What Is Automatic Writing?

What is Automatic Writing? Also known as spirit writing, this is a method of contacting your higher self by using your handwriting. Think of it as an extension of your heart and subconscious mind. Learn how to do automatic writing and increase your intuition and psychic abilities. Here is an example of automatic writing.

Spirit writing is a divination method of channeling information from your higher self and spirit guides through the written word through your hands. It is a method of communication from the spirits without using the conscious mind.

The words come from your subconscious mind and transfer energetically to your hands, either in written form or typed form. It is similar to pendulum dowsing as you ask a series of questions and wait for responses from your higher self.

Once you have some practice, it can also be a spontaneous free association of thoughts allowing you to get more out of your unconscious knowledge. It is a channeling technique to let your higher self use your hands to write messages or information.

Writing automatically, spirit writing, or trance writing is another way to access your inborn psychic abilities. Therefore, by quieting your mind and ego, you can learn to hear your inner voice by asking questions and letting the answers come through by an extension of your hand, either written or on a computer keyboard. Furthermore, is a form of meditation or being in a meditative state that can bring clarity to issues or questions you have.

Automatic Writing Meditation

If you find it difficult to get started with automatic writing, try this automatic writing meditation. It was created so all you have to do is press play and follow the instructions. Click here to listen to a free sample.

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Automatic writing is a divination method of channeling information from your higher self and spirit guides through the written word as an extension of your hands. In addition, find writing samples along with useful tips and techniques.

Detailed information on how to begin writing automatically, including what to expect from your first few sessions.

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