Do You Have Spiritual Healing Gifts?

Do you have spiritual healing gifts to share with the world? Find out what stops you and how to take the first steps towards your purposeful work.

A while back I wrote about signs to tell if you are a healer.

I thought it was time to expand on that train of thought.

Why people don’t think they are healers…

People make determining their soul gifts so hard. Are you ignoring the obvious? You put things into the plan that just delay using your gifts fully, like that low paying job. You don’t think you could ever make any money with these gifts. Always time to do it later…

Do you feel as though you may have been a witch or chastised in another lifetime? Is there an inborn fear that if you express those gifts publicly or to friends and family you will be hung or ousted from the community. This still continues today in the form of shaming someone to conform to societal expectations. No one wants to be the tall poppy. 

The Mission of a Healer

The mission of a healer, in my opinion, is to bring peace and comfort to others and extend the gift of grace. What does that look like in real world terms?

It means giving of yourself to another, with no wish or ill or jealousy. It means healing and clearing your own thoughts and energy field in order to become more secure in what you can offer. You don’t need to be completely healed yourself in order to heal others.

Fear of Accepting Your Spiritual Healing Gifts

Why do you think your spirit guides show you pages or stores that talk about psychic abilities, repeating numbers, energy work, tarot, reiki, and the like?

Just think about that for a moment, why really are you being drawn to those types of alternative healing areas?

Could it be because you have an innate sense deep down inside that there is something more to those types of healing than your conscious mind would lead you to believe?

If you find yourself at one point or another, being a skeptic or loudly scoffing at this intuitive stuff, chances are that is exactly what you should be doing.

The Bigger Picture

When you are so deep in the trenches with a job or family, it is quite easy to just go through life day to day and never think about the bigger picture. But at some point, your soul purpose begins to catch up to you. It starts being this nagging thing in the back of your mind. It gains traction until you have no other choice but to take notice.

Are you bargaining for more time before beginning your purposeful work?

Personal Example:

At some point, about 1998 or so, my husband and I enjoyed riding motorcycles every weekend we could and went to a lot of events together. We both had decent jobs and all seemed well on the surface. In reality, I was dissatisfied with my job at the time. I remember a moment where I was mentally bargaining for more time to begin doing my purpose.

It was so subtle, but I still remember the conversation with my guides. (I didn’t have any idea they were my guides back then though.) So, I bargained for more time. I was having so much fun living my life on the weekends, I was able to ignore the repeated hits from the Universe that it was time to change gears.

Was I rejecting my soul purpose?

Why would this be my chosen purpose here on earth? Others seem to have it so much easier. Why is my soul purpose not something easy or normal like being an accountant or financial advisor? Why did I get saddled with this one? I didn’t want it, I wanted a purpose that is accepted by others. That rejection on my part was because of fear.

I kept thinking I don’t have anything to offer others! Not anything of value anyway. I can’t make a living doing that! The answer I received from Spirit was that there are more people on this planet than ever that are in need of your services at this time.

Your spiritual healing gifts to the world

You have an inborn desire to make this world a better place. Your gifts to the world include empathy, a true desire to help other human beings, and a desire for your own soul to grow. You see so much hurt and anger in the world and know it doesn’t have to be that way. You feel it at a soul level. We are not asking you to choose. We are asking you to combine your skills.

Bringing your spiritual healing gifts to the world is not about specifically how you earn a living. It is the core of who you are. Perhaps it is expressed by working in a traditional field like nursing or social work.

Perhaps it is expressed in a creative way like jewelry, quilting, or painting. Possibly it is that you will end up doing transformational work for others, like energy healing and intuitive readings.

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