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Have you ever wondered why you see repeating numbers or angel numbers? Many of you see repeating number patterns and sequences like 46, 147, 000, 1010, 111, 11:11, 12:12222, 333, 444 555, 666, 777, 888, or 999 and wonder what the relevance is for a certain situation in your life. You might also know them as angel numbers and found my website on your search for more information about the numbers. Understand the bigger picture about why you see repeating numbers patterns and sequences so you can step into your soul level gifts.

The Bigger Picture Around Why You See Repeating Numbers

What I want you to do now is take a look at the bigger picture behind those cryptic messages within the number patterns. Seeing repeating number patterns gives you clues to actions aligned with your soul level self and gifts. Each of the numbers resonate to a unique energetic vibration. Your personal vibration allows you to connect with some numbers more than others.

What happens is we get so wrapped up in the search for more information on what a specific number means we fail to see the bigger picture. You might worry whether a certain number is positive or negative or that seeing that number indicates something good or bad will happen for you. That bigger picture includes looking at why you even see the angel numbers at all.

Why you see repeating numbers pattern or sequences…

  • It gives you first an indication you have a level of awareness where you can have a larger and deeper connection to Source energy.
  • It indicates your soul is ready to heal current situations so you can align to your larger purpose.
  • It indicates you are ready to take new actions toward your dreams, desires, and goals.

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Deceased Loved Ones And Angel Numbers

Some of you have asked if a specific number like 444 represents confirmation of deceased loved ones around you. They could be and perhaps for some of you that is all the number meant at that moment. However, for others a deceased loved one might be a messenger showing you an alternate path.

So, think about what you were asking at the time you saw a certain repeating number. Were you just asking for confirmation about a dear departed soul or were you asking for help and guidance in some other life area?

From my own experience, when I see repeating number patterns and sequences it confirms a choice I was considering was in alignment with my highest path and purpose. I have experienced many points along the way where confirmation came in the form of repeating angel numbers. When I saw them I had a deep inner knowing of the next steps I needed to take.

What Stops You From Listening To The Messages Within The Numbers?

Say for example you ask your guides for a sign about leaving your day job. You might see 111 or another number within minutes of asking for a sign. See this as your confirmation and for me it resonates to a yes. The thing is; many people stop right there and then ask the same question the next day or week. You can end up in a perpetual cycle of asking questions but failing to see the bigger picture or take any action. You can feel trapped or that you have limited ways to accomplish your new goals.

What happens along the way is what we want and where our passions reside get bull-dozed over often due to fear, shame, guilt, and blame.

Your belief system may be such that is difficult to believe you can have all that you dream of having. You might end up thinking you have to settle for the life you have created so far. You can think bigger success is for someone else. We tell ourselves things like that to cover up the wounds, sometimes so much we can believe it for years.

Understand by doing that you put a mask over your true soul level gifts. When years pass and that mask stays on, it can take deep healing work to peel back all those layers. Think of peeling back the layers of an onion.

When I work with clients we look at your soul level gifts and energetic misalignments in your way, which keep you moving forward with your goals. We peel back those layers and begin healing those past and present life situations. Once you have a clear understanding of the energies behind your choices, you can see what you need to do next. We also talk about what those next actions steps might be for you.

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7 thoughts on “Why You See Repeating Numbers | Intuitive Journal”

  1. On occasion I have always seen repeating numbers – particularly 1.11 and 3.33. But recently I have had 3.33 and 4.44 come up on my clock just when I looked up.
    Also when I purchased some Christmas presents last week and in this included my weekly purchase of lotto tickets, the total came to $555.55. I was born in 1955, and the current big draws for Oz Lotto and Power Ball are $15 million and $10 million – all of which are divisible by 5.
    My mother is convinced that 5 is a lucky number.
    Can you advise if this all means I may soon have some good luck in Lotto – I really need help in the money area as I currently am keeping 2 households going and subsiding my brother’s family as he is unemployed.
    I have had to use my own savings which I needed to pay off the mortgage and my mother’s own debts which is now in shortfall.
    I look forward to your advice.

  2. I have being seeing the time as 1.11, 2.22, 3.33, 4.44, 5.55 ect for over a month and previous to this I asked my uncle who passed to give me a sign that he’s in a after life. I’m also going through some major changes in my life, and I feel like this is some sort of positive communication, I feel like the energy around me has changed and It also did when my uncle first passed away. I feel like hes giving me some sort of energy, luck or a sign that I’m right in what I’m doing in my life. Or that everything’s going to look up for me in the future. Its slightly scary when I see these numbers appearing so frequently but I feel its for a reason. What would your opinion be?

  3. I deeply believe that these signs are real. I have been living through them for a while now. I was thinking about makeing a change in my life and i instantly saw 222 as the time on my phone. I know its the rite choice. Ive been introduced to my orbs and started to communicate with them. Its absolutely amazing. I would tell others to let the light shine and embrace it. Dont be afraid of good things and follow your instincts.

  4. From past 8 year I saw almost the number 32. Now its becomes more frequent that id almost 3 – 4 times a day. I need some help just to know what is the meaning of my repeating number 32.

  5. Well i had notice 12:22. sometimes this number has to seen on car number plate location sector 12,22 and so on even i had just check out score in cricket then i saw player has made 22 runs on 12 ball.


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