Spiritual Meaning of 777 | Angel Number 777

The spiritual meaning of 777 brings reassuring thoughts from your spirit guides that they are with you and you can now safely release your fears about whatever situation concerns you.

Find out the spiritual meaning of 777 and the symbolism and numerology of the number.

If you see these repeating numbers, your spirit guides and angels are trying to communicate with you. Read what they want you to know. I have also written about other repeating numbers like 46, 147000, 1010111, 11:11, 12:12222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 888, and 999 if you see those numbers as well.

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of 777?

Calm any fears you may have about what you just thought. The angels are here to guide you and help you. Ask them for their strength and courage. You are too concerned with the physical world at this moment. Let go and let your angels guide you. You are trying too hard to control things in your life.

Allow your inner guidance system to transform the fears you have, take a deep breath and know that your Spirit Guides and Angels surround you with love at this time. Release your fears to the Universe and then say thank you.

What is the Energy of Angel Number 777?

The energy of angel number 777 is like a big hug from the Universe. It is there to reassure you that we understand your fears and concerns. Your guides are sending you a message that it is okay to let the fear go and release it to your guides and Angels for healing.

The Meaning of 777 in Numerology

When you look at the number 7 itself, notice how it resembles a lightning bolt. This is a number representing flashes of insight, laser focus, and instant knowing. The number 7 opens toward the left, which allows us to look at our past choices, but points to the upper right which, gives you the opportunity to look forward toward the future.

The number 7 asks you to look at your past choices but not to dwell on them. When you look at choices made in the past, ask yourself what insight you gained. Use this information to move forward to the future.

When you triple the digits to 777, it appears as a reminder to ask for help from the angels and let them guide you to discovering new insights.

Seeing 777 In A Dream

If you see 777 in a dream, ask yourself what you might be fearful of doing or saying. It is reassurance that you can step into your big goals and dreams. The Universe has your back.

Do you keep seeing 777? Leave a comment below.

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89 thoughts on “Spiritual Meaning of 777 | Angel Number 777”

    • Hi Justin,

      I don’t see 777 quite as often as other numbers. It comes and goes depending what is going on in my life.

      • I Saw the last name Rodriguez before I saw 777 in date form 7/7/07…what does it mean if I saw the last name before? I can associate my self with the last name and I know who it was referring to. THANK YOU!

        • Hi,
          I wanted to reply to Laren message.
          just yesterday was my birthday 07/31/1977 if you add 3+1=4 1+9=10 divide 14 break it down 77 even my social breaks down into 7s the number 7 revolves everywhere in my life.
          What caught my eye is Laren seeing Rodriguez my last name and on 7/31/2017 breaks down to 7/7/7. I was shown in dream that on that year of my life Powerful things and blessings will be poured out. That’s how I found your webpage searching for more meaning of why 7srevolve in my life.
          I will be gladly to respond anyone who has had any other visions. Please what ever you can share with me about my life revolving around 7s I will be very grateful. Thank You! Peace & Love God Bless!

  1. Thanks. Are you planning to do spiritual numbers for 111, 666, 999?

    Maybe even combo numbers like 123, 798, 919, etc. And Individual numbers 1, 2, etc.?

    Just wondering. Thanks again.

    • Hi Susan

      Yes, I will be writing about the other numbers over the summer. Perhaps even a few of the number combos.

    • thank’s for this website , i really needed that . wheeew i thought i was going looney for a bit , but i also have been seeing the #s , 211 & 911 . how can i or can you explain this to me .

  2. Hi Laura, I love seeing 777 and I saw a lot of these numbers after my son was born. He was born on 7.07.07 at 7:07am 🙂 He was my angel, who came to me in flesh. The general message that I got from him being in my life is to keep going with my spiritual path and not to hold on to things too tightly. I love it when my guides and angels communicate to me through numbers. They can always get my attention that way.

  3. Hello, this is driving me crazy but I can’t find any info anywhere else. I keep seeing numbers that read the same forwards and backwards (414, 343, 212, etc) and my birthday numbers 328. Does this mean anything? I was born at 3:43pm.

  4. Hi,
    I’m from Sweden and until 2 years i never would have believed in these kind of things but like i said 2 years ago it started i see the number 777 everywhere at first i just saw it as a number that strikes me as unusual but as time goes and I’m seeing the number more rapidly i started to wonder Whats the meaning of this, this year 2011 i lost more than many do in a whole lifetime but when my love Elinor left me i broke down and lost hope for everything, i still wonder today why all this happens to me why do i deserve to be punished like this, and the numbers keep showing but now they are changed at first i noticed that i haven’t seen 777 for a while(i still see it but not that often as before) instead i see the numbers 77 and 44 everyday almost everywhere i turn and i don’t know what it means!!!

    It feels like a countdown of some kind, so please if anyone has some inside info of this please tell me, i really need to know whats going on, i can’t sleep can’t eat …i miss my girl more than anything and all i hope is that these numbers has something to do with this and that everything is going back to normal again, so please anyone…help me with this

    • Frank,

      I want to to first say that most light workers, star seeds etc. will see repeated number signs. Seeing numbers are a way for you to be comforted. Although, you are no longer with your girlfriend it is possible that your relationship with her was an assignment in a way, because if you are a star seed your were brought to this world to change it for the better and this can happen in many different ways. It is possible that you were meant to bring light into her life, or teach her something. Please know that your purpose and the love you give is much greater than you realize. Ultimately, you will love again and when this love is aligned with divine will it be like heaven and you will know, so far you are making judgments by what you have experienced, however love is in your life in every moment it doesn’t leave you, be grateful for the love you can give to this world while you are here and do not worry about love you feel you lost. Actually, you didn’t lose it, be glad for this beautiful experience it is preparing you for the future. Life is eternal, infinite, things are circular please continue to grow, learn and love. Do not grow bitter about feeling you lost something instead challenge yourself to grow and continue to love and in your soul you will be filled with joy that is and always has been with you. It comes from source something you are not separate from, so please continue to do all you can for others and have movement in your life, because once aligned with your divine purpose break ups, job loss, grieving will not shake you like this has. Once you cultivate more wisdom the less you will suffer, and your hardships is how you obtain that wisdom. You are wonderful the way you are, please keep striving.

  5. Frank, I see 77 all the time as well. I see it everyday, esp when I go shopping (shopping is an addiction for me & I’m in a program to help with addictions, because I also had problems with pain medications) anyway, I typed in “meaning of 77” in google on the internet back in 2009 and found out that if you number the alphabet a=1 b=2 etc. that the word c+h+r+i+s+t= 77. I believe that when I see it, it either means that God is here to comfort me, or to tell me to reach out to him instead of my addiction. Even if you don’t believe in Christ (I wasn’t sure if I did, or even still do. My spirituality is growing) it still has a meaning on this earth that its God. So when you see 77, I believed for me that God’s there comforting me!! He’s there to comfort you in your times of need, and even not. He loves us and god is amazing!!!

    Lena, that’s so amazing that your son was born on that day! and at that time!! wow. On 7.7.07 we went to the horse races and i never go there, still never do, it was just a place i met a friend. my son came along & due to the fact that the #7 has been and is in my life a lot, since I was 7 actually, I had a feeling something was going to happen. I bet on the trifecta, that horse #s 3,5, & 7 would come in, in that order. then I went out and sat in the grass.

    I looked down and found a 4-leaf clover & son found one too just a bit later(probably 7 sec! lol) and we went in and got a card to tape them to. then watched the race & won. went back to the window that we got the tape and card, and the guy was stunned!! then, about 2 years later, when my odometer changed to all 7’s 77,777 , i was driving in front of the horse races!! my name = 7 my life path # is 7, first spiritual exp when I was 7, we live at the 7th house down on the right, and ive lived there since i was 7 (moved out for a bit, but moved back in with my elderly mom), my birthdate = 7 (in numerology)…time i was born & weight also.

    Then when I got into my program and when I reached out for help for the first time, called someone while driving. she said ‘you just need to let it go’ I looked up and saw “letitgo” on the lic plate in front of me. and then she said “you just need to believe” the truck with that lic plate moved over to the right lane, and in front of him was a black suv with the plate “believe” the ‘god shots’ are awesome! when your in a spiritual program or just living a spiritual its amazing what you see. your’e looking for god, and he (she, it) will show himself (herself, itself) to you!! praise god!! god bless!

    • Hi Ronni,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your experiences. It is nice to meet you. The part about “let it go” is wonderful!

  6. Hi Laura,

    For 2 years I have been seeing one number separated by another, e.g 151, 252, 858

    Even just one second ago before writing this, I generated a report and the number was 11,8,11.

    Is there a meaning to this pattern as it is the most consistent and prevalent one.



    • Hi Moda,
      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you!

      Hmm… interesting pattern there. I cannot say I have ran across that pattern myself yet. If you don’t already have it, I would recommend a copy of Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers 101. I think that will help in knowing the meanings of each number and may help you in putting that puzzle together. I wish I could be of a bit more help to you.

    • Hi Zackary,

      Welcome to Intuitive Journal. It is nice to meet you! I hope the post answered some questions for you.

  7. hi, i had a dream earlier today whereby people were talking about hurting me and in the process i saw “77”, later in the dream they tryied to rob me but i fought them. it seems like i missed the other “7”. thank you a lot for interpreting the numbers for me!

  8. Hello
    It all started last year around this time. Every time I look up at the clock the time was 10:10, 11:11, 12:12 am and pm Then 2:22, 4:44, 5:55pm. I could feel something was happening with me spiritually but i don’t know what. I mentioned this to a close friend and was driving with her and saw 111, 222. 333, 444, 555 on 5 different licences plates in a 1 hour time frame and she freaked out. I have seen triple numbers on a licences plate from 0 to nine in the last 3 weeks and an average of 2 triple numbers a day. So I would love to know what the meaning of all this is as these numbers have been appearing around me so strong and bold. I wonder! Someone please enlighten me.

  9. Hi 🙂 Myself, my partner and other members of family – whenever we look at our watches, clocks any objects that tell us the time, it is nearly always something 11. eg: 5:11pm or 9:11am or 3:11 etc. Why would this be. We do it so often, now we just think – oh gee, what a suprise!!! lol 🙂

  10. 777 has a deeper meaning. It represents UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

    it breaks down to the number 3

    666 on the other hand means DUAL or BASE consciousness, the Failure to reach unity consciousness. It breaks down to the number 9 which is the number of ego.

    The #9 added to any other number never changes the original number

    4+9=13+4 etc..

    so adding EGO to any situation never changes the situation.


  11. Oh and another interesting property.

    if you MULTIPLY 9 with any other # you get the number 9.


    so multiplying Ego to any situation just gives you more EGO.

  12. Hi, I was in a 6 year emotionally abusive relationship that I cannot seem to let go. He has finally found someone else and the past few days have been the hardest in my life coping with it all. I was showering and on the glass I saw 777. Can you please tell me exactly what it possibly means for me? I am rock bottom and trying to find some hope.
    Thank you 🙂

    • Paige,
      I believe that was God telling you to turn your life over to the higher power YOU believe in. We hurt in this life, and we go to God for help. Then, once we start feeling better, we forget God. My opinion was it was God saying ” I’m with you now, and will always be, but don’t leave me because I can help change your life so you don’t make the same choice in relationships, so that you can feel not only ‘okay’, but UNBELIEVEABLE” & its miraculous when you DO live your life with God daily!!!!!!! I’m in a 12 step program. GREAT for ANYONE! Not just addicts/alcoholics. its a MIRaCLE because you see those signs ALL THE TIME!!!

      So, in my situation, I would be hurt by a guy I was in a violent relationship with, and every time he hurt me emotionally, physically, or mentally, I could always count on seeing a ’77’. I’ve had 7’s in my life always (see my responses above), but this was when I first started seeing the double 7s. I typed in Google to see what it meant and came to a sight where a man said if you # the alphabet A=1, b=2, c=3 and if you take the word C.H.R.I.S.T it = 77.. I don’t know what I believe in yet. I am just spiritual right now,but I know that Christ means God. It was SO AWESOME to find this out. the man i was with didn’t seem too happy. lol but then he didn’t believe in God anyway. He’s sitting in prison for 14 years from the things he did to me on 8/13/12. what else was weird was the relationship only lasted 8 months but I dated him 5 mos prior and knew i shouldn’t go back.

      When I contemplating on starting the relationship again, my son and i were playing cards and I asked ..”okay god, if i should stay away from him, show me a 7″ and then the next card i flipped over was a 7. I asked if i should let him over here to play cards, if i shouldn’t show me a 7, and it did. If I SHOULD just play cards with my son only show me a 7, and it did. it was weird, but all the questions I asked were showing God that I was relying on Him for an answer (faith), and he delivered because God meets us where we are at!!! He knows I LOVE THE #7, and He shows me 7s’. It was weird cuz even tonight while sitting in Wendy’s drive thru, my odometer had a “77” in it.

      I got my food, drove off, got down the street a little and fries were cold, so i turned around and went back. once at the window to get new fries, my odometer had “777” on it. keep up the belief in a higher power & you are going to LOVE IT!! God rocks!! I’m so glad you got out of that relationship!! Now, i would suggest to get with yourself and god and get well, (treatment, counseling, discover who you are and love yourself) because we aren’t well, or we wouldn’t pick men like that! Now that you are free, you have a CHOICE!! 1. To go back with this guy or pick another man just like him which then you choose to be a victim, OR discover who you are, find what you love and seek out a beautiful life for yourself!! God bless you Paige 🙂

  13. Hey Laura,
    I was seeing triple numbers all the time now I am seeing 101 202 counting upward to 909 10:10 and then we start 111 212 312 etc. do you have any ideas about this.

  14. Hi Laura,

    I was born premature at seven months on the 7th of July (the seventh month) 1992 .
    Also, my name is Jodie that means “Grace of God” and my middle name is Siobhan which means “God is Gracious” The day on which I was born was a Tuesday and according to the nursey rhyme “Tuesday’s Child is full of Grace” and my mum’s name just so happens to be Grace. She never knew of the meaning of my name. Jodie came to her in a dream and she loved the name Siobhan after she saw a girl with that name in the paper while she was pregnant with me. People think I’m lucky but I’m not too sure that it’s true. Is that all coincidental or not? I’d love to know. Thank you. 🙂

  15. would you please send me the 15 page book on repeating numbers, it keeps telling me I am already subscribed. I need that book bad! I have not subscribed that I am aware of but truly need that book. I even dream numbers. I am being told something but I can’t figure it out. Thank you in advance

  16. I have had two recent dreams where the number 17 was clear in onevandvthe number 777 in the other. These dreams woke me up and I couldn’t return to sleep.

  17. I draw disabilty and it use to be 666 then it went to 777 and now it is 818 my DOB is 7/27/1957 this is driveing me nuts frist the 666 then the 777 now 818 and my DOB 7/27/1957 whats up with these numbers?

  18. My mother passed away a few weeks ago, she was one of 7 children, she had 7 children. She was scared to die and told me so the last day, she was concerned about caring for our disabled brother and how he would handle it. I had one brother in flight from another country who is serving in the military, she was holding on for her 7th child to arrive and say her goodbyes. The morning she passed I went to get breakfast, my total $7.77 – that evening the lotto 377, my older brother bought 7 scratch offs, the 7th one had all 7’s but the prize was minimal. The day we buried her, my other brother went to the store, his change, $7.77 – over that weekend we squabled over what to do with her estate and living arrangements for my handicapped brother, I was sad over us fighting. That Monday, the 7th day since her passing I went to get lunch and my sandwich, chips and water came to $7.77 – after reading what it means for 777 and the spiritual connections I have more resolve than ever that I am doing what she would want me to do. I have a sense of peace like she has never left me and that my strength is coming from her. What a moment when I found out that I heard her message.

  19. i constantly seeing double number repeating, some days all the same, somedays days not but always they are the same like 33.11 or 11.11 or 11.44 and similar. i lately see number 10.10
    some times 3 different grab my attention in particular througth or incident can give me some feedback

    • I have not written specifically about that. So, ask yourself where it fits into your life. Is there something you are considering changing? For me seeing any repeating numbers are a “YES” from the Universe to take a particular action.

  20. Two days ago on the 17th I went and purchased a mega millions lotto ticket. Upon coming up to a stop sign I noticed the license plate on the vehicle ahead of me, “Former Prisoner of War 777.” My grandfather was a former prisoner of war whom we lost almost 2 years ago. My grandmother passed on her birthday January 17, 2007. This year has been great so far with numerous positive things happening. Recently went to see a medium who told me she sees my wedding and I need to focus on self-love so that I draw someone to me. Since then I’ve focused on myself and believe the 777 affirms I’m on the right path and more miracles/positive events are about to happen.

  21. ever since i was a child my favorite number was 777 and very time i spend my normal days i always see does numbers what does it means?

  22. Hi Laura
    My date of birth is 777(25/07/1978) means 777.unfortunately this year my birthday 777 again
    25/07/2014.i love meditation,love god.can you please explain me about 777 meaning.love u xox
    Jyoti Sharma

  23. From past 3 years the no. 797 keep on repeating before me, even when i try to ignore, it comes before me in one way or another. Their are lot of complications in my life right now and so many questions unanswered. So i am very desperate to know the spiritual meaning of this no 797.
    Thank you.

    • I just dreamt about this sequence…797.
      I think it is for healing. I saw it in crystals and pictured near the head. I think it is for healing a broken heart too. This is my interpretation from the dream.
      Would love a concrete answer as well.

  24. Hi
    I just had a dream about someone who was to come marked 777. It got everyone panicking and wanting to do a last thing. It’s creeping me out. I badly want to know what the dream meant.
    Please help.

  25. Hi,
    Is there something to do with a person who’s name, when counted, consists of 7 letters of forename, 7 letters of middle name and 7 letters of surname ?

    thank you

  26. The prevalence of number 7 has been with me from birth. I don’t understand it.
    My house number was 77, born on Dec. 7th, phone number was ####773, mother’s plot number is 77, (she died when 77), street name and city had 7 letters.

  27. Ok I am so glad I read this. I have been having anxiety and big problems dealing with a situation I am in right now and haven’t been able to find an answer. I saw 777 in my dreams, in a book I am reading for school, on pieces of mail, just now on a billboard on my way to work… It all started about a week ago and now that I know it’s a “hug from the universe” and everything will be okay, I feel better. So thank you ☺️

  28. The numbers 8 and 9 are constantly in my life. They appear together or important things always happen to me on a 8 or 9th day. All important documents have these numbers together 89, 8998, etc. Every where I turn I see these numbers.

  29. Thank you very much Laura for sharing this information. Today I saw 77.7 on the thermometer in my home. Blessing of love and light as you continue to help us all remember who we truly are. Eugene

  30. My life path number is 7, expression number is 7, and soul urge number is 7. 777 I wonder if that means anything particular?

    • Hi Amy,

      The number seven represents lightning insights, secret knowledge, spiritual power, and universal truth. I would say that having those three all reducing to seven is something to pay attention to. Triple number 777 is an intensification of the individual number.

  31. omg laura

    you have not idea how accurate and timely this message was. everything that has been going on in my life came to a head last night and i asked universe/god for a big hug. then i read that 777 is like getting a big hug from the universe..

    not only that just before i read about numbers 777, i looked across the street and there is a sign that reads, KIP 7770.

    ya can’t make this shit up… lol

    bless you too with a 777 universe hug.. love to you..

  32. Hi , I have been seeing the number 7 everywhere and I’ve had occrances that happen on the 7th of certain months and I recently realised that my house number is 7 I got Baptist on the 7th of March 2015..what does this mean

  33. Want to hear something funny? My 77.7 comes up in my weight. I have been losing weight steadily for a little over a year since I left my husband. Like all the many synchronicities that occurred to confirm I was on the right path – like moving within five minutes of a testing center for massage therapy before I even knew I could still take my national exam – I finished schooling when my son was conceived….and this is a fear lol -and one I finally voiced out loud yesterday and admitted fully to myself.

    I know I want to take the exam – the one to get licensed – not to do Swedish but to be able to move into modalities I am pulled towards..like movement therapy, yoga massage and combining it with guided imagery/meditation and hyno and sound therapy but we learned the body from the cellular level up and now taking the huge – and expensive test feels daunting…though I did very well on tests during Massage school. I fear my soulmate whom I feel is very near by where I moved as well may be lost to me this life.

    It too seems seems to confirm things as I know how to eat and knew all those years from marriage – but even before I incorporated more exercise the lbs melted off. So far I have lost about 40 or so lbs. Again since leaving. Depending on where I would gauge starting as I used to vaccillate between about five to eight or so lbs. So 40- 50. Slowly as it should be.

    Anyway first, my scale somehow turned to kgs recently. No idea how to turn it back. Second I weight my son and he is the same weight he is at the doctor’s – he goes on a regular basis and I will weight him before going…

    And I have been losing once again – my weight hangs on when I don’t eat – yes I did this alot when with my husband – when in pain or stressed and when stressed I am in more pain I will stop or not eat as much but much of the time I was eating as I should. So I have been losing steadily again for the last month.I am on the right track with eating regularly. But sometimes my weight goes up just a little bit now and again. . And yes I am weighing each day which, as someone who used to be in weightloss for my paycheck – I am aware its optimal to either weigh once a week or be aware its not really about the numbers on the scale but what they are made up of. Of healthy I am in what I take in and the energy I put out in movement.

    . Anyway, recently my weight will go up to 77.7. Like today. Yesterday I was 77.6. Before bed. And the day before. Usually when this happens I will, randomly weigh myself later and find I am down again – late in the day. I have only recently started seeing 76 first 76.9 then 8 lol etc. Before I was going down in the 77’s. And sometimes going up to 77.7 then going back down. This is a week or so.

    So am I weighing in my fears or my inner strength? Maybe I am being told to lose my fears and find my strength about Love, my son on the spectrum, and my career which is halted completely right now – my sis and sis in law want me to take time to heal completely phsycially and spiritually etc. But its scary since I am on my own, a single mom in a state I don’t really have a lot of contacts. lol I write this in the three oclock hour in which I have been waking for months. Oh wait I’ve been up for about 35 minutes lol. I sat down here at the computer to see if what spiritual significance there might be to the numbers 77.7 on a whim.

  34. I always see the number 7, 9, and 13 repeatedly all day. Rather its on my cell phone, dash board, thermostat, etc its always there. Along with repeat numbers 444, 777, and 999 also 1313. Could you shed some light on this in your opinion? i love to hear others thoughts as insight. Thanks peace and love.

  35. Hello!Lately,I always seen repeating numbers 333,444,555,777&888.So,I started to research and gather some information.Every meaning I found was very true and based on the emotional and spiritual feeling I am experiencing now:-(.All the repeated numbers that I saw from the clock Everytime I glance or check the time,on my phone,receipts or even in the cash registers.It might be customers change,their balance or how much they saved.Honestly,I deactivate my facebook for now to have a soul searching…&I really believe that my angels are trying to communicate with me coz there are times that I am feeling so low…;-(

  36. Hi Laura,
    Im a number 7 girl, to be precise.my dob is 16/07/88 which means 777.i was born on saturdaywhich is the 7th day of the week.im the 7th kid of my generation from maternal side,amusingly,also the seventh girl in my boyfriend’s life.

    Another number which has been important in my life is 11.I had my first menses on 6/11/99(11×9) at 11 am when i was 11 years old.My academic grades also improved then and i started coming first in school exams,all by self-study coz i hated going to school evryday.i also received some sort of spiritual awakening at this age,and my thought process changed as well.I also made another academic achievement in 2011.Room no. 209 has been always lucky for me which again adds up to 11.

    I wana know how to interpret these two numbers in explaining my life purpose and future events.please do explain.
    Thank you.

  37. It started with “77” and then “777” came into my life. I see it everywhere. For instance, I replaced my tires and my odometer had “777” in the total miles and my tires came to 777. I see it in licence plates, on shipping labels, product sku’s, building numbers, house numbers etc.

    When I see it I take a picture of it. I get excited! I really feel guided. Today was the first time feeling sick about seeing this number. My boyfriend of over a year now has a life insurance policy with his ex-girlfriend who he broke up with 4 years ago. She is the mother of his two sons so he never cancelled the policy.

    I don’t really believe in life insurance and I think he shouldn’t have a policy on her. I was going over the policy and was in shock because the last 4 digits of her social security number contained “777” I don’t even know how I feel or know what this could mean.

  38. My bank account number ends with 777. 777 is also the winning numbers in a slot machine. Is my economy just a gambling thing? It feels that way.

  39. I’ve been seeing 777 and 77 show up all over the place. It even showed up twice sandwiched in the middle of my account balance in my checkbook… wild! Whenever I see it, for some reason I feel instantly at peace. It still fascinates me how this stuff shows up right at the right time 🙂

  40. Namaste

    Thanks a lot for your interpretation, this really came handy when most needed.i was about to breakup my relationship of last 8 years due to some nonsense reasons and just before breakup we both were having fantastic time , i dont know what stupid nonsense reason clicked my mind and i opted for breakup and was about to confront her. I met her told her , she cried & pleaded and i was standing there like a stone and went away, on way back to home i started seeing a massive sequence of 7777,7700,0777,1777 . I was literally bombarded with these sequences of number 7 until i realised that stupid nonsense reason was nothing but just my fear , fear of future , what will happen with our relationship in future and next day early morning i searched for number 7 and came across your interpretation. That was really mind blowing.it was the perfect exact missing piece of puzzle which i was looking for.Thanks a lottt and tonn for your help. May god bless you with lots of love

  41. This year I will be 33 on the 9th month of the 17th day of the 17th year and I am the 1st born of 7 kids. I have 17 letters in my name and coincidently I have 7 tattoo’s And on my birthday it will be 9:17 am then pm. Just thought I’d share a series of coincidental 7’s. No biggie

  42. I seriously had no idea what 777 meant but within the past few days I’ve been doing a lot of research on to let go of control to the universe and stop focusing on the results that I want. So I have been working really hard to do that. I’ve seen so many multiples of 7 this week and I’ve read a lot about 11:11 meaning something so I thought maybe the 7s might mean something to. So I was super shocked to read what it meant and it made me cry knowing that my spirit guide (s) is trying to tell me to tell me this week to release my fears to the universe and trust that the universe knows what is best and knows the best timing for everything I desire.

    Mind blown.

  43. I recently had a dream pertaining these numbers 777. I dreamt having a 5 Rand coin, the last money I had with me. There was some sort of a machine(not really a slot machine or an atm but it was more of a chance machine if I may say). So, I had one chance to put the coin in, the coin went in and for a second it seemed like I lost my only chance, but to my surprise the coin fell back and rolled on some stairs and the heads side of the coin was facing up. It seemed in the dream that indicated that I have another chance at the machine but I had to tun this time, as like a challenge. So I quickly ran as fast as I could but it seemed I ran slower but in the end I gave everything I had and finished the race. There was a lady who announced and said I came out 7th in 7 minutes and mentioned another 7 but I for hot what it was for. When she finished announcing, I had won large amounts of money – there were even guys called out to come take all the packages of money i had won. Well to my interpretation i believe I’ll be a wealthy man.

    Oh and before I had this dream, the other day I had told my parents that I have decided to quit school and pursue my ideas. They tried to talk me out of it such to a point I thought I am making a wrong decision

  44. I had a dream the other night and distinctively remember the number 777. It was my credit score in my dream. My credit score is way off from that in real life. I just cant get out of my head that I distinctively remember 777. It was reappearing the entire dream. And it was big every time it showed up!

  45. I love the numbers 777 and see them a lot. They are associated with Michael Jackson and those who love him often see the 7s. It is a way in which he continues to say hello… many events in his life occurred on a 7 day and he had the numbers sewn into some of his clothes.


  46. Hi Laura, yesterday i saw the nos 777, 888 and 999 on 3 different car number plates in a span of say 1 minute, would you explain.

    Looking forward to read from your end.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Niyeti,

      It is nice to meet you! Thank you for your question. Seeing three different numbers in rapid succession is definitely a “YES” answer to something. Did you make a mental decision to do something? Often when we make a decision, even if we haven’t taken action on it we can receive feedback in the form of repeating numbers. Your Guides want you to know you are ready to take that action. Think about what you were thinking about right before you saw those numbers. I hope that helps you out.

  47. Hi Laura my birthdate is 7/7/77 so yes I keep seeing these numbers does this count<? I mean would that be considered a reoccurring number slide since it's something I use on like a daily basis. Please let me know the signifigance of these numbers in my life if you have any answers for me… thank you. Sincerely, Darlene

  48. I so feel the same way. I was born 3/7/77. And I see 3’s and 7’s everywhere. I see it in my dreams, lic Plates, my name, phone number, and etc. I’m a very spiritual person. I always wanted to know what it means. It feels good to know the understanding. God bless

  49. Hi, Lauren.

    Last night I dreamed about a boa constrictor being fed itself and seen 7777 in four squares and I was thinking about my son in my dream. I have been worried about him.In the dream when I seen the sevens I thought of heaven and that God was telling me the problem is taking care of itself. I woke up and the clock said 2:39am. What do you make of t?
    Thank you.

  50. I see 777 consistently, as well as the other numbers 333, 444, 888, 1111.. all of them.. they are just the ones I have seen more than once in the last 24 hours.. I also see 11’s.. e.g. 911,811,711 etc..
    My numbers game is strong lol!

    Still working out what it all is. sarahyip.com has really helped me so far…
    as has this one.


  51. Also, Thankyou so much for helping me to understand, and increase my awareness and perspective on these topics.
    Appreciate It very much

    Cheers ❤

  52. I see 77, 07 and 17 on a very regular basis. The number 77 at least a few times per week. Albeit, my sister died on 7/17/77 the same year I graduated high school at 17 years old, some 41 years later I continue to see these numbers often. Your thoughts?

  53. My bday is on the 7th day of a month. I have two sons and both were born on the 7th day as well, but different months and years. I have always thought because of this we had an even deeper connection with one another. Is this a silly thought or could it be the universe let me know that these two souls are truly what gives me strength because that’s how I have always felt. that maybe there is a more powerful meaning behind it.

  54. Letters of my name are 777
    The numerology of my dob is (11,11) / 22
    I have other strange #s connected to me like
    666, 77, 44, 1444, 101, etc.

  55. Strange things going on. Numbers, not that I call the numbers strange. There is a fishier I saw, hard to explain looks like water, perhaps a glass, moving, looking at me. No fear completely calm. No negativity. Trying to figure what it is. Saw it once. While visiting daughter. I am clairvoyant and 3rd eye is open. It’s looks kind of like a puddle of water standing up. And help or advice. It’s perfectly safe. No fear. Been traveling and when home will look into it more
    Namaste 🙏


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