Life Lessons – What are we here to Learn?

Everyone incarnates here on Earth with a chosen life lesson. These are energetic lessons that help us to shape both our physical selves as well as our soul. The main goal of all of our experiences is learning. This is one of the reasons you see repeating numbers.

We each have a primary life lesson and about 3-6 secondary life lessons. These are unique to only you and no two people will experience these lessons in the same manner. These lessons are in place to help us evolve spiritually.

Life lessons can be learned in many different ways. Please be aware that there is no end or finish line when it comes to experiencing this energy. It is a recurring “theme” that is usually quite prevalent in your life. You will not die if you complete your life lesson, it will just become less important of a theme. It is an energetic experience that the soul is having in this lifetime.

It is not so much about “learning your lesson” as it is about experiencing the energy of different virtues. It is rather like the soul saying “hmm…that sounds interesting, I would like to experience that.”

The soul is perfect as it is so this is not about getting better or fixing, it is simply looking to experience itself in a new way. It will present itself in many different ways, shapes, and forms to you throughout your life.

Examples of Life Lessons

Some examples of these include the energies of Grace, Forgiveness, Loyalty, Dependability, Healing, and Trust. These are just a few, but can you see how an overriding Life Lesson of Trust might play out?

You could have trouble trusting someone, being trusted, gaining someone’s trust, mistrusting someone and many more possibilities. You may not complete these lessons in this lifetime and you do not have to. If not completed, you will continue to experience these lessons during a future incarnation. Some are not meant to be completed in this lifetime.

Life Lesson Profile Reading

Just what are you are here to experience in this lifetime? Find out what energetic experiences your Soul has chosen to have. It goes a long way in explaining “Why am I the way I am?

Everyone incarnates with a primary life lesson and 3-6 secondary lessons. This reading will uncover what they are, specific to only you and how they are presenting in your circumstances.

In this reading, we will also dig in to how far along you are in completing them, whether you are scheduled to complete them in this lifetime, and the current aspects or areas that the lesson is playing itself out.

It also will indicate whether you are experiencing these lessons in a positive or negative manner.

Learn what your soul wants you to experience in this lifetime and be able to recognize why some of the situations keep coming up. Book a life lesson reading today!


  1. Wonderful post! I think we’re here to learn as well. I think we decide whether we wish to reincarnate or not. If we decide to it’s because we feel we need more “practice” in an area of life we might not have mastered previously.

    1. I agree, I think we do decide if we are going to for another round of being incarnated. I must have really wanted to get more practice and experience in my life lesson, as I feel I have been at it for more than a few lifetimes.

  2. You did a great job of explaining why we have chosen to incarnate here on earth. The soul wants to experience itself in a different way.

    Some themes completely disappear while others resurface again.

  3. Hi Laura,
    You did a great job of explaining why we have chosen to incarnate here on earth. The soul wants to experience itself in a different way.
    I think we’re here to learn as well. I think we decide whether we wish to reincarnate or not. I agree with Justin and Angela.

  4. Hi Laura,

    I enjoyed this post because it was a reminder to me that there is something to be learned in my current situation. I just wish it was blatantly obvious for me.

  5. Thank you for your explanations but I still don’t understand why we want to come here to learn. What is the end result of all lessons? What are we trying to gain? I don’t really see the point of it. Why can’t we just be here to be happy and enjoy food, laughter, creativity, travel, etc etc and just live without all the crappy trouble coming into our lives to “so call teach us another lesson”

  6. Like you I am not one who believes that we are here merely to learn life lessons,and nor do I believe we are here to live out a happy life. Rather, I believe we are here to master ourselves, so that one day we may obtained the wisdom necessary to peacefully take to the stars and become as plentiful as the sand in the sea, as immortal beings. And this will be achieved only after being reincarnated 100’s of times. Total peace we will never achieve because we will forever be human.

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