Angel Number 1111 | Find out the Spiritual Meaning of 11:11

spiritual meaning of 11:11 - angel number 1111

Find out the spiritual meaning of 11:11 – A conscious spiritual journey and spiritual awakening for lightworkers. Are you searching for the meaning of 11:11 because you keep seeing repeating number sequences? Here are some thoughts on what this number means.

I have written before about other repeating numbers like 46, 147, 000, 1010,  111, 12:12, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999 if you see those numbers as well.

My Experiences with 1111

Do you keep seeing repeating number sequences like 11:11 or wonder about the spiritual meaning of 11:11? I do, and I have for the past year or so, since about January 09. It was quite puzzling to me in the beginning, but also fascinating, so I began to do some digging via the search engines and in books to find out as much as I could about this strange phenomena regarding the 11:11 time prompt.

Pay attention to the feeling you have when you see 11’s or double 11’s. You may begin to realize the significance behind the numbers in your life, others just dismiss it. If you pause momentarily every time you see 11’s then they most likely do mean something to you and you might want to start to pay more attention to what you were thinking about when you saw the numbers.

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So Why are You Seeing Angel Numbers Like 11:11?

Ah, the $100,000 question! It seems to be the burning question on everyone’s mind these days. There are literally dozens of possible interpretations of why you are seeing these numbers or symbols. I think it is an individualized message that you need to interpret for yourself.

Many theories I have read seem to think it is a sign of something bigger than all of us together. It may just be divine intervention telling you it is time to wake up from your lifelong nap and discover a new perspective on your reality and truth. It could also be a sign from your angels and spirit guides that they are trying to communicate to you. No one seems to have a definitive answer, at least not yet.

Here is a brief list of possible ideas and theories that I have ran across:

The Spiritual Meaning of 11:11

a wake-up call and spiritual awakening for lightworkers
possible mission
call to action
finding balance in life
heightened awareness and consciousness
related to December 21, 2012
activation of previously encoded DNA
Time prompt
digital clock digital code
earth angels
greater reality
spiritual wisdom
A reminder from the Universe
peace and harmony
connecting to the unknown
creation of synchronicities in your life

I think to me seeing all these numbers are a validation of my thoughts and I should pursue them and that they are on track with my highest path and purpose. My thoughts at this point involve quitting my full-time job to be able to work on my web sites full-time instead and make a full-time income from these web sites that I own.

(Update:  This post was originally written in December of 2009. For those of you that wonder, I did leave my day job in June of 2011 to do full-time work as a professional intuitive.)

Angel Number 11:11 – A Wake-Up Call To Action

So, yes I believe that 1111 is a wake-up call to action. Also, I do not feel I am alone in this conscious spiritual journey, and neither are you. You are able to see 11:11 because you are ascending to a higher level of awareness and consciousness within the 4th & 5th dimensions. You are capable of higher levels of communication with the angels and now it is time to practice kindness, compassion, and healing for others and yourself.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject! If you keep seeing 11:11 leave a comment below.

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  1. My birthday is 11 11 77
    I’ve always been different than MY family but never knew the numbers had something to do with it. Many people tell me im lucky to have those numbers as my birthday? Is there a relation?

  2. i see 11:11 all the time……i’ve always thought at the time, and say out aloud, without hesitation “”11:11 an angel just got it’s wings! i also believe that when a bell rings….an angel gets it’s wings. …..have fun…love annie xx

  3. I started seeing 1:11, 11:11 a lot, nearly everyday in the Spring of 2016. At the time, I was trying to find the right stable to move my horse to. I was pondering one that was 1.25 hours from my home, but only 10 min’s from my summer home. I felt these numbers were a gateway into something better and to take the chance of moving the horse to the new barn. I was nervous as to whether the new stable would do what they said they would do in caring for the horse… I feel they were positive numbers telling me to go forward and move him there and all would fall into place. It did! Not only is it the perfect, caring place for my horse and I, but many good fortune, positive events took place in other areas of my life, after the move. Like the 11:11 numbers were showing me the way and urging me to take the first step. It was a great step!!

  4. I started seeing 111 and 1111 not that long ago, but can’t say for sure when it started, because like so many others, just thought it was a coincidence. Recently, it seems to be speeding up, seeing the numbers almost every day. I think it’s nice that even though we aren’t all 100% sure of what is going on, we all seem to agree that it is a positive thing. I smile when I see them now, but will start paying closer attention at what is going on at the time. I welcome this experience, especially if it’s spiritual, and what else can it be?
    Another strange happening is going on and may be totally unrelated, but started about the same time I started seeing the numbers. It really bothers me driving down a road and seeing trees down going every which way and leaning on others and the woods just being a mess. (I live in the country). I make comments to my husband and he thinks I’m looney tunes. He just laughs in a kind way, but it bothers me to see this and know nobody is going to clean it up. It’s crazy, even to me. I explain it away to myself that God’s world started out perfect and I see the imperfections in nature, just like we see the imperfections in humans. I think he’s right, I’m looney tunes. However, the repeating numbers I’m going to look into more thoroughly because it’s very interesting and I feel we are all privileged to be seeing these. 🙂

  5. Hi there,

    I just hapenned to see for the first time on my computer at work the 11:11 number and I felt really happy, I felt as all my wishes have come true ( in my mind I thought iam free at last)…

    Now after doing some research on the web i am starting to ask myself what it could mean…what do you think?


  6. I have for a few months now seen the numbers 11.11 and often wondered the meaning of this.Sadly my mother passed last week on October 30 and as my sister arranged the funeral date had no idea when it would be.I have with my sister been clearing my mums belongings this week and today while having a sit down in her kitchen saw the numbers 11.11 again told my sister that this happens often lately and was shocked to learn my mothers funeral takes place next week on the 11th day of the 11th month.

  7. I for a long time now look at the time on my cable box and see 11:11 that is also my oldest daughters birthday. I also see 1:11 alot. I offen wonder if there is a meaning to seeing these numbers all the time.

  8. Hey Laura! My name is Jeremy, I’m an artist by the name Mizkonduct. I just wanted to connect because your numbers and my numbers are always in sync! Every time I see certain numbers, you post the next day that same number!! It’s really been a mind blowing experience for me and so enlightening! I love what your doing and I also want to quit my full time job and pursue my artistry full time! It’s much more than this…it’s so deep sweetheart! Everyone is being negative since this election and I’m over here fighting with my light! But I been damaged to my extent and lately I just been feeling drained and numb. Your emails inspire me to keep going and your light you shed shines light on me. Thank you for that boost….I know I’m an earth angel and you must be some of the similar sort because we connect in the earth frequency. The Mind. Feel free to email me…have a blessed day

  9. Thanks, Laura…. I have noticed 11 all my life… so great to get this message from you today and remind me that for me it means to stand in my power for all the souls I have come here to serve which is healers claiming their power fully… and probably more 🙂

  10. Jes i do see these numbers for the past year 1111 i see more and more i think i am missing something in the big pitcher im trying to find out what and ho i am and what im doing here on this earth

  11. This has been happening for a few years now – 1111 and I was born on 11/11 …I see it in lots of forms, letter box numbers, clock (mainly), I thought initially it was because it was my birth date…but it is too random…I tend to see it in lots of forms… and I do notice it comes stronger at different stages…but I ignore it and think …wow that’s cool there is my old friend 1111 again saying howdy LOLA :-)but it has a calming effect on me when I see 11 or 1101 or 1111

  12. My birthday fell on Easter in 2011, and ever since then I keep seeing repeating numbers. I’m definitely not a complete believer in all this spirituality thing, but it’s starting to get annoying and almost disruptive. It happens twice up to 4 times a day now. The same repeating numbers 1111, 555, 2222, 1212. My children are so sick and tired of me pointing it out when it happens, it’s become a non-event. It’s gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. Does anyone know how to make it stop???

  13. Hi Laura it took me very long time to understand why I always see 1111 now I know and accepted my roll and I am accrending it sounds crazy but it’s not I am talking with my friends mom she died 2 years ago she gave me very accurate information about my freinds life it’s was really nice but she keeeps on repeating mmm. MMM can you help me to solve this thank you

  14. Great information.
    I see 11.11 few times a week.,how is it possible to determine what it means.thanks.

  15. Hi Laura (& Friends)! I too have been seeing repeating numbers (555,444,11:11, etc) for the last year and almost constantly lately. I saw 11:11 on my oven this morning and instantly went to check my email (thinking… I bet I just received an email about this, as I have with the others) and the 1st email was this one about 11:11!
    Reading some of your replies, I see that I’m not alone in this. I called an old “open” friend to see if this was happening to her and she said “I haven’t but a medium friend of mine in Texas has been asking people too”.
    I know a huge change is on the way for myself and the planet, but wasn’t sure if it had anything to do with that (thought it was personal at first, but maybe not). I’ve told a couple of “closed” friends about it, but got the usual raised eye-brow of disbelief, lol.
    Just thought I’d share. Wishing you all a wonderful day and prosperous 2017!

    -Troy F.

  16. Hi. I have been haunted by 11:11 for the past four years and searching for answers. I started to see 11:11 on my clock before my husband got killed 4 years ago. I would wake up at night at 11:11 every night for about a year. my husband got killed 7/11/13 and I am still seeing 11:11 and sometimes 9:11. I don’t know what this means and searching for answers. I am glad I am not alone in seeing this sequence.


  17. I started seeing 11:11 back in the 1990s and it was indeed the start of a spiritual awakening – although the path was hard!

  18. I see 4:44 and 11:11 a lot. I read both of your spiritual meanings to them but am not sure what to do from there. I am 18, going down a really bad track (suicidal, depressed etc.) but also am very interested in the spiritual world, including the demonic world, not in like a creepy way, I just believe in it and have experienced things.

  19. I have searched and read many articles on the meaning of 1:11 and 11:11 and they all say the same thing… That they are divine numbers and have to do with synchronicity… For me when I see them the most(recently)is when I’m thinking or texting a certain person…But I wonder how me communicating or thinking of the person and seeing the numbers connect… I would love to know your thoughts on this…

  20. Hi Laura,

    I’m so glad I found this site. I’ve been seeing repeating numbers beginning with 11:11 and 1:11 for over a year and half. It began when I reconnected with an old flame. He and I have since parted ways, but I continue to see the numbers. Lately, it’s been 4:44 and times ending in :44 and :14. I do notice I tend to see them when I’m really stressed (I’ve been over the fire with financial and career-related stress) or when he crops up in my thoughts. Other times, my mind is clear, but those moments still seem frozen in time until the clock changes. I’m trying to connect the dots, but the only thing I can come up with is there is still a ways to go with my personal issues, and I’m going trough a full scale spiritual overhaul. The guy I can’t explain, other than my guides wanted me to reconnect with him to jump start my spiritual evolution.
    When he and I severed ties last summer, the raven came to me as my spirit animal in the physical manifestation. I see them everywhere I go, to the point where I can get close and they hold my gaze for several minutes.

    I apologize if that sounded disjointed. I’m still putting it all together, but I thought I’d share my story. Thanks!

    1. Erika,

      Thank you so much for sharing your journey!

      Pay attention to those stressed moments – like finances or career. What are you thinking or wishing about when those stressful moments show up? It could be an indication of a new path for you.

  21. Hi myself and my wife had twin girls on 11/01/11 Millie was born at 01:11 and Maisie was born at 01:13 we had room 11 in the hospital, Millie was born with a lot of difficulties so she spent 11 days on the neo natel unit until being transferred to a specialist hospital where she was on ward 11 and guess what bed 11 until unfortunately she passed away two weeks old we have a lot of other 11 coincidental moments in our life since the girls were born still trying to work out if it’s lucky or unlucky

  22. Hi Laura
    I finally decided to Google so I could find any meaning to the numbers 11:11 and 11:22 that I have been seeing for about two years now, and there it is – I am not the only one! I’m really glad a lot of other people can relate to that too so I don’t think I’m a weirdo. I’m an old soul and I am very spiritual and I love abstract things more than I love the things I can see with my eyes. I’m glad I bumped into this site as I have learnt a lot from it. Can I ask what 11:22 means ? Now I see it as much as I see 11:11. I’ll keep searching for the deeper meanings of life because I know there is more to my existence here on earth.


  23. For the past few months I have constantly looked at the clock and I always see 00:00, 13:13, 11:11, 22,22 when I play darts I was getting 11, 22 & 33 that much in a game that I decided to look it up. Once I did it stopped, now again, I am constantly getting 22. It’s driving me crazy …

  24. I just don’t know how to say it!
    Hey there
    I’m 21 years and I’m a boy! I leave fall away from home so for the past few months I have constantly looked at the clock and I always see 00:00, 13:13, 11:11, 22:22 ,12:12, 01:01……
    Being honest I’m really scared!

  25. I ALWAYS just so happens to look at the clock at 1:11 or 11:11 am or pm always wondered why…

  26. First of all, wanted to say thanks for those awesome articles!
    Now I wanted to say that 11:11 is the regular thing for me to see this. I see this 11:11 everyday for YEARS and YEARS…I cannot say how long it had been, maybe since high school (I graduated high school in 2002)! I don’t think I even miss one day of seeing 11:11, I never understood why (and still don’t)…

    I asked few people and i got this: Oh make your wish at 11:11!! Ha, so I hope that i might get some answers from you on this? oh From comments I saw, so I assume I am encouraged to say my birth date which is 02/27/1984 I

    always read or study many spiritual things, and i never got around to finding out about 11:11 until now! I hope to hear from you! Not that I complain that i see 11:11 everyday, even twice a day as it is a comfort to me now, but its nice to know the reason!! OH yes maybe its helpful if i say that past the year, I returned to my artworks and started to paint or draw without thinking.. its amazing to see what’s in there after i finished!

    I even didn’t realized that I painted some symbols that were related to Lemuria (that I found out their meaning AFTER I painted then happened to come across online) which was surreal! anyway so whats up with 11:11

  27. Laura,

    I have been aware of the meaning of 11:11 for a few years now…although I wondered about the number 11 for many years. (Took me a long time to wake up!) At first when I shared my insights with my husband, he dismissed them. But now, when we travel — we see the number 11 and 11:11 very often and we pay attention to what we were discussing at the time. This past weekend we were on our way to our cabin in the north woods and we were discussing the first chapter of Diarmuid O’Murchu’s new book: INCARNATION (copyright 2017). The author was saying how the young-adult age group of 20-35 are having the most difficult time navigating through life more than any other age group at any other time period in history. It was at the point in our discussion we noticed 11:11 on the dashboard clock!
    WE have 2 young adult children — ages 24 & 27 who are really struggling to find their way (and a lot of this is due to the fact that our oldest child, a son, passed 5 years ago in a car accident at the age of 24). As we continued our discussion — we saw 2 young eagles in front of us! They were not babies, but young adult eagles — not quite with their full white head and other adult markings/colorings! We took that as a sign for our 2 YA children.)
    THEN….when we arrived at our cabin about 30 minutes later (we have a small wildlife lake and we are the ONLY people on this lake as it is surrounded by DNR and State Land.) …we were greeted by 11 (yes eleven) beautiful white swans on our lake! We have owned this property for 3 years and have never seen a swan on the lake before! They stayed for about 2 hours and then they gathered gracefully, flew in a circle around the lake and left us. It was the most spectacular display of beauty ever! This gave us so much hope for the future of our family as we are still trying to heal from the loss of our son/brother. Your website was very helpful and may God & the Angels bless you always~ Christine

  28. I love reading about other’s experiences with repeating numbers, especially 1111. I have been experiencing this for about a year or so now…and was so happy to read about the meaning behind it.

    Since then I’ve been seeing 222s, 333s, 444s and 555s frequently. I lost my father and brother before this started and I started thinking it was them trying to communicate with me. Not sure, but I always take the time to acknowledge and give thanks for these “messages”.

    I have also been on a path of personal and spiritual growth and searching for a greater meaning of life…what is my next step as a 53 year old woman–newly sober and spiritually tuned in. I’m excited for the next chapter of life and know that it has to do with being of service to others.

    I read with interest some others comments about wanting to be a guide and light for others…I ask my higher power to help me be the best person I can be, to help others and to make a difference every day. Happy to be on this journey with others!

  29. For years I use to wake up and look at the clock to see 11:11 It was a combination that stood out to me, I always felt it was speaking to me. Then while I was in school for Art Therapy, I kept drawing the #3. In 2008 I gave birth to my Daughter at 11:11pm, she changed my life for the better and I often call her my Angel. Later, in 2012 I had twin boys, bringing my number of children to 3. I do believe in signs and omens, I often dream about the future and then watch as it happens.

  30. Hi, and thank you for this article. I recently discovered I am a lightworker and have been seeing 11:11 for years! This past year I had a calling to start my conscious work as a lightworker and am so excited for the journey. Nice to meet you, I will be following your blog!

  31. from 6 months i am seeing 11:11 and 111 continuously, not able to decode it, every when i see 11:11 and 111 i will be thinking different different things

  32. I have always on and off seen 111 and 1111. A couple days ago this subject came up with seeing the numbers. Funny thing my bday is 11/11. So for the last couple days I at least 2 or 3 times a day see 111 and 1111. I’ve googled and have read serval opinions but I’m still feeling I’m missing something.

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