Create A New Reality | What Do You Really Want In Life?

Create a new reality. What do you really want deep down at soul level? Are you a vibrational match for what you really want and desire? Learn to recognize when your intentions and desires are not yet in vibrational alignment.

A few days ago I posted this on my Facebook page: “Isn’t it amazing that what you want most can strike such fear in your heart if actually presented to you? It shows you the vibrational gap between where you are and where you need to be in order to receive what you want.”

Create A New Reality

Earlier this week I had set a monetary intention for myself. I took out a notebook and wrote that intention over 100 times with fairly focused concentration and put it away and went on with my work.

The Universe Delivers

Within two hours I received an email from someone I had not met, but had followed on Twitter. The Law of Attraction does work! She had a project she was working on and wanted to discuss it with me.

I took a look at her site and my first thought was fear. Oh! This is big and real! I couldn’t do this! Curiosity got the best of me and my Spirit Guides said “just listen to what she has to say”.

It turned out to be something completely different from what I thought. Don’t you love it when you jump to mental conclusions before you even know any details?

I was thrilled to be asked and excited about the project. I really wanted to be a full part of the project. We talked on the phone and I learned the benefits and cost of being involved with the project. There were two options with different price points. I said I would think about it and get back to her the next day.

I was so excited to think about the possibilities of this collaboration. My husband and I discussed it that night and being the practical guy he is, asked me if my business could take the cost. After I pulled up the bank account I realized it would be more than I was willing to part with. Now, I know some of you are probably thinking “why didn’t you just charge it?” I had decided about a month ago that I would not be charging incidentals and I felt this qualified as such as it was an unplanned cost.

My Decision

I made the decision to go with the lower priced option. I will have to say I felt slightly disappointed by my decision, or I guess slightly disappointed in myself. Each was a good value, but sometimes things have to be passed by to have a bit more financial security, and this was one of those times.

There Are No Mistakes and Everything Matters

The Universe doesn’t make mistakes. You are where you are. Your job is to learn why, then you can move on.

So, what did I learn from this? I learned that my past fears and doubts I had about myself and what I could do have affected something I really wanted today. The Universe made it quite clear that this was a great opportunity. It was also made clear why I would need to pass on the higher priced option.

It has given me a clearer understanding of how you can so easily sabotage yourself when you think you can’t do something or refuse to leave your comfort zone, and how self-doubt and negative thoughts have a greater long-lasting impact than you may realize at the time. I was not in complete 100% vibrational alignment with my desires. I was close, but not all the way there and I learned everything matters.

What About You? How are you going to create a new reality?

So, what do you really want? What are you doing today, what specific actions are you taking to prepare yourself for the next opportunity (and there will be a next opportunity) for what you really want? I would love to hear your comments below.

By the way, I will fill all of you in on the project in a few months when it is released for those that are curious. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Create A New Reality | What Do You Really Want In Life?”

  1. I have left my comfort zone! It is thrilling, scary, I feel more alive, happy, doubtful, brave! I have always thought myself as not creative or artist, always the wannbe. I have entered the County Fair wreath making expo. I am too excited. KD

    • Hi Kathee,

      Congratulations!!! Thank you for stopping by. Yes, I would have to say I feel more alive and energized too, by what I experienced.

      The best to you at the County Fair!

      • I continue to work toward that goal everyday. I went back to school at 53 to get a degree in Investigative Forensics to help with my divine purpose which is working with psychic medium detectives to solve cold case murders and then write boks about them. I work full time, have a disabled husband and write until the wee hours of the morning to get it all done. My ultimate goal is to do this fulltime and have it support us.

        Keep inspiring me!

  2. Is it possible to use LOA to re-attract back someone, without interfering with their free will, knowing that they have feelings for you, feeling that they have feelings for you, but knowing and feeling that they have some personal issues? — I know that this person has feelings, cause not only has his friends told me, I reached out to my GA and asked her to talk to his, at first I got nothing back. But this pull (that I mentioned on the last topic) and dreams, and overall feeling (sort of like being slapped upside the head here’s your sign) of confirmation to go ahead. And my GA whispering yes. Thing is I have been doing this for quite awhile and other then what I mentioned in the last topic I haven’t seen any out come.

    So is it possible, and if so tips? If it’s not then why would my GA and these feelings and hits as you mentioned keep happening. — I think I manifested him into my life to begin with, not on purpose either lol. I am just not sure how we got out of alignment. But it happened after the loss of his mom.

    Also someone wanted me to ask you (she may join shes been reading and she is reading it all lol) if you believe that candles can help send vibrations of love to another. For example her sister gets depressed so she tries to encourage her when she won’t talk to her (like ignoring/avoiding/hiding), she isn’t trying to interfere with her free will, or cause her harm. But after she thinks it, she knows that her sister is feeling more upbeat. So since my friend loves candles (she has a rainbow supply lol for decoration) and her sister loves them (uses one once aday) she figured that maybe instead of just using her thoughts, that using both thought and candle would help her. Not just with love but other things. She does tell her voicemail that she is thinking love toward her, but she doesn’t know when she gets it. So she would have been informed. Possible?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Susan,

      I added another tool to my tool box today and I will share it with you. It is about most benevolent outcomes and located here: (link no longer works)

      I know it talks about negotiation in the beginning, but I think the part in the middle may be of some assistance. I cannot comment specifically about your situation.

      As for your friend, you certainly can use candles or other items you are comfortable with to send a message of love to someone. She may also like the article on most benevolent outcomes. You cannot interfere with the life of another or their path in life, but you can certainly send them uplifting positive thoughts and the positive vibrations will be carried through. Just remember that the other party has free will and you cannot change their choices.

      For both questions you need to be able to let go of what you think should be the intended outcome and let each unfold as it will.

      • Thank you, I read it. It’s more sending “hey your not alone and you are loved, you need me I am there.” message with the candles. we know you cannot change someones path interefing with free will. We sort of just ask they consider it I guess, lol its like sending a message its up to them to accept it or not.

        My friends sister, has gone through alot in life, admits her faith is shaken (one day saying I should go to church but has yet, we told her to talk to god, to her angels she says she can’t hear them “whats the use i’ve asked/prayed for help & nothing”. My friend printing out stuff from your blog for her to read her pc took a dump hopefully it will help get her started. — It’s taking a toll on her M.P.E.S, and her relationships. I can say that she suffers from no other mental illness. — Me with the guy, when I feel something like that from him I try to counter-act it with happy, silly, loving energy, so my friend has been doing that with her sister.

        Here is a 4 questions hope you can answer for.
        1. Can A’s guide goto B’s guide “A” needs help, “B” can help a text, v-mail, show up, little note, stronger thoughts, we we’ll let you know)? — And can they do so without the okay of the person they are charged with?

        2. Can a person subconsiously give their guides permission even if they are not aware consiously they are doing so? — The guy I talk about I get a feeling (or told) go over there, I show up he’s not there am I leave some energy behind, when I knock/show up that helps him and me?

        3. You said you wrote down what you were looking for can you give an example of the “right/wrong way” of doing this for those who want to do this. Or suggestions if one way doesn’t work.

        4. Lastly you mentioned “you need to be able to let go of what you think should be the intended outcome” how does one do that? do it don’t think about it, ignore it, or back of your mind? Could you give a simple example. — Were asking cause you can simplify it down (from huh?) to what the human brain can say “ohhh yeah, I get that” lol.

        I guess my situation is different no matter how many times I try theres this period I can’t do this, and you sadly say goodbye, than hour or day later totally different, it’s like mixed vibrations I am sending, I try to let go/move on it’s like them saying “slow down” I give it them, but still seems sometimes too much.
        I talk to GA and guides, I get “in gods time”, I was sarcastic asked if his watch was stuck, I said sorry. It’s just you ask you either hear nothing, that, or other signs, that make no sense at all, It’s like I am attached to this guy for lol.

        Sorry this is so long, writing for two people not easy to keep short lol.

  3. “The Law of Attraction does work.” No it does not. It if did, thousands upon millions would be employed, able to clothe their children and not be forced into sacrificing the electric bill for food on the table. THIS IS REALITY FOR MILLIONS. The law of attraction is nice in theory, in reality it is bunk.

    • Yet you do not see the irony in what you are saying here, and how what you are saying is what you believe… and that IS the Law of Attraction.

      Consciously creating and attracting to yourself what you want in life does not happen overnight. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, in life worth having is cheap, fast, OR easy.

      I would give my entire life as an example if I truly felt you would not mulch it due to your bitterness, so I will let someone else try.

  4. There is truth to Law of attraction. It is hard at times to rid those bad old thoughts and patterns. I do meditate, I do ask my guides.

    The new people I need in my life to help me move into my new career have been placed in front of me. I was frustrated last week after meditating often and still feeling stuck. I heard my Guides say, “We have taken you are far as we can for now, it is up to you!” HA WHAT? what a rip off I thought. Then Viola, another project I designed the next day blew up. I mean, a sub contractor nearly lost me the job. I was so mad and tired of being an Interior Designer for 15 years I just got the courage to move on.

    Months ago I began to attract people in Publising, Editors, Agents…. I was SO mad and had enough fighting to get paid I emailed the Agent and she said “It is time! let’s meet!” You see, I attracted who I needed, I had to rid to toxic clients months ago. My Guides brought or attracted who I needed in my life. It was up to me to get so pissed once again, to force me to not be timid and email a very high profile Agent.

    Now the gears are grinding and I am moving on. I had toxic clients, and they attracted more to me and a nasty cycle began. SEE YA I am done with it.
    My fictional romance novels are and do have a paranormal undertone about Guides and following the signs. I need to follow the very signs I wrote about! Once I did, the puzzle is now being put together!!!!! IT DOES WORK. Toxic thoughts bring toxic people! Working on my blog soon.


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