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do you see repeating numbers

Do you see repeating numbers patterns and angel number sequences? The presence of numbers like 111, 222, and 333 indicates that your spirit guides are trying to get your attention. Find out what the numbers mean.

Below are my personal interpretations of what these number patterns mean to me. Since numbers are universal and each has their own vibration, they may give you some guidance for your own life. Read more about the bigger picture on why you see repeating number patterns.

Why do I see repeating numbers?

Your spirit guides and angels are trying to get your attention and repeating numbers help to point you in the right direction for the questions you are asking. They are also referred to as angel numbers.

What messages are my guides trying to send me?

Each number has a different message. The meanings could be slightly different for each person. There is no definitive guide. Please do realize that not everyone interprets these repeating numbers to mean the same thing. I have noticed some overlap in explanations, but it really comes down to an individual perspective and what you believe it to mean in your life. There are some commonalities, though.

It is especially helpful to read the meanings others have found when you first start seeing repeating patterns of numbers, as it will give you a good place to start. From there you can add your own interpretations so that the numbers can become useful in your life.

Repeating Numbers Meanings


Truth, your real self, follow this thought, it is the beginning of a new path aligned with your soul’s purpose. This is a time to realize you need to break away from the old thought patterns and ways of thinking and realign with the truth and your path in this lifetime. Read more about the spiritual meaning of 111.


A conscious spiritual journey and wake-up call for lightworkers. A way to help you remember your purpose in life. A way of remembering a message you created for yourself before you were born. Read more about the spiritual journey of 11:11.


Are you “pregnant” with a new idea? This represents wisdom, education, knowledge, and creation. It is also a reminder to double-check what you think you know. Read more about the spiritual meaning of 12:12.


The next step in the ladder, confirmation that your thoughts are aligned with truth and you should proceed with that thought. Read more about the spiritual meaning of 222.


Feel the angels presence surrounding you and know that you are loved and protected. A conscious reminder that Angels surround us every day and are waiting for you to ask for their assistance. Read more about the spiritual meaning of333.


A sign of confirmation that your recent thought or action was or is correct and in harmony with your path in life. A gateway to the next dimension and the next phase in your life. Read more about the spiritual meaning of 444.


Changes are coming your way and be ready to forge ahead with your plans. Be absolutely clear about what you want. Do not be afraid of changes in your life, welcome them instead. Although it may not seem like it, the change is for the better. Keep positive thoughts. Read more about the spiritual meaning of 555.


Your material desires are overshadowing your personal path right now. Re-evaluate what it is you think you want. Simplicity is key. You need less than you think you do to be happy. You may be asking the wrong questions of yourself. Read more about the spiritual meaning of 666.


Calm any fears you may have about what you just thought. The angels are here to guide you and help you. Ask them for their strength and courage. You seem to be too concerned with the physical world at this moment. Let go and let your angels guide you. You are trying to hard to control things in your life. Read more about the spiritual meaning of 777.


When you see this number there is flow in  your life, a beautiful energy is circulating around you. This is the sign of abundance, either in the form of money or in the form of friends and family. Duality, infinity, as above-so below, an even exchange of energy for money, money is coming into your life, balance, a repeating cycle, abundance. Read more about the spiritual meaning of 888.


This repeating number is about completion. It could mean to you the completion of a project, or a sign to move on to the next lesson of life as a current lesson has just been learned. The angels applaud you and look forward to helping you along your path. Read more about the spiritual meaning of 999.


This number represents possibility and potential. It is a time to think about what you have just learned and are ready to start something new. This is a time of new beginnings and a fresh start. Read more about the spiritual meaning of 000.

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242 thoughts on “Do You See Repeating Numbers?

    1. Hi Chrissy,

      I have not delved too deeply into other numbers than those mentioned above, but in Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers 101 she says that the number 717 means the following: “Your inner vision and heart’s desires are right on course. Confidently move forward with your plans.”

      I hope this makes sense and helps you out.

      1. God I hope so! Did I mention my d.o.b is also 7/17/71 & I’m the 7th member in my family. I’ve been seeing 717 on clocks, on facebook, I watched a video on St. Michael (one that Doreen put out) & the video length/time was 7 minutes & 17 seconds, I see it on coupons (when the dates expire), all kinds of things to where it blows my mind & like I said, it’s been like that for 2-3 yrs now. Funny how you mention the meaning as I’ve tried emailing Doreen for a reading but never heard back from her but I’ve been very “lost” & have asked God if I’m on the right path in life..I hope I am.

        1. Hey – we share a birthday!

          I just found this blog by chance. I also see recurring numbers…ALL of the time!

        2. I as well have been seeing 717 in some weird situations, on 4/27/01 when i was in 7th grade a friend whos lacrosse number was 17 past away, my number since has been 17, on 1/1/07 i hit big on a scratch ticket for which the winning number was a 7 so since my numbers have been 7 n 17, on 7/17/10 my daughter was born

          1. I have a couple interesting stories to add to this conversation starting with 717. I hope it doesn’t freak anybody out but I think it’s important to know that there is different meaning to all series of number and I think very particular to each person.

            So…My mom passed away due to melanoma 3-18-07. Not too long after that I started catching 3:18 on clocks, it would total my receipts, the clock would stop at that time on UK games (she was a huge Wildcat fan :)) just really weird. One day in early 2009, I stopped by to check on my dad and we inevitably started talking about my mom. He was a drinker and had a hard time dealing with her loss. I told him about seeing 3:18, etc and he said “you know a number I’ve been seeing a lot of is 717. I couldn’t figure out why that was a significant number because no one I knew had passed on 7-17 or born on it. I noted it in my journal but we never discussed it again.

            In October 2009, he was diagnosed with throat cancer due to drinking and started chemo. He continued drinking and passed away on 12-26-2013. Right as he was passing and we thought he was taking his last breath his sister looked at her watch and said “it’s 7:17″. I saw him actually take last breath at 7:20. My belief, his soul left at 7:17 and the body caught up at 7:20.

            I think Doreen Virtues thoughts on the number “Your inner vision and heart’s desires are right on course. Confidently move forward with your plans” fit my dad’s journey perfectly (he missed my mom and drank himself to the point where he’d be with her again).

            For someone else, it could mean moving on from a job, toxic relationship, anything. I was so overwhelmed by hearing the number that night. It’s something I will never forget. He could have told me any other number and he could have passed at any other time of the day. It’s more than just coincidence! I have one on 919 but it’s a long one too 🙂

        3. Evry time I see my mobile for time there is always a pattern of repeated numbers like 12:12,23:23 ,11:11
          What does that mean
          Can u help me out with this

          1. the same with me , its not a specific number i always just see things like your examples

            my friends think its so cool but i think its just annoying

            when i look at my phone its mostly things like :
            11;44 77%

      2. I’ve also been seeing 7:17 everyday. The same ways you see it Chrissy. It’s also my birthday 7/17/74. You should see how many 7’s I have on my driver license. I’ve been praying about it myself and wonder why I keep seeing it. I even saw it on my emoji’s on my phone calendar picture that I was going to send a friend. I see it on clocks that are blinking the wrong time. I see it on videos. Different times of the day. I also see 11:11 every so often. But 7:17 I see everyday!

        1. I thought I was the only one. I have been seeing 717 for over 10 years now. I was born 17/07/69 and I see these numbers everywhere. Often when I look at a clock or my watch, on car number plates on signs – everywhere.

  1. I have been seeing 11’s for over a straight year now, and then with it 33’s. It used to bother me and make me feel crazy, but now i just feel like i have some insight to something… just that i dont know exactly what. Is this good? am i on the right path? does it even mean being guided? Do they go togther or are the 11’s and 33’s apposing? How can i learn more about the personal reasoning behind seeing these numbers and the significance they have in my life? I dont think they will be going away any time soon, so i’d like to learn all i can about it so i have a stronger awarness.

  2. Both myself and a colleague I work very closely with (he is also one of my best friends) see repeating numbers several times a day. We have no idea why this is happening . No particular numbers or sequences are apparent. Just seems random like 2.02, 12.12, 3.33 or 17:17, 20:20, 14:14 so both on 12 hour and 24 hour clocks.

    Any ideas what this means?

  3. I see 11:11 and 555 frequently, but my girlfriend and I both see 7:17 on clocks very often. Her son’s birthday is July 17 but I think there’s more to it than that. I see the statement above that says:

    I have not delved too deeply into other numbers than those mentioned above, but in Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers 101 she says that the number 717 means the following: “Your inner vision and heart’s desires are right on course. Confidently move forward with your plans.”

    I find this very interesting, because I surely don’t feel that things are right on course for me. But maybe they are…

    1. Hi David, thanks for joining the conversation! Unfortunately none of this repeating number stuff is set in stone, nor does it carry exactly the same meaning for everyone. Try to keep track of the innermost thoughts you had before you saw the repeating numbers. Is there a general theme or life area that keeps reappearing for you? It is tough to make sense of all of it sometimes.

  4. I keep seeing all the numbers, 111, 1111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, and 1234, 123, 1234578, and my birthtime: 10:08. What does the 1234 thing mean?

    1. I see numbers in threes. Everyday. Every where. Mostly on my bedroom clock. What does this mean?

  5. Hi Laura, how are you?? I got a question but is not about those repeating numbers, hope you can help me, i start to see the number 59 everywhere, but now everytime i see the 59 it turns to 00 (on the clock for example), and the number 13:13 is driving me crazy too, if you can help me i would really appreciate!!!!

    Marco V.


          1. I, along with my two sisters, see 9:11 everyday, both morning and night, and sometimes, I even see 911 on the score of some of the games I play, and occasionally when I pause a DVR recording, it stops exactly on 9:11.

    2. I an constantly seeing the numbers 911 as well, I see it on the clock, the microwave, basically anywhere I have digital numbers. I have not served in the military, but have been through trauma in my life, maybe this has sommething to do with it.

  6. Hi Laura, I started seeing the numbers 222 or 333 several months back and it was happening at night when I would wake and look at the clock. Not long after I started noticing, it would happen more frequently, night, day, and this always seemed to be the case when I would look at the time. In the house, car, cell phone, ect….. well of course like many others I got worried thinking something bad was going to happen. So I decided to research it and my search brought me to your page. I was very relieved after reading your article and found this to be very interesting.

    Now that I am more aware of it this occurs on a daily basis. And not with just the numbers 222 orr 333 like at first. Now its all of them. Even with 12:12,11:11,10:10 and its always with the time. On very few occasions have I seen them on like a sign or car tag. So this leaves me curious…. I have read the meaning of each individual number sequence and understand them but when your seeing different sequences at different times of the day or night does the meaning still apply? Or is this something totally different? Your insight would be so appreciative…

  7. I keep seeing my birthday everywhere 331..its march 31…I don’t know why. Could you poossible provide some sort of answerm thanks, stephanie

    1. My birthday is 3-31 as well. I see it every other day, and I always presumed bad things would happen on my day. I need help to why I see m day so much as well.

    2. Omg I’m dead !! I can’t believe this ! I’m born on 31 march too and I keep seeing 31 everywhere and my birthday date too on the clock 03:31 !!! Like wtf… I always think that not a lot of people are born in 31 march ,omg turns out all those born in this day Experience the same things 😂😂😂

  8. hey, i keep seeing the numbers 2 and 4 , sometimes together like ’24 or 42 or doubled u like 244 or 224 or 242, im only 16 and have been seeing this for quite a while now, can you help me find out what it means please?

  9. I have seen the number 444 for quite some time. It first appeared as the time of death for my first baby. His time of death was announced at 4:44 pm. I was very young when this happened and it took me a few years to heal from this loss however on the other side of it I have come to find myself so thankful for this experience. More recently I have been seeing the number 4:44 everywhere. One day I saw it more than 5 times in odd places. I received $4.44 in change, I pulled in the driveway at 4:44 exactly, I was at work looking at a medical chart and looked at the patient’s birthday and it was 4/4/1944. That was a happy/weird day. After that I looked up the number’s significance. When I read this and in the e-book I started to cry. More recently I have been seeing the number 329. It also happens to be my birthday. I feel there is a message in this number as well but I am still learning what that might be. This is all very exciting and I am so thankful.

    1. Hi Alisa,

      Thanks so much for sharing! It’s pretty hard not to notice when you see 444 5 times in one day. The more you understand, the more that is revealed. Although, I don’t know if any one person understands everything. It is a journey, like so much else.

    2. Hi Alisa. In going through these posts I came across yours, though I have to say that I was looking for anyone who was seeing the numbers 444, as I always do! Guess I first thought it just to be coincidental, but like you I saw 444 5 times in one day..that really got my attention and honestly freaked me out. So here I am googling the meaning of always seeing repetitive numbers. Havnt quite figured it out, but atleast now I know I am not the only one seeing numbers. Best of luck in your quest of our number meaning:)

    3. Few years from now i first started seeing on the clock 11:11, 12:12, 13:13 .. That got my attention. Then it started to be the number 46. 406, 466, 464 born on 6th April. Then once I started to wake up at 4:44. At that time I was doing a big mistake that I wasn’t aware of. Now I see 46 and 44.. 46 appers when I’m on a good path, and the 44 is when I am making a mistake, or when I will be disapointed for something. Numerology says that 46 is a very lucky number, and 44 a very bad, a limitation. It fits my expirience.

      I’m sorry for my bad english, hope to help you.

      1. I m also seeing time like this from Last one year and after that my life suffered from lots of changes some positives bt lots of negatives

    4. From 3 years now I see 329 everyay at the most random times and places. I have witnesses to this phenomenon are you still getting this repetition? This is also my birthday.

  10. I have been seeing 1120, as I say aloud “eleven twenty.” I haven’t seen relevance to the number, but it pops up on me often; time, gas gallons, transaction totals, receipt numbers, menus. Daily, at work, I always glance at the clock at 11:20. Even it doubled (2240) appeared on the sidewalk near my apartmeny. Tried researching what it may mean. Nothing appears, though ot could mean nothing.

    1. Hi Jonny,

      I’m sorry I do not know specifically what 1120 means. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Perhaps someone else may chime in on this one.

  11. My husband and I have the reoccurrence of 1, 2 & 9’s in our lives. My birthdate is 9/21, his is 12/19, our anniversary is 2/19… Can you tell us if there is some other hidden meaning, considering we see the number EVERYWHERE we go or look? For example, we always see combinations of this number on license plates, on tv, on facebook, on clocks, etc. Do these numbers have other hidden meanings for us?

  12. I keep seeing 717 repeating also. I usually see it paired with the word ‘Tattoo’ on bumper stickers of janky cars driven by trashy people all the time.

    1. Hi Matt,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      I have not delved into specific repeating numbers myself as of yet, but in Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers 101, this is what she has to say about the repeating number 717: “Your inner vision and heart’s desires are right on course. Confidently move forward with your plans”

      I am not sure if that resonates with you or not. Hmmm…How to connect point A to point B?

  13. I also see the number 717…usually on the clock. This number as well as 1010 has been popping up for me foe the past 4 years or so. 1111 is also one that I see several times a week. I have read and own The Angel Numbers Book and find it interesting that several here have also been seeing 717. I feel we all have a connection somehow to something???

    1. Hi Cali,

      Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you.. I definitely believe we all have a connection. I feel we have a heightened level of awareness with the repeating numbers. For me it is as though I am remembering something long forgotten, but still not clear on all the details.

  14. I keep seen 911 for the past year.. Everytime I check my clock on my phone it’s always 911 anyone knows what it means

    1. Hi Brahian,
      Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you. I have not delved into specific repeating numbers other than the most common ones.

      According to Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers 101 she says that 911 means the following: “It is very important that you keep a positive mind-set concerning your spiritually based career ideas. Positive thoughts are your most important asset right now.”

      I hope that helps you out.

  15. I keep seeing repeating numbers, mostly on the clock, along with 9:11, other than seeing 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, etc., (and some days I catch it every hour) on the clock I don’t really pay attention but have noticed that I will have it on a store receipt like Store# 222, or Cab# 555, or somebody will text and I will receive it at 9:11 or 4:44 whent its time related it drives me crazy! I don’t know if its a good thing or bad thing. I will probably never know but my mind interprets it as “It’s Time”.

    1. Hi Binks,

      Nice to meet you. The question I think you need to ask yourself is what have you been thinking about lately that you want to do? It could be a change in lifestyle, giving something up, or traveling. When we are mulling over a decision for some time, getting repeating number prompts is a good indication that those thoughts are in alignment with who we really are and you should follow those thoughts.

      1. Thank you. I too have seen this pattern. Checking my phone seldom throughout day, & there it is again, 14:14, 19:19, etc. Enough to catch my attention and say, really?, again?, okay you have my attention, and….., what are you trying to say (oh great universe that I trust will put me where I’m suppose to be). It is so prevalent like shouting at me. Major, major choices to be made at 60. From moving 50% dementia mother 600mi to this location with family in area, signing up for peace corp or similar activity r/t health care, or stay here with dtr in area (self-destructing by her mate choices with, 2 grands I see approximately 20% of my time. Yep, husband that is not joyful! Thanks for letting me vent. If you have heard of this repeating pattern in numbers please share ideas. I’m a 9.

  16. hi laura! i have been seeing the time, 11:11 a.m. and p.m. for the past 25 yrs or so. i have commented this to my friends and family. i don’t think about it until i look at the time and see it again. of course i look at the time other times of day, but 11:11 seems to be the “perfect” time for me i guess. can you tell me what it might mean? i have grown fond of the number 11 and consider it my lucky number, but it hasn’t really brought me any luck. also my date of birth 4:29 seem to show quite often in other areas of my life. your thoughts on this?
    ~cathy barrow

    1. Hi Cathy,

      For me, seeing 11:11 is an affirmative confirmation of a thought I just had. Just before I sat back down to respond to your post, I was thinking about whether to redesign my website more around the services I offer. I sat down at the computer and the clock time read 11:11. There is my answer! That is how I use it…as a yes answer to questions I have. Generally, the 11:11 is showing you things that are in alignment with your highest path and purpose. Usually the response is fairly quick too, within a few minutes of my thoughts.

      For the other two numbers, 11 and 429, I have not written specifically about them, but according to Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers 101 this is what she says:

      11 – Stay Positive! Your thoughts are materializing rapidly, so you want to ensure positive outcomes by focusing only on the good within yourself, others, and this situation.

      429 – The angels are working diligently behind the scenes to support you and your life purpose. The doors are open for you; walk through them confidently.

      I hope that helps you out a bit.

  17. My oldest daughter was born on March 29, my granny also passed 2 hours before she was born on that day, now I see the number 329 everywhere, I even found a key by chance on the internet and it was made is Canada, my granny’s name was Ada. can you tell me what the number 329 means?

    1. Hi Crystal,
      It’s nice to meet you!

      I have not written about many individual repeating numbers yet, but according to Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers 101 she says the following:

      “Trust that the ascended masters are helping you with your Divine Life purpose, because they are.”

      I hope that helps you out.

  18. Hi there

    I was given the number 3998 to me in black and white very directly and repeated before I was ‘allowed’ to wake up.

    I would appreciate an unbiased view. I don’t want to give you any other information only so not to cause any bias.


    1. Hi Ruby,

      It’s nice to meet you! Thanks for your question.

      I have not written about many individual repeating numbers yet, but according to Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers 101 she says the following:

      39 – “You are being helped by the ascended masters, who are strongly encouraging you to work on your life purpose right now.”
      98 – “The more that you focus, and take action upon, your Divine life purpose, the more that the gateways of abundance open up for you. Focus on your purpose, and let your finances take care of themselves.”

      With that being said, if you have been starting or thinking about another career area that is your dream, this is a strong indication to take action.

  19. Thanks Laura

    I had a reading recently and have been’nudged’ very strongly in being told to focus on my spiritual job.. saving people which I questioned as they were telling me specific people rather than my own free will. So it links in.. I hear the angels but will still do it in my own time and way!

  20. Ok, I understand most of the people, get phenomena of repeating numbers like 06:06, 05:05, 04:04 or 12:12 13:13 14:14…

    But what is the meaning of number 22, without repeating (22:22) because some people, and ME tend also to see numbers like this for years, and I tend to see always 22, like at any time 12:22, 13:22, 14:22, 15:22 – I do see 22:22 sometimes, but mainly because 22, follows me on its own, so I tend to see it not only on time, but I used to have everything to do with number 22 – computer, folder, book, district number, unexpected person born on 22, and many many more… Also, I have woke up at 03:11 two days In a row, and It can’t be coincidence, so if u can tell me what does 22 and 11 repeating comping up mean I would be thankful :).

  21. Hi again Laura, Writing one more time, because i have just spotted something weird… I posted my message at 11:05 pm in America(?), without noticing or knowing about it… Few minutes later, i spotted 5:11:11 AM in Europe!

    1. Hi Fabian,

      It is great to meet you!

      According to Doreen Virtue’s Book, Angel Numbers 101 the numbers mean the following:

      11 – “Stay positive! Your thoughts are materializing rapidly, so you want to ensure positive outcomes by focusing only on the good within yourself, others, and this situation.”
      22 – “The angels can see the positive results of your prayers, and they want you to have patience and stay optimistic while the final details are being worked out in Heaven., This is an urgent call from the angels to “keep the faith”!
      311 – “Because you’re surrounded by so many wise and loving ascended masters, your energy and thoughts have been lifted to a level of instant manifestation. Keep your thoughts centered upon positive and loving topics.”

      I hope that helps you out.

  22. yes, thanks that makes sense, as for past 2 months i kept very positive, 11 makes sense than of making me still be positive, but even without it I am more happy now of my life :). Thanks for explanation.

  23. I was interested in Fabian’s comment about the number 22. I have been having a similar experience with the number 29. I think I commented on 3/29 in my last post. I have been seeing 29 everywhere. Almost to the point it is driving me a little crazy.
    Anything on the number 29?

  24. Hi Laura! I do own Doreen Virtues “Healing with the angels” book. My Aunt gave it to me as a gift, but I am wondering as to what the numbers 1234 mean and also 1134. I keep seeing these sequences on a digital clock, my phone will be not used for awhile when I go back to it, it will say either 1234 or 1134 and then change to the actual time. Please help. I know it means something. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Susan,
      It is nice to meet you!

      I believe in the beginning of her book she says to break down the sets of numbers. So, for 1234 you would look up 12 and 34 and put the meanings together.

      The 1234 sequence can also mean progressive thoughts and that thought is supported by your Guides and the Universe.

      I hope this helps.

  25. i have been seeing the number 56 for many years now, searching for the meaning or finding others that see this number has always lead to dead ends. i find people see numbers like 111, or 222…..ect but no one sees 56. i was just wondering if anyone has also had this number constantly reacur in their life aswell, and if so what do you think the meaning is ?

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I would say that number isn’t as common as many others.
      Doreen Virtue’s book “Angel Numbers 101” lists that number along with all others from 0-999. It is a great reference book to have around and available from It is also available via the preview mode if you do a Google Book search for her book.

    2. I have been seeing the number 56 when meditating to Jesus. I cant for the life of me figure it out. Does the meaning have or will have meaning down the line or not- I have no idea?? Just an fyi- I have also had a spirtual growth in where I have been told or see things…and believe God has given me the gift of prophecy. Do you also have a spiritual gift??

    3. hi i know you wrote thi sages ago but wondering if you still see the number 56? as i see it all the time at least 8 times a day!have you found out what it could mean or are you still unsure?

  26. I keep seeing all numbers repeatedly on the clock whether i set it on a 12 hour clock mode or a 24 hour clock mode it does not make any difference., also on car plates, microwave ovens, banners, book editions etc. Things are going badly for me right now and i’m hoping that these repeating numbers will help me in some or the other way. Some websites say that i see these numbers because i am looking for them and they are at the back of my mind, but no matter how hard i try to ignore it it keeps coming back and its been over 1.5 years now. Please help, Thank you.

    1. Hi Maryann,

      I would just let the numbers flow to you when they do, rather than trying not to see them. They will be much more useful to you if you are in a state of awareness. They are a confirmation of your thoughts, so you need to be aware of what you were thinking shortly before you saw the repeating numbers.

  27. Hi
    I always see 2:41. What does that mean? That is the main one I see. I also see 12:41, 2:41. Always ends in 41

      1. Hi,
        My name is Susan, for the past week or so, I have been experiencing the number 315 99.9% of the time, I can be watching TV, & the news would come on, & right away gas price would be 315, When I go to the grocery store & buy a few items, (small items), the total come to 315, ppl that I would have a conversation with mention 315, there are also lottery dream books that tell you what a number mean, the number 315 stands for Susan, my name!!!! So can you tell me Your meaning of the recurring number of 315??

  28. 222 – I have figured it out.

    I have been seeing this triple digit like you all and I have figured out its meaning to each of us.

    here goes…

    11:11 21/12/2012

    look at this special date.
    look at the numbers after this special date, dare i say the following days. 21st-the day.
    22nd and 23rd of december. – – – do u see it. 222.

    I believe many will die in 2012 I believe there will be 7 days of hell as we go through the polar shift as Nibiru passes. I believe there is something godly and I believe those of us who have seen these numbers will live. I also believe it is up to us special people to save those we love.

    I will go on but I need comments to see what you 222 people think of this…

  29. Omg uve lost the plot! There’s no mass wipeouts! It’s the coming of the golden age where 2 worlds will exist. One of pure Devine love, and one as it is, full of egotistical power. You have a choice . But those who chose the Devine will live a life full of magic and abundance.

  30. hi i often see the no. 4.44on my watch whnever i look at it..either morning or evening…but recently i have started seeing no 1.11….1.23…..2.34….5.43….but everytime1.11 and 4.44 repeats … my life i am crossing a bad phase with people all around me who thinks that i am not a good person …i m a gal of about. 30 but recently having some carrer probs as well ..never did anything wrong with anyone around me…have big dreams of successful life…believe the almight n think always that he has all the good stored for me…..but don’t know why everything is going wrong ….can u please help me out with this….can u anyways explain me about my thoughts….I’ll be really thankfull to u…. Arjiya

    1. Hi Arjiya,

      The repeating numbers are giving you clues that you are energetically ready for a transition in your life. It sounds like you are going through a housecleaning of past choices, people, and thoughts.

  31. hello,
    can anyone tell me why my birthdate keeps popping up everywhere, usually starts happeneing 3-4 months before my birthday, up until my birthday, then it seems to stop.. this has been happeneing for years now, and 3 years ago my grandfather died on my birthday.. so naturally i assumed the birthdate thing would stop.. i thought the reason for me seeing 4:23 everywehre was because it was a sign for the passing of my grandfather, but nope.. it still happening, so much that my friends are noticing.. am i crazy? what does this mean?/ HELP!!!

      1. wow! this is crazy! i have been wondering the same thing for over a year now. My birthday 12/14 keeps showing up everywhere! My bf thinks I’m crazy. but really……….whenever I look at the clock, its 12:14. I am a waitress and often see the check total $12.14. I looked at my receipt from lunch the other day and it was printed at 12:14. I just doing the deposit here at work, opened a check, and it is posted for 12/14/12!!! ummm, that is not even close to today! 8/15/12?? What does this mean?? I’m afraid it is something bad??

  32. hi, i’m 18 yrs old and also a confused and lost teen. few years ago i started seeing repeating numbers and it scared me, because no matter how hard i tried to get them out of my everyday view, they will just come out in another way, like my mechanical clock, tv, car plates..i really need help, the number patterns are like this: 01:01, 02:02, 03:03, 10;10,12:12,08:08, and so on in pairs. hope you can help me, ive been lost for many many years.

    1. Hi Angela,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you! I have not written about those numbers specifically. The site offers specific interpretations of most of those numbers. The numbers are helping you remember who you are and that we are all connected. You won’t be lost for much longer. Sending you grace and healing.

  33. I keep seeing my birthday everywhere 331..its march 31st i see it every day with out fail at 13.31 or 3.31 early hrs of the morning or if the clock is not a 24hr clock i see at 23.31, as i found your site the time was 23.31, i would really like it if you could get some sort of explanation for me, as this has happened for many years now

  34. i sent a message around ten mins ago and i just figured out its not 3.31 i keep seeing even though i see it when i look at the clock but i also see 33 a lot more! but ive never paid much attention to it compared to when i see 3.31 as its my birthday, i see its the number 33, i have £33 in my wallet, 33 direct twitter messages, my call to my brother just lasted 33 seconds the list goes on

  35. I keep on seeing 3’s all the time! I see it on the clock, my postpartum room was 333, my parking pass for the apartments I just moved to is 333, I see it on license plates driving in front of me, a house # behind my new job I just started has a 333 on it, There was a paper on my desk when I first started that had the address to the sheriffs office and what do you know the address number was 333!!! I’ve been seeing 3’s for years now and random other numbers just started popping up like 222, 444, and just recently 11:11. The 3’s are so prominent that I know it’s not a coincidence and I’m trying to figure it out! If anyone has any other suggestions let me know! Oh I’ve also been bumping into so many psychic’s and healers lately which is weird as well.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you!

      Have you read my post on 333? You may also want to read about some of the other numbers here.
      Seeing repeating numbers is an indication that you are capable of higher levels of communication with your spirit guides. Seeing multiple repeating numbers is a sign that your guides don’t want you to miss their response to your question.
      It is interesting that you are bumping in to psychics and healers. It would indicate that you are searching for answers on a particular question in your life or are looking to heal or clear issues from your life.

  36. Of if anyone knows please answer. Every day lets say ill ve watching tv and dont look at the clock for a while ill alwqys look at the clock 20 after the hour about 8-13to times a day

  37. I am a Realtor….I have been seeing repeating numbers for a few years now, all variations but always the same repreating numbers… 1:11pm, 3:33am, 4:44am, 4:44pm, 12:12pm, etc, etc. It started a couple years ago when I found myself waking up during the night at 3:33pm when I glanced at the clock. I dismissed it but it happened more and more frenquently. Now it happens 6-7 times a day and is driving me crazy. My wife says it could be something more powerful but as Christians I am perplexed as it is impossible for the passing souls to communicate to us via the Bible’s teachings.

    Today I was showing a house to a client and in one bedroom was a digital alarm clock, it read 1:11pm, I again thought “here we go again” and glanced at my watch and it was only 12:43pm. I then looked at the clock again and it said 1:12pm and as I watched the clock it literally switched back to 1:11pm for a secodn or two, then switched back to 1:12pm. This was a digital clock and I have never seen such a thing happen in my life.

    I really need advice from a qialified person as to what is happening to me please.

  38. All of my life I have seen the numbers 147, and on occasion 1134… They repeat in my life so often it does not seem random

    1. I know this post is old but I had to come t. My father is a retired police officer. His badge # was 174. I never really knew this and once I was in my 20’s I had a phone password that was 1470 at work. I started to use that as a password for everything. Then my father told me a few years ago that he sees his badge # every day and in any order I asked what it was. I was floored. I see those #’s CONSTANTLY. On Monday I went with my father to his Dr. appointment. He was diagnosed with Kidney cancer and he needed to have a bone scan to make sure it hadn’t spread. By 4 pm I had seen those #s at least 7 times. It was a good sign. It hasn’t spread. Also my car insurance came out 3 days early and sadly my account was over drawn and the balance was -$147. Craziness.

  39. Hi,

    Me and my husband have been having lots of trouble and talking about divorcing due to conflicts. Well he filed the paperwork on my birthday 7/14 and every since then I keep seeing the number everywhere. I can’t sleep or eat because of the whole divorce thing and he’s been talking about leaving this world in a matter of speaking. Can you please give me some reason why I may be seeing 714 everywhere? It would greatly put my mind at some sense of calmness.

  40. Ive looked high and low and ive found alot of insight into the 1111, 111, 1234, 321, and the repititions for all the numbers. Ive been seeing them all my life especially 1111 as a child but nowhere can i find the meaning to 231 453 etc. I see it all over my life now that im older

  41. i used to see alot of 7s but it stoped now i keep seeing 22 and 222s everyday for the past 2 months

  42. I have followed the numbers to my current location in my RV. It is 111 miles from my last location. I was given lot 111 and found out I am parked on Angel Lane. My most recent number I see every day is 919 and a few others but I’m trying to figure out why I was brought here. Guess I am waiting for something????

  43. Hi, I m seeing the number 13:13 all the time for about 5 years, I don’t have a very happy life, what does this number represent?

  44. Hi Laura,

    For last one year, my personal and financial life is getting worse day by day, as I been seeing 224 everywhere i.e. car plates, time, phone number. Sometime in reversal order 422 which i assume as something going wrong.
    Even i just looked at time while typing it was 14:22.
    i could not figure it out that what it is for ? as i thought initially in 22nd date of month, as it would initiate a change on this date but i could not find any clarity yet.
    Even last night in dream I saw 00 33 . 55 77
    and the difference between all these numbers are 22 🙁
    I turned to 33 years by last year June since then problems got started.

    Kindly guide as much as u can …

    Wishes …

  45. hello i need help finding out what 555 means because i see it Evey day and a few times in the day too as well and also 333, 777, 666… what should i do or can tell me??

  46. I see 7 31 often. Our anniversary is on 7/31 and my first daughter was born at 7:31pm. It stops me in my tracks every time I see it.

  47. Hi , my name is Cassie and I’ve been seeing the number 69 for about seven yrs off and on . I’m a cancer and k ow that my astrological sign is 69 , but have come to relise every time I see this # something negative happens . I also see 36 a lot and to me it means happiness as far as my relationship goes , 56 which to me has to do with money coming my way . I’m not sure of what the real vibrations of these numbers mean , this is just what I’ve noticed from my experience ad seeing the numbers , and when I tell people about this they think I’m nuts ….

    1. I hope this gets to you.

      I am a cancer also and have been dealing with recurring numbers for a couple of years now. I have no doubt in my soul that it has a meaning. my life is in a weird place in that I feel like something is happening or changing that goes way beyond our physical form. im searching for something but I don’t know what it is.

      the number 69 has entered my life very recently and very intensely.

      I had no idea until reading your post that our astrological sign was 69. I’m trying to figure out what’s been happening when I see 69 but my gut feeling right now is that it has been a warning or sign of something bad happening as you mentioned

      I also suffer from anxiety and obsessive disorder, it’s a huge strain on my life at times especially because I keep it to myself to not
      negatively affect people close to me. it’s exhausting and I can’t help but connect some of my deep feelings with what’s been going on with recurring numbers.

      there is more to our souls and existence than we can even imagine.


    2. Hi Cassie and marko I’m a cancer too and I’m only 15 born on July 20th 1999; I have been seeing this number everywhere and had no idea this was our astrological number :O though my auntie is also a cancer and she does infact have a gift to connect with spirits and she also believes angels our the answers to everything so I’ll ask and write back with a answer as I am really confused :/ xx

      1. Heey Tori, my name is Valentina and I was also born on July 20th 1999. The only difference is everytime i look at the clock its 12:26. It’s strange that i was seeking an answer to my perdicamnet and I just so happend to see that you were born the same day. Small world.

  48. Hi, my situation might be a little different from most people.  I keep seeing the numbers 66. Sometimes it’ll be 666. But not that often. Like the person above its almost always followed by s’thing negative or some high anxiety situation. Today I’ve seen the numbers already 4 times. I don’t know what it means and I’ve prayed about this constantly.

    Years ago I came down with a horrible health condition thats made it impossible for me to hold down a permanent job, take classes, go to church.  All the things I loved to do.  At work I am harassed so badly because of the condition that I’ve had to quit my perm job and jobs as a contract worker.  After my health went bad, I started having these recurring dreams then the numbers followed.

    The numbers happen a lot when I have to go out for any reason but sometimes happen when I’m home all day and I don’t have any anxiety at all. It’s so strange.  I also have a recurring dream that right before I wake up (between sleep and wake) I get shot or either somebody waives a gun in my face. 

    I’m just at the point where I’m practically worned out by these two problems. It’s every single day. Sometimes I’m afraid to go to sleep. Sometimes I sleep all day because of the stress I guess.  Today I had the dream twice and saw the numbers several times which I guess means s’things coming up.

    Any help or advice you or anybody could offer is much appreciated.

  49. I see my birth date and time of birth everywhere I turn..12/6 and 12:46. I see it on liscense plates, commercials, lottery numbers (when Im not playing of coarse) and on addrsses and clocks. What does all this mean???

  50. Hi,

    Last night I stopped by a church and start prayeringby myself. There are several things in my life that are not going too well right now. After I pray and droves home, I came in my room. I see the clock showing 11:11. What would your inteorep ion of that? Thanks in advance for your response.

    For the past month, I am also seeing a lot of numbers with cominbation of 3’s and 5’s. Ie. 355. Just very curoius. Thanks all

  51. My mother died 21 years ago. Ever since then, when ever someone has had a sickness or job loss
    I will see the number 209 an inordinate number of times. Then everything turns out good.
    For instance , My daughter had thyroid cancer and for 2 years we were in and out of Boston.
    During this 2 years I was seeing the number 209 every where. It was on license plates, clocks, phone numbers ,every where I would look the number was there . Well after 2 years of treatment at Mass. General in Boston, the last step of the cancer treatment is a full body scan to check for cancer cells. We successfully passed the scan and there were no cancer cells , and the room number that we were for that good news , yep 209 .. This same thing continues today . I recently got laid off , however I do have
    an interview coming right up and I have been seeing the number 209, this is good news . I believe that this is my mother communicating with us saying everything will be OK.. There have been several other instances of this over the years.

  52. OMG! I keep seeing 717 & 1717, my mothers see 717 often aswell. I hope that does mean something positive. My birthday is 7-17-92, 9-2=7 not sure if that means anything. I was also 7lbs at birth.. This is deep!

  53. For most of my life the number that would turn up and which brought me to start looking them up is 232. Now for the last couple of years I have been making note of the numbers and looking them up. I have found that the more I listen to my intuition and follow the path suggested to me, that there are periods when I see lots of numbers, sometimes in rapid succession. Like tonight in Wal Mart I saw a number 4 times in a row, without trying to see it. The another twice, and then on the way home more numbers… on my odometer, on license plates, clocks, my phone had two calls a 7:17pm last night… they are everywhere.

    One peculiarity of intuition I have found and would like to share is that it doesn’t always make sense at the time to do what it says. But I have come to understand that it will make sense later, or sometimes it is just practicing listening. Just yesterday I looked at some papers before I left for work and my intuition was to bring them with me, but I didn’t need them for any reason I could think of so I didn’t bring them. But then later in the day something arrived in the mail box that required me getting a date off of one of those letters, and if I had brought them with me my day would have been easier. As it was I had to drive the whole way home to look at them and ended up shooting my night for going to the gym or anything else really.

    So I have started listening all the time, as often as I am aware of guidance, and I have found that I am rewarded with little ‘gifts’ from the universe, even if it is just another number confirming that I made the right choice. It feels good too. I have a peace of mind and lightness to my heart that I have not had, and certainly not for a sustained period of time such as what I am experiencing now.

    I am happy to see so many other people interested in the numbers. I hope you all experience the same success I have and find a spiritual path as well. Peace!

  54. Hi.. I see all sorts of angel numbers all the time be it 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 10:00; 10:01, 11:11, 1111, 1212, 1515

    I find it so difficult to decipher them at times and unable to understand what they mean all the time. There are times I am in a conversation when I see these numbers, some times while I am several thoughts racing in my mind, while working and even at times when my mind is blank. I really get puzzled when I see these numbers every day several times of the day in the clock, number plates, newspaper, documents, phone numbers, mobile numbers. When I search the meaning of numbers on the internet at times I am unable to really link the messages from angels with my thoughts or when I have no thoughts on my mind. What should I do?

  55. wow this is crazy i see these numbers every day! 10:10, 11:11 ,1:11 ,5:55 ,5:15, 7:07 2:22 22:22 ,12:12 ,2:12, 4:44, 8:08, 6:06, 9:09 3:33, 3:03 ect! i see them everyday! on my fone and in my car its been happening for a year now, im pritty spiritual but thats it. when i see 7:07 i think of my boyfriend as he was born on the 7th of the 7th and weighed 7pound 7 ounces and mine and his fave number is 7 and i was born on the 27th and i wake up at 7 each morning, but no other numbers make sence to me i just googled it because i was getting freaked out because their is nothing wrong in my life or relationship at all everything is perfect, and once i googled it i found that thousands of people are seeing the same thing and they all started around the same time!! this is crazy im putting my money on something big happening! only i see the number pattern not my partner or family that i no off, but 7 years ago a crazy lady told me the world was going to end in 7 years and the safest place to be would be dingo tops (a moutain an hr away from were we live) and iv never forgotten it! when i first met my partner the start of this year he took me camping at dingo tops it was the first time i had ever been their b4 and the whole way thier i kept seeing 333, when i got there i found a very old shack that people had wrote on and up the top i seen this written LAMBO 3/3/03 lamborne is my last name and we are the only lambornes in this state. my mum seems to think that when my father was living in the bush he built that shack and wrote that there as she seems to remember but still very weird! carnt wait to see what comes out of this number pattern thing 🙂

  56. hi, i keep seeing my birthday numbers 827 recently, like every time i look at my phone it’s 8;27, and these numbers keep showing everywhere, what does it mean?

  57. I keep seeing the numbers 3:16 on clocks and just about everywhere,I wake up from sleeping at just the right time to see it. Not gonna try to prove anything,but I know what I see. What does it meen?

  58. For some reason I keep seeing February 19. I don’t know why but it keeps popping up (i.e. Alot on Facebook, birthdays, appointments etc..). I have a strong feeling it means something & someone’s trying to tell me something. Does this have a meaning & if so what is it??? Thank you.

  59. Hi there, I’ve been in a little bit of a confusion lately as my fiancé and father of my two year old had recently passed away on July 14 of 2012. Since then my two year old hasn’t shown very many signs of being sad that he is gone, which only seems proper because of his age. A few time around my friends kids and their fathers he seems a little sad. Other than that he’s happy and asks about how he is doing or if he’s working I always tell him that he is in heaven and he doesn’t have to work, dada getting spoiled, all of that. A few months after he passed he seemed to have found that his favorite number is 9 repeats it a lot always wants to write it I’ve been blowing it off as just a habit until recently he started combining the number nine and his daddy into sentences. He also will repeat it over and over again when he plays saying ‘9,9,9,9,9’. My question is being if you have any information for me on what this may mean and if maybe his daddy might still be with him.

  60. Hello,

    Everywhere I move for the past 5 years seems like the number 2 follows me or I always notice the number 2 (never requesting or looking for it). For example, my first place was on the second floor in apt. 203, the next place was on a campus apt. 512, the next place I moved into without much thought was on the second floor apt. 208 and then we moved into a basement suite 6191 and it was the worst experience we have ever had…we moved out into another apt. (again without much thought) the address is a little long but here it is: 201 was the street number, technically it was the 3rd floor because there was a parkade but we lived on the 2nd floor apt. 205-723 12th st. We just moved last month to live with my parents until we can save for a house. I was just wondering if the number 2 means nothing and it’s just a coincidence? Thanks so much!

  61. Hi again,

    So sorry to ask another question but I’m curious about the number 6 in my son’s birth date. He was born on Sept. 6th 2011, weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces (coincidentally as well) at 12:26 am…thanks again for any help!

  62. Hi,

    For about a year I always look up to see 4:14 on the clock…It is pretty weird especially since that is my birthday, but it almost never fails. Is this psychological or is there a real meaning? Thank you in advance.

  63. Since 2008, I have been seeing the time repeat itself on my cellphone. I pick it up to check the time and it might say 09-09. I wake up in the middle of the night, reach over, check the time? 03-03. I go to a store, buy something. The receipt reads the time as 01-01. It happens at least 3-4 times a day.

  64. Does anyone know what repeating letters mean? I keep seeing AA and am wondering if this would mean the same as 11? Thanks

  65. I keep seeing 937….. I have seen it for years and now for the past few mornings, I have been waking up at 9:37 am….

  66. Hi my daughter keeps seeing the numbers 1234 all the time can you give me some idea of what this means? It can be on the clock or somewhere else. Very Curious and believe my father that has passed away is sending some signs. Thanks!

  67. I have been getting combinations of 4 and 1 for quite some time now…a few months.
    But the last few weeks, I have started seeing double digits 05:05 , 06:06 , 07: 07…
    It seems like every time I look at the time on any device…its a double. I just got a 05:05 and decided to search online for an answer.
    What does it mean?

  68. Hello Miss Laura
    It’s 1 year or more , I don’t know , that I’ve seen the repeating numbers , but the weird thing is I see most of them per a day , every day , 02:02 , 05:05 , 07:07 , 11:11 even 00:00 and….
    I am in a big change in my life , and I know and I feel that these must mean something important to me , I never spoke about this things to anyone , you are the only one , so please help me , email me
    thanks so much

    1. It’s the same for me,about being in a big change period and seeing these numbers for about 1 year every day ,couple of times,and never spoke of it to anyone.I don’t know if it’s really all about the messages from the angels,but as it’s repeating everyday and I can’t do anything about it,so they have something to say(who knows the angels or….)I decides to look at them in a positive way instead of getting crazy,hope to figure out one day!

    2. Welcome ! Welcome to the repeater’s club
      I started seeing these repeating times on my cellphone in 2006. My life was starting to go in a fre fall at that time. I went through the various stages since 2006 to now;
      1. Changing my phone. The numbers still kept repeating
      2. Feeling whether I was strange cause no one mentioned this happening to them
      3. Feeling scared and spooked out
      4. Trying to forget ( Not easy since they are so in your face)
      5. Acceptance
      6. Realising that my life, even in free fall, led me to a happier place each time I thought I had hit rock bottom. With that realization, the numbers became my friends
      7. At peace and contented hat somewhere out there I have friends who walk silently with me. But when they do speak they say things twice : )
      I have also realized that I see more than a normal share of twins. Not real wins, but people who look like other people. So far I have seen 22 look-alikes

  69. i thought it’s just some coincidence.. but before i quit as a christian I’ve always been seeing 111 everywhere, it’s been 4 or 5 months.. and just this month i keep seeing 1221, i even woke up every 12:21 or 12:22 midnight for damn 5 days… and it bothers me so much..

  70. Hi I’m abi, I keep on seing te time 4:14 each morning n evening, actually my both date is April 14 , will u help me to explain plz….

  71. Hi Laura,

    I am recently started to wondering why i am seeing time patterns like 11:1, 5:55, 6:06,18:06(6:06) and many others. Is it just a coincident of they really mean some thing. Also i have researched why there is a high pitch tone in my head and why my behavior become very unstable like suddenly feeling extreme sadness or become happy also i tend t seek spiritual help to take a next step in my life and learn and understand new things about sprits and guides. It says that this could be the process of a spiritual awakening but i want to learn to contact my sprite guides and and ask for guidance and lead my path and awaken my kundilini chakra’s but I am concerned how can i do that, cuz time is passing by and i am just wandering around please help me.

    1. Look at Sanam’s answer to SS’ post just 4 posts above yours. Try and look upon them as friends trying to guide you and walk with you. The apprehension you feel is understandable. hey may not appear to be immediately helping your cause in the present situation you are facing in life. But I can truly say that they have never let me down.

      1. hey SS,
        sorry but i didn’t get what you are referring. I looked upon the 4th post from below but nothing’s there. I need assistance cuz i know these things are happening to me but i want to expand and learn to grasp the message Or may be way to follow terms like meditation, kundilini, activation , Metaphysics etc, …..if you or some of your friend can help me out i would be more than happy,
        – Thanks bro(ss)


  72. i have been seeing 01:01 20:20 22:22 23:23 18:18 etc timings a lot for 6 months now… i asked many people does it signify anything important ..? what is it ? in ur blog u explained the significance of same nos. repeating but not like mine can u plz help me and ans my question .

  73. Hi, My name is Asia and I have been seeing two sets of numbers that are my birthday 1029 and the number 6, 3, 13. I cannot make sense of these numbers but I have been searching for a reason why. Can you help me understand why?

  74. I’m Valentina and I have been a little curious as to why everytime I look at the clock its 12:26. It’s not like a schedual thing its just that I find my self wanting to know the time and when I look its 12:26. My friend said that I’m gonna have my first child at 12:26 but I’m only 15 and I cant wait that long to find out if thats really the reason that I keep seeing this number on the clock. Please refer me to a book or just give me an answer, I just need something to fill the void of not knowing why. Thank you

    1. Hi Valentina,

      I haven’t written specifically about 12:26, but the best source of information comes from your own wisdom. Try meditating and connecting with your Spirit Guides and ask the question of what that number means for you. You can find more information on how to connect to your Guide team here.

  75. Every day since 2000 I have seen the number 147. I thought it was “cute” because it was the semi truck number of a guy I was crushing on. But for 14 yrs really? Like mileage, receipts, length of phone calls, or I glance at clock….. What does this mean?

  76. i see alot of 2:22 1:11 11:11 12:12 4:44 5:55
    and also double numbers MANY times a day. (examples 1:22, 5:33, 3:22, 1:33, 11:44, 12:55)

  77. I keep seeing the numbers 611 everywhere. I will randomly look at the clock and it will be 6:11. I woke up out of a sound sleep one morning, looked at the clock and it was 6:11. This is the date of birth of someone I have feelings for. What exactly does that mean for me?? Does it possibly mean this person has the same feelings for me and that is what the universe is trying to tell me? does that mean this person will be in my future?

  78. I have been seeing the number 919 almost every day for years. Is this a good sign or a bad sign? Because lately I have been going through difficult times in my life with mine and my family’s life. I just really hope this could be a positive sign for me.

    1. me too. my birthday, actually 9:19. maybe for about the last 2 years. not much lately, though, surprisingly. weird. that, and 214, but not on clocks.

  79. Hello, I just wanna know why I keep seeing the number “512” like very often. Maybe everyday aft least once. It’s weird because everyone has where they’ve seen simple number or I’m twos. But mine seems to be weird. Also, the number “512” is an area code for Austin Tx, which was the city I was born in, idk creepy. Write back plz

  80. Hi Ive been seeing 919 for 4yrs now and once it was the winning numbers in the pick 3 lottery what do these numbers mean

  81. Hi there. For the last two years at least 4-6 times a day, whenever i look at the clock it’s :36 minutes after. It’s not just digital clocks, also on manual and if i ask someone the time. My daughter was born at 8:36 am, my address growing was736 i had major upset in my life two years ago i moved to 336. I’d like to know what 36 is telling me!

  82. Hi, iv been experiencing this for about 4 months now but nearly every night I look at the time its always 21:21.. I mentioned this to my mum and she said it could be a sign of some sort, could you help alaborate this a little, I have no idea what this is leading too,or what it even means for that matter, I would really love some answers
    Thanks 🙂

  83. I always encountered number 456. It gives me the creeps to see it. Most times, when I come across it, I get hurt. It’s mostly in people’s phone numbers. I’ve had this number repeating since at least 8 years.
    Now, there is a recent number repeating in my life; 276. This number seems to be a good one so far. I recently changed my job, and they gave me an extension of 276. I got a new phone number at home, and it starts with 276. I feel 276 has a positive effect in my life. I will wait and see to confirm.
    But I am glad that other people have recurring numbers too.

  84. Hello Laura,
    I really appreciate your reply, It helped me a lot, Got my life pretty organised now and i now totally see new goals,aim and new pathway that wasn’t clear before but now they are kindda showing up…..Thanks I think i need to find a physic now… 😛

  85. Hi Laura,

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for so kindly offering information and for helping people. It’s always so wonderful to see people help others.

    I have a question:

    What information do you have on seeing the hour 12:21. I thought it was very odd and I wonder…

    Thanks again.

  86. For quite some time now I have been looking at the clock…different clocks in different places (home, car, etc.) just as the time is showing 10:19…am or pm. I have been trying to understand why this occurs so frequently but I cannot rationalize this phenomenon

  87. Im seeing all repeating numbers now for like three days….. 222 111 555 444 333 ??? all rotating?? whats up with that…… and im not imagining it….. lol….

  88. Hi Laura,

    I started seeing 11:11 sometime on August 2014. Like I keep seeing it everywhere, digi-clock in my phone, television, counters, and even call records. I felt so curious and freaked out without knowing what it could be. Third week on September this year, 11:11 stopped bothering me. Then that was also the time when I met someone who was born November 11 (11/11/84) which I have only found out a week ago after meeting him. Now things started becoming furious again, I always catch repeating numbers in this form, 1:22, 1:33, 1:44, 3:33, 3:44, 4:22, 4:55, and the latest one is 5:55.

    IDK why I’m seeing this and if the guy I met has something to do with the 11:11.

    Please I need help, I’m freaked out now.

  89. Hello Laura,
    I also have been seeing repeated number sequences. I have seen 333, 444, 555, 1111, but the number I have seen most often is 316, for about 2 years now.
    I have researched all these number sequences, but the one im confused with is 316. I have seen it every where. At first I thought it had to do with the Bible verse John 3:16, because I would always see it on digital clocks, micro waves, computer screens, reading material, etc…
    Could you please give me any information you may have on the 316 repeated number sequence Laura?
    I would Greatly Appreciate it. Thank You very much for your taking time to read this.
    Love and Light.
    Mike Q. Martinez
    Dob: 04/06/1969 Aries

  90. Hello Laura,
    Its me again Mike Q. Martinez. Oh My God, when I finished writing my last post and submitted it from my mobile phone, the time was 1:11am. In which I live in Albquerque New Mexico, so the time is different here than where your at (one hour difference possibly). It says on the blog I posted that it was 2:10am October 10, 2014, but when I was done it said 1:11am on my phone.
    I apologize, I know it sounds like im speaking gibberish, im just amazed! Lol.
    Again thank you for your taking time to read this.
    Light and Love.
    Mike Q. Martinez

  91. hello, i recently started seeing 222, 333, and 444 all in the same day, this has been going on for at least 4 days now, very confusing concidering what i am going through. i can find meanings for the 3 individualy but not the three together, not sure if there is even one. any help would be much apreciated.

  92. For the longest I have noticed the numbers 3 and 11 together way too frequently to be considered mere coincidence. Everyone tells me that I am focusing too hard on these numbers but in reality I do not sit there waiting for those numbers to pop up instead they just appear on the places I could least expect. I forgot to mention that my favorite number is 11 and my ex girlfriends favorite number is 3. We always use to joke about those two numbers being our numbers, but they were never frequently sighted until recently. I have been doing some studying on numerology and I have done the math on both of our names. Coincidently or not, our names came out to have 3 and 11 in their final answers. When I added up her birthdate I got 31, further simplifying gives me 4; when I did the same to my date, the same numbers popped up. I also tend to see the numbers 33,13,21, 12 (in order of frequency). Can you please give me insight towards what the definition of this is?

  93. Hi, l’m clear that l’m a Lightworker and l also miss “home” and from a very young age l have memories of Atlantis and breathing underwater. l am an empath who is completing a diploma in spiritual counselling and vibrational medicine. I also have been seeing repetative numbers now for 18 mths. Yesterday l saw 1111 as l was about to sign a business opportunity regarding working with pure healing oils. After agreeing l saw on a sequence of numbers on clocks in various places 1212 1313 1414 1515 1616 1717 1919. It is definitely my angels can you add any further information to this. I to am following my purpose ie practitioner blogger mentor healer and am moving location very soon to the mountains to further my business and intuition. I would love to hear your thoughts.


  94. Hi i keep getting the numbers 9:11 on the time on my phone. Ill wake up and look at my time and it will be 9:11 on randomly in the night it will be the same. What does it mean.

  95. Hi, from last 9months I m seeing repeated numbers like 01:01, 02:02, 03:03, 04:04,,,, 23:23, 00:00 . Till now I saw each and every number like , and daily one or the other numbers frequently I see every day, what does it mean ? for me,,,,

  96. Hi. I always see the numbers 5:15. That was the time my daughter was born. I always always see 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22 and 3:33. My daughter will be 2 yrs old January 11. I also have a younger daughter born July 1st. And had just lost a baby a couple weeks ago at almost 12 weeks. I wish I knew what it all meant. Feeling pretty lost these past few weeks

  97. hi laura,
    i keep on seeing repeating numbers like 23:23, 00:00, 22:22, 11:11, etc, each time i check the time i see a double number. Can you help me to understand that. Thanks in advance.

  98. I’ve seen 1:11 and 11:11 quite a bit in my life and it was enough for me to stop and say, “This is getting weird.” But today, it kinda seems like my spirit guides are desperate to tell me something. Since I woke up this morning, I’ve seen 11:11, 1:11, 3:33 AND 5:55! It’s to the point where I’m scared something really bad is going to happen in my life soon or something. Hopefully it’s the opposite of that… It’s not like I’m looking at the clock constantly or even thinking, “Man, what if it is 3:33 right now?” The first two times, I was in my Mom’s room and just glanced over and noticed 11:11 and 1:11. (Those were the only two times I even looked at the clock while I was in there) Later, I left and I made a bunch of cigarettes and went into my Mom’s room again to put them on her dresser and that’s when I glanced over and saw 3:33. (That time I got a little nervous and told my Mom about how it seems weird that I’ve seen it 3 times today) Finally, just a few minutes ago, Mom asked me to go get her cigarettes and lighter out of her room and when I went in there, it was 5:55! (When I saw that, I yelled out, “What are you trying to tell me!?”) It’s obvious to me that this is more than just a coincidence… Is there some sort of message to be gathered from those specific number sequences? I mean… why didn’t I see 2:22 or 4:44? What should I do? Also, has anyone here ever had an experience while they’re sleeping or on the verge of sleeping where your body becomes paralyzed and you can hear voices? It’s happened to me twice that I can recall and both times were very recently. I’ll be laying down on my side and it’s like I can hear voices inside of my pillow… The first time, I could hear people screaming at the top of their lungs and when I heard it, my body became paralyzed and I had to fight a little bit to wake myself up. I even tried lying down on my back to see if it would stop and it did. It wasn’t until I lied my ear back down on my pillow that I was able to experience it again… The second time, which was only a few days ago, it sounded more like people talking but it sounded so far away that I couldn’t make anything out… It just seems like something really strange is happening to me spiritually and I don’t know what it is or how to fix it.

    1. Hi Justin.

      Our stories are identical between the numbers and the sleep issues. Mine started a few years ago but comes with a little bit of a back story. I moved to a new apartment in a new city. I had a dream, although it seemed very real, that my boyfriend showed up in my bedroom in the middle of the night and crawled into bed with me. I realized it wasn’t him as he pinned my hands above my head and tried to pull me down the bed. I had to fight to wake up. Another time in a new apartment, I had just fallen asleep on his chest and a man’s face appeared right in mine yelling “Wake Up!” I jumped up waking my boyfriend up as well. This continued in yet another apartment. On this occasion I thought my boyfriend was joking with me, knowing how much this all freaks me out. I was about to take a nap and as I’m dozing off, I could literally feel my boyfriend’s presence leaning in towards me over the bed. I intentionally wouldn’t open my eyes because I didn’t want to give him the benefit of the doubt. When he got too close for comfort, I open my eyes and jumped. My boyfriend was nowhere near me. He was actually in the living room but happened to be walking past the bedroom door when he witnessed this from afar. He shook his head and said, you seriously need to do something about this.

      My breaking point was when I was in my boyfriend’s shower one day (we were the only two people that used that bathroom) and noticed a name written into the steam on the inside of the shower door: Justin. (I literally just realized that’s your name as I’m writing this and it gave me the chills. Crazy coincidence ). I took a photo of it and showed numerous people to see if they saw it as well. Everyone read the same name. What stopped it was when I finally verbalized that if something was trying to give me a message it needed to find a different way because it’s scaring me.

      Anyway, not long after I verbalized this, these experiences stopped and the repeating digits started. I see the same repeating digits on the clock all the time. Sometimes several times in a day like you. 10:10, 11:11, 1:11, 3:33, 5:55. Like you I rarely see 2:22 and 4:44 but I just saw 4:44 for the first time today on the kitchen clock which stopped me in my tracks. The numbers don’t scare me. Though I’ve read to consider what I’m doing or thinking at those moments, it’s always so random. It could be as simple as I’m about to make a right hand turn and notice the clock. Wish I had an answer and I’m not sure anyone really does. But maybe it will help you too to verbalizing that if anything is trying to communicate with you to find a non-threatening way. I think some of us are just more sensitive than others, even if we don’t want to be.

      Just letting you know that you’re not alone in this crazy phenomena. The repeating digits have been happening to my friend and her long distance boyfriend too.

  99. Hi Everyone just an update from my sightings of 11:11..

    I rarely see these double number nowadays, very seldom. To my observation, it would only show up, whenever I’m feeling alone and hopeless.

    I used to think it was a bad sign seeing this number and that it would be something bad luck. But not really, it was a great one actually. I’ve mentioned that the 11:11 sightings stopped when I met a man (which i found a week later I met him, was born on Nov 11 or 11/11) brought a lot of great things to me.

    1) I was able to become employed immediately after 6 months of unemployment because of his encouragement to me
    2) I got more spiritually connected with God (I am and he’s Christian too)
    3) I was able to adapt his positive attitudes even though we’re not yet meeting personally (we’re great online friends, till this time :))
    4) Too many to mention, but I guess, him being born on 11/11, as been said a wake up call or angels are guiding you, I guess he’s just that angel.

    So overall, 11/11 was really a great impact on me, in a good way… Not just a wake up call, but I guess it initiated to put things back on where they are supposed to be.

    Would love to hear from others too their updates

  100. I’m seeing 717 and 911 a lot lately. I’m seeing them on the clock, unread emails, sports scores, etc…

    I’ve been seeing numbers for a few years now. In certain periods it will be 11:11 or 3:11 or 1:11. This period has been 717 and 911. What could this mean?

  101. Hi There! It’s me again! Just another update here.

    Hi Laura,
    I’m being flooded with sightings of repeating numbers, again. They come in variety you know. Whenever I would have to grab my phone, check the clock. I keep on catching repeating numbers such as 1:11, 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, and even catch time with 11 in it such as 2:11, 3:11, 4:11 and so on. I also catch all the time numbers like 2:44, 3:22, 12:22… Could it mean something again? Coz I wonder what it could be? When I’m still in good terms of friendship with the man I mentioned before (who was born Nov 11, i.e. 11/11)…

    So I’m wondering now what it could be implying to me… I hope it’s good news..

  102. One more crazy thing to add, Last night I remember, I tried to play trick on myself, you know just a joke of myself… I was like ‘Ok, what’s on clock? Tadah!’ There was flashing on my screen, 7:44… My goodness, just so creeping me out… I really need help now

  103. hi for the past 5 years iv been seeing the time 9:15 in the morning and night and its kind of confusing me what does that time mean ?

  104. I must say first that I am not suprised but on the other hand I seek meaning not for any particular recurent number but for a situation whereby my phone’s clock is set in 24hr system.Now it is spookin me alot to find 15:15,21:21,22:22,23:23 like tis n on n on.I recently felt like drawing n called my drawing “the wheel of life” samtim later I thot of searchin th name sacred geometry biliv it I found it n downloaded a pdf choicelessly,(I just saw 00:00 as I am typin n it happens. )GOD., the diagram I drew was there on the 1st page n many, more what intrigued me was the fact tat one was named the seed of life,another the flower of life n my point is,there is so much I am goin thru right now that I actually hav bin tinkin tat mayb I am dying.I find it hard to even tell any1 around me bcoz pipo around me wud rather kill me than use their imagination.
    Please any1 who cud the least of try explainin to me wat I mayb up ahead n visit my so called blog,I am sorry about its primitivity but my confusion is part of all of

  105. Three four times a day I see patterns of numbers e.g 2222 0000 1212 1515 and so on, mostly on the digital clock. From last year it has been more and more frequent to the point that now I show a friend so they don’t think I am crazy lol. Get rushes of emotion from the heart area unexpectedly, sudden jolts when watching/Listening to tv, songs even communication with other people. I am aware of other peoples emotions. at times when I am in the presents of someone having a conversation I drift off and start speaking above myself without effort of finding words, they just come out. I have been aware of the exchange between people at a sub level before I could walk but the environment I grew up in don’t prepare you for the roller coaster ride at a lesser dense frequency. Avoiding crowded places and so on….

    Well I thought I would share this, maybe some needed to hear it from someone else.

  106. Hi,
    I keep seeing my birthday (10:11) on the clock. Is there any significance to this? It’s been happening just about every day lately. Sometimes both AM and PM.

  107. Around ten years ago I started seeing repeating or contentious no’s. ie 10:10 – 12:12 23:23 and then 23:24, 05:06, 12:13 etc. I had always been thinking what it meant. But then it stopped for several years and I started seeing them again this year. I’d like to know what it means. The mind boggles 😉

  108. About a few years back, I noticed same sequence of numbers almost every time I looked at the clock/time (ex: 2:22, 11:11, 4:44, 5:55, 1:11, 3:33, etc.). At first, I thought it was just a coincidence, but then it’s not if your seeing it multiple times a day, regardless, day or night. Curiosities always struck me cause it felt like there was a meaning to it, but it’s stressful when you can’t explain it. So I would just look past it. It went on for awhile (thru the course of 4 – 9 months). Then it stopped for a few years. Now its back and been going on for a week.

    I am hoping to find some explanation, or see if there’s people out there experiencing the same thing as I am.

  109. Hi Everyone,

    I have been seeing the number 38 for the past 8 years. I have been seeing it everywhere, on the clock, licence plates, video games scores, when I download something, if I am checking on a status update, on the news, verbally spoken, and in other random places.

    If anyone can shed some light and insight on my observations I will be appreciative.

    Sincerely, Lucy

  110. Happy Day!

    Continue to see my birthday number come up 10/17
    and 11:11, 333, 444,
    Lots of transitions this year and also mediating and praying for my beloved twin flame to show up. I know he is out there looking for me too.
    Christiane Anna Rodriguez
    10/17/1966, born at 11:11 at night.

  111. I always see repetitive numbers as well, today I found an interesting project on indiegogo and this artist mentions about these numbers as well. Check it out: (link no longer valid)

  112. A’hoy hoy!. I know you probably won’t see this, or maybe reply because you might be busy. But, lately, I have been seeing direct numbers from my Angels, like, 111,222,333, 444 and also 311, whenever the thought of this Man that I love comes up. And while I am sure I know what my Angels are trying to tell me, I am not completely sure at the same time either. It’s every time when the thought of him comes up. They have been pretty direct with me with him.

  113. Hi,
    I have been seeing repeting numbers every time i decide to look at a clock in the past few months. The numbers are all over the place. Another thing, I can’t go to sleep, my body just won’t rest itself. And when I do get some sleep from pure exhaustion, it feels that I never fall in a deep sleep, I oscillate between wake state and sleep state constantly….
    What can i do?

  114. hello..
    can you tell me about specific of number 666 mean? is it jinx number?
    because im having too much problem in my life.. not small but big one..
    please can you tell me?

  115. Hi!

    I have a strange thing noticed – when even I see a digital clock I find repetitive numbers and that makes me very uncomfortable. the sequence of numbers are always different such as


    it has been a daily thing when I look at my car clock, mobile clock, or phone clock?

    what does this indicate?

  116. OMGosh I feel better knowing there are others who see this too. I’ve been seeing 1111 3-5 times a day and sometimes other numbers, 333, for a couple of years now. It started after my mother passed, I think she’s trying to guide me…

  117. Hi Laura,
    It has been more than 5-6 months that i m keep on seeing all kind of same number patterns like :- 1:1 , 1:11, 2:2,2:22 ,7:77, 12:12, 10:10
    what does it indicates?? Can you please explain

  118. Hi,

    I have been seeing 11:11, 1:11,12:12 2:22, 5:55 A LOT, especially in the last year and a half.I never really read to much into them, but in the last 2 years I have seen those numbers very often and sometimes a few times a day. I just want to know what they mean, I used to play them in the lotto but that was not much luck.. lol.. Can you please help me out?

  119. Hi,

    I have been seeing these numbers 11:11, 1:11, 12:12, 2:22, 5:55 a lot in the last 2 years, I used to not think nothing of them until I really started noticing them. Can you please help me out?

  120. Hello I was wondering if you could help me out with trying to figure what the number 214 means for me? It has been coming up for me for years! Sometimes 4-5 times a day….my bananas weighed this one day… on license plates….time….when I called to check on my balance on my CC….when the power went out one day…these are just a few random examples when it has come up. There are plenty more! This date also happens to be my birthday February 14. Thank you for your time!

    1. i too see this number. i also had a “bad” experience on 2/14 many years ago. and by chance i predicted that a police vehicle Number 214 would be pulling into the parking lot. about 2 minutes later it did. i was about 13 years old.

  121. 1111=


    Thru Christ Jesus

    [Philippians 2:2]
    Fulfill ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.

    [Ephesians 4:4]
    There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;

    [1 Corinthians 12:12]
    For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.

    [Jeremiah 33:3]
    “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

    [Job 33:33]
    “…Hearken unto me: hold thy peace, and I shall teach thee wisdom.”

  122. Hello Laura , I’ve been plagued by particular numbers for many years now , about 25-30 yrs. . Many times waking me up from a dead sleep forcing me to look at my clock . 2:22, 11:11, 3:33 , 5:55. I’ve tried to determine what the synchronicity is but not been able to put a finger on it to this day. Have kept a journal for years .

  123. I am having the same experience for at least two years now. The repeating digits are often 4-5x a day and I’m not trying to see them. There are days when my cell phone will ping, I’ll randomly open my phone, or glance at the clock in the car only to see it’s 3:33, 11:11, or some other repeating digits. Since I told my friends, it started happening to two of them. One of them started dating a man from another state who I never met and he brought up that he has been seeing repeating digits for the past two years.

    A few days ago, I was writing a check and asked my boyfriend the date, at that exact moment, one of those friends text me “It’s 11:11 on 11/11. Just saw the numbers at random.” Yesterday, it I happened to open my phone at 11:11am, 12:12, 5:55, and 10:10pm. I sent my friend a text about it by the 4th time. I open my phone a bit later to check my email and it’s 11:11. This happens ALL the time. Sometimes it slows down, I’ll think it stopped and soon as I do, the repeating digits return with a vengeance. It can’t be a coincidence.

    I’m just not sure what it means. I’m not sure any of us truly know what it means but I believe what we are all experiencing is very real.

    Would be neat to know if there is any common denominator between all of us. Just seems so random.

  124. Hello,

    In the span of 1/2 my co-worker and I saw the following numbers on different license plates on different cars 999, 888, 777, 555, 444. All within 1/2 hr. Any idea what this means.

  125. The last few days I been seen 222 well I have to same for some years
    But more the pass few days like everyday I look up it 222 on the clock y is that what r they tellin me

  126. Hello,

    I am Shelly. I have seen for the past year and a half the digits of my birthday 619 (month and day) repeatedly. Is their something significant to this meaning? It really draws to me even if I brush it of.

    Blessed day,
    Thank you.

  127. For the last 6 months I’ve been seeing 11’s and 1’s everywhere. Now, in the last month I’ve been ALSO seeing my birthday numbers: 8/21. If I understand correctly, my birthday also resolves down to 11, but since I’m seeing 11’s AND my birthday numbers all over… what’s the underlying significance? I’ve been reading that it’s my angel/subconscious trying to get my attention, but I am not sure why and for what. Once I started seeing my birthday numbers I’ve been wondering what’s happening. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Susan,

      Think about anything new or exciting you have thought about doing that might be slightly scary. Often the angels give you support by showing you repeating numbers.

  128. The number 7, especially in 237 and 137, has been showing up literally everywhere for about two years now. At first I thought it was cool, since 237 is and was my favorite number, but as I see it more and more often, it’s started to scare me. A bit ago I was thinking about it, since I’d seen so many sevens in life, and realized I’d also been unknowingly incorporating sevens into my passion of writing. I’m sure lots of people would find my fear of a number rather unreasonable, but I’d like to find out just why it’s showing up so frequently.

  129. I see 919 — my birthday. 09/19/1969

    almost everytime i look at a clock, usually digital, it will be 09:19. Or, 9:19. There are also many times i will be having a conversation with someone, and that person will say something, i will be reading at the same time or watching tv and the tv or what i am reading will have some of the words, in the same order as spoken in the conversation, almost at the same exact time.

  130. I keep seeing the digits 1536, usually in that order but can be transposed or in with a larger number of digits. For example:
    My company staff number is 6 digits and contains 1536
    We had a phone number ending in 1536
    can be the time being 15:36 or a variation of the 4 digits
    Both my daughter and a colleague had mobile phone pin numbers of 1536 at the same time
    There’s lots of other examples, like 1563 or variations similar to that, but always those 4 numbers.
    This has happeend throughout my life

  131. I have seen the number 36 for the past 5 yrs. I’ll go weeks not seeing it then some days it’s so much it drives me crazy thinking what is someone trying to tell me. I’ve Google’s this number several times with no luck of a direct answer.

  132. My daughter keeps seeing 12:34 on the clock day and night? We see 4:44 all the time. It’s our connection. When we see it we always text each other! My son and daughter and I have had this connection for years:). It happens multiple times a week.
    I’d love to find out what you think

  133. I see 33 everywhere. I have looked up the meaning multiple times. I just don’t understand why I KEEP seeing it! Even my tax return this year….$3333.02. It makes me feel like a crazy person. Nearly every time I look at the clock or ask for the time, it’s 33 after the hour. Am I missing a message here??!

  134. ive been seeing 666 a LOT lately… is this bad??? Like rn im listening to Shinedown Oblivion and i was playing a game and i reach 666 miles and before that i got 666 coins…. I woke up while the TV was on and right as i woke a woman said 666… and at school we did page 666 in our grammar and math book… am i missing something?

  135. My name is Ashley Kidwell. For the past few months I have unwillingly and unintentionally been seeing repeatative numbers every time I happen to look at the clock! This unnerving scenario has never happened to me before. I first assumed it to be mere coincidence. However, this phenomenon has gone uninterrupted for (at least) 4 months now. I have found no logic in this. I will simply look at the time, as most do throughout the day, and it will read 1:11, 2:22, 3:33…and so on. Any insight you could provide me to explain this would be Greatly Appreciated! Thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter.
    -Ashley D. Kidwell

  136. I just came across this post. I have been seeing 717 pretty much everyday for almost 5 yrs i birthday is also 07/17/79. Just wanted a littke insight. I know it means something and i have prayed for a sign to help me figure it out…everyday i see this number, wether on a clock, a sign, a book, everywhere…help!!

  137. Everytime my husbanb and I seperate I see the repeating numbers 1-7. Only resently when I made up my mind to get a divorce have I seen 888 and 999. What does it mean when you see all the repeating numbers?
    11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, 1111

    1. Consult live with Numerologist they can explain you better. they gave you best answers and suggestion for your future.

  138. i am seeing 24 repeatedly nearly for 2 years that is exactly from when i was 23 years old . y it is showing? what it tries to convey?

  139. Hello.I keep seeing number 29 everywhere for the past three years.It appears at my phone,daily life,absoluteley everywhere.Before that I used to see number 28 everywhere for 2 years,now that stopped.What do these numbers mean?

  140. Y’all need to lay low and throw away the phones/tablets and start living your life. I keep seeing every day for the last year since my little angel girl was born on my phone the clock showing 11:11 or 13:13 or 22:22 or 17:17 and so on but i never give it so much importance. Maybe it means something maybe it doesn’t. I try not to think pretty much and enjoy the life 🙂

  141. Ever since I was 9yrs. Old I have repeated the numbers 117171171 in my head daily I am 40 now and still they are consistent.

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