seems intriguing.

  33. I have a great spiritual friend and concider her as my earth angel. She has been seeing the #333 for a while. And recently told me that she has been seeing it alot. About a month ago, I awoke to the digital clock reading of 444 am. I never wake up in the mornings. I am 56 years old. I dindt understand why I had waken like that out of a deep sleep. Thought that I needed to use the bathroom but didnt. Strange thing at the time was that the very next night. I have not said anything to my friend about this, but it will be reasuring to know that angels not only as eartly beings but heavenly ones are here to protect us! Also I am glad to know there are other humans that are receiving these spiritual messages. Thanks for you stories. KEEP THE FAITH!

  34. Each day I live in a world where patterned and repeated numbers are continually appearing to me on license plates, billboards, radio commercials, cash receipts, clocks, cell phones…
    The list is endless. So I got the Angel Code book and now carry on numerical conversations witht the ethos as easily as do I with a next door neighbor. Angels and those who have passed have a shorthand all their own and I urge those of you who see these patterns to further invest yourself in them. They are your personal wake-up call to your divine purpose in life. Check out how angels work with me to solve murders.

    Keep up the good information- light workers! #999

  35. Is there a specific meaning of seeing 44 & 33 double numbers almost everyday on digital clock like 7.44, 2.33.. the other day i saw 44 on the signal timer also..

  36. 16 years ago was when my family and I moved to a new city from Chicago. It seems as though my life has been moving in a downward direction. My marriage ended. I lost two jobs. I had to deal with trying to keep my young sons together after a one-time event of child maltreatment by their mother. I lost a lot of money that went into the pockets of lawyers. The list goes on.

    But, it was at the time of the move the Chairman of the company would page me on the office speaker system to call him at his phone extension – 444. It was after I left the agency (and he left) that I first started to notice how often 444 shows up in my life on an almost daily basis. As others have written – I see it on clocks. On billboards. License plates. The odometer of my car. Just minutes ago I came in from taking my dog for a bike run (I bike…he runs) and I looked down at the bike odometer and it read 444. This was the first time the odometer had worked in months.

    I’ve read 444 represents a challenging time. If true, I’m living it. And I want things to change in my life. I know I must contribute to those changes.

    I realize this is only a snapshot of my story – but (to put it bluntly) what is going on here?

  37. I got a phone call the other day with 444-4444 it was so cool… but now I’m seeing 2222’s all the time I got in my car and was going home from a job interview and my speedometer read 22222 I was like amazed… but see the 22’s and 44’s all the time..

  38. Hi, I recently got baptized before then i read my bible said a prayer here and there and believe in God, Jesus Christ ,His crucifiction and resurrection.
    I have always since birth had minor premonitions,thoughts etc but nothing to write home about. lately i wake up seeing the clock all the time on 11:11, 3:33, 4:44. i really sleep cos i dream a lot and anytime i dream something will happen that day related to that dream, this happens all the time. I f i was happy in my dream, my day will be great, good news,unexpected news, positive stuff.

    If my dream had a miserable tone , that will surely happen, an argument with my wife, bad letter in the mail, something negative will come into play. lately though are these numbers that are recurring more frequently, its 4.36 a.m now and i have been up since around 2a.m. I came downstairs for a drink, looked at the clock on the microwave and the time said 3:33 a.m..whats going on?

    Am i worrying too much about life, family, money , some current situations I care not to discuss? But I have always come through most difficult situations on the positive side, so whats with the numbers this time.? Has is got to do with my baptism , maybe I ma not being as truthful as I need to be? Is my God sending me signs of a alife re direction and focus? please help me understand. please.

  39. Hi, I have been experiencing a lot of repeating number sequences lately, especially 11.11 222. Last night I woke up and noticed the time was 4.44am! I was really interested to read your article and very reassured to know this is a sign of a strong angel presence. I have had numerous white feather appearances too lately and feel that this is also a sign that angels are close.

    Warm wishes,

    Helen x

  40. I love numbers. And after reading this site had to post my story.

    Economic destruction at the hands of our current administration has left me, along with millions of others, poor and unemployed for three years.

    Finally, following a long-distance move, an opportunity in my beloved and purpose-filled career appeared.

    After dedicating the afternoon crafting and tweaking my application for this position, including leaving the house for a clean and lighted cafe, I dispatched the materials via cyberspace.

    The time? “Coincidentally” 4:44 p.m.

    The kicker? My birth path is 4. And this being 2011, I’m also in a 4 personal year!

    Coincidence or fortuitous omen? Only Spirit knows and time will tell!

  41. I just woke up from sleep and decided to check the internet about the meaning of 222 and 444. These numbers were seen at the same time in my dream, both saying 222 and 444 necessary for the outside and 666 for the inside. So I was confused and decided to check out what Im to do with 222 and 444.

  42. It saddens me to be the deliverer of bad news, especially when in its small way it debunks numerology and/or the significance of 444.

    However, after my otherwise remarkable experience with 444 (comment above), I’d be remiss not to share the outcome.

    The position that by all numerological indications seemed, at the least, likely as a possible match and, at the most, a dream fit is not to be.

    Matter of fact, my enthusiasm and follow-up queries have returned a Big Fat Zero. Dead silence. Nada. Zip. Nothing. Hurts the heart to write it and is certainly no vote in support of numerology amongst the skeptics.

    Is 444 all it’s “cracked up to be?” My experience is no. But it’s fun to imagine it is.

    1. Hi allycat,

      It sounds like you have had a rough day. I am sorry to hear that the position you wanted is not working out. (((Hugs)))

      If not this, then I hope for something better to come along for you.

      1. Rough day? Nah. Have a great day! It’s always sad when companies don’t respond to heartfelt queries; apart from that, this experience has been a rare laserlike educational opportunity to witness or “test” the validity of repeating numbers. The score: 0.

  43. Hello Laura,

    I have been seeing repetitive numbers for the past year:

    most common oh yes 10:10; 12:12

    Al also for the past 3 year or more I noticed that sometimes when I walked close to a light post the light goes off, at the beggining I thought it was a coincidence but one day when this happened I started to pass over and over again just to see if it was my imaginations but in fact it wasn’t, every time a went close to the post the light when OFF.

    uhmmmmm… no sure…. Plus for no reason the biers my boyfriend bought on Friday night dissapeared from the fridge, I am not crazy. My boyfriend thinks that I am playing a joke on him, but I said NOT AT ALL!! any explanation?

  44. My mom Carol was born on Christmas eve and passed away on Mothers Day this year. When we were cleaning out her place I grab a book off her shelf and put it in my bag. She had at least a hundred books and not sure why I took this one. When I got back to Florida I was unpacking The stuff I kept from her place and I pulled the book out. Talking to Heaven by James Van Praagh. He says in the book Nothing is coincidental. Did my Mom want me to read this book? Now Ive been waking up at 444 am a couple nights a week so my friend said to google it and I came to your site. Glad im not the only one . Thanks for the information.

  45. Humans have a peculiar need to read meaning and significance into repeating numbers … patterns … omens … weather conditions and forces of nature … in phenomena that are nothing more than simple phenomena. While I love numbers, I’ve seen no convincing evidence through my lifetime that three two’s on a clock are anything more than three two’s on a clock (for example). We remember them BECAUSE they’re easily remembered and our brains are biologically wired to notice such patterns. Nothing more. No magic. No meaning. No special significance.
    Of course saying so will not alter others’ convictions to the contrary but then again, Christopher Columbus was laughed at and scorned when he announced that the world was not flat.

    1. HI Alleycat,

      Having a need to find meaning in things is something that helps people get through difficult times, and I suppose without that many fall apart. I have been seeing numbers too, for a few years and the last few weeks yes its been all the 4s.

      It has made me question what is going on, but at this moment in time I don’t know, its comforting to believe that its a positive sign, and it may well be in my instance, considering what I have recently been going through.

      But there are life signs all around us, whether its through numbers or certain things we see, or hear, that relate to a certain question we need answering. Point being, the job you applied for mentioned earlier, you didn’t get, because maybe it wasn’t the right job for you? there is an ordered chaos to our lives, and things that may look bleak now, a year or so down the line will make sense.

      There is no real way of testing the validity, because like I said you may get answers much later, but the general consensus is that there is an element of positiveness, or a sign that you are on the right track.

      Furthermore, you need to be open to the possibility that life is far more than what you have been taught to believe, it isn’t black or white, and there are many things that people believe in that science cannot explain, but that’s not to say it isn’t true, most of the world believes in a God, in their own ways but science hasn’t proved the existence of God, but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist. I believe we all have a small spark of God inside us, which is I believe the reason our hearts beat, and the reason we have a consciousness, we are all linked, like the internet I suppose, but are we all switched on?

      1. Hi Orchid,

        Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It is nice to meet you. There are so many unanswered questions of the Universe and so much we don’t know. I do believe we are all connected though.

  46. Thanks for your writing. Its kinda amazing! I always see number 444 for these past 5 years since I decided to marry a wrong guy. I finally lost him. We seperated after 18 months since my wedding. A year after I lost my husband, I lost my papa, and became more dissapointed because my sister got sick which cannot be cured. A few times I thought this TOO MANY 444 coincidences are a death sign because chinese and japanese said 4 means die. But I’m not chinese or japanese so I will stick with my faith. I know God made me born in 4th January for good reason. And I’m being good for these past 5 years thats why I’m happy with what your telling us. I’m not affraid with anything since my dad died, I know my Father in Heaven always takes care of me and everyone who pray to him with his/her broken heart. God bless you Laura 🙂

  47. Hi Laura, thanks for all interesting explanation about number sequences and their meanings. I started to see 11:11 many years ago and it has changed to 444 a few years ago, it was just about the time when I started to be interested in angel channeling and communication with archangels and angels. There is no coincidence that I am now providing Angel Crystal Healing services.

    Many blessings

    1. I have the same thing. I see 111 as long i can remember. Now I am learning a lot of religion and history and the numbers seemed to have changed in to 222 and 444, I keep on seeing 111 and 1111 as well. I am reading a lot from quran and started to thank angels and God for whats on my path right now.

      Greetz peace be with you.

  48. Thank you, laid off from work and interviewing… just started seeing several 444s. Your comments have given me peace.


    1. Hi Tony,

      I am glad that it resonated with you. A layoff can create so much chaos in life. My family has been there also. This too shall pass to more peaceful times.

  49. I’ve been seeing repeating numbers on a regular basis for years. It’s usually been 444 but yesterday I saw 555 in 3 different places. I’ve also been seeing 75 ALOT and when I logged on to post I noticed there were 75 responses on this blog. Does 75 have any significance?

    Tony GOOD LUCK with the job hunt! Sending good vibes your way!!

  50. I’m still ‘recovering’ from the energy of 11/11/11…I’ve been pulling all nighters about twice a week the past few months…so when 11/11/11 hit, at midnight, my youngest of 4, my 7 yr old, and 12 yr old and her friend, greeted the new day with excited energy! Of course, I witnessed 12:11, 1:11, 2:11, 3:11, but then 4:44, 7:11, 8:11, 10:11, and 11:11! I was a bit disappointed to have missed 4:11, but wrote down 4:44 anyways, as it was significant to me on some level. Then yesterday morning I saw it! And now, just a half hour ago! Three mornings in a row! So of course I had to look it up on the internet, and found this! Then as I was reading it, I realized…my birthday is 2/4/62…I was born on the 4th! I’ve been ‘catching’ 11’s since 1983 when in college. So 11/11 was a big deal for me. I’m almost 50 in a couple of months, at a cross roads, between art, photography, writing, raising my kids, birth doula, etc. To read it means my angels are really communicating with me, brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for the information!

  51. I have been seeing 444 now for 2 years. It seemed to pass last winter (2010) now it is back 1000%. I see it all over the place! Even a client picked a color and it was on the chart 444! The clock when I look will say 444. It is all around. I have been meditating and asking for guidance to change my life around and move forward in a new career path. 444 is all good, I am so glad I found your page! I will embrace it now and now freak out! I was afraid it was bad. I do have cardinals around also. Butterflies are another one around me.Thanks!

  52. HI! … i dont know acclly, what i should think about the number 4. Im a guy, and the funny thing about 4, in my life….
    hmm… im born 1994 4th April , that’s
    4,4,4 … and my house number is also 4. this is kinda wierd? My parents moved in to our house, long time before i was born, so my birth date, and house number, is just an ?.. i dont know, i would like you to REPLY, at Email, if you have time.

    some information about me;
    * im not religious, i believe in something good, and something evil, that makes an balance…
    * i like magic, and the supernatural.
    * i learn stuff quick, and remember things. so ( easy in school ) with good grades, but that dosent matter,… uhm…

    Yes, if you know more about the 4th number, or if you see an conection with the 4th number, and my birth number?
    please let me know. ciao

  53. As of 1995 I have started seeing the numbers 444 and soon realised a pattern falling into place. When I see 444 I soon find a person or persons who have been injured or are very sick on the streets, sleeping to death in a car or truck or on the ground . I work nights driving the roads in various desert areas in northern Arizona as, I have being assigned to go places where other people are not suspose to be.
    When I see the numbers 44 or 444 on the radio clock, I know it’s my angels leting me know that someone is going to need help and to use caution, within hours it occures. Somehow’ I always know that I will be safe while careing for the Heath Safety and Welfare of others. Thank’s Angels! Good to all.
    Sincerely, Ellis

  54. A little bit before moving from China back to Europe I started receiving 4’s. For the last months it has become more and more, on the clock so many times. I associated it with the chinese number 4, which does not stand for luck. It became so obvious in my life that I felt compeled to look at it in the internet. First I found the meaning for chinese and became concerned. I have been concerned receiving all these 4’s. Four was never a number in my life really, I have some others, but not 4. It became obvious. What changed during this time was live difficulties and me going through a search, inner search trying to understand them. This is the reason I don’t totally associate 4 with luck, but with superating “bad luck”. It is the start of a difference of perspective.

    1. Hi SP,

      Nice to meet you! Your frame of reference is everything. Keep searching for your own answers and understanding until you are comfortable with what you believe. It has to feel right to you.

  55. I’ve had so much stress and anxiousness caused by me Neighbour who constantly complains and harasses

    I called to the angels to surround my home and protect it with love and positivity.

    A couple weeks ago I noticed that everytime I looked at the clock the time would be 4.44. I would even wake up what i would think would be night and the time would be 4.44.

    These numbers have appeared for at least a month and this has given me great peace of mind that the angels are telling me that they are around protecting me. This reassurance has made me feel more relaxed and in control of my thoughts. Instead of me constantly feeling like I have to hide from my Neighbour, I don’t. The funny thing about this is, I never see her anymore. This must definitely mean that the angels are protecting me.

    1. Hi Dyen,

      I think the Angels have helped you raise your vibration level so that you and your neighbor don’t really connect on the same level as you once did. And, yes, I do believe they are around you helping you out.

  56. Hello,

    I just realized the other day while I was watching the show Ghost Hunters in which they use very sofisticate camcords and soundrecord along with a termometer which shows when a spirit is present every time the temperature was very low I noticed the tormometer showed 22:2. I came to the conclusion that they might not be Angels when we see numbers in sequence BUT spirits. My reasoning for this is because I do not only see 444 but also ALLL NUMBERS 1:11 or 11:11 same for 2 for 3 fo 4 for 5 for 7 for 1212 and its every day!!!

    A couple months ago after reading the meaning of certain numbers I got scared and put on my mind that I do not wish yo see those numbers anymore. It stopped for couple weeks but then again started seeing them again, no matter what I am doing, even on the street a taxi passed by and the phone number has 2222..seriously.

    Wherever I walk in particular places the light from the street will go off then I walked away and it comes back… my laptop for no reason when typing will write things that make no sense, instead the p will be lets say f or things like that. What I am thinking now is actually that a spirit is telling us that he/she is around.

    Call me crazy, no sure.

    1. Hi Nancy
      I see 444 for the past 2 years. EVERYWHERE! Even the price on some meat I just bought. I reached in and grabbed it. Price $4.44!! So I know I am being watched over by angels, or spirits. I am intuitive and see-hear them often. My home sites on a karmic line or vortex. It can be very annoying!

      We tried to close the line and that was BAD. Never do that again. I re-opened it and now peace has been restored! we have boundaries here. So yes, I do believe those sequence of numbers do have meaning. Meditate see what you hear and come up with. Put white light and protect yourself first. A MUST!!!!
      Good luck.

      1. Hi Diana,
        Thank you for your email. I might want to mention that I am what people call a clairvoyant. I have been this way since I was a child. I used to see things through my dreams but now as an adult I can also see things when I am awake. When I say seeing things I don’t mean physically but as images in my mine that go like a flash. I didn’t choose to be this way.

        As many thing will think when you are a clairvoyant you don’t see things all the time, at least no me. Is not like I can have someone in front of me and tell them everything about their life doesn’t work that way for me. Anyway, I am a happy person, love nature, animals, and see beauty in everything that is around me. So I am not sure why some spirits will want to be around me for good or bad reason, unless they need help?… I don’t know, like I say I don’t know what to believe anymore since like I said I see EVERY NUMBER in sequence!

        Thank you again Diana for your reply.

        Many Blessings

        1. Hi Nancy
          I totally understand. I was born with the same gift or at times, curse. My son has it also. I see and hear then just like you. Not 24/7 (thank god!) when they feel like it!! I am soooo use to being harassed by spirits. Good and bad, messages, singing, staring at me, annoying too! they sing, yell, poke.. OMG. Living on a vortex or karmic line makes it all the more interesting!

          Lately I have no patience for them. I have friends who are envious. I say you have NO idea how lucky you are NOT to see or hear them. TV makes it looks like such a fun time. Ghost Whisperer cracks me up! That is what I have here at home, a line where they cross. I had it moved by a woman who specializes in it. BIG mistake. long story but, we had to re-open it. This 444 thing the past year is crazy! So I have to think it is good. I am in transition in my career and I believe it is a sign from my angels to let me know they are guiding me!

    1. Hi Saber,

      Are you referring to the term Indigo Children or are you more referring to our soul not originally being from this planet – like the term Starseeds?

      There are quite a few soul groups that originate from other star systems. Your soul group of origination is something I am able to provide when I do an intuitive reading and access your Akashic record.

      I have not written much yet on the subject, but plan to after the start of the new year.

      1. I like to know more about this subject as wel, i’ve heart people saying to me i am a star child, i am high sensative, hyper active and high i.q. My mother calls me child of a new time is that the same?

  57. I’ve seen 444 in my life for the past 10 years. The sequence appears with some regularity and I always thank the angels for reaching out to me. An hour ago I sent off three proposals for an important professional assignment – one I’ve been working on for months. The price to send the three envelopes? $4.44. Thanks, again, angels.

  58. I am constantly seeing triple digit numbers usually everyday and sometimes several times a day. I cant help feel there is something I should be doing with noticing this…or do I just relax and trust that I’m being guided in my life. There must be more than just recognizing this intriguing pattern.


    1. Hi li,

      It really just means that you have a higher than average ability to discern differences in energetic vibrations.

      The biggest key is to recognize what it means within your own life. That is where the repeating numbers will be of most assistance.

      If you haven’t already, start keeping track, perhaps in a journal of your thoughts shortly before seeing the repeating numbers. Is there some thought or idea in your life that you have been mulling over? It may be the confirmation you are asking for.

  59. Hi everyone,
    I’ve just started to see “the numbers” this year along with my evident spiritual awakenings. It’s really been fun and every time they put a big smile in my my mind and immediately I go and check Laura’s e-book for the meanings! 🙂

    Lately, for the past 2 months I’ve been virtually “bombarded” with 111’s, 444’s and 7777’s to the point it’s silly, but in a good way! lol Today I was driving my car and couple of plates had 444 on them and then a big van came by my left side and it had a big banner all over it in huge letters “ANGELUS”.

    I am just wondering how can I improve my communication with the “444 owners” since clearly my “activities” in that field are not sufficient or sophisticated for “them” (that is the feeling I have anyways)? By the way love reading all your comments on numbers-I am clearly not alone!

    All the best,

  60. I’ve never paid any attention to numbers until I have lost two of my very much loved cats. I was so depressed after my cat died in my arms that I went to pschic eye shop to look for some heeling. On the way back I saw a licence plate with the name of my lost cat. I freeked out. I told my friend about it and she said that I probably had message from angeles that my little Blu is OK. Since then I see 444 everywhere. Mostly when I decide to check time on my Iphone but also bilbords on the streets etc. I’ve read some books about angels since then. So now when I see 444 (almost every day) I feel protected by angels and I know that one day I will meet one of them in person.

  61. For some reason today I decided to research 444 – as my phone call with my mum went for 4 mins 44 secs and I checked the time this afternoon at 4.44pm. Before this, 4.44 and also the number 44 in general had played an important part in my life. After my cousin passed away almost 10 years ago, myself and family members would wake up or check the time and it would be 4.44. It wasn’t until later on that we found out that my mother’s uncle had actually passed away at 4.44 years before and us always seeing 4.44 was a ‘sign’ that my cousin was OK. Since then, I purchased my first house which just so happened to be 44. I believe that there is more than coincidence in this world – it makes me wonder how we can believe in humans that we can physically see and touch, however we find it so unbelievable that something that we can’t see can exist. Thanks for the information!

    1. Hi Jess,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. You are welcome!

      I believe that there is more than coincidence in this world – it makes me wonder how we can believe in humans that we can physically see and touch, however we find it so unbelievable that something that we can’t see can exist.

      I love this!

  62. Hi Laura,
    I’m lynn all the way from Malaysia. I came across your site and your article through a friend at first and then decided to research again on my own when i noticed i’ve been seeing alot of the number 444. First, i was born at the time of 4.44am and then about late 2010 to early last year of my life (where i venture into the spiritual awakening/path) i noticed the time, the phone (mostly these two) the number 4.44 / 444/ etc. I can’t understand why and i’d just like to know. I thought maybe you can help me figure it out. =)

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Many people have asked the same question, “why?” or “why me?”. It really just means you have woken up enough and are capable of higher levels of communication. Seeing the repeating numbers is a way to get you to realize that. You of course have free will to totally ignore them if you do not want to know more.

  63. Laura, Hi, I’m Sylvia, writing all the way from Sydney, Australia….I’m an 11.11 person. I have been actively studying all things Spiritual for over 6 years now, and it’s always been 11.11 for me. I do see others of course, like 2.22, and 3.33….and sometimes 12.12, but mainly 11.11
    I see it everywhere, now it makes sense to be a communication device!! More recently, I have been getting tingles in the back of my neck, and across the back of my shoulders, and I see ‘sparkles’ , too, when I’m doing readings.

    I know I’m getting more and more signs, and am very excited and grateful. I hope I can turn it into more weight loss, and a bit more financial help, then I would be doubly happy.
    Love & Light to you dear, from my Guides to you and yours.
    Sylvia x
    aka Silver Angel

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is so nice to meet you! It looks like you are just getting started with your blog. Keep writing, you have a lot to say. I love your aka…Silver Angel. That fits perfectly.

  64. Hi there.

    I am seeing 111 and 1111 for as long i can remember, 6 years ago started to wake up and started feeling something was realy wrong with us in the west, and feeling change spiritualy. Then i started searching for clues on the net. I learned about the illuminati, the new world order and many things that should not be. I started to learn history and religion on the internet. Now i am busy with quran and know mutch about it and the numbers i see are changed. Still seeing 111 sometimes but now i see 222 and 444 frequently, sometimes i even wake up to see on the clock 04:44

  65. Hello, I have been curious about the numbers 444. It has been a number that constantly has been seen in my life since the passing of my mother 13 yrs. ago. Lately I have had so much time on my hands and no one around except my animals, and I mean that litterally. I don’t know if it is a sign of angels like people say, I have had some bad thoughts about just giving up and I am still here so they must be angels. I believe in God but have not been to church in yrs. not sure why I have not, I do pray but feel like he is not listening. I know I need to turn my life around but not sure how?

    1. Hi Staicey,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is very nice to meet you. Seeing 444 may very well be a sign for you from your deceased mother. I am sorry for your loss. It sounds like you definitely need to connect to some real life people and take some new and fun actions. While I do not believe it is necessary to find a church in order to have a spiritual connection, you may be able to find a great deal of benefit from it. I would suggest some type of spiritual church that is more open to alternative spiritual ideas if there is one in your area.

      Also, if you have been having repeating thoughts of giving up, I urge you to seek professional assistance, if nothing else, just for someone to listen to your thoughts.

      Please realize you are not alone. We are all connected. Help is there.

  66. Last night I had a dream of being with angels. I woke up at 4:44 am, but I didn’t think much of it, so I went back to sleep. This morning before I searched what the meaning of this was I took my dogs out to potty. At first I was kind of upset because I only get to sleep a little longer on the weekends, but as I stood there in the cold however, I noticed birds were singing and I thought to myself how beautiful they sounded. After that, these two gorgeous birds flew over my head and I honestly felt complete tranquility. When I read this post I laughed of joy!
    Thank you

  67. Hi Laura,
    Wow, I’m so glad I came across this article. I’ve been seeing 444 for a long time now and always wondered if it had meaning. It makes me happy to know that my angels are right there watching over me.
    Now, I’ve got a question for you. For the past couple of years, I’ve been noticing 2:08 all the time. My birthday is Feb, 8th and I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Any suggestions of the meaning?

    Thanks again for the article. Makes me happy! 🙂


    1. Hi Jason,
      Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

      I have not written about individual repeating numbers but in Doreen Virtue’s Book, Angel Numbers 101, she states the following:

      208- “Your positive outlook, prayers, and other manifestation activities have created financial security for you. Expect and increase in funds, such as a raise, promotion, or windfall.”

      I hope that helps you out.

    1. Hi Still,

      Thanks for stopping by, it is nice to meet you!

      The angels are always surrounding you. Being born at 4:44 am could indicate you have a heightened ability to connect with them. I have not researched that particular aspect of repeating numbers, though.

      1. Do you mind do a research of this as I don’t think much people are born 4.44 am.. I am really looking forward of your research haha

        1. Hi Still,

          I will post back here if I find anything more out about it. I would think you are right that there are not that many people born at exactly 4:44 am.

    1. Hi Diana,

      According to Doreen Virtue’s Book Angel Numbers 101, the number 44 means the following: “The angels are giving you extra comfort, love, and support right now. Ask them for help with everything, and listen to their guidance through your intuition.”

      So, no there is not a lot of significant difference, just subtle differences.

  68. Hi,

    Thank you for your article. Last night I had slept horribly waking up every 2 hours. But one really struck me. I was startled awake it was crazy. I was so startled that I rolled over really quick to look around the room and I could almost swear I saw a bright white light behind me. Then I looked at the clock and it said it was 4:44am. I thought it was really weird. I wasn’t scared it was more of a what is going on moment. When I realized the time the bright light. All I did before I went back to sleep was thank God and my Guardian Angel. Do you think that could of been my Guardian Angel behind me visable for me too see? I am taken a back a bit in awe. That has never happened to me before 🙂 Thought I would share thank you for your article. 🙂

    1. Hi Krystal,

      It is nice to meet you! Thanks for sharing your story and yes, I do think it was your Guardian Angel. That is an awesome experience to have had!

  69. For the past 4 nights I’ve been dreaming of something like elevating or climbing stairs.
    I wake up at 4:44 am saying something like “it’s there, or there it is”.
    I don’t remember much about the dream or waking up later in the day.

    1. Hi Kevin,
      It is nice to meet you.

      It helps to keep a pen and notebook next to your bed and write down anything you can remember when you first wake up. That is when you are most apt to remember your thoughts and dreams from the evening.

  70. Hello laura, I have some question about 44 hope u can interpret to me as I cant seem to find a proper answer of this number online…. I have been seeing 44, and often comes in 144 or 1144, i think I have the feeling that the angle maybe trying to get my attention but I’m not really sure about their exact meaning.

    Meanwhile, I kinda don’t know where to start for my future, I know I have the desire to help people and I want to get into a humanity organisation where can also support my living but it just don’t seem on my road. I sometimes get down or frustrated that I seem like on a cross road….

    When I see 44(usually along with other numbers but I mostly pay attention to the 44 somehow) I try to think what I just thought or what the number trying to say regard to the situation at the time. It happened when my fd teaching me driving skills, when my fd pointing out at an interface asking whether the number of 1144 shown on screen was correct or not….. So sometimes I really can’t pick up the fully meaning from them, can only tell when I feel a bit lost and I see the number straight after.

    I started looking at the time very often, when i see 11:11,2:22 or 3:33 i start to think if the angles are sending me message even though I only see them once in a while, maybe I’m thinking too much~?

    I’m so sorry for this long post, I just hope to find out the phenomenon of this number and the meaning within it, I’ll really appreciate it.

    1. Hi Shirley,

      It is great to meet you and thanks for your comment!

      In Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers 101, she says that “The angels are giving you extra comfort, love, and support right now. Ask them for help with everything, and listen to their guidance through your intuition.”

      If you are still unsure, sit quietly, clear your mind and ask your Guides what that number means to you. Ask them to show you something specific or literal that will communicate the meaning for you. Then see if anything noticeable occurs in the next few days to a week.

      I hope that helps you out a bit.

  71. 444 has been a prominent number in my life. The address where I grew up in a family of 4 was 444. To be honest, really needed the angels to be there. At that home, I was violated at a very young age by my father and I grew up in a chaotic and often times abusive home. 4 has continued to be a significant number though less lately. I am curious about numbers and do find that they are significant although sometimes only superstitious. If anyone has any further input, I would appreciate it!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi strangeangel,

      Thanks for sharing your story. It is nice to meet you and I am sorry you had to endure what you did. I get the impression that 444 doesn’t carry a happy meaning for you, or is at least confusing. I would expect you have already done some emotional healing around this issue, but I keep getting this image of an iceberg when I read what you wrote. It is like some of the issues can be seen on the surface but there are a whole lot more just underneath the surface. The Angels really are there to support you, but it might take some more healing to move through that. I am sending grace and healing to you.

      1. Thank you, I am healing. And I have been trying to pay attention to what God and the angels are telling me. It has been given me a whole new outlook on things. I am preparing to pursue goals that I have had on the back burner for way too long, and have reunited with a dear friend. Not about numbers, but I have always seen birds as omens too for some reason. If a bird flies into my windshield or a see a dead or injured bird, I see that as a bad omen, if a spot a beautiful bird flying near or above me I see that as a very good omen. Now this part may just be to not take life so seriously, but yesterday a quail crossed the road I was driving down and I had to slow down so as to not hit it, but it looked back at me in the oddest way! LOL everyone have a wonderful day~!
        Thank you 🙂

  72. My grandmother is gravely ill and we are so far away from her. She lives in Italy, my parents in MA and I am in TN. We are all wishing we could be with her. I was talking to my Mom today over chat and I wrote this to her and she saw that it came through at 4:44 and after reading the spiritual significance of 444, I feel a sort of peace.

    Me to my Mom on PM: I have been thinking about that too
    I keep hoping that the soul really goes to Heaven. I know Jehovah’s wistnesses believe you just sleep until the Paradise…but I really hope there is a Heaven.
    I imagine her soul meeting the kids…I hope that doesn’t upset you…but I also feel like she will protect all of us.
    Sent at 3:44 PM on Thursday

  73. Hi Laura…for the past year or more I have been seeing or drawn to the numbers 444. Something would just make me look and there were those numbers. It still happens on a regular basis. Funny, I asked my wife and others around me if they knew what it meant and if they see numbers? They had no idea what I was talking about. I thought maybe try them in the lottery like Pic 3 but to no avail…Lol.

    And still I keep seeing 444 and on occasion 1111 555 but mostly 444.
    And I was checking email and the clicked on a link the other day and it opened to 11.11 radio show and there was a commercial asking are you seeing repeating numbers and I thought oh my God, I thought wow others are seeing these numbers too.

    I never even thought to do a search on repeating numbers and that is how I found you. And I do believe everything happens for a reason. I do believe in guardian angels and there existence. I am a distribution manager for newspapers, I distribute about 5 papers and I have carriers and I do runs myself. Anyways I was doing my drop list over as there has been changes and I had to get a final total…and when I added up one route of mine with the new numbers, it came to 1,444 I just about fell off my chair.

    Another, a couple weeks ago for a Sunday I set my alarm on my iphone for 3:31 am, now I have the snooze set for every 9 minutes. I like to keep hitting snooze a few times before I really have to get up…Lol its a mental thing. So that means after the initial alarm goes off I hit the snooze (as I don’t have to get up until going to 5am on Sundays), so this would mean the alarm would sound at 3:31 then the snooze at 3:40 – 3:49 – 3:58 – 4:07 – 4:16 – 4:25 – 4:34 and 4:43 well that morning it went off at 4:44 not 4:43 The one and only time that has happened.

    Needless to say that was the last snooze button I bounced out of bed as I was really blown away by that. I have had so many things happen I could write a book. Anyways I am going to transfer funds to my Paypal and because I am in Canada it takes 7 days to process. I do want a reading with you and can’t wait.
    God bless you!

  74. So i see the number 444 alot like 4:44 and phone numbers with 444 and now theres a movie call 4:44 end of the world. how would you explain this?

    1. Hi Tristan,
      It is nice to meet you! Well, I haven’t heard of this movie before, so I did a Google search and read a bit about the movie. I guess all I would have to say is that others have differing opinions and viewpoints. You choose what you believe.

  75. I see the 444’s all the time.. one day I was at home with a friend and the phone rang and the number was 444-4444 and I answered it but there was no answer but of course I knew already that it was from my angels…I ‘am acutely aware now and if even there not 444 or there 4344 or something like that I think ohh my angels are talking to me..

  76. 2 years ago I lost my grandmother(on my mothers side) to an auto accident. 2 weeks later my grandfather also past( my dads dad). Shortly after this I started to realize that every time I looked at the clock it was 4:44. It would happen A.M and P.M.

    There were days that I was to busy to even know what time it was and then when I would look to see what time of day it was, it seemed that It was always 4:44. I would wake in the middle of the night at 4:44. I asked my husband, my mother in-law and several people what would this mean but no one knew. I know it had to do with my grandparents but I could not figure out what they were trying to tell me.

    This went on for a very long time. Maybe 6 months or so. Now not so much anymore, not till yesterday anyways when I heard the number on the radio and I just missed what they were talking about but I did here them say that the number 4:44 had meaning and I instinctively knew I had to look this number online to figure it out.

    So that’s what lead me to this web page. I just want to thank you, this info helps me greatly. I now know they wanted me to know they are here. Do you think they will start showing me this number again, now that I understand what it is? I feel overwhelmed with many emotions now that I understand this number.Thank you

    1. Hi Candee,

      Thanks for stopping by, it is nice to meet you. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

      I believe you will indeed keep seeing this number. It may get less frequent as time goes on. What a wonderful confirmation you are receiving from your grandparents.

  77. Thank you for this page. I woke up this morning and saw my displaying 444 for first time ever in memory. I believe in these number sequences are a message for us. I am so glad I have Angels with me and have my back for I truly needed to hear that. Sometimes I see 1111 also repeatedly wondering what it is. Thank you again. 🙂

  78. I see this number 444 very often. I found something in Google and would like to share:

    Google Search: “Find Angel”

    See it yourself …

    1. Hi Searching,

      I guess I am not sure what you are referring to on this one. Was there a specific image or search result that you saw? With personalized search results, each person sees a bit different search result.

  79. For me personally, 4:44 has always been an extreme negative. I am Chinese so the number is widely believed to be bad. I never really saw the time, as far as I can remember, until about 3 years ago. I one day looked up to see the time and it was 4:44. I saw it 2 more times periodically and then my uncle died. Then I saw it another couple of times, completely at random. I wouldn’t check the time for hours, but when I felt the urge to look, there it was. Soon after, my poor mom died. Im deathly afraid of the number and have not really seen it since my mom’s death. Last night however, I woke up in the middle of the night (I have been for the past few nights), and I decided I wanted to check something on my phone. There it was 4:44. I’m afraid I’m going to be the one that’s next.

    1. Hi Jon,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal! It is nice to meet you.

      I have read a bit about 444 being a negative number within the Chinese culture. I would just say that it really is all about your personal beliefs. You are a conscious creator. You have the ability to create anything you want, including your beliefs. You don’t need to feel powerless or fearful.

      If you want, you could try out a new belief for a few days or a week of believing that 444 is a positive number. If it does not resonate with you, you can go back to your original belief. The thing about beliefs is that we don’t have to hang on to them, they can be changed at any time. Steve Pavlina has a good article on beliefs that may help you understand how beliefs can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I wish you the best and appreciate your comment.

  80. I was driving to an airport hotel with my daughter. She was going to drive my car back home because I was leaving on an early flight in the morning. She was very upset about a personal issue the whole way up, talking and texting on her cell phone. I prayed the whole way, asking the the angels to please help her and heal her, and I visualized love light from my heart surrounding her. She seemed much better by the time we arrived. We hugged and I went into the hotel. The room number I was assigned was 444. The date was 4-4. After reading Doreen Virtue’s books, I recognized it right away as a sign from the angels that they heard me. Of all the rooms in the hotel, I got room 444. That is no coincidence!

    1. Hi D,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is nice to meet you!

      You are right, that was no coincidence and definitely a sign from the Angels! Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  81. Hi Laura, Thanks for this website. I know your right about the spirit guides. I’ve been seeing 11:11 and 444 since 1994 but it all went away about 3 years ago when so many disasters stuck. Last night I prayed if anyone is still watching over me and today I’ve seen 4444 – 3 seperate times! I believe I finally figured out 11:11 and someone mentioned that 4 x 3 = 12 which = 3 in Pythorean math which is very significant. But now 4 – 4’s? Wow.

  82. I also ran into the number 444. I knew it wasn’t coincidental with how frequent it happened. It wasn’t something where you expect it every day. It started with the time. Then it was with songs ( the length ) then when I was on the road, I pass a green sign that says ” 444 ” . It became to be more frequent and I would run into numbers without even thinking of running into them. I had to look up the meaning. and I didn’t realize that the numbers came up in my most time of worrying. It was really a sign of comfort to know that they were there. I recently spoke to a lady who clairvoyant. She speaks to the ones who have passed. I recently came in contact with an uncle who passed away. and she said to relay his message which was he was smiling while showing a picture of a buggy, and he said to say the other side is real. I got the chills because the Amish buggy she was talking about is the one that sat outside the cemetery he laid to rest in. It was almost as if he was saying he was okay. The other side does exist. and with this website it helped me clear up a lot. so thank you for everything.

    1. Hi Shanna,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you! Once you begin to decipher the signs that are presented to you, it can really be a great source of comfort. I appreciate you sharing your experience.

  83. On May 28th, 2010 I received a call at 4:44 am from the coroners office telling me that my husband of 22 years had been in an accident and did not make it. Since then, the number 444 comes up in my life constantly. It also comes up to my friends and family members, especially in regards to me. They randomly text or call me then without forethought at that time. The number has come up in amazing ways. The distance from my sisters house to the accident site is exactly 444 miles. I could go on forever with how the number comes up. I don’t know why it does, but I feel as if Al is letting me know he is with me somehow and that he is ok. If anyone has any feedback on this, I would love to hear it. I do still wake up at that time m

    1. Hi Susan,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you!

      Yes, I would agree that it is your husband letting you know that he is okay and also that you have the Angels support whenever you need it.

      1. Wow, I just read all of the previous posts. Now I know that it is a good thing, and that Al and angels are with me. Thank you do much for your website and blog. Bless you.

  84. Hi Laura,

    I’ve been seeing numbers on digital clocks and my computer for some years now — about four or five to be precise. At first it was a lot of 10:10 and then 11:11, with occasionally 12:12 — but these days it ranges from 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 and 2:22 (rarely). Many things have unfolded — both personally and spiritually, and I felt like I’ve been spiritually awakened since my early twenties (I turned 28 in February); I feel like I’ve always had a spiritual connection or psychic ability embedded in me since I was a child, and these days it feels like my senses aren’t weakened anymore after being focused on the physical world around me.

    About a week ago (on Easter Sunday, coincidentally) I had a very weird experience involving two sets of numbers displayed on my digital clock. Randomly I woke up at 4:44 AM — as if something forced me to roll over and face the clock to see that time. I already knew what it meant and instantly felt like I wasn’t alone in my bedroom. Knowing this, I merely prayed it meant good things and went back to sleep. Roughly inside of an hour I had went through what felt like an out of body experience… It’s hard to put into words, but I also felt as if I was “purified” of any sins for some reason, or that I was “ascending” (spiritually) and becoming more in touch with my destiny and my soul’s enlightenment. Almost like I was beginning to fulfill my purpose in this life.

    These white flashes of light were all in my mind, pulsing gently but frequently; and I saw something that was strange. I’m not sure if I should bother including it because it looked out of place, but it was… machinery. I was awake but not quite asleep either — in that state where one is between both slumber and consciousness. I doubt it was my imagination (which is big) because I saw and remember it clearly. In any case, the whole experience was strange to me. When it ended I felt like I had returned — it was a very light, gentle and calming experience lying there in bed while this was spiritually happening to me.

    I decided to open my eyes and get out of bed — and when I did, the time displayed was 5:55 AM. I also knew that 5:55 stood for strong Christ conscience, or that somebody spiritually important was present at that exact moment. I just pray it was a good thing, because never before had I experienced anything like that. The supernatural and the spiritual outside of organized churches have always interested me and has held my belief; so I didn’t dismiss this as merely a dream or the like because it was very real.

    What do you think this was all about, Laura? I’m still trying to figure it out myself since I’d never felt so “alive” at that exact moment. I felt spiritually and psychically connected, and that all my senses were magnified in a way that most people on Earth aren’t able to experience/have, at least for most of their lives. The physical realm in which we are in tends to dull our senses and closes our minds to messages we then miss, sent to us from our angels or loved ones. I just thought I would share this, after visiting your site for a few months now and reading all of the stories of peoples’ experiences. This particular experience made me write this. Just before I decided to, I had seen 10:10. Funny, isn’t it? Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Xavier,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you!

      Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like you experienced astral travel. It is not something I have written much about, but I would recommend doing an internet search for the term and see if that resonates with your experience.

  85. Hi Laura,

    For about the last 6 months, I’ve been seeing the same numbers of time. 4:44, 5:55 and 11:11. (I saw 12:34 a few days ago but don’t know if this is significant).

    I thought seeing these number constantly was kind of odd but just thought it was a coincidence until I noticed them more often than not.

    Last week, the digital clock on my mom’s stove was flashing because of a power failure and it flashed 4:44 once and then continued to flash 5:55. For some reason it made me hold my breath and have no idea why.

    Just today I asked myself whether or not I should contact an old flame. Since I was at work and looked at my computer screen, the time was 4:44 just as I had finished asking myself that question. What does this mean? I know you say 4:44 is a sign that angels are around me guiding me but I can’t figure out what the message is or if there is one.

    After performing online research on this, it gives me a sense of peace and reassurance with the knowledge that angels have something to do with this and in my presence.

    Wondering if you have any insight on my incidents.


    1. Hi Helen,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you!

      I guess my advice would be to tread carefully about contacting an old flame. It may be the thing to do, but it may not always be for the reasons you think.

      It could be a sign to rekindle a relationship or it could be a sign that there is still some lesson you need to learn from that person. What does your intuition tell you?

      1. My intuition hasn’t been very reliable lately since I can’t separate it from wishful thinking. So I will let this one go. Anyway, I have read the meaning of 444 on other sites and its meaning is not conclusive between different sources since some agree with your definition and others say that seeing 444 is a clear “no” answer to questions asked. The angels are disagreeing with your thoughts and they are giving you a sign. So I don’t know which more true.

        1. Hi Helen,

          You are correct that there are different meanings out there about 444. Go with your gut instinct. Do you feel that seeing the numbers is a positive sign for you?

          1. Hi Laura,

            Thank you for your response. When I see repeating numbers, I kind of lose my breath for a second and have one of those, “things that make you go hmm” what’s going on moments. I do feel like there will be some type of change in the near future. Don’t know what it is.
            I don’t know if it is another form of communication from my angels, but the light in my bathroom has been dimming lately for no reason.
            Just earlier, I saw 2:22. This one is new. How can one decipher what they are trying to tell us?

          2. Hi Helen,

            Yes, it is definitely possible that spirit is communicating with you via lights dimming or light bulbs going out.

            I would recommend the book Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue. It is a wonderful resource and will help in interpreting all the numbers 0-999.

            I have also written a post on the repeating number 222. The more you understand spirit is communicating with you, the more different numbers and patterns will be show to you.

          3. Hi Laura,

            Thank you for the recommended reading material. I will keep trying to figure out what the message is and keep my intuitive senses on alert.

          4. Laura, as several writers on this page I to found you by accident. I recently heard of the exercise of “The Third Eye” and recognition that we have one. One indicator of our ability to see numbers. 444 was one of the numbers mentioned. I’ve been seeing 444 for as long as I can remember. I’m 58 yrs old and recently saw them on several license plates in a parking lot, within 20 ft of each other I was visiting my ill dad in Chicago at the time and had just visited my daughters grave site (she passed away from SIDS in 1984). I translated as two things. One that Angels were watching mover me watching over my dad, if that makes sense. The second was an acknowledgement that the prayers I said over my deceased daughters grave 20 mins ago were heard.

            I see the 444 in the digital clock form and license plates. I’ve had hotel rooms 444, the bill for groceries or other payment equal 444.

            Last many years ago I asked my mom why I see 444 all the time. She told me that it was the Angels around me telling me they’re there and that all will be fine. She passed 10 yrs ago but I remember her comment as if yesterday. BTW I do believe strongly that I’m an old soul.

            Raul X.

          5. In addition Laura I often see 717 on numerous occasions as well. On the clock or license plates. BTW my birthday is “717”

            Raul X.

          6. I always believe for those that see repeating numbers, especially all the time that our spirit guides,angels etc. are also trying to get our attention..look how much you start learning once they get your attention? 😀

  86. Last night my four year old daughter climbed into bed with me because she is “afraid of ghosts” and didn’t want to sleep alone. She woke me up in the middle of the night terrified and told me there was one standing in the doorway. I didn’t see anything, but I felt very uneasy and like there was a cool chill around us. I prayed to Archangel Michaelangelo to protect us.

    We fell back asleep, and hours later I woke up in bed panicked and scared. I looked around the room again and saw nothing. I glanced at my alarm clock and the time was 4:44 am.

    I had to Google it to find out if it had any special meaning. Of course, I found your website and just had to share this with you!

    Amazing 🙂

    I usually see 333 everywhere lately and looked that up too. I must say, I like the meaning behind both of them.

    Thanks for your website! This is so neat!

    Kathleen Schipper

  87. last night I was dreaming and the time 4:44 was pointed out to me, and when I was awoken and I looked at my phone for the time it was 4:44 exactly. I thought that was so bizarre, but not coincidental as I do not believe in coincidence. I knew immediately that there had to be a connection and meaning behind the two, but was not sure of it.

    When I awoke in the morning to take my children to school my children and I were almost killed in a car accident when a person flew full speed through a stop sign, thankfully I felt as though they were not going to stop and began to slow down before they blazed past the front of my car. Needless to say my daughter and I who believe in the power and protection of God’s holy angels, began to thank the angels for their protection at that moment. And it wasn’t until I came across your website just now that I realized that my 4:44 incident had a connection to my divine angelic protection this morning. So cool.

    And when you mentioned about the presence of a bird. It is just in the last month that I have been seeing a bright red cardinal with a female mate in my times of need. And when I am in need, I will actually ask and the pair will appear. and if you read about angels, often times they appear in pairs when they are protecting and guarding.

    Thank you for the information. It really uplifted me and has helped me become more aware of the presence of the angels that have been sent to help me. Thank You. Blessing’s to you.

    1. Hi April,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is great to meet you!

      You are welcome and thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so glad you are all okay from you near miss. The Angels were definitely looking out for you.

  88. Just a few minutes ago I suddenly looked at the clock and it said, “444”. So, I came here to look up the meaning. I now see that it is quite fitting as I need the spiritual/physical protection right now.

    Also, I received a message this morning.. I suddenly saw a date. To back up a bit… I had recently lost my faith of 8 years. The faith I had was in the Great Transfer of Wealth for this world. Many bad things had taken place recently on top of other bad events in my life which are too many and too extreme to mention here, but just to give a hint.. I need the protection very badly. There are many who do not want this Great Transfer to take place.

    This morning I had awakened to the exact same time as I had yesterday. The time was 12:21. I layed awake realizing this was the same time to which I had awakened yesterday. I thought about the time and realized it was the same as the date that so many have relayed to us all about a great change to take place. Also, yesterday I friend told me that he spoke with a man who told him that come December, all will be revealed to us.

    As I layed there, I thought to the angels, assuming they were listening, that I would like to know when we are going to get paid(long story, but it is related to the World Global Settlements and the Great Transfer of Wealth that is to occur and will affect everyone). I then fell back asleep and when I woke back up I saw before my vision a date. I won’t relay that date here, but it is not in the too distant future and is certainly before December.

    I am so very grateful for the presense of the angels. I have not thought to ask them for protection, but the desire in my heart was strong because I have been dealing with a lot lately which has compromised my well-being by those who are not so desirable.

    TY so very much for your explanation of the meaning of the 444! After these past 2 days, my faith has been renewed. We will see great things occur for us all. This is the time I have been waiting for .. for so many years. 7 years ago I was given a message.. and that message was in regards to the “Great Transfer of Wealth” and that what I had become involved in was the catalyst for the great transfer. I had kept that faith for so long, but the events over the years in this battle between good and evil for which I found myself had begun to tarnish my faith. Battles lost and battles won… some of which I found myself in its midst while others I watched from afar its struggle and defeat leaving me to doubt the future for us all. There are many great wonders I had become aware of which lay before us all.

    As I sit here to soak in the meaning of 444 and the date 12.21 and another interim date for which I was shown, a renewed hope that all will be well as I am reminded we have the heavens fighting in this battle and we are not alone. The White Knights are not alone. TY Laura.

      1. Hi PJ

        What you are saying sounds to good to be true. However, nothing surprises me anymore, as strange things are happening in/to this world. I have known for a long time that there will be great change in this year, how I knew, I don’t know, just always had this gut feeling. Like you, I have seen the number 444, and these days it is occurring more often and it comforts me, as I get the sense of being protected by mighty angels doing God’s work.

        God’s love and mercy is for everyone. However, it is up to us to ask and have faith. Regrettably, the world has been deceived by Satan, as you can see with your own eyes.

        I would love to know what you know, but if you are unable to tell, then it’s fine.

        May God bless you with strength and wisdom…and may you find favor, as one of the elect.

  89. ok where do i start first of all im only 10 i moved to my step dads house on monday this week and when i came home from school i was at the kitchen and i saw the time 4:44 pm i didnt think as anything serious back then in fact i thought of it as something quiete fun to find 4:44 on a clock since im only 10 then on tuesday when i got home from school i was using my phone and i looked at the time and it was 4:44 i hadnt remembered mondays experience so i thought of it as fun again. then on wednesday while i was playing a game at the end it said i had scored 444 coins . i really thought of it as a cuincidense but today when i woke up i remebered what had happened does three days . and i decided to ask my sister if she knew what 444 meant she said she didnt so i looked it up and here i am . but i really dont get it because i am only 10 and nothing bad has happened in my life so far so i am wondering if the angels want me to know that something is gonna happen that would change my life forever .

    Please answer me i really need to know what this means.

    1. Hi Daniela,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is very nice to meet you!

      In your case, considering that you just moved to your step dad’s house, seeing 444 may for you be a reassuring sign that your Guides and Angels are watching over you and assisting you in this time of change in your living situation. Think of it as a hug and additional support from the Universe that everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to be at the moment even if you may not understand all of the reasons right now.

  90. For probably ten years i have been “noticing” the 444 phenomena on clocks , license plates, buildings ,etc. along with “noticing” female and male cardinal birds….After reading your journal which I stumbled on when I was googling a real estate address number (448) and other articles I said to my friend today that maybe this phenomena was just based on some powerful visual stimuli caused by the 444 configuration that our ability to visually discriminate responded to ..I SWEAR as I said this a cardinal flew in front of the car and my friend had to slam on her brakes to avoid a collision ….There is definitely something going on…. thats all i can say..

    Dr. Peter Quinn

    1. Hi Dr Quinn

      Birds are messengers from GOD! Seeing the repeating 4’s and birds means that GOD has a message for you. You have to block out all worldly thoughts and disbelieves and concentrate on receiving the message. I know you have faith otherwise this would not be happening in your life. GOD Bless.

    2. Hi Dr. Quinn,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you! I appreciate you sharing that event. I do really believe that there is so much more going on than what we have known and we are all just waking up to it.

  91. @Bertram and to all who it may concern:
    I had been sitting one day in a chair thinking about random things when suddenly a saw a hand writing the numbers 44444 on repeatedly on a paper. I later used some psy training to ask my subconcious what the numbers 4444 meant. It answered “the beginng of the end” I could assume that meant the end of the world, or the end of an era, country, ect. I am a realist and I do not belive in the christian god, ( i don’t really know if that has anything to do with it though) also, a side note, the hand writing the numbers was caucasion and the numbers were square, open at the top, not like the triangle ones.

    1. Hi Andrew
      I have just thought out a new theory regarding the repeating 4’s that some of us are seeing.

      The 444… that we are seeing is a warning from the angels regarding the release of Lucifer/Satan from the underworld. This ties into the many satanic hand signals that politicians and celebrities are showing the people. The satanic hand signal is the pinky, index finger out and the two in the middle curling in towards the palm. In ancient times this hand signal also signified the number 4. See link below:
      The UFO sightings that have increased over the last decades are in actual fact the demons from the underworld. They cannot wait to be set loose on earth in order to torture and kill everyone that does not join them for the final battle. At the moment they are being held at bay by the angels of GOD, and will be released at the right moment. The right moment can only come about by GOD’s decree.
      Ask yourself, if these UFO’s were really races from other planets, would they not have made contact with us already? The governments know that these UFO’s are signaling the coming of Lucifer, whom they worship, and will not tell people the truth about it. They are as a matter of fact serving Satan so as to obtain high positions in his (temporary) kingdom on earth. They believe the father of lies and will find this out soon enough, as Satan mixes truth with lies in order to confuse and lead astray. I feel sorry for these souls and we should pray for them.
      The book of Revelation is clear on all of this and one must admit that some of its prophecies have already taken place. Also, very few people will be saved as the multitudes will join Satan, being afraid of his wrath. In the end, this will be temporary (read the book of Revelations).
      Andrew, you have definitely being chosen by GOD, as one of his soldiers in the time to come. If you are a person that always seeks truth, have a kind heart and hates the wickedness of this world, then indeed you are on the right path. Go on your knees today and ask GOD for forgiveness and that you want to give your life to HIM and I guarantee you HE will answer.

      1. Hi Bertram,

        I appreciate your thoughts on the subject and also adding to the commentary, but please do be careful not to take the original article off topic.

        I respect your theory, but do not resonate with much of what you wrote in this particular response. My original article talked of nothing of the sort and I don’t want others reading this in the future to think this is what I meant by my blog post.

        As owner of this blog, I request that you please refrain from further comments regarding Satan/Lucifer, UFO’s, or similar. I apologize if that sounds strong, but I think the comments need to get back on track.

    2. Hi Andrew,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you!

      Generally the messages received would be more for you personally. So, what were you thinking about right before you had a glimpse of those numbers? Think about how the message received fits in to that.

      If you were communicating with your subconscious, the message would more than likely been on a much more personal level, not on a global scale.

      If you were attempting to communicate with some type of being on a higher vibrational level, such as an Archangel, you may receive a message that has a wider audience, but usually those messages are so general that it is hard to find a lot of useful meaning within them. They give a good general vibration of what is going on on a larger scale.

      I do understand, there is a lot of possibilities with this one. I wish you the best in making a bit more sense of the message. A great use of clairvoyant skills!

  92. I was born on April 4 (4/4) and all my cousins are four years apart such as my oldest cousin was born, four years later another cousin was born, four years later another, then four months later I was born, four years after me a cousin was born and four years after that my brother was born, lastly four more years another was born. Now today my aunt is pregnant and it’s been four years again. I know it’s not the number 444 but is this significant in any way? Does anyone know what it might mean or is it just coincidence??

    1. Hi Marina,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you!

      That is a wonderful set of coincidences! I have not ran across that type of pattern, so I unfortunately do not have much to offer you for insight on that.

  93. I see 444 all the time every day. I was scared at first but then I am trying to find out who it may be ? It was 333 before that for a few months, but the 444 has been going on for a long time. Can you give me some insight? I have been having some bad news with family member’s. Can I ask my Angel for help?

    1. Hi Pauline,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you!

      Of course you can ask your Angels for help. They are always there for you. In fact, I would say that seeing 444 is already a sign that they are there supporting you. You can talk to the Angels anytime you like.

  94. Keep up the good piece of work, I read few blog posts on this site and I think that your web site is very interesting and has sets of great information.

  95. I put my name into an algorithm calculator, and it came up with the number 444.

    my first 2 initials and my surname.

    1. Hi cclewis,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you! That is pretty cool that your name came up to 444 in the calculator. I love it when stuff like that comes up.

  96. Hi Laura, I usually not disturbed by any kinds of sign. But this number continue pops up at least since last week. I saw this 444 in my notebook, in my mobile. I don’t know…it’s too often to me. I’m kinda..get some troubles with my spiritual balancing (you can say so) lately. What should I do Laura? Thank you 🙂

  97. Hi, for the past couple of weeks i have been being woken up at 4:45 am. MY mom gave me a watch and the first week it didnt do this, but now every other night it beeps loud and wakes me up at 4:45am when i look at the clock.As far as i know there is no alarm on this watch. Is there something trying to be said here?? please i would like to know, happened just 20 minutes ago AGAIN. I know there is a message. what is it?


  98. I just want to say I cried when I read this post. For about 2 years now, I have been seeing 444 a lot. I tend to look at the clock every day at 4:44 and at work I deal with a lot of numbers and 444 pops up all the time. I also thought it was a sign of bad news, perhaps I would die in April of 2044 or thats when the world would end. I`m glad I finally checked up on this. I feel a sense of relief, especially knowing that I have Angels watching over me. I couldn`t ask for anything more beautiful and more comforting. They know my struggles and I`m glad they have been around reassuring me and letting me know they are around. I`m also glad to see I`m not the only one dealing with this. It is crazy how often I see the numbers 444, but I will not longer think they bring bad news.

  99. It’s so cool to find this site. I, like many on this page, have seen “444” frequently since I was about 13. Waking up at that hour, seeing it on receipts, cars, etc. It has a similar meaning to me that you describe above. Thanks for posting.

  100. hi … name is daniel and angels we definitely have with us day and night , i have experienced some stange situations during my life …..once i fell of a two story house roof and i felt my head being set protectively down on the ground ……then i had several road accidents with a shield constantly around me and protecting me , plus if i get bad vibes sometimes when traveling with people in their cars so instead of saying no and getting out like a weirdo i have my guardian angel pulling the plug on the power of the vehicle until we all agree that its best to go home …..i did this 3 nights in a row one time .

    4.44 am is a time that i’ve been ask to awake and look around so that i could sense the presence of angelic beings close to me and to reasure me that i’m not alone .
    Sinse ive got married my other paralizing at dawn stoped , but before that i was sometimes visited by some being with their monkey friend , i seen the red monkey on the seat at the bottom of the bed but never saw its master but felt the side of the bed rise when i tried to fight it [ i don’t know why i tried to fight it because i sensed no danger , perhaps i paniced .

    all in all i think we are all brothers and sisters and we have an important job to do on this planet , it even goes on when we get to the spiritual side … i think that we all have something in common when we all have reached this point and on web-sites like this one [ we are searching for our positions in life and ourselves and those that are here now are not in anyway hurtful souls but one with each other .]

    If evil and the devil have to have weak souls to do their bidding , then there has to be the opposition , and we my friends ” are the opposition !!

  101. I was sitting here reading thru your information regarding the #444, when a song began to play. It was a song that I use to listen to years ago with the man I lived with and loved with all my heart……My thoughts traveled back to those happy days together & I began to cry. You see I haven’t seen him in over 10 years….our lives went different directions, but he has always been in my heart and thoughts… I hope he found what or who he was looking for & they love him as much as I did…..still do after all these years….I miss him……I don’t know why…..but I still do. Its a shame that he didn’t love me the way I loved him. One sided love never wins……nor does unconditional love….I pray he is loved and happy -God Bless him and watch over him as i still do. I will always love you Michael…..

  102. I just wanted to add that most everyone says that they started seeing the numbers 444 in the last few years, I have been seeing this number my entire life and I am now in my 50s I see it everywhere, the clocks, being awakened at 4:44 a.m. every morning, tags, etc…..its is a part of my life….only recently I also started seeing 11.11 or 01 11, etc…..Mmmm,

  103. Hi Laura,
    I started seeing the number 444 about four years ago. I would wake up at 4:44 am out of a sound sleep two, three times a week. As I entered my apartment, my digital clock would read 4:44 or I would suddenly (for no specific reason) look at my watch and see the number 4:44. I am a high school math teacher and I cannot tell you how many times this number has come up as the solution to a math problem. For some reason, I am overcome with dread everytime I see the number. I keep thinking that it has something to do with my time of death. I can’t seem to shake off this horrible feeling. About an hour ago, I looked up from grading some papers and saw the number 444 on my clock. My “inside voice” told me to look it up on the internet. I came across your “sight” (not a misspelling) and cannot tell you how relieved and at peace I am to learn that this number signifies angels are near by guiding and protecting me. I will train myself to listen carefully and read the signs (I also often see the cardinal birds you speak of) .

  104. I have noticed shortly before going on medical leave, that I was seeing same numerals on the clock. It could be any of the numbers. It still happens daily but not as often as before. I have recently resigned from my job. I cannot disclose the reasons.

  105. I cannot express to you how excited I am to know my mother and I are not the only ones who is seeing this! But I must confess that up until now I was convinced the 4’s were a sign something bad was about to take place. It all started approximately 3 years ago when I was having a phone conversation with my mother and she had mentioned noticing 4’s every where she looked. Soon after she lost her job then stopped seeing them.

    A few months later I began to see the 4’s but didn’t put any connection to it with the unfortunate loss of my mothers job. Within a few short weeks I was going through a difficult separation with my sons father and a financially mind blowing custody battle. By this time my mother and I started to wonder if it wasn’t just coincidence. Some time passed with no “4 encounters” then my mother started to see them again… And my father loses his job. If that wasn’t enough (he drove truck) on his mileage reports it revealed the last time he fueled up his total was $440.40. The miles he traveled in the last week was 444 and his truck odometer stopped at 289,444. Crazy right!?!

    Just recently I started to notice them again… Deciding not to even mention it to my mom with the hopes it was just in my head. On Wednesday I had a friend pass after a fatal car accident. Tonight I drove out to the site of the wreck and on my way home looked over just in time to see mile marker 44. Why not mile market 45 or 43… Why 44!?! I have very much enjoyed your take on this number but do you think there might be more to it? Maybe it’s the angels watching over some but could it be possible that the number is like bad juju for my family?

  106. I am wondering how to say this.. Since birth I have been an ambivalent person on most of my feelings and beliefs, as entering a sport team, prioritizing human interactions over the game, while being an altruist non-narcissist misanthrope as individual. This ambivalence does come with two exceptions (as to confirm the rule). The first being a constant adaptive passive-agressive anger towards everything that disturbs natural balance. Intentions, pure or corrupt, are irrelevant to me. I believe that both angels & demons (aka fallen angels or whichever you believe exists), are inferior to the maker (may it be God, Standalone Existence or pure balanced energy). Hence, subject to judgemental mistakes, as we are. Simply put, I would attack an Angel as I would attack a Demon, if need be. Second is the feeling of being completly different from every classes I may imagine, I’m officialy not psycho or sociopath, protector but misanthrope, agnostic face to religion and magic(k). I’m am willing to use any force available to me, creative or destructive, white or black etc., to maintain balance, which rejects the possibility of lightworker, earth or fallen angel and demon. And so long. I often hear that meditation, chakras and similar concepts are the fastest, and unique, way to access the inner self. Thing is, it’s directly conflicting with my intuitive nature, and what I consider as signs from life or higher(s) power(s) tends to confirm this. As if deepening rage would increase connectivity, which sounds downright illogical, yet debatable if you ask me. However, debating is not my current objective for writing this.
    Context being given, I am simply asking for your personnal opinion on both my nature and methods to enhance connectivity.
    I often see repeating numbers, but for some reason, the 444 I just saw led me here, and intuition convinced me to ask you.

  107. i thought i was crazy, noticing 4:44 on the clock at work A LOT! i always saw it as a coincidence, but in the back of my head i think of my sister. I love her very much, she was born at 4:44am. But then i noticed that i not only saw it on the clock at work, yesterday i was watching a video on YouTube and when i looked, the time progressed was just that, and it hit me. I then looked towards the corner of my screen to the clock and it was 4:44 in the afternoon. Very few times i’ve also noticed it on the clock on the stove and the microwave, sometimes believing that it’s just me, that it’s only me thinking about it.

  108. I truly have seen 444 for years and it always seemed to be related to a trip..a journey..paying bills..needing comfort. There is so much to say and I will when I am near my computer.

  109. I happen to look at my clock and the time read 4:44. This is my first time in a long time acknowledging the time. Should I take it into consideration even though Ive only seen it once today?

  110. I’ve had an obsession, you could say, with the number four as with three digit intervals of four and other numbers. It started a few years back, and has become a passion of mine to understand the messages behind them. The messages or signs have been accompanied with everything from loss to reward, but always something holding value. Its as if I’m tapping into a greater power, infinite power of the universe delivered through conscious thought. I’ve been warned about predators, with such detail, I knew when to walk away. I knew I had to stay for an interview, being the last person of at least a hundred, and got the job. That has been one of the most spiritually open jobs I’ve ever had. The power of four holds merit, as do others. Though the number four has been watching over me. To me, numbers are another word for something undefinable. A cosmic mystery we try to put words to, that just cant be spoken with words. In the real world, that is. The world that all this mumbo jumbo doesn’t count. I enjoyed reading your article. Its opened my mind just a little bit more, which these days is a hard quality to find in much of anything. 444 😉

  111. Hi there,
    I know this is an older post, but I just stumbled upon it and wanted to leave a comment. I have been seeing 11’s for a number of years and has always led me in the right direction.

    It wasn’t until earlier this year I met my Twin Flame under a bizarre set of circumstances. I was struggling for many months trying to uncover what it was that I was feeling. That’s when I met a girl out of the blue who mentioned that maybe he is your twin flame. She also introduced me to a lightworker for guidance and she confirmed my feelings to be correct.

    I’ve always been spiritual, but since she guided me on the path of communicating with my spirit guides and angels… my own awakening is happening at incredible speeds. I have been seeing 44 and 444, and 4444’s everywhere. They are almost always preceded by a 111 or an 888. And they are dozens, if not more, times a day.

    I have been meditating frequently, and have been asking for signs that this person is indeed my twin flame and reunion will take place, and whether or not it is part of our highest good. There was one day I asked for a really REALLY big sign. Shortly after, while driving, I was cut off by a semi truck that I nearly hit.

    The semi was a white truck that has his initials on it “GS”… Ghost Transportation Services… the letters also overlapped to form my initial…and the slogan was “Your partner in spirit”. The number of the truck was 444. Now, they have also been giving me several infinite symbols followed by 44s.

    I was also travelling and had car trouble. Out of nowhere a man came to assist me. I sensed he wasn’t ‘earthly’… and I later realized I had met an earth angel.

    Some of those experiences are only the tip of the iceberg of what has been happening to me… but I also find moments where I question of it’s just me and I am going nuts and these signs are part of my imagination… reading things like this helps a lot.

    Just wanted to say thank you!

    1. Hi Misty,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you! You are welcome. Oh, I love all of the synchronicities! You may find this post quite interesting… I think what you are considering as an Earth Angel is more possibly a corporeal angel. Slade has a great article on it here. See if that resonates with you about the person that came to assist you with the car trouble. Slade’s Stranger Angels story is a really good read as well.

  112. I have commented on this same article before but there was no answer to what was happening at the time with the four year differences between my cousins and me and my birthday being 4/4. However recently I have noticed it becoming even more regular. Intstead of just 4 it is now 444. All the time I look to see the time and it is 4:44. I get a call or a text every day morning and afternoon from someone at 4:44 it has gotten to the point of weird to me. Along with this though I also notice the same thing happening to me at 1:11 or 11:11 every morning and evening as well. Could you maybe explain to me what this means and what I should do about it?

    1. Hi Marina,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you! Sorry I have not replied, I have been on vacation this past week. Seeing repeating numbers is a lot like receiving feedback to your questions. Ask yourself if you have been mulling over a certain question or change in your life, like finding a new job. The repeating numbers are to me an indication that those thoughts are in alignment with your highest path and purpose and it is time for you to take action on making the change happen.

  113. Hello!

    I would like to ask you whether you know if something means if you have a number plate with numbers 444 on it?

    Thank you for the answer!

    1. Hi Karmen,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you!

      Are you saying that you have the license plate with 444 on it? If so, I would think you are a wonderful Earth Angel messenger to the rest of the world.

  114. Hello!
    What does it mean if I was awakened at 2:22 and then 4:44? Your article says that the 4:44 is the Angel guides but what does the 2:22 signify?

    Thank you & have a great day!

  115. I have seen the number 420 repeatedly for about 4 years now; on clocks, computers, receipts, bank acct, bills, checks written out, etc…

    My daughter was born 12/21/01 and lately has begun seeing 11:11, 4:44. 1:11, etc..

    What does this means for us?

  116. hi nancy,
    thanks for that information…me, too..i experienced a lot of same numbers over the past year..some are111, or 222, or 555..from clock down to books.. I consecutive numbers also.. whenever I see those things I knew I was been guided by it.. thanks so much…

  117. I’ve been seeing the number 444 for going on 3 years now. Ive woken up at exactly 4:44 in the middle of the night, license plates, the clock, receipts, money, random places…. and when i told my cousan, it seemed to be contagious and now she shes it all the time too, the alarm on her phone strangely changes itself on to 4:44 O.o its very strange, we always thought its a sign that something significant will happen soon after we see it, or some sort of sign.

  118. Hello all,

    I have to say this spiritual message came to me at the very right moment. Much needed.

    For this past week, every time I looked at the clock, added up receipts, or caught a glimpse of my clock radio in the early mooring, it read 444. Now i’m not the type of person looking for numbers, but it happened so frequently, within a two day period, I had to pay attention. So I just now randomly Googled 444 and got this website.

    Turns out, this week I am at my lowest I have ever been. I was having a great week (life), until I went to retrieve my daughter from her father’s home this Sunday. When I got to the meeting place for pick-up he never showed up. I called but got no answer, finally after an hour he text me and said I wasted my time. He was not meeting me, nor was he returning my daughter.

    Needless to say the police, child protective services and the judicial system are involved. My heart is aching and I am very concerned for my daughters emotional well being, as well as her physical health. Her Grandmother (my ex’s mother-in-law), said she’s been vomiting for a week and that she needs to get to a doctor.

    Readers, please send me positive prayers and thank you Laura for this blog. I so needed to hear this message right now. It brought me peace and gave me hope—I know all will be OK.

    1. Hi Susan,

      I am sending you prayers that your situation turns positive and your daughter is safely returned. My heart goes out to you. I am glad the post found you at the time it was needed most. Please contact me if there is anything I can do to help.

  119. I see 444 in random places a lot. I believe it could be my deceased mother who was born in the 4th month of the 44th year. I feel she is letting me know that she is around me or possibly trying to communicate with me. What is your thoughts on this. Thank you.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Yes, it is quite possible that it is your mother letting you know she is around. I would find a quiet spot, get centered and ask your mom to show you a clear easy to understand sign from her within the next 24 hours. Then be on the lookout.

  120. i’ve been close to this special woman for more than two years, and in those time i have done everything i could to show her how much i love her, finally two weeks ago i told her everything about my feelings for her and she said that she knew all along that i loved her but she still has some deep feelings for her ex-bf who is trying to win her back so she just wanna be friends with me but i’m still in love with her, before this rejection i have promised her that i would give her an iphone so today when we were talking on the phone she asks me about the iphone and then she asked what time it is and when i looked at the iphone it shows 4:44, i was surprised cause i just learned about these numbers recently, before that i had seen repeated numbers plenty of times but i never realize what it meant, what i wanna know is there a connection between the number 4:44 and this woman i’m in love with, are the angels trying to tell me not to give up my love for her or what, because the fact is i saw that number on the iphone that i wanted to give her but i hesitated about giving it to her since she rejected me.

    1. Hi Benny, I just read your post. I am not an expert on relationships, so this is just guy advice. If I was in your shoes I would walk away from this girl. She told you she has feelings for someone else and this will probably never change. I am talking about experience here. Don’t listen to your heart, it can be deceiving. Also, please don’t buy her an IPod, as it sounds as if she is just using you. You deserve a better girl than this one.

      PS. I am just a “friend” who cares about others.

      Good Luck.

  121. Hello dear Laura,

    I’ve been seeing the combination 1234 almost every two days (if not every day..) since my highschool days (now I’m 25). But ever since I got more interested and “involved” in my spiritual development I stopped seeing this combination, and instead I started to see the 444 combination more and more. 1414 as well.
    the 444 combination appears in times when I have troubles in sleeping, when I often wake up at night having terrible thoughts or/and dreams…
    now that I found out that this combination means angelic protection I feel much better now :))
    One friend of mine sent me the link to this site. She is spiritually way ahead of me and she sees 13 and 333 very often.
    The exact time when she sent me the link was 14:44 CE, and in her living place it was 13:44 😀 we recognized it of course and we both had uncontrolled smile attacks :)))
    I wanted to know your opinion on this, dear Laura 🙂

  122. Hi Laura,
    well i just wana share this with you as from the last 1 year i have been experiencing such things where initially the digit 20 was every where around me and whenever i used to see the clock or the cars out on the road the digit 20 was there every time i saw it. the number plates of the car and the time a cricket match score or any thing but then later after a few months the digit changed and it was 44 or 444 every where around me. every time i saw my phone ringing or a text comin there was 44 most of the time and the same way goin out i used to see 444 or 4444 or 44 in the car number plates. all my friends and people around me knows that. even the lane where i live it has a house 44 on the same road though my house no is 72 but still 44 comes on the same road. most of my friends telephone numbers has 44 or 444 or 4444 in them. and i was never into numbers or digits or any thing in my entire life. but it has been happening from the last 1 year and i had no clue what it meant but i had a feeling it meant some thing good i dont know why. but now today i just wanted to search it in numerology and spirituality what it meant and i came across your blog. kindly tell me what it means as i have explained you every thing. i will be waiting for your reply.
    thanks alot

  123. hey again,
    i just read this message by another person sandra on ur blog and she has written about her daughter who was born on 21. 12. 01. and wierd i was born on the same dates but different year. i mean my dob is 21.12 1982. what is this???? please anwser all my questions thanks.

  124. I’ve been seeing 444 for over 30 years and have had the unique vantage point of watching this phenomenon unfold over time. I have come across only a few other early pioneers, but there have been so many more people starting to see this within the past few years. It is truly amazing that there are so many of us now who see it. There must be thousands of us!
    As for what it means, well, I’m not sure. It seems to be flexible. Some +19167994282 swear that it is a warning, some believe it is angels or God or Source. Some see it as a negative thing, while others think it is positive. When I was a kid, I was frightened by it. Over time, I chose to overcome my fear of it and changed how I perceive it. It is something very positive and I am much happier!
    Whatever it means to you, know that there are many opportunities for learning available to you. Keep an open mind and trust your instincts.

  125. Sue,

    After reading your comment it was completely insane… I asked myself out loud are the angels here watching over me as well… And not knowing how long I had been on the net just looked down at my pc clock and its 4:44 pm! Wow! Thats pretty amazing! I have been seeing the numbers lately as well a lot and I am so thankful for God in my life and the presence of his mighty angels!

  126. I’ve been seeing the sequence of 444 for over 20 years,
    it all started when I was 13 and meet a girl who i started a great friendship with,as she lived 2 hours away we would write and talk on the phone,i started seeing this sequence from then,we lost contact a few years later and over the next 15-18 years i saw 444 once or twice a month,18 years later we reconnected and since then i see 444 on a daily basis,her phone number and email both have this sequence in,i have also in the past couple of years been seeing the 11.11 and 222 sequence,

  127. Hello ,

    I too have had signs of the # 444 for years . Even if I’m not worrying about what the time is when I do check or when I wake up out of my sleep I see the # 444. Like others it seem to be around when something is about to happen or when im not quite myself. My husband thought it was a joke until he himself started noticing it . The past 5 years my husband has had 5 deaths in his family one being our 5 ½ month unborn son . Sin my mind I thought that the numbers were hunting me b/c I’ve had little good luck lately and a lot of bad luck. My husband and I are experiencing a lot of financial hardship because of depression and like others I too can predict a lot of things for example when I were in the 5th grade and my husband in the 6 th , I told a group of my closes friends that he was going to be my husband and of course they just laughed . He and I started dating my 9th grade year and married 7yrs later , for a total of 16 years . I F possible can you help me understand the gifts that I may posses .

  128. Good evening. My name is Kym Stevenson. I have visited this site so much in the past few months just to revisit the meaning of the triple digits that I see so much. I always see triple digits. 111, 222,333,444,555,777,888,999, 1111,1212. It is so amazing to me. I knew that this wasn’t coincidental. My Pastor told me to pay attention to what was going on or happening in my life when I saw the paticular numbers. This year I’ve seen 999 more than 3 times a day it seemed. Just a few minutes ago I opened my magazine and saw 444 so I thought about what was happening. I’m at the hospital right now with my youngest daughter Kia and she is about to have her labor induced. She’s so small. She’s 19 and this is her first baby. 444 means that my angels are around me comforting me and sending me a message that everything is going to be ok. Thank you Jesus.

  129. Dear Laura

    I see the combination 444 repeatedly on the display of my cd-player in my car, the clock on my DVD-player etc. I feel like I am in a severe crisis (and actually as long as I can remember but with occasional moments of peace and deep inner harmony but nowadays I experience extreme despair and I feel lost). I just don’t know what to do with myself: I am 37 years old and I am not sure about my job, of what I want in life and that has been going on for 20 years now. The need to make something out of my life appears to be very urgent but I seem to lack strength to take my life in my hands. The one thing that really seems to move me is music (I sing in a band and music is my passion). However, I sense a profound lack of energy and feel disorientated. I am studying now for a academic bachelor’s degree but it consumes all my energy. Still, 444 seems to appear regularly.
    Kind regards,

  130. Hello, I have read a few of yours stories about repeating numbers, I have always seen the number 33 or 333 past year or so but last few days I had seen, 3:33, 3:33, 4:44, 3:33 and 2:22 …. and today when I was playing a game I saw 33 on one game ..another game I kept repeatedly seeing 33.
    It is good to know that I have angels protecting me very closely 🙂

  131. Hi Laura!! Ths introduction is far overdue, but, my name is Gabrielle and am 23 years old. I just wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful page as it has helped me in my recent life. I’ve always felt connected with everything in this world, more so through living in my realm of sleep we know as dreams. This year seems to be special and I feel “one” with everything in this world. I am now constantly aware and see “11” whether it be in the form of having glanced at the clock at 4:11 PM or having the urge to look up at a building number which will happen to be “111.” Seeing these numbers daily has made me feel relaxed and as if I’m constantly walking with angels… my own angels. Alongside the “11” I will happen to see 444, 777, 999, well… all of them! I have been wondering what each of these stood for and since coming to your page I finally feel complete after understanding what each of these numbers’ truth’s hold. Long story short, I had the greatest urge to extend my gratitude for this page as I am ALWAYS a daily here! Never feel alone.

    Gabrielle 🙂

  132. I saw 4:44pm as I put my key in the ignition of my car, driving out of a Garage. Later I found the Mechanic did not put the Hood down properly, and also screws fell out below my steering wheel. I did feel that 444 was a sign for me to check out my car.

  133. Hi!!!(sorry for my bad English 🙁 )I’m 14..i’m seeing the number 444,44,144,11:11 and 222 since 2009..i’m so glad that numbers are well 🙂 tnx for write this:))Laura ^^

  134. OK enough of 44 and 444! I have been seeing those number DAILY for 3 years now. the 44 is the one that is the puzzle. I am an author and writing a fictional version of a real murder back in the mid 1960’s. Can’t find much info on it at all. The small New England town hushes it.

    So I went up last summer to the charred remains of the victims home. Long story. I ask her often to tell me her story. So here we go. This past March, I was in a Starbucks out of town, was going over the manuscript I had not read in 6 months. A guy sits down next to me. We strike up conversation.

    GUESS WHAT? Now we are 80 miles and in another state as to where it happened. HE knows the guy who bought the land from the accused family. The rich husband who murdered the young wife. So I say sure you do… Give me your number I will call you and he said he would give me this guys number.

    So 3 weeks go by I got a gut feeling it is too creepy. I start seeing 44 everywhere. 2-3 times an hour. I have this urge to call him. He puts me in contact with this guy who owns the land who started to tell the story. I got FREAKED out and backed off. IT IS TOO WEIRD and what is up with that?

    The guy I met who gave me the tip I wind up having coffee with and he is very interested in me but gut tells me he is dangerous…. he is very pushy, I never had such a gut feeling and fear of a man. He looks normal, very wealthy himself….. I wonder if the dead woman wanted me to see what her life was like with a rich possessive man who killed her.

    You have to understand, I am clairaudiant and voyant. I tapped into something and don’t like it. I see 44 constantly now since I cut off communication with all parties. Is the 44 to keep me safe from him, the dead woman or all of them. It is a good book if anything! I just never felt such gut fear. CRAZY talk I know it sounds so, it is all real. Tapping into the other side is not always bliss!! Anyone have a thought?

  135. I have alway been wondering what 444 means to me because I see it almost everyday. Sometimes I wake up and I’ll check the time and it’s 4:44. I also see them on cars license plate and it just grabs my attention and something inside of me feels the there’s more to it than just coincidence. I search it today coz I just saw it again a few minutes ago.

  136. Hello Laura 🙂

    not sure if and when you will recieve this, but when and if you do it would be lovely to hear your thoughts.
    I was seeing someone for a few months things were going great and moving very well. I of course became attatched and at that time the happiest person you could imagine . He booked to go over seas for 10 days in september 2012 . It wasn’t until a couple of moths after things were going great he out of the blue told me he had lost feelings for me. We speak here and there and ofcourse he continues to send mixed signals when it is suitable for him. I have been in pain lately because of him and my confused emotions. I began to see the number 4.44 or 1.44 etc everywhere and rabbit stickers on cars. Is this a sign for me to move on, hold on or am i just in a ball of confusion?

  137. Hi There! I hv asked this so many times and hv given up for awhile..but I thought I would try again..what would be your thoughts on this…I was born in 1964 and my mom born in 1946. The same year I turned 46 my mom turned 64! Btw, I love what you are doing 🙂

  138. I have seen 444 so much lately then last night I woke up to a nurse standing beside my bed, realised it was not a real person because I could see through her. I closed my eyes and reopened them and she came into my body, closed my eyes and re-opened them and it was 4:44am. Closed my eyes again and saw an angel, asked who it was and he said Archangel Raphael… Felt so blessed

  139. Hello Laura,
    Last night i had a dream and the date
    the 14.14.14 came to me, but this is not a REAL date, i woke up straight after seeing the numbers…. could it be to do with the 111 and 444 thing or something else?

  140. Hi,

    I started seeing 444 back in 1995, mostly on digital clocks or I’d wake up, look over at my alarm clock and it would read 4:44, still do that to this day. Last week my paycheck number was 44411, today it is 44444, it’s kind of creepy. I thought I would pass away at age 44 or something like that, but I’m still here at 53, now I read where you say it is a sign of angels around me. That is comforting, but it is still a bit scary that I see 444 somewhere at least three times a week. So if I’m understanding you correctly, I shouldn’t be rattled should I keep seeing 444.

  141. Hello Laura
    Today one of my friends sent me healing and saw lots of colours, light and angels around me and the number 444. I was searching for the meaning and got here. I am so elated that angels are telling me they are around me 🙂 I have been connecting to them since a month or two and this number came at the right time indicating me to move forward with the assurance that they are there. You have a lovely site. Lots of good wishes and light to you 🙂

  142. I’m not sure what to make of this, but over the last few months, the number 444 has been appearing consistently to me, in a very specific medium. My smartphone has a game called “Bubble”, the aim of which is to gather up a group of coloured balls (there are red, green, yellow and blue balls in each game) and delete them in the largest group of each colour you can get, to get a progressively high score. I play this game when I’m bored and find that it focuses my mind – I have the TV on in the background for noise and often a quiz programme will come on. If I play the Bubble game whilst listening to the quiz, I often answer most if not all questions accurately. I frequently get the score of 444 on my game, which is a medium, average score but means I’m doing “ok”, better than average. Is that the message my spirit guides are sending me? That despite my self-loathing, depression and inward pain, I’m actually doing “ok”? I’m not religious, have not been since I was a child, but I am spiritual and find myself getting a better understanding of nature and the world around me as I get older. Not being religious, discussing “angels” perplexes me somewhat. I have to confess though, I’ve always felt a lucky presence in my life, who seems to be underneath me when I fall, enabling me to bounce back. As I’ve got older I bounce back more slowly but maybe this presence is still there? I’d be interested in your comments, please.

  143. This morning I weighed 144.4 lbs. I took my kitten outside and forgot about her. Later I found her dead in front of my bedroom door. My neglect led to her death. I decided to take this opportunity to refocus myself. I made a mistake and I am in pain. But I know that life is perfect if I trust in my Lord.

  144. Thank you. See this number often. Finished a distant Reiki session with a loving friend. Saw this number felt it to be powerful. 444 was the time I finishes. Happy to find you. Thank you!!! Goddess Raquel.

  145. alot of late ive been seeing the number 4 in sequence whether it be the 44 bus then looking at the time only to see the time is 14.44?? kinda creeping me out and to top it off my girlfriend has a padlock on her bedroom door so no bros and sisters can come in and help thereselfs to find 4 1pence coins standing up on edge perfectly in a line…and no way anyone else could have come in and done it! anyone any thoughts would be brilliant! .

  146. I am just now really trying to research why I have been seeing 444 since my daughter was born 7 years ago. I nearly daily would see this number on our clocks whether it was am or pm and still “notice” this time, even out of a dead sleep. Lately I have been feeling like I am missing a bigger picture of who I am here, even though I have a great family, job ect. I tend to think I am being asked to notice someone else that has since past from this life, but not sure how to go about that comfortably without being frightened. Sorry to ramble, but I also can have a thought of someone out of the blue and then I would hear from them within a couple of days or sooner, I can also make my hands heat up to massage my husband (not sure if any of these things really mean anything or not) just wondered what your thoughts are (if any), thank you 🙂

  147. Laura,

    I frequently – and I mean FREQUENTLY – come wide awake at 4:44 AM. Often enough that I searched the internet and found your site. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Michael,

      It is nice to meet you!

      I would advise reading the comments that everyone has written on this post. As of right now there are over 260 comments with some great real life examples of how people are experiencing 444 in their day to day lives.

  148. my best friend died recently, he was an amazing person. i miss him so much i plan to astral project and find him, i have been seeing the numbers 444, 222, 66, 88.. and the funny thing its on the slot machine i have been playing for about @yrs. lastnite the numbers kept repeating themselves all nite on different spins. is he still here with me, and with the angels/ his death was unexpected and fast

    1. Hi Kathie,
      I am sorry for your loss. Yes, I would definitely take that as a sign he was with you. Also, pay attention to any changes in your life you were thinking about making during that time. A lot of times when we lose someone unexpectedly it causes us to rethink what we are doing in our own life. Are we really living our life purpose? Those numbers are also confirmation of that because it makes us think about who we really are and what we are here to do in the world.

  149. Been waking up precisely at 4:44 on the digital clock MANY times in the past few months – so many times I actually mentioned it to my girlfriend – and I never mention spiritual things to her because she is not spiritual.

    Happened tonight, so at 4:45 I got up with the NEED to google “significance of 444” and your website came up first.

    SO here’s the thing. My dad died last year and I heard someone trying to use keys to get into his condo where I was staying with my mother the night he was cremated. It was clear as day the day and the sound happened so often my mother and I woke up to check who was there and I picked up a baseball bat and we still heard it multple times thinking maybe someone had copied a key and was trying to break in. But i could see no one outside even though the door was well lite at night and I had a clear view.

    Finally when it stopped I just said to mom “Probably just dad trying to let us know he was coming home and was still with us.” I wished then I had opened the door instead of being scared but knew dad wouldn’t have been hurt.

    So this year has been rough. I lost job direction and my girl wants to break up and I have been having STRONG feelings I need to move back east but just unable to get a clear direction or sign – so I have been hanging on. Needless to say I have felt great pressure to move back where my mom lives alone now as well. But i have had a TOUGH time making that decision to leave the west coast and go to Tennessee.

    There have been many signs here that i should leave. Multiple small earthquakes I have felt in the past year making me think we are finally going to have our next “10 yr big one” which I REALLY want to avoid having been here during the 90’s quakes northridge and landers.

    Then the other day 4 of my computers inlcuding even my old backup laptop all went out at the same time making it almost impossible for my to continuing doing any work here and I told my girlfriend “someone REALLY wants me to go”
    she being un spiritual just didn’t recognize the weirdness of FOUR computers all self destructing at the same time. (just realized the number four again as I wrote this!)

    So tonight I see references that 444 means your angels are looking out for you.

    My biggest angel voice now I have no doubt is my father.

    One more thing.

    On the SECOND highest ranking search result was a photo someone posted in another article about the significance of 444.

    He had taken a photo of a license plate with 4404 in it. Only later did he notice the highway signs in the photo which he happened to catch right at that moment speeding down the road hwy 40 and hwy 440. For some reason I remembered 440 (I already knew interstate 40 goes right through Tennessee) ( here’s a link to it if you don’t mind me linking it.)

    Do you know where those hwy’s intersect?

    Nashville TN literally within 1 mile of where my father was born, raised and where he and I went to college and where we visited my grandparents while I was growing up and where I have many relatives!

    I think someone IS trying to tell me something.

    I think it’s my dad and he’s telling me it’s time to start life again in Tennessee near my mother before something really bad happens in California.

    Thanks for your website where we can share these stories. I made a difference to me tonight at 4:45 when I was searching for answers and perhaps others will rad my story and see just how significant these things can be.

    PAY ATTENTION to things in your life that are trying to get your attention.

  150. Oh i neglected to say my stuff has been packed in a van ready to leave for several days..

    now I just finished writing my post on your website and looked up at the clock.


    Ok Dad. I GOT IT.


  151. Hello
    Last year around this time I was 8 months pregnant with my first daughter, I began seeing the number 11 everywhere possible Everyday constantly 11:11, 1:11 11:01 1:01 and then of course just simply 11
    Or any other time with 11 minutes being when I would happen to check I would get number 11 at a restaurant be the 11th in line etc my daughter was born 6 days late on the 11th of December 2011. It has followed me randomly throughout the year but has really began up again and now I am seeing 4:44 a lot and sometimes 3:33 and 5:55 any insight would be great thank you 🙂 x

  152. I googled term 444 and i found this site because last time i very very often see repeating number 4, 44, 444, 4:44 … it´s unbeliavable. Just at the moment when I decide upon important thing .Thank you:)

  153. I was born at 4:44 p.m. on a Friday the 13th of July…I have felt like I am blessed and have felt angels around me…what do you think this may mean?

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  155. I was born at 4pm and prior to ever having that knowledge my favorite number has ALWAYS been 4. The past few months I have been seeing 4:44 all the time!! Twice, recently I was in a deep sleep and opened my eyes to look at the cable digital time at 4:44am. It kinda freaked me out to say the least. I just layed there wondering what it meant?? It seems all day long when I glance at ANY clock it has a 44 at the end or lately 3:33 or 11:11 but mostly 4:44. I am afraid to discuss this with friends or family as I sound like a “nut job” but can’t help seeing what I see!! The other day I noticed a movie on cable called 4:44 Last Day On Earth. Curiosity got the best of me so I googled symbolism of 444 and this site came up!! WOW!! Shocking that so many people are having the same issue. I suppose it gives me comfort to think it is the “angels” coming around as life has been harder than ever lately. NOTHING is what I thought life would be at 40 and I often wonder “what if”. So many forks in the road and it’s hard not to wonder how life would be if other choices were made in the past. I suppose it’s lime to look forward and be hopeful for what the future brings. Comforting to know I’m not alone with these number “sightings”. VERY Nice to know I have some angels by my side! 😉

  156. I’ve been seeing triple #’s on and off for some time now. The other day I was feeling down, overwhelmed, and alone esp. in regards to my daughter who has autism and currently intractable seizures. I asked for guidance and faith so I wouldn’t feel so alone. Later that day a license plate came to my attention with 444 on it. Then later that night I had the t.v. on channel 12 then it changed to 444 by itself! I was a bit creeped out but also comforted.

  157. Hi! It’s good to know that is not only me often see 444. I’m looking and searching for the meaning of it. That’s why i found your web site.

  158. I see 4:44 on the clock since I was in High School, and now I’m 39 years old. I’ve read Doreen Virtue’s book years ago and it helped. Although now I am going through a tough life-transition (job, mother) and I wanted to know what you recommend I read or advise spirtually to follow the correct path or signs? Thanks!

  159. I’ve never been to this website before, but I googled the meaning of “444” because I was writing a friend an email and talking about how I believe in love. I even googled “the greatest of these is love” because I wanted to know where the quote came from. It came from 1 Cornthians 13:13. Corinthians has 4 syllables and the sum of 1 and 3= 4. So 13:13=44 Corinthians 13:13=444 from this observation. Never in my life have I EVER noticed this. I was kind of scared by it as I realize that it can mean some powerful stuff. I was in tears… Just wanted to share.

  160. I thought I would share my experience today, as it is quite an inquisitive, beautiful moment in my presence here. Through out all of today, I have been doing research of a pretty out there theory of our existence. I take a glance at the clock: 11:11 pm. Later, I decide to check the time as I’m about to embark on a thoughtful journey in a video and it is 12:34. Then a bit later I took a glance at the time on the video and it is at 4:44. The research I have been doing is on ascension… and I have my clarification that I am on the right path. I’m a bit apprehensive about my challenges that lie ahead given what the information I have found has revealed about my true path here, but will take them with open arms.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Much love!

  161. I believe that information regarding God’s return are gradually being revealed to some of us(People that love this world, will never get it). Jesus mentioned this in the bible.

    In saying that, I have been seeing the number 444 for many years. I always try to figure out what it means.

    What I have just figured out is this; 4x4x4=64. Then the date 20 December 2012, is as follows 20+12+20+12=64. The Mayan calendar ends 21 December 2012. Coincidence?

    You can make up your own mind about this, as people are quick to dismiss these messages as hoaxes, craziness, madness. Makes me think what Noah had to go through when he tried to warn people of the flood.

    Just thought I would share this with you.

    May God bless his children, the true believers, those that suffer for His Name and may He shorten the time and take us away from the evil that has infested this planet.

  162. I am and have been see 444 for a long time. I have tried my best to understand. I had a thought on today to write down every time I see the number 444 and what I am doing at the time. I do believe that the angel of The Lord is present in my life. If you can help me to understand more. I am so open.

  163. Thank you, I have been seeing cardinals, rabbits and the number 444 for some time. I have mentioned it to my friends, my wife, and I even have parked in front, and stopped walking, notice garbage cans driving 55 mph with the address of 444, my friends have begun seeing this number once I told them I am seeing it all the time, I get checks for restaurant bills, 444, grocery bills 444, change due 444, time am and pm 444, all the time, I feel very blessed and thank you….John

  164. I have just lost a job that I loved and I really need my guardian angels. I have always seen the number 444 and cardinals, but am no longer seeing them. Instead, I keep seeing “44”:especially the number 944. I am searching for signs, but feel really lost and very confused. Does “44” have a specific meaning that I must pay attention to?

  165. I have been seeing repeating 4’s for probably a year now. 44 and 444 every day continuously. I read Doreen Virtues Angel Numbers book to find out this was the Angels and Ascended Masters letting you know their are there and looking out for you. I have had a very unhappy life here on Earth but knowing the Angels are always there sending me these number messages to guide me though life is a blessing and i thank them every day. I awoke this morning to 555 on my phone, hence the reason I ended up here. I have a new man in my life (made official yesterday!) after being single for 6 years and I know big changes is on the way. I’m not scared as I know the Angels are there to guide me and I am following the path God wants me to and because of this, I have nothing to fear.

  166. Abour 4 months ago I started researching angels and doing angel meditations. Over the last 2 months I have been seeing 333 and just recently 444 alot. This totally makes sense with yr theory and thank you for giving clarity.

  167. HI,
    I just wanted to share my husband’s triumph-while running a marathon, he called upon his angels for help, he felt their guidance and his finishing time was 4:44 44sec
    How does it get any better than that?!

  168. I have 3 cars numbered 0444,8244,8444
    But when my dad left the world 5yeas back suddenly 444 took a place in my life….its recurrence in my day to day life made me believe that its there because of something and then i found out its all about my angels….i generally tend to see time and its 4:44….
    The seat on my flight is 44…. So many times it happens n 444 is all around ….if i start writing my experience on 444 it will take whole night for me to write….thnx …

  169. This is so bizarre!! And here I thought I was the only one. This has been happening to me for about 8 year now. Comes and goes, but its too consistent to be random. Angels are a nice thought tho!

  170. I loved this post… I was seeing these patterns of 444 repeatedly since few days, before searching for d meanings I was on other site where the verification code came out to be “444443” so I had to search now itself… ! thanks for this info also for the e-book 🙂

  171. I have been having this number sequence all year (2012).. I was in Thailand in Feb, i kept seeing the sequence 00.00 every night over a few weeks. I told my friend and he said he always got 12.34 anyway i came home and i started seeing the number 22 everywhere, everyday! Then it progressed into 22.33. Then ANYTHING 33 past the hour on any clock or cellphone. Even on the slow down speed signs. It was just too uncanny. Still, i told nobody. I was just smiling in amazement at this point. I didn’t understand it but feel it was something special. Also at this time i started to get a high pitched ringing tone in my ears. Im not sure if this is to do with this or not but it comes and goes. Just lately, Im seeing 22,33,44 just about everywhere and clock up at least 5,6,7 times a day easy. Then something strange happened one day when i was in the kitchen preparing some food.. Basically the side of my face was tickled (or kind of felt like that..) and it was if my thoughts were told to look at the clock, just as that happened the clock changed from 43 past the hour to 44. I knew then that this was coincidence after that point. After a year i thought id tell a few friends and they are 50/50 on what im telling them (even though im proving to them when i see it..) They say it’s my subconscious brain tapping into something. I kinda get mad about that idea as they really are not getting what im trying to say. It’s even got to the point where my washing machine, temp gage on my car and other not used/out of time clocks are all flashing the numbers 22/33/44.. Anyway, thats my story. There is more to this but it would take a lot more explaining.. Any thoughts would be welcomed to explain to my friends, they need convincing!!


    Steve H

  172. Please help me. I feel like I am losing my mind.
    444. everywhere. i’m not even joking.

    Yeah, I used to see it 1-2 times a day.. everyday.. for years, sometimes even 5,6,7 times a day. mailboxes, phone #s, receipts, advertisements, labels, pretty much in every different way. It was cool, it was a novelty.

    Then a week before 12/21/12, it started picking up.
    For a week now, I have seen 444 10+ times a day .. everyday, and its starting to scare me.

    ..and i’m not talking about looking at a clock and seeing 444… im talking about.. it keeps coming up over and over on random number generators.

    Posted below are screenshots. These were all taken in a 24hr period. You’ll see some games I played (over the holiday break) that use random number generators to generate game values.
    Nothing was edited, nothing was forced, nothing was waited for, nothing was manipulated.. in a 24hr period this is (85% of) what I saw..

    I have been all over looking for interpretations from Doreen to Drunvalo. In most of these, the 4 is touching a 2… does that mean something.. 6? isnt that bad.

    I dunno- im losing mymind.
    yeah i see other tripls sometimes, even got some cool 11:11 stories… but nothing like this 444, the way it’s coming up now.

  173. I have been waking up on almost a daily basis at 4.44am.
    I never thought nothing about it until I decided enough was enough and needed to research it.
    I suffer from panic and anxiety attacks have have barely left my home for months.
    I`ve been suicidal and failing to love life.
    I`m struggling to cope and can`t see any light in my tunnel.
    What does 444 mean in my situation.

  174. Hello, I saw this 444 for years specifically on the time clock, IE: car,house, computer, last time that i see was yesterday in my house, i speaking with my wife and I just look the clock on the kitchen there it is 444 and i says to my self something is going on with that number, that why I decided to look on the internet and I find your blog.


  175. hi Laura,
    thank you for this great information you’ve given us..i have quite a different number i see quite often.. its a 666.. there was a period where i saw this continuously at least once a day for an entire week.. i know the bible states that 666 is the beasts number, but i believe this has a different reason.. whats your view on this ?

  176. I’ve been seeing the number 444 and 222 also 555, more of 444 more than any other number. I really didn’t think of anything at first until it started happening a lot, so I decided to Google it to find out what it meant. All I could do is cry happy tears of joy of course, I always feel like I have someone watching over me especially during the times I’m in doubt with my life now that I know these numbers. I know I am truly blessed and have my angels watching over me.

  177. Last night, I asked my angels to send me a message regarding an idea I have for a way to create an abundant, consistent flow of cash when a project (that my family and I have been working on for several years) launches. I woke up right after having a series of dreams in which I had crystal clear validation that this is a brilliant plan! I remember thinking “Yes! This is IT… and it’s going to work!” (Because it’s going to help soooo many people.) Curious to know what time it was, I picked up my cellphone. It was precisely 4:44. Nice! Thank you, angels! *hug*

  178. Dear Laura,

    I have been offlate seeing the number 4 very often and in recent my girlfriend of 3 years walked away and i am not able to overcome it and my heart is still not ready to accept it that she is married andpeople say heart does not tell lies. i want your guidance to heart my heart or my mind so that i can become stronger both personally and professionally

  179. I started seeing numbers over a year ago when I changed my religious practices. A lot of things have been happening to me all at once. The first numbers where 777 this was wayyy before last year or so. Then over a year ago 222 first then 333 then 444 and 555. I would see a wolf and rabbits all the time. I now see more 444’s then any thing now. I am a little afraid but happy to now know that they are leasoning to me. Thank you soooooo much for putting up this website. It has been more then helpful.

  180. Laura, for years now I have awoken at exactly 4:44am and this happens every day for weeks then for a few weeks I don’t wake up then. I have always had a 6th sense and an awareness of the spiritual world. I have been able to see and feel entities my entire life. I always knew that Angels were with me and that 4:44 was their way to tell me to be assured I am not alone. I was able to find my parents grave in a military cemetery that only had Bronze markers even with the ground in 2 feet of fresh fallen snow. I walked over 1000 yards and kept asking Mom and Day where are you. I got direction messages and when my walk curved in another direction, I continued until I heard them say we are here. I took my boot and uncovered that area and saw my Mom and Dad’s bronze head plate. My wife was watching me from our car and could not believe I found their grave. I took my camera and re-walked the the route showing that I did not uncover any other grave site until I got to Mon and Dad’s. So many times I knew when things were going to happen. I believe we will all see the glory of Heaven and our God and the Angles that watched over us here on Earth

  181. Hi Laura, I found your explanation on the number 444 very useful and reasonable!! They apply to events that have happend in my life. And I would really like to know how can you be so certain that that is the actual meaning to 444?

  182. Hi Laura..
    I’m really interested with this my phenomena.. Its almost been a year now after I regained myself from depression and pressures. It started with same numbers of 111, 222, 333, 444 and 555… then after that I started seeing consecutive numbers of 12345 until now, either in order or not. It’s so much related to my work which (I’ve been prayed for a long time)usually starts 5:55am. I am a call center agent. And To my surprised I haven’t notice until I saw my company I.D just recently that I was hired on that company March(3) 4-12…. I was really thinking and believed that some one is guiding my life. I know its God ..

  183. I saw 444 when I looked at my phone. It was a text that I had heard while writing – but didn’t stop to look at because I didn’t want to stop my train of thought. As I was sitting at the table writing — my phone began to ring — I assumed that whoever sent the text was calling because whatever they had to say/ask to/of me was important. Frustrated, I walked and picked up the phone — it was my Mom. Immediately I became uncomfortable — because it was just earlier that day I was caught in an uncomfortable situation of not understanding what was going on between my brothers and Mom — it worried me. I answered with a soft quivering voice, “Mom?” And she said, “Aleene?” She was having trouble hearing me even though I was speaking loud enough for my neighbors to hear. I began to get scared and sad that I didn’t know what was happening — and wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help if there was a problem. As we neared the end of our conversation I began to choke up — and when I ended the call — I began to cry. I was crying because I was scared and sad that there was nothing I could do to understand or help my family who seem to be in pain. As I cried — I began to think and I stopped crying. I sat back down where I was sitting previously and turned the page in my notebook — the same notebook I had been writing in before hearing the text message — and began to write. I wrote and I wrote until I was tired of writing and then retreated to the chaise lounge chair to look at the text message which I heard 18 minutes ago. It was my best friend who I’ve called my angel — and the text read: “God I miss you”. At that moment — that was exactly what I needed to feel loved. Kelsey always has a way to make me feel loved. Being reminded of how much we love each other made me happy. A little over an hour has pasted and now I’m content and writing again.

  184. Hi Laura, please help me. Seemingly, I provoked an incident with the 444 as I drew a graffito of a heptagon. Could you please tell me, where you have the information from, that it is a “good sign” and support is around? I feel, like it is something, that balances me out, in terms of if I draw an octagram (8), I immediately “meet” triangles (3) afterwards, if I draw a pentagram, I start to see hexagons and hexagrams (6). I tested it out many times. So what the hell is it? Thus that “balance line” is between 5 and 6 now. What can I do with this, any ideas how to deal with it?

    1. Hi curioscitec,

      I guess I am having a difficult time understanding your comment. My information for writing this post comes from my own automatic writing and asking my Spirit Guides for the information. I am not sure I understand what you mean about “provoking an incident with the 444”.

      1. Thanks a lot, Laura! To say it simple, if I draw different geometrical forms on walls, I somehow get predictable reaction from the universe so to speak. I have no idea how this works, this is only an observation, that’s why I contacted you. May be you’d know, what useful can be done with such a phenomenon.

        What I meant by “provoking an incident with the 444″ is, I drew a heptagon. And I knew, if I do this, something with a 4 or square would happen around me. Then I saw the 444.

  185. Hello Laura.. for the past 6 month i have been really depressed without my ex. Around the time of the break-up I relapsed because i was a 4 year recovering heroin addict. Everyday at 4:44pm ill get a txt or email or feel like my phone vibrates and I’ll check it. 4:44pm.

    I cannot sleep at night i cant remember the last time i fell asleep before 4am and again 4:44am seems to show up again. This has been scaring me alot. it happens everyday. its been 3 months and there has to mean something.

    I might also say I have always been depressed high anxiety. As a child in sleep would sleepwalk talking about how I can fly.. I’ve always have vivid dreams but one night i went to bed around 11 years old. I had a horrible vivid nightmare. I wanted to scream but nothing would come out. i was locked in this box. i wake up to my parents shaking me as i am in the closet buried under everything. close toys. Scariest moment in my life.

    I still suffer everyday and everyday 4:44 2x.

    And ive been the self loner type but gave everything to any friend i had.. or girlfriend which was one real relationship where i truly felt loved.

    Any insight?

    1. Hi Matt. I also have been through this. Search for “Ω Ehrlichkeit Liebe und das Selbst”

      It will help you out.

  186. For a long time I have been a non-believer that was spiritual as a child. But now I don’t know what to think of the dreams and the number frequency. 222 333 444 I received a bible from a person I worked with and he picked it up from an abandoned store nearby. The previous owner of the bible had the same birthday as me not the same year 10-10 When I was a child I had a bad dream that I only remembered it about 7 years ago but I have know way of figuring out how it appeared the way it .

  187. OMG, I was looking up numbers that I see A LOT and found your pages. As I am reading about numbers I see a lot, one of which is 444, I looked at the time and it was 4:44, WOWOWOW! I love it. I love the confirmations.


  189. Hi Laura,
    Im so happy to “stumble” upon your website. Thanks for all the very interesting information!

    I was wondering if there was any significance of getting 4:44 on the 4. 4.13.
    Also exactly a week ago I paid a bill that totaled 888.62.

    I have always been getting these quadruple numbers like 11:11, but the above was a new pattern.

    Thank you,

  190. For over a week now I have woke up, looked at the clock at it says 4.44. Does this have a specific meaning? Previous to this happening I was about to start a new business venture and did not get it, but they said they will definetly keep me in mind for the future. My 17 year old son passed away 9 years ago… could this be a message from him? Now over the last couple of nights I am also automatically waking up at 2.22 and 3.33.

  191. I have a question I have been seeing 444 and 44 a lot, I read on this website what that meant and felt very comforted, but another website said something opposite that it means your spirit guides are telling you NO!!! to whatever thoughts you are having, and now I am confused is it good or bad to keep seeing the number 44 or 444?

  192. I have been seeing 4:44 on my TV clock, phone and bedroom clock almost daily. It seems when I am not here at that time, I see 2:22 and once 3:33. This has almost been daily lately, all around the time I ended a 8 month relationship with someone I loved who did not love me back in that way. I made many life changes in the last year, and the relationship really was the one good thing that held me strong, at least for me. Losing it was my choice, cause my needs were not being met and I was not loved in the way I loved back, so I have been having a real rough time of things. I wondered why the 4:44 daily, and looked it up online, finding this website. Thank you for the knowledge and information. I am hoping that this will help me know I am not alone and that there is a silver lining in store, soon.

  193. hace tiempo me despierto a las 4:44 o veo el reloj computador a las 4:44 o placas de vehiculos, tarjetas, etc, el numero 4:44, gracias por tu info.

    (Translated:) while I wake up at 4:44 or watch the computer clock at 4:44 or license plates, cards, etc, the number 4:44, thanks for your info.

  194. My friend showed me this article, and I was blown away! 444 has always been a special number in our family, and I had no idea it was significant to other people! I have created what we call The 444 Project, and basically I am traveling around the country acquiring from perfect strangers, 444 answers to one ultimate question: what gets YOU out of bed each day?

  195. kinda had a busy suicidal experience last night lots of xanax and great deal of Chocolate Coconut Stoli and Xanax (lots) & valium and ativan the the cell phone lit up at 11:11 pm ( not texts nothing else coming in on cell) more pills and more pills again at 4:44 cell phone lit up again with no other calls or texts as alerts. This has been an interesting read. Had already read about 11:11. Still feeling blue but this gives hope. Thankyou. Maria

    1. Hi Maria

      I tried a few times to end my life because I could not understand the meaning of it. It just did not make sense to me. All the loneliness and pain, for what reason? One night I spoke with God in earnest prayer(lots of tears) and finally understood, and from then on, I do not live life for myself any longer but for others, in order to serve.

      I love you even though we have not met and hope that you find the path…

      Sincere regards

  196. I always see 444 in regards to someone I (BE)lieve is my twin flame..1, 4, and 7 seem to always revolve around us. I’m wondering what that means..:-)

  197. I just saw 444 and I see it often. So thanks for the insight. I am going through a a transition with a relationship. And staying strong in my power while considering their feelings too, is a tango dance. 🙂

  198. Laura my name is Lou, i have been seeing 444 and 1111 for over 20 years now.
    I am a Retired Disabled Army Veteran, i had a Severe head injury that required extensive surgery, the injury was sustained while serving in Vietnam, i am unable to work because of it, ever since i left Walter Reed Army Hospital in 1971 i have had some Medical issues and i have been very unhappy. when i started seeing 444 on clocks and other appliances with timers it started to really make me wonder what on earth was going on, i finally went to see a Catholic Priest who believed me and told me that i am probably being . contacted by Angels but he also told me probably FALLEN Angels, said that God does not talk to us with numbers. i know i am not crazy as a few people probably thought i was after telling them what i was experiencing, the Priest also told me be carefull who you talk to about it for that reason. My sister has been seeing the same numbers as i have for yours and truly believes it is good. MY WIFE HATES ME, MY SON IS VERY UNHAPPY, i know that the only person that can help me is myself, i pray everyday and ask God to help me, i read the Bible every now and then, if there is any way you can help me Laura i would be truly grateful.

  199. Thank you for E- Book. It & this page has been very helpful. I`ve been seeing sequential numbers for a few years now .. 111, 11:11 , 1234, 123, and just now 444. Angel`s are so awesome… they leave me dimes, lucky pennies & feathers I think as a reminder that they are still with me because sometimes I forget.

  200. I am an Earth Angel. I believe the number 497 is significant because that is the number I see.
    I often share spontaneous messages that I receive in the form of answers to a prayer. I have even delivered written messages in the form of a letter informing someone of impending death. I myself too was taken aback and shocked. I questioned myself, how can I deliver such a message, who am I and with what authority do I write these things. In the end I decided that the message was not mine to keep. I told a father that his daughter was going to pass away and that they would not be separated for very long. The daughter passed andto my great shock, the father passed a few days later from a serious ear infection.
    I can see spirits and they see me but they never stay more than a few seconds. I’ve been visited by strange short inquisitive creatures at night. The fatter one had stick like fingers and was touching my forehead with one finger. This caused me to open my eyes. The room had a red/yellow glow. Upon waking and seeing two of them, I greeted them, ‘Hello’. They were suprised and immediately left. I felt no fear.
    I have seen angels too. I sometimes are blessed to see the future before things happen and often have dejavour feelings. I think to myself I have seen or been here before.
    I can sense peoples star signs occasionally.
    I was blessed to see a huge silver-grey triangular hovering above the clouds.
    Frequently I reach a state of sleep where I see visions in vivid colours like watching tv. As I wander through I have never seen myself but people in the vision look at me. Some smile, others acknowledge my presence with a nod. I wander uninvited through peoples homes but they dont seem to mind. I do not recognise any of these strangers.
    And so, I believe I have been an earth angel since birth.

  201. Hi laura
    Now days I am seeing different sequence of clock times like :
    Last night I was sleeping on my house roof and in midnight i came back to my room.
    Last night I wake up unexpected and when i saw the time.It was 4:44
    after sometime my friends also come in room and speaked about a incident they faced in night on the unknown bird trying to enter in my both friends body.when they remember god.the bird was gone.
    same day In the afternoon I fall down from roof stairs .In night when I see the clock it was 2:2.
    Is it coincidence or might someone trying to tell something?
    all these things are beyond my thinking.
    Please help me……
    I am eager to know about this.


  202. To be honest, you guys lighten up my questions of 10years. I have been encountering this numbers and I always get scared about. I don’t know when it started but all I know is I always see 444 on license plates of cars and mostly on time.

    Can you help me to decode the message behind this number on every time it shows up? Thank you guys

  203. I have also seen the numbers 444 for many years. It indicates to me that angels of many are watching over us as we drive or walk along the highways or sitting in a restaurant having coffee or a beer and notice the numbers 444 on the clock or on your cell phone or watch. It’s a sign of support and appreciation for all that we have done for others and have protected ourselves from becoming disappointed by expecting nothing in return from those we have helped. It’s also a sign that GOD is with us, something good is about to happen for all those who witness these 444 times. Also it’s a sign to beware of things around you like perhaps danger or it’s time to go secure your home and to care for your Loved One’s.
    Do not be afraid it’s a good sign of Protection/ Kindness / Forgiveness / Appreciation / Love for you and others. Also that something good is about to happen for you.God Bless You ….
    My true observations this issue. From NorthStar

  204. I love and find so much comfort in having this information available to me… thank you so much laura.
    I’ve been seeing triple numbers for over 15 yrs. Ever since my Reiki I and its been a trip. When I was getting divorced I saw almost every # on the clock. I’d look at the clock once an hr and it would be a triple #….11:11-5:55. I loved it. I went on my last family vacation, which was v.challenging & I’d buy something and it would come o $7.77 or my change was $1.11 or I’d see license plates with triple numbers. My g.friend told ke she was seeing 210 = 3.. the triune. Don’t I get behind a police car.. his lic.plate is 210. I myself woke up to 4:44 this morning and yesturday morning which prompted me to ck out the triple numbers again. I used to carry the explanations of the numbers w me in my dayplanner. Lol. my girlfriend Irene would always call me and ask me what one of them meant.
    I’ve reassured friends that by seeing 1:11 for the past 5 years that the world is not coming to an end. They just needed to know the meaning of it and then were relieved. I could go on & on… It has been a great comfort and tool. I was seeing 3:33 a lot and realized I was giving away my personal power!!
    Laura you had given me a free 15 min reading and you saw stairs… I did get a new apt on the 2nd floor….cool info.
    Well its 6:10 am & I’ve heen up since 4:44, so I’m going to end here. Thank you again laura & to everyone’s feedback.

  205. hello
    I have seeing it today the 222 n 333 and 555 and 444. and I also keep seeing number 5 and then a name that I have been seeing threw out my life and I heard if you keep seeing the same name over n over again that its your soulmate is that true?

  206. Hi
    I lost my wife to breast cancer in 2006 at the age of 40. She passed away at 4.15am on the 18th August 06
    The morning after she passed I felt her in our bedroom – I was lying on my back and I felt here rubbing her hand on my back comforting me. An hour later I woke up again and was lying on my back with my eyes closed and I felt her hand brush my cheek.
    Ever since 444 has been a huge part of my life. I have never understood why! I thought it might be her saying she left this earth at 4.44am – not 4.15am???
    I wake up three to four mornings per week and look at the digital clock next to the bed and it will say 4.44am. Or I will be in the car and look at the car clock and it will be 4.44pm
    I have become so accustomed to it now that when it happens I smile and say Hi Amanda!!
    Nice reading what it actually means.
    Amazing how we can comforted!!

  207. Thank you for this great article Laura. I’ve read most of the comments as well. I’m semi-psychic….umm, well not psychic….I know what people are feeling, everyone around me, via phone, television. It’s so strong, I can’t even watch negative news, because I can “feel” what the reporter is feeling. After 9/11, here in NYC, I had to stay home. Every time I was around anyone, the emotions of everyone took my breath away. Completely, utterly overwhelming. It was literally like Mel Gibson in “What Women Want”, except he was hearing all of the women’s thoughts, whereas I’m pummeled with people’s feelings/emotions/state of mind.

    Thankfully, now I’m older and wiser and have learned to control the “input” and also to use it to benefit others. If I’m standing in line somewhere and I can feel the person behind me is very upset or very sad, sometimes I just turn around and tell them how I am, what my gift is, what I feel and I offer them a hug. I’ve done that 50+ times in the last 10 years or so and I’ve never been turned down once. Usually, either that person or both of us even cry a little too. 🙂 — I used to hate this “thing” I have. Now I’m grateful for it.

    Anyway, this article was amazing. I’m in my late 30s now. Both of my parents passed away in two separate accidents by the time I was 31. I’m an only child and single and although I love my work, REALLY love it, I get down sometimes…Lonely.

    But I FINALLY looked up this “444” I’ve seen constantly, for years now, since I was a teenager. Just to know that it signifies I have angels with me….it just means SO much. I know my parents are two of them. My baby brother (stillborn when I was 4) may even be an angel too I suppose. I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ because I feel so much less “alone” now.

    Blessings to you and everyone you love. And everyone, pay attention to the signs around you, especially numbers. They are always there. You just have to look. 🙂

    Peace and love,

    1. Thank you! Your comment has inspired me. I have just now realised I no longer hate “this thing” either. I just wish I knew more

  208. its just been strange that i’ve been seeing this re-accuring number sequence every night/day. at work and home. just moments ago i started getting ready for work and happened to glance at my clock and loe and behold…444. angels huh? Cool! 🙂

  209. hi the last two weeks 9/1/2013 through 9/13 I have seen this number 444 twice I woke up exactly at 444am then several times I would walk in the house from working outside and look at the clock and it would show 444pm yesterday I was doing school assignments during a class I was taking and the internet went down exactly 444 pm and again today I woke up at 444 am again im shock this keeps happening when I was a child our phone number was 8494377 spelled out it meant hell or shell oil 30 years later I found myself working for shell oil in Washington state exactly 12 years after I quit the refinery blew up and burned to the ground? and this is only the beginning of the strange event in my life hundreds of similliar event have happened many got to the point I knew exactly when and where I often find myself face to face with some of the biggest mysteries in America and in 2005 I found myself standing directly across the street from the ken-worth plant in Renton Washington with the eerie nightmarish feeling there was something seriously wrong with that facility weeks later I learn it was where they captured the green river killer that day and that man was working there the very day I was there.

  210. hey sue my first apartment adress was 444 kennedy and ive been seing this number for about 6 or 7 years i thought i was going krazy also been seing 1:11 its always when i look at the clock it just started occuring again help me please..

  211. Hi. I just had a powerful, insightful session with a psychic who reassured me of my guides around me. When I biked home from my session I past a lone car on the side of the road. It’s licence plate had the #’s 444. It jumped out at me and now that I know what it means, gives me great comfort and joy to know my angels really are here with me! 🙂 Thank you.

  212. I see the number 444 all the time. It has been years. I can’t remember when it began. I also always feel like I am not in alone. Like someone is here with me all the time, but it is not scary. It does sometimes make me embarrassed when I am doing something I shouldn’t be…

  213. I see 444 quite often. Mostly when my life is in a bad way. I wake up a 4:44 am alot. I for some reason bought a scratch off lottery ticket (that I never do) and it won with the numbers 444. Now I see 555. Whats going on?

  214. I too have been seeing numerous repeating numbers. It started with 11:11 and since finding the meaning of that through this site, I began noticing others. This one brings me the most comfort and joy because I’ve struggled for a while, knowing that my angels are there reassures me that Im not alone and I have support on my journey. Now I am learning to trust them as well as my intuition. Life is definitely looking up for me. I wish everyone else well in their endeavours! Love and light!

  215. Hello! Had to look up the meaning of 4:44 and have read the comments. I had an experience last night and thought I would share. Even though I usually see 11:11, this 4:44 was very noticed last night. I was sleeping and awoke slightly with the number 4:44 VERY clearly coming to mind Something then told me to look at the clock and the time was 4:44 am. I could not have seen the clock previously because my eyes were still closed. Thank you for this website as I now know my angels were around me last night during this very difficult time in my life!

  216. I can recommend an amazing story concerning 11. 11 then 444. It confirms how positive these numbers are. The video is on souljourns vimeo. The interview is with ‘Brian Brunius’ (it is the one where he is wearing white); there is an interesting follow up to the first video with same man. Truly mind blowing story.
    Blessings to you all.

  217. I repeatedly wake up at night and see 4:44 on my clock. I see 444 other places as well, and it happens often enough that it occurred to me maybe it “means” something. I am a spiritual person but never in all this world expected immediate hits about “angel numbers,” so it just seems like it is not a coincidence. I realize I am blessed and will take this more seriously. I am challenged in my life at this time, and it can only be good news that any angel is on my side and encouraging me!

  218. hi i have been seeing the number 44 and 444 in the past few months. it has become very significant almost everyday…i did google the meaning and i was thankful that it was an angelic number and had a very touching meaning…my aunt passed away in July i wonder if that is her? i also have my late uncles and grandparents who all have gone to the spirit world too as well as my very first grandson who only lived a few weeks. i call him my angel. i am also going through a tough time with my family right now, i do not talk to my parents and my sister and her family…it is hard but maybe one day it will all blow over.

  219. I just stumbled across this site because of the repeating number 444 that has been popping up relentlessly.I am not talking every so often but two three times a day and this has been going on for some time now and i see this number in the strangest places . It just dawned on me to look it up online so know i know there might be a reason for it and im not going nuts.

  220. Im big on learning , and i find education and discovery fascinating. This in particular bc im spiritual. I have had an extremely hard year being unemployed etc. and rarely i have a good day, but lately as i have been getting back into the swing of things , job interview etc. i have been having these moments of , ease, comfort , security , and a positive outlook of the future. Well right now as i right this , im having a upbeat vibe about myself , and i saw 444 right on my cell phone. So i immediately looked it up, and i come to find , yes 444 is the angels/angel showing you they are there. Or that you are in frequency with the universe in where you want to be.

  221. I’m glad I found this. Ever since I was in 6th grade I can remember seeing a 444 sequence randomly. Now 15 years later I finally researched it and I’m more surprised than I should be. I always thought it was strange I’d see 444 and I knew it meant something, but now I won’t be so skeptikal about sensing an angels presence- now I know!

  222. Thanks for your info. I know I have The Lord Jesus and his angels watching over me. The world says I’ve been HIV/AIDS for 36 years. I’m am totally healed by the Blood. I’m in perfect health. I have had so many miracles in my life. May you ask him to live in your heart. God Bess you and yours.

  223. For several years now, I would say about 80 to 90% of the time, the very first moment I open my eyes in the morning the clock says 4:44. I’m not talking about a few minutes either side of or the second or third time I open my eye but exactly at the moment I first open my eyes. I know people can have internal clocks but having taken statistics in college I know this is WAY beyond coincidence! It’s really freaking me out!

  224. Hi Laura,
    my name is sabrina I have been dealing with alot of personal issues a loss of my best friend age 43 to cancer, a long term relationship of 19 years, a new relation of one year that just ended and also nursing school. I live alone and well lets just say strange things have been happening. A relative passed away 2 years ago and i received the call @ 4:44 am. Since then He has come to me in my dreams I was startled and i for some reason looked @ the clock and it was 4:44am. A few nights every now and again when I am depressed are feeling down I am awaken its around 4:44 am. My best friend just died 1 week ago I left the hospital after she had passed and I went home I said my prayers before going to bed because I felt heaviness to my chest like as though some one was sitting on me. I eventually dose off and was awaken by a voice that just called my name”Sabrina” I looked around the room for him which was the voice of my best friend son that died @ 20 years old one year ago, it was weird but i was not afraid. the pass few days without thinking about it I have seen 4:44 a few times in one week in my car and @ work out the blue and then once I noticed that I have been seeing it I started to search the web. I broke up with my one year relationship last night I went to bed , upset of course. I had my cell phone face down in the bed something woke me up out a dead sleep i flip my phone over and it was 4:44 am i was shocked followed by a smile 20 minutes later my ex starting sending texts messages apologizing. I don’t know if one thing has to do with another but I truly believe that angels are by my side.

  225. My father has a unique relationship with 444. He’s been seeing it for years now and honestly I only see it when I am with him or my friend who magically also has the same issue seeing it on way more than clocks. Everyone can sense the same time of day or night rhythmically but the unique moments on the bike spedometer or today’s latest Taxi going by with 444-444-4444 as the number….my dad winks at me like, yeah that’s a Kiss from God! and I have to laugh, I came to this page and believe that car probably was full of angels cruising back to heaven… thanks for this page…it’s enlivening to focus on the 4th dimension without a specific timing focus. try!

  226. Laura, my mother made her transition on 4.4.14 @ 4:00 a.m. I am looking for the significance – I’m wondering if her angels were present for her? For me? My hope is that she was surrounded by all that is Love, and is basking in that Love. I brought her back to her home state for burial, and the entire week I stayed at her home, a bluebird followed me around. She sat on the windowsills, on my car, and pecked on the windows every day. Also, the bird’s mate showed up – as if they were playing with me and my family. Do you have a feeling or sense about this? Thank you!

    1. Hi Pamela,
      It is nice to meet you! I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. Many times having a bird or butterfly around when someone is making their transition is a sign that there is someone waiting for them on the other side. I would take comfort in that sign that all is well and that her Guides and Angels were present for both of you and your family. Each situation is different of course, but I would definitely take the bluebird you saw repeatedly as a sign you were both being watched over. You may even see a bluebird on and off during the summer. Just know if you do that it is one way the angels are connecting your to your loved ones and they are letting you know they are okay.

  227. Hello, I have been very worried about my overall financial and health. Concerns I have been praying for a log time. Last night I heard someone whisper Barbie, and I got a leg camp, I got out of bed, and turned and the clock said 4:44, it was like someone woke me up to look at the clock. I said thank you for that, and went right back to sleep. Do I watch for other signs now? I know that the numbers are very special. Thank you

  228. Hello Laura,

    I’m CONSTANTLY seeing 44 and 22 and it has been like this for maybe a few weeks, but they appear so often (they’re almost the only numbers I see) it drives me crazy haha ! I’m eventually at the end of the tunnel of the most difficult years of my young life after I succesfully quit prescription drugs to which I was REALLY addicted. I’m also much more open to the world and most people say I “changed” – but I conceive it as an awakening. And it’s far to be an exageration !

    Thing is that I really have the feeling that my purpose is and has always been to spread love through music, and the feeling is getting more and more intense throughout the months. Most of my relationships were compromised lately (I’ve been worrying quite a lot about the relation to my significant other) because of the zombie those withdrawals made out of me, and I’m currently trying to put the pieces back together with sincerity and honesty.

    I would have never thought I’d be free and feel so good one year ago, and I’m proud of what I did.
    However those signs, I mean, are they a message saying “keep on dreaming big, you’re on the right track, step by step you’re going to see clearer and people will know” ?

    Also, does it have a particular meaning if I’m born at 0:00 am ? I know for instance a lot of people were STUNNED by my natal chart too…

    Thanks in advance and please forgive the english mistakes !

  229. My husband has only recently passed away.
    Being spiritually minded I do feel his presence and his touch frequently to comfort me and to let me know that he is still with me, not in body but in spirit.
    We will always be together.
    Anyway after enjoying 3 dreams with him last night, I woke up and checked the time, after a few minutes my mobile suddenly lighted up by itself to display the numbers “4.44”.
    I never usually look at the time during the night, so this was important to me.
    I have always believed in Angels and this confirms to mr that they are protecting me as is my husband.
    I have been told that there is a bad presence making life impossible for me, this reassures me greatly.
    Thank you.

  230. Hi ..your spiritual advice on the number 444 has help understand the meaning behind it. I’ve seen it lately and just now on You Tube website,,,I feel some comfort,,thank you,,im spiritual also,,and study Siderial astrology.

  231. Hi Laura,
    I want thank you for your insight and your amazing gift that guides us all. In the past three years I have been going through major life changes in my finances and relationships. Virtual roller coaster rides! The repeating numbers, 222, 444 and111 have increased in frequency and always during the times I need the most comfort. Thank you again.

  232. I have been seeing the number 444 for the past month. Everytime I look at the clock, on people tags, waking up at 4:44 every morning. I maybe thought that it was a number I needed to play in the lottery but it never came out. Now I’m trouble and wondering what this means? And wondering why am I seeing this number so much?

  233. Hi Laura

    Would this apply to just 44 also? I see 44 everywhere….at least 6 times a day. And number plates with CJW. Which could be my mum (dec) who is Judith Wright but the C gets me LOL.

  234. Its So Crazy! So I Bought A Whole Bunch Of Scratch Off’s Today Because I Had A Dream I Won 5,000 Dollars From Playing One! So I Notice A Whole Bunch Of Stuff Going On Outside, Police Surrounding Every Corner, Didn’t Pay Much Attention, So I Scratch My First Scratch Off & My Winning Number Was 4. I Started Scratching Off My Numbers & I Got 444 In A Row Another Number & 4 Again! I’m Like Wow! So Like 10 Minute Later A Couple Of People Came Up To Me & Said “You Know Somebody Just Got Shot Right Here On The Corner”. I Think That’s Such A Big Coincidence!

  235. THANK YOU Laura Warnke! After reading your article on the Spiritual Meaning of 444 has brought me some peace. I witnessed my Mother passed away at 4:44pm in a not so peaceful manner. I know now that my Dad and Sister (already Heavenly Angels) came for her and delivered her from pain and with her Angels wings she flew to Heaven.

  236. I’ve awakened all my life to repeating numbers on the clock, especially in the late night / early morning hours. Yesterday, I woke up to 4:44 and then 5:55 am. I don’t know why, but felt a strong urge to find out the meaning of them, so I looked online. What’s interesting is that I’ve never had the urge to look up the potential meaning of the repeating numbers before.

    I’m a business owner and things have been tight. I’ve taken a part time night job to cover bills at home. It has been work 7 days / week since January. Recently I’ve been thinking about increasing my life insurance to cover all the home and business needs and then check out of life. It has turned into my last ditch move to make sure the decision to work for myself doesn’t financially ruin my family.

    When I read the meanings behind the 444 and 555, my eyes welled up. It gave me faith to keep going forward and some more hope that it will work out. Later the same day I looked at my watch before leaving for my second job and it was 4:44 pm.

    I’ve been letting them know I am willing and wanting to accept their guidance. Lord knows I need it.

  237. I jus want to say thank you because everyday i hear angels and the signs that are show to me. Everyday you help me out this this website showing me what they say. So again Thank You

  238. Hi Laura

    I have been seeing 444 and after reading that it means ‘the angels have your back’ is really very comforting. To give some background… there has been some heavy duty bullying at work and I have told the truth about someone and their actions towards another to an investigator. This has left me feeling very vulnerable to reprisals but I am an Indigo and feel compelled to speak out against (what I perceive to be) injustice.

  239. Can an angel be present in life through another person close to you? I can’t believe I’m writing this but I’ve just read this after randomly stumbling across it. My Daughter is six years old. She came at a time in my life that I had absolutely nothing, no family, no nothing and I was extremely lonely and in a bad relationship. It was a point in my life that I learnt a lot from but would never want to be at again, I then found the courage from nowhere to leave my boyfriend and subsequently made myself homeless.

    I was also told I couldn’t have any children and then after leaving him I found I was pregnant which was a SHOCK. But it was the most amazing thing that has EVER happened to me. I was no longer on my own, she gave me courage and strength, me and her against the world. As she has grown up I have been left dumbfounded on lots of occasions on how wise my Daughter is. She thinks differently to other children, like really differently, she looks at the world differently. She can not do enough for me and other people and is full of pure love and happiness, never without a smile and always puts others people’s needs before her own.

    I have always thought about this then a woman who was a psychic told me without even opening my mouth that I had found my soul mate in my Daughter and that we have this spiritual connection which is rare to find in life. She said my Daughter was an old soul and that she was given to me at a time in my life when I needed it the most. Hand on my heart, if I didn’t have my Daughter I simply wouldn’t be here.

    Reading this warmed my heart as she born at 4.44pm, I had always wondered if this had any significance and I really do believe she was sent to me to protect me, she really is my guardian angel. She is stronger than me and reassures me in everything I do so much so I have always nicknamed her ‘Angel’. Thought I would share this with you 🙂

  240. I have been seeing 3:33 also on the clock and wondered what it meant. I had a dream also being with my sister in about how my FAITH can be so powerful and have been ignoring it. I just lost my mother and feeling depressed, and angered, I need some healing and acceptance. I also saw 4:44 few days before my mother died.

  241. I see 444 all the time for the last 10 years and i also was scared shitless when i realize that I would be 44 years and 4 days old on 12/21/12

  242. Hi I believe I was spiritually awakened in May and my Facebook currently is on 444 friends right now, so I think that’s pretty awesome!

  243. I see numbers ALL day long, EVERYDAY, it is Awesome.. Each day has a different message, and I now know that, thanks to your website

  244. I have noticed while taking pictures orbs in my home, now I feel them around me, and the number 333 is always showing up. I’ve always felt people’s feelings strongly and now the number 444 woke me up the other night , what does this mean?

  245. This is actually a long comment so if you are interested in what I am about to say you can find a more in depth study of the number 444 at my blogger page Inside My Mind.

    If you take the English language and assign values based on the first perfect number 6 such that A = 6, B = 12, C = 18 and so on and start plugging in some names you will find something interesting. It is easier in the long run to just add up a words letter positions and multiply by six such as CAT = 3 + 1 + 20 = 24. And 24 x 6 = 144. That is the value for CAT. Now plug in JESUS (Greek to English Translation), JOSHUA (Hebrew to English Translation. MESSIAH (not sure of origin) CROSS (Where he died). GOSPEL ( A book about his life) JEWISH (He was a Jew). LUCIFER (The name of the most loved angel before the fall.

    You will find that all of these equal 444 in the system I described.

    You will find the number 444 as well as other numbers embedded in the very foundations of life and nature. For instance the word HEXAGON, a 6 sided polygon, is a 444 word. It is also the center of the Star of David as well as the preferred geometry for many crystals and the homes of bees and wasps.

    That is just a little of the 444 mystery. Here is one more. The foundations of geometry are circles and squares. The constants for circles is Pi or 3.141592…. and for Squares is the square root of 2 or 1.4142. If you take Pi x Sqr(2) you get 4.44…..

    I have been researching this number for nearly 30 years. Take a look at the blog and enjoy.

    Thank you.

    Rev. Edward Owens

  246. Dear Laura,
    My grandmother’s birth date was April 4th, 1958, but we took the 8 and made it into a good, so now everyone my dad or I see 444 in the clock, that’s our signal that she is there with us, and out always makes us feel like our family is complete. Thank you so much for more information on the 444 number, it means so much.

  247. Hi, Laura,

    I am currently having a tough time at my job teaching underprivileged children, but I met this really nice guy who works here, and who I think is adorable. Well, my students were acting nuts today when he came in to ask me about some data, and I told him the data was not yet ready for him to input, apologized, and shared privately with him behind my door that the kids were driving me crazy. I was thinking of emailing him to apologize about the situation and to see if I could get his advice on a few things as he has been working here a bit longer, but I talked myself out of it and saved the draft. It is now about an hour later, and the draft was first saved at 4:44 PM. Should I take this as a “yes” in contacting him, or is this to give me reassurance concerning my class’s bad day?

    – Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      What was your gut feeling on the meaning of that situation – before you started trying to analyze it? Hmm…sounds like the route of asking for advice could lead to getting to talk with him more. Follow your heart… 🙂

  248. i have had the number 1:11 come up on my phone 4 times and 2:22 one time then 11:11 one time .then again 1:11 one more time. today i got 4:44. only time i look at my phone is to check messages or make a call and of course to answer it. also my birthday is 11/11.i would like to know what you think.

  249. I awake most nights unaware of the time….I’m always thirsty…I know it will be 444 so I stay in bed….unable to sleep…I give in and go to kitchen….NOW it is 444 whether I wait or get straight up its always 444…I was worried it was a bad omen…after reading your page….I’m not sure what to think now

  250. Am I the only one that just thinks this is WAY cool and I see ALL kinds of numbers 222,333,444,555 etc, changing all the time and RIGHT on with my thoughts, this morning I saw 777 for the first time, a quick flash and it was right on with my thoughts.. I not worried or concerned, I just think it is awesome that this is even happening to me.. Should I be concerned LOL. I just feel SO WATCHED over right now, I love it

    1. You’ve got it Jackie! It is awesome seeing repeating numbers! I know so many people write to me with worries or concerns, but for me all repeating numbers are a great sign my thoughts are in alignment with my soul level self and my Divine Soul Blueprint. So it is all good! The next step…action!

  251. I understand that repeatedly seeing the same numbers is a sign. But what does it mean when you see different repeating numbers on different days? A couple of months ago I came up behind a car with license plate 777 and a few days later rung up exactly $6.66 at the grocery store (completely unintentional). Then a few of days ago I pulled up behind a car that had the license plate IMN 888. I smiled and intuitively felt that was a sign. I know that 888, among other things, signify change. When I got home that day I received in the mail a letter indicating I had won $1.4 million dollars. Unfortunately I looked up the sender and it turns out it’s a scam! It was disappointing, yes. But even more disappointing was my belief in seeing a sign was wrong.
    Then yesterday I saw 444 twice. Again on a license plate and then at 4:44 p.m. I looked up it’s meaning here and feel some hope, but I do wonder if these repeating numbers don’t really mean anything for me. The numbers are always a repeating set of 3 but the actual number is always different.

  252. Hello. Seeing all kinds of number patterns. My angels are real and this is no joke. I’ve been spiritually awoken and I’m astonished. I know exactly what to do in life. Every number combo has an answer.

  253. I have 3 children all natural births. First was born 04-10-97 second 04-06-02 and the last was 04-04-04. I have always thought it had to mean something, but never found anything. Do you think it could be related to the repeating numbers?

  254. My new number has become 555, LOL well in fact I have hammered with all kinds of different numbers all day long, i now make a note of what is going on when I see these number, kinda tells you how to stay on track for your life purpose, something to think about, keeping mental note of what you are thinking, feeling or DOING

  255. For the past 4yrs I have been seeing the time and numbers 4:44, now that I’ve finally read on it, it does give me a relief that its angels watching over me and guiding me in the right direction. I miscarried 6 yrs ago and was very depressed but one day I saw a red bird and it made me smile and I’ve been seeing them ever since. I know its my child and other close relatives I’ve lost over the yrs who are keeping me safe.

  256. I enjoy your websites and will buy your book soon. Thank you for the information. It is so helpful and very much appreciated.

    I see 8’s, mostly 808, 88 and also 111 a lot… a real lot. I’ve also been seeing lately 44 and 444 on my clocks/phone/computer or on a license plate or a house number that I just happened to look up at… and, the other day I ordered a cup of tea and a blueberry muffin at a local cafe — the total came to $4.44. Sometimes I also see Angel Numbers in the most unusual places.

    On another topic… can you please help me? My only child, a beautiful, compassionate daughter, (now out of college and married with 2 very young children, cut off all contact almost 3 yrs ago. My heart is broken.

    Is there a specific Angel Number I might see that might help me to put closure to this family tragedy (she married into a narcissistic family cult that uses religion to hide the truth about themselves) OR to know if she will ever contact me again, and if so, will it be soon or after my 2 grandbabies are grown?

    I guess my question is this — is there an Angel Number regarding an upcoming surprise family reunion; one that urges me to be aware and prepare — an Angel Number indicating to prepare for a family reunion, one that will help allay my worst fears and make me aware that a reunion may be on the horizon soon? Thanks – J.A.R.

  257. I was actually born at 4:44 p.m. And I have been seeing repeated numbers all my life. I always wondered if there is a connection between the two who knows.

  258. Hello.
    Today I wasn’t feeling to good, flat. I noticed on 3 different occasions the times.
    11:11 am
    4.44 pm followed by 5:55 pm.
    I sensed comfort from the 4:44. Almost everyday I notice 11:11 or 1:11.
    I have not seen 5:55 before.
    Anyhow I decided to go out as planned, I really did not want to but after noticing these numbers I went with my gut instincts and decided to go out.
    We had dinner and then went to a local Bingo centre. Not really my thing but I think I there was a calling? I paid $17.00 to play two games and I won $999.00 followed by another $150.00. WoW.
    Btw I am not a materialistic person. The $ will definitely help, of course. Anyhow Id love to know what you think?
    Thank you.

  259. Last Friday I forgot my phone in a public restroom and realized it when I got home. First it was that panic feeling, some of us have half our lives stored in there, but as I was driving back to the place I realized there’s nothing I can do by worrying. So I said to God and archangel Michael, it’s all in your hands, I’ll just drive up there to retrieve my phone. I then saw a plate ending FE444 (Fe means Faith in Spanish) and I knew to relax.
    Upon getting there 20 minutes later, of course the phone wasn’t where I left it. I asked the security guard and he asked me to describe my phone, he looked in his drawer and my phone wasn’t there, there was only one iPhone that didn’t fit my description. I looked at it and stood there not knowing what to think. I finally said to him, can I just put my thumb print and see if it unlocks? Lo and behold, that was my phone! Someone just took the cover and turned in the phone. I am sincerely thankful to that person and of course my angelic help.

  260. My name is Stanley and I have seen 4’s usually 444 all my life… I think I began to notice them in my 20’s.

    Thank you for your thoughts on the number 4.
    I wish you love and peace throughout your life.

    Take care,
    Mr. Stanley

  261. I have been awakened at precisly 4:44 am 2 times. While watching a documentary on the French Foreign Legion an alarm clock went off at 4:44 am. Then I was awakened again at 4:44 am. This has all happened withen the last 4 to 5 weeks.

  262. Rj Hogg sr
    Hi Laura
    For the past few months or maybe years come to think of it i have awoken at the same time 4:44 am every morning. It also catches my attention out of the blue on signs, license plates and mailboxes. I dont gamble but i tried for the heck of it just once and won $250.00 which very much needed at the time. So thats the reason i am writing you, i am a christian man but my curiosity has gotten the best of me. I hope my angels will not desert me for trying to figure this out, i just always felt protected but i know Gods love is always with me..what is your take on this matter..waiting patiently

  263. Hello I’m David. Read your thoughts on the number 4.44, so would love to share my story. About 6 months ago, I started seeing 11.11 and 4.44 as well as 10.10 and 23.23. I knew nothing of the significance of this until a couple of months later, a post was on my Facebook Wall explaining this. I looked into it and started praying for something, personal and positive to be manifested into my life. It was manifested into my life, however the outcome was not what I thought. Since praying, I have found that I can hear a voice of guidance in my head. I have chosen to ignore the advice but that was due to fear and the stress of losing someone important from my life. There was no malice on my part and I didn’t get angry in my prayers. What I didn’t know was I was supposed to go through this experience to lead me into an incredibly unlikely contact with another person. Like me, and without knowing each other at all; she sent me a friend request on facebook. We have no mutual friends. She sent me the request because she thought that a comment I had written on a post was beautiful. I have never felt so spiritually bonded with anyone before in my life. We had both been suffering from personal grief, yet we didn’t know that. We feel positive that we have met before in a prior incarnation. We are both doing our best to be kind in all our affairs, I fail sometimes, because I am human. I feel I have truly awakened. For me, it feels like I am able to contact a 4th or 4th dimensional beings, who are kind, loving and care for humanity greatly. I only pray for what is spiritually right, but they are ultimately my guide. I feel blessed. I’ve started telling people I feel it could help and are open minded to believe. I feel, and I promise I’m not being egotistical, that I should spread the message. I believe we are in the Golden Age. A mass awakening is upon humanity. That’s why times are so hard, there are loving spirits but there are others who are not benign, they won’t give up easily, but goodness will prevail. These are exciting times 🙂

  264. Thank you DAVID (Nov 22, 2014) for your warm, thoughtful message to all, but in my situation no one can replace a child and grandchild, especially considering she is my only child and I had a very tight, close, loving bond with my grandson that started when he was only one-hour old and was destroyed when he was 3.5. He is now 6 yrs old.

    I pray for them daily and also pray for their safety and well-being everyday. But, no one can ever replace a child and grandchild.

    I was asking Laura if maybe there are specific Angel Numbers that might indicate positive change, possibly relating to return of my only (adult) child and grandson. My daughter married a controlling, toxic, verbal abuser who has isolated her from loving people.

    I pray for them everyday. There is no hate, bitterness or anger on my part — just enormous grief and a depth of sadness that is hard to explain.

    I see repeating numbers all the time. I know my Angles are nearby.

    Blessings, J.A.R.

  265. 444 seems to spring up as a reminder for me to maybe be more watchful or present in my life…at least thats how i feel when i see it

    I just saw it 30 minutes ago, its 3am, i work a security job and on the walkie talkie the police scanner was mentioning 444 douglas street, i’ve seen the number previously before and searched for its meaning previously just funny how it crops up from time to time.

    This time when i heard the number i smiled, wrote down some things for my todo list that i should remember, also did another search for it tonight which brought me here

  266. notice the last four days at least that every morning I’ve been waking up around 445 5 o’clock in the morning. Well this morning I look at the clock and its exactly 444 well I think that it has a meaning somehow. So I decided to look it up and it’s been telling me everything I found that 444 means that angels are watching over you. I thought it was weird because I never wake up in the middle of the night especially that early. I have been able to go to sleep pretty well after I wake up but I have always been listening to music after I wake up and then I fall back asleep. Yesterday I did not go back to sleep because I was really upset and crying about some stuff going on in life.

    This morning I put my music on and I laid back down to sleep and I slept a little bit but I was definitely uncomfortable and my body was very uneasy and was very sore I could not get comfortable. I wasn’t sure what this meant I still am not sure, but from what I read I feel like they are telling me that everything is going to be ok and not to worry. I feel like I play my music for a reason because it expresses how I feel, and maybe they can send for they can see that I am hurting and I have stuff going on that is really bothering me. If it happens again tonight I don’t know what I will do, but I guess I will just go on doing what I have been doing all week.

    I know it’s nothing to be afraid of and I know that it is good. Angels are watching over me knowing that I’m listening to this song and its music because I am her and I am upset and sad, I feel like you’re telling me everything’s going to be okay even if you feel like it’s never going to end. I knew it was a sign from the second day that I woke up that time in the morning I thought about it. Yesterday Antony at least I posted on Facebook that I was waking up at this time in the morning and I felt like it meant something order I was trying to be told something. I’m going to research this some more and find out as much information as I can so that way if I do wake up again tonight or at all again this week any time, that I will feel OK with my surroundings and not be as worried.

    Last couple nights I was crying when I woke up that early in the morning, but this morning when I actually check the exact time and it was for 44 I was OK even though I play music I look at my phone to see what the meaning of the time was. Everything comes up the same, the angels are watching over you telling you they love you and you will be ok.I have been upset because I have been having a lot of issues, emotional issues that have been very painful and hurtful to me. Issues with my friends and family not being there when I feel like they should see the difference in me and realize that something is not right with me and they shouldn’t just walk away and ignore the fact that I tried to tell them nothing is wrong.

    To me I feel like it is a cry for help but to them it’s just a game that I’m playing, and all I am trying to do is get pity from somebody. That is definitely not what I’m trying to do all I want is for someone to be there and care for me, and show me that they love me and pretty much tell me that it’s all going to be ok. Since no one can do that, I feel like the Angels may be reaching out to me to be that guidance and that person or thing to tell me what I wanted… But it’s all going to be okay, this is not the end but things will get better from here

  267. Hello Laura,

    Thank you for your work.
    Most morning a wake at 04:44.
    I see the number 44, 10 to 20 times a day.
    Most time I look at my watch it will be the 44th minute. Car licence place containing 44, Invoice numbers with 44, house numbers with 44. The list goes on.
    I believe this is a wake up call, although I’m not sure what the next step is.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Ryan.

  268. It’s 4:44 am and I’ve been coughing and wheezing a few days now. Wheezing very loud which is so annoying, so tired of coughing. I am asthmatic but not to the point I need inhaler daily, just when sickness triggers it. Yes I smoke but not regularly. I been smoking e-cigs too. But I’m sure I got sick from a relative. I have been seeing 444’s and other numbers which are matching in 3’s. Like 2:22, but mostly the 4’s. I’m a christian so I believe in God and His angels.

  269. My sister passed away three months ago, and since I have seen repeating numbers first was all 333 either clocks or gas stations , then came 222 either from microwaves clocks receipts now I have seen 444 and 555 for two weeks straight , frankly I’m frustrated because inhale no idea how to take in the message there is so much going on there is no way to pin point what I’m being told. I was pretty convinced after seeing the 555 for a week straight when I finally prayed before bed …that if this is REALLY you show me those numbers one more time and the VERY next morning I awoke at 5:55am exactly. Still thouGh I’m confused my sister died tragically and unexpectedly, she was hit by a car at 25yrs. Old and has two small children, so my brain is just to filled with thoughts to process anything .wish I knew what they are telling me 🙁

  270. I just saw 444 as I was thinking about a dream I had earlier where I saw the name of my twin flame in an email to me. and I woke up wondering if it was a messag e from him to me. It was a positive email in the dream. With the appearence of 444as I was thinking of this dream I’m wondering if im being told not to have so much doubts of his love pay attention to the dream. Which I will also add that in the dream his name was in sparkling blue…

  271. Hello, I do not tend to see 4:44, 11:11 or any repeating numbers very often, I do however see 12:34 all, and I mean nearly twice a day. Not every day, but most. And of course at night. Is there any meaning to that?

  272. Hello Laura.
    I m an indian and not a christian and i dont believe in religions. im a skeptic to your readings too, please dont mind that . dont have much time to write all this so please dont mind the punctuation.
    i really need to know about this number 4 in my life. its literally every where. i consulted an astrologer and found out that my lucky dates and numbers are the same, ie 4, 13, 22, 31.
    i keep seeing these numbers. i have got aware of these numbers since i entered 20.

    for now, the number 31 seems to be sort of unlucky for me as i had exams on this date and i failed in in miserably, and in one of which it wasnt my fault that i got seriously ill mid exam. number 4 seems to be exactly the opposite. i keep seeing 444 in my cellphone and clock times. also my birthday is 31 july 1994. 31 being the date. i was born at midnight 12.56 am.
    not just in batteries and clock times i see these numbers everywhere. also since a very long time i have a strange interest in occult sciences and mysterious stuff. i also have the mark of solomon(solomons ring) on my right hand and perhaps a broken intuition curve on the mount of moon on the right hand. i have also tried asking for help if there is an entity around me, and i have got help most of the times.

    also, i think i have been somehow tested my entire life. my decisions, do or die. i have always been pushed to the brink but never made to fall. seems like i am being tested and prepared for something. i also feel i am far wiser than most of my friends. please do reply to my comment. i need some advice and knowledge. i have been seeing these since 2013. these reapted combinations adding upto 4 started from seeing combinations of 3 and 1 and rarely 2. then 444 started showning up. and its everywhere, my exam roll no. is 1213310031 and room nubers are a combination of 3,1,0 and 4.

    1. Hi Ankit,

      From a numerological perspective, the number 4 represents physical manifestation and bringing ideas into the world through discipline, work, and organization.
      13 represents out of the box thinking, renewal, sudden changes and new circumstances.
      31 represents out of the box thinking, self-sufficiency, practicality and independence.
      44 represents a master number and that of builder. So, building something physical or bringing your ideas into the physical in a peaceful and calm manner.

      So you would bring your ideas into the physical through discipline, organization, and work. More than likely your ideas will be out of the box in coming up with a solution.

      I also do need to address something here. I will just be blunt and say you are giving your power away to the numbers. It is great to understand what they mean, but no one is testing you. You are testing yourself. So, if you feel you are being tested, look at what actions you are not taking right now. Any test is there for you to step up to the plate and do something you might be fearful of doing. You did not fail your exams because they were held on a date that may or may not have been lucky. You failed your exams because you didn’t prepare enough. Saying you failed your exam because of an unlucky date is giving your power away and failing to take responsibility for your studies. That is just my 2 cents.

      I will not be able to respond further to this post, but I hope that helps you out a bit. If you would like further assistance, I invite you to book a reading with me.

      1. Hello Laura.
        Thank you for your assistance and your guidance. It has been helpful. While there may be truth to you saying that i am giving my power away to my numbers, i wont agree to it completely. Besides , i keep seeing 444 more often, but thats just a usual occurence. I will try to improve myself as you say. Thank you.

  273. Hello Laura.
    i also forgot to mention. i know about astral projections and lucid dreaming. i can control and reset my dreams too if required but somehow i am not able to achieve that level of awareness to be called perfectly lucid after my encounter with a paranormal mist.

  274. Hi,
    I was doing some websearching for a friend going through a very tumultuous time in her workplace. She said she keeps waking up at 4:44. So I’m taking this as her sign that all will be well no matter the outcome and that she is surrounded in support and needs to listen deeply to her inner wisdom to determine her actions. That about right?

  275. My journey started this week when I read that everyone has psychic abilities but it’s something that you have to work hard at to develop again.
    So I started praying hard day by day to God to help me be able to develop it so I can use it to do His work.

    Yesterday I had a vision of my sister when we were texting and I saw what she was doing at that exact moment and described everything that I was seeing and she said I was on point. I was shocked and amazed at what happened.

    I then prayed hard again and again and asked Him if the vision I had was of His work or not and I asked that if it was, then For him to send Michael the Archangel, my guardian angels, spiritual guides, good spirits and more angels to send me a sign that I was on the right path with my intuition, to help me develop my abilities only for His work and to protect me from any bad spirits or evil throughout my journey and life.

    Today I kept seeing the numbers 444 and something was poking at me to look it up and that confirmed that they’re here with me helping and pushing me forward every step of the way and I will take this gift and use it for the good.

    I pray that you all (if you haven’t) will find His Love and Grace one day and embrace it. Know that the devil exists but NEVER be afraid for your God Almighty is more powerful and will always protect you. All you have to do is have Faith and Love. God Bless You All! 🙂

    1. I just noticed that you reply to comments, Ms. Warnke. I’d like to thank you for a well written and understanding blog on the number 444. I was wondering, do you have any advice for me as I start my journey? Things I should look out for and other ways to develop my mediumship (I guess is what it’s called)? Thank you!!

      Evelyn Posala

  276. Hi, I am going through a difficult period in my life and recently I started seeing repeating numbers everywhere. Last night I saw in my dream the number 1444 and then I woke up and it was 4:44. Then today I saw 444 two more times in the street. I wonder what is this. It can’t be by chance.

  277. ijust started seeing 111 222 333 4444 and 555 at times since I started seeing these no# my life has gotten so much better I don’t know whats going on buti know these no# appear all the time through the day how do I learn how to read what they are telling me this is no joke I need to know what these no# mean

  278. I’ve been seeing repeating numbers everyday. after reading the meaning, I’ve been seeing signs. it’s so true that the Angels are here with me. They talk to me in so many ways. Thank you and stay blessed.

  279. In 2013 I lost my nice. I wish I could tell you more but she was found on the side of the road. After her tangihana I started seeing the numbers 111,444 and 777 a lot. I love and miss her very much and the family and I are still waiting for answers.
    with love and light Maxine

  280. Okay so this is really weird, i really dont know what is going on…. Ive seen 444 and something popped into my head and i knew id read about it somewhere so i google it and aload of sites pop up but this one stands out so i tapp on it to see a laura warnke my name is laura warner…… Whats going on??

  281. I believe I’ve been seeing Angel messages via numbers for about a month and a half now. Today I was asking a question and saw some numbers that were contradicting a previous message. I realized I was confused and then it dawned on me that it was very possible that the message wasn’t from the Angels and was meant to confuse me. When I realized that, I immediately saw a license plate with 444 on it and on the trunk deck of the car was also a cross. This definitely confirmed to me that my Angels were with me and driving the confusing message out of my thoughts.

  282. Hey. I first like to say thank you for sharing all the knowledge and expiriences you have ! 🙂 So I guess since I was maybe around 17 I started feeling different about life and how I should be living it. Also felt the life I was enduring wasn’t real in the sense that I’m living and seeing a lie. Anyways.. during my whole teenage years I had a harsh dark life style because I got cougt up
    Into Gangs but when I turned 17 I started feeling different like I stated earlier. I’m 24 now.. And at 18 I was able to change my life and I actually moved to calgary from Toronto ontario.. Anyways ever since I was 17 I statred seeing numbers on the clocks.. My girlfriends car clock, work clock, my phone or at home on the stove or microwave.. And the number I see since I was 17 up untill now are 10:10 11:11 12:12 1:11 2:22 3:33 4:44 And 5:55.. I’m 24 now and still see them Almost all the numbers everyday and If i don’t see them all in the 24 hours I’ll see ATLEAST one of the number sequences twice that one day in the am and pm

  283. I’m a senior in college and expecting to graduate in one more semester, but I struggled academically during this past semester. I didn’t want to even look at my grades until now and just as I was reading an e-mail from my college which has informed me I’ll be on academic probabtion until further notice, I looked at the time to read 444. There are a lot of factors that led me to this bad semester, but the one that keeps staring me in the face is I know which path I should be taking and so far I’ve made the wrong ones out of fear.

  284. I was born on 4:44 am and was a miracle baby. I was not supposed to live. I was extremely premature and was under 2 pounds. I have seen 444 both in time and numbers everywhere. They say that it is linked to angels and protection and I believe that. There was a special attachment to my life and I feel thankfull for it.

  285. I have seen this number on clocks signs numbers prices, so I thought as you did and when I see that number I feel as if they (The Angels) or some kind of upper power notices me so I feel safe. And maybe a lil different then everyone else but idk haha

  286. Hi. Today I woke up at 4.44 am to alarm clock ringing but my alarm clock was not set at that time and sound was different.
    So I searched meaning of 4.44 and I found explanation here so thank you very much for that Helen,

  287. I just turned the lights off and am laying comfortably in my bed when I see 444. At the moment, I feel so calm and confident in my thoughts about a class assignment I have to present for my College Art History class later on today. I feel like I’ve really stumbled onto something big and something that could potentially lead me to the right path in my art career. I don’t get these feelings too often, but often enough where I know I have faith in what I’m about to do and that I have no doubts in my sucess as an artist.

    My assignment was to create a new art movement and include a short description, but instead of creating just a random movement just for the parameters of the assignment, I applied the style of art that I do to create a new movement. I’m bringing in an example piece of my art to present along with my description of this new movement and will hopefully wow my classmates, but even if I don’t get their approval, which I’m sure is not going to be the case, It won’t matter to me because I know I have the passion and the skill set to succeed and achieve the goals that I have. It just took me a lot of fumbling around in the dark to find it.

  288. I think when I see the numbers 444 I think that my spirit is telling me that every thing is gonna be ok and that if somthing does happen that he/she is there for me or others who share there toughts out to the world that are brave and expecially of they lost somthing and are have a hard time like my cousin she lost her dad 3yrs ago but still can’t get over it.

  289. Amazingly I have been seeing the sequence of numbers for approximately 6 months. First it started with 333, then progressed to 444 for about 2-3 months. For approximately 2-3 months 555 has been so significantly seen that my family and friends all know because of how many times I have seen this number. Today, I came to a red light and the car license tag was “555 saw”. I receive all the angels in my life with all their guidance and love. The course of the numbers correspond to the inner changes I have made in my life for the past 6 months. I have felt some great thing is upon me for about a year, but the cycle and sequence of these numbers are definitely a sign. I will open my whole being to listening closer to God and to the Angels which are guiding me.

  290. The past two days I have looked at my cell phone time and it stated 4:44am both times. I thought the was pretty strange that this happened twice in a row. I started wondering, but didn’t do any research until I saw you on a talk show today. You stated that the number 444 refers to the angels are near you and guiding you. My heart felt so much peace when I heard you explain this. I decided to get online and research the number 444 and ran across your site which further explains everything. Thank you again for sharing. I do believe in angels. I know that they are definitely protecting me as I am going through very much right now in my life and it feels comforting to know that God has sent his angels to my rescue.

  291. Thanks for this post.

    I have been with my partner for 4 years and on thursday i decided to break up with him. Spooky i just realised that thursday is the 4th day of the week.
    I saw the clock at 3:33 and 4:44 today, so i was curious to know if it meant anything.
    Im having a hard time dealing with being alone, but i know now the angels are here supporting me.

  292. Hello, I’m Jay . I had a spiritual awaking as I asked heaven to take my life and guide me. I can’t explain it but I am very intuitive and have some gift I had been hiding from I guess. I am protected with divine light from the Angels. I get messages everywhere all day long and night long. I have opened a company that I was guided to open. This story could go on forever. The Angels told me to write this as to help someone I guess. I can’t turn off this switch from heaven but it is a divine gift for sure. The light will continue to protect and guide me. Thanks, Jay Schwark.

  293. Hello – I regularly see the number 444 and it always gives me a happy feeling and now I love it even more after reading your explanation – thank you so much! 🙂

  294. Today it was so weird I work at a call center and I was double jacking (side by side listening to employees talk to customers through the phone) and 2 days in a row there was 2 different customers who had the same birthday as me and the exact same name as me I found that pretty interesting, but to get back to the 444, I’ve been seeing it a lot recently on clocks, and today I saw a taxi in trafic with the phone number that read 444-1111 at that split second the world was not moving to me, before all of that I made a prayer and asked God to protect everyone that I cared about then that’s when i saw that taxi in trafic. It’s weird too because I see a lot of 11:11’s when I just look up randomly the clock could be the wrong time or the right time and it will still show 1111. Ive also been seeing white feathers drop near me everywhere I go. If you do see 1111 make a wish! Because believe me when I tell you for me they do come true!! And the funny thing is you don’t realize your wish comes true it just falls in place!! Then you sit back in think like wow!! I made that wish and it came true. I believe their really is a god and he is a god of abundance! Stay humble, thankful, greatful and most importantly thank him for everything he has blessed you with! Also the 444 examples of where I see it is like on clocks, taxis numbers, even workout treadmill machines I would just look down and right at that split second it would read 444 I believe that my life is trying to tell me something I just don’t know yet!! Thank God for everything for he is a god of abundance and I don’t mean to preach but everything I ask of him I receive!! Go! There’s more to life then just being in one place Ask questions wonder !

  295. I see a whole bunch of 11:11. And 444 just started appearing in my life, I also saw the number 777 on a high way and the funny thing is, is I was on a different side of town and I saw the same 777 from a totally different car! My dreams tell me stuff too. Like the other night I had a dream I was looking up at the stars and all of a suddent a whole bunch of starts just started shooting! My question is, why me? Why do the Angels wannt my attention I love God with all my heart and one day I believe there will be paradise on earth! And everyone human being will be perfect like Adam and eve once were! I do believe God has a name I believe his name is Jehovah God and his son Jesus christ I do not wish to persuade you or force you guys to believe of what I say, for it is what I believe and I’m just giving you my own experiences so please no hate comments! I respect what everyone believes! But if your are thankful, and humble, greatful good things will happen to you! 444, 1111, 777. Since I’ve started praying harder those numbered appear much more often I am thankful of my blessing !!

  296. By my belief , number 4 in chinese meaning is death .. i was confused and scared because everytime i saw the clock , it was like 02.44 , 12.44 n else with double 4 at the end… can u help me ? I also follow up with feng shui , which few yers i got bad luck . . 🙁

  297. There’s 440 comments right now! I’ve been developing a sense of connection lately; spirits telling me something and only have been haunted by the number 4 ever since I can remember (literally). The most I can bring up of childhood memories was from the times being age 4; I remember my birthday, school, trips ect. but other memories from the years (before and after) are more bleak. Heres the creepy part, ever since discovering this phenomenon, I’ve been noticing more and more signs, like a skeleton key I found and felt very attached too (sign of opening a key to hidden knowledge, thus means, finding signs through symbolism). I’ve also grew very attached to the colors purple and yellow, later figuring out purple as the color of your 3rd eye chakra, and yellow as your heart chakra (the 4th chakra!) Then it comes together, the 4th realm is idea and my guidance is my 3rd eye vision. A second look on life is a very beautiful thing.

  298. Dear Laura,

    For the past 3 years or so, I’ve noticed how often the time 4:44 appears whenever I check the time on my phone, sometimes on the receipts or time stamp. Most of the time, it appears whenever I am traveling. I come from a country where Chinese influence is so strong and in the Chinese tradition, the number 4 is disliked because four is pronounced ‘Si’ in Chinese which is the same as death. Just imagine my anxiety whenever I notice the time 4:44 on my phone when traveling. My immediate reaction is to pray and ask for protection, more so when I travel with my children.

    This afternoon, the thought of searching for the spiritual meaning of the number 444 crossed my mind and I am comforted to know the meaning of this number – that the angels are there protecting and comforting me. Now I understand why they show up whenever I travel or during ordinary days.

    And if I may add, this week, my friend keeps on telling me about angels and this afternoon I thought of searching the meaning of 444. Now I strongly believe there is something I need to do. But where should I start?

  299. I started seeing the number 444 repeatedly and at first thought is was coincidence. After it became obvious it was not, I started to take photos each time it occurred so that I could prove to myself that I was not crazy. I believe that you are in fact correct, its amazing, thank you

  300. Hello, I’ve been seeing the 444 number combination for about 6 months now. It would be on clock on the microwave, cell phone , passing semi trucks and things likE that I would just so happens to look at a clock to check the time and there it was . I feel very enlightend now to know the meaning

  301. I recently tried to make contact with my spirit guide through meditation. I asked for their name and the name Abel was introduced to me. I asked for a sign that he was with me and the next day as I left my house, I saw the numbers 444 on the back of the city bus. Then I knew he was with me.

  302. G’morning!

    Thank you for info. I see 444 and 555 every single day, at least 2-3 times each. Sometimes 222 and 333. While I am aware of triple numbers I am never looking for them which makes me more certain they are messages….I noticed the link was gone for the 444 into 4D. ..very interested in this…considering the time we are in….ty!


  303. Hi Laura,

    I came across your page just recently. I have been seeing number sequences for a while now, however, the number 444 always, always seems to appear when there is a job opportunity and I now wonder what the angels are trying to tell me? Is it that perhaps it is not the right path or that they are with me at the moment when the opportunity presents itself. I often think that this might represent a “NO” answer from them or my guides but I am not sure. Moments before I posted this message to you, I was replying to a job interview through LinkedIn and as I finished sending the message, I open my regular email and there it is “444” messages. I wonder if the 444 has to do with my career choices. In any case, I a always thankful for I know that what I am seeing is real, however, I do get frustrated because I feel that I still cant interpret the messages with clarity. Thank you for listening and for any guidance you can provide.

    Kind regards,
    John Henry

  304. I woke up last night at 4:44 and I see numbers like 111 or 222 etc but recently been seeing a lot of 777 888 and 555. Its great to see these signs but what to do about it I have no idea! Also, I would like to be able to sleep til at least 7:00am but seem to have lost the ability to do this!! Found it frustrating to be honest I need my sleep !!

    1. Hi Alison,

      I had that happen too for awhile. I just had a discussion with my Guides before bed that I would from now on only see the repeating numbers during waking hours so I could sleep through the night. I hope that might work for you too.

  305. Hello Julie,

    I have a troubled hear and was prayer for God to help me through this hard time in my life. I looked up the meanings of numbers because after my asking God for help, I saw my clock by my bead and it had the time as 8:22. The Angel number 822 states, a powerful message of self-belief, faith and trust. also,”The angels, Ascended Masters and Archangels encourage you to have faith and trust in yourself and the Universal Energies, and know that you will find success in all that you put your mind and efforts towards. The angels are helping you to recognise and acknowledge the Divine light within yourself and others.Your prayers, positive attitude, visualizations and positive affirmations have been acknowledged by the Universal Energies. Stay focused, balanced and at peace and know that all is going to Divine right order and in Divine right time. Trust that your desired results will manifest in your life”.I was looking to see how an outcome of a meeting affecting me will turn out and this what I believe God was try to tell me. Also I was looking for the numbers 444 because I was also told the number 444 is a way of the angels communicating with me and saw the numbers on a car license plate. What do you think? do you think it is a way for god to tell me everything will be fine? I am Catholic Strong believer in our Lord God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and all the angels and saints.

  306. So yesterday, i had a really powerful run around the neighborhood. Felt good, and had a beautiful sunset. When i finished, I looked at the Nike+ running app, and it was exactly 4.44 miles! at first i thought it was odd, because it could have been 4.3 or 4.6, etc. Anyways I paused and pondered about it, but then let it go. I did think about i have a 4 yr old son, who was born on the 4th of feb, but I left it at that. However, today I was sharing a music selection, that really really hit home, “Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE. Simply amazing song. Anyways, I just happened to think about the run yesterday, and glanced at the views, and at that moment it was at 444 views!! I thought to myself. 2 times is not a coincidence. That’s when I looked it up and found your excellent article on the subject. Thanks! After reading the article I realized other coincidences that happened today. Well at lunch (after listening to “Brother” in the car), i come home to see a CAT trying to catch a squirrel, and some sort of standoff in a tree. Well i felt bad for the squirrel, so I scared the cat away. Perhaps I saved a life, who knows. And then on my door was a praying mantis, that I gently tried to pickup/place on the bushes near by. Lots of connections, and tied to 444 i presume. Thanks again! I will continue on my journey through life with the archangels support, and keep my eyes open for my signs.

  307. Dear Laura, i am from Argentina, nice to greet you. It’s been a pleasure read this article for me. I was looking for an answer about the number 44 and 444 because i was finding this numbers permanently for some months and i did’nt understood what happened with that.
    And last night happened something incredible, but i took it with naturality, my whatch stopped at 4 hs 4 minute 4 seconds, i was really impressed. I first thought i was something bad, but reading your blog i understand it could be nice that the Angels can be aroud me to help me to develop myself in every area of may life. I ‘ve 42 years old, I’m still triyng to interpret all signals that i`m recieving for this days.
    Some month a go i started to meditate and everything began to change. Thank you very much for your article. Best regards!

  308. Hi Laura.
    I have for many years been helping others on their journey in life. And also of course myself.
    I have recently been able to afford to rent an office space that I have transformed into a beautiful sacred area where I can have others share with me and I can assist them with my healings.
    Originally the office space was number five but I ended up being given number 3.
    Then my new phone number has tripple 4 as the last numbers. I am wondering if this could be an indication of my chosen path and purpose in life FROM THE ANGELS OR GUIDES that I’m to continue and eventually my business will be a lager part of my life.
    Thank you kindly

  309. Hi Laura, Im a christian and i like to study about prophecy and about end times..just recently i’ve been seen numbers and words..actually all of them coincide with something jewish in the old testement or dates of things that have happen i wont get into it..because i thought i was going crazy i asked God for a sign he confimed it with in 10 mins. again i thought it could be coicidence so i asked for another sign and again confirmed within 10 minutes i asked one more time and i said God are you speaking to me is this really you the wrote every down and i said those words 3 cars passed me i was amazed..first one 777 second I AM if you read the bible God says I AM THAT I AM..third car had GOD..I was overwhelned and couldnt and didnt want to say anything…you see this all started when one day i started seeing 333 everywhere..i finally looked at the bible and saw that it said in Jerimiah 33:3 call to me and i will answer you and show great unsearchable things you do not know..then after that o saw signs i had confirmations through many ways..i dont want to make this long because if i shared everything that has been happening it could be a book…so i startes watching a few things on line i wont get into that but i couldnt believe how the coinciding with eachother to the T..but then i started having mu doubts and said this cant be true i was a bit confused and i didnt what to believe..while thinking this at the tradfic light i saw the #s 444 i dont know why but that caught my attention then still waiting a car pulls on the front right side with those same #’s so i heard the spirit of God say write them down do not forget and search at thos is how i came across your sight now knowing this even you mention pay attention to the signs this is what that proram on youtube said..when you said 444 means signs like license plates words road signs angels wNting us to pay attention to the signs..i couldnt beleive it it was was GOD!!thank you so much…

  310. Dear Laura,
    Actually I want to share my dream in 2005 that I have a dream number 3444. I called my sister and told her about my dream and she bought a lottery and put that number and she won it because the number came up 3444.
    My question is after 3444 divided by 365 (1 year)is 9.4356 and the result is the year of 2015. Please tell me what does it mean.
    Thank you so much for your help and God bless you.

  311. I never knew about this numbers until now…I have been seeing the number 444 on my clock and cellphone almost everyday may it be early in the morning or in the afternoon…I used to ignore it but it came to my attention that it feels weird every time I checked the time it was 444 and I thought it was just a coincidence but it came to a point that I automatically wakes up in the morning at this time and scared me…so I decided to search for it on the internet and it brought me here…now I understand why…ever since I was a kid I always believed in angels and always ask for their guidance and prayers…never thought that this is the way they communicate with us…just want to share my story about it…now I understand and feel better about it.

  312. I wake up lots of times at 4:44 in the mornings. So many that I don’t even find it strange anymore. Thank you for the information. My sister studies numbers and has lots of information on it.

  313. Hello
    I have been awakened repeatedly, again this morning, and immediately look at the clock which has been 4:44 on the nose each time. My mom was born on 4/4 and passed a couple of years ago. Initially when this started happening I was reading John Hagee’s 4 Blood Moons. One occurred on 4/4 of this year and it lasted 4 mins and 44 seconds. I felt like God was wanting me to share this with everyone to get ready for the rapture because end times are approaching and prophesy is being fulfilled right before our eyes. Yesterday I had a biopsy and my doctor felt good about the specimen not being cancerous and this morning I was awakened to 4:44. I’m praying to ask God what this sign truly means. What’s your opinion? Thanks

  314. Hi. I have been seeing the numbers 444 and 555 and sometimes 1111 nearly everyday sometimes several times each day for the past couple of months. For the 6 months before that it was the repeating numbers 111, 1111, or 222, with other repeating numbers scattered here and there. And for the year and a half prior to that since 11/1/12, I was repeatedly seeing 222 and 1222, with other repeating numbers sprinkled in. I also see 717 almost as much as the repeating numbers especially for the past few months.

    Things have been really challenging in my life for the last several years.

    Today, I got up this morning feeling anxious and alone. How was I going to cope with life and the future? I felt physically weak. I had a sore throat. I did not want to get up really, but knew I needed to call and sort out a bill I received informing I owed way more than I was told. I called about the bill. The account representative quickly tallied it up and reduced the indicated amount by a sliding scale percentage. She announced that I would now owe…$4.44. I was somewhat stunned. I asked, “Did you say $4.44.” She confirmed the number, and I immediately I felt more positive. I felt so relieved I nearly burst into tears after the conversation. I felt stronger. I felt like I could handle whatever I needed to handle, and I felt like things were going to be okay.

  315. I have been seeing 444 for years. Lately much more frequently. I also see dates that are significant to my life. I was assigned a number that was an exact match to my father’s birthday with only the number 4 in the middle. What are your thoughts?

  316. This always happens to me before significant events, upcoming concert, or important meeting at work, announcement of a new baby. When I see the numbers, I get a peaceful or anxious feeling. This occurs approximately 4 times a week. Sometimes 4 times a day depending on the event. Do you know why this happens?

  317. Good day.
    A month ago, I was fixing my things before I move in a dormitory. When suddenly a paper fell from one of my envelopes. It was the MBTI result from our guidance counselor in the university and I got an INFJ. It said that INFJs have a psychic ability and it got me curious because back in my second year in college, I kept on seeing the number 444 up until now.

    Most of the time, after I see the number 444, somebody I know dies or something bad happens. It really bothered me because back in my previous dorm I lived on the 4th floor Room 4-4 and my roommate who is also my best friend was born on April 4, 1994 (444). When good things are happening, I don’t often see it. I sometimes wake up in the morning and check my phone and I see a 4:44am as well.

    Yesterday I was answering an accounting problem and there I got a 444,000 answer and then went home to decompress so I watched Winter’s Tale which is a movie about angels and miracles. And a while ago, I scratched my load card and there was 444 in the pin. Upon searching further about INFJ, I encountered the 444 again which brought me here ’cause I searched the meaning of it. I felt a little bit of relief after reading that it meant a lot of angels guiding you and a little shiver ’cause I just watched a movie about angels.

    I hope everything is about the positive side.

  318. This is all certainly interesting, though I’ve come to this sight often, I haven’t seen so many like stories here before….very interesting indeed. 🙂 just today I saw 4:44 on my oven clock immediately after I had spoken with my brother and offered my guidance about something personal he was struggling with about his self-image (internal). I had walked toward the kitchen for whatever reason, and thought, (well almost unconsciously)to look at the often clock and there 4:44 sat, and it’s weird but when I saw it is was almost like the feeling of staring someone right in the face, it carried a kind of conscious energy. hmmmmmm. This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve seen this number among other sequences as well (starting in 2012 with 11:11) but this was especially sensory. Usually when I do see 4:44 it is when I have given crucial, and meaningful advice to someone I love, usually in situations where a relationship between them and another is at stake or that particular person is loosing hope about something, or feeling overwhelmed. In essence, this appears most often right after the moments when my words hold the most value for others. I wonder how this connects.

  319. Hello,
    I found this page and was hoping you may be able to help. One night I woke up to get water when I got to the kitchen I looked and the clock and saw 4:44 I thought it must mean something but did not know what. Then a few minutes later I became dizzy and nauseous and I fainted. I’m not sure what this was suppose to mean or if the two are connected. Any thoughts?

  320. Well at first i started seeing 444 alot. i woke up to it, on license plates, even on business cards.
    But know, I’m seeing 111 and 555 alot. It’s driving me crazy cause i don’t know what they are trying
    to tell me…

  321. everything school related to me is always something to do with 4, computer 14, gym locker 444, hall locker 4424, combination 42-4-14, and seat 14. 444 in chinese is die, die die. 14 is must die. these are rough translations. i dont feel very lucky and dont know what to believe as a chinese american

  322. Today something woke me up at 4:44am. I was having a lucid dream about a house being damaged by fire (not uncommon for me since my home burned down 21 years ago). Then I began to make a cup of tea (something I haven’t done in a long time, heck I even cleaned my little cast iron teapot off! I looked up on my clock and it was 4:44pm. Over the last weekend I have been delving into my spirituality, exploring Buddhism. Most recently I have had a domestic violence issue that has shaken me to the core. Can you help me decipher what this may mean? Thanking you in advance…PAR~

  323. I was watching the Pope speak live on TV yesterday in Philadelphia , and I notice when he began his first words ithe Tv showed the time and it was 4:44 This really moved me , then At the end of his speech to the people a rainbow appears above him !!!

  324. The other day, me and my boyfriend went out to meet with his cousins wife and her three daughters. We spent a wonderful afternoon and we wanted to go home after that, but my boyfriend needed to guide his cousins wife to a relatives house. When we got there we got out of the car to say goodbye and his oncle came out in his car and said that ofcourse, we also had to come in and have something to eat. When he turned around his car for us to follow him, I was amazed by the numbers on his car who said 4444. We ended up spending the evening there and got home late to find our home burglered. My laptop and my handbag with my passport was gone. Do you think the message was to go home now or that the angels wanted us to stay at the house to not get in to trouble by meeting the burglar?

  325. I always had a spiritual gift since a teen and in the past couple years have been experiencing communication from my angels through song. I am and have been receiving the double digits on a daily basis. I am so honored to be able to communicate. It’s very comforting and honestly depend on it in life. It’s starting to feel like a much stronger communication than before. I have had Astral dreaming only once in my life and wasn’t sure of what actually happened to me until years later. I am so blessed and will embrace this gift for life.

  326. This morning I woke up and my stopwatch was stopped at 4:44. I never set it, and no one in my family did either. Who set it? After reading this article I can feel the presence of the angels around me. Today I have a big volleyball match and I think this is a sign that the angels will guide me to play well. I want to know if volleyball is my calling, and I can really feel it in my bones that this is what is planned for me. Is it too early to be seeing signs? I am quite young. Please pray for me in my journey.

  327. I have started to see 444 for about 2 years now, I struggled through really bad anxiety and depression until one day I decided to start new, I started to get more active and find meaning to my life again. After my high school graduation I found an old love, we had a rough history but rekindled old feelings. That was the day I started to see 444, I saw it on clocks, randomly woke to nothing in the night to find 444 am, prices on food, road signs, on my treadmill at the gym (cals and time running), even 1 800 numbers on TV…except it was call 444-4444…signs in stores, when he called my house it was after party’s at 444 am or even at night 444, I even randomly walked into a record store with him one day and looked through the j section stumbling upon a record that was called 444.

    There was another time we were driving that he said “this is the song I’m going to play at my wedding.” as he played it I flipped it over and read the back, it was number 4 on the record and the songs title was angel.The relationship was very rocky, ups and downs and to be honest other girls and feelings hurt, my head was in one place and my heart was in another. We ended up splitting because I found out he was seeing 2 other girls while seeing me.

    That weekend I was invited through a friend to his party and usually I probably would go back to him but something told me that night to stay home. My older girlfriends called me later and invited me out to a party, so I went and ended up seeing a boy from high school who had tried to ask me out for years but i turned him down because of this other boy (plus he was a bad news bear at the time and one of the pretty people and i read books) we had a locker beside each other and he was a senior and i could barely get a word out with him he was so handsome.

    That night i found out it was his birthday and right when I walked in the door we couldn’t stop staring at each other. Later that night when we went out, we ended up standing beside each other and we couldn’t stop talking. Later that night he walked me home to my friends house and when we were at the end of the driveway I asked for the time because it looked very late and we looked down, 4:44 am.

    Needless to say he picked me up the following Friday and we went to dinner and I’ve never met such a kind human being, he’s me in a guys body except a whole lot sweeter. The point of this being that I have never felt so happy to be loved like this and I’m so glad I have found him but I still see 444 in the oddest places at sometimes not the most convenient times, I guess I just don’t know what they are trying to tell me sometimes.

  328. I have to visit this page from time to time. I am not much for spirituality or religion. Mainly because I am too smart for my own good. I am a recovering alcoholic and recovering athiest, haha. Through my recovery, which is now 7+ years I have had many spiritual experiences. Most of them I can talk my self into believing that they could have been just a coincidence. Others were more or less that I was paying attention for the first time in my life.

    But the last one I had, a couple years ago, is just beyond me. And when I share it with people, which isn’t often, they are mostly speechless. From the get go in my recovery my mother became my spiritual guide. She passed away when I was young, and if I do pray or think about my spirituality, she is front and center alongside whatever IT is. Anyway, a couple years ago I felt like I was on the verge of something spiritually. I could just feel it in my core. So when my wife (then fiance) stepped outside to take a phone call, I took my opportunity. I stood up in the middle of the room, closed my eyes and bowed my head. The only thing I could think of to say was “Are you there?” Then I had a brief meditation which culminated in me seeing the numbers 444.

    It was so distinct, I knew it was something. I immediately turned my head and looked at the microwave clock. It was 8 something at night. I then looked at the television to check the basketball game that was on. Nothing there and there was 8 something minutes in the second quarter. So I sat and watched that game until there was 4:44 left in the quarter, haha. A player by the name of Spencer Hawes took a jump shot then, so I googled him. Trying to find something, I saw he had an uncle who had played basketball as well. So I looked him up.

    The only thing I could get out of it was he was born in the same year as my mother, 1950. I wasn’t satisfied with this, so I googled 444. I blatantly ignored anything that said something about spirituality and went to wikipedia. Nothing there of any significance. So I closed the computer and just sighed while in thought as to what this meant. Screw it I said, and I opened back up the computer. I clicked on this link and boom! Exactly what I had asked, was answered. Are you here? They were by my side.

    Of course I was on a spiritual high for the next couple of days and very in tune with my surroundings. At one point while driving, my eyes were drawn to a sign. I’m usually not that observant, but I noticed the sign had the number 50 on it, the year my mother was born again. It was a city celebrating its anniversary. My mind of course wandered off in a million different directions about this, the same mind that had me do a bunch of crazy stuff (not the word I want to use) in my past, so I had to let it go. I guess thank you? haha, for having this. I come and read it when I wish I were spiritually connected. Unfortunately, I am afraid to be. I know where going down that road will lead me. My eyes will glaze over and I will start looking like I drank the kool aid, so to speak. And I speak from my own experience.

    My life is more of a struggle when I am trying to stay on top of it spiritually. My meditation that I use, sparingly, starts with me floating down a stream. At first I grab rocks or the shoreline to try and stop, but once I calm, I let go and just enjoy the ride. I can honestly say I am a person who shouldn’t be alive. I have had more lives than most I know. So screw it, I’ll find out where this stream will take me. Just have to check in from time to time. 😉

  329. Hi Laura,
    I’ve been seeing triple numbers lately, mainly 222 but just before I came on your website I had been going through my 22 year old late son’s belongings and found some photo’s I’d not seen before so I pinned them to my notice board in my bedroom. Then I sat down and the picture on the laptop had changed from youtube to the desktop, which is a picture of my son, Craig, smiling away. I was immediately drawn to the clock in the corner and it said 4.44..for a full minute I sat just looking at his face in so many photos dotted around the room. I felt him there with me in that instant.
    After I read the meaning of 444 it made perfect sense. I have been grieving for three and a half years and have began to realise that I am stuck in this destructive cycle in the form of an attachment. My son wants me to have piece of mind and is encouraging me to let go. It is hard but taking up meditation is helping I feel.
    Also listening almost not stop to Hindi and Buddhist mantras, they are so calming and beautiful.
    Anyway, I just thought I’d share this with you:)
    Many thanks and lots of love sent to you xxx

  330. Hi Laura, I decided November 2015 that 2016 is going to be my year. Was in a slump & not feeling fulfilled in life like I am missing something. I prayed last night walking my dog, came home & went to bed. Getting over cold. I woke up 3x. First to clock 2:22. Then 2:58. Then 4:44. I felt something shifting in me. What does this mean? Too much coincidence. Typed in Google 222 then 444 and your website came up. Fate???

  331. I’m a music teacher. Sometimes I find myself saying something to a student, something that hopefully encourages them or I’m trying to find a new angle to help teach them. Whenever I see a repeating number, especially 4:44, which I see on the clock quite often, I feel that it is a message that I am doing the right thing.

  332. I’m thrilled to have found this site so I can better
    understand my relationship and experience with
    444. It all started when I would wake up abruptly
    Many times at 4:44 am. Then 444 started showing up all around me. On passing cars, the radio, receipts and text messages from certain friends at 4:44.
    The most profound time is when I was over at my trainers house , who was getting me fit and ready for a triathlon, when he turned around my eyes were immediately drawn to his neck to find the numbers 444 tattooed on his skin.
    I got chills.
    Can you tell me if it’s usually warning or a positive sign from the Angels when the 444
    is connected to a person?
    Thank you for any insight you can offer?

  333. Hi Laura,

    I have been seeing the number 4, or 44 a lot! 4:44 sometimes. Probably for about 8 months now. I have also been feeling a lot of touching my face and legs. But that has faded away.
    Last night my phone got stuck on 4:44, time. I also had a strange dream. Before i fel in sleep, again I felt something stroking my cheek, it got me nerveus but I was to tired to really act on it. then it stopped.
    I woke up happy and feeling good.
    I KNOW that it is a message. I have been worrying about something for a couple of days. and also I have a feeling I might be pregnant, but i dont think they would visit me for that…
    Are Angels trying to comfort me?

    thank you


  334. About a week ago I had a very vivid dream that I was given 4444 in money. The dream centered around going to buy a car with that amount. For some reason i can not get that number out of my mind.

  335. I don’t know.. Sometimes I think that it is a sign of (semi) awareness which if you are aware of that it means you’re ON the spiritual path. What that means..? I don’t know.
    Laura, can you point a pattern we all share besides confusion? I made together with my family a great change moving to a new country leaving a good job for a complete unknown. It’s stressful, very challenging but we don’t regret it at all. I appreciate a lot these repeating numbers and try to get a massage but it’s so random and confusing. I wish I could ask you if that means that things will be ok, but who knows..
    Btw, I think you should call your website intuitive journey

  336. I faied in love and after that When I was thinking about him i saw reapiting numbers in differnt…
    Is it have any special meaning that I See diferent numbers???
    The last was 444.

  337. Hi… It was by coincidence that I came across any kind of meaning behind these numbers… I’m in a rather chaotic time in life and I see them all the time. Ive had a very recent disappointment. I helped a friend with all my heart after a huge fall from his drug abuse. I went against my intellect as I’ve been hurt by this person before.. Curiously he always seems to turn up when I’m having all the worst times in my life and I still help past my own pain.. Just yesterday he severely hurt me and although I believe in mercy I know I can’t take it anymore. He has never verbally been abusive to me but I suppose he is in his addiction and his depression. I always think it the noble thing to forgive but funny enough I’ve been seeing a lot of the number 444 and 555… Do u think this is my sign that it is ok to let go?

  338. I started seeing 11:11 about 3 years ago. Now it’s more like 10:10 and 12:12. Several times a week. Then I see the occaisional 333, 444, 222. It took years before I googled it and saw what it meant. I’d had such a lousy life until that point I figure someone was going to die on Nov 11th or I was just going nuts. Sometimes i feel a tingling on my face. I don’t know if I really had a question as much as I needed to just share my “story”

  339. Thank you for this insightful piece. I’ve always appreciated the wisdom gleaned from numerology. Lately, I’ve seen many 444’s. Today, I did a powerful cleansing and clearing of a particular person’s toxic energy (deleted all correspondences and am planning to take a pink Himalayan sea salt bath). When I completed the lengthy task of deleting emails, texts, and voice mails, I looked at my phone, and it said 4:44 PM. 🙂 Then, I went to the craft store and received a discount totaling $4.44! I absolutely believe that the Angels are supporting me as I continue to keep in place my energetic boundaries and claim my Divine worth! I’m excited for this new beginning. 🙂

  340. Hi,
    I see numbers all the time, different ones. Today for example I saw 777 7777 on a taxi and 444 on another car. I always look for the meaning on this website. I used to question the reason why this happens to me, well I still do sometimes. I know that I am blessed because not everybody gets to received messages of confort and guidence. I just wish it was more straight forward like “hey You should do this and this hahaha” most of the messages I received are related to my thoughts, I need to get oven them.

  341. Hi Laura,
    I am getting kind of worried about seeing the numbers 4:44 way to often everywhere I just look at. Watches, pc battery percentage or really everywhere last a few months. My wife is Japanese and in Japan number 4 generally means something in relation to death. I am “atheist”, not believer, do not believe in God or anything like that, but I do believe in higher entities that they may sometime affect our lives somehow. I had some very powerful experiences in regarding to paranormal in my life, so I can not avoid this there is something for sure …
    What is your opinion in this case …? Do you think this numbers might have bad meaning to me, if I sharing my life with Japanese or does not really matter ..? I got present from my wife’s mothers mother, it is beautiful bracelet from shrine in Japan I use to having all the time on my hand plus another one from different place (Yasukuni shrine), temple for soldiers, who died in war for the Japanese emperor.
    I had also weird experience from Japan, when I visited grave of Masakado samurai, who was executed by enemy in war. After that I became disable for right half of my body. Weird thing about that is that Masakado was beheaded after caught by enemy. I got after visiting his grave next day sudden hernia issue in top of my neck, exactly where Masakado was beheaded. Is this only coinsidence or something more …? I have to say that I never ever had any issues like that before and there is no real reason to be that seriously affected suddenly like that in that part of my body.
    I would love to hear your opinion …

    There is much more to say about visiting Japan, too many dejavou happened.

    Thanks for your answer.


  342. I been wondering why I see this number all the time, when I look at the time, on license plates, maybe a receipt just about anything that deals with numbers. I first noticed it a lot after I split up with my husband of twenty years. I got deathly ill and was admitted into the hospital for a week. my husband didn’t stay at the hospital with me at all. after that I lost all feelings I had for him and divorced him the following year. Ever since then I see the number 444 everywhere so much that I started pointing it out to people that I was hanging around just so they would see that I wasn’t crazy.
    Not that I care what people think about me it was more of a confirmation thing to me I guess. now I am more aware of why and feel more comforting.
    thank you.

  343. Reading this explanation was such a relief and am close to tears…thank you so much for this information!!!

  344. I get this sign a lot and it really makes me smile when I see it..makes me feel special. I’ve came a long way from seeing angel numbers and live to know that we don’t have to be alone in our journey.

  345. I just wanted to say I see the #444 in some form just about everyday. Always wondered why now I know.

  346. I’ve been seeing the number 444 for quite sometime. I have a tremendous fear of flying and am trying to keep positive thoughts in my head. Lately I’ve been waking up at usually the times of sequence: 1:11, 2:22 so on. I attribute it to the protection of my daughter. I just pray everyday and keep positive thoughts.

  347. I had a beautiful dream in my third trimester of my pregnancy. It seemed like a bolt of lightening went through me too my belly. It lit up the inside of my belly and I could see my baby in the head down fetal position. I then woke up and it was 4:44 am. The next day I went to my doctor and she told me he moved finally to the head down position. I saw a lot of combinations of 4 and special dates adding to 4. Lately I have been seeing more of the number 444 and 11:08

  348. Hi, I have been seeing the numbers 11:11 for the past 4 years and just recently I started seeing 12:12 as well. I also started seeing dreams where I am on stage with an electronic guitar holding a microphone and singing. I’m singing a song about eternal unconditional love and the song was beautiful and comforting. There is no such music or lyrics in the world like that.

    As I woke up I kept singing and remembered the lyrics and music while I was awake. I wrote down the lyrics in my notebook. I was going through a stage in my life as to what kind of work I should do that not only earned me financial freedom but also something that I would love to do and it would mean something. Two weeks later I suddenly got an idea and it made me feel optimistic to start doing something in that specific field of work, I felt enlightened.

    Just recently as I was asking my tarot cards if I am on the right track with my decision I got 444 in my three card layout and I lifted my head up to look at the clock it was showing 4:44. Does this mean that I am finally on the right track with my work decision and that it will be a success? My work field involves communication, teaching, informing and healing in the spiritual fields. Also what does the dream mean which was an amazing experience.

  349. Been seen so many repeated numbers lately. 11:11, 444 and continuesly any numbers with number 11. For example. 2:11 or 8:11 or 12:11.
    I have read about the meaning of 11:11 and 444 which love it. But any numbers with 11 I’m trying to figure it out. Any help please.

  350. Hi Laura,

    Thank you for your meaning of 444. I believe that one message was in the form of a scarab beetle hovering around my window for quite a lone time. If there wasn’t a screen, it would have been right on top of me. Do have any thoughts about such an incident happening?

    Thank you,