Can You Heal All Of Your Emotional Wounds?

Sometimes we think we have worked through so many old emotional wounds there are none left. We get surprised when we find more hanging around. Our days get back on track and we go about our daily business. Boom! We find ourselves dealing with a situation that seems too familiar and it becomes easy to get distraught.

I had one of those situations show up for me this week and I found myself revisiting some thoughts that I thought I had worked through long ago. But, there they were again; with the same feelings attached to them. When you have done a fair share of clearing work for yourself and things still show up, you can get a little bit disheartened.

Why Does that Emotional Wound Still Serve You?

That seems like a loaded question, right? The majority of you who read my blog have already done some type of self-healing work. You may have used meditation, inner child work, or other types of energy healing. When you have done healing and clearing work around an issue, and some part is still there it can be a blow to the ego. After all, we are all conscious and we know this stuff (or at least we would like to think so). Yet, some part of that wound is still serving you in some manner and is ready for clearing.

Layers of an Onion

The proverbial onion and its many layers come up as an emotional healing analogy. You may have heard this analogy more than you wanted over the years. Yet, it still is a valid reference to describe what happens. We allow ourselves to re-live and re-experience just so much at one time.

When we work through the initial layers of what is bothering us, it may seem like everything is good. Something else comes up and you start wondering if the healing or clearing work you did worked at all. It did work and was the exact thing you needed at that time. But everything is fluid and changing and you are now in a different mental space and able to peel back another layer of the proverbial onion.

What to do When Old Emotional Wounds Reappear

Acknowledge – Be present and aware of the feelings and situations that are coming up for you. Where do those emotions fit in your life?

Identify – Can you identify the patterns or beliefs that caused that issue to appear again? In many cases our actions, or lack of a specific action bring back those emotional wounds we thought got closed long ago.

Accept – We are on this Earth to have new experiences and those experiences round us out and make us who we are. Embrace everything about the situation and thank it for being there for you. Accept that you can learn more from the situation.

Forgive – With acceptance comes forgiveness. Forgive and be gentle with yourself.

Clear – Once a situation has shown up ready for clearing; you can go deeper into the onion and root out the core issue. There many types of healing methods out there and many different ways to go about healing emotional wounds. One way is through Akashic Record reading, which involves clearing homework to integrate the clearing energy.

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  1. Love it. I too had somethings revisit, I thought it was (for me to make it simple lol) a residue, dust bunnies that hid, dust that didn’t come out and I missed, or those dust webs, just when you think HA, they say not so fast there.

    I will try to write more but love this article!


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