Divine Timing and Repeating Numbers

Can seeing repeating numbers be a sign to get you to notice divine timing? Read about my recent experience and how it played out in everyday life.

Many of you have emailed me asking what you need to do when you see repeating numbers. Here is one account of how I have incorporated them into my everyday life.

Note:  This article was originally published October 11, 2011 and has been recently republished.

Seeing 555

Early Sunday morning I woke up out of sound sleep, rolled over and saw 555 on the digital clock. Hmm…

Divine Timing And Repeating Numbers

The day proceeded as normal until early afternoon when I was preparing to go grocery shopping. My son and a friend of his told me the were going to bicycle over to his house. They left the driveway and headed in the opposite direction. This wasn’t sitting too well with me and I went out to the road to see which direction they went.

I continued to get my list together and as I headed out the door, my son’s friend whizzes by on the sidewalk with his bike. I got him to stop and asked where my son was. He stated he was up ahead and they were racing to his house. I couldn’t see him ahead, but it seemed they were both fine.

When I went to the car in the garage I found that it wouldn’t start. I kept turning the key and it just didn’t have enough juice to turn over. Finally it did.

Crisis Averted…

Just at the point that my car finally started, my son pedals into the driveway, fairly shaken up because he didn’t know where his friend had gone. I was able to be there and comfort him and told him I had talked to his friend and he should ride his bike over there while I went shopping. Crisis averted.

I had been letting the car idle in the garage for about 10 minutes or so. I turned it off, started the car again and all was well, it was running fine. Thankfully I completed my grocery shopping without incident. On the way there I was thinking about the incident and wondering if it was divinely guided that I left later than I had planned.

A car drove past me with the first three numbers of the license plate being 111. Asked and answered.

On the way back from my shopping, I was thinking about the earlier situation with my son again, wondering if it had all been set up so that I could be there for him. I realized I had got into the wrong turn lane as I needed to stop somewhere else before going home, so I turned around in a parking lot and saw another, totally different car with the first three numbers of that plate begin 111. Asked and answered again.

My Take on Divine Timing

I am very grateful to have still been at the house when my son needed me. He would have been fairly worried if I had left only a few minutes earlier and there had been no one at home, even though he knew I was going shopping. I strongly believe that divine timing (the notion that everything happens at the exact right time) played a big part in that.

Sometimes there doesn’t have to be a big earth shattering reason to see repeating numbers. You may have even found this post a bit boring. This is one way that I incorporate the numbers into my everyday life as to be useful.

And yes, I will be getting the battery checked out, because that is just being sensible.

Do You See Other Repeating Angel Numbers?

I have written before about other repeating numbers like 000, 111, 11:11, 12:12, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999 if you see those numbers as well.

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24 thoughts on “Divine Timing and Repeating Numbers”

  1. What does it mean to see numbers that are the same forwards and backwards? (818, 343, 212, many combinations). I keep seeing these numbers, and I don’t know why. I was born at 3:43pm. Could there be any relation to birthdate and which numbers one repeatedly sees?

    • Hi Brandi,

      When you have very specific number sequences like those you mentioned they have more of a personal meaning to you and not a one-size fits all explanation. Yes it is possible it is related to birth dates and times.

      The best thing to do is to ask your own guides what they mean to you personally. I haven’t delved into specific number meanings like the ones you mention.

      Doreen Virtue also has a book available from Amazon called Angel Numbers 101 that has specific explanations of individual numbers.

      • Quite often I see the same number. For almost 2 weeks, I kept seeing 007 or 700. I still don’t quite know what it means. I do have Doreen’s book Angel Numbers 101 and I live by it. I don’t know how many times I will see the same number and realize, ok, guides I see it and I look up the number – and WOW it applies to what I was thinking about. Thank you for this post as I was thinking about “divine” timing today!!

  2. I didn’t find it a bit boring, actually inspiring, because I was wondering the samething. I usually see repeating numbers but then nothing different happens. I even get the number letter combo, rarely can figure out what it means. — I was going to the store one day and I was driving along saying positive affirmations and I must have been more on them then anything cause I came up to a light behind this one car, looked up and saw the word “focus” (model of the car) and I am like focus on what? Apparently it was the fact that I need to acknowledge that cause nothing happened that day.

    I’ve been trying to do this manifestation and it seemed like no matter what or how long its been nothing, there might be an occassional here or there, but I would get numbers that come up that my prayers were manifesting rapidly, in the 11th hour, imment, etc but a week goes by and nothing, then I get a number saying change is happening if you have fears give them to the angels. I had no fears but I felt no changes. As soon as I thought that I would start to get antsy, power of suggestion? I don’t know or maybe forwarn and it kicked in.

    Course my problem on this is when you look up manifestation there are like a whole bunch of you can and can’t do and then contridictory do this, think this, visualize this, etc, then you read another will say do the opposite of that. Or this is what you can manifest (anything) but you can’t manifest this (exclusions?). — So I prayed, I talked to my GA and all I get is “in the fathers time it will happen” I am like thank you and thinking I hope my clock isn’t off cause four months really lol and you’d hear a light chuckle.

    So I knew I owed this guy an apology for some bad info I got anyway I asked if I should go over there give me a good clear sign I can fully understand (as I am logical to a fault I need the billboard, write it out full in a text if necessary) so I stop behind this other car and I read the letters on the plate EDJ I am like okay turning right. The letters go in line with my landlords initals, who is also this guys friend and who introduced us. LOL. I went over there, strangely the guy wasn’t home lol.

    So last night I am trying something new candle scrying (sounds fun) and I ask the angels to help me, I put the wax into the cool water and it forms an answer for your intereptation, I wasn’t sure of it, but what the heck, and sure enough I had a rose, a heart, I think its a seal or sea otter, a circle, dots, etc now I just have to interept what they mean.

    But going based on the energy vibration using a candle as well I carved the name of someone into a red candle just to see how they felt about me, (see man need apology) and this flame it was odd I was talking to my angel when I said I am worried about this guy, and suddenly I would ask a question and the flame had a yes/no response, even circling and such and it’s almost like you could sense what it was saying. — Don’t know if it was my imagination but I checked my text messages as he hadn’t picked it up in days, and found that he had about an hour earlier at 9:43.

    I got no response back but when I was real worried I asked them to calm my fears and help me to know all is alright, but I felt a little calmer but no answer, then my text msg goes off and in it, it reads. “Hey. got it working” at first I was like great who are you lol. No response back tried the number didn’t recognize the guys name. But I took that to mean that the angels are working on it and they are starting to get through to him. Might be wrong but I don’t know.

    being objective Laura is there anything you’ve read there that tells you if it’s my imagination with all of it or if its something thats happening.
    I have asked this with no response from my angels, other then “in the fathers time” how do you know when a manifestation is going for or against your favor, and how do you know when it has completed? Like I said I’ve been doing this four months and there are days that it feels like it’s close and others it feels like umm not that close. I don’t let it get me down I just wondered what you knew about manifestation and what you can an can not manifest. And I read a bit about it on here, if you plan to expand on that.
    There are so many contridictory information that honestly I ask the angels, I go with my gut and maybe take bits an pieces of what I’ve read that seem to make sense. I tried the LOA website, they are controdicting themselves on what and how to. SO I gave up on them and do it the way I feel. If you like I could further explain what methods I am using maybe others can use parts of it to help them.

    Thanks for the story and I am glad your son is okay. BTW why did his friend do that where it left him shaken up? a boys will be boys thing?

    • Hi Susan,

      The candle scrying sounds quite interesting. I have not tried that yet.

      In regards to my son, yes it was a “boys will be boys” thing and more of a miscommunication between them.

      I really think you are getting some positive intuitive hits. I do understand it can be quite frustrating when it seems to be hit and miss, as though there are pieces of the puzzle missing.

      I think it may be more about letting go of the outcome. We always seem to have a specific outcome in mind when we set an intention, but the Universe does not necessarily deliver it to us it the way we expect.

      I have read some books and blogs on LOA and manifestation and wonder myself about what I am reading. I have to think more on that.

      • Yeah at first I tried the scrying and I was relaxed and I suggest the first time you do it, use a white candle (you don’t have to dress it or anything and its sort of multi-purpose if you will) write your question down, meditate on your question for a few minutes and then light the candle wick watch the flame take in your energy (and I am guessing your question) and then with a shallow bowl of cool to room temp water, start dripping the wax into the bowl of water and do that for a few minutes, then blow out the candle and watch as the wax takes form in the water and see how its fitting your question. I have had roses, hearts, circles, etc. Like I mentioned above. then remove them dry them and I put them on like a paper plate and I really look at them further incase I missed anything in the water, and the symbols (even in clumps of wax) have something to say.
        I once thought how is this related to my Q and then I realized as I was walking away another question I had asked myself earlier was just answered sometimes its the subconsious bringing up the Q if it’s more important then the one you orginially asked or it could be part of it. Had that too. Sometimes I do it just to have fun (I get the candles at K-mart for a small price most times on say really good price (all sizes) and since you don’t bless or dress them you can reuse them for the samething.) It doesn’t even have to be a serious Q, maybe in your case what is my son doing right now, you do that look at the symbols, intuit them and then when he gets home ask him see if they match lol.

        As to the manifestation when I do it, I always leave the ending as a sort of to be continued if you will, sense I can not predict the outcome I will let it trail off for lack of a better word lol. Then I give my thanks and my graditude and send out what I call my heart becon think heart shapes like sonars lol. with X’s & O’s to everyone.

        LOA drives me crazy sometimes, I have tried to do it their way and it was like I was going backward everything was turned around so I fineally told my GA and G’s that ya know I can’t do it their way, I don’t feel comfortable and it feels like some major malfunction going on here, how about this way and I get this happy feeling. Guess they like that lol. — Also there is a saying I seen on another site, that I won’t name (cause the site is okay on somethings others it will depress you can be perky till the cows come home and nothing in your favor) that you might try it seems to bring me a little peace. — “I Now Have Great Faith That, ________ Is Manifesting In My Life Today, Right Now At This Moment!! Quickly, At Rapid Speed!!” — After I do that you can sort of feel it. Just a little help for those out there and something telling me to post that lol.

        But I am glad to hear your son was okay and it wasn’t serious. But yeah let me know after you’ve thought more and if you want to know more about the scrying, I will be happy to let you know what I’ve found, and it can be fun even for kids (supervised of course) to do to help them if they feel stressed.

        Let me ask this one last one, we are all connected to those who pass through our lives and remain so as long as we live. But what about giant pulls. That guy (the i own an apology) I felt this pull to him like an amped up vaccume lol, and no matter what there is no way of cutting it off, its like right in the middle of my chest you just feel this (not tugging but yanking) and a sudden feeling I can’t explain comes over you. It’s always there even when I am going about my day and he isn’t near me, at all. — Now granted I’ve been manifesting and praying with him in mind but not so that his free will is interfered with, but rather ask, give opinion, or suggest (leaving him to accept or reject at anytime) healing and opening his heart to all kinds of love and support (he’s had many losses and problems). But never do I say anything that suggest he looses any control or is made to do something.

        Somewhere along the line I would love to discuss with you the term and feeling of free will. And the controversy and many different discussions/sides of it.

        • Hi Susan,

          You may consider getting a reading from me in regards to your questions about the guy that you an apology. There are many different ways we can be connected to other people from past lives and we can also clear them when they do not serve us anymore.

  3. Funny – again, a timely post for me! (Your recent one on yoga/psychic abilities was also timely for me.) I have been seeing repeating numbers for a couple of months now, daily, multiple times a day. Usually it’s the clock 111, 1111, 222, 333, and sometimes 555. Usually 1s and 3s though. Sometimes it’s an address, a license plate, or a receipt total.

    I’ve noticed repeating numbers in the past, but never thought anything of it other than co-incidence. Then I started to pay more attention this year because my older sister mentioned she’d been seeing 555 a lot (which means “big changes”, according to some reading I’ve done) right before a terrible family tragedy happened. It was definitely a big change for all of us, especially my sister.

    In your post you mention that the repeating numbers are signs from your guides or angels, answering your questions (and perhaps giving warnings). I am now going to pay more attention to what I was thinking (or asking) right before I see those numbers because I have been asking for signs from my guides but thinking that I’m not really “getting” anything (I’m still new to this). But now that I put the pieces together (prompted by your post), I realize my overall problem is that I’m still not clueing into the signs when they come right out and bonk me on the head! (Which is actually what I’ve been asking for from my guides. I now consider your post yet another bonk on the head!)

    Funny – I woke up this morning and one of the first things I thought was that I don’t remember seeing any numbers yesterday, the first time in a while. Now here’s your post!

    The strongest signs yet that guides/angels are listening/responding happened on my birthday a few days ago, now that I think of it. My partner and I were driving around doing errands, and my mother phoned my cell phone to wish me a happy birthday. While I was talking to her (my partner was driving), I glanced out the window and saw an address: 5555. My mother turned our conversation to discuss the tragedy, which is still very much on our minds and we talk about it a lot.

    It’s important to note here that all of my family are now trying to tune into our psychic abilities – we are converts thanks to a wonderful psychic/healer from a local First Nations tribe (aka Native Canadian) who came to the house during the tragedy to help us, out of the generosity of her heart. She saw a location, described it perfectly, and a few days later that’s exactly where we found our closure.

    Back to my phone call: my mother and I then began discussing our progress on honing our psychic abilities. She is a bit further on than me because she’s been studying astrology for a number of years. She told me she’d just done a couple of aura-reading exercises and had some success, and recommended I try them out. Just as we were wrapping up our conversation and saying goodbye, I looked at the clock on the dash: 3:33pm.

    I am now officially listening. Thank you, thank you, thank you, guides, angels, and Laura!

    • Hi Judy,

      I am glad to hear the post resonated with you and thank you for sharing your stories. Many times I also need bonks on the head to be able to see what is right in front of me. 🙂

  4. I have been seeing triple numbers for many years. The number eleven always resonated with me. My birthday is on the eleventh day and I was also born at 11:01. The fun actually started on my 18th birthday when the apartment numbers fell off right next to me as I walked by and the numbers were 111. I saw it as a sign that meant something but I never knew what it meant. I used to see 11:11 and 1:11 all the time for years on the clock, and would be surprised by it. I definitely noticed it! Around six years ago I saw 1:11 and 1:11 or the numbers 11, 111, or 111 many times, in several different places. I was in a relationship and the other person began to see the numbers too.

    Finally I had an opportunity to google 111 and to my amazement, a lot of people see 111!! I looked up all the other triple numbers and now I experience patterns of different triple numbers.

    Last year I was seeing 222 and 333 all the time and it meant something personal for me because I was making health decisions and felt confirmation and secure in the choices I was making. I’ve been seeing 444 and 555 a lot this year and there has been definite changes in my lifestyle and I’ve made considerable progress in my goals to become healthier and make good choices, like college and releasing negative people from my life. I still have some people in my life that I need to let go of.

    Sometimes I wonder if it’s supposed to go in order or something just because the numbers are very persistent and seem to be coming in order, but I haven’t read anything about that. I also try not to use the exact interpretations word for word from what I read on the internet but add some personal meaning, although the interpretations are accurate for me. I haven’t reached out to angels, but I do feel there is a special reason I’m seeing these numbers. The last few weeks I’ve been seeing 555, almost everywhere, and sometimes it makes me a little nervous. It was rare to see it on license plates but now I see license plates, prices, and on the clocks at different places I go.

    I’ve often told myself I’m looking into it too much but I’ve also had times where signs were obvious. I once saw two cars passing by, both license plates started with 777. I don’t remember when I was thinking about but that’s another number I see sometimes.

    I really hope the 555 means something good, I’ve been wanting big changes in my life and have been feeling like it’s time to begin making them. I feel there is a correlation as I am uncovering secrets about my family and there would be no way anybody would ever tell me about it. This knowledge affects my life, directly, and I needed to know these things. I am so thankful for the triple numbers! They really give me a sense of being on track! Thank you for writing the articles!

    • Hi Laura,

      I am glad you found the articles useful. I love what you said about the apartment numbers falling off next to you! That was certainly a sign!

      I have not had any experience of these numbers being shown to me in any specific order. I think 11:11 and 111 are more noticeable and that is why many people see them first. After you accept seeing those numbers, I think you are able to start recognizing the other number patterns so they become more useful. I think it has to do with different levels of awareness.

      Using your own personal interpretations of the numbers is perfect. No one person writing about them can say that there is hard and fast interpretation that means the same for all. The meanings may have the same general feel, but it really is your own personal interpretation that counts.

  5. Hi Laura,
    I have been seeing those repeating numbers for years. And yes, I get quiet inside and begin to pay attention as to what the message may be trying to tell me.

    You are right. Sometimes it is small things and not necessarily life altering events that are being called to our attention.

    • Hi Justin,

      I think we get a bunch of small hits for a while, more as practice before we are shown the bigger intuitive hits. Its all about trusting the information we receive.

  6. Wow Laura…never thought of receiving small hits first before bigger intutive hits. That makes a lot of sense. Earlier this year there were many times I saw 111 and 1111, then for a while 333. Funny, when I have seen 333’s there was something going on with me physically, mentally or emotionally. Recently I have seen 444’s. So I will stop,listen and connect to find the meaning behind the numbers.

  7. hello thanks for all your amasing articles they have helped me to understand and have given me lots of peace, I continually see 11 not just 11:11 or 1:11 but random hours on the 11 minute like 2:11 or 7:11 10:11 a couple of times a a day also lots of purchases for example $20.11. also my birthday aadded up is 11 my sons birthday added up is 11 and my son was born two months early on the 11th of may. I just always see even 11 on its own in the most random places. seeing so many 11’s has my mind wondering and thinking that this could be a warning sign or negative sign because I see it so often. is this a warning sign from my spirit guides or just a sign they are with me. hopefully u can give me some insight

    • Hi Megan,

      It nice to meet you! I do not view the number 11 as a warning sign at all. I view it as a reminder to stay positive.

      According to Doreen Virtue’s book Angel Numbers 101, the meaning of 11 is the following: “Stay positive! Your thoughts are materializing rapidly so you want to ensure positive outcomes by focusing only on the good within yourself, others, and this situation.”

      I hope this helps you out a bit.

  8. Does anyone know about 143, I always see 143 with the divine timing symptoms. And I feel something whenever I see this number.

  9. Hey would you please tell me the significance of seeing time always as….. 01:01 or 02:02 and so on and almost all random situations aur hour , i see most of the times the clock reading repitative numbers as i had earlier mentioned…….could you notify me sooner ………..

  10. I see 66 all the time, since it’s close to 666 it really worries me as I seek to be a give of light and love. What does it mean for me? Thanks for your help.


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