Guided Meditations for Relaxation and Healing

Guided meditations for relaxation and healing allow you to reduce stress in your life, re-center yourself and gain back inner peace that may be escaping you during the busy holiday season.

I woke up this morning thinking about the upcoming Christmas holiday and once again wondering if I would be able to get all of the shopping, baking, visiting, and decorating done in the time line I wanted. I made a list of what still needs to be done and it is quite long. Talk about feeling tense and overwhelmed!

Christmas shopping in particular is something I don’t view as a lot of fun anymore because I find myself absorbing energies from strangers and come home totally exhausted. I know many of you have told me that you feel the same way. Gotta love being an empath! Thank goodness for online shopping!

Then there is also dealing with family and relation that you may only see a few times a year. Some you look forward to seeing, others maybe not so much. It all starts adding up to tense shoulders, raised tempers, and a feeling of not having control over a situation. Even in the best of families, this can still be a stressful time of year. Last year I wrote about forgiveness and letting go. A guided meditation can help you to do that.

Guided Meditations For Relaxation and Healing

Over time, I have come to appreciate what a guided meditation can do to bring stress levels into check. You can literally feel the stress leaving your body. I have tried out other meditations on occasion, some free and some that I purchased, but until recently hadn’t found any I really connected with.

That changed when I tried this free meditation.

Your Special Meditation Gift

Imagine if meditation was easy.

Imagine if you didn’t have to battle with a busy mind, and a restless body. Imagine if it took just a few minutes a day.

And imagine if it brought instant results — LESS STRESS, more happiness, greater focus, improved creativity — immediately.

Well — stop imagining 🙂

You see, today, I want to introduce you to an awesome audio meditation program, called Zen12.

Check it out here:

Free Meditation Audio

Zen12 gives you a full hour’s worth of deep meditation, all in just 12 minutes. It uses “brainwave sounds” to speed up the process, and it’s genuinely unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Personally, I love this audio. You just listen, and you experience the results. It’s meditation for the modern world.

Click NOW.

It doesn’t cost a penny, and I promise you’ll be amazed at the results.

(PS. If you want to try out the full program, risk-free, use the code VZ54YTD6 during checkout. That’ll give you $50 off any package you order.)


10 thoughts on “Guided Meditations for Relaxation and Healing”

  1. I love guided meditations! Will have to check this one out. Thanks, Laura!

    Btw – I’ve done 100% of my shopping online this year, and I couldn’t be happier! Yay to avoiding malls!

    • Hi Lindsay,

      The bulk of what I need to buy will be online, but there are still a few items to be purchased locally. is my friend around this time of year!

  2. All I need to do for my shopping is go to one place. They have these lovely angels their “Rose Quartz Angels” small enough to display or carry with you anywhere.

    ““Pocketful of Blessings” angels offer comfort to anyone whose heart has been wounded. Beautiful carved figurines are handcrafted from rose quartz, long believed to ease heartache, relieve loneliness, promote forgiveness and provide spiritual and emotional healing. Perfectly sized for pocket, purse or under pillow. Set of 2. Each 1¼”.”

    If anyone is interested in giving angels this is where I get them from you can go to then in the “keyword” type angels their $9.98 for a set of 2.

    When I buy due to the money situation I buy for couples (brother & sister in law), (sister & niece), etc. and if their single give them two they may need it.

    Will give the guided meditation a try. Sounds interesting. But right now I have to do grocery shopping which includes baking stuff, but I am not baking much this year, we all get together for a couple hours christmas eve, but christmas day they all stay home and its just me and my dad. So nothing big or fancy lol. Probably make nutrolls and cookies, for Christmas eve. Thats about it.

    Thanks for the link. and if I don’t hear from ya before christmas again Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays)!

    • Hi Susan,

      The angels sound very nice. I will check it out. Christmas baking is on my list for this weekend. I have about 4 or 5 recipes that I want to make. We will see just how many types actually get baked. Merry Christmas to you too Susan!

  3. Hi Laura,

    I have been doing some serious meditation lately and am beginning to feel the positive effects of this. Whenever I do this, I find more centredness and greater faith and clarity for the day. Personally, I think I can detect more ideas coming to me as well.

    But I am still unclear about what exactly meditation is. I have come to associate it as a process to think of nothing and clear the mind of all thoughts. Concentrating just on my breathing helps me be thought free. The occasion thought comes and I just blow it away. I adopt the maxim of emptying my glass for more enlightened ideas to fill. Is that accurate for meditation?

    If we do these guided meditations, I find that the talking really distract me from emptying my mind.

    • Hi Jimmy,

      Both types of meditation can be useful. I think it really depends on your personality and how you process information.

      Many people find just listening to meditation music is not enough to be able to center themselves and their thoughts run to what to cook for dinner to other endless unfinished tasks. Having a voice guiding you can keep your thoughts more focused.

      It sounds however, that is not how it works best for you. I have had equal success with voice and without on meditations. It really depends on the mood I am in and how frazzled I feel when I begin. There are days that simple music is enough and others when I really need the voice to focus my thoughts.

      I really don’t think there is any right or wrong way to meditate. If you feel more centered, clear, relaxed, and confident after meditating, then I think it has done its job, regardless if you use music alone (or no music at all) or a guided voice meditation.

  4. Guided Meditations are very helpful to reduce stress at this time of year which is difficult for so many of us, especially women. Also it frees up creative energy which I find particularly helpful to keep my mind open for my tarot readings.
    There is something wonderful about taking time out for yourself and just connecting with the universe like this. Don’t get too stressed out yourself Laura with all the baking and Christmas preparations! You are uniquely equipped to go into the holiday season nice and chilled out and centred!

    • Hi Dianne,

      Thanks for the positive encouragement! I love this time of year, but do need to take a deep breath once in a while to get re-centered.

  5. I totally agree that Christmas holydays can end up not so perfect as you wished they would be because of stress and frustrations. I have practiced meditation for a couple of years now and I agree that it is a wonderful tool to use to completely remove all frustration and just have a moment of peace. It also helps to clear your mind and not get so frustrated by these minor and unimportant things.
    Thanks for posting and have a lovely Christmas to you all!

  6. Thank you for a good post. I think more and more people turn to meditation as they see that meditation really works. There is only twenty minutes a day that is needed and the results are immediate. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is that first steps towards meditation should be taken with somebody who already is familiar with that relaxation technique. Later on it is already easy to practice meditation at home for instance.
    Best Regards


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