Metaphysical Senses: What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience in short means clear hearing, either by mental or physical means. It is likened to having a mental inner ear. It is the ability to receive messages from your Spirit Guides in thought form.

Clairaudience (clear hearing) is one of the four metaphysical senses, the others being clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear sensing), and claircognizant (clear knowing). It is one of your four metaphysical senses in addition to your five physical senses.

A good way to develop clairaudience is to practice automatic writing.

The Voices in My Head

Most of the time during the day my ego tries to run the show with thoughts like I am not good enough, people think I am wierd, no one likes me, and other self defeating thoughts. Those thoughts are not coming from spirit, they are coming from ego.

In order to hear your true voice, you need to learn to quiet your mind. Easier said than done, right? Meditation is one way to be able to get through to that small, still voice that is your true self. When you are able to get through to that voice, you will be amazed by the insightful answers given to your pressing questions.

Repetitious Thoughts

Clairaudience can come to you in the form of repetitious thoughts and tones. These are the type of thoughts that keep popping into your head, even when you were not consciously thinking about them.

For example, my guides keep gently suggesting I take up yoga. A thought about yoga will just pop into my head when I am thinking about something completely different.

What they are trying to get across is that by taking up a regular practice of yoga, it will help me with the other areas in my life that I am asking and thinking about. (I know this, but have not started any yoga yet, so they keep gently reminding me until I actually do it. Pesky guides!)

I Can’t Get that Song Out of My Head!

Do you hear songs that keep playing in your head over and over again? If that happens, take a few minutes to do a web search for the lyrics to the song you have been hearing. You will be amazed how relevant the lyrics can be to a problem you have been thinking about and giving energy to in your life. Answers from spirit may not come in the form you expect.


Telepathic communication is another form of clairaudience, in which you can tune into another persons thoughts. This can be done in the presence of another person or remotely, provided both parties are willing and open. This can happen naturally over time, especially with a spouse that you are very close to.

Automatic Writing

Learning automatic writing is a wonderful way to get the messages you receive down on paper or typed into the computer. It is a fairly easy process to learn.

It can be thoughts that pop up in your head that have nothing to do with what you were currently thinking. You may have been thinking about the events of the day when a stray thought about a certain relative pops into your head. It may mean you should call her or that she is thinking of you as well.

My Thoughts On Clairaudience

I am primarily clairaudient in that I will hear answers to my questions in my head. It is like a calm, clear voice that always speaks with complete logic. There is never any slang or inappropriate words used. The messages are clear and concise, never wishy-washy or unsure. Those types of unclear answers almost always come from the ego.

Also, I receive much of my information from songs that continually run through my head. It could be just for a short while, or the same song can run through my head for days. Right now, as I type this, the song “Forgiveness” by Bryan Adams is playing loud and clear in my head and has been for the past two days.

What about you? Share your thoughts below.

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24 thoughts on “Metaphysical Senses: What is Clairaudience?”

  1. This helped immensely! For the past 3 weeks, every so often, ive been hearing sounds. It started off one afternoon as a sharp pitch tone in my right ear, then both. seemed to last forever, tho faded eventually. a few nights later, whilst laying in bed i thought i heard a woman speak outside my room, thought nothing of it. the following evenings the same happened, but she was accompanied by another. it is now at the point where i am actually a bit frightened at night and as such am sleeping with a night light and popping sleeping tablets so i dont experience this.I am a spiritual and health conscious person, i dont smoke or drink or eat meat, and my family medical history is clear of mental disorders. Very honestly, i feel as if i might be going mad. I have no idea what to do anymore

  2. Firstly, I love your website and all the links and products it has to offer, thank you so much for sharing. I have songs playing in my head often first thing when I wake. One of the most memorable was a line from a song of which it was singing over and over the laughter that was dead is coming”. I was suffering quite severe depression at the time, not medicated but managing. I thought to myself I know that song from somewhere. I jumped out of bed and went to my cds of which there are hundreds let my hand feel its way pulled out a CD (hadn’t listened to it for 7 years) that I thought it might be, put it on and let it skip skip 4 x to a song and then fast forwarded to the exact spot…. ! I couldnt believe I had been led so easily to that exact line. Song by Heather Nova “What a Feeling” is the song, the whole song was very pertinent to that time in my life. It made me smile and cry as I started the song again and listened to it in its entirety – as I knew I was getting a message that the dark time was almost done – one of the lyrics actually said “There’s a song already there, waiting inside”. A sincerely beautiful moment of realisation that my intuition was 100pc spot on and message received loud and clear.

  3. SO Glad I found this….. I do have many gifts but when I kept hearing the song ” Georgy Girl ” over and over and over for several days and playing it over and over again like it was my Job… I knew t his was CRAZY…. That song was around before I was….. It all makes sense now…. I googled the lyrics and BAM…. I got it?

  4. Hi, I recently read about entities that feed on human negative energies. Apparently these feeders manifest themeselves as voices in your head.

    So, I told myself I’m gonna rid myself of these feeders.

    The next morning I woke up with the song “I’m gonna be around” by Michael Learns to Rock. Been doing that for several days now.

    It seems to me that when I’m awake, these entities talk to me through songs but when I’m at the point of waking up from sleep, I can hear them as child’s voices.

  5. Hello,
    I honestly don’t know why I keep hearing Brian Mcknight song”Anytime”. The lyrics I keep hearing is “have you ever think about me in time, come back to me, come back to me, I miss You, I miss You…I can’t get it to stop, and I trying to figure it out, where it’s driving me insane….anything you can tell me is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  6. the same part of the Song Such Great Heights by Iron and Wine, when he said ” And True it may be a streach, but its thoughts like this that catch my troubled head when you’re away , when I am missing you to death, the last part keeps going over and over in my head. Wasn’t even thinking about this song, just popped in..

  7. I am in the process of healing my son from schizophrenia. I was afraid to take the first step and didn’t know what to do and I kept getting Van Halen’s Right Now. It’s that magic moment do it right here and now. It means everything. My ex busted his door down w righteous indignation and snapped him back to reality. Each day since Huey Lewis and the News song The Power of Love, comes into my head at certain times and I will know exactly what to do. He needs physical touch and words of affirmation. He’s really coming around. I don’t believe in labeling people with mental illness or any illness. That limits the outcome!


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