Forgiveness And Letting Go Of The Hurt

Can you learn to forgive and let go? Forgiveness and letting go of the hurt is not always easy. Find healing with this video on forgiveness.

I received this video in an email from Self the other day, as I am subscribed to their newsletter and was deeply touched. It is a beautiful reminder that it is possible to forgive those friends and family members in our lives that may have done something that just didn’t sit right with you.

Forgiveness is about releasing resistance. Listen to this inspirational video below and see if you don’t change your thinking.

I think just about everyone has someone or some situation that they would be better off to let go of and not give so much of your precious energy to thinking about. Even if you have been truly wronged, by holding on to the energies of the situation or person, you cannot heal completely without forgiveness.

Are You Ready to Forgive and Heal Old Wounds?

Will today be the day you finally let the hurt go? What good does it serve you to keep hanging on to the old wounds? Truly moving forward in your life means letting go of old thoughts and emotions.

I have written before about the healing benefits of Reiki, and have used this as a wonderful tool to heal and release many emotions and old wounds. It may work for you as well.

In the spirit of Christmas, which is almost upon us, I invite you to watch this video. It is only about 4 minutes long and quite inspirational.

Forgiveness And Letting Go Of The Hurt

What are your thoughts or what was your favorite quotation? I invite you to leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Forgiveness And Letting Go Of The Hurt”

  1. I think the holidays are a perfect time to forgive and move on. A fresh start for the new year without the burden of hurt and anger is something we should all give ourselves!

    • Hi Lindsay,

      Yes, there are a few negative thoughts that don’t need to be carried on into the new year that I am working on forgiving and letting go. It is a wonderful gift to give yourself, and in turn is a gift to others.


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