Practice Automatic Writing Connect To Guides

Learn to practice automatic writing as a way to connect to your spirit guides and higher self. Find detailed information on how to do automatic writing, including what to expect from your first few sessions. If you are new to this, read over some basics of automatic writing.

Practice Automatic Writing

To begin automatic writing, find a comfortable spot where you like to write or clear off your desk to give you a calm space. Try to have at least 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted time available.

The writing can be done by hand, or if you can type faster than you can write, the use of a keyboard would be recommended. If you are using a pen and paper, use your favorite pen or pencil so that it is completely comfortable to you. Also, use stationary or paper that you find pleasing. A quality feel and texture can go a long way in setting the right frame of mind. Don’t use notebook paper with torn or ragged edges, use paper that you really like and has a good feel in your hands.

Clear your thoughts and begin by saying a cleansing prayer or meditation and then connecting to your higher self. Here is the prayer I use, although you may use whatever works for you to connect. You may customize this to what works best for you.

Arch angels… x 3, spirit guides…x3, my own personal team of guides, my higher self…x3. I wish to speak to only those guides that follow divine love, light, and peace. Please allow the information I am about to receive to come from my higher self as an extension of my heart, mind, and spirit.

Be Realistic About Your Questions

Be realistic about the questions you are asking. Write or type your first question. Say silently to yourself…listen…and then wait to hear the response. Then type exactly what comes into your mind. Do not worry about spelling, grammar or punctuation. You can always go back and correct things later to make a more coherent document.

If any of your thoughts are not about the question you just asked, your mind is not clear enough to let the answers come through. Take the time to refocus and even possibly say the cleansing meditation again. There are also just times in your day when you have too much on your mind. If that is the case, put the writing away for the time being and try again when you are calmer and can focus better.

What to Expect

When you first begin to practice automatic writing, the answers you receive may just seem like random thoughts, but as you continue to ask questions, you will begin to hear that quiet inner voice that is your own. Get comfortable with that voice. It is the voice of your higher self, the one free of ego and fear. The more you listen to that inner voice and connect with it, the more confidence and self assurance you will gain.

There is an art to this and you will need to practice automatic writing, but in a dozen sessions or so, you should be very comfortable with the information you are receiving. It is rather like talking to a long lost friend. You will find that you are able to discern which of your thoughts are ego and which thoughts resonate with the real inner you.

Ignore Spelling Issues

Don’t worry about spelling mistakes or other grammatical errors. You can always go back and correct the errors later after you are done. Don’t expect a completed document, it will be more of a series of short thoughts and quick answers. After you practice automatic writing for some time, you may be able to write longer passages more along the line of freestyle writing.

Many times when you practice automatic writing, your guides have so much information to relay to you that it comes out rather quickly. If you find the message is jumbled and you cannot understand it, ask for the answer to be repeated more slowly back to you. Just relax and keep typing or writing.

Say thank you after each of the answers you receive. That way your higher self knows that you understood the answer and are ready to move onto the next question.

Accurate Information

How to know if the information you are receiving is really coming from your higher self or spirit guides:

Your answers will be much shorter and clearer than your ego would give you.

They will not contain fears or long detailed and drawn out answers.

They will not be wishy-washy answers.

The answers you receive will sound like you, but in a calm and collected manner. By listening to that quiet inner voice that comes through, you develop discernment as to what is ego and when you are being given an answer that is real and true.

Your guides would never tell you to harm anyone else or to do something that was dangerous to your physical or mental well being. If you ever receive an answer of the sort, you are almost certainly not talking to your higher self. Say thank you and end the session.

Ending the automatic writing session:

Don’t be surprised if you are a bit tired after a session. This is something that can bring out a lot of buried emotions. Don’t try to do this for too long at first. If you tire, stop and put it away for another day.

Close down the communication channel by taking three cleansing breaths and saying thank you three times. Also, send a thought of love to your spirit guides and higher self. They do appreciate that!

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    We are all co-creators of the future.

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    The world is aching for more positive and intentional thoughts to be added to the collection. This blog seeks to do that by contributing a number of intentional and very different possibilities for the world.


    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

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  2. I’ve been doing some research on automatic writing and I believe that I like this article the best so far.

    What if I am pretty much relaxed and don’t have a chattery mind when I attempt this, ask the question, and nothing comes (in my mind or when I’m holding the pen and waiting to be inspired to move)?

    • Hi Holly,

      If the information is not coming to you right away, I usually start by typing over and over “my guides say…, my guides say…, my guides say…until you get an answer back from them. I have found that this works pretty well to get started. Just erase that part later if you are going to put it together into a finished written piece. Also, some guides may not be very chatty. You may only get 3-4 sentences that are in answer to your question or you may write a page. Each guide is a bit different when speaking with them.

  3. I haven’t had much luck with automatic writing, but I would love to have better contact with my guides. My intuition comes when I seldom expect it so I will work this area and use the “my guides say” idea. Hadn’t thought of that. Thanks.

    • Hi Steven,

      Thanks for stopping by. Everyone has their own method of what works best for them. Experimentation and practice are the best keys.

  4. What if when you are trying to do it, it comes in such a way that its like one word answers (ie fleeting, floating thoughts) that just come to mind if you will. For instance you ask a question about the weather and you get back something like..
    “Cloudy, sunny, rain, green grass, mountains.”
    I get its going to be cloudy, then sunny then maybe rain, but green grass, mountains? Maybe they are talking about your location, (state, town, etc)?

    Is it possible for them to stop an pause (sort of like when you are talking and your looking for the right word or to take a breath)? If you ask about at what point did my day go bad?
    “Well [pause] it started around the time you [pause] ignored that person who was talking to you.”

    Lastly if you ask your guide if someone you love (ie relationship) is in love with you and you get something like “Maybe to soon to tell” But they do not expand further, and if you ask them to, they say nothing, as if silently saying I am not answering that? I mean wouldn’t they know yes or no? If that is the case then lord help me they are related to that guy I talked about lol not simple answer except he uses filler words like “basically”.

    I also read in a book [I won’t name it unless you okay it] on intuition to becareful how you ask questions, because if say your pregnant, and you ask will I get pregnant soon? the answer may come back no, and the reason for that is, is because you already are, so do you have to becareful, or more clearer about the question your asking or do they just know what you mean automatically (no pun intended)?

    • Hi Susan,

      Yes, sometimes the answers you will receive are quite short, one or two words or a short phrase. Some spirit guides do not have a lot to say, others are quite chatty.

      It sounds to me like your questions may be a bit general to get a clear answer.

      You may certainly ask your guides to slow down, talk louder and repeat themselves.

      There are times with relationship questions (and others) that it indeed may be too soon for you to know the answer, or that certain events have not played out yet.

      My recommendation for a great book on how to ask questions is a book from Andrea Hess called Unlock Your Intuition. It is mainly geared at pendulum dowsing, but shows very specifically how to ask good questions.

  5. Thanks for the information. I’ve never really asked questions, but I can quiet my mind and “hear” voices. I write down what I hear, but I can’t really tell if it’s just my thoughts or guides. I have received some “messages” in what sounds like a foreign language. I write it down phonetically, but I have no way of translating it. What might that be?

    • Hi Tee,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is nice to meet you!

      You may want to try adding this to your “log in” procedure: “I ask that all communications from my guides be translated into the English language I understand.” and see if that helps out. It is possible that one of your guides is coming through to you in a different language. I have heard of it, but have not experienced it myself.

      Sometimes, when I have trouble distinguishing my thoughts from my guides, I write down what I get and sleep on it. When you look at it with a fresh eye, does the information resonate with you? That is part of the process of trusting the information you are receiving.

  6. I have recently learned Automatic Writing can been done and I am very eager to try it myself,but I just want to collect as much information on it before I attempt. Your article was VERY informative and helpful. However, my interest in doing Automatic Writing is because I have a negative “aura” you could say around my home. I know something is here and I sometimes see things to and I was wondering if Automatic Writing could be used to communicate with the spirits I feel around my home. I would very much like to communicate with my Higher Self or Spirit Guide,but this feeling I have in my home makes me uneasy. Would it be bad for me to try to communicate with these spirits?

    • Hi Michael,

      It is nice to meet you! Please be very specific about who you are attempting to connect with. It is not a good idea to attempt to channel any spirits that may be attached to your home. Please be specific when doing automatic writing and ask to receive information from your higher self, Spirit Guides, or Archangels only that follow Divine Love, Light, and Truth. The only information that will be of real actionable use to you is that which comes from your higher self or Spirit Guides.

      You may ask for confirmation from your own Spirit Guides or Higher Self that they are present. Do not let yourself get too curious. If you are interested, I do offer property clearings that can help identify and clear what may be going on in your home. Be discerning.

  7. I tried automatic writing but i could predict the letters i am about to write and know what letter and word i am writing, am i doing it right or is it the wrong way? Hope to get your reply very soon, it is really very imp for me..

    • Hi Ria,
      Thank you for writing in. From what you wrote, I do not necessarily think you are doing it the wrong way, but here are a few questions to ask yourself:

      Are the answers you wrote for the highest good of yourself or others?
      Does it seem like you are having a conversation with a more expanded version of you or do the answers sound like they are coming from ego?
      Is what you wrote easy to understand?
      Is what you wrote actionable advice? (Can you actually do what you wrote?)
      Will what you wrote harm anyone? (If so, please question the validity of it.)
      Is what you wrote applicable to more people than just yourself?

      When I do automatic writing what I write sounds like me, but seems like it is me in the future – full of confidence and surety. It may be that you are particularly intuitive and this is a natural gift of yours. I do encourage you to look at what you wrote and put it to a common sense eye. If it seems like what you would naturally say, just at a higher level, I would think you are on the right path. If it sounds like something different, I would definitely question the source. I hope that helps you a bit.

  8. This is really awesome. I tried it for the first time this morning and the conversation easily flowed. I am extremely grateful for the communication. I had a clear mind, my room was quiet and I felt completely relaxed. The writing flowed. I went back a few hours later and felt great about what I read–even if the answers were not exactly what I wanted to hear. I\’ve always been \”open\” to my guides and angels so that was not new for me but this medium is. Thank you so much for your article. This has really been a blessing!

  9. I had heard of automatic writing as a tool to enhance my claorcognozance as an empath. I know I have these abilities I just don’t know how to tap into them, no matter what i try, and it’s very frustrating. Anyway, i recently tried automatic writing for the first time and it was a very interesting experience. It seemed to go in a sort of series of strange phases. Like the spirits were breaking down my defenses methodically or something. However, the strangest part to me came at the end. I finally felt I had gotten a very clear message that was not my own and after I had it all written down, this overwhelming energy seemed to swell in my arm. It felt like there was something just bursting to get out but I had no words! So I put the pen on the paper anyway hoping the words would come and instead my hand just spasmed all over the paper so fast and so hard that it kind of scared me and slashed through half the notepad. I was wondering if you might have any insight on this? Is it a normal thing for someone so inexperienced? Would love to know your thoughts! Thank you so much for this article!


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