How To Use Repeating Number Patterns To Your Advantage

Have your struggled to make sense of repeating number patterns like 222, 333 or 444? Find out how to use Angel numbers to your advantage. Some time ago I wrote about why you see repeating numbers and divine timing and repeating numbers so you might find those articles useful as well.

When I answer questions about repeating number patterns on my blog comments or via email, the most common confusion about them is how to discern their correct meaning for a specific situation.

What I have found helpful along the years is to shift your thinking and remain curious. Here are a few shifts in thinking that will help when you see repeating number patterns.

Pay Attention To Your Intentions

The first shift is understanding how to move away from general intentions to very clear, specific intentions. So the shift is moving away from generalized thinking to very clear and specific intention setting.

For example, you might want a new car and you would like it in the color red. You know you want a newer model, but that is about all at this point. This is too general to be useful, because the pool of newer model red cares is just too large.

What would be better is narrowing your selection down to just one make or model, two at most. This is the point where what you want is so juicy and clear that you can almost taste it.

Thinking about exactly what you want every day will bring new opportunities on to your radar screen. When you are thinking about exactly what you want, you might find yourself thinking about getting approved for an auto loan. This is one point where you can get confirmation in the form of repeating numbers. You might also get confirmation after you have applied for an auto loan and been approved.

After all, you are just one step closer to your goal. Synchronicities might also lead you to another town that just happens to have your specific model on the lot. So, if you get an intuitive hit to take a weekend drive to a town you don’t visit often, pay attention and follow those signs.

The point is to be as specific as possible. When you are, that is when repeating number patterns will make the most sense.

Listen To Your Inner Voice

The second shift in thinking involves moving away from consuming content and instead to creating content. And by content, you might think I mean something like this article. Actually in terms of repeating numbers, the shift would be stepping away from all external content resources we have available to us and stepping into our own minds for information.

Those external resources not only include the internet, but also well-meaning friends and family. Sometimes those are good starting frames of reference, but in most cases we hold on to those external forms just way too long and forget to use our own resources.

By going within ourselves and our own mind we can ask for what each number means personally to us. That is where the most useful information comes from, because it is at the level of the individual and it incorporates our personal experiences into the mix.

Take Action!

The third shift in thinking involves moving away from wishing and hoping and moving toward more doing. When repeating numbers show up, it can be from a case of wishing and hoping. Perhaps you want something to appear in your life and you set positive intentions to get it. And that’s a great first start, but if you don’t take actions of your own accord all those great signals from the Universe start dying off.

Basically you need to shift out of neutral and into drive. If you wonder why you don’t see repeating numbers after some time, ask yourself if you really took any new action steps toward your goal. You need to take the first action step, and then the Universe responds.

Most of the time we like to think it is the other way around and we wait for the Universe to bring us what we asked for. You could end up waiting a long time. The Universe actually works something more like this: Oh, you want that? Great! You get going and then we will send you some signs and signals to help you with course corrections along the way. So, that is why you need to shift your thinking from only wishing and hoping and into action and doing.

Do You See Repeating Number Patterns?

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